The awareness of the Kingdom of God

Cambridge (England)

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The awareness of the Kingdom of God, Public Program. Cambridge (England), 13 August 1984.

Will You sit down Mother or stand up?

– Have you finished or not?
– Yes, Mother.
– Please continue.
– No, no they’re very anxiously waiting for You, Mother.
– Oh, I see. They all see and I’ll get up and talk. I’ll stand up. Please be seated. 

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

We came on this earth without knowing why are we here and when we grew up, we felt, we are here for various things to enjoy our physical being, our mental being, our material side, our powers, our possessions, our friendships and our limited love. We worked very hard with it to achieve some sort of a joy out of all that. But the other day I was watching one film very funny and a very – a grotesque type of a film it was, lot of hard truths were there – showing a man trying to achieve some goal of marrying a particular lady, for that trying to get some money. The picture was presented in a very, I should say, in a very, very violent way which was really repulsive to My mind but it proved that all these pursuits are good for nothing. They lead you nowhere, you’re left high and dry as you were – much worse than what you, you were born. Your innocence is lost, your sense of love is lost, your value system is lost and you are absolutely in a position that you see that life has been worth nothing. Some people, of course, take help from limited understanding, “Oh, I have four children, I have insurance for them, I have to look after them,” or some people think that they have written few books and these books will be good for others or they have done some painting so it will help others and it will be a nice thing. But as Shakespeare has very beautifully and delicately always suggested that the life is futile. All such people who show that, we call them avadhuta, is the kind of a prophet who shows that the whole thing is futile – that is very important. Unless and until it is shown that all such pursuits are futile, people don’t take to something higher – they’re not aware of it.

Is better to tell them beforehand that all such pursuits are futile. [ASIDE – PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR] 

Now the trouble is that we reach partly to that conclusion many a times in our life, we reach that conclusion sometimes totally also – so what? We start thinking – then why am I here, why God has created me from amoeba stage to this stage? What was the need for Him to bother so much, if He existed? To create me into a human-being and then make my life miserable and then I die – many people must be asking this question to God who Himself is an imagination for many. So, we come to a proper, logical end, logical understanding, conclusion that there must be some purpose to this life, there must be some meaning to this life and that’s what exactly you have to know that you have a very, very great purpose. The greatest purpose is that God Almighty who has created you – you may believe in him or you may not believe in Him but He exists. He exists and He loves you and He loves you very much – has created this universe only for you to come on the stage. He has created this beautiful world that you people as human-beings seeking Him, will come up to this point that ultimately you are at the threshold of His Kingdom. And then something little has to happen to you so that you jump into that new awareness which is the awareness of the Kingdom of God.

It is not at all difficult if you understand one point, that so far, we have become human-beings without going into any turmoil or without going into any effort. So, if you have to achieve a higher state, what effort can we put in? I had a big discussion with a television gentleman the other day, who was saying all the time that, “Mother, how can it be instant?” I said, “Then tell Me how many hours it should take, how many minutes it should take?” Because if it has to happen beyond the time there cannot be any time limit to it as Nature is. In the nature you find that a flower becomes a fruit – no one sees is becoming. It is so minutely working out nobody sees. it just works out automatically, spontaneously and how much time, you cannot say. You cannot definitely say that at this time this flower is going to get transformed, nor can you say that it will be a complete fruit by this time because all living things are done beyond time. They have no relationship with time but they have relationship with the moods but not with the time.

For example, the Mother Earth is in good mood, she’s very happy – I mean, when human-beings are nice, she has to be happy – and when she produces beautiful seasons, everything works out smoothly. But She’s angry, annoyed and She creates earthquakes, all kinds of problems, then no seasons – it’s her mood. If She creates anything great, she creates or else it is Her mood, she can create a big, vast ocean or a huge, big sandstorm or could be anything that you can call as a mountain or a river or whatever way She whatever way she wants to do. It’s Her, it’s her whim. Can you ask the Mother Earth, “Why did you put Himalayas there? Why was this river Ganges is flowing in India?” We never ask Her. “How much time did You take to make it? What was the time limit for You to create it?” You cannot put all these things to Her, She does it the way She wants to do it.

If she wants, she can create deserts after deserts, so we, the ones who have these watches in our hands, must know that She doesn’t go by our watch. We have to set our watch according to Her watch which is a very difficult thing and that’s why we are in trouble because we cannot set our programs with the programs of the Divine. She works according to the Divine nature of Her being and that’s how we find that when we try to excavate too much out of Her, use Her too much, make Her completely barren, then She reacts and Her reactions come in, in so many ways that the atmosphere is spoilt, you can’t exist in such a place you have to leave that place because of pollution – it’s such a nice integration with other elements also that people have to leave that place and they cannot do more excavations. All this happens, not only with Mother Earth, with all the elements. It is their mood that works out everything and when their moods are spoilt, they can do any havoc they want to – people cannot explain why a particular time lightning hit some place, what was the purpose of lightning? Why it rained so heavily at such a particular point? Because we are not tuned with the Kingdom of God, His laws, His methods, which are tuned with the Divine beings of all the elements. 

Now it is hard to believe what I’m saying because people might think how does Mother know? That’s another question, you see, as everybody has a right to ask Me but I would say that it is better that you also know as I know, which is very easy, and also that to know something is not by your brain. For this, your brain is not sufficient to answer these questions, for this you have to become something more than the brain, more than this limited time, more than this limited brain, more than this logic that you think you can find out everything through your logic – you cannot.

And this is what has to happen to us. First of all, we must understand that we are very limited as human-beings. In our ego we might think, “Oh, we have done this, we have done that, we have built this nice building, see how beautiful it is!” But what have you done? Something was dead, you converted into another dead. The One who transforms the flowers into fruits, does all kinds of living things, according to One’s mood. How can you understand Him with this dead, limited brain – how can you understand Him? So, there’s something has to happen to us that we should go beyond time and beyond this limited brain to achieve it. Now one may say that, “For this what should we do?” We have to do nothing, as we have done nothing.

From animals to this stage we have come without doing anything. There is nothing to feel bad that you can do something without doing anything. Actually, we are doing so many things without doing anything – we’re breathing we are; our heart is beating – everything is happening automatically and we’re existing like that without doing anything. So, when we are doing something without doing anything – the evolution that has taken place has taken place without doing anything and if you have to go higher, we must accept with all humility, that it will be done because we are built-in that way. Like a little seed has all the future trees embedded in it, in the same way, all our future is embedded within us. That’s how we have come today to this state in a special way, as you see here, what we have been from Carbon we rose, supposing – Carbon is at this red spot and then gradually we started moving upward. At the yellow stage the ether was created or Antriksha was created and all the stars – – Can you bring it further here for everybody to see? – Would You like to stand here? – Alright – No, I would say that one – Yes. If you could bring it there, everybody can see it better and I hide it.

With the second one all the Nature, all that you see in matter was created. By the third one, which we call as the Nabhi chakra, everything was sorted out at a very gross level. As you know in Chemistry, that all the elements are put into a proper periodic law and in that periodic law, this period is for, say, Carbon, this is for Hydrogen – like that there are eight classifications, at a very gross level so, they were given different valencies. Ultimately at human level also, you were given ten valencies. As you know, in the matter there are only eight valencies and in the animals there are nine valencies but in the man, human-beings only, there are ten valencies which are told to us in a very gross manner – because, I think, that time human-beings were extremely gross – as ten commandments. But people listened and obeyed those days without questioning but when they questioned in these modern times, better to tell them in a very subtler way, that these are eight valencies within us which actually make us as human-beings and when we disobey those valencies, then we go either to the left or to the right and we become either sub-normal or abnormal. To be normal we have to have those eight valencies within us. But why these valencies were created, is another question which I will tell you later. Then the another center was created – the center, this one, came at the time when people started feeling the fear – fear of animals, fear of nature, fear of something unknown – a protection was to be built-in and for that protection a deity is created and this deity is the deity of our protection and that’s how this center was created. In human-beings it acts first at twelve years of age in the sternum bone when the anti-bodies are created and these anti-bodies start getting distributed completely to the whole body but is the sternum bone which gives the message to the anti-bodies when they have to fight.

So, an army was created within us to fight all that is invading us. Then we have the higher center than that, is the center what we call of the center of Vishuddhi – is the center where human-beings raise their head up from animal stage to this stage when they raise their head, then this center became a perfect center in the sense it developed sixteen petals. We take our face for granted, we take everything like our eyes, nose, ears, everything for granted. All this was created in a very special way because we raised our head up and we became human-beings. But as soon as we raised our head, a complication started building-up within ourselves and that complication was when, I would say, Adam and Eve raised their head and wanted to find out what is this knowledge. That is the time when we first made a big mistake – if we had not made mistakes at that time, I think, the realization would have been achieved thousands of years back. Whatever it is, the mistake is made so God has forgiven us and He thought that He should try to help you to come out of it, out of the mistake and achieve your realization. Because of this center you build, started building up two institutions within yourself, called the ego and super-ego. Somebody said to you something, you get conditioned and you get your super-ego and somebody says, challenges your ego and you develop your ego or when you talk to others in an aggressive way also you develop your ego. Also, these two, two other channels that you see left and right, are the channels which are within us working on the left-hand side, the power of desire and on the right-hand side the power of action.

As a result of that, we develop from the left side, the power of super-ego you can call it or we can say the myth of super-ego and on the right-hand side the, the temper of ego. That’s how both of these things join and we develop a personality which has it’s I-ness like I become so and so, you become so and so, another person becomes so and so. This I-ness develops, gradually we start identifying ourselves because of this I-ness with other things like, “I am British, I am Indian, I am this caste, this community, this race, this country, ” all those identifications starts coming in our head and we start building up our personality much more strongly separated, alienated from the rest of it. 

So, our collectivity, the oneness with the whole, is lost – we become a separate entity. By this center we become a human-being, I should say, and then another center is built-up here. On this center a deity, which we know as Lord Jesus Christ, came on this earth. Because He thought that these two, two institutions are very heavy in human-beings – the ego and superego – and unless and until these two institutions are, somehow or the other, sucked in there is no possibility of an ascent and so this great deity came on this earth to suffer for us and to create a position there. Now if this deity can be awakened, then it sucks in those problems of ego and superego and that’s how we get opened to the Kingdom of God. Ultimately, we pierce through this Kingdom of God from here and we become the Self, as if we enter into the chamber of God Almighty, you can say or into his court where after the kingdom you enter into His court by piercing through this and you get the powers that a citizen has to get from His Kingdom. 

Now what should be done to again enlighten those deities which are within you. Something had to be done and that is what is within us the triangular bone, in the triangular bone you find the Kundalini. This Kundalini is nothing else but the reflection of the Holy Ghost. In the Bible there isn’t much written about Holy Ghost and people really don’t know because I asked a priest and he says, “I’m agnostic, I don’t know.” If he’s agnostic, why, what is he doing there? He says, “I’m doing my job.” So, I mean, what job can you do when you don’t know about the thing like a professor in Cambridge university doesn’t know what is Physics and what is he doing his job, how can he do it? You have to know about your what you’re professing. So they don’t know anything about Holy ghost and this Holy Ghost is reflected within us as the Kundalini and this Kundalini has to rise, pass through these centers, awaken all these deities, awaken Christ by which to suck in these two problems within us, open out the gate and then we enter into the Kingdom of God and then ultimately we enter into the court of God Almighty.

(23.35)This is how the whole story was built-up and that’s how we have to get our realization. But it takes hardly any time. It is called in Sanskrit ‘tatshat’ means the same moment – there’s not a split of a second also in between – tatshana, immediately it does. Like if you put the seed in a, in the Mother Earth’s care, in Her warmth, immediately it starts sprouting – you can’t say when it started. If it is wet, immediately it starts sprouting so, if there is somebody like that which we call the ‘Sandrakaruna’, the one who has got that moisture and that compassion of the Mother Earth that person can instantly raise the Kundalini, is all described in the, in the Scriptures in India and many others but the problem is that Bible being a very microscopic book cannot contain everything that is knowledge nor can it contain a person like Christ. You have to go to other books to find out what Christ was, how He came on Earth, what was His background – you cannot just say that, “I believe in Christ and I go to church so I have the selected one – Christ will catch my hand and will take me to Heaven.” Is a wrong idea people have and if you live with that idea, I’m sure, a day will come when you will have to repent. Christ Himself has said that, “You are to be born again,” and when Nichodamus asked Him, “What do You mean, have I to enter into the womb of my mother?” He clearly said that, “No, whatever is born of the flesh is the flesh, ” but I’m saying, you’re to be born of the Holy Ghost and this is the Holy Ghost that is to give you your re-birth, this is the Holy Ghost which is your mother – everybody has an individual mother – and She’s just waiting for this moment to give you Self-realization and that’s how you get your Self-realization. What we call is baptism, is the same as Self-realization but it has to be a true thing.

As in India also many people at the age of eight or ten years of the boy, they say, “He’s become a Brahmin now,” they give him a thread and all that but it’s just a ritual just like baptism – is artificial. Actually, to call yourself a Brahmin, you have to be a realized soul. Brahmin is the one who knows Brahma, the one who can feel All-Pervading power and that’s what should happen to all of us when we get our realization. Now, many people say, “Oh I’m a Self-realized person, I’m twice born,” – this is self-certificate. When you get Self-realized first of all, your life is a transformed life – you become virtuous, you become righteous – nobody has to tell you, just automatically. You just become that. You become a powerful, compassionate personality. And you become like a witness – you start watching the whole world without feeling the pressures or anything. This at least minimum should happen to a person who says is a Self-realized person. But I’ve seen the other day, those people who call themselves twice born, came with a Bible to hit Me and I was just laughing I couldn’t I mean, the joke was so big that for Me, I just never felt angry or anything – I just started laughing that they should come and hit Me with a Bible.

So, this is what it is. One must know that when you’re transformed, the whole life pattern changes – we become innocent. As Christ has said, “Thou shalt not have adulterous, thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.” How many Christians there are who have no adulterous eyes? Is there innocence by going to church, does even the priests, I don’t know, if they have got clean eyes? So, when do you become that is to be seen, to be understood, to be experienced, to be truthful, to be honest to yourself – you must know that, “No thus innocence has not come to me.” And this innocence comes when the Kundalini passes through your Agnya chakra here, then She cleanses your eyes, cleansing takes place and you become innocent so much so that you put your eyes on somebody or you just look at somebody, in Sanskrit there is ‘Kataksh, kataksh nirikshand’ – if you look at somebody, that person feels nice. If you just put attention to somebody, that person feels nice and this should happen to all of you. If it cannot happen, then what, what is the use of saying that, “I’ve got Self-realization,” and appointing yourself as gurus and making money out of that? Another thing which was surprising, the gentleman argued with Me that I’m not making any money.

I said, “How much will you pay Me, first of all?” The second question is, “How much did you pay to Christ?” – Did you? You have such a great personality before you, like Christ. I mean, He is the essence of all the personalities and what are we doing about it? ‘Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes’ – that’s missing and we’re paying money for our gurus, we’re paying money for our seeking – how much did we pay Christ? and he didn’t see, shut up, he didn’t answer anything. And this is a fact that you cannot pay for it, you just cannot pay for it. He said, “This Anglo-Saxon brain won’t understand unless and until You make them pay.” I said, “It is too invaluable and if the Anglo-Saxon brain doesn’t understand, I do not want to convince them by taking money from them.”

It is devaluation of the whole thing, is something so nonsensical that it is absolutely absurd and such a nonsense I will not tolerate whether it is Anglo-Saxon or Saxon-Anglo – makes no difference to Me. So, these brains have to come round and understand that Divine cannot be purchased at any cost. You may think too much of your money but you cannot purchase your Divinity in the market – it is not for sale in the market. And please understand this. I know there are some people who have come here, have been to other gurus and some of them are identified also with those gurus and sometimes they come and fight with Me but why do you want to fight with Me, why not fight with those who have cheated you, who have taken money from you, build their empires, bought Rolls Royces, why don’t you go and fight with them where you headlong you went down and did it. Only good point is that you’re free before Me you have your own ideas – that’s a very good substantial thing that encourages Me no doubt but try to understand that you are fighting in a wrong place. 

Where you had to fight, where you had to judge, where you had to know, you made mistakes and where you cannot judge, where there is nothing to be judged, you are putting your noses too much into it. And this is the problem with the brain is, that it doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong; For that you must get your realization. So, in sahaja yoga what I have thought of is this way that let them have their light first, let be they awakened – all of them should be awakened. Let them have their light because they’re all light, they’re all Spirit, they’re all glory.

Let them feel that glory, that peace, that bliss within themselves, then gradually in that light they will see what sort of a lamp I have got. and then they become their own gurus and correct themselves – I don’t have to tell them. It is they who look after themselves by understanding and this is the best method has worked out because I can tell you this much, never in this world on any time there were so many realized souls. 

Today in this Cambridge to see so many realized souls sitting I feel very heartened. I remember the first time I had come some missionaries,  they arranged a program for Me with some very old people who could not hear Me nor could see Me. I was amazed at their greatness, what am I to do with them and they said, “You just heal them,” I said, “For what?” What’s the use of healing people who are not going to give light? Any, any light which is out of order and which never will be in order, you don’t want to give the light but still out of compassion I did it for them whatever was possible. But they are useless because they are themselves on the way – one foot in the grave, one foot outside, I may save them for a while but they are going to die and what are they going to help? It’s you people who are on this earth, now responsible for this, have to come up and see that it is your duty that at this great moment, at this resurrection time, at this judgment time, you are born with a purpose otherwise you could have born at the time when the people were busy fighting Napoleon – no, you are born at this time when you have to fight the ignorance of the people, at such a special time of resurrection, about which Mohammad Sahab has said that, “Your hands will speak.”

He’s talked of resurrection much, much more than he has talked of doomsday but Muslims don’t want to talk of resurrection, they want to talk of doomsday because they can frighten people to get some money out of them. Same with Christianity – Christ has said that this will happen that, you will get your realization that Christ will be born within you and all these things have been already revealed to you. Even a great poet like William Blake has said that, “Those days when there will be resurrection time, men of God will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets.” All those scriptures are to be proved today, everything has to be proved today and that is only possible if you become the light yourself otherwise in the darkness what’s the use of proving that this is red or this is black? Makes no difference to a person who has not seen the light. And that is why, I have to make a very humble request to you, that you first get your realization – that is the best way you can understand yourself and others. 

May God bless you! 

I would like to have questions, if possible, but make them precise and helpful type. Just to waste money or to take a floor, one should not ask questions. Thank you.

I’ll have some water, please. – 

Mostly there are sahaja yogis sitting here. – Any questions? – I think they all want their realization. – Hmm, also they have become thoughtless. 

As a first result of Kundalini awakening, there’s no thought – even if you want to think of questions you cannot, is there’s no thought at all. The first thing that happens that the Kundalini rises and goes between the two thoughts and creates a position where there is no thought and then you go beyond so, I think, some of you, I find, have already become thoughtless but if there is any question, you can think about, you can ask. – 

Yes. – Mother, what is the source of evil and where does it come from? 

– Kundalini?

– What is the source of the evil, where does it come from? – Evil comes from your choices. You see, you have got the freedom, you asked for the freedom – alright? Now, freedom is given to you. Then what happens that in your freedom you, you, you seek things which are not good for you, in ignorance, in darkness and when you are in darkness you start accepting all those bad things and you feel comfortable with them, gradually, because your ego is there whatever satisfies your ego, you try to do that or some conditionings that have come to you, you try to act according to your conditionings. So it’s a long story sometimes like for ages together, supposing in a family, people have been all their lives been evil – the mother, the grandfather, the great-grandfather – all of them have been doing evil things then what happens in that family even the dead who are forefathers and all that – even the dead – they hover on these people and teach them bad things and tell them how to do it and they become geniuses in this. There are many people in our country and in your country and everywhere, who, who learn this craft and create the evil. 

Now in this world, I don’t know how many, at least I know sixteen horrible devils have taken birth. Out of them three are lead women of the worst type but there are many devils who have taken birth and they are trying to create evil in the world. So as, as there is God, there are also these evil forces which we have created. They have become from good people, some of them became angels and then fallen angels and then devils – in your freedom one chooses evil.

But it is a myth, in a way because if there is light, there’s no darkness – darkness can, cannot enter into light, it runs away. 

Alright, now better we have our realization, is a better thing to do. I’ll get up to tell them. You all have to take out your shoes. I’m happy you all have already done it. Is very good because, as I told you, the elements have to help us so the Mother Earth helps us a lot. Especially, this Kundalini is placed in the triangular bone which we call as the Mooladhara, is the, is the support, support of the root and the center below that is the Mooladhara chakra, is the, is the center of the support of the root and is made from the same element, the earth element and that’s why the Mother Earth helps us a lot when we put our feet on Her with respect, with respect. Now put your feet on the Mother Earth, parallel ways, because we are made of two types of personalities, one is the left, another is the right. So, what we have to do, is to keep them parallel, whichever way is the problem passes out to the Mother Earth and then you have to put both the hands towards Me just like this. After that you have to close your eyes, just close your eyes.

And to remember that your right hand is for action and left hand is for desire. So, you put your left hand all the time towards Me like this on your lap – you have to be comfortable so that you are not disturbed. Put the left hand and now right hand you put it on your heart and close your eyes. Whatever we have to do, we will do with our right hand on the left hand side and that’s very simple which I will tell you one after another. Keep your eyes shut. Please don’t open your eyes. If you open your eyes, the Kundalini will go back so please keep your eyes completely shut. [Shri MATAJI SPEAKS TO SOME YOGI ASIDE – UNCLEAR] 

Now, you put your right hand on your heart where resides your Spirit – Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty and the Holy Ghost is the reflection of the Primordial Mother, His power. So now what you have to do, is to bring forth the yoga of this – the union of these two. You have to say, assert in your heart or ask Me a question, a simple question three times, “Mother, am I the Spirit, Mother, am I the Spirit, Mother, am I the Spirit?”

Now on the left-hand side again. You must know that as, you can ask this question about the Spirit, you have to know also that you are your own master because if you are the Spirit, you are your own master – you don’t need anybody to tell you so you have to ask second question by putting right-hand on the upper part of the stomach, on the upper part of the stomach. You have to ask the question by putting your right-hand on the upper part of the stomach and say, “Mother, am I my own guru?” Please ask this question three times. “Mother, am I my own guru, Mother, am I my own guru?” Now, three times asking this question, you put down your right hand down below on the stomach, on the left-hand side. Please don’t open your eyes, put it on the left-hand side. Here – on the left-hand side – now here you have to ask a question “Mother, can I be initiated?” Ask a question within yourself, three times. “Mother, can I be initiated?”

without feeling guilty, three times. Now I say, “Yes,” so to initiate yourself you ask, you say, “Mother, please teach me, please give me the knowledge of the Divine. Please give me the true knowledge, please give me the pure knowledge.” That’s what you have to ask because I cannot force it upon you, you have to ask for it. Please put the hand. 

Now, six times because there are six petals. Now raise this hand higher, again on to the same stomach point where I told you is the center of the Primordial master. Press it hard here now on the stomach on the left hand side in the upper part of the abdomen. Here you ask Me a question, “Mother,” as you have asked Me already, “Am I my own guru?” You can say without asking a question, with full asserting, with full right, with full confidence, “Mother, I am my own master. “Please say it ten times, “Mother, I am my own master.” 

Just now we can have it, just now we should have it [INAUDIBLE] Now, raise your right hand on your heart. Here resides your Spirit and here you have to say with full assertion “Mother, I am the Spirit,” you have to say twelve times because there are twelve petals to this beautiful center of heart. “Mother, I am the Spirit,” please say it ten (Should be twelve times) times. Please don’t feel guilty, please don’t feel guilty, please don’t feel guilty. You must know that God Almighty is the ocean of love, is the ocean of compassion and last of all He is the ocean, ocean of forgiveness so don’t feel guilty, don’t judge yourself – you have to achieve your glory by understanding that you’re glorious so don’t have any diffidence, just say with full confidence, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Now, again don’t feel guilty, please don’t feel guilty – is the biggest catch and don’t feel guilty, is wrong to feel guilty, is harmful, is self destructive – don’t feel guilty for anything. Now raise your hand on to the base of the neck, on the left-hand side, take it backwards a little bit, press it hard and here you have to say – press it hard at the back, take it at the back little bit, yes furthermore, furthermore, yeah. Press it hard, hold it hard.

Here is the center when you feel guilty, it gets caught up. So now, sixteen times you have to say, “Mother I’m not guilty, I’m not guilty, I’m not guilty,” and if you are indulging too much into this kind of a thing and still you believe that you are guilty then say it 108 times as a punishment.  sixteen times, sixteen times. 

Now take this hand on your forehead across – this hand, right hand, left hand towards Me – on your forehead across, forehead – forehead is where My red mark is – across, left hand towards Me. Now, here is the center of Lord Jesus Christ so you have to say, “Mother, please I want to forgive everyone, I want to forgive everyone, I forgive everyone,” say it from your heart. It’s a myth not to forgive, it’s a myth because when you don’t forgive, what are you doing and when you forgive also what are you doing? It’s a myth, get over it. Just say, “I forgive everyone,” you can say, “Shri Mataji, I forgive everyone.” Now, say it from your heart, don’t feel guilty, please don’t feel guilty. If you’re feeling guilty, then is will not work out.

You may put your hand at the back of your head, back of your head, without feeling guilty, you have to say “O Lord, if I’ve done any mistakes, please forgive me,” but not to feel guilty, again I say. “If I have done any mistakes knowingly, unknowingly, please forgive me.” Again, feeling guilty Just say, “Please forgive me,” He is the ocean of forgiveness – don’t have to bother much about it. Now – left Vishuddhi is there – please don’t feel guilty, still catching on that center. 

Alright, now put your right hand on top of your head at the fontanel bone area. Place your palm hard on the center of the head and try to move your head in a way it is clockwise. Try to move your scalp pressing hard with your palm. At this point again I cannot cross your freedom so you have to say, “Mother, I want my realization, please give me my realization.” Please say this seven times because there are seven seats of all the centers.


Now put down your hand, don’t open your eyes please. Put left hand on top of your head and see if there’s a cool breeze coming in. Just put your left hand on top of your head. See if there’s a cool breeze coming in. Just feel it, little bit raise higher, raise higher, move it forward, backward – see now if there’s a cool breeze coming in. Move on this side, I think. Take it on this side. Is it coming, cool breeze? Say those it is coming. Yes coming, alright, good idea.

– Is it coming? Say loudly. – Yes, Mother. – It’s good! Now ask the question by putting left hand towards Me and right hand on top of your head Ask a question, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” You’ll get it more – three times. Put your hands up all those who are feeling it also. Put up your hands, now open your eyes, watch Me without thinking. Put up your hands like this and ask a question, ask a question in your heart, “Is this the breeze of the Holy Ghost, is this the Chaitanya? Is this the Brahma? Is this the All-Pervading power of God, is this?

– Do you feel more when you ask questions? Yes, say it loudly. – Yes good! Now in your hands you see yourself. Better now, in the hands? Those who are feeling the cool breeze, raise your hands all of you – both your hands. All those who are feeling the cool breeze, raise your hands Just… It’s great! Is great.

Keep it this side also, keep your hands up, I would like to see who are getting the cool breeze – higher. Good! You didn’t feel it? You will, very soon. 

May God bless you! 

Now, alright? Not yet? It will work out, alright. Please put down your hands. Thank you very much.

Now those who are not feeling please raise your hands so the others who are here can help you and find out why you are not feeling it. But this is just the beginning of your seed sprouting, just the beginning. You have to now grow into it and become your own masters which is very simple and this is the very crucial time for you – say the first one month. If you could work it out for a month properly, I’m sure you all can be masters – is not much. We have the program in the center here – luckily, we have a very nice center and very nice people. They will give you the address which you should have. Please attend it at least for a month. – Give the address. – Jim – Now stop it. – Those not feeling the cool, after Jim has finished, just raise your hand, so that some of the sahaja…(Recording ends)