Money, Chastity, Self-Respect & Music

New York City (United States)

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1984-08-19, Money, Chastity, Self-Respect


So, we were today, I mean I must say I’m really happy, extremely happy and joyous because I think that yesterday’s puja has done wonders. For the first time in the West, vibrations were sucked so well, I had no problems.
Yesterday, when you were doing the puja the Left Vishuddhi was just like a stone, you see, and then afterwards, then I said they have no business for the Deities to be here. So now, the only problem you people have is of Left Vishuddhi. And somehow, if you could get rid of that, it’s going to be very fine for all of us. But this Left Vishuddhi problem should be got rid of, immediately, as soon as possible, and it’s really just against it or [inaudible].
God send you [Inaudible] to enjoy this, enjoy that: “The whole world is created for my enjoyment. Why should I [Inaudible]?”
Count your blessings, then you’ll be happy. Because if you go on feeling guilty, Kundalini cannot help you. I mean, I have found it difficult yesterday, but after puja it cleared out. Because I told you that. But you tell yourself! Because I don’t have to tell you that, isn’t it? You have to work it out that way.

Second thing, it’s something with lots of [Inaudible] and Dany and all that, all of you. About the money problem, I told them to do one thing: that supposing I want to come next year to do a public program here, best thing would be to start account, you see, you can start it in Manilla [Inaudible] But because it is in Manila, it cannot be so much. When I come here, then we will give the money. Then we will give the money, that’s what you do it in New York. You people take [inaudible] but, you cannot have help. I can find out but I won’t tell you [Laughter] [Inaudible] so you keep it there.

So, there has to be one account, in different places we can have, just one for the program that we are going to have next year for Mother’s Day. And one account should be at York [unsure] for the things, as we have in India, that if you want anything, like you want to have a program of your own and you want to hire a hall. You want to have anything that [Inaudible] for that? That’s a different part.

But for a program, for the programs, you should have substantial money here so that you don’t have to take money from others, all right.
Moreover, [Inaudible] coming from America and Canada also and if that is done, then it’s easy also for others to contribute.

The third thing that we discussed about was that we should have funds left [Inaudible] here, like something for our investment money if you want or something for the ashram. So, I said I maybe able to invest myself, some money I left it here, my [Inaudible] Because the money I spend, I don’t know.
Yesterday, I spent about a thousand of dollars for the [Inaudible]
Sahaja Yogi: My Goodness!
Shri Mataji: [Inaudible] Sahaja Yoginis, really. It was a thousand dollars, isn’t it?
Sahaja Yogini: Yes, Mother.
Shri Mataji: A thousand dollars, yes. So, it was like that. So, it’s all right, let’s see what ever was the situation.

So, you people, in different centres, should find out where you think you can have an ashram and the five per cent of the down payment, as they call it here, has to be done, how much that. And those who are willing to invest that much money, to give it. But it should be a very cooperating thing that you work out say, it’s in New York. Now, for example New York, take any place like that. San Francisco, Los Angeles, anywhere. Then the people there have to find out how many will be willing, definitely who are Sahaja Yogis, to stay in ashram. So that the person who earns money doesn’t go for a kind of lost. So those who can form a group of people, then a house can be bought and a proper rent should to be maintained and that’s a way anybody will have an intention to put the money there. So, try to found out places, houses which are large enough, it needs not to be very posh and everything but houses which you can live in for [inaudible] and the community’s needs and all that.
And in the ashram, you must- because ashram is the place where you really develop that sense of cooperation, sense of collectivity, sense of working it out. [inaudible] the rhythm is a little more.
So that is a possibility in America very much.

England was [inaudible] English are the great trees planted. Now, we have seven ashrams in London. Nick has given us about three, can you imagine? So, they have no problems. So, every country has its own style and accordingly, you should try to solve all the problems. Like France had some problems and we are trying to solve that problem. So, everyone of you should try to find out a way and method of establishing these ashrams. That’s the point.
With that ashram, if you want you can start a shop or something or a restaurant, whatever you want. But you should not think that Sahaja Yoga is your own, it’s your private thing, you do it the way you like. The people can donate money for the ashram and you should pay back [inaudible]. And that is what you need to understand that in money matter, you should not [inaudible].

That one has to pay [inaudible] that I’m shocked. So, in money matter, one should not.
Because I know of something [inaudible] and I don’t want you to suffer physically and have [inaudible] accident. Tony has failed but he lost his legs and things like that. So, I would not like and I don’t want to frighten you but do not try to play about with this religious money. Be very honest. And let it with us, do not wats money, it’s very dangerous. It will affect your parents, it will affect your children, it will affect everyone. So, be very, very careful on that point and you have to take an extremely great care and caution. That thing you don’t understand because auspiciousness you don’t understand. It is inauspicious to play with God. This is the work of God. For him, everything is mine. I mean if I take away everything that you have, I will not commit any sin because I am sinless. But still, how meticulous I am with money, you can ask people. Every pie that I spend of yours is reported; of course, mine I don’t because that’s my money.
But every account, every [inaudible] if I spend up and [inaudible] I pay back.
That’s what you have to be careful about that don’t play about this money
That’s one thing I must warn you because it is really, you have entered into the kingdom of God. And the laws of kingdom of God are tedious [unsure]. Now, we can say that: “All right, if you are not staying in contact with the [inaudible] doesn’t matter, we can say, all right, doesn’t matter. [inaudible]
But if you don’t pay attention to the money that is collected for God, then there is a problem. So, be careful.

Secondly, you have to be careful about your chastity. There, your chastity is extremely important and you have to preserve your chastity more than anything else because one you lose your chastity, you will lose all your powers. So, that is a very important thing, keep your eyes on the Mother Earth, anyone, try to train your eyes here. Treat every woman as your sister. That’s how you’ll work it out, their innocence will come back because that’s the power of Ganesha which is innocent, innocence. And it will come, it’ll work out. Ganesha, who is awakened within you, gives you that power. So, try to understand, for that, you don’t have to exert much because you’ll see God helps you so much that you control everything in such a manner that you’ll enjoy your chastity, you’ll enjoy your generosity, you’ll enjoy work. Anything extreme must be avoided in Sahaja Yoga.
Like I told people that we don’t [Inaudible] in the sense that people should not joke too much. But it is not for the people who are [Inaudible]. The people who are left-sided must come to sahaj and the people who are right-sided should take so more rest.
[Inaudible] your brain, you think too much. Do not think. Right-sided people should give up thinking, less of aggressiveness, less organizing things, organizing others but better organize themselves. So that I’ll be happy.
And the left-sided people should take some exercise and put more efforts to plan out and think so that there is a balance. But again, one should not go to the extremes. Once you come to the centre, when you are in thoughtless awareness, you just don’t do anything, God is looking after you, thinking for you. He is the One who is planning. You don’t have to worry on that. It works out this way that you correct yourself, you give yourself a balance, the left hand has to go to the right, the right has to go tot the left. But when you come to the centre, you carry yourself there, work it out and then you start growing. The growth is only when you are in the centre, neither on the right nor on the left. When you are in the center the growth starts. And that is how everything will work out in such a beautiful manner, you yourself will be surprised how it worked.

This is the one point and there is another thing which I must tell you which is very important. It is, the new people who come now, you do not know how far you have gone from the day you had started, sorry. You have grown too much, you grew up very fast especially with a puja.

Suddenly you find out you’re pushed into it. Puja is something that really pushes people into it. And you have to find out how it feels, how it is worked out, how it happened.
When that sort of thing happens to you, you must remember that others haven’t had this opportunity of the puja. They have not been in Sahaja Yoga so far, they just have got Realization, so what should we do? We should be kind, compassionate, considerate, forgiving to them and try to bring them along.

Anything if you say it gently, [inaudible] even in money matters I find, if you are a gentle person, if no one feels hurt, because people want to be, but you should be gentle. So, the gentleness must be there all the time when you are telling about Sahaja Yoga.
[Inaudible] Like a tree when it has to bear only fruits, it bows down, it becomes humble. In the same way, when you have got the fruits of Sahaja Yoga, you humble down. That’s what one should know that humility is one of the signs of it. And you’ll be surprised the way you’ll be able to raise, [inaudible] if you are humble. It’s joy, absolutely! And you will feel your own power within yourself. And a person who is powerful can only be compassionate, because we cannot have compassion. What is the nonviolence about this person?
Sahaja Yogini: [Inaudible]

There’s a Chinese story, an interesting one, that there were two cocks which were going to be fighting in a cock fight, as they have it in China, and the king wanted to train them up. So, someone told him, “[Inaudible] he will train up these cocks very well. ” So, he went down with [inaudible]. He said, “Can you make them hassle? ” He said, “Yes, I can”. After a month, then he returned. He saw these cocks were standing just like this. He said, “What? They don’t even move!” He said, “That’s why because they have too much might [unsure] “. So, they carried these two cocks to the arena. And in the arena, why did they find? That everybody was fighting the cocks and these stood up like this. And all the cocks got frightened with their majesty, with their [inaudible].

So, that’s why when you are a steady person, people know you are steady, they understand that you are great and they just look at you and they know you are [inaudible].
A person who is frightened, he gets so nervous but a person who stands on his steadiness is the one who is a Sahaja Yogi. So, I request you to build up your steadiness first.
Do not criticize others do not also get angry with yourself. Guilt is sinful, to feel guilty is sinful to others. Forget the past, forget the past and that’s how you all will raise higher and higher in you.

Just see the seed. Supposing the sea is on a wobbly ground, it won’t grow. Will it grow? Or if it is on a [?] ground, will it grow properly? How does it grow? When it is in a steady situation. So, Sahaja Yoga being the living process, you have to steady yourself. That’s very important, steady yourself. And that steadiness will make you grow faster and faster. And you’ll be amazed at your growth. As it is you must be amazed that you have come into a wonderful world, you have to enjoy!

There’s no [inaudible] and funny things of innocence.
So, that’s how we are going to organize our next program, with respect self-respect. People should not say that Americans are no good.
We have to have our self-respect; we have to show that we are Shri Krishna’s special people
[Inaudible part due to a lot of noise]

You’ll get it, you’ll get everything, just demand. You are just an instrument. You are just an instrument. So, be an instrument of honesty. If you are a miserly person, [inaudible part].
[Cut in the audio]

[Collective candle treatment for those who have been to gurus.]

Sahaja Yogi: These bugs, eggs of these bugs, they only hatch in seventeen years. The eggs, the eggs of these insects hatch every seventeen years and they only just started hatching.

Shri Mataji: Are they hatching now?
Sahaja Yogi: It takes seventeen years for these eggs to come out. Seventeen years for these eggs to come out.
Shri Mataji: They are hatching now.
[Inaudible] Seventeen years must be because of the sixteen years of Shri Krishna [inaudible] And then they are quiet. Is it?
Sahaja Yogini: Yes.
Shri Mataji: For seventeen years they are quiet, and how many years do they do, like this?
Sahaja Yogi: One.
Shri Mataji: One year?
Sahaja Yogini: One year.
Sahaja Yogi: In each area, they’ll be hatching every year in different areas. This year, this area.
Sahaja Yogini: … They come every year.
Sahaja Yogi: For the eggs, they come every year but are hatching every seventeen years.
Alexandre: But in France, it is everyday like so [that].
Shri Mataji: Hu?
Sahaja Yogi: In France, every day.
Shri Mataji: Really?
Alexandre: In the south of France, in Provence, every day like so. It’s a folklore, it’s written in the books. It’s a cultural fact.
Shri Mataji: Those things, in India, we don’t have them at all. I never heard, it’s so silent. It’s so silent, especially if you go in a forest in India. And when there is a tiger, it becomes so silent. Immediately you can feel in the silence there’s a tiger because he is the king [inaudible]. Not that he is going to hurt anyone, he may be eating his prey, sitting down. But [inaudible]. Even birds, nothing. And immediately you know that there’s a tiger somewhere. You feel the presence of a tiger. And when a tiger dies in the forest, [inaudible]. [Actually, the bees, every one, unsure] You can feel that the tiger is dead.

French Sahaja Yogi: When a guru comes, the dogs are no more- are silent. When some guru comes in some town in India, the dogs are silent.
Shri Mataji: How? What did he say?
[Someone translate in Hindi]
Shri Mataji: What is it? Which part of India?
French Sahaja Yogi: It was in Bihar.
Shri Mataji: What happened?
French Sahaja Yogi: … In a holy place for Buddha, Buddha had enlightenment.
Shri Mataji: Holy? Holy, yes. What happened?
French Sahaja Yogi: Bodh Gaya.
Shri Mataji: Bodh Gaya
French Sahaja Yogi: Bodh Gaya.
And there, some people are taking care of the dogs.
Shri Mataji: Dogs would not bark, they keep quiet.
French Sahaja Yogi: Somebody came from Dharamshala, maybe you know who is it.
Shri Mataji: Ah. And what did he say?
French Sahaja Yogi: He gave a conference, praying, blessing, and a thousand people came.
Sahaja Yogis: Dalai Lama.
Sahaja Yogi: Therefore, we made a school in Dharamshala.
Shri Mataji [laughing]: The Dalai Lama. [Laughter] He is the worst of all. Yes.

Musician: I have to really depart.
Shri Mataji: Before you go, five minutes, why don’t you sing for Mother again?
Musician: I’m going for performance.
Shri Mataji: Can you manage to come back?
Musician: I’ll come back, yes.
Shri Mataji: What time will you come back?
Musician: [Inaudible].
Shri Mataji: All right. I’ll be there.

Shri Mataji: Now, you see Dalai Lama, the fellow, he once came to [inaudible]. He asked Me, “Are you a Realized soul?” And he knew about Me perhaps. So, I was sitting next to him, he’s so hot! Just like an [inaudible], you see? That’s why I developed blisters. [Inaudible]. He became very, sort of [inaudible]. He was very hot.
He said, “All right, can you ask [inaudible]”
But that’s what Dalai Lama was.
When I went to China, I saw that Dalai Lama
They had a lot of things, all made of gold, and that’s funny because [inaudible] and the Chinese could not have [inaudible]. They have been accumulating out of poor Tibetans. And Tibetans are so poor! They don’t even have proper clothes to wear as such. They cover themselves in rags with [Inaudible] And from them they will take charges [unsure], they take all the money from them, all kinds of things, and that’s how he became so rich! And I was amazed to see. And I verified it because they are doing a propaganda. But it was not so because [inaudible]
But this is how this horrible Dalai Lama is. He’s just talking big things, you see. He is the biggest liar that you could think about. He has nothing to do with Buddha, he is just anti-Buddha.

You have to ask [name unsure]

Sahaja Yogini: Would you think about why Mother Earth has created precious gems and what the real use of them is? What [inaudible] and what precious use of them is
Shri Mataji: She would [Inaudible]
[Laughter.] And she wants to give you everything that she has. [Inaudible] and all the chakras that are within us have a gem with them.
So, you know the chakras, what gems they have? You know or not?
Sahaja Yogis: No, I don’t.
Shri Mataji: In Mooladhara, you have the coral, I think it’s written somewhere – coral. Then, with the Swadistana, you have the topaz, the yellow topaz.
Then with the Nabhi is the emerald.
Then with the Heart is the ruby.
Vishuddhi is the blue sapphire, blue sapphire, that is why in India nobody wears it, it’s very dangerous, you know. Krishna can play things to you. [Unsure]
Then is Agnya is the diamond and the Sahasrara is the pearl.
So, if you have a problem of a particular chakra, if get a bhoot then you wear that somewhere.

Amethysts is- Amethysts is one of the stones, which is actually Mahamaya stone, because Amethysts changes its colour, it changes its colour, and it’s from ruby which changes into blue. So, it’s a Mahamaya’s combination of the heart chakra and the Vishuddhi chakra, it’s the Mahamaya.
Sahaja Yogini: What’s that good for?
Shri Mataji: Vishnumaya.

I mean, I think, they are not born from [?] but both of them had to come here.

Sahaja Yogi: How about lapis lazuli?
Shri Mataji: Lapis lazuli? It’s not a precious stone, lapis lazuli, it’s not a very precious stone.
Sahaja Yogi: I heard it was a healing stone.
Shri Mataji: Lapis lazuli is a healing stone because it represents the blood of the saints, that’s why. The saint’s blood is represented in a lapis lazuli.

[Shri Mataji is working on someone; continued part 2]