The Work of the Divine

Guildhall Theatre, Derby (England)

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1984-08-01 Public Program The Work Of The Divine Derby NITL HD, 74'
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Public Program. Guild Hall, Derby (UK), 1 August 1984.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. It’s a great pleasure to come to Derby, and I must extend My apologies for getting late as the train was late from London. We are here today to know about the truth, about what we are, about what we are going to be. All these questions relate to the unknown knowledge of our roots. Whatever we know from science or from any other mental projection is the knowledge of the tree. This is the knowledge of the roots which nourishes us, which gives us growth, which gives us desire, which works out all our actions, physical and mental, and which evolves us.

The problem is when we are dealing with the tree as in the West we seldom forget that the tree has to be related to the growth of the root. When in the West the tree was growing was so fast, in the East, in India, people were understanding, trying to meditate, about the roots. As the East has to learn scientific ways from the West, the Western people have to learn about the roots. There’s nothing to think that something is higher than lower. The roots have no meaning without the tree and tree has no existence without the roots.

Whether you are born in the East, West, North or South, all of us have got a human body and human body is a very special thing that God Almighty has given us. It’s a miraculous thing. Of course these days, all the intellectuals are trying to challenge the miracles. Even if you look at your body outside, it’s a very miraculous thing. We take everything for granted and in a way it’s good, because if we had not taken it for granted, we would have been really very different type of people. We would have been really much more frantic, agitated and upset.

The laws that govern us are the divine laws. And to understand the divine laws, one has to enter into the Kingdom of God. It sounds very poetic, imaginary when people talk of Kingdom of God. Whether it exists within us or not is really a thing of experiencing. It is not that you can decide about it, only by discussing it, arguing it on the television; the person who argues for it or against it are both blind. And when they argue, you can see clearly that they cannot convince each other. One lives, he says, “This is my faith,” another says, “This is my reasoning.” The faith is blind and the reasoning is stunted because we reason out everything through this brain which is a limited.

As it is, one-tenth of the brain we can use mostly, they say. But even if we use the whole of the brain, still it is a limited thing. If we have to talk about something unlimited, then we have to go beyond reasoning, beyond blind faith and we have to experience it on our central nervous system. All our evolution that has taken place so far has been in the central nervous system recorded. Like you can see that a dog cannot feel any filth or dirt or any smell and he can pass through any dirty lane, but for a human being it is impossible to cross that. So many things we are aware, so many ways we are aware than animals. But still, why the human beings are in such a confusion? In these modern times, you find there’s such a big confusion. All sorts of ideas are coming up about health, education, about politics, economics, God, realization; all sorts of markets are there. One gets so confused that one does not know how to believe into this or that.

What we have to understand that we have to believe into things which can be proved. Now the time has come that Divine itself has to be proved. That God Almighty has to be proved. That Christ as a son of God has to be proved, that His birth as immaculate conception has to be proved. Not by argument, not by reasoning, nor by blind faith but by actualization on your central nervous system. This is the challenge of our seeking today. We have been seeking before also. As amoeba we have been seeking, as animals we have been seeking, as human beings we have been seeking in power, in positions, in money, in possessions, in relationships. But what we have discovered is that even when everything is all right, we feel we are very far away from joy. The joy is lost. We’ve come so far and we feel there is no joy. Where is that lost? Where is it that you have to find joy?

You refer back to the scriptures like Bible, Quran, Gita, Lao Tze’s treaties, anything you read, you find that it’s a very mysterious thing that they have described. But one thing they have said, that you have to be born again. That there is a mysterious place to describe and we say you have to enter into it. But nobody says how. Nobody knows how but indicates one thing: that the human awareness is inadequate. There has to be a higher awareness to our evolution because we have not achieved the top-most stage. To achieve that ultimate, absolute stage, something more has to happen in our evolutionary process, which is a living process, which is not a dead process.

Like some people think if you change your dresses you become different. Some people think if you live like a primitive person, your brain becomes primitive. There are so many ways and methods people think that they can achieve it. It’s not so. It’s a living process, again I say, of the living God. And what living things are, they are all spontaneous. I see you and spontaneously I know I see you. I don’t have to use My computer for it. It’s just I see. More than that, if you see a living process of a seed sprouting, you can see that you can just put the seed in the Mother Earth and you get the sprouting spontaneously. How? Spontaneously, but how? The seed is built in that way. And the Mother Earth has got that capacity to sprout it. That’s all we can explain.

In the same way, within us lies the seed of this tree of life, which is not yet enlightened. And the seed is that triangular bone which we call as sacrum, meaning sacred, that means the Greek knew that there was something sacred about it. This triangular bone has got the Holy Ghost within it, the Holy Spirit, the reflection of the Holy Spirit.

Now one may say that is not written in the Bible. So what? Christ is too great a personality to be contained in Bible. Same is Holy Ghost.

I asked a priest, “What do you think of Holy Ghost?”

He says, “I am agnostic.”

I say, “Then what are you doing here?”

He says, “I am doing my job.”

It is mentioned that you are to be born, not of the flesh, Nicodemus was told, but of the Holy Ghost, of the Holy Spirit. And where is this Holy Spirit within us? Is this three and a half coiled, in Sanskrit language called as Kundalini resides in all of us. Now what is Holy Ghost? It has to be the Mother. Because we have the Father, the wrathful Father, the watchful Father, the witness Father; then we have the Son. But how can you have a son to a father without the mother? And the third one is the Holy Ghost; it has to be the primal Mother’s power. And that is what is called as the Kundalini. And She is placed in this sacrum bone in all the human beings. Without any caste, creed, race, nationality, it is there. This germinating power of the primule of the seed has to be awakened and it has to pass through these six other centers to enter into this area which is shown there called as the limbic area, which is the Kingdom of God. And it has to pierce through this fontanel area to give you your real baptism, your Self-realization.

It’s nothing artificial that we can just say that now you have become a Brahmin, by performing some sort of a, what you called, a ritual or another ritual of saying that you are being baptized. It’s some sort of an exercise which is very artificial. It’s just like a drama; there’s no truth in it. But when this happens, actually, you can feel on top of your head, the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost very clearly, coming out. And after some time, if this center is all right, you start feeling the cool breeze flowing from your own hand.

Like this instrument, when it is not connected it does not carry anything. As soon as it is connected, it carries My voice. In the same way, we carry the power of God, the divine power of love. We have never tried to get to that point or experiment with that power of love. Normally, we have only experimented with power of hatred, power of competition, but this power of love is not something imaginary or poetic but is actually there, which acts, which works, which shows results.

Like I say, there is a candle here; then if you go near the candle, it will burn, it will also give you the light. But supposing I say there’s a candle here and there’s no candle. And I go on pumping into your head, like that you may accept a situation that “Oh yes, there must be a candle, otherwise how can this lady see that?” That’s exactly what has happened to us so far as far as our divine knowledge is concerned. And that’s why we cannot relate it to truth and so, so many people in the West have decided to turn their back to divine forces and to the work of the divine. But it exists. Not only exists, but it does all the work that we know of.

What do we do, except for the dead work? Like a tree is dead, so we make a furniture, think, “Oh I have done this, I have done that.” From dead to dead, we make a chair and we can’t sit on the ground. Changing the forms of matter and then we use it so much that we become slaves to it. We cannot exist without it. But a little flower is turned into a fruit, not one, not two, billions and billions of these, at the right time, at the right occasion, at the right, we can say, the season of it. Imagine the tremendous task of choosing the right child for the right father with the same nose and with the same eyes and the same style and certain cells out of the thousands of cells in the human beings become the nose, the eyes. Who does all that? There must be some power. There must be some power that understands, thinks, cooperate, coordinates and is tremendous and dynamic, much bigger than ours. There is.

But now, how to feel that one, the all-pervading power, is the problem. We don’t feel it around, we don’t know it, that’s why it is said you are to be born again. So there also, when I went to America, I told them that you have to be born again. They didn’t take to realization or anything.

They put up a board, “We are born again.” Just imagine.

A gentleman told Me, “You should have really got Your lectures registered or something.”

I said, “For what?”

They said, “They’ll use these.”

I said, “Let them use. That’s not truthful. What they have do is to get to their realization. If they want to live with myths, what can I do about it? It is their loss, not Mine.”

What is the registration and all that because I don’t take any money, nothing of the kind. So what is it? Let them use whatever way they like; they are free to do it. But they should be wise enough to use it in such a way that they take advantage of it. It is for them to see what is good for them, not for Me to say. And then, they stick on to certain ideas. They stick onto certain things. In My lectures also, I have seen people getting up and talking about a particular cult and that cult and this cult, as if they are paid. What have you got out of that? How can you make a cult out of God? Just think of it. How can you organize God? How can you enroll some people that they are such and such and such and such?

Supposing you say you believe that there is God. So what? And if you say you don’t believe in God, so what? How will you prove to your children that there is God? Is there any way? Have you found out that way? Or are we going to continue with that faith: “Oh, I believe in God, you know and God helped me a lot. I remember once I remember God and I got ten pounds on the way.” Such a ridiculous idea about God; it is very ridiculous. What God is going to do for us is to make us the citizen of His Kingdom, of His Kingdom. We enter into His Kingdom by the awakening of this Kundalini, and we become the spirit. We become the light. Now, all these are still words to you. So what happens, that when you become the light, truthfully what should happen to you is that you should actualize the experience. You should get it, not believe into what others are saying to you, but you must actualize the experience and see that you become collectively conscious. That you become collectively conscious is the question of becoming. Please, there is no time for deception anymore.

Who is deceiving us? We are deceiving ourselves. If we do not want to deceive ourselves, nobody can deceive us. We have to be alert about it. With all these advertisements and with all this talking and all this, you are not to believe, not even Me. Maybe, I am another hocus-pocus. But you have to keep an open mind. That’s very important. Because you don’t lose anything with Me. Keep an open mind.

You have this Kundalini within you. And when it rises, you start feeling the cool breeze on top of your head. This is the one that is going to judge you and who is going to judge you? Not God Almighty in person, because He is just watching the show. It’s you, the spirit. The spirit is the reflection of God Almighty and that reflection is going to judge you and is going to tell you, “Now, this is wrong with you, that is wrong with you.” But as if you get separated from yourself, like you get separated from your clothes and you see it dirty and you know the ways and methods of cleansing it. You cleanse it. You purify yourself. And you become the egoless instrument of that divine power. This is exactly what should happen to us. Not any mental projection, not any intellectual discussion but a happening within us by which we become collectively conscious, by which we can feel the centers of others, five, six and seven and our own centers. Then effortlessly, effortlessly, we cure others and we get cured, effortlessly, spontaneously. If this is the light, then it doesn’t have to put an effort to become the light. If you become the light, there’s no need for you to put in the effort.

So one has to understand that we have to become a higher personality which is the spirit, which is the truth, which is the enlightened attention, and which is the joy. Your attention becomes so enlightened that even if you pay attention to somebody, that person can be cured.

You must have heard about a miracle that took place very near Bedford, which was out in the paper, that a boy fell down from a bridge. I don’t know how, but he fell down very low, so much so, that people thought he must be dead. He was going on a motorbike and they sent for an ambulance and when the ambulance came in, they saw the boy walking up all that distance and came out. And they were amazed.

So they asked him, “How did you manage to come?”

He said, “I’ll tell you.”

They took him to the hospital and the police also had come and he told them that there was a lady in a white sari who came in a white car – of course, I have a white car too – who came down here, I mean, nobody can go with a car there, “She came, She touched me and She cured me, She healed me. And She said that there’s a little part this is to be done, you come to Me and I’ll do it.”

At that time, I was giving a lecture like this in Bedford hall, when it happened. Next day, he saw My photograph in the newspaper and he told the police, “This is the lady.” And they contacted us. Now, how it has happened? I was sitting here, everybody knows, is a miracle. There are so many miracles like that in Sahaja yoga you will see, which you may not be knowing which I understand, which you will also start seeing.

Like once, I was in a village, a very remote village and I asked, “Was there some great soul who died here?”

They said, “Yes, there was a Muslim fakir, who died. His name was Miah.”

I said, “Really?”

And when I was giving the lecture, I felt the light was coming on My head, I got contact with him and through the light I was feeling very happy about it. Seven times the light came on My head and then I put My head like that. That happens to Me many a times. But only thing, what happened was that the camera, the camera clicked and it caught that picture. So many things nowadays camera is catching you may not catch. Cameras are more sensitive than human beings are. Because we have so many barriers of our ego, of our conditionings, all sorts of things, camera doesn’t have. It’s a truthful thing. There are so many miracles like this which these people can tell you, I mean, you can write a book. But God is miraculous. To challenge that there cannot be any miracles about Christ shows the ego of man. Is all self-appointedness: “I am such and such, I am such and such, I can say whatever I like.” You cannot elect a person who is authorized by God. You didn’t elect Christ, did you? He was not an intellectual. But whatever He said and whatever He did can be proved today. So one has to understand that when we try to condemn something, are we adequate enough to condemn it?

There’s another thing I’ll tell you about sixty or seventy years back, before we got independence in India. There was an English engineer in a place where he was trying to build a bund and at a point he reached where he could not just do it. Every night he used to build and everyday it used to fall off like that. So he had to actually go round like that which is never done for a bund.

So they said, “Mother will you come and see that?”

I said, “What happened actually?”

They said, “Another saint came and he said this is the place you cannot build because this is God’s place.”

When I went there, there were these cool vibrations of the Holy Ghost coming out of that is extremely cool. And not only Me, but many those who are sitting here have felt it. It is said in the Bible that whatever is created by Mother Earth or by the heavens is not to be reproduced. But we don’t want to know that there is something created by the Mother Earth, self-manifested.

Now these things are there. But we have such a closed mind and that we don’t want to accept anything that could be called as miraculous because it challenges our ego sometimes. Because it challenges our reading like Bala here, he was a over-read man, the one who spoke to you. And in the beginning, he got his realization. But still, he used to wonder, “How can it be?”

I said, “Have you faith in yourself or not? Then, if you have faith, there must be some reason God has made you into human being. The second thing, have you got faith in people like Wordsworth, like Shakespeare, like William Blake*? They were historical people. What do they say? Can they tell you lies? Why should we think we are very honest with our limited brains?”

And then, he started seeing the truth: that it was flowing from his hand, he was curing people, he was raising Kundalini of others, he was giving them realization, I don’t know how many people he has given realization to.

It’s said by William Blake clearly that men of God will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets. How could William Blake see that? Who was William Blake in his previous lives? How was he such a personality that he could see today where I would be living, where our ashrams will be, how could he exactly say that? Is very easy to make everything into a kind of a [UNCLEAR WORD] or some sort of an expression of an imagination or some sort of a thing. It’s not so. It’s the limited brain of man. Doesn’t allow you to accept that you are limited. Intelligence has the power to cheat you. But in pure intelligence if you rise, then you can see very clearly that there must be something beyond.

Here now we go to another point when we think of the beyond. Now there are many things that are not in our awareness. Like there are some birds, some birds who can feel the incoming of an earthquake, they have ears. There are some fishes who have magnets in them. There are birds who fly for thousands of miles on the basis of a magnet. Human beings have some other awareness. But we have seen that animals have some special type of an awarenesses. In the same way, we should know that if something is unknown to us, it is because of our human limitations. Now, if whatever is unknown is not divine. That you should understand. Everything that is unknown is not divine. Because some people get possessed, they started painting like Gaugin, I have seen, you must have seen also in the BBC that there was one man who was possessed by Gaugin and he was painting just like him. That’s not divine.

So how are we to differentiate? is the point. So when you become self-realized, you become your own master. You know each and everything what you’re doing, how you are working it out, how the energy is flowing, where it is stopping, what is happening and how you are moving it. It is not like some spiritualist standing and shaking hands before you and then you feel it. The other day there was a lady, she came as a spiritualist and she said, “It’s very dangerous to be a spiritualist.”

I said, “It is absolutely dangerous. Don’t go near them.”

She herself was a spiritualist, I did not know. I said, they are horrible people, they don’t know anything what they are doing. They are entering headlong into these things, the dead. Christ has told you not to go near them. He took them out and put them in the pigs. Why should we go near the dead? Because we are naïve, we don’t know. Of course, thank God, in India people know about it very well. Because we have gone through these stages much before that you are passing through. We call it preta vidya, smashaana vidya, tantrika, all those things. Going near the dead is sure-shot a complete destruction of the family. It has so many types of problems; even cancer is caused by that, which can be proved very easily.

The other day, the doctors were having a conference about it, about I think two years back. I saw that, two years or something more. They were saying that everybody is vulnerable to cancer. But it’s triggered by some proteins, they don’t call them entities, but proteins, they call them protein 52, 58, you see, they are honest, they just give names, these entering into the human awareness, they trigger. But they come, now this is the important point they said: they come from the area which is built within us since our creation, is the collective sub-conscious. So, we have to be very careful about the unknown also.

In this chart you can see that we have got altogether seven centers. Actually, these are the basic seven roots and that we have got three channels, one of the left, one on the right and one in the center. These are the subtle centers of our gross autonomous nervous system. The center one stands for the parasympathetic, the left one stands for the left sympathetic and the right one for the right sympathetic. The left one is for our desire power – in short, I am telling you – the right one is for our action. These put together, left and right, make a center like that in you and here lies the central path of our evolution. Through the central path, we rise from carbon stage to different stages and these centers are the milestones of our evolution.

So cross here, is the cross of the optic chiasma, where Christ is ruling. But He has to be awakened through the raising of the Kundalini, so He opens the gate and sucks in these two by-products, the ego and the superego, respectively of these two powers, one of action and another of desire. Because of that suction, it is said that He died for us. That He takes all our sins that we don’t have to suffer anymore. Only what we have to do is to raise the Kundalini to awaken Christ within us. And by that, these two, one is Karmas and another are sins as whatever you may call them and another are conditionings are sucked in and the space is made here in the fontanel bone area and the Kundalini shoots up. Despite that, we believe that we must suffer.

Christ has suffered for us. What more are we going to suffer? Why should we feel guilty? Why should we try to hurt ourselves and always try to say that something is wrong with us when God has made you so beautifully and that you have to just get your realization? Why should we torture ourselves thinking that we have to suffer for God? At least, don’t do that for God. He wants you to be happy. He wants you to enjoy that supreme bliss of His compassion. So to have these wrong ideas, actually these have come from [RECORDING NOT AVAILABLE AFTER THIS POINT ON CASSETTE, THIS IS TOWARDS THE VERY END OF SIDE “A” OF AUDIO CASSETTE]

[INCOMPLETE SENTENCE ON SIDE “B”] overpower you that give all your power, surrender yourself to us and you suffer. But God wants you to make all powerful. He wants you to become all free. You have to be free souls. So what happens to you after realization, you don’t become an abnormal person, but you come a dynamic person. All your problems have to be solved, physical, mental, emotional; also material in a way Krishna had said, “Yogakshemam Vahaamyaham – once you get your yoga, I’ll look after your well-being,” which Sahaja Yogis have experienced. You will be surprised in Sahaja Yoga, it is hard to find a jobless person. Those who have taken to Sahaja Yoga, all have improved in their capacity to work, they have become very popular workers, they have got very good jobs. They are very well married, they have beautiful children and they are enjoying a blissful life in every aspect. That’s the sign that we have to enter into this Maha Yoga, where the emancipation of all the human beings is going to take place. No use fighting on political, economic, all these nonsensical basis. It is not going to work out.

All politics is also artificial. Like, I would say, I am the greatest capitalist, because I have all the powers within Myself. And I am the greatest communist, that I am moving from places to places, hopping from places to places to share that wealth of joy with you. I can’t live without it. This is the real communism and this is the real capitalism. Otherwise, what do we have, these stones? What are we going to share? We share money for what? You want to have more money, for what? To go in the pubs and waste it and kill yourselves? What else? Why do we need more money for? For all nonsensical things which are actually detrimental to our health, detrimental to our growth, detrimental to our awareness. But as soon as you become self-realized, I have seen many; they become so powerful that no habits can touch them. They really become exceptional personalities, peaceful. We talk of peace, on political level you cannot have. Here they are building up nuclear weapons and they are talking of peace. One side they talk of peace and another side they are building up nuclear weapons. What a hypocrisy! But when the human beings become the source of peace, then they don’t talk of wars. They talk of finding of ways and methods of spreading love, of giving love, because this love acts, it cures, repairs, counsels, it redeems, it comforts. But only thing one has to know that we have to be honest and open. That is how it is going to work out.

I am very much thankful to the Sahaja yogis of Derbyshire who have invited Me here and that you have listened to Me so patiently. I hope this will work out for all of you and that you will enjoy the bliss; that is your birthright, Sahaja – Saha means with, ja means born. It’s born with you; it’s your birthright to have it. And you should enjoy that and enjoy the powerful love of God within yourselves.

May God bless you all!

I would of course, like you to ask Me some questions, but you need not be aggressive with Me, because I have not come here to take any money or anything from you. It’s a very different school which you may not have seen anywhere, where somebody just does it out of love. So anything that is questionable should be answered, because I don’t want you to suffer later on that your mind starts troubling you, you should have asked this question to Mother. Please ask Me the question. But, with understanding that others, who are anxious to have realization must have their realization and you should not be dog in the manger. I’ll be very happy to answer your questions.

Q: In yoga, one must desire it for one to receive it. What’s your comment?

Shri Mataji: It’s true. It’s true. You must desire it and deserve it, also, a little bit. For example, if Hitler comes here and says, “Mother, give me realization,” what should I do? You better decide. It is a very decisive power, which decides. Yes, the Self decides. But first, you must get yourself into your attention. Self is still away from your central nervous system, it not manifesting. When the Self starts manifesting, now the Self that we have is either our ego or our conditioning. But when you become Self-realized, then the vibrations starts flowing, the cool breeze. You become like a computer, you ask any question, say you want to know if there is God, all right? You put your hands and ask, “Mother, is there God?” You’ll start getting tremendous vibrations. You want to know was the birth of Christ, was it an immaculate conception? Ask the question. You’ll get vibrations. But you want to ask about Hitler, ask, what about Hitler, was he a good man? Immediately your hands will start burning or you’ll get blisters also, maybe, such a bad name. I should not take his name even. He’s so funny.

But, this happens to you when you get your Self-realization, not before that. Mohammed Sahib has clearly said, at the time of resurrection, your hands will speak. Actually the whole Namaz is nothing but raising of the Kundalini, but He was also tortured like Christ, was given no chance, time to say things, people used to mock at Him when He told them to do Namaz. He talked of resurrection throughout, if you read Quran, He never talked about doomsday so much as the people are talking, but all this doomsday and all this is there to frighten people. There has to be some chance for people to rise, isn’t it?

Shri Mataji: What is the other question there? Loudly, little loudly.


Shri Mataji: Yeah, that’s the beauty of this. I must be something that I don’t need all that. Isn’t it? All right, I’ll say another thing, maybe you have done it in your last lives, all that balancing. But it works. As long as it works, what does it matter? It was very difficult. In yoga, books were written thousands of years back. Say Pathanjali was written thousands of years back. And in the Pathanjali Yoga also, I mean it’s not that you stand on your head business is there, it’s ashtang and in those days, they would only try on one or two persons like, in the tree of life, there were only one or two flowers. But, today it’s a blossom time for Me. They have all worked it out. I have to just reap it.

Shri Mataji: Any other question please?


Shri Mataji: Yes, they do cure. They can. But that cure is very dangerous sometimes. Now, there are two types of spiritualists also, they don’t know. Some, which are realized souls. And some which play with the spirits. Those who are realized souls can cure. Also, it is not a spiritualist, it’s a realized soul; it’s the spirit that cures. And the spiritualists are the people who unknowingly use spirits. So, depends on, in any case, whatever is the situation, I think we have a nice repair shop, don’t worry on that. None of you should try to condemn yourself. I would request you that. Or to say, come cure all your sins, so-called, and condemnations and how could it be, please have full confidence in yourself. That’s all I want. What do you know about yourself? Nothing. Let Me judge. I know. Please don’t in any way condemn yourself. And don’t get worried about it. In My lecture, if I have said something that worries you, I am sorry for that, I didn’t mean it for that. But, I assure you that none of these things matter. Sounds fantastic, isn’t it? But, as I told you, human beings are fantastic, aren’t they? We take ourselves for granted. The most beautiful things that God has created are human beings. Much more beautiful than all the flowers put together, you have not yet felt your beauty, your glory.

Is it all right now? Should we start? Please have no diffidence, no worry about your past, forget it. Many people are like that. They just worry about their past. Forget it. Past doesn’t exist for Me, the present, just the present.


Shri Mataji: Spirit. In English language, there are many meanings to spirit. Spirit, is also what you get in the pubs, English language is funny. The spirit, I am saying is called as Atma is the reflection of God within yourself in your heart, is the spirit. It means that. In Sanskrit language it is called as Atma, is the Self.

Q: Holy Spirit [NOT CLEAR?]

Shri Mataji: Yes, like we can say that, it awakened these disciples of Christ. All right, please be seated, I’ll tell you. Now, when it was awakened, I’ll tell you that, if you don’t mind please sit down then I’ll tell you what happened is described in the Bible, see the misinterpretation of the whole thing is. That they felt the cool breeze of the Holy Spirit, first sentence is correct; the second that they started speaking in a strange language, now, the misinterpretation is there to such an extent that unless and until you come to Sahaja Yoga you won’t understand. These Sahaja yogis, when they talk to each other, you will think they are strange people. Because, they don’t talk the way we normally talk, but they talk, “This gentleman’s Agnya Chakra is catching”. He’ll say, what’s the matter? Why is he saying his Agnya Chakra is catching? Meaning that he is egoistical. But he himself will come and tell Me that “Mother, my Agnya Chakra is catching,” means that “I am getting egoistical.” The language is very very different I tell you. And sometimes, I have seen in the train when we are talking, the people start thinking, what are these people talking about? They say things, which, for a normal person is not at all intelligible. But they understand. Even if they don’t say, they just put a finger and show; we know what is catching where. Is the strange language, because that language is only known when you get your realization.

Supposing I have not been to Derbyshire, how will I know the name of particular corner or another corner? If you have not entered into that realm, how will you know the names of these centers and what it means and how you will find it? Even a child would tell you this is the center they are catching. So, this is the second thing.

Now the third thing they said that they started moving their hands in such a fashion that people thought that they were mad because the power is flowing through their hands. So they start maneuvering it like this sometimes, sometimes like this, sometimes like that and it may look strange to people. Like when Mohammed Saab told them that “You please do this kind of a Namaz,” to normal people it was very funny. But we do so many funny things and we don’t its funny really. To a realized soul, so many things we do is really funny. Sometimes I feel you have come to a lunatic asylum. And while people call the sane as the lunatic, those who are themselves lunatic. So it’s better to achieve that state and see for yourself.

But anybody who says that “Holy Ghost has given me,” supposing, somebody says like that. Let him have his self-opinion, but it is not so. When the Holy Ghost gives you realization, then the cool breeze comes out of your head. Cool breeze flows through your hands; that’s the minimum. But still you must know the deftness. The yoga has two meanings. First, is the meaning, yoga means, the one with the Divine to be the [UNCLEAR SENTENCE] To be the saint. And the second meaning of yoga means the deftness, the technique of the divine laws, the technique of handling the divine power. So even if you are a born-realized, say, maybe, still you do not know what you are doing. You may be you touch somebody and that person gets cured. You don’t know how you have done it. You don’t know even that you are a born- realized. I have known many people who came to Me, who were born-realized.

When I asked them, “Do you know you are a born-realized?”

They said, “No, Mother. But, I was different from others.”


“Because I didn’t think so much as the others thought. And things worked it out for me.” But that’s the only thing that they knew. Not all the dimensions of it. I agree. Some do. No doubt. They have to. And they are very welcome.

But most surprising thing I have seen, which is never recorded in the history of spirituality anywhere, that in these modern times, which is such a confusion and a nonsense, I know of a realized soul who used to smoke and drink. And it is not possible normally to do that. But when I asked the gentleman, he said, “The fashion was so much. First I vomited, first this thing happened, then that, still I went on and on and on and I really developed that habit.”

I mean, this is really something surprising that in these modern times, how things are working out. But only in these modern times people are going to get their realization en masse. This has been promised: resurrection time.

All right, so let’s have the experience of the Holy Ghost. Now nobody should think that you have done anything wrong or absurd or sinful that you cannot get realization, that is one thing promised between Me and you. And you should, at the very outset, tell yourself that “I am not guilty of anything.” It’s a fashion in the West to feel guilty. Really. I don’t know why. For anything, I mean anybody does anything in the whole world, we think, “I am responsible.” It’s good in a way; it is collective. But if somebody does good also, you have done good.

So let us start with that presumption that we are not guilty at all, that we have to enter into the Kingdom of God. So, what do we do? Effortlessly, it has to work out. But only thing we do is to nourish our different centers, which might have been augmented due to certain problems, may be physical, emotional or anything for which you need not feel guilty again, I would say. We have to just nourish these centers with our own hands and it will work out I am sure. May God bless you all!

For this I have to make one humble request that we have to take out our shoes, because we take advantage of all the elements and one of them is the Mother Earth. So we have to take out our shoes and Mother Earth can suck in many of our problems. Another thing, I have to make another humble request. Those people who have to go out or if they want to go out for a while and come back should do it now, but should not disturb later, to be kind to everyone, should not disturb later on. Can go now and come back if they want. We can wait for two minutes for them if they are coming back.

Now the left hand represents the power of desire. So, first we have to desire our realization. Put the left hand, just like this on your lap. Just like this. In a very comfortable way, you have to sit down, not to pressurize anywhere, to put your neck in a straight manner, but neither bending backwards or forwards or sideways. And we have to use the right hand for giving vibrations to our different centers. This will be done only on the left hand side of our body, which one by one I will tell you in a very simple [UNCLEAR WORD].

First of all, we have to say that, call Me Mother or Shri Mataji, “We are not guilty, I am not guilty,” this is very important. Secondly, we are not to open our eyes till I tell you, because there’s no mesmerism in it. So, when the Kundalini rises, She pierces through this center, comes up, you wont have any problems, you wont have any trouble, you wont have any trouble whatsoever. And it pierces through your fontanel bone area without giving you any trouble. But, you must keep your eyes shut because if your eyes are open, then the invitation to the Kundalini doesn’t reach properly. And She doesn’t rise, in many cases we have seen. So please keep your eyes shut. And attention is also drawn easily inside.

Now, put both your legs in such a manner that they are parallel and the feet on the ground. If you have anything tight on your neck, if you think it is uncomfortable, if it is not, it doesn’t matter. It’s everything internal, so that your attention is not drawn anywhere, please try to correct it and be comfortable, that’s the first step.

Now please put your right hand on your heart, it’s very simple, it is on the left hand side. Little higher on the left hand side, where resides the spirit. Here you have to ask Me a question, a very simple question. You can call Me Mataji or Mother, whichever way you like, “Mother, am I the spirit?” Ask Me the question, it’s a fundamental question you have to ask. Ask three times.

Now, please don’t open your eyes. Take this right hand on your abdomen on the left hand side. In the upper part of the abdomen resides our principle of mastery, what we can call the Guru Tattwa which was established by all the prophets who came on this earth, Guru Principle. If you are the spirit, you become your own master. So putting this finger on your stomach, please ask Me a question again three times, “Mother, am I my own master? Mother, am I my own master?” Three times with full confidence, you have to ask.

Now take this hand into the lower part of your abdomen, this is the Swadishthana Chakra. It is the center which looks after the aortic plexus. Just press it hard there, on the lower part of the abdomen on the left hand side. Keep the left hand as it is, with the right hand you press it. Here, I have to say that you are free to choose. I cannot cross your freedom. You have to say that you want the true knowledge, the pure knowledge of the Divine, otherwise I cannot force on you. So here you have to say, “Mother, may I know the true knowledge? Mother, may I know the pure knowledge?” You have to say this six times, because there are six sub-plexuses. Six times. You are asking for it, the initiation as you call it, you are asking for that knowledge. “Mother, may I know the true knowledge?”

Now, raise this right hand please again towards the left side of your upper part of the stomach. Press it there; place it in the upper part of your abdomen on the left hand side. Now, here, you have to assert now because you have asked for the true knowledge. I am teaching you how to do it. At this point you assert, with full confidence again, without feeling guilty, “Mother, I am my own master. Mother I am my own master.” Again, “Mother, I am my own master.” Please say it ten times because there are incarnations of the primordial masters which are ten, primordial. There have been many real masters. Just say it ten times.

Now raise the same hand on your heart, on your heart. Do it carefully. Now, at this point, you have to again assert without feeling guilty, “Mother, I am the spirit, Brahmaasmi, I am the spirit.” You have to say this twelve times, because there are twelve sub-plexuses to this center. Please assert. “I am the spirit.” Know that you are the spirit, assert yourself.

You have to know that God Almighty is the ocean of love, is the ocean of compassion. He is the ocean of forgiveness. So, what guilt can you have? Now raise your right hand on the left hand side of your base of the neck, on the shoulder. You just press it hard. This is the center that is catching the worst. This is the center where you catch when you feel guilty. So now, sixteen times, please say, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Please say it with full force, “I am not guilty.” If you still feel that way, then better say it hundred and eight times to punish yourself. With full faith in the forgiveness of God. He is the ocean of forgiveness, so what guilt can you have?

Now, raise this hand to your forehead, across you spread your palm and hold the forehead carefully, press it a little bit. Here you have to listen to Me and say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Now don’t feel that it is difficult. When you don’t forgive also what do you do? Or when you don’t forgive, you just, you are actually playing into the hands of others. So, just say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.”

Now, put this hand carefully on top of your head on the fontanel bone area, the area that was soft in your childhood. Place your palm on there, press it and move the scalp in a circular way in a clock-wise manner. Try to move the scalp. Here, don’t feel guilty, don’t feel upset, but just say, “Oh my Lord God, if I have done anything wrong against You, please forgive me.” But that doesn’t mean that you count it or you feel guilty, just say it. Thrice you say that.

Now, just after that you have to say seven times this thing because again, I cannot cross your freedom. You have to say, “Mother, please give me my realization.” I cannot force it on you. “I want my realization, Mother, please give me my realization.” Just say it seven times.

Now change hands, put your right hand down, and put the left hand on top of the head. Again, rub it the same way as I told you, to move your scalp in a clock-wise manner.

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