The Knowledge of the Roots

St David's Hall, Cardiff (England)

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Public Program, “The Knowledge of the Roots”. Cardiff (UK), 8 August 1984.

St David’s Hall, Cardiff (England)

I bow to all the seekers of truth. It gives Me immense pleasure to come to Cardiff again for this programme of Sahaja Yoga. They must have explained to you what is Sahaja Yoga. That is, ‘Saha’ is ‘with’ and ‘Ja’ is ‘born’. It is born with you, and all of us have a birthright to get this spontaneous yoga, that is the union with the Divine. Ascent to the Divine is our birthright. Only thing, we must reach that state of awareness where we become aware of a higher seeking within us. First as a human being we seek food, then protection, house, possessions, money, power, and then we find that all these things, even if you have achieved, you have not been able to achieve what you wanted – that is, the state of joy – and thus you start seeking furthermore to find out what should be that state in which you remain in complete joy.

Many people have no idea as what to expect, and also, they are quite naive about the structure or the nature of this Tree of Life which is built within us. Now what I’m going to tell you is the Knowledge of the Roots. So far with our developments we only know the Knowledge of the Tree, but we have to know the Knowledge of the Roots which sustains this tree. If we do not know that Knowledge, it may be one day this great tree that we see, which seems to be quite secure, may completely be destroyed. So, it is important for everyone to have that Knowledge of the Roots within ourselves and within our society, within human beings as a whole.

Now we have to realise that we have come to this state of human awareness up to a point where we find we are lost. These days in the modern times, we are very much confused because there are so many ideas afloat. All these ideas confuse us, and we don’t know where to look, what to see. The value systems have changed rapidly, so drastically, that it is difficult for us to keep and cope with it. Despite all that, it seems that there must be some hope for us: after all, the Lord God who has created this Universe must be worried about His creation. After all, He has to do something about it. It’s no use only our worrying about it, or being aware of the shocks, the future shocks that we may receive because of the mistakes we have committed before. It is He who guides us, it is He who has made us and it is He who works out everything for us. For example, we believe that we do this and we do that. What we do is the work of the dead to the dead. We do not do any living work. We cannot transform one flower into a fruit. But you see in different seasons we find different type of flowers, different type of fruits coming in. We find every child that is born has something to do with the society, with the parents, with the country where it is born. It is such a big selection that it is impossible to find out who could have done it with such tremendous powers of accuracy. A child is conceived in a mother’s womb. Is a very big miracle itself to all the medical science, because normally anything that is foreign is thrown out of the body, but when the foetus is formed in the body, it is not thrown out. On the contrary, it is preserved, looked after, nourished and thrown out at the time when it is fully matured. Is something such a remarkable thing we see every day, but somehow or other we take everything for granted.

Human beings themselves if they look at themselves, they’ll be amazed how beautifully we are made. Something special about us. We know so many things more than the animals do. Like an animal cannot pass through a dirty lane, he cannot understand any architecture, he cannot understand any colours, any beauty, but we human beings have so many ideas and also abstract ideas. But beyond this is a state where you reach into an absolute state. So far still we live in a relative world. Whatever we know is so relative that it is difficult to decide really what is right and what is wrong. Relatively we can say, ‘All right, this is little right and this is little wrong.’ But we cannot absolutely say that, ‘This is right and this is wrong.’ Here then we start thinking: are we really fully evolved? We are not. We are not evolved. And when I say this you should take it as a hypothesis with a very open mind of a scientist. And then if it is proved, you have to accept it as a law, not before that.

It is very very hard to believe that we can become Spirit. This is one of the big myths of modern times, and many a times when I speak about becoming the Spirit people say that, ‘How can you say like that? How can it be that easy?’ But if it is a living process of our evolution and if it is done by the power of a living God, then it has to be very simple, has to be very easy. Like if you have to sprout a seed, you just put it in the Mother Earth, and the seed has a capacity to become the plant, and the Mother Earth has a capacity to sprout it. In the same way, this happening has to take place. Today that time has come. That time has come. The time of judgement has come, and at this time we have to see that we’ll be judging ourselves, but not by some sort of a weight or some sort of an authority, but by something which is within us, which we call as the Kundalini: is placed in the triangular bone called as sacrum. Just see, Greeks knew about it. That’s why they called this bone as sacrum. 

But what is this bone in the biblical understanding? It is the reflection of the Holy Ghost. We have to understand that if there is a Father God and a Son God, there has to be Mother. So, this is the Primordial Mother who is the Holy Ghost and She is reflected within us as the Kundalini. In our heart is reflected the God Almighty. It is He who is the witness of whatever we are doing. This power manifests everything within us and then resides in a sleeping state in that triangular bone and is said to be residual because it has not yet manifested itself. This is the power of our desire which is true and the only desire we have which is pure, because all other desires are not true. If they were true, any one of them, when satisfied, we would not have desired for anything else. But it’s not so. As you know, in economics that wants in general are not satiable. So, you want to have something today, then when we get that, we want to have another thing, then we want to have another thing. But once this desire of becoming one with the Divine manifests, then you don’t want anything. You want to give. Like you want to be the light and then you become the light that emits light and emancipate others, raises them to the level of their Spirit by giving them peace and bliss. 

Today we talk of peace. But how can we have peace with the people who are so disturbed? We have to have transformation of human beings, who should feel peaceful within themselves and should feel that they are the ones who are part and parcel of the whole. But this should not be a conception of the mental projection, because mental projection can disappear in no time. Like you would believe that this particular person is my friend, but you discover that he’s not, and the whole mental projection drops out. So, all mental projections are artificial, they last for a short time and disappear. 

But this is a happening that has to take place within us when we become the Spirit. It is the question of you feeling that Spirit on your central nervous system. So, in our evolutionary process whatever has happened to us has happened on our central nervous system, and that is what Christ has exactly said when he said you are to be born again. He didn’t say that you just ask somebody to do an exercise of putting some water on top of your head and said, ‘Now you are baptised.’ No. There is a true baptism of the real awakening of this Kundalini passing through these six centres above, piercing through your fontanel bone area and giving you the true experience of the breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your own head, and this cannot be done by just putting water by somebody. It has to happen within yourself, and you have to seek the truth, and not something that just satisfies you for the time.

That’s why even if you profess any religion, we find we don’t have much transformation within. But here you become the Spirit. As soon as you become the Spirit, the light of the Spirit we can say, on our central nervous system just guides us. Like first of all when this Kundalini rises, She passes through these centres on the physical level, and you get physical health. Some people say, ‘Mother, you heal us or cure us.’ Is not true. It is your own Kundalini. It’s your own mother within you. Everybody has an individual mother. When she rises, she actually fulfils the need of every subtle centre that supplies to your gross centres, because these are the abstract or, we can say, are the subtle centres which are first fulfilled, and they look after your plexuses. That’s how you get healed automatically. It is you who heal yourself, not Me. I’m just a catalyst, you can say, like one enlightened light can enlighten another one, and once you are enlightened, you can enlighten another person. That is how it is. So, there is no obligation. There is no give and take. It’s like we are part and parcel of the whole. 

Now we have, say, a problem on a finger. What do we do? We just rub that finger and find that we feel better. But have we any way obliged this finger? Because it is part and parcel of you, it just spontaneously has happened and has worked out. In the same way it happens to you also that you get this Realisation automatically.

Now the mass evolution has started, and there are many who have got Realisation like that. I’m happy to know in England also we have at least two to three thousand people who are realised very well, who are established, but there may be much more who have got Realisation. But then you have to establish yourself like a tree. Once you establish like a tree you can give Realisations to other and you can give them peace, and the whole thing is such a transformed personality, because the second thing that happens to you when you become the Spirit, that you become so powerful , so powerful, that nothing dominates you. Nothing dominates you. There is no habit that can dominate you. No temptation can dominate you, and you become very powerful. But at the same time, you are extremely compassionate, you are extremely kind. So, it is a very compassionate power that you develop of the Spirit and you become a new personality, a wonderful personality. We know when we have Christmas, when we have Easter, we give eggs to people. This denotes the Resurrection of Christ as our own Resurrection, that an egg has to become the bird. It is symbolic of that, that we are like eggs when we are closed, when we have this I-ness within us, and then suddenly when this happens to us, this egg becomes the bird, and you become completely free and you know what freedom is. Freedom is no licence but freedom which is absolutely not curbing anybody’s freedom nor is giving you any bondages. It is something so great it should happen to all of us.

We have had many great saints in this country. I would like to mention William Blake* who was a great saint and who saw all this happening long time back, two hundred years back, and he wrote about it that such and such time will come when men of God will become prophets, and these prophets will have powers to make other prophets. He has said so many things that time has come today for England to rise as he has desired and described. That time is here today. Now at this time you should, when get your Realisation, you’ll realise that now you have entered into that Kingdom of God. We have also many people, we can say even Mohammed Sahib has said that, ‘At the time of Resurrection your hands will speak.’ Exactly this happens, that when you get your Realisation, when the Kundalini comes up and She touches the seat of God here immediately in your heart, the reflection of God starts emitting cool vibrations from your hands also. 

When it starts happening you are amazed that all around you feel the subtle power of God, the power of His love, what we call the all-pervading Brahma, what we call the Chaitanya. That’s how you start feeling it, and once you start feeling it you are amazed that how now you can find out about everything. You become like a computer. As soon as you want to find out whether it is right or wrong, say you want to ask a question, ‘Is there God?’ immediately you’ll find there will be Cool Breeze coming in. But if you want to ask about Hitler, you might get a blister or a heat on your hands and you’ll feel horrible about it. So that is how you start working it out and gradually you become absolutely wise in the sense you become absolute and you understand.

Just now if you look at a person, how will you find out who is right and who is wrong? But when this happens to you, you don’t have to know about him. On his centres you know because you become collectively conscious. You become – again, I say, it is a becoming – you become collectively conscious. You can know about your own centres and you can know about the centres of others. And when you feel the centres of others, you know what is the problem is. You don’t talk like other people talk, but you talk in the language of centres. This is exactly what happened to the disciples of Christ when they were blessed by the Holy Ghost. The Cool Breeze came on them. They started speaking in strange languages. And the same thing you’ll find with Sahaja Yogis that they speak in a strange language in the sense that they talk in the languages of the centres, and they start using their hands in a way because the hand has got the power flowing, and they use it to bind it up, and that looks very strange, and at that time also it looked very strange. So, people started saying that they are mad people; they are doing some sort of funny actions.

So, all this happens. It’s very simple, has to happen. The time has come. It is the blossom time; at that time, I would say, in the early days, it was, we can say, it was not the blossom time but it was the time when there were hardly one or two flowers on the Tree of Life. But today is different. There are so many seekers all over the world, though misled by all kinds of things, because as soon as they came to know – the negative – that God has decided to work it out, they have come in the market and they are selling their goods. One must know that you cannot sell God in the market. Secondly, you cannot organise God. But we are so much used to it, paying for everything, that we can’t understand that we can get something without paying.

But think of a seed which we sow in the Mother Earth. What do we do? Do we pay anything? Does it understand money? Does living processes understand money? Do you think God understands money? You can’t pay for it. If you put this one small little test, 99 per cent of these bogus people will disappear from the scene. But we don’t think, we don’t use our brains, we go headlong into it. On the contrary to Me they will ask thousand questions, but to these people who have taken thousands of pounds and have finished them off, they don’t ask any question. They just go headlong into it, ruin their lives, get into epilepsies and all kinds of diseases. Then they come to Me, and I find that they are in a very bad shape. But doesn’t matter. Whatever has happened has happened. Nobody should feel guilty about it. That’s one condition of Sahaja Yoga is, that we should not feel guilty. We have to be in the present. Forget the past. We are not to think about the past, and at this present moment this should happen to all of us.

Now the subject matter is so great and the knowledge is like an ocean. I cannot in this short time tell you all about it, I would say there must be at least two thousand lectures in English language which I have given all over the places, and I would request you first of all to get the light within you.

Like this room when it is not lighted and if I tell you about this room it will be a headache, and if I tell you about the electricity, the history of the electricity, the connections of electricity, the sources of electricity, you’ll be fed up. First of all, let’s have the light. Once we have the light, it’s much easier to understand, and you’ll have much more patience. So, I would request you first to have the light. We can try it. I cannot guarantee, I must say, I cannot guarantee to everyone. Is something that works out, but may not work out also. As far as possible, we should try and let us see what happens to us, and if it works out, that would be really a very great pleasure for Me.

May God bless you all. 

Today the time is very short for Me. Otherwise I would have asked you to ask Me questions. But are you interested in asking questions to Me? Or would you like to have Realisation first? 

Q: Could this type of philosophy you’ve been telling us about, is it possible (1:09:55) that we have all kinds of diseases or [Inaudible]? 

Shri Mataji: In this one I would say most of the diseases, because certain diseases I’ve seen that like cataract where the thin tissue is dead, it doesn’t work out. When sometimes people put those, plant steel frames and things inside, it doesn’t work out. And when it is in a galloping state cancer it doesn’t work out. But if it is curable in a way, it works out. If it is in a galloping state, then is difficult. But the way we do it, I mean even for serious patients, we work out this way that we give Realisation to somebody in the family and teach him how to cure the patient so that he can work out intensively, because it is to be worked out intensively on such people who are very serious. But sometimes it works out very well. Like the other day I was in Middlesbrough and a newspaper gentleman came, and he, little bit challenged Me saying that there is a lady, she can’t come to your programme because she is suffering from a disease called as agoraphobia. These are all modern ones. You see, I studied medicine long time back. So, I don’t know agoraphobia. And in that she doesn’t come out of the house and she has been in the house for so many years. So, I said, ‘All right, doesn’t matter, but you can get Me her photograph.’ He said, ‘All right.’ He got Me the photograph and I said, ‘Leave her alone for seven days. Don’t disturb her.’ But she could not, you see, remain that way silent. So, he went down to see her just to find out if she’s all right. So, he found she was not in the house. She has gone out with her husband for a walk, and that’s how he telephoned that he is going to write another article. 

So, it works out very miraculously in so many diseases. But also, there are many permutations and combinations in a human being. You see, all these permutations, combinations are to be seen, and it works out with that also. So, it is not such a simple thing as we understand that you give one medicine or two medicines, but you have to see how many centres are involved. Now if there are one or two centres it is very easy to work it out, but if there are five, six centres involved, then one has to work it more and try to clear out these centres, make the Kundalini rise and keep it there. Because if there is a problem, say in your liver or some place, then this Kundalini rises, and again She comes back to that point and tries to supply. But once you are established then all the time it goes on flowing and you feel much younger, you feel much better and all the time you feel active and the energies all the time flow within you. The tensions are no more because you feel that you are one with the Divine. It’s all the time flowing within you and you feel extremely happy and healthy. 


Q: Could we have the Realisation?

Shri Mataji: All right. For that I have to request you for one small thing that you have to take out only your shoes, because the nearer we are to the Mother Earth, though we are much above, if still it will help us to take out our shoes because Mother Earth, the light, all the five elements help you a lot to achieve this. I’ll stand up. (Aside: May I have some water?)

At the very outset I have to request you that you should not feel guilty. To feel guilty is against God because God is the ocean of forgiveness and if you believe in His power of forgiveness, what sin can we commit or what wrong can we do that He cannot forgive? So, we must have faith in His power of forgiveness which is an ocean, as I said. So, let us believe that He is the ocean of forgiveness and that there is nothing like any sin or anything that should really be detrimental to our progress towards Him. And He is the one who is much more anxious than we are that we enter into His Kingdom and enjoy His bliss. So, let us cooperate with that power of forgiveness. So please, first of all, before closing your eyes, I would say you have to say in your heart that, ‘I am not guilty.’ In a pleasant way we have to face. 

Now this left hand is the one that represents our power of desire which you may learn later all about it. But just now I am just telling you. The left hand should be put like this on your lap. Very comfortably put both the feet on the ground. Then you must have respect for yourself and all glory about it. You shouldn’t try to condemn yourself by any ways but just say that you are the temple of God, you are the church of God and if He has to be enlightened within you, if He has to be established into you, you have to have all the love for yourself and all the respect for yourself. 

So, with the left hand like this sitting, the right hand is to be used for action. And the action is very simple. You don’t have to do much, is to give vibrations, or we can call the support, to different centres which are very few, which I will show you, which are very simple to understand. First is on the heart, which is the abode of your Spirit, then on the stomach – I’ll let you know later on but I’m just showing you – on the stomach, on the upper part which is the abode of the Primordial Master of the prophets to become yourself the prophet. And then at the lower is the centre of true knowledge, the technique of true knowledge. And then one here at the base of this, we can say the neck and the shoulder, where they meet at this point. This centre is also very important because when we feel guilty this centre is caught up. Like angina and all these diseases are caused by feeling guilty, and with a lethargic heart, a combination, you get angina. So not to feel guilty is very good. I mean, it’s being kind to yourself. So, this is the point for that. And then we have this another centre which we call as Agnya Chakra. Actually, it is placed in the centre of optic chiasma, what you call the, between the pituitary and the pineal body, and it controls these two things. That is the centre of Christ; for that, this is the window, and at the back also. So here you have to put your hand, and I will tell you what is to be said and then at the back. And then we go on top of our head on the fontanel bone area where we had a very, very soft bone called talu, and you put your palm over there and you have to just press it, and you have to move it clockwise about seven times. It’s very simple. And you close your eyes. You don’t have to open your eyes because there is no mesmerism on. Please keep your eyes closed. And it will take hardly about fifteen minutes to work out. And please sit very comfortably with your left hand like this and right hand on the heart.

Now please close your eyes. As I said, you should have a very pleasant outlook towards yourself. Now at this point you have to just ask Me a question, a question that – you can call Me Mother or you can call Me Shri Mataji, whatever suits you – ‘Mother, am I the Spirit?’ Ask Me this question three times. It’s your right to ask Me this question because you are the Spirit. ‘Am I the Spirit?’ (Aside: ‘Keep the window open. It is rather hot. Chris, can you open something there? Ha! Better? OK. Left Swadishthana.) Please don’t open your eyes. 

Now move this right hand on the stomach, on the upper part of the stomach on the left-hand side. We are working everything on the left-hand side, on the left-hand side. And now here you have to ask another question as a logical conclusion of the first question, that if you are the Spirit, then automatically you become your own master, you become your own guru, you become the prophet. So, you ask Me a question again three time, ‘Mother, am I my own master?’ Hm.

Now this hand should be taken down on the stomach, on the left-hand side in the lower region of the stomach. Here you have to press it and ask now. I have to ask you because this is the place where the first initiation of the Kundalini starts, where you have to say that you want to know the true knowledge. I cannot force you into it. I cannot just cross your freedom. So, I have to ask you. If you want your Realisation, first you must ask for the true knowledge, the pure knowledge. So, for that you have to say six times, ‘Mother, please, may I have the true knowledge? May I have the pure knowledge?’ Six times. Hm. Pressing it hard, at the lower, lower side of the stomach. It is very important. This is the Swadishthan Chakra which looks after the aortic plexus within us. Hm. Now after asking it six times – everything should be done from the heart, should be sincerely done, not superficially, having faith in yourself. 

Now as you have asked the question, the first thing is now you have to assume and you have to assert. And that is what you have to do on the upper part of your stomach. Please put the hand on the upper part of the stomach on the left-hand side and now press it hard. At his point you have to assert. ‘Mother, am I my own master?’ as you asked. Now you have to say, ‘I am my own master.’ Please say it ten times. Full assertion, with complete confidence. You are. So just say, ‘Mother, I am my own master.’ Please don’t feel guilty when you say that. Please don’t feel guilty. Please don’t feel guilty. With full confidence say that. Ten times. 

Now raise this hand higher onto the heart again. Now, nobody should think what colour, what race, what community, what nationality, what age. Doesn’t matter at all. Now again with full confidence in yourself, here you have to assert twelve times, twelve times, because there are twelve petals to this centre of heart, where you have to say twelve times very clearly, ‘Mother, I am the Spirit.’ But please don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel guilty, as I’ve told you that God is the ocean of love, He is the ocean of compassion, but of all the things He is the ocean of forgiveness. So please say it again and again, that is, twelve times, ‘Mother, I am the Spirit.’ Ha! Please don’t feel guilty. Please don’t feel guilty about anything. It has to work out. Don’t feel guilty. Just help Me a little bit by not feeling guilty. Please don’t feel guilty. Still feeling guilty.

Now raise this right hand as I’ve told you at the base of the neck. At the base of the neck. Here you press it hard, hold it tight and tilt your head on the other side a little bit. Tilt it a little bit. Now with full confidence and assertion, here you have to say sixteen times, ‘Mother, I am not guilty.’ Please say it with all seriousness, ‘Mother, I’m not guilty.’ Hm? You can say it in your mind. Sixteen times. If you have indulged too much into that kind of a habit it’s better to say it 108 times to punish yourself. Ha. …………….Ha. 

Now raise this hand on your forehead across, on your forehead across. Now here you have to say really with full sincerity from your heart, from the core of your heart you have to say, ‘Mother I forgive everyone.’ Please say it. Now some may say that it is difficult to say, ‘I forgive,’ because they think it’s very difficult to forgive, but actually it’s a myth. It’s a very big myth that we feel that we cannot forgive. Actually, what do you do when you don’t forgive? You don’t do anything. On the contrary, by not forgiving you are torturing yourself, not the other person. Across your forehead, please. Full forehead you should take. Forehead. In front. 

Now the hand should be taken back on the back side of the head. Just hold it tight. At this point, without feeling guilty – again I say, without feeling guilty, without feeling guilty – you can once say to God that, ‘If I have done any wrong or any mistakes please forgive me.’ But don’t feel guilty about it. Just say it. Hm?

Now put this hand on top of your head on the fontanel bone area. Please put your palm and press it hard and move the scalp in a clockwise manner. At this point again I cannot cross your freedom. So, you have to say, ‘Mother, please give me my Self- realization. I want it.’ I cannot force it on you. Please. So please ask for it. Seven times. Seven times. Press it hard. Press it hard with your palm. Seven times. (Aside: Put bandhan here).

Now please put down your right hand. Don’t open your eyes, please. Now put the left hand on top of your head, about four inches, just four inches. See if there is a Cool Breeze coming out of your head. Just four inches above. Move it little further. It is rather in the front side. It is more on the front. See if there is a Cool Breeze coming out? You can move another hand and see. 

[Shri Mataji is blowing in the microphone.] 

Now change over, change over. Keep your hand little higher. Little higher. Now you can change your hand. 

[Shri Mataji is blowing in the microphone.]  

Now put back your hands. Those who have felt the Cool Breeze should raise their hands first of all. And those who have…Yes, now you can see these people also. Come along. Do we have Sahaja yogis here? They will just come and see if you have felt the Cool Breeze or not, because there are so many who have come now from England and all over the places and they can feel if you have not felt it. Now raise the hands, those who have not felt it. Please. All of you who have not felt it. Yes, yes, good. Now come along. Not felt? She has felt it? I mean, yeah, you feel it. Just see there. Take… Somebody come here! Two persons, and two persons there. Ha. Can call one more person here. One of you. See all of them. What? You felt it? You did feel. Just see. A little bit? Probably, yes. So just confirm it with him. Can you, Sean or anyone? Yeah. You can see the lady there, Sean. There is a lady there. This lady, come along. Who’s there? Rachel or someone? Who’s there? Come along. There are so many. Those who are at the back and who have come for the first time also, you feel their vibrations. She’s got? Hm? Just see him. He should. Hm. Just you will, just now. You are there, I can see that. It will be. Just put your hands like this, please. Yes. Just comfortably. Don’t think. Now don’t think. It will work out. His left to the right. His left to the right. Put him left to the right. Is he all right? He is good, he’s good. It’s working out. It’s working out. Now is he, all right? [Inaudible] And you say, ‘Mother, I forgive.’ From your heart. [Inaudible] Because you have not forgiven. Now you have forgiven.  [Inaudible] You feel very relaxed, very relaxed. Are you relaxed now?


Ha. You feel thoughtless. What about these? Good. Do you feel relaxed? Say it from your heart. [Inaudible]

Already it started moving. All right. Doesn’t matter. [Inaudible]  

*(about William Blake)