Conversation After Shri Krishna Puja

New Jersey (United States)

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Talk After Shri Krishna Puja, New Jersey (United States)  Sunday, August 19th, 1984

Like Christine, I should say, Mary came here, with her fiancé, big objection, imagine French having objection to Mary coming with her fiancé, you see, can you imagine the French going to the other extreme, (laughing). I mean it is absurd and big telephone calls to me that Mother this has happened and this is going to happen and that is. I said look at the French telling me about this. Can you imagine? Now they don’t want that you should even talk to another person, the one who is your fiancé, before marriage, shouldn’t even look at that person, the French! Can you believe it! (laughing) I mean the extreme of that! So I told her better not go to but they had tickets and they couldn’t return, I said baba don’t go, big objection from everywhere, I’m amazed at it myself (laughing) and this is a new kind of a problem coming up, I can’t understand (laughing). I have seen this happens like that, another extreme, you see they are so fed up with what they have been, just don’t want to have anything more of that but this is the extreme can you imagine, French objecting to something like that. I mean just think of it. Now racist, English have the worst racist I tell you. Who was racist? They started the racialism actually. But in England if you take the name of that Enoch Powell they will go and vomit,  yogis, they can’t see his photograph, they can’t bear him, they just cannot look at it. What about Australians I tell you.  Australians are like that, great racist, but I have seen Warren and all that, hate people who are racist. Absolutely they hate it, I am really surprised at the way they hate racist. It’s just I don’t know, hate to such an extent that it is sometimes very surprising, very surprising, they get after  yogis who little bit say something, I mean unwittingly also say something, just as if they have become their enemies now, so now there a another thing is a, one is a  yogis vs  yogis, very strong, very strong. Like a people coming from Madras are very ritualistic, so if they come to yoga they are so much against ritualism that they will not even care for a puja, no, no, no nothing puja, nothing, nothing, you better have it simple because they so fed up of it, like a fundamentalist becoming a  yogi, you see it is like that. It’s a big problem and then big quarrel start because they are living in the same community now and if they become such staunch ritual, ahhh anti-ritualist, how to fight it? Also people go to the other swing, I have seen, too much. So what should happen to Americans now, to go to another extreme, tell me, (laughing) conservative, they can, be careful on that one, don’t be conservative, we have to be in the centre, we are neither conservative and neither we are liberalites, you see, liberals, we are in the centre, that’s the point.

Yogi: Mother I think you find it out the other day what it was that would stabilize  yogis because that financial instability, they are like blowing in every breeze, as soon as they loose a job or they have no security, so to work for themselves in some way, a small group cooperatives in some sensible industry would be a very good idea

Shri Mataji: no I told you that, you should start some sort of a thing together, work it out together and you will enjoy also each others company, it’s a good idea, but not in the name of  yoga. But in that also there are problems, I must say, so far it has failed, so be careful on that, like you have to trust each other very much, that’s very important and not to get angry, like you see they wanted to buy carpets, Australians, they said alright, so they asked Modi to buy carpets for them, Modi told them very frankly that carpet is my business but I will buy for you and I will take so much of commission and then you sell it at whatever price you like. Everything was settled. Then when Modi bought it, he bought them at a good price, sold them for a good price, they saw it, but there was some sort of a artificial thing in between which he never knew which was discovered. They got angry with Modi for that, but as a result of that because Modi had not cheated them, he was very angry. He was annoyed with Australians for about 3 years, he could not get out of it, for 3 years, so that what happens, so I don’t want that, there should be any problems in between you. If you have to do business do it, but don’t have any problems, trust each other, don’t try to cheat each other, don’t try to play, it will work out.

Yogi: (yogi speaking in Hindi) about sourcing silk scarfs in Delhi

Shri Mataji: how many people will buy scarf, this has no substantial value

Yogi: same with carpet, Mother, carpets in this country, millions of carpets from India, they don’t sell, 1 or 2 carpets they sell now and again

Shri Mataji: see, what you have to get from India is something that you must have a proper survey, what you can get in India, what sort of things you would like to make it, and get that. That’s the substantial way of looking at it because I am your Mother, now I am telling you substantial thing. Like say for example now children’s clothes, I agree is a very neat, but the kind of children’s clothes you need for America will be that you must have a bonnet with it, you must have a proper dress with it, you must have a matching shoes with it and all that completely done and all the outfit for a child when he is born, something like that. If you have something, sets or something sensible like that. What you need is something sellable. India we use cotton napkins, you wouldn’t like that, out of question, they will send cotton napkins, what will you do with that? You see, so you must know what you people want and what is to be done and that should be brought (Hindi-send something from there, will few days and finished, how much consumption is here, very little)

I know what sort of scarfs will sell, I have full idea, but we don’t make like that in India, we have to make like that. You see the print will be such that the border should be on all 4 sides, and the colour scheme is also different from ours, very different (Hindi- to work for few days is no benefit) do something substantial, make a steady, proper, what you want to have, what you want to place, where do you want to place it, otherwise it will be just flimsy stuff, little bit, this thing, that thing, (Hindi- not like that). Something substantial, something original, something nice which will suit them, you should get. Even if they are export saris whats the use, I mean whose going to wear the saris, so what they have to do you have to tell them what sort of a cloth you would like to have, now this design won’t look nice for your dresses, even if you have this design, it’s alright for a sari. So if you say that this kind of a design you should have in silk, so much of weaving should be done, they should do it that way and send it, what will suit to your dress. This is the basic problem I think we have

Yogi: must be tailored to the needs, Mother

Shri Mataji: or anything you make, just boxes this that, there is no need of these things anymore here. I personally think that China has understood much more the need of the west than we have. (Hindi) you see the Chinese closen??? is so expensive and people buy it because it has that esthetic, esthetics are different. We need not have something oriental, you know, it should be American but done in India. (Hindi- no use in indulging in it, no benefit) for example shawls, no use exporting shawls here, how many will buy shawls here, but if you make a dress out of this, a proper sensible American dress, then it will sell. (Hindi) And I have been selling these to so many people. You know was on the board of this Khadi? I was telling them that make something that the people want, why do you want to have your own colour schemes. But they won’t listen. Otherwise in India you get all kinds of things, no doubt, but something that you need we can make. Why not make that

Yogi: there was a man from Italy Mother who makes the most expensive leather clothes in the world, leather jackets, he went to India and he brought his head designer with him from Italy to teach the Indians how to make the style that would sell in the west. He taught them that they make good quality material, sells for lots of money

Shri Mataji: Yugoslavia, they sent one person there, he started a factory in Madras and they are selling all over the world, that leather that we get, leather is so much cheaply available. Wigs are coming from India. Americans started the wig company in India

Yogi: even shoes Mother

Shri Mataji: shoes, English, who are making

Yogi: in Agra they are making for American markets, English markets

Shri Mataji:(Hindi) they are making in Argentina what is wanted. We have to see what sort of thing they like to wear, what sort of, that’s not so

Yogi: (Hindi- parents export to us and England big companies buy from them)

Shri Mataji: No but those things that we send them, you see, are sold here very cheaply into very large stores because (Hindi- makes no sense) but if you really want to do something substantial then you should find out what they need, what things they will appreciate, you must have understand their aesthetics

Yogi: perfumes, they are very cheap on the exporting

Shri Mataji: but I don’t know if you people like our perfumes

Yogi: in Europe we have _____ essential oils_________

Shri Mataji: there are so many things like that only we should learn that much, that’s, the trouble with Indians, they don’t see the bigger vision of things, they do not go into the bigger business, they go into smaller things, that’s not the way, that’s what I am telling you, that you just find out what people need and then get it here

Yogi: Mother, Gandhi, when he told people to stop wearing the cloth from England because what they would do is weave the cloth there, send it to England, and in England they make the thing and send them back and Indians would wear them, they should do it the other way round, they should be exporting things that are needed in the west and we can wear them because we have more money than they do

Shri Mataji: ofcourse not because of that, but because you cannot get hand made things here, the compensation should be there, you send us your machinery and we will send you hand made things. Isn’t it. Russians are very clever, you go to Russia, oh baba their houses are full of lace work, beautiful lace work, you know in the house they wear lace things and they have chandeliers, have beautiful crockery, beautiful carpets, huge big carpets and I said from where do you get all this, from India, they have bilateral thing, and I said how do you, we send them junk and they send us this ( laughing) openly, we send them junk, what they are sending us these tractors this that and we send them all these things. Jewelry of such variety you can’t imagine, there are beautiful crockery, beautiful things in the house, whole house is filled with beautiful things, they live so well, all handmade. Very clever people I tell you, very clever. I don’t know they did not have much tradition but they are very clever in these things

Yogi: In India they have so little equipment like a sewing machine is such a big possession to have. We saw one man who had one on his bicycle and he was so proud of it. Such a possession

Shri Mataji: even bicycle is a big proud possession. Now if you send a bicycle you can get at least one room completely decorated with real silk, minimum, like you can get the paper made out of Indian silk very easily, very simple. The Chinese use Indian silk, what you call that, raw silk, the whole house is done with raw silk. What they do they get the silk, apply the paper and put it, finished. But this is what one has to know, what Americans would like to have, what is to be done and do it in a proper way and for that if my scheme works out I think you will be quite well off, alright, so there is lot of future for us, for our school, for our business things, our living, our styles, everything should improve and we should live in a better style and we should be able to earn much more than what we are earning and will be able to have a very distinguished living, very distinguished living with this kind of a thing, not India but there are many other places, where from you can get things done but this would be one of the ways you can work it out I think and you can also export your things to India as a result of that, you can. You can export your machinery, your cars, everything, you have such a lot of junk lying here, even if you want to send this junk you can sell it in India, all this junk that you have here, you sell it, you sell your plastics, you can sell it. You can sell your nylons. Send all that is surplus here there and you get it these things.

Yogi: Mother, we are going to India, what things or useful things can we bring the Indian people who I know some are poor, and could benefit from us bringing things which are very accessible here, very easy to get what could we take that would be of use to them

Shri Mataji: you see of course, they like these little little tape recorders or something if they can have, I saw some nice watches are quite good here and things like that, nylons, I am already taking lots of cotton saris from here and now there will be about 14 plus 40 will be about I think 54 saris, I am taking now

Yogi: what about your husbands

Shri Mataji:husbands will be good idea, husbands, husbands ha, good idea. Nice husbands we should get and anything like that which has to do with modern things they like, even stainless steel things they like, if they take stainless steel for them they like it

Yogi: photographs of you Mother?

Shri Mataji: of course, no doubt. What a give and take we have in  yoga, just see, from France we took those arc pole, unbreakable, oh baba, it was so much appreciated, they have a cup in the house, they gave them one cup each, so they have kept the cup for me, I said now I don’t like arc pole? You see they think it is a very great cup, you know, they won’t give me in a silver cup but in that, arc pole, what you call that, unbreakable, arcopal, melamine, something like that. Alright lets have some music

Yogi: this was today, apparently as a result of yesterdays puja, we have taken our collectivity to a new level and we have a number of items, number of committees, that different groups in America are committing themselves to doing and we wanted you to look it over and see if you approve and if so we will distribute them throughout the country and ask other countries if they have equivalent types of committees that we could contact in order to network our skills together

Shri Mataji: what do you do with them? Now agriculture, means what?

Yogi: anyone who has any suggestions about agriculture

Shri Mataji: in India?

Yogi: yes any literature that they will need sending anywhere, anything of use, like in music Mother, anyone who writes songs either for mass market or whatever reasons they write them, they could be sent experiment for reaching a larger audience Mother, potential  yogis

Shri Mataji: so whom will you send?

Yogi: we will send this to all the centres, all the centres in the country will have the equivalent of this list so we will know who will be the expert in that particular area, we will have all the information gathered together relevant to that particular problem and then we will send this out to the different countries and in hopes that they will have equivalent types of committees in order for us to network on an international level

Yogi: it’s like sharing and pooling our different strengths and capacities

Yogi: we need a tape, audio or video tape, we know we can contact one person, not everyone, and that one person will take care of everyone

Yogi: we need a fuller explanation for when we send it out Mother, that’s just the names that we have put to the titles but an explanation would be necessary to expand on that to tell people what it was that they would have to send. Mostly from within America Mother

Shri Mataji: no, no, no. this is legal non-profit organization  ??? finances.  No I think Christine you keep out because she is the one who has to coordinate

Yogi: mainly for advice on financial matters or starting up a funds Mother, mainly if we keep in touch contact with her, let her know what we are doing

Shri Mataji: what I am saying, that you see you keep Christine there ad through her you can contact me, because you see that is the problem because I cannot telephone to all of you to find out what is it, you cannot get me there on the phone, you see because say now in London I get telephones every day, so many telephones from everyone, so that’s not a good thing. You see that keeps me over busy just with telephoning. You see what you should do is to, whatever you do it you make an office here say with Christine, keep all the record with her, and if there is anything that you want to get through me out of it, then you should let me know and she should also know what you are doing, sort of you must have somebody with whom I can have contacts

Yogi: yes Mother

Shri Mataji: somebody, you see otherwise it’s impossible, it will go fritter away

Yogi: Mother, as far as I understood, some internal organization in the states so that, and Christine’s control, everyone can know, everyone can say they have to see these people

Shri Mataji: you see the coordinating thing should be through one person, you see supposing now this is cultural exchange program with India say for example, now they have put Christine and Michael, I would say put Michael Petunia not Christine, Christine keep it out. Now what happens, supposing anybody x supposing is in charge of this alright, should find out, they have to find out even among yourselves you see. Christine should be informed, she can inform me and you can find out something, but supposing in between you have to find out, say you have to find out something, say from him, directly, something about it, about say, this thing, it’s better that better would be to have one contact because it is easier for me, I have seen it becomes frittered away. Supposing you want to know something about something, say you want to know about television, like we had a problem, I will tell you an exact problem. we have got say example our Mr, whats his name, Mr Paul who writes big fast for sometimes, it’s difficult man, he has got, what you call, camera, this is the camera (laughing), now this fellow works arbitrarily, arbitrary where it’s very dangerous, so this fellow brought his camera, without asking anybody he puts it somewhere in the room, and he is sitting there, so Gavin said he should have asked Mother, if he had asked me I would have asked her will you have the program inside or outside, you just come arbitrarily, you put it here, not have asked somebody, he said no but how will I  know that you want to put the camera, I want to put camera where? As soon as I came you see the camera was put inside the room, now inside the room, hardly 20 persons can sit if they sit on top of each other, now how can I give a lecture in the room? Just think  of it, I didn’t know that the camera was put on this side, I went outside, and they said Mother, the camera cannot be brought, I said why not, why not, I’ll wait for a while, bring it, but now because he has decided on this, I cannot be done, I said let it be, and it boiled down to such a ego business, you see, that I had to shout at him, and I told him that , you throw away his camera, we have nothing to do, so he came down. Im not saying that it’s Paul, Paul is that way a very loving and a good person but it builds up, if you have anything arbitrary it will build up into a kind of a ego thing, ego centred thing, so you must, if you have to do something, you must, in case it consults, you see use your discretion also. Supposing you want to, now finances take away, see finances there, now she looks after the fundraising, I would say, is the most difficult thing fundraising I think, is now for that, what you have to do, all of you have to supposing raise the funds, you have to tell her that you have raised so much funds, or supposing your import export possible is now Karan, Karuna and Gary  Nadri is there, now you are exporting importing something like this and that, now, between Karan Karuna and Gary Nadri who is the person who has to do? Supposing they want to import something or export something or do something about it, you would like to know, from me something about it, isnt it? now how will they know? Or now suddenly Gary telephones  to me, now I have to attend to that, so I become sort of a target, you see my point is, so many people, you understand? So what you do is somebody has to import or export something, in short they should ask Christine, will you please ask Mother, is it alright. If there is some problem or something, then I will know I have told them, this thing, this thing, or maybe I might give you some good ideas at that time, but if everybody is telephoning to me, you can imagine I’ll be sitting at the telephone only, I agree with you it’s a good idea, this is to be dealt here, but if it has to be consulted, it has to come and Christine must know about it

Yogi: this one thing the we did spell out to everyone, it could go over again many times, and everything, everything will come at least once to Christines attention, so she knows what we are doing

Shri Mataji: or you can have the paper with her so that I can consult. Now I will tell you another horrible thing has happened in England, horrible thing. One of the worst that could happen to an organization. When I was in India, you  see, this fellow, whats his name was, Jason, he is not a bad man, I’m not saying he is bad, he started a thing by saying that I am going to look after the legalization of  the trust. I said alright, you make a trust thing, you make a thing, properly, according to the Indian style and then you get it done, alright now what happen he made it on his own, he made it a business purpose, now I did not know anything about it, I told him you must tell, you must tell Hester and you must tell Gavin, so that Gavin will tell me. Now Hester he told, and Hester was frightened she said that’s no that not good, but Hester should have told Gavin and you know the whole thing came before me, I was shocked I tell you! I said whats this? And how it came because Modi read it, and Modi said this cannot be Mothers it’s impossible, it cannot belong to her. And because of that, you see the communication gap and the whole thing was done and all the English laws and everything, it was very badly done, the letters were so badly written, so embarrassing, I tell you I had to apologize to the authorities, I said no I don’t want that kind of a thing, I want just a simply trust. And now only what was the gap was, they should have told Gavin and Gavin would have told me because I used to talk to Gavin all the time. When I was in India I would talk to him. So whole thing was done and it was discovered here in America! And then I told her why didn’t you tell Gavin, she said I was afraid of Jason. So I’m telling you, now, that you see whatever you do, you must tell someone, don’t be afraid, supposing you do something and you tell him something, you should not be afraid of telling something about what he is doing to Christine because how will I know. You must understand my difficulty, in a very simple way and then Jason became very ego oriented, everything became I’ve done so much this thing, I said no, I’m sorry I cannot compromise, I’m sorry you have to withdraw it, now he is alright, his come he is perfectly alright, he is good, but he understood it, that Mother cannot compromise on this point. So I feel always keep the contact informed, do what you like, I do not mind, but anything you do, you must, now see press and media is very important,  now one will say I paid so much to this man because I went to the press. We have had problems like this, like Patrick, Mr Patrick coming up and Christine should have informed me that time, she may have been afraid of Patrick, perhaps I  don’t know why she didn’t inform me that this fellow has become the leader, at least ask me, Mother, have you appointed him as a leader, don’t you think so? In all fairness to me? And she feels weak there that’s the problems. So this is what I am saying, that you should support her, in a way she doesn’t feel weak to tell me, and what a problem it created, you can think of that. Then they gave this money to this woman here, you see, two thousand, same thing, they are afraid to tell me. why should the leader be afraid to tell me whatever is there, this is it, because she feels or he feels that he’ll be challenged that you’ll challenge, that you may say something against. So you don’t challenge your leadership because that’s a very bad point, you know, that a weak point and that is how we always have suffered, I don’t mind do anything you like but I must know about it, if there is anything that is to be asked, my attention has to be there, that’s all, only my attention has to be there, publishing same thing, I tell you

Yogi: everything is going to be sent to New York first, everything

Shri Mataji: I mean, at least give her some synopsis about it, this is this, so that I can refer, otherwise Christine, why this has happened, I don’t know Mother. Why such a letter was sent? I don’t know Mother, and I see this letter in Switzerland when they have already sent the money, Is it proper? Somebody has to be correction?? if she is there, alright, if she is not there, she is there, alright, if he’s there, he’s there, alright, accept this much you must accept, alright. Just this much you must accept that if somebody is there, that is the person. Otherwise arbitrary behaviour is against yoga, is against collectivity. You agree with me Patrick? Anything arbitrary in any business is dangerous. In yoga it is absolutely anti-sahaj. So don’t feel bad, that you have to tell her, no you have to tell me, it is she who will tell me. If she finds anything funny or anything, otherwise you know she won’t tell me also, you shouldn’t mind, it s important, I must see that, it is through my attention you will work it out better, there’s nothing to feel bad about anything, alright. Now say for example, school, now coordination with Australians and Indian efforts, now you can do it directly but that’s not good, it won’t work out, what you have to do is to inform me I’ll tell everyone or you can tell Gavin who is sitting down there, or you can tell somebody in London if I am there, if I am in India you can tell somebody who is in India. Wherever I am, there will be somebody who will relate it to me, and I tell you it will improve, it will definitely improve, coordination is the most important thing we must learn from Japanese. Japanese do that way, extremely coordinated people. Like here I have seen now, like in Indian homes anybody’s going out, anybody, will tell the wife in the house, she’s the one who has to be told I am going out. Even some children they go to the bathroom, they say Mother I am going to the bathroom. So you know where you are, it’s a custom, everybody will say (aacha –hindi) OK I am going (in Hindi- true or not, tell Mother always) there is no need to tell the Mother but they will. They will wait till Mother comes out, or if she is taking a bath “Mother I am going”, if she says “yes” then go. What is the reason, reason is you are coordinated, everyone knows where you are, where you have gone, what is it, it’s important, we are part and parcel of the whole, alright that’s why, so nobody, I am very happy with all that, you go ahead with it, but nobody should so directly that I am not at all aware, suddenly you find oh ba! Something sitting on your head there

Yogi: we know that after everything that was written that we had 16 points

Shri Mataji: see this is it, that’s the proof of collectivity, you see this is Krishna’s week and we must really

Yogi: one thing we discovered when we were doing Mother after we were finished, we really felt like one, no matter whether that is just the beginning of something, we felt

Shri Mataji: now this I will tell you about video documentary, what a problem baap-re. Mr what’s his name is Douglas, he was doing video, nobody knows what was happening, I had no idea, nothing. One day by mistake somebody told me, Mother we haven’t got any videos from Douglas, I can said we ask Gavin why is it there is nothing. Gavin tells me that he doesn’t give his videos to anyone, he says he’ll make the copy, I said but why, it is he who is going to decide, I said really, I called him, I said show me the video, when we saw the tapes you couldn’t  hear anything of my voice or anything (just gargling sounds) going on. He had never heard it, never did anything, didn’t know anything, all my speechs wasted! And in India same thing happened, Mr Pay he was the one recording and and he was not giving tapes to anyone, to, nobody was getting any tapes and England nobody was getting tapes so I asked him, I said why, I asked Modi, Modi said don’t ask me Mother, I can’t get any tapes, I said why, he said no, I said why didn’t you tell me this fellow never gave you any tapes, now, so many tapes from that time nothing is available, can you imagine. No, so I was naughty I should say, he said he will not give any tapes whatever I may try, I said alright we’ll manage. So I called him to Kolapur, I said you better come and see me here, so they felt very elated, both husband and wife came, and I sent a letter with another person to Bombay to his son, that send me all the tapes, when they were out of the house the boy collected all the tapes (laughing) and I brought all of them with me here, now they have to be duplicated, that’s all. So all this is there, theres no coordination is a big problem, like from here they sent a big huge camera to India and custom officer said, I said from where does this come? They said Paul has brought it, what you do with it, they said customs don’t allow, I said I never knew he has brought a camera, that it’s coming, nothing of the kind, Gavin said I never knew Mother, he’s sending on his own, I said really, now what to do, so I said you ask customs what do they want, they must give a guarantee of 8 lakhs of rupees, I said if camera is lost we loose 8 lakhs of rupees? I said nothing doing, we don’t give any guarantee I said alright, you go and tell them very seriously that this is for Mataji  Nirmala Devis program and we assure you we will take back the camera, we have nothing to do, and you go and tell the frankly, and they agreed, alright, but the two mad caps they sent from there without asking anyone, and these 2 mad caps were fighting in the car and in all the things, and the driver came and said Mother I’m not going to take these people anywhere, I said why, they are going to murder each other, murder, why, said they fight so much, I’m frightened, I’m shaking, I cannot take them anywhere, you get somebody else. So I called these, one of them, I said why you fighting, said Mother I cannot carry on with this person, I said who put you them together and then they said somebody put them together, the other fellow I asked him, why do you fight with that, she’s the one who knows, they said it is a Mother it is a personality clash, I said what, is that Mr Heath and Margaret Thatcher having a clash?( laughing) horrible and such problems you can’t even (laughing) so all this joke is to just to convince you that we must have some connection and I should know what’s going on, is important, because that’s how we can really avoid all personality clashes. Is very good idea, I’m very happy about that. Now when you say agriculture and horticulture I’ll give an idea, this one you have to write not to anybody else but to Dr Sangwe, you must get his address, who is in India. He is the one who is in charge. How will you know if I don’t tell you

Yogi: could you mention who should do what from that list, maybe it would not be convenient at the moment to do that, but if it was, who would be in charge of what centre

Yogi: Hindi- confusion about centres in North America …?,,,

Shri Mataji: Hindi.  I don’t know how many centres you have really. Nothing I know, how many centres you have, who are in charge, I have no idea, there’s nothing written down anything, systematically do, then I’ll tell you. I have no idea where, I also don’t have idea whether you are in San Francisco, or Los Angeles or in New York. There’s no system about it yet done I must say. You must know who are the people in this centre, that centre. London is better because Mataji is sitting down there on their heads, lucky people, everything written down, and we have also got a, what you call that camp, in a hospital you have something, segregation camp, so we one centre for segregation camp, isolation, isolation, isolation we have one centre, is isolation centre also, yeah, that’s where the people who have all kinds of badhas live together, fight each other, we also send them some sticks to fight each other (laughing) they can cut each other’s hair if they want to, do what they like finish with it, so we, I would like to know who is where, where it is, write it down. Christine, can you come and help me there.

Yogi: 9 centres, 7 United States, 2 in Canada- Boston, New York, Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Toronto and Vancouver

Shri Mataji: Vancouver you have Laurie, Toronto has Steve ahh ____?__, Boston has Steve, Christine in New York, Houston have Mangal Singh, San Diego has Dev, Los Angeles have you

Yogi:Santa Cruz has Patrick and Diana

Shri Mataji: is OK (hindi)

Yogi: San Francisco Danny

Shri Mataji:is ok (hindi)

Yogi: cannot hear SY well

Shri Mataji: is ok (hindi)

Shri Mataji: it’s alright, yes I saw the stars

Yogi: this is the list

Shri Mataji: New York Christine Petunia is OK, Los Angeles Karan is OK, San Diego David is OK, San Francisco Danny is OK, Santa Cruz Patrick is OK, Santa Cruz Patrick is ok, Boston Steve is OK, Toronto Michael is ok, Vancouver Laurie is ok, Houston Howard is ok, all ok. Till I find them alright. But you all should contact Christine you see (in hindi and English, if you contact me directly then 16 people I’ll have to talk to again, so that should not be, can contact her, it’s alright, perfectly alright. You must not make anybody feel smaller or less, always, carry on with everyone, try to be friendly, try to be kind, nice, do not discard them and have to be mildly about it, that’s very important I would say to all the people, you have to  be mild, you should not be weak but you should be mild, try to get as many as possible, among yourself if there is a problem then it is very difficult. So take a patronizing attitude like leaders have to take a patronizing attitude like a father, so treat them like a father in a way or like a Mother that you should be there, is good, give them importance, give them some work, ahh congratulate them, help them in a way that is they need, it should not be sort of a dictatorial style at all, that not the way you can lead, how your Mother does, that’s the way, least of all, like the best rule we had in Australia, the best room tenants would have, tenants the great, you see the great hero, I don’t know what he was, these are examples for us to learn, we can say how the leadership is lost, you see, I told you about so many, but now this is tenants that rarest one that you could think of, his wife, another Indian great lady, she went there, and she said big stories about him, that Mother told us, all false, that 2 great sons are going to come here from Australia and they are going to lead the world and she said that tenants was something like Vishwaitra he was vyasa _____? Whatever she knew little bit she said all the stories you see, and then she became a  mini Mataji there, she had a room to herself, and tea was carried to her in the morning, and she would sit there, I mean, imagine, such a description that I would not go to that level and they had to put her water in, they had to make her bath ready, and all things she did, and this fellow used to shout at people and talk, and when I went there I found some of the ladies talking like ___?__ towards, I said what this, in front of me they were talking like that, all the bhoots from the lady had gone into them.  It’s horrible it was, then we threw away some ladies from the ashram, those who were under his influence, horrible things she did, horrible things he did, so you see we don’t want all that repetition, so, also the leaders must know, even, even they threw away Warren from there. So leaders must know they should not be arbitrary, they should not be high handed, they should have the least comfort compared to others, sacrificing, working hard, doing everything that completes _______?__________ and money matters should be above vote. Always show how much you have got the money, how you have spent the money, where you have spent the money, you have to show to all the members, it should be a open thing. We do that in London, everything is open. Isn’t it Pat?

Pat: yes

Shri Mataji: anybody can see the register, that’s very very very important. Everybody must be consulted, agreed to, the leader is that one who can carry on with many people, keeping  yoga in full understanding, because sometimes you know, people can carry on but there are all kinds of this, that, this, that and they drop out. Like we had one lady, when I came away to America, she started a sort of a thing as  yoga, she became a real bhoot, you know she used to beat people with this thing, and she used to tell them what you are going to get tomorrow in the horse, what horse to put the money in, all sorts of things she did, and she had, when I went to see her she had 3000 people, so the popularity doesn’t explain it, but the principle and the principle should be worked out in such a way that everybody should there. But must use all the tact, all the intelligence and the love and the compassion that you must use, and that’s how you become great leaders, alright. That’s a good idea, very good idea, you go ahead with it, I’m very happy. Who is Diana Rhea?

Yogi: haven’t changed my name

Shri Mataji: who is this Patrick?

Yogi: Patrick and Diana, they are husband and wife, but she still hasn’t changed her name

Shri Mataji: oh I see (laughing) that’s your fathers name?

Yogi: I was divorced, Mother that was my first husbands name, I was divorced

Shri Mataji: alright. Danny man, oh I must say, Danny they were going to call you. That fellow, the ____________that’s a good idea, that’s what I wanted to find out from him, alright, I know him. Now Mark Taylor and, is the one, who is Mark Taylor, Marsha and all. The calendar you want to make is it

Yogi: yes calendar for India, Mother, so we can give the Indians

Shri Mataji: now all those things require money or anything, these will require money. Now this has to come from some funds, so the fund should be central fund, you cannot collect it, so for example Marsha, she should not collect on her own, she should not, but she can arrange all that, how to do it, plan it everything, and should come from the central fund. That’s the best way, for anything that like that, you see

Yogi: you mean like each centre contributes to the central fund when they are asked

Shri Mataji:  and when they ask it goes from the central fund and then the account must be submitted again to the central fund, so somebody must keep the accounts, and I would say for that, best is, will you look after the fund Seea??, will you keep, write down all the accounts and things? No? what I am saying, will you be willing to write down all the accounts? Whatever accounts people send. You  are good at accounts? He knows banking

Yogi: we have someone in New York who deals with accounts, Caroline

Shri Mataji: you see, then will you write the accounts?

Caroline: yes

Shri Mataji: that’s very kind of you (clapping),  so now what you do is to whatever money you need you take it from the central account, she will be writing the accounts, you see, and you let me know, and then, once this is, the account writing it’self, is that whatever you have given her, whatever has come, whatever she has spent to be put down in that way, it should be done by you, so you keep the bookkeeping as they say. We have got in London this Victoria, Vicky, she does that, she keeps all the accounts, but I mean, sanction and all that is done by Gavin and he sees to the flow of money, but the account keeping as such is done by her, which is very important, alright so, may God Bless you, thankyou  very much. It has been a very nice time with you all, and I hope next time I come each one of you will gather  yogis in many numbers and of great quality, of very great quality, may God Bless you. You are all in my attention, please send me the photographs of all the people, that very important, I have been requesting you again and again please send me photographs, put them in a proper group, write it down properly, just, some people just send me a photograph, don’t even write behind that, this is the photograph of this one, sometimes I find I have compiled so many photographs, there’s nothing written down, so behind the photograph everybody must write

Yogi: Shri Mataji one of you yogis in New York is compiling, he took photographs of everybody here, who came to the puja and he is bringing them tomorrow

Shri Mataji: ohhh that’s fine, thank you very much (clapping) American style I should say wawww.   Alright that a great, that’s a real great thing you have done for me, really, I mean nothing can be greater than that, I mean I would love to have that, something really great you have done, because this I was thinking, that I would again loose you, when will I get the photographs what will happen, this and that, was worrying me, I’m so happy, who is doing that?

Yogi: Lenny Willoby

Shri Mataji: where is she

Yogi: he had to go away, to print thee photographs (laughing)

Shri Mataji: will he come by tomorrow, I hope so

Yogi: tomorrow, Mother

Shri Mataji: alright, so that’s a promise, thankyou, thankyou, very much

Yogi: bolo Shri Americeshwari sakshat Mataji Nirmala Devi ki Jai

Shri Mataji: (laughing) now what about the music, one at least.  No shawl for the baby

Yogi: no it’s alright Mother

Shri Mataji: no no you have this one, come along, you have it

Singing happening

Shri Mataji: tremendous you are a great singer, isn’t he, he’s going to be a great man one day you will see, I hope you don’t forget me (clapping). Tremendous, he is tremendous I tell you, he’s tremendous, he’s tremendous. I’m surprised, how is it, hiding himself. In this country, you may not be understood so much as maybe in England or something, I don’t know here there’s a big competition I think, but you are great, really you are great, can do very well, your voice, I mean, tremendous. That’s a special gift to you people isn’t it from God, don’t you think so, what voice there is, isn’t it. they’re very gentle in their movement of _________________ the whole thing is that God gives particular things to particular type people and it’s so great, it’s tremendous, we have one girl called Rachael in Birmingham, she also sings very well but she doesn’t have this steadiness, this system properly built up as here, it’s tremendous, it’s tremendous. I’m sure you will bring a big name to  yoga one day, (clapping) I’m very sure. Now I want to know, did he improve his voice after coming into  yoga

Yogi: most certainly Mother, it’s a completely different voice

Shri Mataji: same with Christine you know, Christine never used to sing so well, her voice has become so melodious, and I asked her, how is it you started singing so well, she said this is after  yoga, suddenly her voice, isn’t it Christine, become so sweet. It’s so beautiful, so that’s what yoga is going to give you, that’s great isn’t it, great, may Good Bless you

How are you, what’s the matter, why you crying all the time? You never used to cry before. I have seen you twice crying (laughing) why what’s the problem?

Yogi: it’s not a problem really, it’s a sadness, it’s not of joy Mother

Shri Mataji: I know it was beautiful, it’s beautiful, what happened Andrea

Yogi: nothing she wanted to sing with Herman Mother (laughing)

Shri Mataji: you also wanted to sing, they are all going to be great musicians, great, promises so many things, isn’t it. One thing I told you that, this western world is really enamoured by music,  yoga if you have to spread you must work out, I have told Steve so many times, Steve you have to work out some compositions, just work it out. He said jazz alright, jazz is alright whatever it is but you work it out, It’s important, we must have a stage, otherwise without music you see we have to have books, we have to have music, these 2 things are very important, unless and until that happens we cannot really establish ourselves in a big way, so music must be worked out, and see we have voices, alright

Yogi: one of the things on the list is correlation of the music and there is very many beautiful songs have been written by the people in San Diego and then we have written some songs with Herman

Shri Mataji: yeah, poetry, poems, you see should be sent,  and should be composed, and we have in London also, some people who can do it, he sings also very well, what is his name is, Pedro, Patricia very good at piano, yeah we have all these people and we should be able to manage something together, some sort of a coordinated thing we should have a music concert or something for people which will create a kind of a very universal appeal, we should work it out

Yogi: Mother we can provide a concert that will include very intensive music, types of music that  yogi’s can perform, but all the music would be with a feeling, hint about  yoga and many  yogi’s could get together for this concert, be publicized

Shri Mataji: on this line I would suggest that Alexander has definitely taken some steps about it, he wanted David Chaudry to come and help them, David Chaudry is one of the musicians, who is a Indian musician but he can help you, he has guided some people, he has based some rajas, you see, and played in a English manner, into melodies placed into English manner, beautiful, he’ll arrange it, and also I had an idea about this that if I could request my sister to come down here, I mean she can teach you some Indian music to give you that bias, she has a big nose about things, she is rather, she says that if some organization invites me I’ll come and all that, but whatever it is, supposing she agrees to come then I can send her to America also, she can teach you music here and if you know Indian music you can sing any music because every note, everything is just put there, how to wobble it and how to take it round and how to mix it up and how to combine it, Indian music is very very vibrant music, anybody who knows Indian music can sign any song, anywhere in the whole world, there’s no problem because it is absolutely basics, and that’s what I feel that if she could agree or someone like that, who could come and teach you some Indian music for 6 months, you will be settled, and then you can sing whatever you feel like, the voices will open out, throats will open out, it will be very good, it’s a real exercise, I’ll see now if she could agree for a year also to come here, for about 2 months here and 2 months there and a 2 months there, lets see, will be good idea, so many things in the melting pot, lets see (laughing) alright that can be coordinated and found out if she agrees, maybe when I go in October, I will finalize her coming here. And if David Chaudry agrees he can help us also, so on music we can do a lot. Give me your ideas, write to me what you gather, whatever you gather together from different people, let me know

Yogi: will send you tapes Mother too would that be good idea to send you tapes of the songs, we have recording equipment

Shri Mataji: yes you do that, that’s a very good idea, very good idea, send me tapes and things. But it should be for public appeal. You see it should be for a public appeal, you see what these people have such a public appeal they just shout, scream that’s all. There’s nothing beautiful about it, but they get such a public appeal you see shake, do all kinds of things, just appeal to the people, there’s nothing really very deep in it, you can achieve it

Yogi: there’s a whole section of people, of listeners in America who are, it’s quite a popular section amount of music but it’s not that really horrible kind of pop music where they are listening to something more serious

Yogi: but listening to serious message in the message

Yogi: serious, more creative music, and it’s actually popular in terms of selling a lot of records too

Shri Mataji: I mean you mean the Jazz

Yogi:well, not just jazz but music that’s influenced all different styles

Shri Mataji:  alright, so you just make some like that, lets see, you have to be a great composer, isn’t it and musicians of everybody has to do that, so just aspire it, ask for it, the whole of the powers of Saraswati will be at your disposal, whatever you want

Yogi: we have a song for you, would you like to hear it now

Shri Mataji: alright, I will hear

Music played

Shri Mataji: wonderful, beautifully done (clapping) very well written, composed everything, beautiful, very nice

Yogi: we have so many tremendous musicians in yoga Mother

Shri Mataji: you have to just coordinate, may God bless you. It’s very good and Nick has written very beautiful words I should  say, beautiful, it’s beautiful and we have a very great director of music is Brian, is very well known and has done some very good music things, but I don’t know we do not have a very common sort of things, some place where we could do it together, but next year when I come for a program I will send Brian over, before that, and I hope before that we’ll have some nice programs on the stage, before I arrive so that people know about my coming

Yogi: Mother, Brian was with us in southern California and everybody there, he taught them how to sing in the correct way that all the songs that they have in Australia, so everybody there sings the way he taught them

Shri Mataji: good, he is very great, I must ask him to come down here, he is in New Zealand working it out. He is such a simple hearted person you know he felt very sad because he played into the hands of Patrick, and he was very nervous about it, but thank God it’s over now and he is alright he’ll come down, I must see that he comes here and really puts you up and the you can have some sort of a performance even before I come, he can do that. May God bless you. Thankyou very much, thankyou very much for the nice music and for everything that was so beautiful. So nice meeting you all, I go with a heavy heart, and a very light head because it’s all opened out, all your Sahasrars are open, that’s the biggest thing that should happen, and by Gods grace I am sure one day all of you will rise to that top level that the whole world will be able to see the lights which are put up, through Sahaja yoga. May God bless you.  Another thing I must tell you, there should be no misunderstanding about my staying in any place or such, I heard that Christine was little nervous, she said Mother you should have stayed here, people may think that we kept you away, but I must tell you this is everything I decide, nobody can decide it for me, and in any place like that, in any place, I never stay in any seminar or any place as far as possible, I go for a day only the reason is I’ll tell you, like yesterday you know, day before yesterday we had a puja and yesterday I worked for hours together, I must have gone to rest about 5 o’clock, I was working inside the room, when I came out I was working, again I went in, so your Mother also requires some rest isn’t it? so when I am with other people, then naturally you see it’s my fault, it’s my own fault, I cannot control myself, I go to everyone, I must find out whats wrong with you Judy, what wrong with you, what’s wrong with you, I must find out the children, I must get them together, they must bring them along, call them, I go on cleansing, cleansing, even, once I sat  down for 9 hours continuously, and then I realized that  I am doing it too much and must live in good health if I have to help, that’s  how I always do like that, and you must give me that much freedom to decide, so I told Christine whatever pressure you put on me, I’m not going to go anywhere unless and until I want, and you should not force me anything like that, I request you not to feel bad, it was all my decision, I told her I will stay with you, not for any other reason but for one reason that, with all of you I get dragged into completely, my whole concern is you and I just don’t bother as to what time it is, now see I am sitting and talking to you (laughing) and I don’t feel like leaving, so this is what I have to tell you, that this only one thing I have to think that  I have to live longer, I have to be healthy, I should not be so much in trouble, another thing is that I had started suffering from terrible diarrhea and then the doctors told me that I should not travel by car much, not good for you, and that’s what I have to look after myself little bit, for your sake. So you shouldn’t mind all these things and these little little things should not come into your mind, that’s what I told her not to think like that. Nobody will think like that, it’s I who decides, no-one decides, you see I am a very difficult person but I do it in a way that you don’t know, I do it the way I want to do it and whatever I do is for your good, only for you, alright. May God bless you

Yogi: Om twameva sakshat Shri Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati, Mahakali, Trigunatmika, Kundalini sakshat, shri Adi Shakti Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi namo namaha.  Ohm twameva sakshat Shri Kalki sakshat, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji  Shri Nirmala Devi namo namaha, Ohm twamev sakshat Shri Kaliki sakshat Shri Sahasrara Swamini, Moska Dayini Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi namo namaha, Shri Nirmala Devi namo namaha, Shri Nirmala Devi namo namaha, Shri Nirmala Devi namo namaha,

Shri Mataji: may God bless you, may God bless you, Herman you have that shawl for yourself as a present for a beautiful music, alright, May God Bless you

Yogis: Shri Mataji, we the yogis of the world, desire and pray for your good health, Shri Mataji we the yogis of the world desire and pray for your good health, Shri Mataji we the  yogis of the world desire and pray for your good health, Amen

Shri Mataji: Thank you, thank you very much, thank you

Shri Mataji: Beautiful flowers!  Thank you very much

Yogi: the red roses are from the 4 Australian people you going to marry in India

Shri Mataji: great, great, may God Bless them, 4 red roses,  so we were, today, I mean I must say I am very happy, extremely happy and joyous because I feel that yesterdays puja has done wonders. For the first time in the west, my vibrations were sucked so well, I had no problem (clapping). Except, when you were doing the puja the Left Vishuddhi was just like a stone, and then afterwards when I said that you have no business to be guilty the whole thing cleared out, so now the only problem you people will have is of left Vishuddhi, and somehow if you could get rid of that, it’s going to be very fine for all of us, so this Left Vishuddhi problem, we got rid of immediately, as soon as possible and it’s very easy, it’s just a myth, very mythical thing, go on telling yourself I am not guilty, enjoy this, enjoy that, the whole world is created for my enjoyment, why should I be guilty, count your blessings, and then you will be happy, because if you go on feeling guilty, kundalini can’t help you, I mean I found it difficult yesterday but after puja it cleared out, because when I told you that, but you tell yourself, you don’t need Mother to tell you that, isn’t it? you have to work it out that way. Second thing, discussing with Dr. Worlika and Danny and all that, all of you, about the money problem, I told them to one day, supposing I want to come next year to do a public program here, best thing would be you start accounts, you see, you can start it in my name and keep the cheques books with you, but because it is in my name you cannot use the money, you go on accumulating it and when I come here, then we will release, the money, then we’ll release the money, that’s what we do in India also, you keep the cheque books with you but you cannot sign and I can sign but I have no cheque book so we check each other (laughing clapping), so there should be one account, in different places you can have, just one for the program that we are going to have next year from Mother too, and one account should be adhoc sort of thing as we have in India also, adhoc, that you have anything, you want to have a program of your own and you want to hire a hall or you want to have anything, picnic or anything, you have adhoc arrangement for that, that’s a different one, but for a program, public program we should have substantial money here so that we don’t have to take money from others when I come. Moreover, they will be willing to give but there should be some money coming from America and Canada also and if that is done then it’s easy also for others to contribute. The third thing we discussed about was that we should have some places here like some people who can invest money to a building or something for the ashram, so I said I maybe able to invest myself some money, let me see what are my bank accounts are like, I don’t know what is left in that, because the way I spend I don’t know, what’s left (laughing). Yesterday I spent about $1000 for the saris, I had one for the  yogini’s in India, really, it was $1000 isn’t it?

Yogi: yes Mother

Shri Mataji: $1000 yeah? So it was like that, so it’s alright, lets see whatever is the situation, so you people in different centres should find out places where you think you can have a ashram and the 5% of the down payment as they call it here, has to be done, how much that, and those who are willing to invest that much money should be able to, but it should be a very cooperated thing that you work out say it’s a New York for example New York, take any place like that, San Francisco or Los Angeles, anywhere, Santa Cruz, then the people there should find out how many will be willing definitely who are  yogis, to stay in the ashram, so that the person who invests money does not do it for a kind of a loss, so those who can form a group of people, then a house can be bought and a proper rent should be maintained and that’s the way anybody will have a incentive also to put the money there, so try to find out places, houses which are large enough, which need not be very posh or anything, but which are good houses, which you could use it for the stay of people there, and a community food and all that, and in the ashram you must be, because ashram is the place where you really develop that sense of cooperation, sense of collectivity, sense of roughing it out and this so called comfort of life which is just fossilized, will release a little more.  So that is a possibility in America very much, England was, I must say, the English are the great ______________ now we have 7 houses in London, which the co-op has given us about free, can you imagine, so they have no problem, so every country has it’s own style, and accordingly we should try to solve the problem, like France has some problems, we are trying to solve that problem, so every one of you should try to find out a way and method of establishing these ashrams, that’s the first thing, with that ashram if you want you can start shop or something or a restaurant, whatever you want, but it should not a thing done through  yoga, it should be your own, it’s your private thing, you do it the way you like, but people can donate money for the ashram and you should pay back rent religiously and that is one thing we must understand that in money matters you should not play any hanky panky at all, that one has to pay so dearly, so dearly, that I’m shocked some times, so in money matters one should not, because I know of some people would did this and they have suffered a lot and I don’t want you to suffer physically and a person met with a accident who did that, so he was saved but he lost his leg and things like that, can happen, so I would not like you, I don’t want to frighten, but do not try to play about with this religious money, be very honest, and meticulous do not waste money, it is very dangerous, it will affect your parents, it will affect your children it will affect everything, so be very very careful on that point, I have to tell you extremely with great care and caution, that is you don’t understand because auspiciousness you don’t understand, it is inauspicious to play with Gods money, which is the work of God. For me what, everything is mine, I mean if I take away everything that you have, I’m not committing any sins because I’m sinless, but still how meticulous I am with money, you can ask people, every pi that I spend of yours is recorded, of course mine I don’t because that will embarrass me, but every account, everything is recorded if I spend the money and I see to it that I pay back, that’s what you have to be careful about, that don’t play about with money, that’s one thing I must warn you because this is really you have entered into the Kingdom of God, and the laws of Kingdom of God are to be observed. Now we can say that alright if you are not paying income tax to the government doesn’t matter in  yoga much, really doesn’t matter though I would always like to pay, but doesn’t matter so much but if you don’t look after the money that is collected for God then there is  dangers, so be very careful about your chastity in  yoga, very ______________, your chastity is extremely important, and you have to preserve your chastity more than anything else, because once you loose your chastity, you will loose all your powers, so that is very important thing, keep your eyes on the Mother earth, when you walk, try to train your eyes, be on the Mother earth, treat every woman as your sister, that’s how you’ll work it out, then the things will come back, because that’s the power of Ganesha which we must achieve, innocence, and it will come, it works out, Ganesha was awaken within you, gives you that power. So try to understand this, for that you don’t have to exert much because you’ll see God helps you so much that you control everything in such a manner that you enjoy your chastity, you enjoy your generosity, you enjoy all your virtues, anything extreme must be avoided in yoga, like I told people that we don’t believe in jogging, in the sense that people should not jog too much but it is not for the people who are needing a little exercise they should do it. The people who are left sided must do some exercises and the people who are right sided should take some more rest. Give rest to your brain, mainly the brain, you think too much, give up thinking, right sided people should give up thinking, less of aggressiveness, less of organization, organizing things, organizing others, better organize themselves.  So that’s how it will help you on the right side, and the left sided people should take some exercise and should put more effort to plan out and think so there is a balance, but again one should not go to extremes, once you come to the centre when you are in thoughtless, you just don’t do anything, God is looking after you, he is thinking for you. He is the one who is planning so you don’t have to worry on that side, so it works out this way that to correct yourself, to give yourself a balance a little bit the left has to go to the right and the right has to go to the left but when you come to the centre you steady yourself there, work it out and then you start growing, the growth is only when you are in the centre, neither on the right nor on the left, when you are in the centre, the growth starts and that is how everything will work out in such a beautiful manner you yourself will be surprised how you have grown, this is the one point and the another which I must tell you very important is this the new people who come now, you do not know how far you have gone from the day you had started  yoga. You have grown too much, it grows very fast, especially with a puja, suddenly you find you are pushed into it, puja is something that really pushes people into it, and you are surprised how I am changed, how it has worked out, how it happened but it is, when that such a thing happens to you, you must remember that others haven’t had this opportunity of the puja, they haven’t been in  yoga so far, they have just now got realization, so what should we do? We should be kind, compassionate, considerate, forgiving to them, and try to bring them along, anything if you said gently will be very much appreciated, even money matters I find if you are a gentle person, nobody feels hurt because people want to give but you should be gentle, so the gentleness must be used all the time, for telling about  yoga, the gentler you are the greater you are in  yoga, like a tree when it is lead?? in roots it droops down, it becomes humble, in the same way, when you have got the fruit’s of  yoga you humble down, that’s what one should know, the humility is one of the sign of yoga, and you will be surprised the way you will be able to manage, the play about, with your oneness is joyous absolutely, and you will feel your own powers within yourself, and a person who is powerful can only become compassionate, weak persons cannot have compassion, what is the non-violence of a weak person, he has to jolly well not be violent (laughing) but a strong person, because he is so strong, well he is not bothered. There’s a Chinese story, an interesting one, that there were 2 cocks who were going to be fighting in a cocks fight as they have it in China, and the King wanted to train them up, so somebody told them, told him, that there is a saint who will train up these cocks very well, so he went down to the saint and asked him can you make them powerful, he said yes I can, so after a month then he returned, he saw these cocks were standing, just like this, he said what they don’t even move, he said that’s why because they have so much power, so they carried these 2 cocks to the arena and in the arena what do they find that everybody was fighting the cock and these stood up like this and all the cocks got frightened with their majesty and they all ran off, so that’s why, when you are a steady person, people know you are steady, they understand that you are great and they just look at you and they know you are there, the steadiness, the agitated person is a nervous person, a person who is frightened is also nervous but a person who stand up in steadiness is the one who is a  yogi, so I would request you to build up your steadiness first, do not criticize others do not also get angry with yourself, guilt is sinful, to feel guilty is sinful in  yoga, forget the past, forget the past and that’s how you all will rise higher and higher you’ll know, just see this tree, supposing this tree is on a wobbly  ground, it won’t grow, will it grow? Or if it is on a tilted ground, will it grow properly? How does it grow, when it is in a steady situation, so yoga being the living process you have to steady yourself, that’s very important, steady yourself and that steadiness will make you grow faster and faster, any you’ll be amazed at yourself, as it is you must be amazed, that you have come into a wonderful world yourself, enjoy. There is no frivolousness but ____________________ and frolicking of innocence so that’s how we are going to organize our next program, with respect, self respect, people should not say that Americans are no good (laughing). We have to have our self respect, we have to show that we are Shri Krishnas special people and his 16,000 powers are to be awakened here and we are not going to beg from anyone, why should anybody help us, and that’s how we will work it out, so  I don’t want you to sell your ornaments, sell your houses, do this do that, nothing of the kind, you’ll get it, you’ll get everything, you’ll get the money, you are just the instrument. You are just an instrument but just be an instrument of honesty, if you’re a miserly person neither you get money or you’ll give, it’s a vicious circle. So any other question now? Somebody wanted to see me? Laurie, where is she? What do you want to say? These insects are ______________ we don’t have them in India anywhere. I’ve never heard this sound anywhere, you went to India, did you hear this? First I was not understanding, I thought something wrong with my ears (laughing). They must be all disturbed, I’m sure otherwise why should they make so much noise? I can’t understand insects don’t make so much noise all the time continuously

Shri Mataji: American bugs make loud noises (laughing)

Shri Mataji to Yogi: did you go to any guru or anyone

Yogi: Motinandar

Shri Mataji: ahhh, you sit there on the ground. I would suggest put your left hand to the candle and right hand on the Mother earth, on the Mother earth.  Can you put it down for her little bit or can you have any other candle for her

Yogi: there is no candle

Shri Mataji: those who have been to gurus raise your hand, most of those they feel guilty,  1,2,3,4,5,6, ladies who have been to gurus, please don’t feel guilty, raise your hands, alright now this is the way to do it, those who have been to gurus, whether you are thin or fat makes no difference, you put your hands, (Marathi). Just see the movement of the candle, there is no air coming from this side, cool is coming?  Put your thumb, open full hand, now what is the mantra, mantra is I am my own guru

Yogi: the eggs of these insects hatch every 17 years, just started hatching

Shri Mataji: and they hatching now

Yogi: takes 17 years for these eggs to come out

Yogi: laid 17 years ago (laughing)

Shri Mataji:  (Marathi)  17th year must be because of the 16 years of Shri Krishnas  avatanar (Marathi)  and then they are quiet, is it? For 17 years they are quiet, but how many years do they do like this (laughing) 1 year? This is the year they are doing?

Yogi: this year this area, they come every year but eggs hatch every 17, in France every day

Shri Mataji: in India you don’t have them at all, I’ve never heard, it’s so silent, it’s so silent especially if you go in a forest in India and when there is a tiger sitting somewhere, so silent, immediately you can feel the silence presence, because he is the king you see, it’s a protocol. Not that he is going to hurt anyone, he maybe eating his prey sitting down, but about a 1 mile area, pin drop silence, even birds don’t twitter, nothing, immediately they know there must be a tiger somewhere, see the presence of tiger, and when the tiger dies in the forest, actually they weep as if, everyone wails, you can feel it the tiger is dead.

Shri Mataji: better now?

Yogi: Shri Mataji: conversation unclear??

Shri Mataji: now this Dalai Lama, is a fellow who once came to dinner with Lal Badhu Shastra who was the Prime Minister, and my husband was his secretary, as his wife never used to go to, any dinner, party. I was the one blasted, so Shastri ji was a realized soul and he knew about me perhaps, so I was next to _________, so hot just like an oven, I couldn’t bear it you see, I thought I would develop blisters, so I became very sort of fidgety, so Shastri ji said are you feeling hot with this man, I’m also feeling it. I said yeah it is very hot. He said alright, so he asked one Sadarji ___________ who was foreign minister, he asked him to sit in between me and, and the Sadarji was also feeling rather uncomfortable with this fellow, so that’s what Dalai Lama was, but what shocked me the most was, when I went to China they showed us the wealth of Dalai Lama, it was such a lot, his plate was real gold, his cup was real gold, he used to take bath in a big thing like that made of real gold, I mean if you see the value of the thing I cannot tell you how much it was and diamond and pearls emeralds everything, such a lot, I wouldn’t say it was more than 4 _________or much more, but still he had all kinds of things, supposed to be a sanyasi and he used to drink because lots of drinking things there were all made of gold and pali?? It was written the names written so Chinese could not have manufactured it, they had be accumulating it from those poor Tibetans and Tibetans are so poor they don’t even have proper clothes for themselves they cover themselves up with gunny bags and from them they use to extract this money, take all the money from them, all kinds of things and that’s how the y have become so rich, and I was amazed to see and I verified it because may have been a propaganda but it was not so because pali and everything and it was quite old pieces and all of them were there, so this is what this horrible Dalai Lama is, he is just talking big things you see he is the biggest liar that you could think.  He has nothing to do with Bhudda, he is just anti Bhudda. You have to out with them

Yogi: question why Mother earth has created precious gems and what the real use of them is

Shri Mataji:  she is a generous lady (laughing) and she wants to give you everything that she has, and she gives you gems and all the chakras that are within us have a gem with it so you know the chakras, what gems they have, you know or not? Alright. In mooladhara you have the coral, I think it’s written somewhere, coral, then with the swadhistana you have the topaz, the yellow topaz. Then with the Nabhi is the emerald, then with the heart is the ruby, Vishuddhi is the blue sapphire, blue sapphire, that’s why in India nobody wears it, very dangerous you know, Krishna can play tricks with you, then with Agnya is the diamond and Sahasrara is the pearl.  So if you have a problem of a particular chakras if you should get a good thing like that you can wear. Amethysts is Amethysts is one of the stones which is actually Mahamaya stone you can call it, because Amethysts changes it colour, changes it’s colour and it’s from ruby which changes into blue, so it’s a Mahamaya, it is a combination of the heart chakra and the Vishuddhi chakra, is the Mahamaya

Yogi: ? unclear

Shri Mataji: I mean, cannot go into details but most of them have some meaning

Yogi: ?

Shri Mataji: lapis lazly?? Is not a very precious stone, is a healing stone because it represents the blood of the saint, that’s why, saints blood is represented in lapis lazly

Shri Mataji: whats the matter with your hand?

Yogi: in my hand I had some cysts but they are out now and I could not take the bandage off

Shri Mataji: no problem, I can work out through bandage

Yogi: unclear?  Depression for last 2 years, nothing I can do about it

Shri Mataji: that’s easily cureable, your depression can be easily cured no problem, alright, we’ll cure it just now, just now I’ll cure it, now you alright. Done, alright, it’s alright now you go ahead, she has to work it out a little bit, that’s all

Yogi:  ?? spent more time in hospital

Shri Mataji: you’ll be alright, you see this country is very depressing otherwise for anybody who is spiritual to begin with, like Modi, I’m telling him to come here and he says no, no, no, nothing doing I’ll loose my vibrations, (laughing) it’s alright  (talking to Yogi: unclear) It will work out just now, just now it will work out  (Marathi)    mmmmmm  working out, your hand is alright

Yogi: my hand is OK

Shri Mataji: alright, you can sit down there put your left hand towards that and right hand on the Mother earth, it will go away, just now, now what is it? come here

Yogi: I’m in a situation with my parental family and conflicts that I feel is very dangerous and I need both some guidance and also I  feel I need  protection and both sisters have become psychotic, neither at Mothers funeral, Mother died in spring, there is lot of stuff still going on ????

Shri Mataji: what are they doing, your sisters?

Yogi: my sisters,  I can see that is part of a broader situation where people tried to get money that we were supposed to have inherited and because it was _________ but it also feels like a very evil situation

Shri Mataji: who are these people?

Yogi: my nephews, have kind of taken over

Shri Mataji: whose children

Yogi: brother who died, his children have a lot of problems, so I  think it’s all in the family dynamic that it just sort of

Shri Mataji: they are trying to black magic

Yogi: I don’t know, they are trying my brother died 20 years ago my father he didn’t resolve   his children are playing things out seems to be evil (unclear)

Shri Mataji: what are they doing?

Yogi: they signed ______, were closed on property, we had Internal Revenue Service ________ hard to know____have to do legal things, feels like that’s not what you  exactly supposed to be doing is it____

Shri Mataji: just beat them with shoes, right down their names, beat the with shoes, any problem beat them with shoes, that will work out, give them a bandhan it will work out, alright, and discuss it with other yogis, will l all go into their awareness, it will work out, don’t you worry, legal Is very easy very, alright, may God bless you

Shri Mataji: towards the candle properly, now Michael is alright, he’s alright (talking in Marathi).   Somebody has a left problem, if you are kind to that person then that person sit’s on your head. If you have a right problem then ________________. If you are a right  person right sided then treat with kindness ________, if you are left sided be strict. That’s all.

Shri Mataji: for 5 years you have to be very strict with children, don’t pay over attention, don’t try to show that you can’t exist without them, keep them in proper ________________ discipline them, properly, but respect and as they grow up tell the you are friends, you are great, you should do this and you should do that, and you should not behave like an ordinary person you  extraordinary, you are special, but you must behave first of all, that’s the main thing, not in demanding things but how you behave is important. There’s a little booklet that has come out for the children, I hope you get that from London, they have got it.

Yogi: what do you think about, you have small children going on the tour to India

Shri Mataji: difficult just now but maybe this year I’ll just see what we can do about it. we are thinking of arranging something in Bombay where children can stay with someone till you tour about, so that you will be much more free, might be able to arrange it.  Try to come to Switzerland if possible, but best is to come to India, you see if you can, theres nothing like it. we’ll try to make some better arrangements if possible

Yogi: bolo Shri Radha Krishna _______Shakti Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi ki jay,  bolo Shri Virata Angana Swamini Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi ki jay, bolo Shri  Vishnumaya Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi ki jay

Shri Mataji: I’ll miss all of you and I hope you are all very happy with yourself  (laughing clapping)