Radio Derby Interview BBC Radio Derby, Derby (England)

Radio Interview

Interview: You feel it on your hands. You feel it emitting from the top of the head. You feel it flowing over the body but that’s not the only thing. This is an outer experience because your central nervous system becomes enlightened by these vibrations but inwardly you start to feel a very joyful person. You start to feel the silence. You know that what is happening inside you is transforming all the things that were negative or undesirable within yourself into something positive and what’s more, […]

Faith Has To Be Based On Experience Leicester Quaker Meeting House, Leicester (England)

Public Program. Leicester (England), 2 August 1984.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.
You have just now heard that within us lies the power of our ascent, ascent to the Divine. Now maybe there are some people who can say “How? How do You say that? What’s Your authority?”
Naturally, one can ask such a question. But as a scientist we have to keep our minds open to any knowledge. I say this is the knowledge of the roots. […]