Look East BBC TV Interview

Cambridge (England)

1984-08-13 Shri Mataji, TV Interview, BBC Look East, Cambridge, UK, 5'
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TV Interview, Cambridge (UK) 13 August 1984.

Interviewer: She is here over the last few years who according to their followers have the one true message. Well, the latest to visit the Eastern counties, 62-year-old Indian woman Shri Mataji who lays claim to the title of India’s greatest saint but her brand of yoga doesn’t only lead to a serenity that can transform people’s lives. It even produces a cool soothing wind out of thin air. Rather sceptical, Julia Booth caught up with Shri Mataji in Cambridge. This man was a drug addict. His life in tatters at the mercy of LSD. He met Shri Mataji, learnt her Sahaja Yoga as it’s called in a few minutes and now he’s prosperous and happy. It isn’t physical yoga, it’s based around something called Kundalini, which is a sort of inner energy, which when released can apparently give you serenity and cure illnesses. The great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi met her when she was a child. He recognized her gift and invited her to live and learn with his household. Her teachings follow no specific religion and are imparted in minutes. Receiving physical proof, apparently, a cool breeze can be felt from the head when you’re enlightened.

Shri Mataji: It comes up here and pierces through this area called the fontanel bone area and you start feeling a cool breeze coming out of your head and that is the time we should say it’s a real baptism because that’s the time when you really feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head.

Interviewer: And I gather that you have a cool breeze coming out of your head all the time. Is that, is that correct?

Shri Mataji: I must feel (?)

Interviewer: May I, may I feel it?

Shri Mataji: Yes, all right.

Interviewer: Yes, I can. But it’s hard to know. Oh yes, yes. It’s definitely cooler up there. It’s incredible. Is it something that I can do on my own now?

Shri Mataji: Yes now you can do it very easily. Now how to raise your Kundalini is very simple. You put your hand like this. I’ll show you here. Now you put your right hand. You have to take out your shoes, I’m sorry because of the Mother Earth…

Interviewer: I have to take my shoes off?

Shri Mataji: That’s better. Because Mother Earth is another element. It helps us a lot.

Interviewer: Oh right.

Shri Mataji: All right. So we have to take help from every element. Because there’s a problem in the elements, that’s why we have problems. All right now what you have to do is to put this hand in front of the Kundalini in a straightforward way. It’s nothing difficult and then this right hand has to, because this is the hand of action, this is the hand of desire. Now you put this right hand like this go on moving in a clockwise manner, take it up, make your neck little loose, put this hand up and just make a knot. One. Now again let’s do. Now it’s moving faster if you see your hand itself is moving now, pick it up. Now again put it back. It’s the second one. Now second.

Interviewer: And what is this…

Shri Mataji: Three times, now you’ll see that. Now I’ll show you. Now the three times you have to do, the third one, you’ll see the results of that. All your heat (?) is going into the Mother Earth. Now, one. It’s two. And now three.

Interviewer: Well I have to admit that the breeze from my head and hands were the nearest flicker compared with almost gail (?) came from Shri Mataji herself. Now here’s your chance because this cool breeze can apparently be felt through a television set if you’re particularly sensitive.

Shri Mataji: Yes, if you can place your hands towards the television, you can feel the cool breeze quite easily because you are just there. The only thing you have to make a little breakthrough and the time of Resurrection has come. This is the time of your Judgement and it has to work out. The Blossom time as I call it many are flowers and it has to work out. Now put your hand so they will see that you feel the cool breeze in your hand. Do you feel the cool breeze? And do you feel the cool breeze on top of your head? You can feel it with your right hand or you can feel it with your left hand and this is the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of you and now you can feel it all around you. In a subtle way it is everywhere working but now you can feel it the first time you can feel it.

Interviewer: And you’ll presumably let us know around here is hot air. If you felt it coming out of your television set let us know. Right, let’s finish with a look at the weather forecast.