Look East BBC TV Interview Cambridge (England)

TV Interview, Cambridge (UK) 13 August 1984.

Interviewer: She is here over the last few years who according to their followers have the one true message. Well, the latest to visit the Eastern counties, 62-year-old Indian woman Shri Mataji who lays claim to the title of India’s greatest saint but her brand of yoga doesn’t only lead to a serenity that can transform people’s lives. It even produces a cool soothing wind out of thin air. […]

Public Program Cambridge (England)

Public Program. Cambridge (England), 13 August 1984.
Will You sit down Mother or stand up?
– Have you finished or not?
– Yes, Mother.
– Please continue.
– No, no they’re very anxiously waiting for You, Mother.
– Oh, I see. Huh They all see and I’ll get up and talk. I’ll stand up. Please be seated. [UNCLEAR – ARE THEY ALRIGHT?]
I bow to all the seekers of truth.
We came on this earth without knowing why are we here and when we grew up we felt, […]