God Can Be Proved Scientifically

Doctor Johnson House, Birmingham (England)

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Public Program. Birmingham (England), 3 August 1984.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. When Bala says that I can give you realization in a split of a second I have to tell you that it is you who get it. You are built in that way like a seed; when you put it in the Mother Earth it sprouts. Whom will you give the credit – the seed or the Mother Earth? Without the Mother Earth the seed cannot sprout and it does not mean that if you put a stone in the Mother Earth it will sprout.

So the credit is not to anyone but it is a process which is built within us through ages of our seeking. We have been seekers in previous lives and before that we have been seeking. Even when we were amoeba we were seeking. That’s how we have become a human being. And now we have reached a stage where we are human beings and we are seekers of truth. This is the epitome of the highest that any human being can reach where he is seeking.

As a human being when we are born we are quite aware that we are higher than animals, that we have capacities much more than animals have. We are quite aware of our being as a human being but this awareness that we have is still not complete because we are still in confusion. We do not know why we are on this earth. We do not know what we have to achieve. We do not know what mistakes we are committing or this is right or that is right. A man lands up himself into confusion because of ignorance. Now this ignorance, as has been described by all the prophets and saints, is just a myth, like if you have darkness here that doesn’t mean it exists, but because there is no light. In the negation of the light gives you the darkness.

Where is the light, and how do we awaken it? This question has been very much looked into by thousands and thousands of people earlier also, and thousands of years back people have bothered to find out where is this light and how do we awaken it. Now this light is within us because they found it, and the method they have said also is within us because they knew about it. But this knowledge was quite a big secret for many years, thousands of years, and was not given to people because people were not ready to accept it and to take advantage of it. But we should not say that it was not said. It was very clearly said in most of the scriptures that you are to be born again.

Unless and until you know yourself you cannot know God. First you know yourself and then you will know God Almighty. For example, supposing we are coming to Birmingham and we do not know the way, and we get lost. We can come here, can be brought properly, but the car that you are driving, you don’t know the car. You don’t know how to drive. You don’t know the way. Then how are you to reach the right place? If everything is missing, how can you say that you can reach Birmingham without any knowledge about it? In the same way, if you have no knowledge of yourself itself, how can you know God when you have not known yourself? It is very logical, and extremely simple logic should tell you that you do not know about yourself.

People become mad and when they are absolutely gone cases they end up into lunatic asylum. But when it starts they do not know. They get cancer diseases, terminal diseases of the worst type, and they don’t know how to overcome it. Till they have reached their last stage they do not even feel it. Suddenly they discover, “O God, I have this disease.” So we do not know even our physical being that when it is hurt, when it is in danger, when it is diseased we have no idea. We do not know our mental being either.

When we are impressed by other people we start behaving like them. When they mesmerize us, we start following them. We are not aware that we have no mind of our own; we are just following something that is very aggressive and that’s how we accept it. If you are accepting something about which you have no idea just because you are impressed by somebody’s personality or the way he talks or the way he comes to you, then definitely your mind you do not know.

Like Hitler, he came with funny ideas. He told people that, “We are a very great race and we have a right to kill everyone and to put the people in the gas chamber.” They accepted. How can you accept such a mass massacre of people like that? But they did accept. The reason was they did not know what is their mind. We do not know our emotions also. We say, “This is my son. I’ll give my life for this son. I’ll do this for him. This is my daughter. This is my father.” But when it comes to selfishness everything drops out. So we do not also know our emotions. If we had known we would not talk like that. Every moment we are changing our mood from this to that. Sometimes we are happy with that person. Then we are very unhappy. Then we become enemy of that person. We fight for that person first. We say, “No, this is my brother,” and then we say, “No, he is my enemy.” Why? Because both of them do not know their mind.

So first we must know ourselves by which we get the light to know all these things. Now what is that self? What is that Spirit, that Atma about which all the great people have talked? Where does it reside within us? It resides in our heart. Now when I say this, you need not accept Me. In these modern times nothing should be accepted blindfolded. It’s very dangerous. That’s how you have fallen into traps of so many wrong people. When I say that you should only have an open mind of a scientist, to see whatever Mother is saying is true or not. Now the time has come that God can be proved scientifically. The science of Sahaja Yoga can prove that there is God. The science of Sahaja Yoga can prove that there is self, the spirit. It can prove all the saints and prophets who came on this earth told the truth. It can prove that whatever is said about the miracles of God is all true. The time is like that. Only our mind doesn’t go to that side. We don’t want to know about it. We don’t want to understand it.

Now this is a special time which is described. This is a very, very special time which has been prophesized by so many. Every one of them, those who were great saints, have. They have to be great saints or real saints, as we say Sat-Guru [Hindi word meaning True Master]. Those prophets who were real prophets, they all have said that the time is going to come when you are going to be resurrected. Mohammed Sahib has said, “At the time of resurrection your hands will speak.” Very clearly he has talked about resurrection throughout, but who is bothered to know that? They all only want to talk about the doomsday so that everybody is frightened. Another is that we talk of the day when you are all going to be damned into something because you should be all frightened and you should just go under their clutches and surrender yourself so that these people who will be destroyed first are going to save you.

People have made money out of God. Imagine! How can you have an enterprise in the name of God? How can you make money in the name of God? I mean, how does it go into your logics? I can’t understand that you can pay money. How can you intellectualize God? It’s amazing the way they are intellectualizing Christ and believing Paul was nothing but an intellectual. Why is he there in the Bible? I can’t understand he should not have been there. That way, we Indians are sensible.

We had Guru Nanak who wrote Guru Granth Sahab. He has taken all the poets who are realized souls. Not one is none realized. We don’t listen to people who are not realized, who are not of a great evolved state. But this Mr Paul has come inside there, and now he’s challenging Christ and his miracles. What does he know? He is not a realized soul. If he’s not a realized soul how can he talk about God? He has no business. He has no right. None of these people who authorize themselves, get elected and selected as big Brahmins and big pundits and big bishops and Popes and others, they are nowhere near God. They are not realized people, are they? What realization have they got? They are just interested in politics, economics and all nonsense that is not God’s job. But we get into their traps.

Be careful. You are seekers of truth and not of something that is ignorance. We have had enough of ignorance. Any person who has any power will never succumb or compromise with untruth. That is first sign of a person who is a realized soul. He is not bothered, even if you put him to jail, you crucify him, poison him, do what you like. And this is what surprises me. How do you like such people and adore such people for compromising and meek and taking to all kinds of falsehood? Take the case of Christ. Did He compromise? Did not! Any time, He never compromised. What I am saying about Paul was said by Kahil Gibran. Openly he said it in his book, “The Son of Man” or something like that, he clearly says, “This Paul, a strange man.” I don’t understand. He’s not a man with a free will. It’s true anybody who is a realized soul can see this, and all those who follow him are following falsehood and making others follow him.

I must tell you God is not an enterprise. Remember that. If you understand that God doesn’t understand money at all. Is your headache. You better deal with money, not Him. So in Sahaja Yoga people say, “Mother, what about money?” I say, “What money? How much money you pay to the Mother Earth to sprout the seed? You pay that much to Me. If Mother Earth can take for her love any money, you can give me some money.” How can you talk like this? This is ridiculous. It is ridiculous. So there is no money. That is nonsense. There is no effort, either. See what effort do we put in? It’s a living process and for a living process what effort are you going to put? What effort did we put to become human beings? Nothing! Effortless! Sahaja Samadhi Lago. Sahaj is born with you. Sahaja, born with you.

So what is there for people to put in effort? It is He who does all the jobs. What work do we do? In our ego we think, “I have done this. I have done that.” What? A tree must have died and you make a platform. So what? Dead from the dead! What else have we done? Then you make a chair and sit on the chair. You can’t sit on the garden, floor. The other day somebody was interviewing on the BBC. Poor thing! You see, they were trying to arrange a platform and I sat very comfortably, but he had such aches and cramp. He couldn’t even ask me proper questions because he can’t sit on the platform. He said, “Mother I have never sat on a platform all my life,” because now he must carry a chair with him on his head.

So one must understand that this dead is going to make us slaves. What we do is to create dead out of dead and think, “Oh, I have done this. We have done that.” Can you transform a flower into a fruit? Can you? One flower? What can I describe? The glory of God! There’s no words. Just think that every human being gets a child according to the family. Who does that job? Imagine! Imagine that child has cells developed. There’s thousands of cells: some for the nose, some for the eyes, some for the hands. How it develops automatically – Sahaja. What do you do? Spontaneous! Do you give any treatment to the child or give any suggestions to the child?

The One who does all these things, how can you describe His glory? And you challenge Him. Here we are, like Newton has said in a very humble way, collecting the pebbles on the shores of knowledge. That’s what we are. And so we have to know, only thing that we can become is a drop in the ocean and become the ocean so that all our angularities drop out. This is the only thing we have to achieve. But for that also, God has made all arrangements so sweetly within us. He has made us so beautifully; he has created us so beautifully within ourselves. This is the picture of that tree of life which is still dormant within you, and the Kundalini that is the Holy Ghost is described, is in the triangular bone.

Now this Kundalini has to rise, just like a primule in a seed, or you can say the germinating power, and she rises through six centers, comes out of your fontanel bone area and gives you the Cool Breeze, from your body, from your head. For that you need not change your dress. You need not put up any show. Nothing. It is something inside that happens. Kabira has described, “Shunya shikhar par anahad baaje.” On the silent apex there is the percussion of Anahata. Anahat is this “lub-dub” of the heart you feel there. And then when it breaks you start getting the cool breeze coming out of your head. If you call it, miracle. It is a miracle, but to Me it is not. It’s all there. It is built in. There are thousand and one miracles we see morning till evening. We are not surprised and this is also the great thing that God has done, that you all have to get your Self-realization. The time has come. This is the time of judgment, a special time, a blossom time when thousands of you have to get your realization.

First of all we have to know that we must get the light within ourselves. Then one can tell you all about the chakras and the nadis and everything. Like the light here has to be put on first, and then one can tell you about the history and how it came and about everything else, but very easy to get the light. Now the other day somebody asked me a question, “Mother it used to take thousands of years for people to get realization. They used to be born again and again and all that.” I said, “That was all right.” Because on the tree of life first there were one or two flowers only, but today you all have come through all that. Now that background is with you. You are just cashing your background with Me. I am just like a banker sitting here. But even you feel that you don’t have a background. You have it. You don’t know what background you must have had that you have become a human being, and on top of that you are a seeker. You might done some mistakes, doesn’t matter. After all, human beings are only going to make mistakes. So we are not to feel guilty. That is one thing I have to make very humble request that we are not going to feel guilty at all.

Today, somehow or other, the time has become very short for Me. Your train times have to change. You have to go to London tonight, and I will start the program of giving realization to you. But there will be some people here who will look after you, fulfill all your questions and do everything. They have become experts and sometimes they are more effective than Me. Especially in India you see, and here I find that somehow I, being a very gentle Mother, people do not take things seriously. Mother may be gentle but She can be very forceful, and you all should take your realization because the power of love is the highest that suits you, controls you, makes you a higher personality. We have never used the power of love so far. We have only used the power of hatred. The power of love just flows. That is, not to be seen but to be felt as cool breeze all around, is called as Rutambhara Pragnya – in Sanskrit language, is called as the All Pervading Power of God’s love. Is called as Brahma, is called as so many Nirakaar sakshat brahma, but all these things are to be felt. It acts so that you get cured of your troubles. It acts so that you are mentally a very happy and a satisfied person that you rise into joy. It acts through your attention that wherever you put your attention it cures; it makes a person innocent.

As Christ has said, “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.” Where are those people? Where do we find those people who have no adulterous eyes? But you get purified.. Your eyes get purified, and you have those eyes that when you put those eyes on anybody he gets his realization. That sort of a personality you develop. You are so great and glorified by God. Just achieve what is inside you. Just get it, manifest it. But truth has to be manifested on your central nervous system. Not just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. No mental projection, but you must feel it on your central nervous system and you have to become your own master.

That’s what when happens then you say you are a self-realized person. It’s not that you do all kinds of bad things and say that, “Oh I am great.” Not so. You really become embodiment of virtue, embodiment of righteousness and you lose that capacity to be tempted by nonsense. Nor do you allow any habits to come over you. Such a powerful, compassionate personality you develop and the whole personality beams with that and you can see it clearly. You don’t become a miserable bony structure, as they put up of Christ, but you really become like the one Michelangelo has done – that sort of a great personality. When they put up such a picture know that they are miserable creatures themselves. Ask them if they can carry the cross themselves that they can put up such a picture of Christ.

They have done harm to everyone, not only to Christ; to all the great prophets when they lived and when they died. They are still harming them by giving wrong ideas about them, by making money out of them, by spreading hatred out of them. Anything extreme is wrong. You have to be in the center. You have to be moderate and it acts and works out. May God bless you all.

Today I am sorry I won’t allow you to ask Me questions because there’s no time today. I’m sorry I didn’t have so much time, but what we can do is to leave someone here for you, whom you can ask questions. Best is to get your realization. That will work it out and let’s see how much time it takes. Actually, Kundalini takes split of a second to rise, split of a second. But where? In Indian villages. I don’t know about Birmingham. Let us see how it works out. But you have many people here who are already realized souls sitting and it should take no time for you to be that.

But don’t start thinking about it. It is beyond thought. It is in thoughtless awareness you have to rise but you don’t have to fight your thoughts. You become thoughtlessly aware. You become – again I say you have to become, it’s not just a mental projection or a certificate, “born again”, and behaving like a stupid fool. Or, “I am such and such guru,” wearing his mala and the guru and the shishas going to hell, taking two running jumps that way. That’s not it. It’s such a funny sight when you see those people, the chelas of the gurus the way they are. Just can’t believe it. The guru has befooled them and they have really become fools and stupid people. So be careful. You have to become your own guru.

I am just your Mother. I am here to give you your realization. As far as the Mother Earth gives sprouting to the seed, that’s all. There’s no obligation, nothing of the kind. It’s your own. You have it and enjoy it. Only thing after this, as yoga has one meaning, the Union with the Divine, and another is the deftness, the art of handling this power of God. The Divine Power, the Divine Laws, this is the, another meaning. That is in Sanskrit it’s Kaushalam. It’s the deftness, the technique, the technicalities. Not of how to handle a car but how to handle this power, this great power that starts flowing through you. You become like the flute of Shri Krishna, egoless, and you enjoy that egoless state. That’s what you all are for and you should get it.

May God bless you.

Question from a seeker.

Shri Mataji: Just a minute, I’ll tell you now. Sit down, sit down. It’s very simple, you see. Your question is all right but is not thought out. But you understand how you have not thought out. Now just a minute, now in this light there is a lamp and a light coming out, all right? Now you think about your question again.

What is it? What are you asking me?

All right! All right! God is everywhere, all right? I can’t understand what he is talking about.

Bala: Mother I don’t think this is the time to discuss…

Shri Mataji: All right, you can discuss with him later on. All right, we’ll give you a full chance. What is he trying to say? Just tell me. One minute.

Bala: He is saying that the Kundalini is wholly within the body but God is everywhere. How can you awaken something which is within?

Shri Mataji: But that I will show you….

Bala: On the assumption that God is everywhere.

Shri Mataji: I mean, God is everywhere. Now see, it’s very simple. I’ll tell you. It’s like this. There is ether everywhere, all right, but how is it that only the radio receives the programs? Why do you have a radio? You can receive yourself. After all, ether is everywhere. It’s very simple. I mean, you have not used your brains at all. When asking the questions use your brains.

Comment from questioner: “Let the people receive the”….

Shri Mataji: Now you should not be – Hello, sir, you should not be aggressive. There are many who want it. Let it be. We are going to give you time. I will tell you all about it. Why you are for the people? Are you representing them? How are you talking for people? Who wants to hear his lecture? Is there anyone? No one wants you. Please go away. Useless man, does nothing for you. From where they come, God knows.

Must be from some guru paid by them. That’s all, nothing else. They earn money and that’s how they manage. They earn money; good advertisements by some people put them up. Some of them came to kill Me because you see they are enterprisers. So, they think when I say, “You can’t give money,” you see. In Marathi we say that, or in Hindi we say, “Pate pe pair aana.” You see, his earnings are hurt. They don’t like Me. It’s all right. I’ll have to say what I have to say. I am not afraid of them.

All right, please take out your shoes. It’s not that only I can raise the Kundalini. You see, ego gets challenged by that. I don’t mean that. If you get your realization you can give. Actually there’s one gentleman in Maharashtra who has raised the Kundalini of ten thousand people, but one light has to enlighten another light. What is wrong in that? And then another light can enlighten just another light. But the one that is not enlightened has to get their light from someone. In that their ego is hurt. They don’t mind taking dole from the government but if somebody tries to raise their Kundalini, his ego is hurt.

Such self-respecting people, I can’t understand. It’s a great blessing that somebody’s raising your Kundalini. Where do you get people these days? They only want to have all your money, that’s all. Who does that? Have you met anyone? If you have met anyone like Me, please tell Me. I haven’t met one.

It’s not that I am something great, but this is the fact. This is the truth that somebody has to do it without any selfish interest. It has to be done. It’s a job of a person who has no selfish interest. It’s just the love, the compassion. So, how can you challenge that? It is there. It will act and work out.

All right, so settle down little bit. Don’t be upset with this gentleman. It’s all right. They are always there to upset. Only one is not to fight. Now what you have to do take out your shoes, simple. What I say, you just do it and it will work out. Have faith in yourself. First of all, have faith in yourself. Forgive yourself. Don’t feel guilty. I have told you before now, “Don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel guilty.” All of you are capable of this Kundalini awakening. So, please don’t feel guilty. Just know that everyone can get realization. Everyone can become a guru and everyone can give realizations to others. Is a fact. This has happened. But if you want to sit on the fence, you go ahead with it because I have to gain nothing out of you. Be sure on that. You see, it’s a subtle type of a ego that works in people.

What do you have to give Me? Supposing I say I want something, then it’s all right, but there’s no shop here. It’s a temple. In a temple you have to get something and you don’t go and fight with someone in a temple, do you? All right!

So now close your eyes. Put your hands like this, just like this. You don’t have to do anything. Effortless! It’s effortless. Don’t fight your thoughts. Don’t fight anything. Just let your attention be loose. Kundalini itself will rise. You don’t have to do anything. Just have faith in yourself, that’s all, that you are going to get it. Now one thing you have to do is to remember that the left hand is for your desire, desire power, which they will explain to you later, and the right hand is for awakening of the Kundalini in the way that it goes into action. It gives release to your different centers by which the Kundalini rises easily.

It’s very simple thing. So, put your right hand on your heart. Put your right hand on your heart. Now, as I said, the Spirit resides in your heart but God Almighty, the seat of God Almighty, is on top of your head where you have a very soft bone in your childhood called Talu. He resides there. But His reflection, the Spirit, resides in your heart. So here you have to say, or ask Me a question with full confidence again, not counting your sins or anything, but knowing that you are a seeker and you are going to be blessed into the Kingdom of God. With all that dignity as a question to Me – you can call Me Shri Mataji or you can call me Mother, whatever you like – “Mother, am I the spirit?” Three times. Three times, ask a question. You are the spirit, but you have to just ask the question. There’s no harm in asking. Please keep your eyes shut because Kundalini won’t rise if you, if you keep your eyes shut. Please have respect for yourself because you are the spirit. So just ask Me a question, “Mother, am I the spirit?” We all have to become that. That is the epitome of our evolution. We all have to become the spirit.

Now second position of the hand should be on the stomach on the left hand side. We work on the left hand side. On the upper part of the stomach on the left hand side you have to say again a question, “Mother, am I my own master? Am I my own guru,” because logically if you are the spirit you become your own master. All these great masters reside within us. So they bless you for that. Now with full confidence, without feeling guilty, just ask Me a question, “Mother, am I my own master? Am I my own guru?” All the great gurus are there within us. This is a very important center. Now ask this question three times.

Now take this right hand down on to the lower part of the stomach, abdomen, and press it hard a little. This is a very important Swadishthana chakra on the left hand side and it is related to the second part of yoga that I told you – the deftness, the technique of the true knowledge. Here I must confess I cannot cross your freedom. You are free to choose. So you have to ask that you want this true knowledge and you have to say, “Mother, please give me my true knowledge. Give me Shuddha Vidya. Mother, give me true knowledge. Give me absolute knowledge. Give me pure knowledge.” You have to say it six times because this center has got six petals. These are like lotuses and they have six petals. In the same way it looks after the aortic plexus in the gross and it has got six sub-plexuses.

Now please raise your hand again back to the same position on the stomach on the left hand side, that is the upper portion of the stomach, upper portion of the abdomen on the left hand side, please, again. Putting the left hand there where it was. Now here again you have to assert because you have asked for the true knowledge, so at this center of the guru there are ten gurus; there are ten masters. Or we can say there are ten valences human being have got. So, you put your hand on that center on the left hand side and you have to ten times assert, “Mother, I am my own master. Mother, I am my own guru.” That’s what people don’t like. They want to be subservient of somebody who is not a realized soul because a realized soul never makes you subservient; he makes you higher and higher. “Mother, I am my own guru.” Say it ten times, please. Now please do not feel guilty. Even if you have been to wrong gurus, whatever has happened has happened. Forget it. Don’t blame yourself for that. Just say, “Mother, please make me my guru.” First of all as you have said it, now you say, “Mother, I am my own guru.” Say it ten times.

Now raise your right hand. It’s like a play, I tell you. It’s just a leela. It works out so well. Now put your right hand on the heart again. Now you have to assert ten times with full confidence, “Mother, I am the spirit.” With full confidence please say. Don’t you worry. Many people think we have to cleanse this, cleanse that. You leave it to Me, all those things. You just say whatever I tell you, please, believing in yourself, “Mother I am the spirit.” This you have to say twelve times because this center has got twelve petals. This is the heart chakra, is called as the anahat chakra, twelve times.

Now raise this hand to the base of your neck and place it on your shoulder from the front side in the corner where the neck and the shoulder meet. Put it tight. This is the center gets caught up when you feel guilty which is very badly caught up just now. What is there to feel guilty? Now take the hand from the front side, from the front side on the left hand, front side, not this way across, front across. [Aside: No. Left hand towards Me and right hand like this and hold it tight, yes. This gentleman is not knowing, you just – this hand like this and this hand like that. Can you do it, please? Left hand towards Me. Yes, left hand towards Me like that, left hand towards Me. Yes, correct and right hand here. That’s good.

Now this is a very important center what we call the Vishuddhi chakra on the left hand side. Those who suffer from this center get all the diseases like angina and rheumatic heart and all those things where there’s a slow movement of the circulation. So please say sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty.” You have to be pleasantly approaching towards God’s Kingdom, isn’t it? You should be pleasant about it. What is there to be so sad or to be so gloomy about? So just say, “Mother, I am not guilty,” sixteen times, and if you still continue with that kind of a thing is better that you say hundred and eight times to punish yourself. Please say, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Be pleasant about it. There’s nothing to be upset about yourself. All the time you have condemned yourself for nothing at all. Believe me, you have done nothing wrong that cannot be forgiven by God because God is the ocean of love. He is the ocean of compassion. He is the ocean of forgiveness. What can you do that it cannot wash away these little specks? Some people say that it is difficult to forgive but just see what is the logic behind it. What do we do when we do not forgive? What do we do when we forgive? Nothing! It’s a myth. We are just torturing ourselves. So just say, “Mother I forgive everyone,” with your heart in it. Please forgive everyone. To forgive is Divine, and really, that’s a fact. You’ll feel much lighter if you forgive.

Now you have to put your hand on top of your head for a while, just for a while, pressing the palm of your hand on top of the fontanel area or the soft bone or the talu and press it in a clockwise manner and move it so that your scalp also moves in a clockwise manner. Press it hard. Seven times you have to press it. Before that you just say without feeling guilty again, without confidence before entering into the Kingdom of God that, “Oh God, please forgive me if I have done any mistakes,” but don’t feel any way guilty about it. Just say it three times.

Now here at the top of the head you have to cross the gross into the subtle. You have to enter into the Kingdom of God. For that I cannot force you. I cannot push you in. You have to ask for it. So again you have to say, “Mother, I want my realization. Please give me self-realization. Mother, please give me Atma Shakshatkaar.” Just press it hard, seven times.

Now you can take down your hand. Put your left hand on top of your head. Pay attention there, about four inches above. And now see if there’s a cool breeze coming out. Keep your eyes shut. [Mother breathes into the microphone] You start feeling a cool breeze on top of your head. Just move it up and down. Now don’t get upset you are not feeling it – Vishuddhi. If you are feeling any cool breeze, well and good. Even it you are not feeling you should not worry. There might be heat coming out. First, there’s a lot of heat in the body. Let it come out. Let the heat come out. You can change your hand and see if there is cool breeze coming in. If it is coming you can put down your hand. Little higher! Move it up and down or move backwards and forwards. All right? Good. Now put your hands like this.

Now putting the hands towards Me, you have to ask Me a question again sixteen times, I am sorry, “Mother, am I the part and parcel of the whole? Mother, am I the part and parcel of the whole?” [Aside: that will work out for Vishuddhi]. Now I will tell you how to raise your own Kundalini and keep it there because it has stuck. I know it has stuck. Still you may not feel it. Some may feel it. There are many Sahaja Yogis here who will help you how to do it. They’ll tell you, but there’s very simple which you should follow every day to raise your Kundalini and keep it in proper place. It’s first of all, just hold it. You have to put your left hand in front of your Kundalini, just like this, how to raise it. That is – [Aside: should we give them a bandhan first of all? All right! Doesn’t matter.]

Now you put your right hand here and go on moving it just like that. Take it on top of your head. Push it back your head and make a – that’s it. This is the first way we raise our Kundalini. Everybody should try because then they will say, “We didn’t feel it. We didn’t have.” It’s very simple. Now this is what in the Bible they said that when the Holy Ghost blessed them they started speaking in strange languages, means the languages of the chakras, and they moving their hands in a funny manner. This is the way because that’s how you raise the Kundalini. Even the children were doing. I saw them. They are – some of them are born realized so they themselves were trying all the things, so – but we are grown-ups, you see. So we are too much up here.

Now let us be humbled down and take it. This is the first time we push back our head. That’s one. Again second time. This is, we are raising our Kundalini. You’ll see the vibrations will increase. Second time. Third time, three times we have to give, beautiful. Three times we have to give a knot, beautiful, one, two and three. Now see your hands. Are they feeling cool breeze? In the hands, feeling it, yes. [Mother speaks in Hindi] If it is not coming you should not be dishonest. You have to get it. You should not be dishonest to yourself. You should be kind to yourself and as a result of that sometimes, you know, people think, “Oh, I haven’t got it. So what!” It’s nothing wrong with Sahaja Yoga. It’s something wrong with you. Either you are egoistical or you are conditioned. Either you are not well or there’s something going in your minds which is against, or some sort of a thing that works out.

I have seen there was a gentleman who asked me, “Why I can’t get it?” He was a very frivolous man and I didn’t want to tell him that, “You are frivolous.” Another one was thinking no end of himself. So just see if you are feeling. Is it so simple? [Mother speaks in Hindi] Taking the name of Nanaka himself, you see, such a great primordial master born on this earth. Just taking his name itself, the Kundalini rises. [Mother speaks in Hindi] He was the same as Mohammed Sahib. He was the same as Abraham. He was the same as Moses. Why are you fighting? Just see this.

All right, I am sorry I have to catch a train because there is some sort of an emergency for Me to go to London but here is Warren. He is Dr Warren Reeves. I call him Warren because he is like my son, he – they are all My children. He is here to satisfy your mind. If you have any questions you can write to him. If you have not felt the vibrations don’t go away. Raise your hands. There are at least here thirty to forty Sahaja Yogis who have been imported. Now we have to import people from Birmingham to London. So there are so many have come. Please just listen to them. You can outbeat them in no time. There is nothing to feel bad and this is how you are going to achieve, that is being prophesized. And now you can ask a question, “Is there God?” Ask a question, “Is the God miraculous? All the miracles of Christ – are they correct?” Real, ask a question and you’ll get the answer as tremendous vibrations. You become a computer which is living computer. That’s how you can prove everything. Everything can be proved.

May God bless you all.

There are people here. Dr Warren will tell you about it. He is going to stay on. He has given realization to I don’t know how many thousands people in Australia, but somehow Australians are very much in the center. I must say Australians are very different. English now think that they have punished Australians; so now they are great. It’s not so. In Australia great saints are born. So in England also but we have to become. So the becoming is the point. We have a very nice center in Birmingham and I’ve been coming to this hall I don’t know how many times, and to Birmingham. I hope you people become the tree. Now the seed has sprouted but just don’t give it up. Become the tree. That’s very important; otherwise it’s just a waste and is a sin against yourself if you do that. So may God bless you. I don’t think you have questions.