Shri Krishna Puja: On America

New Jersey (United States)


Shri Krishna Puja. New Jersey (USA), 18 August 1984.

…..many rakshasas and He used His samhara shakti, His killing powers, and His destroying powers to achieve that. Simultaneously at that time He was doing Sahaja Yoga with the gopa and the gopis in the way it was just a play, a leela. “Ra Dha. “Ra” is energy and “dha” means the one who has sustained it. She’s the sustainer of that energy. Radha. And She would go and have a bath in the river Yamuna and the ladies would go and fill up their pitchers with that water, vibrated water, and He used to break that pitcher, at the back, from the back with stones, little stones, and make a hole in it just like we make a hole here, He used to make a hole in the pitcher and that vibrated water used to flow down on the back of the gopis to give them awakening.

But that was not the time to tell them about Sahaja Yoga, there was no way of getting people around and giving them lectures and things like this so He was playing about. He played with the gopas also, by holding their hands – Raasa . “Ra” is again energy and “sa” means with. He used to play with them. He used to climb up into a pyramid-like structure made out of them and would break another pitcher which was filled with butter and butter milk and they all would eat it. Beautiful stories about his Mother and He, how they played together. On one side it’s a very beautiful, sweet, madhurya, as they call it. On the other side is the killing of the rakshasas.

After that, that is in Hastinapur where they had a war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. So we can say if in the grossest way is this world and America is the Vishuddhi Chakra, then if India is in a subtler way, it is Hastinapur where Vishuddhi Chakra was. If you see the history of America you’ll see there’s a fight going on from the very beginning. George Washington came up, there was a big fight. Black and the whites, left and the right fighting. Then you find Abraham Lincoln, a great orator, great personality, talking of collectivity, that is, democracy, developing it to this stage. I don’t know what it is now, whether it is democracy or demonocracy. It has reached another stage now which we cannot describe in the divine language and when the challenge to the Divine starts, we start doing just the opposite of what we are not supposed to do.

So the main principle of Krishna was collectivity – Raasa – everybody one with the energy; energy circulates through everyone, and just the opposite that the country developed into individualism and everything was to create something that collective was not. Individualism, when it is not connected to the mains, is destruction. Like all these trees you see, they are individuals as you see them separate, but inside they are fed by the same mother. They have the same sap running in them. When this connection is broken, then all this individualism is nothing but destruction and that’s how in America the connection with the collectivity was broken by every sort of funny methods that one cannot conceive how human beings can go to that level.
On the way if you see Americans tried to do everything in a different way as you see the plugs are other way round. The whole world has the plugs one way, they have another way. They have the gear in the other way round, I mean, it’s very dangerous to come to this country. If you don’t know how you land into and everything they tried to do it in a way that was just the opposite of what everybody was doing in the whole world. And that is one of the things very, very surprising that people accepted that kind of a nonsense.

Language-wise also they tried to have their own language. American language is not easy to understand, I tell you, very difficult. My husband once brought a beautiful record saying, “Oh, I’ve got John Kennedy’s first declaration.” I said, “All right, that’s good. Let’s have it.” So we all gathered together to listen to it. When he put it, it was just wae, wae, wae. We couldn’t understand anything, like the ducks, you know. We just couldn’t understand what sort of an English it was. I mean, we were supposed to know English and it was not so bad. English was not so bad here. If you see your old films and all that, they are absolutely, just normal English, you see. But this is a modern trend that they developed an English that nobody can understand in the world, you know. It’s difficult.

Like the first time I went to, it was in Iran and there it was advertised, “English – spoken and understood, American – spoken, not understood.” That’s the situation, so even language-wise they tried to make a separate thing. The another problem that they developed with the Vishuddhi is that at the Vishuddhi we have a power to decide because when we raised our head up to become human beings we also raised our power to get out of the bondage of nature, because animals are called as Pashu, means they are under the bondage, but we raised our head and we went out of the bondage of the nature and we could decide, and the power of decision was really maddening for human beings.

So on everything they wanted to decide to such a stupid level, such a waste of energy that the children would say in the morning, “Today I will eat this.” In the house, it’s a house, a family – it’s not a shop. But the child would say, “Today I will have this.” And another will say, “I’ll have this,” and another will say, “I’ll have that.” So you have to keep a complete shop in the house, you see. God knows what they will ask for and on that they would really make an issue out of it. When I first came to America I was surprised that every child would say, “Oh, why don’t you have this, today I want to have this and tomorrow this.” There was no common cooking. It was all everybody is having different, different.

Even the tiles – every house has different tiles, every bathroom was differently made. That’s why I say it is dangerous because I went into one bathroom and the whole thing started pouring on Me. I didn’t know where I placed My feet. All this takes away, drags out all our energy into wasteful things. I could understand on a thing like aesthetics if you waste your time because it has vibrations, but on wasteful things, whether you’ll have this size or that size. “I’ll have this and that and this.” Pampers the ego so much that the ego becomes so big that the Kundalini cannot rise above and that ego is extremely subtle.

I would say an English ego is very blunt, they can see it clearly, you see, and French ego is perverted, they’ll never, I don’t know whether they are in ego or they’re in superego or I don’t know what they are up to, but the American ego is so subtle that they don’t understand that they are playing with their ego. And that’s what Sahaja Yogis must be very much warned of and must understand that they have a very subtle ego which will always cheat them. To fight this ego is impossible because it is too subtle and you cannot fight it. You cannot fight that subtle bhoot. Only thing what you can do is to rise above it, to go to a subtler situation so that it cannot touch you. And this ego is crawled upon you because it is the land of Shri Krishna.

You have everything in abundance, see the fruits, you have vegetation, you have beautiful housing, money, so-called freedom for license. What more do you want? Complete arrangements for your destruction. First of all, the comfort. The comfort makes you slaves of the matter. You remember we had four people who came first after all our money we spent here, the way we worked here we got four people to come to India and three ran away. Whatever we tried, they would not stick on because they said, “We’re uncomfortable.”

But the problem is when that ego is so subtle that to you comfort becomes next life. I mean, that’s the most important thing. But the inside, the inside, the subtler, which is the character, which is the dharma, which is your chastity, which is your purity. You’re not uncomfortable with that. With any kind of impurity we’re all right, any kind of cheating we are all right, any kind of aggressiveness we are all right. But the material comfort we are very particular about. We must have material comforts because we have lived in America so we must have material comforts. But this is the thing that is responsible for your destruction. What makes you comfortable is the matter. It has exhausted the Mother Earth completely. What did you create? Plastics. What do you have? In the shops – plastic, plastic, plastic. Plastic crawls into the clothes, plastic crawls into everything that you go – there’s nothing but plastic in this country. What sort of a comfort do you have? And the plastic is now sitting on your head.

The electricity that you got because God was kind to give you those huge big waterfalls you got electricity. But if it fails, you cannot exist. Petrol you have, once it is exhausted, Arabs will sit on your head. So the whole attitude of America, instead of becoming the witness of the whole thing, became a slave of this comfort. Shri Krishna was a king and He had the powers to make anybody a king, you know that Sudama’s story. He was such a simple-hearted personality. He could live anywhere, sleep anywhere. That’s what you should have been.

But this ego which is coming from material comfort has really ruined America, I think, and you all Sahaja Yogis have to know that to fight it out you all have to become very great Sahaja yogis, much greater than any other European or Indian Sahaja yogi. Unless and until you become really great Sahaja Yogis, you cannot take away this country from this real gross mire of matter. Materialism is so ugly and there’s no proper even sense of shame or sense of grace when they express themselves. Russians are materialistic, out and out, openly. They say, “We are materialists, we believe in materialism. Unless and until there is material affluence we cannot get over the police force and all that.” They also talk of collectivity without God, another stupidity. But Russians, when they try to help other countries, they never understand that it is to be done with grace. They’ll help someone, if somebody’s a beggar then only they’ll take out money, otherwise they will not.

If somebody’s a beggar on the street they’ll give them money but in Sahaja Yoga I was told many a times Sahaja Yogis don’t want to pay money for Sahaja Yoga. It’s very surprising, isn’t it? Sahaja Yogis think that everything should happen free. It’s very sad to hear that and this time that’s why nobody wanted to come. Neither nobody wanted to pay for Me to come here. Last time you know we spent about $41,000. It all came, apart from the money that was wasted by some people in Canada, $41,000 they spent – Europeans, English and Me. They all spent all this money on American tour and what did they get? Those four Sahaja Yogis so-called, out of which three ran away. See the situation. Amount of money they’ve spent on you, you are the richest country. Isn’t it surprising?

Out of that people from Spain, they’re not so rich, people from Portugal, they’re not so rich – everybody prayed for the emancipation in America, so many people contributed. Whatever they had they sold and gave it just for this tour because here your P.R. is so expensive, here hall is so expensive, everything is so expensive. Some people sold their chains. There’s a Yugoslav girl – she sold her chains to give for American tour. Whatever they could do, they did. Last time, you know, I also spent a lot of money to come to America to spread Sahaja Yoga. It was such a sad thing that we couldn’t achieve much. Canada and America, both places. We tried our level best. So the reason is, one of the reasons why it did not work out, because it was not your money. The Deities didn’t like it and I was amazed that they said even now the Sahaja Yogis are hesitant to pay money even for the puja.

It is very surprising why in that country which is so poor, India, I mean, it’s a privilege for them to pay for Sahaja Yoga. It’s something so different, you know, with all the riches you have, the temperament that you have, it’s not full of grace and that’s what I want to tell you that you all Sahaja Yogis first have to become real Sahaja Yogis otherwise Sahaja Yoga cannot spread here. You have to sacrifice. You know when I started Sahaja Yoga, CP gave Me money and I had sufficient to start it. Three years I came to America. I paid for everybody’s travel, everything I did and people collected money for us and you know how much they gave us altogether? Twenty-five dollars. I was here for a month.

In the churches they would collect – give one cent and something like that, you see, and we threw away all the money in the sea and went away from here. It’s all right. That time it was. But all the Indians collected money. I said, “I don’t want the money, keep it just now. Where do we keep it? We have no trust, nothing.” For three years I never told them anything. After three years we started the trust and all of them brought money for the trust. You’ll be amazed, people who were just ordinary fisherman, earning about 100 rupees per month. All of them had minimum of one thousand rupees to give Me – widows – thousand rupees. I was amazed. How? How? And they said, “Mother, You have to have it.” I said, “But it’s too much, how are you giving it? So much, one thousand rupees.” Imagine, a hundred-rupee pay they have. They said, “No, Sahaja Yoga is the only way, Mother. What for are we to save for, for what have we to do?” And , can you imagine, in a place like Maharashtra, which is one of the poorest, poorest states, you see. Only in one center we have eight lakhs of rupees even now when they have spent so much of money.

So what’s the use of this kind of riches? I tried to study the mind, an American mind – why? Why is it? Actually the problem is that you plan out everything, your expenditure and everything. Plan out everything. I don’t know and if it doesn’t fit into that plan, then you are flabbergasted. But Indians are just the opposite. As soon as they get the pay, this is for Sahaja Yoga. Mataji doesn’t take, so what? This is for Sahaja Yoga. First taken out that much money and the rest manage within that. They never touch that money. It’s the auspicious money. It’s kept for Sahaja Yoga.
People go to India and you stay with anyone they’ll never charge you money, never take money, nothing. You never pay anything. You can try that and for the first three or four years the Sahaja Yogis, all of them who went, went there free, lived there free. Of course, I did pay, I must accept, but they also paid. Lived there free, traveled free and they think it’s a privilege that they can look after the saints from abroad. Of course, when it comes to gurus you can go bankrupt, you’ll be moving with one dress like last time we had somebody from Rajneesh you see, he came and they said, “Mother won’t have you with this dress.” They said, “We have given everything to Rajneesh. This is the only dress left with us, so what should we do?” So I said, “Now you better buy them a dress and give it from Sahaja Yoga.”

That’s the situation. So first and foremost thing I would say for Sahaja Yogis here in America is to see how much you give for Sahaja Yoga, not that I want anything. But you have expenses in this country. Next time when I come here, who’s going to bear the expenses? In Australia, Australia paid most of the money. Can you imagine? Australians are supposed to be the convicts. They paid most of the money and Spain, Europe – of course, Europeans sent money and that was all lost. So that must be understood that as Krishna’s place first is He’s on a rajoguna, He’s on the right side, He represents, He’s the husband of Lakshmi, He’s the Lord of Lakshmi. That’s why you’ve got everything, He’s Vishnu. And what? The One Who has given so much to you, we are still not there. So first of all we must establish Shri Krishna within us. Shri Krishna’s one beautiful story is of Sudama, I must tell you that at this time you’ll understand how Shri Krishna was.

Shri Krishna was studying, studying means in those days the thing was all children were sent to a guru and there was His guru was there and with His guru was another disciple of the guru was a poor boy called Sudama and then they separated. Sudama was still a poor man while Krishna became the King. He became the King of Dwarika, very rich. And Sudama told his wife that “He’s my friend.”

She said, “How is it? He’s a king and you’re a beggar. How can it be?”

He said, “It is true, He’s my friend. I want to meet Him because He’s my friend, that’s all. I don’t need anything, I just want to meet Him. What should I take for Him?”

He said, “All right, I haven’t got anything but I’ve got some rice crispies you see in the house.” In French would call it rice crispies. What do you call? I don’t know. Americans also call rice crispies. All right. Because it is surprising. I thought there should be some other name for it. All right, so rice crispies.

The wife said, “All right take this for your friend. If He’s your friend, why not? Give Him this. So he put it in a little bundle, tied it up and went there, hiding here. He was feeling shy, to a king to take rice crispies was too much.

And he went to see Him. There was a huge palace and there were lots of guards. So he went and told them he wants to see Shri Krishna. The guards laughed and said, “Who? You want to see Shri Krishna? Who are you?”

He said, “I’m His friend, I’m His childhood friend. You just go and tell Him that Sudama has come to see Him.” They ridiculed him, but he said, “No, better tell Him.”

So they said, “No, He’s in His court, how can we go and tell Him? He said, “No, better tell Him.” So one guard went inside and told Shri Krishna in His ears, “There’s a crazy man calling himself Sudama and he says he’s Your friend.”

Krishna just became a Viraat at that time. The joy was so great. He left His seat. He ran out and He hugged is friend and said, “O God, I’ve been looking out for you. I tried to find you out. I could not get you. How can you forget Me like this?” He hugged him and hugged him and kissed him and took him inside and announced, “Cancel all the court. I will have holidays today. My friend has come.”

Took him into His bedroom. Told His wife, “My friend has come, Sudama, I told you. He’s a great soul, Sudama, who has come.” He had at that time five wives, means the five elements were His wives and He told them, “Look after him,” and He made him sit on His bed. Sudama was feeling very shy, you know. All the ladies came. They washed his feet with hot water and with milk.

He said, “Drink this. This is what it is, he’s a great saint.” They were surprised you see, and they said, “What about the food?” He said, “I’m going to eat on the same plate. Bring food for us.” Then he had food. Then He made him sleep in His bed covered him up and He started patting his head. “Are you comfortable?”

He said, “I’m very awkward here.”

He said, “What is there to be awkward? This is My bed. This is yours. Everything Mine is yours. You are My friend.” Then He sat down and slept off. The next day He said, “We’ll have a big procession with you there.”

He said, “Really?”

Then He made beautiful clothes for him, put him on a chariot of gold and took a procession out, and in our country there’s a custom that to take out the bad eye we put some sort of a … sometimes the rice or if they are rich they put some money, and if you are very rich then the kings and all, they throw some pearls on them all the time, on the head. And there were pearls showered on him all through and the people were gathering it as auspicious things. Sudama thought, I wish one pearl would come into my lap also, you see. My condition at home is very bad, it would be a good idea. And Shri Krishna was smiling, asking him, “Are you comfortable?” He said, “Very comfortable,” But He was reading his mind.

And then Sudama went home thinking, Oh what a nice time I had. When he went home he saw a beautiful palace. He said, “How there is a palace? There was no palace in my little village.” When he went he saw people running up, bringing a red carpet for him. He said, “Me? Not me.” They said, “Yes, for you. This palace is for you.”

“Who’s made this palace?”

They said, “Shri Krishna Himself came here and made this palace for you.” And his wife dressed up nicely with all ornaments and all that, smiling. He said, “Did you ask for all that? Did you beg for it?”

She said, “Never! Never! I never asked.” So he went in and there he lived forever happily and those great reflections of Shri Krishna born today in this great country, isn’t it?

Where are they? Look at the grace, the graciousness of Shri Krishna and that’s what I have to tell you. We have lost our grace completely. Ego, you see, ego doesn’t give you the grace. There’s no (Mother asks someone in the audience in Marathi the English word for sankoch) bashfulness about it. No bashfulness. It’s such a sweet thing to be bashful about giving something to someone. There’s no generosity at all and generosity only in self-indulgence – buying these plastics. There’s no fondness of giving, the enjoyment of generosity.

So one has to understand as Sahaja Yogis you have to just fight that element within you which makes you, gives the idea of ownership. “This I own, that I own.” You own nothing in this world. You are just a sakshi of the whole thing, this is just a leela. What do you own? What do we carry? When we’re born, our hands are like this and when we go, our hands are like this stretched.

We can’t even carry a grain . But that doesn’t mean that we should become ascetics. Nothing of the kind. You never become, I tell you. And that is how I have seen people in other countries have gained a lot. Now we have seven ashrams in London, can you believe it? In London city, seven ashrams, all free, all free. But they don’t want to live there free. They’re paying for it and that money we used last time for coming here. So every Sahaja Yogi has to build up the America within himself onto his Vishuddhi with grace, with that beauty, that madhurya, that sweetness of Shri Krishna.

That is one of the qualities you all have to embed into yourself very deeply and enjoy your generosity. Actually it’s the most generous thing to be enjoying yourself. I enjoy My generosity very much Myself. And I always feel what is this matter for? The matter is for giving to someone. Supposing I give you something, I express My love into that matter, isn’t it? Something small. Today I bought 51 saris for the Indian Sahaja yoginis in America. Cotton saris. Some may say, “Why Mother, why did you buy this? Why don’t you buy something for Yourself?” But what is Myself? Is these Sahaja yoginis. It’s nice and I enjoy buying them and within half an hour I decided which I was going to buy and looking forward. What is there in a cotton sari from America? Is nothing. Five dollars they cost Me only each.

But how much joy is to give to these Sahaja yoginis and when I go they come to receive Me in those saris, beautiful and I thought of Shri Krishna that when Draupadi – you must have heard that story that Draupadi was His sister, Pandavas’s wife and She was sold out to these rakshasas – Duryodhana. And he wanted to insult Her by taking out Her sari in the presence of many, and when he put his hand to Her sari, there’s a beautiful thing about it, that She thought of Her brother that “He’s the only One Who will save My chastity now.” So She put Her sari to Her mouth and held it that She might be able to hold it, you see. So She says, “Kri!’ Kri ‘She could say, but if She said “shna,” it falls down. And so She was holding on with “Kri,” you see. As soon as She said, “shna,” it’s a beautiful thing written by Tulsidasa, Dwarika mein shor bhayo, shor bhayo bhari, shankh, chakra, gada padm, garuda layi sidhari.

When it happened when She said, “shna,” the whole thing resounded in Dwarika where He was and His shankh, chakra, gada, padma – all His four things. On a garuda He came down and started supplying. And today I felt on a Janamashtami to buy saris. I’m doing Krishna’s job even today. What a pleasure it was. And always I take from America the saris. You’ll be amazed all the saris I take from America because it is Krishna’s country and I have to give them saris for their chastity. That’s the beauty of this country and you have to rise up to that. You have to become those gopis and gopas who gave joy to others and happiness to others with grace and not leftovers, not leftovers.

But the first, the primordial, the best, the highest. Try and enjoy that. That’s the greatest ownership is to own somebody with love, isn’t it? Just love, nothing else. Not for any matter or anything but just love, and this matter has only one value, I tell you, that it expresses love, that’s all. I don’t find that it has any other value that the love of an artist is expressed in these and now you just become thoughtless and you start watching it. Once you think of possession and “my own” – headache. You go to an insurance company. You must insure it. You are always worried no child is treading upon it. Worried about your carpets, worried about your bathrooms. For what? Such a drag it is, matter has dragged you down. Be careful on it.

So all Sahaja Yogis have be alert on that point because matter has auspiciousness in it. Auspiciousness gives vibrations to it. But matter which is possessed loses its auspiciousness completely. It gets possessed by you like, like the bhoots possess, you, possess the matter and the matter possesses you. There’s a mutual possession goes on. Vibrations are lost. That sort of generosity which is a part of the Lakshmi, the power of this country is Lakshmi itself. If this is Shri Krishna’s place what is the power of this country? Is Lakshmi and what is Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, one hand like this, gives. Otherwise, She’s not a Lakshmi. Another hand like this. This hand. She gives protection, ashray. Another hand has got a rosary, surrendered to God or sometimes if there is no rosary, is a lotus, both hands. Standing on a lotus and the lotus represents what is a coziness of a home, a beautiful, pink, warm home.

A rich man who doesn’t have a warm house and a warm heart where he cannot receive others – even the black bumblebee, such a horrible thing which has got all the thorns and things, has a place in that soft bed of a lotus, is pink in color and beautiful. While the people here, though they may have money, they move like hippies, horrible looking. When they come to India, they wear such little dresses. I mean, it’s mostly missing and very embarrassing for Indian people. They find it impossible to look at them. Believe in having no dresses, looking so ugly. All that comes from where? Is not Lakshmi Tattwa. Lakshmi is completely covered with a beautiful dress and a traditional She wears, She’s very traditional and She is a mother. You have to mother. She stands on a lotus. Just imagine, how light She is. Light in the sense She has no materialism in Her head. That’s why She stands on a lotus and lotus is in the mud. She stands above that.

That’s your power. Not this so-called money. If you put some money on the back of a donkey will you call him a lakshmipati? He’s just carrying that money as a load on his head, there’s no beauty. There’s no glory. How much you possess has no meaning at all. It’s so perverted in this country, so perverted the idea. Like the other day you know when I came last year, they asked, “How many Rolls Royces She has? If She has none, we are not interested.” They might be from some sort of a bungling or cheating or they might have been taken out of some people whose children might have died or they might have sold their houses, doesn’t matter. As long as She has Rolls Royces, whatever may be the source, maybe mafia, maybe anything, doesn’t matter.

Just imagine. Is that Lakshmi Tattwa? To change all these how much you have to work hard. Think about it and that’s why I didn’t want to have public program this time. I said, let’s see, work on the subtle and the Sahaja Yogis have to work on the subtle themselves.

They have to work it out within themselves. They have to build up themselves. They have to make all these things apparent, evident, absolutely manifesting to their own character, in their temperament, in everything, and the sweetness for which Shri Krishna is a symbol of sweetness, is a symbol of sweetness, is so sweet. His ways and methods were so sweet, like as a child, you know. He went and ate some clay or some mud or something. His Mother got very angry. “Why did you eat that? Open your mouth.” Gave Him a slap on the face. Shri Krishna having a slap from the Mother, doesn’t matter – it’s mother, after all. He opens His mouth and She sees the whole universe churning in His mouth. She sees that and She bows to Him and so innocent and so beautiful and so dramatic.

Like once the Mother was angry because He has eaten all the butter, because very fond of butter. But Americans are not, they have put up all their butter somewhere, I don’t know what’s happening to their butter. Why don’t you send it to countries where there is no butter. It’s all melting away, I don’t know where the butter has gone. They won’t eat butter. Butter is very important for the Vishuddhi. You have to put it in the noses, you have to take some butter. But they won’t have, they want to look skinny. Krishna never was a skinny person. Imagine Shri Krishna carrying that Govardhana with a skinny body you see, standing there. He was not a cinema actor. These days the cinema actors look like….. (rest of sentence missing on tape.)

“What am I doing the whole day? I’m taking your cows, I’m looking after them and when I come home you are angry with Me. I have not taken any butter.”

So She says, “Then what did You do?”

“Only, I gave everything to others. I didn’t eat Myself at all. I’ve given everything away to them.”

So She says, “All right, open your mouth,” and She sees the complete aakasha, the whole ether melting. She puts Him to Her heart and says, “O God, please forgive Me.”

Such beautiful stories, of Radha and Krishna also, such beautiful stories. Not like modern romances that on the street you can’t walk, they’re all kissing each other and if you ask them where are they going, they are going to a divorce case. Such a show of that and so many divorces. What’s the use of such a show of love? And Radha’s and Krishna’s love is so beautifully expressed is one of the stories was that Radha was His power on the spiritual and He went as Vitthala to Dwarika and He had His five elements on the right side, He moved on the right side and Radha stayed in Vrindavan. So these five wives were a little bit teased by Narada who always used to create problems. And he said that “Oh, Krishna doesn’t love you, He only loves Radha, He doesn’t love you, you know? You are just there, five wives.”

So they went and told Shri Krishna, “You don’t love us.” And 16,000 He had, other wives who were His powers. 16,000 powers He had. So they all came and said, “You don’t love us. You only love Radha, we have come to know about it.”

He said, “Really? It is so? You believe it? Oh God, I’ve got a terrible pain in the stomach, hearing all this.” And He started rolling, you see, all drama. “I’ve got a terrible pain, how am I going to get cured now?”

They said, “Now You are the One Who is a Dhanvantri, You are the One Who is a, Who is the doctor, you tell us. Divine Doctor, tell us how to cure You.”

“Only way that you have to give the dust of your feet for Me to drink.” So they got a fright. They said, “Look at Him, very clever, He loves Radha and now He wants us to give Him the dust of our feet. So it’s most inauspicious to give the dust of our feet for a God to drink. It’s too much, how can we do it? He’s playing tricks with us. No, no, no, nothing doing. We’re not going to do this. Better have your pain. You are just joking with us.”

So Narada was there, he said, “Really? Is that the way?”

He said, “Yes. Now you go and ask Radha.”

So he went to Radha and said, “Krishna is having a bad time, He’s got a very bad pain in the stomach and He says any one of My people if they give Me the dust of their feet to drink, I’ll be all right.”

So Radha said, “Yes, it’s all right. You take.” She took out from Her feet Her dust and gave it to him.” He was amazed. The dust was yellow colored because Vrindavan has yellow colored dust. She said, “Take it to Shri Krishna.”

He said, “Aren’t you afraid that you are doing a sin?”

She said, “I’m not because it is Who, He who does everything. Why should I worry about Him? He does everything for Me. Why should I worry?” Narada was quite surprised. He didn’t understand Her so he took down the dust to Dwarika and gave it to Shri Krishna and Shri Krishna still was rolling. “Oh, She has given. Oh, I knew She will be giving.” So everybody was surprised, you know. He took that dust and gave drank it. `”Ah, now I’m all right.”

So Narada asked Him, “I didn’t understand.”

She said, “Everything He does.”

“What do You mean?

“If She commits sins, that also You do.”

He said, “Watch in My heart.” What he sees Radha is in His heart and in the lotus of His heart She’s sitting on the lotus and Her feet are touching the pollen of His lotus and that pollen is the same yellow dust. So when She can be in His heart, Her feet is touching the pollen of the lotus of His heart, what is there a sin for Her now anymore left? She’s sitting in His heart. Such a beautiful relationship.

That’s what is the Lord of your country. And with such a Lord what do you have here? People suffering from throat cancer, singing “Hare Rama. Hare Krishna” and ending up as cancer patients, smoking, dying of cancer, talking loudly, condemning all the world, dominating with that horrible American language all the world. The “r” itself is pronounced wrong in this country and “r” stands for the energy and the way you say “rrr” is too much. Change it a little bit. Make it “r, r” is a simple way. Make it mridu, make it soft. Make your language soft, make it beautiful. Slangs, you see?

Like one American lady came to see Me, she’s all the time nudging Me, you see. I was surprised at her, you see. And she was winking at Me, nudging. She was friendly, you know, trying to be friendly and we went to see a play and still she was nudging Me and she used to wink at Me like this. Every time she winked I was quite shocked. Then she said something to Me and I said I didn’t follow. “Oh, by the way, You can’t understand slangs, do You?”

I said, “No I think I don’t understand.”

“Have You ever spoken slang?”

I said, “Sorry I don’t think. I, I don’t know.”

“Ah You come to America and then You will know all this.” And then she gave Me a big nudge.

When I came home it was all paining on the left hand side, you see, My husband said, “What’s the matter?” I said I was sitting next to an American lady, that’s what you get, all the time nudging Me. I mean, she was very sweet, very good person, nice, knowledgeable, intelligent and of My age, not young lady. But I felt that she was trying to be a child of five years or something or maybe even five years. In India people won’t nudge you, and then I realized that there’s a big diffidence in the mind of this lady that she thinks she’s growing old and she has to behave like a young person. When she would walk you know, like your president.

I have seen all of them, Carter, this one, everyone. They walk, you see, like that. On the airplane when they walk there’s no dignity, you see. They walk with legs like this and jump out suddenly and stand up like that, very jerky. You can’t understand, at that age, with that position, to be jerky isn’t it. There should be some majestic behavior, something dignified. But on the contrary, it’s so jerky, you know the whole thing is. At first I couldn’t believe it was the President. Then they said, “He’s a peanut one.”

“All right,” I said. And then the second one came in and he was the same. I said, “What’s the matter with him?”

“He’s an actor.” I said, “Who is the next? God only knows.” I mean, it doesn’t behoove a person, a president. And you have Abraham Lincoln. What a man! I think his blessings should work out one day in this country. What a saint. What a personality. And that’s what you had, people, great people in this country and that greatness, that vision is lost now. Have confidence in yourself. If any incarnation had any confidence, it was Shri Krishna. Even Christ gave in at the last minute, He said. “Oh God,” That’s addressed to Shri Krishna only. “You want Me to drink this?” But Shri Krishna always played, so confident.

(Mother asks someone in the audience in Marathi, what the English word for Sutradhaar is. Answer: Controller, coordinator)

The one who has the string, you see, who is the string holder. The one who is in the puppet show.) Sutra is the thread. The balancer, Sutradhaar is the one you know, who carries the thread, he plays. He balances the puppets. So you have to balance the puppets, the puppets who nudge, the puppets who walk like that, you have to balance them. But unless and until you are steady yourself, how will you balance them? You have to steady yourselves and that’s what I’ve come to tell you about Shri Krishna today that you are the reflections of that.

You are blessed because you did good work. You had punyas in last life, that’s why you are born in this great country. You are seekers of a very high quality. But you have lost it completely. That rigid you have lost, get back to it. Every one of you can beat all these gurus out. Everyone of you can give thousands of people Realization. First of all you must become a dynamic, compassionate person. Then only you’ll work it out and with so many Sahaja Yogis we can blast. Discipline, discipline. That’s one of the most important. Discipline your mind, discipline yourselves because He is Yogeshwara – the One Who is the master of yogas. Yogeshwara, completely disciplined. Nothing can deter Him. No temptations. Nothing. Yogeshwara was … I must tell you this story also, it’s very interesting.

That there was a saint who came and living on the other side of the river and the queens wanted to go and pay their homage to this great saint who was there. But the river was on spate, completely in spate and the water was overflowing. They couldn’t cross so they went and told Shri Krishna, “How are we to cross?”

So He said, “All right, you go and tell the river (that river is Tapi river) tell the river that “If Shri Krishna is Yogeshwara and He’s beyond physical life, then you go down.” And they were all His wives, you see, they had known Him as a husband.

They said, “How can that be? It’s so absurd.”

He said, “Go and ask.” Because He’s the Witness, He’s the Spirit. And they went and told the river, “If He is so, please go down” and the river went down absolutely and they were amazed. They crossed it.

They went to the saint, gave him food to eat. He ate a lot, sat down, talked to them, ate every sort of food that everybody eats. Like Americans take Coca Cola, so I also take Coca Cola. And after that again the river came up. So the queens said, “How can we cross over?”

He asked, “How did you come?”

They said, “Shri Krishna told us an absurd thing and the river listened to it.” So he said, “All right, now you go and tell the river that ‘If this saint has not eaten any food, has not enjoyed any food at all then you go down.’ The river will go down.” And they were amazed, you see.

So they went and told the river, “If this saint has not eaten any food, so far he has not enjoyed any food, you go down,” and the river went down and they looked back. They were surprised.

The saint said, “This is the Yogeshwara’s detachment.”

It’s detachment. It’s there, everything – you eat, still you don’t eat. Complete detachment. With detachment, gradually detaching yourself, you’ll achieve that power, you’ll have tremendous powers. Then you don’t have to worry about Russia destroying you, you don’t have to worry about anything. You are so powerful, nobody can touch this country. But when you people yourself become weak, the sudarshna itself, the great wheel that is on top of this country will become weaker. It’s for you. It is placed there for your protection. But if you are weak people, it’s not going to work out.

The Vishuddhi Chakra, I must tell you something about, it’s very important.
At the Vishuddhi Chakra, the beej mantras are all the vowels like in Sanskrit or in Devanagri, you see, like a, aa, i e, u, oo, ey, eiy, o, ou, ru, roo, lu, lulu, ang, aha. Sixteen. These are sixteen. So the vowels have to be all right in your language. The vowels have to be beautiful. They should not be sharp, they should not be muffled out, but they should be very clean and that’s what is missing here. Like the first time when I came here I had Mr. Pradhan who was very, you see, protocolish man and he wanted to tell them Bhagawati, how to say Bhagawati. He could not tell the Americans.

They said, “How?”

He said, “Say bha.” They couldn’t say “bha” so he pulled his ears three times, he said, “Mother, I have to become an American’ to tell them.”

I said, “All right, doesn’t matter.” So he puts his …like this and says bhaegaewaeti and they did, they did say. So first of all you should not make your lips move like that. Try to discipline it. Say “bha”, not “bhae”. Anything you say clearly, a, aa, is very important for Vishuddhi Chakra.

Not only that you’ve spoilt your language, but you are spoiling everybody’s because you are so powerful. So try to use your lips, your tongue, your teeth, your eyes, your nose, your ears in such a manner that you have disciplined it completely. All these are looked after by Vishuddhi Chakra and the most important of all is the ego and superego rise from here and cover the whole head. So you have to look after your conditioning and your ego because you think you have no traditions, so there’s inferiority complex from the left side. It’s nonsense. You had traditions of thousands of years, you are coming from that tradition. To believe that you have no tradition – nonsense. So even if you want to buy a rickety bridge from England you would like to buy that. That’s not the way. You have to have tradition of your Spirit and not of these material traditions. They’ll all vanish into thin air. So the traditions of the Spirit which you have got from people like Abraham Lincoln, you must develop. Thinking of the people all the time. We are the people. Thinking of the people. We are not alone, we have to share. All that you have to develop if you have to develop your Vishuddhi Chakra in a powerful way. The sharing capacity of the collective and the collectivity. Collectivity among yourselves. But I find always letters coming from Canada and America about the fights that are going on and I said still the Kurusketra is not over, the Hastinapur is still on. The Pandavas are still fighting.

Collectivity, you are representatives of the Viraat of the collective being. Complete circulation and love and affection. Not that love and affection mean perverted or degenerated, but pure love, pure love, enjoying another person’s Spirit. You are responsible for it. If I cannot get Vishuddhi Chakra all right, Sahaja Yoga won’t be all right. Vishuddhi Chakra has to be all right, though last time I said I’ll never go to America. How can it be? I have to come again and again. And you have to be greater and greater people, understanding the responsibility you have towards Divine. Be responsible. It’s not only that Michael is responsible or somebody else is responsible. Every one of you. You are like the vowels. Vowels are important. Without vowels, consonants have no meaning. Everybody is a vowel. Everybody has to be responsible.

[Shri Mataji is offered something to drink] Not good for Vishuddhi Chakra. Not good for Vishuddhi Chakra. But I’ll have it, out of love, isn’t it? Thank you.

What fruits! Such a shyamala [dark coloured]. Beautiful country you have, it’s Gokul itself, Vrindavan itself.
I’m very happy I could come again. This is the first time that, Janmashtami, I’m here first time. And today I’m wearing a sari that Radha used to wear this kind, is all hand and dyed, is made with tying up every knot, thousands of knots like the thousand chakras. And what is our brain? It’s nothing but Virata itself. Brain is the place of Virata. So, the whole central nervous system is guided by this brain and the brains of the universe is America. But it’s crazy now.
I asked, “What is this building?” “Mental hospital.”
“What is this building?” “Mental hospital.”
So many mental hospitals. I was amazed! You know, every place you go to, I said, “What is this?” “This is a bridge going that side to island.”
I said, “What is that building?” “Mental hospital.”
I said, “What about the actresses? They used to live here?”
They said, “They have all become mental. It’s mental hospital.”
The brain has gone crazy. The brain of the universe, crazy Americans! They are known like that. English are mad, Americans are crazy. Children are enjoying.
Violence. Imagine, everything is just the opposite of what you should have been. You should have been the wisest, the sanest and the most confident ones, are crazy people. Anywhere you go to India, “Oh, it’s all right, they are crazy.” What crazy? “Oh, they’re Americans, you know.” Branded. Americans means crazy people, goes hand-in-hand. Just imagine. As a task, but you are all the cells which are awakened in the brain. Establish yourselves, balance and grow. Grow into great people. Forget your personal nonsense and personal limitations and personal ambitions and personal possessions, forget that person. You cannot be a person. You have to be people. Know that. This time we had some American people there for the Guru Puja and didn’t give very good impression to people. Next time, let the world see what America is in the real sense of God.

If you have any questions, you should ask Me now and then we’ll have the Puja.

This brain which is limited has to become unlimited. Don’t think you have too much brains when you start thinking you become crazy. He has the brains and your brain has to become one with that brain. You are just a cell in that brain. You have to become one with that, then you are a great brain. You are the brain of the people but if one cell in the brain starts thinking it’s very great, he becomes malignant. You get cancer and that’s what it is. And the play of Shri Krishna is always in frolic and mirth and joy and happiness. Just a play. In that confidence we just play around. You’re not heavy people, serious. Very serious they drink and very seriously they take drugs. Very seriously they become, you know, all the stupid things.

[QUESTIONS START] Any questions?

Someone in the audience: I’d like to ask You a question.

Shri Mataji: Yes, ask.

Question: I’ve been always worried about the people in the United States have been repressed from the time they were small children that the individual counts more than the group. We have been stressing this. How can you be a collective if you’re an individual and the group does not count? And I have been worrying about that.

Shri Mataji: I’ll tell you what. The individual has to grow to understand that you are collective. When the individual really grows up, becomes the Spirit, it realizes that it is the Spirit because they are still children, not grown. They’re not yet grown people, they’re not grown ups. When you grow means you develop, when you evolve to your maximum state, you become the Spirit and you realize that you are collective. It’s not lecturing, it’s not talking, it’s Realization itself. When you become the Spirit, Spirit is the collective being within you. And in a way, you are, in a way. Why are you bothered about Afghanistan? Why you are worried about Vietnam? Everywhere you go you create problems. But you are worried about it. But when you really evolve you become the Spirit and when you become the Spirit you are collective automatically. You start feeling others, you start feeling others’ chakras.

What can you do? You become. So the complete individuation is complete collectivity. But it’s one-sided. Growth of ego is cancer. Here the individual means you become a big, thick-headed ego. That’s all. This is not individual. This is Mr. Ego, the stupid. It’s stupidity. It’s real stupidity, I tell you. And where are you individuals? Just see that. Very stupid. Like the other day, you see, there was a fellow, Colombo, he was from Colombo and he said, “I’m very good at hair dressing and I’ll come and I’ll do Your hair dressing.”

I said, “I don’t do a hair dress. But, I said, you are a crazy man. In your shop you have all this poky stuff. What this all?”

He said, “This is new, You don’t know this is the new fashion of the mad people.”

“New fashion?”

“You don’t know all these people are mad, You don’t know. How long have You been here? They are mad.”

I said, “Why?”

“Now they want to put gum, glue to pull out their hair. Tomorrow they’ll all be bald-headed. Then they’ll start using, all of them will start using a, what you call, them, wigs”. That’s why you have lost your romance completely. You see, because people fall in love with wigs. Where are you individuals? Let Me see. You all move with fashions. If one keeps a beard, everyone will keep a beard. If somebody shaves off their head, everybody becomes that. Where are you individuals? You are so impressionable. Anybody, anything one tells you, you do that. Isn’t it? Television has to just advertise, that’s all. Any kind of craziness. This pop music. Now what was that? (Shri Mataji asks in Marathi about a group of four) Answer from audience: Beatles.) Ah? How they started it, Beatles, you know? Actually the one who sponsored all that his uncle was on a ship. One day he was, he came as a pilot and he was telling Me the story. He said what they did is to get these four boys, taught them this music and got some girls and boys, paid them some money and they said you start doing like this, going crazy when we sing and everybody started doing it. This is monkeys. They are individuals. But you must have heard about the 100-monkey trick. Have you heard about it?

So even monkeys can do that and that’s what Sahaja Yoga is. One day it will spark, you’ll see that in the awareness. They’re not individuals. They are imbalanced, one-sided people, egoistical and stupid. I mean stupid things they do. They paint their hair. Nowadays in England they are painting their hair. When it gives you blindness, actually blindness. But why paint your hair?

Yes, My child?

Question from audience: Which day is the Sabbath?

Shri Mataji: It’s not important. The day you meditate is the Sabbath. For Sahaja Yoga, we are beyond time. In Sahaja Yoga you are beyond time. But is whichever is Sunday is Sunday now. We need not change, is being adjusted. What is there to fight? This Seventh Day Adventists, very cunning people. One of My nieces joined them. They said, “You can’t wear any gold.” Imagine. What is the connection between the Seventh Day and this? So they said, “You can’t wear any gold.” So she gave all her gold to them. Then there was a theft and the whole thing was lost, so-called theft. What do they, you, achieve by that? Nothing. Every day is a Sabbath Day for Sahaja Yogis. Every day

Question from audience: Mother, would You care for some tea?

Shri Mataji: Tea also. All right.

Question: Can You reach it?

Shri Mataji: These are all controversies created for nothing at all against the highest which has nothing to do with time, space, anything. Now they are saying there was no miracle of Christ’s birth. There was no miracle of anything like He walked on the water, nothing of the kind because Mr. Paul doesn’t say so. Now this Mr. Paul, I never understood how he was in the Bible. He was not a realized soul, he had no business to be there. So if they believe in Paul, they believe in all these things because a man who was not a realized soul, when he establishes the church, he will have Seventh Day Adventists, you’ll have Pentecostals, all kinds of bhoots, everything there because he was not a realized soul. He was a possessed man. He used to suffer from epilepsy. But he’s in the Bible, can you imagine, an epileptic in the Bible? Can you explain that? Epileptic talking about God. What do you say to that kind of a thing? Epileptic preaching about God. Like all mad people you see talking about God. A person who is godly has to be at least above board, isn’t it?

At least like this fellow, D. Lorrain. He made all the money and he’s supposed to be twice born or something born again and this born again came with a Bible to hit Me, you know. Do you know that story? How are they born again? They have no sensitivity, nothing, very insensitive.

Question: Mother, how is it that we can develop our compassion?

Shri Mataji: Compassion is by enjoying compassion itself. Now you better sit down and think, what should I do to express my compassion to this person? All right, let us plan out this way – as we plan our money, let us plan out our compassion. So now how to express? Like Me, you see, I play lots of tricks of My compassion and it is very beautiful, you know, the way people react to it. What do you say? Isn’t it? I know how to play My compassion about, isn’t it? And it works out. It works out. So you should plan it out beautifully, how to play your compassion and God has given you brains but have the heart. Pour it into it, you’ll enjoy it, enjoy it really.

I’ll tell you once how I worked on a really great soul called Gagangarh Maharaj. It’s an interesting story. This Gagangarh Maharaj used to live on a hilltop and he would never see people. He was a very angry type of a man. He’s John the Baptist and all his legs and hands were broken and he travels on a tiger. Very hot-tempered. Went to see him and every Sahaja Yogi was saying, “Why are You going to a guru?”

I said, “See his vibrations.”

So I climbed all the way see him and it was raining heavily and he’s supposed to be in charge of rains, he can control the rains, you see. He’s a very big, powerful man and the rain would not stop. It was pouring and pouring and pouring. I got completely drenched by the time I reached there, he was very angry, you see, sitting on a block of stones. He was just going on like this, with anger. I was smiling at him and I went and sat in his little cave till he came back.

He said, “Mother, why did You not allow me to control the rain? Was that to kill my ego?”

I said, “No, not at all. I never did that.”

He said, “But why didn’t You stop the rain? Why didn’t You allow me to stop the rain? You are all drenched.”

So now see how I played the compassion on him. I said, “See you are a sanyasi, isn’t it? And you have bought a sari for Me. I can’t take a sari from a sanyasi, so I had to get drenched otherwise I’ll have no excuse.” And the whole temper went away, you see, just, he just fell at My feet and started crying and said what love!

And I said, “There’s another point, that the water was flowing on My body and was completely covering all these beautiful hills and dales and tomorrow we’ll have all the greenery lush there for you to enjoy, isn’t it? What does it matter for Me? Rain or no rain, makes no difference to Me, I’m quite all right.”

And he brought out a beautiful sari for Me there. He said, “You knew about the sari.”

I said, “I knew.”

He said, “How?”

I said, “Love knows everything, doesn’t it? Love gives you eyes, ears, everything.” Try to forgive others. Allow your love to flow. If God had not loved you he would not have given you Realization. First of all forgive yourself and then you’ll be able to forgive others. All right? Already your hearts are opening.

Question: Mother, what did you mean, Mahayoga is coming? Which change will give Mahayoga?

Shri Mataji: It’s all the chakras, these Viratas, this is Mahayoga. What else? People are getting en masse Realization. But for this Vishuddhi everything is all right. This has to be put right. And then Agnya. The Agnya is what? Another horrible thing called Russia which is easy to work out, not difficult. People are simple there. So Mahayoga is all the seven chakras of the Sahasrara. When the complete Sahasrara is all right Mahayoga is set. Already Mahayoga is started the day I broke the seventh chakra Mahayoga started. That’s why we are having thousands of people realized, isn’t it? Have you ever known in the history of spirituality even so many Sahaja yogis sitting? Never. It has started long time back. It’s called as krita yuga now. Krita means, you’ll have the sakshat, means you will be in the presence of God. Krita Yuga. Secondly, Krita Yuga means, it will be done. It will be established and completed. For that Americans have to help because Shri Krishna is the complete incarnation of sixteen petals, sampurna. Complete. I hope you understand your responsibility now.

Question: Mother, I was wondering if you would give Amy a name?

Shri Mataji: Tomorrow morning we’ll have a Baptism. All right.

Question: Shri Mataji. Can we bring the watermelons up front?

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, yes. I’ve got watermelon for you. You need two wrestlers. Another one coming, now the third one, three of them. For prasad. Have you ever seen such big ones before? Never. And how I found them, that is Sahaja – on the way; just…very glance, every glance. And I just saw this. Christine said, “I have never seen such big ones.”