Kundalini: The power of our true desire

Mercure Bristol Grand Hotel, Bristol (England)

1984-08-06 Kundalini: The power of our true desire, Bristol, England, DP-RAW, 123' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Workshop
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Public Program Bristol August 6th 1984

Seekers of truth, in these modern times we see so many people who are trying to seek something beyond. It was all expected that they would be seeking God, that they would be seeking unknown, that they would be seeking something they have not felt so much, because at human awareness we are very much confused, we do not know what is the truth, we live in a relative world and we have no absolute answers to anything.

You must have seen that some people say that to worship God is of no use because there is no God. Some people say that God cannot be miraculous. Some say there is God, but you can get God if you pay money to them or have an enterprise or attend certain services (unclear). A human being gets quite puzzled, quite surprised sometimes and baffled there are so many ideas and thoughts that have come out in this world. In a way confusion is helpful because when there is confusion only; people do not take life for granted and try to come out of it.

We must understand that we are created out of amoeba into this human awareness. There must be some kind of reason for this kind of ascent that we have had, and why we are created like this is a question one can ask. Now whatever I have to tell you about it, you are not to believe me as blind help does not help much. Nor you should shun me or create a barrier, because that is not scientific. Anyone who is scientific must keep the mind open to what I have to say.

Now this is the knowledge of the roots by what we know through science and other areas of knowledge is the knowledge of the tree. We see the tree outside and when we study the tree we analyze it, we take out a leaf and then analyze it and put it under a microscope analyze it and we go analyzing it until we reach a point where we cannot analyze it any more.

So this process of upper growth is of analysis. Like the roots become the trunk, then again they become the branches, branches become the leaves, leaves are there and then the branches bare the flowers and flowers become the fruits. The process is a living process and that’s why the analogy of a tree is given. That is why in the bible it is called as the tree of life. Now this tree of life has got the roots inside. Those that live only with the tree must know that if you do not look after your roots the tree will be destroyed in no time.

So the time has come for us to know about the roots, what we are, which I will describe to you in short what these things are within ourselves. It’s all unknown to many people in the west, also to Indians who are very much westernised, for this knowledge was very much secret for thousands of years and was given to very few people. Only in the sixth century it was really exposed, to a great extent by Adi Shankaracharya, later on Guru Nanaka and Kabir talked about it. But most of them sang the praise of the lord, in creating this instrument within us, in poetry and poetry being quite difficult, people did not pay much attention although they sing the song, they do not know what they are singing.

Now what Christ has said that you are to be born again. Nicodemus asked him, ‘What do you mean to be born again, am I to enter the womb of my Mother?’ He said ‘No, whatever is born of the flesh is flesh, you are to be born of the Holy Spirit’. That Holy Spirit must be placed somewhere within us, and that Holy Spirit is the reflection of the Holy spirit, is…. you see three and a half coiled energy known as Kundalini, which in the Sanskrit language is known as Kundalini but in the Hebrew we call as Holy Ghost. So this power is residing in the sacrum bone. Greeks knew there was something sacred about this bone so they called it a sacrum bone. Now this energy resides there as a residual energy, it creates all that is to be created of a human being and it waits for the chance when it can ultimately manifest itself. This is the power of our true desire, the pure desire. As we know all our desires are false, because first we desire for something say we want to have a house. When we have the house we want to have something else so the desire had to have the house is not the true desire because it has not satisfied us, then we go to another desire, from that desire to another desire. But the true desire in a human being resides in the form of this Holy Ghost. The true desire is that you have to be united with the divine. This is the true desire unless until this desire is fulfilled, you are not going to be satisfied with whatever you do.

If you read economics the basic rule of economics is that wants are not satiable in general , in particular they are satiable but not in general, means a person never feels satisfied with what ever position or acquisition he wants to have, he wants to have more and the greed increases. So it proves there must be some kind of desire within us, that desire that completely satisfies us and that desire is the Kundalini which is sitting in the sacrum bone.

Now in the course of Kundalini awakening, you can see with your naked eyes, many of whom are sitting here are Sahaja yogis, have seen with their naked eyes, a pulsation of the Kundalini in the triangular bone as if it’s a heart, because if there is an obstruction in the higher chakras, then this pulsates and you can see it very, very clearly, that it pulsates and it is trying to get out but it cannot because of a certain obstruction, especially those people who are superfluous or who are not self respecting, those who lead their lives with complete wastation(?). Such people suffer from this centre that we call as Nabhi chakra, because this is the centre of our seeking. And if it is not alright then this Kundalini tries to push herself towards it and tries to open this centre so that she can make her way upward into the other centres and passed the other centres which are six of them she pierces. But actually we have seven centres basically, not that they are all but basically as we are saying that we are dealing with the basic roots.

These seven centres are the subtle centres within us, which look after all the plexuses which are described in medical terminology but all the medical things are in the gross but these are subtle. Like the first centre is so important, which is not pierced through the Kundalini is the centre of our innocence. We must know that when we were born we were innocent and we did not have these funny ideas about life. On the contrary as we grew up we started developing our ego, as shown there and we pushed our super ego and we became a triangular personality as I call it, because this triangular personality gave rise to a new phenomena within us by which our attention started going out and if I say please pay attention to yourself inside you cannot pay. Because of this triangular brain and the prismatic action of the brain, the attention that enters inside goes absolutely outside and it is impossible to get the attention inside. That’s why the happening had to take place within ourselves that the Kundalini had to rise.

When Kundalini rises the attention is suddenly sucked in and she goes through all these various centres and pierces through your fontanel area, which is a soft area in your childhood and you get your self realisation. At this time the first thing that happens to you that you actually feel the cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area from your own head, it’s not coming from outside or anything but you yourself emit that cool breeze from your head.

Now this is something you cannot do. Some people are having funny ideas about achieving God. Some people walk backwards and some people take out their clothes or colour their clothes into some funny things, they think they are going to achieve God, so one must know that it is not outside. It’s a spiritual growth, it is an evolutionary process, through which we have become human beings and we have to become something more and this breakthrough has to take place. Of course for such a breakthrough you have done nothing, it has happened effortlessly, that you have become a human being. In the same way there is no effort needed, it is all there, just like a seed has to sprout, your Kundalini automatically has to rise automatically against the gravity.

Another thing is very funny which I found after my birth on this earth, that people are charging money and taking money in the name of God. You cannot take money in the name of God. God does not understand money at all. He has no idea what money is, imagine getting him to understand money is a head ache. Come to London you have to understand pound, go to another country you have to understand franc, it’s a mad house I tell you. But for God it’s a simple thing that it is the grace and blessing of God that really gives you this ascent. You don’t have to go to anybody to pay for it or you don’t have to earn any money out of it, it is just a simple thing just like a seed being sprouted. So it is spontaneous happening. You do not have to put in any effort for it, it is just ready, you are just ready, you are going to get it.

England is a special place because here you had great poets, especially like William Blake* who has said that in those days, means in the modern times, the men of God will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets. He has said so many things that are related to these… today’s special time, which I call as the judgement time. You are not going to be judged my some weight or something, but it is the Kundalini which will rise within you, the holy ghost will rise within you and you yourself will judge yourself. Nobody else has to judge you, you yourself will know what are your problems and if you know how to correct it, then you are redeemed, then you are comforted. That’s what it is. I’m here just to give you the counsel , I’m here just to tell you what this Kundalini is and how to work it out, or else you have to know that when it starts coming out of your head, also you can start feeling on your finger tips the cool breeze of the holy ghost. For the first time you feel that subtle energy, which is called as God’s love or Chaitanya, in the Sanskrit language it is called the Brahma or in our scriptures it is called the all pervading power of God, you start feeling for the first time.

This is the power that brings forth all the seasons, this is the power that organises children within our being, this is the one that works our parasympathetic, this is the one that chooses where to have which flowers, how to enrich the nature at different times(?). This power, this subtle power, this living power of God for the first time you start feeling on your finger tips.

Now when they start coming, emitting out of your finger tips, you have to only know what these finger tips mean. Now for example this is the left side is the left hand channel, what we call the channel of Ida nadi which represents your emotions, is your past or your conditioning. Now these five chakras and six and seven chakras on the left hand side, in the same way on the right hand side are these five six and seven centres are within us and start manifesting as soon as you get your realisation .

Now even a little child if he is a realised soul, he can indicate through his fingers what chakras are catching within himself of within others. This is how you become that Jung has said after realisation, you have to become collectively conscious. So you become it is not that that we can have an order, or we can have a registration, or we can have an organisation and hierarchy and lowerarchy. It is nothing of the kind, it’s a just simple natural method by which you all become yourself the master. You become yourself the spirit. By becoming the spirit the three specialities of the spirit you start manifesting.

The first speciality of the spirit is that you know the truth. How you know the truth that you start feeling the vibrations on your hand, the cool breeze. You can ask any fundamental question, whether this person is a realised soul or not? Whether there is God or not? Whether Christ was the son of God or not? Whether Christ had all these miracles done, was he a miraculous person or not? You ask any fundamental questions and you immediately start getting a cool breeze in your hand. This is the greatest miracle itself that you start feeling the cool breeze out of you head, but here you start feeling then you know that this is the truth. Supposing you ask about Hitler you might get a burning in your hand, you might get even blisters a little bit like that. So the indications come to you as though you have become an enlightened computer. Already you are a computer because you see something and you know. But here you see the outward, but here you see the inside of a person because you have become the inside. You see the subtle side of a human being because you have become subtler. That’s what happens to you that you know the truth.

You can know the truth of any distances anywhere, like we had someone in England for the first time, we had only seven people, I was struggling with them for about four years, though they got their realisation but they were not settled so I had to work quite hard with them. After all this one of them asked me that how is it that you can feel in any distance? I said alright what’s the problem? He said my Father has not telephoned since long and I want to know what the matter is with him. I said alright put your hands like this and see when you feel warm. So he told me he was feeling a heated feeling, a terrible heat just here on this part. This is all the centres of the Father and these are the centres of the Mother. I said alright you telephone and find out how is your Father, I tell you he must be down with very bad bronchitis. He telephoned and the Father did not come to phone but his mother said exactly the same words that he was down with very bad bronchitis.

So how did he know? Only because like the ether, now you know ether works, if there is a radio you can catch the ether. Everybody cannot now. Supposing there is ether this won’t catch the thing but if there is a radio it can catch. In the same way if you are a realised soul you can catch all the indications of the all pervading power and that happens to you after that you know the truth, that means you know that you have become the channel of that great power, that dynamic power that’s flowing through you and you become absolutely enamoured by it because you become a complete master of yourself. You are no more bothered by all the kind of temptations and habits and everything drops out. With some people I have seen miracles happening, that people have dropped out most of their habits within twenty four hours. It’s something surprising because they become the spirit, sort of you become completely detached like a lotus coming out of that mad and you become that fragrant lotus which makes the mud also fragrant. You become a personality like that.

So one must remember that if you are a realised there should be a transformation within, otherwise it has nothing to do with spirit, it is just a joke that people do. They dance, jump and pay money and think they have achieved something. It is the transformation within; it is not a mental transformation, but a transformation within takes place that you become a different personality.

This is one of the things that happen to you then you become, your attention becomes enlightened. Now when attention becomes enlightened, such a person when he is evolved very much, even looking at someone, it can have an effect on that person. It is not that it mesmerises but it cures, it helps, it can… just paying attention to somebody you can cure that person, you can help that person, you can know about that, so that the attention that now we are paying to this beautiful curtain, you are just paying attention, that is all it has no effect. But supposing a person who is a realised soul is paying such an attention, you’d be surprised the curtain will be having vibrations and anybody who touches the curtains might get alright. It is whatever you touch, whatever you feel becomes like that. An example of that I’ll give you. When I was in Kashmir, I had gone with my husband there, we were driving through a very dry place, absolutely a wilderness and suddenly I felt these vibrations and I asked the driver is there a temple here or a mosque? He said nothing, this is all wilderness. I said lets go towards the place where I am feeling it and we went nearer and nearer and after about five miles we reached a place where there were some poor people living. We asked them if there was any Mosque or temple or anything like that here or a church? They said no there is just one mosque called as Hasrat Bal. Hasrat bal is the Mosque of one hair of Mohammed Sahib and I caught the vibrations, you’ll be amazed I caught the vibrations about five miles away and we traced it down there.

So these things are to be understood in the right perspective when you become that. Before that if I go on telling you it has no meaning to you but once you become you are amazed at how you discover things and how it works out. Then you become the peace, the joy, the force of peace and joy. Any such person is in a company or anywhere, emits that joy, emits that peace. People talk of peace we have peace, we have big committees this thing, they themselves are not peaceful, what peace can they bring? They are there just to have a big position or something like that but you have to have peace within yourself. That peace is coming from the source which is the spirit. If you become the spirit then you are peaceful. Like you are on the periphery, in the area which is relative. But once you jump to the axis it is absolutely peaceful, steady, unmoving and you see the whole world as witness, see the whole world just as a joke, as drama and also you have powers to cure, to improve and to manifest this power in such a way that you can change societies after societies if it starts working in a larger number, I am sure this kind of a syndrome will work out and the societies can be changed, by which the emancipation of human beings can be brought about.

But one has to know that Sahaja Yoga is… although Sahaja means also easy, Saha means with and ja means born, is born with you, it’s your right to get this realisation, no doubt and Sahaj also means it is easy, it has to be because it is spontaneous. But we have to know we are modern people, very complicated so although the Kundalini may rise it again goes back to those places where we have problems and looks after.

So we have to understand what we should do to establish ourselves. If you can establish yourself very well then you become a master yourself and you should all become that because what’s the use of germinating a seed which is not going to become a tree?

And that’s how every human being can become very great. Like I would say we have in India one farmer who gave realisation to 10,000 people. He is an ordinary farmer, not very well educated but he has given realisation to 10,000 people. In the same way you can also do it and you can also get this realisation.

It is not that we can discuss it or mentally understand it, it is a happening, like if the monkeys sit down and discuss we can become human beings, they don’t become they have to become. In the same way no use talking about it or discussing about it, we have to become that. Once we become that then we are surprised that we have become something so great, just like when an egg becomes a bird. That’s why on Easter day we give an egg , because Christ through his resurrection has shown how you pass through this centre of Agnya which is shown there, you pass through this centre of Agnya which is the centre of Christ. This is the window of Christ or you can say this is the blood of Christ, that your attention passes through that or the Kundalini takes you through that and you become a citizen of God’s kingdom.

After that you fontanel bone opens out and you become one with your spirit. So when on the Easter day we give the egg we suggest that now we give you the egg but you have to become the bird, as Christ was resurrected we have to be resurrected. In the same way Mohammed Sahib has said, at the time of resurrection your hands will speak, he has very clearly said it. But the Muslims or any one never want to talk about the resurrection; what they want to talk about is the doomsday because they want to make money. They want to frighten every one, now the doomsday is going to come you better pay all your money to us and we’ll look after that while you look after God. All these ideas are false, there is nothing to give up, there is nothing to take because what are you giving and what are you taking when you are not holding on to anything, what is there to sacrifice? You see when you are holding on to something, then only is this myth this is my possession . Then there is nothing to be given, nothing to be taken. It is just a happening that takes place. It happens to everyone and you become the catalyst of so many people.

May God bless you all, it’s a big subject and you cannot talk about it more elaborately in one lecture. I’m sorry I am only in Bristol for a day but then I am going to Bath, I hope you will make it convenient to come there, because then I’ll be talking more about this Chakras in that lecture. I hope it will be convenient for you to come down there.

But if you have any questions I would like to answer them. But still yesterday, (yesterday or the day before?) I had a funny …er this thing, some people from the TM had come and they started shouting at me and saying how can you do it and this and that. Now these are the people who are suffering from epilepsy and have suffered so much, I have cured them, I know what terrible things these Gurus have done. But these are paid by these people because they pay money, they make money, they have advertisements, this, that, money begets money, that sort of a nonsense. So they were very funny but I asked them why are you identified with something that is false, what is he giving you? It is taking all your money, you have become a beggar. Now at least understand that you are the spirit and get over all this nonsense. Do not be identified, many people get lost and get identified. Perhaps they are mesmerised or they have paid for it (?). I am sorry for them because they are all seekers. They are people of a special category. A very special category of human beings are lost like that. One day by Gods grace I am sure all of them will enter the kingdom of God.

Thank you very much. If you have any questions please ask. Please ask me if you have any questions.

‘How do you deal with say for instance Parents who don’t understand?’

Sri Mataji: (laughs) I know that problem. Parents don’t understand. You must understand your parents if they don’t understand. Firstly you must know in all the western countries, your parents were shattered by war. They are shattered by war, their value system, everything got disturbed. You must understand you have no war, you are in peace time and that’s how they have become like that. If you start understanding your parents and if your behaviour changes, they will change. If your life changes, if you are transformed you become compassionate and you start understanding them and gradually they understand you. We have seen people….we had a girl in England and she had not been to her house for the last nineteen years. She was with me and she had a widow mother and she would not go and see her as she was such a staunch person and very fanatic. So she wouldn’t go and see her. So I said it does not matter you go and see her. But she would not go in the beginning, but then she felt so much compassion for her mother who was alone and was old. So she went down and changed the views of her mother because she was so much transformed. This girl when she came to me, she was absolutely what you call in a coma, she was in a coma because she was taking terrible drugs, I don’t know what sort she was taking and she had been even in the prison for that and all kinds of things and she thought taking drugs was the only way she would save herself. But the parents do not understand for another reason also, because we have made a lot of mistakes in our seeking. Some people have taken to wrong type of people. Now I know some people who become bankrupts going to these gurus. You see because we have such a terrible seeking we go head long into it. We go head long into it and that’s how they see their children, if they go to see anyone like this, and to me they see the same way, they think the children are going to be absolutely bankrupt because this is another fad they have started.

So you must also understand your parents why they are frightened about it. Thirdly , I feel that in our seeking we have severed our relations with them, there is no report between you and your parents. But it can be established through Sahaja yoga, we have many families where the parents and children and grandchildren are all in Sahaja yoga, because the homogenous family feeling and the great attachment to each other starts coming when you become such a nice person. I mean parents do not want to torture you because you are going to any Guru or for your seeking but they think you are doing a wrong thing, that you going to waste your life you are going to end up in some epilepsy or some lunacy, naturally they could be worried. I myself am a Grandmother and I can quite understand that what parents are feeling could be there. But when you are a seeker you should know that they are not seekers. If they are not seekers they cannot have your style of thinking.

But if you can prove through your life that you have done something miraculous, you parents will start coming automatically. We have seen this happening to literally thousands of parents who were first of all so angry, this that and then they started coming and now they are great Sahaja yogis. So it is the way we are going to improve our social life also. There’s a big hope.

A very good question I must say. It’s true, I have seen with that. Yes my child?

‘He has heard that Kundalini is very powerful and has to rise through the chakras, do you have to give up anything like smoking and so on in order for this to happen?’

No, it is powerful but it is your Mother. Everybody has a Mother, an individual mother and she is compassionate and she’s understanding. She is the one who operates with her own understanding of all your past like a… you can say it’s a tape recorded thing in her, she knows you too well, how you are gentle, where you are harsh, what you have done. She is very kind. I have never seen anybody getting into trouble through Kundalini awakening. Of course some people do shake a little. Some people lidle(?). And some people do feel heat but that’s not much, it’s not much. But afterwards when she comes out from here, there’s a cool breeze and you feel extremely relaxed.

Now as you said that you have to give up this and that, I say nothing has to be given up. First my style I have decided to have this style, that first there be a little light, it does not matter, but in the light you start seeing. Now for an example you say Mother there is a big spot on your sari, there is a dirty one and all that. If there is darkness and I don’t see it and I’ll be angry with you. But supposing I see a little light this thing, I’ll try to clean it.

So first the Kundalini rises, you start seeing it very clearly and then you clear yourself. I don’t have to tell you and you drop everything that is smoking automatically. I mean so many have been smokers who came to us have dropped it. But I don’t say that because some people may not like it, they just leave so I do not want to say anything that you will give up your smoking or you’ll give up your drinking, I don’t say all those things because some people don’t like it. Nothing has to be done, it will be done now today, just now, you will be amazed at yourself. You see after all if you have done some smoking you have to pull your ears thrice and it’s alright. It’s very simple. God is compassion; he’s the ocean of compassion. Not only the ocean of compassion but he’s the ocean of forgiveness. He is such an ocean you are amazed at how he forgives, because he wants you to be realised, he wants you to enter his kingdom. He is the one who is much more anxious than anybody else. After all he has to save his creation isn’t it?

‘He has heard over the years a lot of talk about God, how would you describe God?’

Just now there isn’t much time because it is too big a thing. But as soon as you get your realisation then we will talk about it. That’s why Buddha did not talk about God, he said first get yourself. Even people said he did not believe in God. Unless until you cross this step it is not proper to talk about God because if there is no light then what is the use of talking about this hall, what colour everything. Let there be a light first, then we’ll talk about it alright. I’ll definitely tell you all about it.

The curiosity about it is so sweet. It’s nice that people want to know about God in these modern times, it’s very great, very encouraging.

‘Is everything happening in this creation happening as it is, as it should, is it working out properly?’

You see the first thing we missed at the time of Adam and Eve was that time when God said that you just be as you are, an innocent state and you will get your realisation and that would have been the easiest way to enter into his kingdom. But that time we failed, so we started another style because then we became people with ego, we started finding out ourselves, what’s wrong and things like that went on, so human beings invented problems. When human beings invented…actually most of the problems you see are created by us because of our ego or our conditioning, everything is… we can blame human beings. Only when God gets angry we have some calamities as a punishment to us or something like that.

But mostly we should say that God has been so compassionate. How much he has done for us, we should count our blessings, there is no end to it. But we try to spoil ourselves morning to evening, we have become so self destructive. Though the creation is alright, it is all working alright but what about human beings? They have to come on the stage; they are the ones for who the whole creation was created.

Now we have some stars like Pluto to help us in all this. But where are the people because people are just going in the opposite direction of the construction. So it’s nothing wrong with the creation but the human beings have taken the responsibility of deciding for themselves if they want to go to hell or to heaven.

Alright now should we have the experience? It’s very simple it will work out for everyone I am sure and also it will work out for any style of people. They were the ones who asked the questions, this is always so, those who ask the questions are here not to get any realisation but just to disturb. Both of them have walked out of those who have asked the questions. You can imagine this is what it is. How can you blame anyone for that kind of a thing? This is what we are disturbing time. We are not the people who really want something when we go on asking questions.

So this is not the way to look at things. Alright, now what we can do is to be first of all is to understand that God is the ocean of forgiveness. This is very important because in the west the tilt is on the other side as we call it the left side. In the beginning they were aggressive, they did this they did that. Now it is on the other side, people are extremely apologetic, all the time they feel very guilty, they feel very upset, they want to help everyone, so much so they want to help a criminal. Like in America they told me one man had arranged a particular kind of a lock for his jewellery shop and the people resisted by saying what do you mean by putting such a lock, you must give a chance to the burglar so we have gone to the other side we are so guilty for nothing at all, we want to be so compassionate. I heard the other day I heard of a man who threatened an old woman in the tube and was threatening so many people and took out some money and was relieved by the judge, not only that but was given his ticket and taxi fare you see. So now we have become extremely generous and kind, in that we are only helping the people who are criminals. S we are going to the other side now.

The first thing we must know is that we are not criminals, we are not to feel guilty at all, that is one of the conditions of Kundalini rising, that you are not to feel guilty of anything, first you must forgive yourself, so that God forgives you. So that is the first condition of all of you, not to feel guilty.

Now after that once we decide…as soon as I came to Bristol I had the feeling, terrible feeling and I told him the whole place suffers from guilt. I don’t know what guilt they could have done in Bristol? Supposing your fore fathers could have done something, now they have gone they are different people. You are not the same people incarnated so why should you worry about that? I mean the other day somebody told me because there was a slave trade here that’s why people are guilty, I mean that is finished forget it, it’s over now. You are seekers and you should stand in your own glory. So please do not feel guilty for anything. Whatever you have done, whatever you have been doing, just forget your past and at the present moment know that you have no guilt.

Now let us start with that simple, pleasant idea about one self. You have to take out your shoes because we have to take the help of the Mother earth. She helps us a lot, not only that but the light..every element helps us, so you please take out your shoes, there is no harm in taking out shoes.

To begin with I say again do not feel guilty. It’s still there that is why I am requesting you don’t feel guilty, it’s very important don’t feel guilty for anything what so ever. Let your Kundalini judge you, you do not judge yourself at all. Now you have to put both your hands on your lap like this and be very comfortable.

Put both feet on the Mother earth parallel to each other. I am just sitting down to show you the demonstration how to do it. Just be comfortable and you have to sit strait without bending your head left or right or front or backward, just keep it strait. Now you have to close your eyes because if you don’t close your eyes the Kundalini won’t rise. Because something has to happen inside, the whole attention is sucked in, it is better to keep your eyes shut. The left hand represents your desire and your right hand represents your action. So what you have to do is put your left hand on your lap towards me all the time and we’ll work on….with the right hand we are going to work on the left hand side centres within ourselves. Now it is very simple to work it out you don’t have to do much about it. The only thing is to release your chakras from augmentation. You have to little bit give the vibrations to particular centres which are very simple. One is on the heart; one is on the upper part of the stomach, another on the lower part of the stomach. Another is from the front side you have to put your hand about the spinal cord, here at the base of the neck, on the shoulder. This is the one you are all feeling because you feel guilty. And then one here and one here. Sometimes I may ask you to put the hand at the back also if it is catching. So let us see, it is very simple. You have to touch yourself at different points, that’s all.

Some of you have started feeling the cool breeze I think?

Now first of all put your right hand on your heart. Now don’t think about it, just allow your attention to be loose, don’t fight with it, don’t fight with your thoughts, nothing, whatever thoughts are coming just forget it, it will happen automatically and please don’t open your eyes, please don’t open your eyes. Now at the heart level you have to ask me a question. You can call me Sri Mataji or you can call me Mother, whichever suits you. Mother, am I the spirit? Ask the question three times. Mother, am I the spirit? Mother, am I the spirit?

Now after that please take the hand downward, on the upper part of the stomach on the left hand side but your left hand should be on your lap towards me stretched out. At this point this is the centre of your mastery, is the principal of guru, the primordial master. Here as you have asked me the first question that…Mother am I the master, secondly the question comes Mother am I my own master? Ask me this question three times. Now have confidence when you ask this question. Mother, am I my own master? Please have full confidence in yourself when asking that question. You are, but you must have the confidence built in. Three times ask the question.

Please take this right hand on the lower part of the abdomen on the left hand side, on the lower part of your stomach on the left hand side and press it a little bit. This is a very important centre because through this centre you know the technique of true knowledge. So at this point I must confess that I cannot cross your freedom, you have to ask for it. So you have to ask six times because this centre has six sub plexuses, to begin with as this is a kind of initiation of yourself. Mother may I have the true knowledge? Mother may I have the pure knowledge of the divine? Ask me six times. Six times without feeling any guilt or diffidence.

Now please raise your hand again on to the same point on the upper part of the stomach and press it hard. Now this is the point of the primordial master, you have to assert. I have to ask you again and again to have full confidence, please assert Mother I am my own master. Just assert with full confidence I am my own master. Please say it ten times because there are ten sub plexuses, petals. Just assert without feeling nervous about it or any guilt just say Mother I am my own master. That is very important for you to say with complete confidence in your self.

After asking for it ten times now raise your hand to your heart and at the heart point(?) Now again you have to assert twelve times because there are twelve petals to this, Mother I am the spirit. Please assert it, with full confidence. Mother I am the spirit………………..twelve times.

Now raise your right hand at the base of the neck and press it hard. At this point you have to say sixteen times Mother I am not guilty. From the front, take the hand from the front. From the front it is easier. Now please say Mother I am not guilty, please say it, with full faith in yourself, forgiving yourself. And those who indulge too much into it should say it one hundred and eight times to punish themselves. This is the greatest crime, to feel guilty. We have no business to condemn ourselves because God has created us with his compassion and love with such care and why should we condemn ourselves for what? And he’s the ocean of forgiveness.

Sixteen times.

Now please don’t count your sins, anything, don’t count them, don’t think of them so called sins of yours. Please don’t count those things I can feel it, you are trying to count what you have done and this and that, please forget it. Please forget everything and forgive yourself, because you are seekers you are forgiven by God.

Now better.

Now raise your hand to your forehead please. Just the right hand to your forehead not the left hand. Please put your right hand to your forehead and your left hand towards me please. Now here we have to say with full heart Mother I forgive everyone. Now some may say it is very difficult, it is not at all difficult, it is a myth that you don’t forgive someone, it is just a myth. If you don’t forgive you are just harming yourself, no one is harmed by that, just say Mother I forgive everyone. You don’t have to count who you have to forgive, what people have tortured you, just across your forehead, don’t count all those things, just say in general Mother I forgive everyone.

Now please put the hand at the back of the head. Press it hard a little bit at the back. Now here without feeling guilty again, I am saying again and again without feeling guilty you can say my Lord if I have said anything wrong please forgive me. My God, my Lord anything you feel like you can say it but please forgive me if I have done anything wrong, but don’t feel guilty about it again.

Still feeling guilty. For that you must not feel guilty at all. Now it’s better.

Now put your hand on top of your head, at the fontanel area, please put your palm so that you press it, move it clockwise. At this point again I have to confess I cannot cross your freedom. Here your personality is your own and your freedom is your own. You have to ask for your realisation. So you have to say Mother I want my realisation, please let me have my realisation. This you have to say seven times.

Mm better.

Now put down your hand please, don’t open your eyes. Now Slowly raise your left hand on top of your head, four inches and see if there is a cool breeze on top. Now left hand on top of your head.

Mm there’s a cool breeze coming out, little bit. Don’t get upset. Some people might get the heat coming out, it does not matter, it will be alright. Now you can change over and see with the other hand. You can ask the question, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Just ask the question.

You may open your eyes please. You can put up your hands like this. And again ask the question; is this the breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is the all pervading power of God that we are feeling as cool breeze?

Now put down your hands and see for yourself. Maybe in your hands you will feel now.

Huh, better? Are you feeling in your hands? Not yet?

Now I’ll tell you how to raise your own Kundalini itself. You have to first of all put your hand, left hand in front of your Kundalini when you are sitting down, just in front of your Kundalini; you all can do it, at home also. And now put your right hand first of to give yourself a protection. You have to give yourself a protection because your auras must be protected. So you have to take it one like that, please do it, everyone should do it because it will start moving it so much you will be amazed that you will start feeling it, the sensitivity will increase. Two, three, four, five six and seven. So you have given protection now to seven chakras. So what you do now is to raise your Kundalini, it’s very simple, everyone is to do this raising of the Kundalini. Put your left hand like this and now start moving it in front, in this manner the other hand. Now let us move it, let us go up, like this. Now push back your head and give a twist there, that’s the tying up. Why? This is when Christ’s disciples got their realisation they were doing all this and people were surprised calling them mad. Now let’s do it again, once more, once more, let’s take it up on top of our heads, now tie it up, this is the second one. Third one you have to do it three times. You’ll see your hands will become so much more sensitive that you can use it yourself. It’s very simple even a child can do it. Now three times, one knot, two knots and three you’ll see you feel better in the hands, it will improve. Better? Good.

Those who are not feeling the cool breeze please raise your hands because it can be worked out just now. Nothing to feel bad about. Those not feeling the cool breeze please raise your hands. We’ll be very happy. So there are people who can work it out, please keep your hands up there. Got it? Now those who have been smoking should pull their ears thrice, they might feel it. One, two and three a little sharply. Now see, does it work out? Alright? In the hand. Some will feel it in the head and not in the hand. Keep your hands, they will come and join you. There are people who will look after you.

Again you are feeling guilty. Those who have not got it should not feel guilty, you’ll make it even more difficult. Please understand you’ll make it more difficult if you feel guilty. Don’t feel guilty if you have not got it for some little problem it does not matter.

You have all got it in the front row. Good. It’s great.

What’s the problem with him? What is his problem please? What? Huh? Alright. Can I come down and treat you? Alright , look after other people.

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