Conversation After Shri Krishna Puja New Jersey (United States)

Talk After Shri Krishna Puja, New Jersey (United States)  Sunday, August 19th, 1984

Shri Mataji : Like Christine, I should say, Mary came here, with her fiancé, big objection, imagine French having objection to Mary coming with her fiancé, you see, can you imagine the French going to the other extreme, (laughing). I mean it is absurd, and big telephone calls to me that Mother, this has happened and this is going to happen and that is. […]

Money, Chastity, Self-Respect & Music New York City (United States)

1984-08-19, Money, Chastity, Self-Respect


So, we were today, I mean I must say I’m really happy, extremely happy and joyous because I think that yesterday’s puja has done wonders. For the first time in the West, vibrations were sucked so well, I had no problems.
Yesterday, when you were doing the puja the Left Vishuddhi was just like a stone, you see, and then afterwards, then I said they have no business for the Deities to be here. […]