The Language of The Divine

Canterbury (England)

1984-07-27 The Language of The Divine, Canterbury, England, DP-RAW, 73'
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Public Program, Canterbury, England, 27-07-1984

Awareness, now you have got the sensitivity, the sensitivity to understand what is filth what is dirt, but we have not got the sensitivity to know what is wrong for our spirit for our ascent to become the spirit and that’s why there is a big confusion in our mind. We are very much confused and in this confusion when we are born we start looking for something that is beyond. With affluence and with all our developments we have reached a point to understand that this matter cannot give us joy. There must be something beyond which we have to seek, because we see very rich people committing suicide, we see very great successful people committing suicide. The richest of the richest we can say are the three countries now like Norway, Sweden and Switzerland and all these three countries are competing among themselves as far as the suicide rate is considered of course this time they say Switzerland is the maximum. Now if affluence can bring you joy why should people commit suicide and so many that in the whole of India you won’t find so many suicide committed in one year as they are in Switzerland or in Sweden or in Norway. So that shows that there is something missing in our advancement or in our progress towards materialism. Of course so many are now fed up with it and they want to go beyond and this is the first thing that happens to people who I feel are the special category of people who want to seek. At this moment when they are trying to seek a sort of a market blooms out just like for anything else any demand a supply comes in and so you get a market of people where they come come along you pay us five pounds and I will give you God you give us ten pounds and you will get the God and they try to organize and want to give you ideas and say that alright do this way and you will get God. Now we must use our brains which God has given us quite a lot, instead of wasting it in some sort of a stupid venture let us see what we should expect to be something higher. First of all we must know for definite that you cannot pay for it. God doesn’t understand money, he doesn’t care for money, he has nothing to do with money, money you human beings have created not God. So first and foremost thing the man who lives on your earnings is not a God’s man, he has no self respect, he is a parasite. This is a simple thing one should understand that we should not pay to a parasite. Alright, sometimes we may pay for his travelling or maybe little bit for his food that’s all. But not for his Rolls Royces. If such a thing is happening then one must know there is something definitely wrong in the person who is so much interested in your purse cannot be a person of God. Now today in our younger generation even here I find everywhere there is an awakening and people are thinking all these things we have done our forefathers have done and what have they achieved. We are ending up with wars with jealousies we are becoming smaller and smaller people very localized and we have lost that sense that vision of universality. But its not so man has evolved so much today that he has to just jump a little bit a little breakthrough and he gets it but for this we must know there is a very big arrangement within ourselves and that arrangement is beautifully delicately placed within ourselves. This is the subtle knowledge of the roots. This whole development of the west is like the tree outside but every tree has the roots. The knowledge of the roots has to come from the east because people have devoted their time more towards it. And more time they had because nature was so much better. They could devote more time to the meditative processes and they could find out what was in the roots how are we sustained what is happening to us from where do we get our vital forces that doesn’t mean in any way they are higher or superior or you are higher or superior as you have got the knowledge of science now science is very important otherwise how can you tape it I have to speak to thousands of people without science how you would do it. Science is very important no doubt but the other side is also very important because if the tree outgrows its resources it can be completely destroyed so we have to go to our roots and understand the knowledge of the roots. Now whatever I am telling you, you need not accept as complete truth there is no need to accept because that again shows that it is a blind following and blindness is of no use for enlightenment so you have to understand that as a scientist also you have to keep your mind absolutely open to everything that is to be said. Not to close your mind and have your barriers by which even a science can become a barrier. 

Anti science, the science itself can be an anti-science or even intelligence can act against itself and can cheat. So be careful on that point and you have to understand that whatever I’m saying is like a hypothesis. If I prove it, then it’s all right. If I do not prove it, then still you should try to understand me. What I’m saying about. Because I’m saying what so many have said before in all the scriptures, in all the big religions that have been accepted and have outlasted the times, it is said that you are to be born again. It’s not only Christ said it because Christ is the outcome of that tree of life, of that great a working of the divine that came on this earth for a very special work and that special work is that he was crucified for our sins, that his crucifixion for our sins. We must remember. Was that we don’t have to worry anymore for sufferings or any of our sins. We don’t have to feel guilty about it, but what we have to do is to understand that if Christ could be awakened within us, he can suck our sins our karmas our problems in no time, but that has to be awakened within us. Only through him. We can get a realization, no doubt, but where does he lie within us? These people do not know because they do not know about the roots. They only know about Christ when he came on the side. But what was he before? How was he made for what purpose? These things you can know from some other scriptures which give you full idea about it, but when we close our mind to something, then we don’t want to see something else which is absolutely relevant, connected and gives you a clear cut idea about the subtler things that are behind these gross. verse that we see like Mohammed sahab himself as set at the time of resurrection your hands will speak. What does that mean? They will not have tongues, but the hands will speak means your hand means your tip of the fingers will become sensitive and they will decode what? What will they decode? They will decode what problems you have and what problems others have, but only possible when you are resurrected means when you get yourself self realization, then only you will get this on your central nervous system that you can feel the all pervading power of God. Now, for this within us is placed the representation or the reflection of the Holy ghost. Now, if you ask any priest about the Holy ghost, I asked when he said, I’m a agnostic, so I said, what are you doing here? So he says, I’m doing my job. What job can you do without knowing what it is? But he’s doing his job and he blesses people in the name of Holy ghost. But what is Holy ghost? Now the Holy ghost is the power of God, the power of God, which is the motherhood. Because you have a father, you have a son. Have you seen any father and a son without a mother? No. Impossible. But they didn’t want to say it was the mother for some reason. I don’t know why, but. In the Indian scriptures or any other scripture, you find it very clearly written it is the power of God, which is the Mother. God is the spectator, is the witness, and it is the mother who creates it is the mother who plays and the father sees it and he’s the spectator and when he says that, this is no good everything finishes off, but as long as he likes it, he’s there and in our heart he’s reflected as the spirit. Now, when this power, the Holy ghost called in Sanskrit language, as Kundalini rises within us and pierces through our fontanelle bone area. It touches the spirit though the spirit resides in the heart. But this being the seat of the heart center. It touches the spirit. And by that you become collectively conscious. I say you become, I do not say it. Uh, you take some sort of a membership or you pay 10 pounds and you become sort of a sahaja yogi, No, you become, it’s a state you achieve by. You become collectively conscious so that you can feel others. This is a simple thing that should happen, has to happen. Everything that is living, if it is living God, all living processes are simple. You see, I went to India when I went it was so, gloomy. All the leaves had fallen down. Uh, in my garden when I live, it was very gloomy when I went there during winter time and when I came back it was all lush and green, beautiful. All the flowers coming up in the spring time. Who did all this? This is done by the all powerful power of God’s love and this for the first time you start feeling as cool breeze as it is described in the Bible that. Holy ghost, the cool breeze of the Holy ghost entered into the disciples. It is said then they started talking in a strange language. Now to interpretation is foolish because people don’t know what happens. Actually, the thing is that when you get your realization, you start talking in the terminology of the centers, like supposing somebody comes to me and says, mother, my agnya is catching, this is the center of Christ. He says, my Agnya is catching. Meaning what that I’m egotistical. It means that, but he won’t say I am egoistical, but he’ll say that Mother see my agnya is catching you do it alright. Now you might think he’s a mad man. What is he talking? Agnya, this that it’s made we [unclear] for you because you may not understand what people are talking, but it is not. It is the language of the divine. They are talking and that’s why it is strange to people who have not known this language before and the secondly, they use their hands. They use their hands in a way because the power is flowing through their hands, as I told you on their fingertips. So they move their hands in this way. They maneuver who are the power this way, they want to enrich your centers to get you well or to get themselves well. They know how to do it is the true knowledge is the what we call the pure knowledge of God’s divine laws. And once you know that you start doing the same, so they will say it is strange. It’s funny, like when Mohammed Sahab taught them how to do Namaz, they all laughed at him, mocked at him. They said, what is this stupid thing? But when he died, then they raised big Mosque. Now you will start to find big groups of Muslims here and there, but in his time he was poisoned, he was poisoned and how many disciples he had. Very few and all the time there was a fight going on and he had to live like a nomad actually like a nomad. So this is what it is. That rent and incarnation comes in to tell something about good people don’t want to listen to it and bothered about, but one has to know that after realization you cannot deny the truth, then you are dishonest. You are dishonest because if you feel the cool breeze of the Holy ghost by which you get cured yourself, you can cure others. You can feel their chakras. All those things happen. Your life get completely transformed. Your priorities change. All your guilt finishes off, all your problems finishes off. Even the mad people become sane. Then you have to believe in it, isn’t it? Even then, if you don’t want to believe in it, that means what is this? This has been absolutely dishonest, and that’s what one has to understand, that you must ask for the truth and not for false. The thing with these Gurus and all these people who have come to this country is that they can take money from you as much as they like. Then they can advertise. They can purchase any, uh. thing you try to obstruct them? or say that these people have given us epilepsy or anything. They can purchase your lawyers, they can do what they like because they have money. This world is money oriented and apart from that they can tell you lies after lies. Any amount of lies. Like one fellow who was going to this transcendental meditation who was the director of this raunak flying academy where they used to teach people flying. It’s all nonsense. And this fellow had paid 6,000 pounds to be with that. He has been paying money and he had epilepsy. His wife had epilepsy, his son had epilepsy, and the wife was a granddaughter of a Duke, and they came to me in that condition with their just paupers, no money, nothing. And they were all epileptic people. So. He told me that I used to tell all kinds of lies. I said, what sort? He said, I used to say I passed through the walls I used to just jump out of the roof and get out. So I said, did it impress people? He said, yes. They were very much impressed. I said, why do they want to pass through the walls? Have they got no doors to go through? Why they would want to do such absurd things? Why not ask for something that is higher and divine something greater? Why. Do these things. And then he said, I used to tell them that I fly in the night like a bird. I go around the whole of London and then I come back because the place was in Ronak in, uh, in Scotland. So he used to come every night, he said, and he used to go back and he used to give them news and all, all false. There’s no limit to falsehood if you get to falsehood, there’s no limit to it. But a person who is truthful cannot cross the limits of truths. And that’s the trouble with a person who is truthful and who’s trying to give you the truth, will not be able to tell you lies. And that’s how people get enamored by these lies that you can pass through the, um, walls and you can get out of the roofs. Now, one has to understand that. What are we seeking? What are we seeking? Are we seeking to pass through the walls? Are we seeking to fly in the air? What are we seeking? We are seeking the divine. We are seeking ourselves. And when you get yourself, what happens to you is first thing is that you become peaceful, that you become a transformed personality. That you become righteous. You become virtuous. I don’t have to tell you, don’t do it. that You become powerful so that no habit can crawl up on you. You are above all habits, no matter can crawl upon you. You are about all matters. This is what happens to you to begin with, and then you find that you become the light. You can do this to others. You can give light to others, you can cure others. You can tell them all about it. Like Dr. Warren, who came to me about how many years back, four years back now, when he came, um, I don’t want to tell you because he’ll be embarrassed, but he was riding a very fast horse to say it was difficult to get him down to the ground, but somehow he was an honest man. He could see that the people who were sahaja yogies were very different type of people very loving, compassionate, and so, unassuming no gruelling no jealousies. Then he started thinking, what sort of people are these? I’ve never met such people. How are they so much secure in their virtues? How much they are so much blissful and peaceful? And then he was amazed at the whole thing because there were thousands and thousands of Indians who were realized soles in the villages and the villagers, so sweet and so beautiful they had become that given up all bad habits and all that. And they were living in a absolutely a domain of joy. So he said, this is the kingdom of God, and that’s how rationally he came down. to earth and he started seeing what is this sahaja yoga. Saha-ja Sa means with Ja means born, born with you, is this yoga is the union with the divine, is your birthright to get this? I am not doing any obligation on you. No obligation at all. Because if everybody’s in parcel, part and parcel of the whole, what obligation can I go do on you? If this one finger is paining, and if I rub that finger, what is the obligation on this finger? It’s if you are all part and parcel of one being, we are not doing any obligation on anyone. Not you’re obliged. So one should forget about obligations and forget about paying for it. Then we have to understand that everything that is living has happened spontaneously, absolutely spontaneously. Because if you want to sprout a seed, what you have to do is to sprout the seed. Just put it in the mother earth. The mother earth has the capacity to, raise it, Within us is placed this mother earth, the representation of that is the Holy ghost, the essence of mother earth, which is the Kundalini, which does the job. It does. It happens spontaneously. You don’t have to stand on your head. You have to dance. Nothing of the kind. You don’t have to change dresses, nothing. It is all within yourself, it happens. But to awaken this, it was necessary that somebody has to do the job because somebody has to decode it. Somebody has to tell about it, and somebody has to communicate and have a rapport about otherwise. How will you know how to do it. Because even for the seed to be sprouted, the showers have to come, so somebody who has this power already awakened in him can put that shower on the seed so the seed can sprout. But once you get it, you can do it and many can do it. And as you can see, there are so many people who have come all the way from London to meet you who have got it and they are doing very good work there. By this, you will solve most of your problems. Physical, mental, emotional, social, material, any type of problem that looks, uh, absolutely. Uh, unsurmountable can be done without, without any effort put into it. But once you get your realization, it is important to understand the mechanism that has worked it out. Very important is like. If you want me to put a light on, it’s very simple. You will tell me. Just push that button and you get it. So I get it. You get the light in the same manner. But then I say that. How did it happen? So there is a mechanism, there’s a history there’s everything there and a big organization behind it. So what is that subtle thing? We have to find out. When, we have to find out that subtle thing. We have to know about it. It’s not too much of studies. Nothing of the kind, even a child knows because you become so, you don’t have to worry about it. You come to know about it, but you know how to grow yourself. Yourself you have to work it out because you become your own master. You have to know what are your problems. You face them. Like this saree of mine now is, suppose it gets dirty then a lesson until I see how will I know how to, uh, that is dirty. But even if I see it’s dirty, if I don’t know how to cleanse it, how will I do it? So first of all, I see that, and then I cleanse it because it’s not me and I’m not identified with it, so I don’t, I’m not bothered on the contrary. I would like to get rid of it. And it’s very, very simple, very, very easy. It’s the most loving thing that can happen to human beings. And this is the last breakthrough of our evolution. Now, I would say this is the judgment time that has come. This is the judgment time which is described because how are you going to be judged by your weights? By what are you going to be judged? You are going to be judged by the awakening off this Holy ghost within you. And she will judge and she will tell you, you will be your own judge and she will tell you what’s the problem with you and you will have power to improve that. So all this can be worked out in a very simple manner. I’m sorry, in a little speech like that. I cannot very elaborately explain to you and I cannot even find the chart here all about what is inside. But the first thing is you get the light because to talk about all this instrument is a headache. First you have your enlightenment and then we’ll talk about it. For that you don’t have to worry at all. That can be worked out very easily, especially for people who live in such beautiful nature. It should work out very easily. I would say, uh, because today’s the first day, I would like to have some questions from you. Some questions, not too many, because I have to go back to London. Last night I returned very late and I was awaken. My family would be waiting for me. So if you don’t mind, ask me some good questions. Questions by which you want to know something and not upset? Questions like, I read in this book and this happened and aggressive. There’s no need to be aggressive with me because I have nothing to get out of it. May God bless you. [He’s recording but making a big sound is loudspeaker working] 27:03 like this instrument has to be connected to the mains. Your instrument has to be connected to the mains. That’s the only thing. It’s so simple as that. When it was not connected it was not working, Any Questions One thing Shri Mataji didn’t say say was that there is a regular meeting held here in which all the details, which he hasn’t had time to go into, it can be explained about the chakras, about the rising of the kundalini, how to decode it. It can all be explained as a center here is established. They meet just here on Tuesday evening. So the whole process has has to be explained, you deserve it but there just isn’t the time now what Mother is going to do tonight give you the experience of that, you begin to feel the cool breeze on your hand it emitting from the top of the head. [Usually he does that just a little bit]. Now, another thing is. That Sahaja Yoga is meant for serious people, but not for frivolous people, but serious doesn’t mean that you are gloomy. Serious means you’re pleasant. And you are seeking, otherwise it’s not for very frivolous people. That is one thing because I told you that Sahaja Yoga works out in no time. It will work out in you also. But if you cannot go further with it, it’s a waste for me as well as for you. It’s a waste. A seed, which is sprouted, must become the plant and then the tree. Otherwise it’s a waste. And if you have any value of your own life, you must try to follow it up. Age makes no difference. Race makes no difference. Nothing is important. Only thing if you are a human being and a human being who is seeking something beyond you just become, you don’t have to give up anything. You don’t have to give up your families, nothing of the kind, but you remain so detached about the whole thing that you enjoy it more. Like if you possess something supposing, I possess this thing, I would be more worried. What is the matter is the price is not all right. I hope I’m not spoiling it. All sorts of nonsense and I must insure it, but if I don’t possess it, I’m using it and enjoying it, have not bothered as to what it is. So that’s how the idea of possession is one myth. There are so many myths we have under which we suffer all these myths drop down and what we get. As a fruit of all that is the joy. Joy doesn’t have unhappiness and happiness. It’s only a singular thing. It’s an absolute thing, and once you get it, you become a witness of the whole play. You start seeing it, but attachments to things actually spoils you up like in the tree there’s a sap rising and the sap goes to different places. It goes to the leaves, it goes to the fruits, it goes to the flowers, to all the places and comes back. It doesn’t get attached. If the SAP gets attached to one point, then the whole tree will die and that fruit will also die where it is attached. So the attachment is another myth, but when you are not attached, you are dynamic and your love is even more dynamic and nourishing. It just flows. It’s a good news for you, isn’t it? It’s fantastic. No doubt. But you are fantastic. You don’t know how God has made you. You’re fantastic. Sounds very fantastic for the first time. No doubt. I can see that. So should we have the experience is the best, isn’t it? Or you want to ask some questions. Some of you have already become thoughtlessly aware you have crossed this, so you cannot think about questions also beyond thoughts. Even if you want to think you can’t think of thoughts. Some of you, now, let’s have it. So take out your shoes [unclear] be for one reason that we have to use our mother earth for helping us and put the feet on the ground, straight. Left is too much now, can you put the light on my left side? Left is too much in the hall. He said, that teacher here, the one who wrote a letter. He’s here. I feel it. Well, I’d like to see you not just put it here in my feet because it’s too much of a left side on. I don’t know. I hope you have not been going into trances and things like that because seems like that is too much of left in the hall. See all these things dealing with dead is very dangerous and it’s really very detrimental. One should never get into these things. And when you will have my other lectures, you will know what they do and how they trouble us. And one of the outcome of these, uh, dead indulgences is cancer disease. Cancer, comes from them, and it’s being proved by doctors also. And you can see from my lectures, I have tried to explain how it works out. Now, what you have to do is to put your hands like this towards me. You can take out your spectacles and all that because you have to keep your eyes shut completely and sit comfortably. You have to be comfortable. So at the time of meditation, you should not feel that there’s any problem, but it doesn’t mean you should sit loosely, but sit comfortably. In an erect manner, keeping your neck neither backward, not forward, not sideways, but in the center just like this. And two hands like this and both the feet parallel to each other. I’ll tell you reasons later on, but if you just follow this very simple it is. If there’s anything tight on your waist or anywhere, you can loosen it. If you find it uncomfortable, if it is comfortable, it’s all right. It should be comfortable so there’s no disturbance. If your ties are tight or anything, you can loosen it if you want to, if you want, whatever is, I leave it to you, your own discretion. Now just put your right hand on your heart and left hand towards me. It’s important to put, because this is the hand of your action, and we have to nourish our different centers. We have to nourish them. Now we are nourishing our heart. So put it on the heart center where the residence of our spirit is. Here when you put your hand, you close your eyes and don’t open your eyes til I tell you, because when the Kundalini rises, if your eyes are open, she may not come up. So it’s better to keep it shut till I tell you. That you can now open your eyes. So please put your right hand on the heart. Stand up and show them. Now at this place, resides the spirit. So in your heart, you have to ask. Without feeling guilty with all confidence. What I’m saying is that you are the spirit, so you better ask me a question like a computer. Ask you can call me Mataji or Mother, whatever you feel like. Mother, am I the spirit? Ask the question. Ask the question three times. Earnestly, Mother, Am I the spirit. Now keeping the left hand as it is with understanding that if you are the spirit, then you are also your master because your spirit is your guide, a guide master. So you need not have any other master. So you have to put this right hand on the upper part of your stomach. Upper part of your abdomen where the center for the mastery is upper part of your stomach is important. It cures many troubles and many problems. Upper part of your stomach, left-hand towards me as I showed you, and the right hand on the upper part of the stomach. This is one of the most important centers because this makes you the master of yourself, master of everything. Now here you ask me a question three times. Mother, am I my own master? Ask a question, Mother, am I my own master? now steadily put your right hand on the lower part of your abdomen, the lower part of your stomach. Here is another center which is responsible for the deftness or the working of the divine laws working off the true knowledge or pure knowledge at this point, I cannot cross your freedom. I cannot force that you have to learn it. You have to ask for it. At this point, you must ask in a humble way. Mother, please give me the true knowledge. Give me the pure knowledge you ask. It’s your right to ask me. Just ask me Left is too much. Right. You have to ask six times because this center has got six petals, and according to the petals we have to ask. It works out in the gross, what we call the Aortic plexus, which too has got six sub plexuses [unclear]. Please ask. Now. You raise your hand again to the upper part of the stomach. Upper part of the abdomen where you had it on the left hand side, keeping the left hand towards me. Now as you have asked for the true knowledge, I will tell you at the center what you have to say and how many times at this center you have to say 10 times with full confidence. You have to assert Mother, I am my own master. Please say that 10 times with full confidence in yourself Mother. I am my own master Please say 10 times because as there are 10 commandments that have come from our masters, the prophets are the masters. They are the embodiment of the primordial master. Now. You have to, again, gently raise your hand and put it on your heart. Now here again, you have to assert with full confidence without feeling guilty. You are not to feel guilty at all. That’s one condition I have told you is not to feel guilty. Just put your right hand there and say. Assert 12 times Mother. I am the spirit just assert it. Let’s take it down for now. [at the heart point]. 12 times. Very good people deep. If you are feeling guilty still, it’s better to say that, Oh Lord, please forgive me if I’ve done any mistakes, but don’t feel guilty. Just say that. Just admit that and just get out of it. Don’t feel guilty. The Lord God who has made us is the ocean of love. He’s the ocean of compassion. He is the ocean of forgiveness. So if there’s any guilt, better to tell that, Oh Lord, please forgive me if I’ve done anything against you. Just say it once for all so that you have no more problems of your guilt. [Guilty] now don’t count or don’t count that just saying in general everything has to be said in general and it will work out. now raise this right hand at the base of your neck on your shoulder and from front and push it back towards the spinal cord and press it little hard. Now this is the center mostly catches in the West, the center of guilt. I have to make humble request to you that you have to say 16 times. Mother, I’m not guilty from the front. Please put your hands go from the front, not backwards, but from the front. You go to the left side of the neck. Left side of the neck? Yes. Left side of the neck. Now you have to say, Mother, I’m not guilty. And if you have been all the time cursing yourself with guilt is better to say 108 times to punish yourself, that will make you a little lighter. Now, what guilt can you commit if it’s the ocean of forgiveness? What guilt you can commit? Christ has already done everything for you. So don’t stop his awakening by feeling guilty. For anything why to feel guilty. Okay. This is how you get your anginas you get your spondolitis all that by feeling guilty. Especially angina you get with it all troubles of the sluggish heart you get with that. It’s very hot feeling very very guilty, now please raise this right hand to your forehead, across all the fingers, across the forehead. at this point is the chakra of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here you have to say, Mother, I forgive everyone. You have asked for forgiveness from God. Now it’s time for you to forgive everyone. Otherwise, why should God forgive you? Now, many people say it’s very difficult to say this is the easiest to say, but as it is, it’s a myth. What do you do when you do not forgive anyone? You are actually torturing yourself, not the others. So please say it with full heart in it. Mother, I forgive everyone. That’s very important at this center. Now put your right hand on the fontanelle bone area or the soft bone, which you had in your childhood. Put the palm on that. Put your palm the palm on your top of your head where you had the soft bone. Now you’re giving baptism to yourself. Now press it hard. Please press it hard and move it clockwise. Again. At this point, I cannot force you to do anything, so you have to ask for your Self-realization. You have to say, Mother, please give me self-realization. Otherwise I cannot force it on you. I want my self realization. I want my baptism, the real one, so please give me my baptism. Please press it hard and move it. In a circular way, in a clockwise manner. Put your attention there. Put your attention on top of your head. Just press it hard and move it seven times and say it seven times. Ah. Seven times. Now, please put down your hands. Now, don’t open your eyes. Slowly. Now put your left hand on top of the fontanelle bone area and move it up and down and see if there’s the cool breeze coming. Say about four inches above your head. Just see if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your head a little higher. It may be a little hot first maybe little hot, little hot. Sometimes move it up and down and see. Backwards and forwards. Now try with another hand, put the left hand towards me and try with the right hand. Okay. Now. change over the other hand, if you want to see for yourself, and if you are getting it already, you need not see it again. You just put your hands like this. some are catching on the heart, so you have to say that Oh Lord. Please forgive me because you are feeling guilty, and again, you are feeling that I’ve done this wrong or that wrong, so it’s better to say that you forgive me. That’s all. Will you allow the Sahaja Yogies to check you whether you have got your realization or not, put your hands towards me like this. First of all. Now see, rub your hands a little bit because the hands are insensitive. They have been gross you see rub them, even the fingertips. You rub them a little bit now you can blow on your hands on the fingertips. Now put your hands up like this. Let’s see if it works out this way. Just put them up high like that. Keep your eyes open. Because you are without thoughts now. Now just see, and ask a question within yourself, is this the power of God’s love? Is this the all pervading power of the Holy ghost? Ask a question within yourself. Three times. You may close the windows otherwise they may think it’s coming from the windows Now put down your hands and see are you getting the cool breeze in the hands or not just like this. See, keep your eyes open if you want like this, if you have been smoking, you’ll have to pull your ears a little bit three times. If you have been smoking before, because the center is, see the center goes out of order, so pull them three times. Three times. Now see Better, Are you feeling?, Are you good. This lady, you have to gonna ask at the holy ghost. Can you Sahaja Yogies see them, doctor them, and just find out, Put your hands towards Shri Mataji and just ask the question. Mother, are you the holy ghost? Ask that. Yes, you can ask that question No Harm. Ask the question three times in your heart. Mother, are you the holy spirit? Because Christ has promised. Alright. It’s better now. It’s like a computer, you ask any fundamental question, you get the breeze. Good. Good. Now, you go around and see them. Some of them don’t have. Those who have not felt. Please raise your hands. Get it. You all can get it. Please get it. You haven’t felt it. Alright, raise good. Just put your hand just so that they should see. These two were not even closing their eyes. I don’t think they can get realisation they weren’t interested. Why are they here? They should go away. They’re not interested. You see, they give bad vibrations. Yeah. 2 persons just because of them, you see that they are distracting everyone. So if you could request them that they can go now these two persons, no, no, not, not this one. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. These two They’re not interested. Now see them because they spoil others chances. Also by the distraction. Now see this lady. Are you alright? Not yet. See her, see her better close the door. Is he all right? Where did he go? What’s he saying. Both, the palms, that’s tell him. You’re alright. Is he now, now on the palms, you have to say, uh, about me. Ask him to say in the brains, what’s this? Yeah, just say that. Come in the brain. Is it? Maybe that or maybe the Holy ghost. Just say that. Then ask the question of the Holy ghost may be. Did you go to any. Alright. Alright. He’s still following. Now put him left to the right and say, Narkasura’s mantra left. Left, right to the left. Right to the left, say Narkasura’s mantra. What about this lady. Got it, great now see others. What do you say Antonio. Just remind me inside of the best, if you close your eyes. Yeah. He’s the one asking him, what is his name?. Blockly uh, he stays here. [unclear] you should get their names and addresses. And so that he can manage it here. It’s lucky for you that we have got here, Paul Blockly, uh, who is a great Sahaja yogi and we have another one Mary. Uh huh. who is little away from here, but they’ll always come. What? When do you have programs? Every Tuesday evening at seven o’clock. Alright. And they will give you all the help that you want. Hannah, what about him? It’s from the team now. Anybody from the team can work on him better. Is he all right? Sure. Right? Yes. Good, good. Good. Now, so which smiley? What about you? Are you all right? So no, no, no, no. You should be sure. No, just see her work on her. It’s better that these people are work on you. What you have to do is come back each week. More going into a strong, strong working group. it’s a very good idea but I was saying that is he, to do it in a proper way would be to talk to the headmaster and who owns the school, who are the owners. So you could talk to the County council that this is the way he can discipline children better because there’s a power like and all that would be much better to go in a straight forward way. And maybe they might understand you have a mayor there. You can talk to them, and I think they’re very sensible people and you can say then in, India in many schools that have started, the first thing happens that you get [unclear], you can talk to them. Yes. And then you should say that it’s very simple[unclear]. You should say it’s about. It’s better to state forward with them in every way you see because they must have understand that this is your own. There is nothing, it has nothing to do, some might say its against Christianity it nothing of the kind on the contrary it supports, it very much supports Christ much more than your artificial Christ [unclear] support all his miracles everything and we know that he was like. Its all intellectuals trying to be funny. You can pull it also . She’s good. She’s good this one is she alright, good. Now enjoy yourself, but you must learn how to grow further to become real masters. All right. All of you should promise me now I’ve come all the way and now you must become [unclear]. What about this lady? She has got it. Look at them so beautiful, isn’t it? I’ve been waiting for it. It has happened now, huh? Is it doesn’t matter. Now they are all Sahaja Yogies you see her cousin catchy , is a Sahaja Yogini but her uncle is not so I said, what is he? He’s an ordinary person. [unclear]. So take their names and everything, take their names, look after them, they are beautiful people I tell you, except that little left sided sort of dejected people. So tell them nothing to be dejected about. Life is worth such a lot and everybody can be the instrument of God and it will work out. Give them some hopes. Its true we are not telling you something lies, alright, it’s fantastic. Now you are entering into the most fantastic lives and that you have now become the citizens of God’s Kingdom and you will see at every step how it will help you every step in every way So May God bless you all. I’ll take your leave. I have to go back. I’m sorry today. But next time I come for two days and then we have a bunch of time here. Thank you very much. Thank you.