In Sahaja Yoga all religions are true

Lausanne (Switzerland)

1984-08-30 In Sahaja Yoga all religions are true, Lausanne, Switzerland DP-RAW, 93' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program. Lausanne (Switzerland), 30 August 1984.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

It’s such a great pleasure to see so many people in Lausanne who are seekers and have come to know, here, about the truth. Can you hear him? Is it all right or muffled? Muffled. Little bit, I think, should be further. Just put it right.

These are special times, we must understand, when there are thousands of people who are feeling the urge to seek beyond. In the tradition of spirituality, Sahaja Yoga is not a new thing. It’s a very ancient expression of the spontaneous awakening of your Holy Spirit within you. It resides within you. It is your own. It is your own energy that resides in the triangular bone called as “sacrum”, which means the Greeks knew there is something sacred about this bone. She is your Mother, your individual Mother, who has to give you your second birth as asked by Christ.

Now whatever Arneau has told you and whatever I am going to tell you is the knowledge of the roots which was kept secret for thousands of years. And first time in the sixth century people started talking openly about it and telling what are we inside ourselves. But all the great incarnations who came in this tradition of spirituality, one by one manifested every time a new awareness in the human dimension. In the ancient time when they followed Patanjali Yoga, that time they were hardly one or two people whom realization was given. Like Raja Janaka gave realization to one person who was the father-in-law of Shri Rama. Then came Moses, Abraham, all these great prophets who tried to establish within us the divine laws. They told us what are these divine laws within us which act, what are our valances as any element has. Invariably, all of them from Socrates onward, they all said that there are ten valances within us, like Ten Commandments, which we have to keep them intact. Out of these people the prophets came on most of the religions of early times. Like Judaism and other, [Zoroastrism, Zoroastrianism], Lao Tze, all these people were saying the same and same thing that we must have a balance within ourselves to establish the divine laws within ourselves.

But when Moses saw that the people were so much anti-God and so much anti-Divinity, he put forward a very strong type of a law which we call as “Shariat”. These laws were made for Jews, but actually they are followed by Muslim people. I’ve been to Islamic countries and I’ve seen people are quite normal and they are balanced and they are strictly adhering to these laws. But there is a tremendous fear in their mind. They are under oppression and they are not normal people. Such dominated, frightened people can become extremely violent. Same thing I found in Russia when I was there with My husband. That, I asked them that I would like to see some church, and they took Me to this ? what is the one they follow, Grégoire? They call a Greek.

Grégoire: Orthodox.

Shri Mataji: Orthodox Church. Greek Orthodox Church. And the priest received us there. And most embarrassing thing was that the priest told us that they are fasting these days. So he cannot eat meat. “But we can drink.” Now, Me and My husband, we don’t drink. So the officers who were with us did not drink either. But this priest started drinking and to our amaze went and drank and drank and drank so much that he had forgotten us also. So when we came out these officers started laughing. They said, “See, this is what happens. This man talks of God. Look at him. He has no sense.” I really felt that God is challenged.

We see it in everyday life in all the countries which are democratic also; the freedom has lost its value. It has become a license. In America, lawlessness is so much that you just don’t understand if you are facing an anarchist country or what. When I talk to them about religion which is within us, the balance within us, they said, “Why should have balance?” This is a good question, “Why should we have balance?” But logically, everything that moves has balance. Imagine a car going on two wheels and a man who does not know how to balance his bicycle moving about. So that means the balance has to be there if you have to ascend. And that’s why these great religions came on this Earth. But human beings as they are, they have a capacity to make a mess of everything. So with all [this, these] thing today, what we face is a human race which is so confused. We do not know which way to go. Then our eyes are turned to something that there is still unknown but must be the truth. That is how today there are thousands of seekers. I find them billions and billions existing.

Translator: Oh.

Shri Mataji: I know it is there.

Translator: It’s a good news, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: I said I see [may, many] thousands, because there not even thousand here. Now, these seekers are existing and they are seeking something beyond. But what are they seeking? In the tradition of spirituality, if you go back thousands of years, in the Upanishadas which eight thousands years back written down – before that it was just through the mouth – it is said that in you resides, in you resides the power to get your realization, to get to your Self, and the Self is the one we should achieve. That’s why are on this Earth. That is why if you go to any village in India, not to cities because cities are more sort of westernized, but if you go to a village and ask a villager what does he want in his lifetime, so he will say that, “I want one sat guru” – is a guru who is a real guru – “and who will give me my realization.” In the same tradition Christ came, two thousands years back we can say about. Of course, human beings were very cruel to Him. They didn’t allow Him to live long. In four years whatever was possible, He said all about it. He said, “To understand all this, you have to be born again.” And Nicodemus asked Him, “What do you mean by born again? Am I to enter into the womb of my mother?” He said, “Whatever is born of the flesh, is flesh. But Holy Ghost gives birth to the Spirit.” Now where is this Holy Ghost? It is placed, this one is the Kundalini. I asked a priest, I said, “What do you understand about Holy Ghost?” He said, “I, I, I am agnostic.” I said, “Then what are you doing here?” He said, “I am doing my job.” I mean, I was surprised at him that he didn’t want to know about it. So all these religions, all of them, have put blinkers on our eyes, and we are not supposed to see to the left or to the right.

In Sahaja Yoga when you receive your realization, you realize first thing that all religions are true and they are all related to each other. As Christ has said, “Those who are not against Me are with Me.” Another thing that was said in the Upanishadas was carried on later by Shri Krishna and by Christ and everyone, that you cannot read about it. Very lately, Guru Nanaka has said that by reading these things what is going to go in your head? That is, with mental projection you cannot reach there. With mental projection you can go up to a point where you can understand that this is the signboard, or this is the way you have to get in. But you must have an actualization, the real experience of the Spirit. Unless and until you have that experience you are living with your ego that, “I have read this book. I have read that book,” and all that. We are now today at a point of the same tradition, where there are many flowers on the tree of life. There were one or two flowers before, but today there are thousands. I would say millions.

Now we have to see what happens in the ascent. You become the Spirit. So far, you are identified with your mind, with your psyche, with your conditionings, with your egos. You might be a very good person, very balanced and a religious person, but still you feel that there are people who are so nasty, so bad, so lawless and they are prospering. “Why am I suffering when I am such a nice person? I have done nothing wrong. Why should I suffer?” And this question comes to you because you feel not blessed. Many good people who have suffered take to destructive measures towards themselves. They, just to escape the cruel reality, they take to drugs, take to alcohols, they commit suicide. But reality is beautiful and glorifying. But you have to enter into it. If you are not with reality then you are frightened because you are in darkness. You have seen miracles happening in this Lausanne where people who were drug addicts, who were alcoholics, who were having bad relations with husband and wife, are completely changed and leading a beautiful life. I don’t tell them, “Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Don’t.” I don’t say that at all. I don’t even tell them, “Be lawful,” or anything. But once you get your realization you become the Spirit, the Spirit becomes your guru, Spirit becomes your master and He guides you. So those who believe in God can be very good people, can be very nasty people; shows no effect on them.

Like I went to Argentina and people said, “Mother, we are such good people and why should we suffer?” But this suffering is because you have not entered into the Kingdom of God. If you enter into the Kingdom of God and you become the citizen of God’s kingdom, then He looks after you. You do not know the dimensions in which He works. Grégoire himself says that the miracle has lost its meaning in Sahaja Yoga because everything works out, effortlessly. Before this you have to make an effort to work very hard to be a successful person. And still you are not happy. After realization you don’t have to put in any effort. You become successful. Your priorities change. I’ve seen people who are successful in their profession, can be very nasty people. I’ve seen many bureaucrats who have no moral courage of any kind, no morality innately built. I’ve seen all kinds of people, parliamentarian and every sort, and I find there is that lacking of faith in themselves. And that faith is missing because they have not become the Spirit. Spirit is the source of truth, not in one dimension but in complete dimension of the awareness. A child who is a realized soul is much more aware than a very old man who has not [get, got] realization.

I remember once I was going with My grandchild to the airport and she was all the time doing like this. So I asked her, “What are you doing?” He said, she said that, “I am trying to tie up all these people; they are all scatter-brains just now.” And the awareness is so many-dimensional because you can feel the divine force all around you. You can feel the All-pervading Power all around and you can feel another person, not his clothes, not his face, not his purse, but himself inside in his chakras. And you know what the problem is with the gentleman. And you talk in the terminology of centers. Now when you talk in the terminology of the centers, you do not criticize the person but what you say, “The center is catching and we’ll manage it.” You can give a balance to a person. But first of all, you have to be all right, you have to be perfected your own system, which is a very easy thing because you become like a witness to your own life. You start seeing yourself clearly. Like this sari has a spot on it. I cannot see it, but once I see it I know how to clean it; I can clean it. So you cure yourself, you purify yourself, everything done by your own Kundalini. You don’t need any guru for that.

Now Arneau has said that I have a capacity, but I must say that it is your capacity that works out. Your own power works it out. The thing is like this, that we are all part and parcel of the whole. We find our wholesomeness when we get our realization. And then we don’t think that somebody is the other. Like, any finger is paining; you rub it. You don’t think you are doing any obligation. You, you just become the whole and you feel for the whole in a collective way. As soon as your Spirit shines into you, you start seeing the sense of life. Like I know one smuggler in India who came to Me in Sahaja Yoga, and he said, “I’ve formed the habit of smuggling, I can’t get out of it.” And see how Divine is generous: he got his realization. And he gave up some smuggling from next day. I said, “What happened?” He said, “I can see now, what’s the use of smuggling? I never was so happy as I am today. It’s all full of joy. And with that smuggling I was always like a criminal, behaving like a criminal in a peevish manner.” And the awareness is so dimensional. The fellow who was busy with smuggling used his awareness only for smuggling, but today he has become a very, very rich man because his awareness has taken another dimension. And I asked him, “How did you become so rich?” He said, “Effortlessly.” He said, “I don’t know from where, out of the blue I got all these things which were sold for such high prices. I don’t know how. I didn’t know what was antique. Suddenly I started seeing the beauty in the antiques, and I got them and I found them out. I didn’t know a word about it.” Despite all [these, this], he looked ten years younger and I first could not recognize him, because there is no tension built.

Before realization you have to put in an effort and tension is built in. But after realization you are amazed at the blessings. It happens. I’ve seen happening to thousands and should happen to most of the humanity. In the tradition of spirituality, the time has come now that you all should get your realization first. I first thought that it would be better to cleanse people and work them out and then give them realization. But I found it’s a very slow process. Without realization people can’t see themselves, which is very difficult. The real saints are really in danger. I know so many of them who have told Me that their hands were broken, their legs were broken, their, they were smashed and they were hanged and did all kinds of things to them because they tried to give cleanliness to people. And they are literally frightened of facing human beings. Only those who are marketing God are there in the arena. But that’s a different thing that they want to have money. They don’t, they are not bothered about God or realization. But these saints who have been so much frightened, out of them I sent one to America. He stayed there for three days in New York and ran away.

Now the thing is, I just logically thought that if everybody gets realization first, the light may be little ? doesn’t matter ? but they will start seeing things better. So once you enlighten the light, you can see in that light, maybe not so clearly but so clearly that you see how you are still needing some help. As a result of realization, first thing that happens to you that you become collectively conscious. I say, become: means you can feel others. You can feel yourself. You can get rid of your physical problems, emotional problems, your mental problems, and also your material problems. If the husband is not very nasty or the wife is not very nasty, the relationship improves tremendously. And the relationship with children, relationship with others, relationship with the society, with the king, with the government, with the law, everything improves in a beautiful manner because you become a peaceful personality. All this is only possible if you become the Spirit. When you become the Spirit you start seeing yourself and correcting yourself because you become powerful. And this is the power of compassion, of love. You don’t destroy others and you don’t destroy yourself. You have even compassion for yourself, for your being, for your body, for everything, and you have compassion for others and you respect them.

We have to understand that this creation is not created by the Creator to be destroyed. You are on the stage and it is you who have to change a little bit. You have to become the Spirit and if you become the Spirit then you will know how great are His blessings. More than you, the Creator is anxious that you should become the citizens of His domain, that you should become His beautiful children who understand Him, that He is so anxiously working out and that it is His only desire and His only aspiration that all these great creations of Mine should achieve that beautiful life. Only thing is that it has to work out. You don’t have to do anything much about it. By God’s grace it will work out. But even if you get your realization, you must know that there are problems within you, which must be cured, must be brought right. For that you have to work yourself and understand what you are within yourself by which you perfect yourself. So you have to pay some attention to yourself, at the most for a month. It is like a small, little seed, germinated, and then this little plant has to be looked after little bit so that it grows into the tree to help others. It is too spontaneous and very fantastic; that’s why people don’t believe in it. But do you know how fantastic you are? You are like a computer, which does not think. But as soon as you get connected with the whole, you just start feeling the absolute within you. You can answer all the absolute questions on these vibrations. And you know each and every thing about it. There’s nothing darkness, nothing that you don’t know. Like they know each and every thing, you will know each and every thing.

All the realized people see the same thing. They, say if you have ten children who, whose eyes are tied, and if you ask them, “What is this fellow suffering from?” they will say, “He is suffering from this,” say for example. Because you are suffering from that, I can see. Now, what is this finger? That’s only I have to decode. This finger means that you all feel guilty for nothing at all. It is a very common feature in the West that people feel guilty. And at the very outset, before we start the session of meditation, I have to make a humble request that you tell yourself, “I am not guilty at all.” It is all a kind of a conditioning on the Western mind that you are made to feel guilty for everything that you don’t do. Like a lady very immaculately dressed and all that came out with Me. She said, “I’m feeling very guilty.” I said, “Why?” She said, “Because I put the fork the wrong way,” something stupid like that. It is all stupid to feel guilty. I beg of you not to feel guilty at all, because God is the ocean of love and ocean of compassion, but above all, He is the ocean of forgiveness. You must respect yourself that God has created you. And you must know, if you are the temple of His shrine, how can you be guilty? Then another thing is that we must suffer if we have to get to God. This is not believing in Christ. You know that Christ died on the cross for our sins. The cross is within ourselves, at the gate, you can see at the Agnya chakra. He sits there. When the Kundalini rises, She enlightens Christ there and He sucks in the ego and superego, both, just like that.

Once upon a time, Jews did not believe and they believed in suffering. So they had Hitler. Why do you want to suffer? Christ has already suffered for you. What more can you suffer? Like in France when I went, they said, “Mother, you should not say You are full of joy. You must say You are miserable. Otherwise people won’t listen to you.” But I’m not. Les miserables, all of them. And I said, “All right. Now let’s see what happens to them after realization. I will not say anything.” And now you see them, how they are. They are in the seventh heaven, all blessed, thousand [full, fold].

It is said, in the same tradition, yoga kshema vahamiam. Krishna has said, “When you get your yoga, you will get your kshema.” So because people have not got their yoga that’s why they are suffering, because they haven’t got their yoga they are so powerless, because they haven’t got their yoga they are so quarrelsome, because Spirit is the manifestation of God Almighty within us. And the Kundalini is the expression of the Primordial Mother within us, which is the Holy Ghost. We believe in God Almighty and the Son of God and the Holy Ghost. How can you have a Son for a Father if He has no Mother? It is all your own. You better have it, for which you cannot pay Me. You cannot put it in any effort. It just works out. It’s your own. It will work out very soon, only you have to little bit cooperate with Me to awaken your own Kundalini. Afterwards if you get your realization, well and good. If you don’t get your realization, also there are centers where you can go and meet people and you can get your realization accomplished. And you should try to understand, those who have got realization have gone through the same thing as you have gone through. And when you become, yourself, a Sahaja yogi you can give realization to thousands.

We have an Australian who has come here, a doctor, Warren Reeves, who came to Me, got his realization, went back and has given realization to thousands of Australians. We have seven centers only in the Sydney city.

You are all invited to our different centers here. We have one in Lausanne. We have one in Geneva. Please make it a point to go there and get all the help that you need and then help them, because this is not an individual movement but is a collective movement. As you have already heard that Sahaja Yoga cures cancer, it cures many diseases, automatically. But if you do not master the art of true knowledge then we cannot guarantee all that. But there, there are many who are cured. But curing is not our job; it is just as a byproduct. May God bless you all. Thank you very much.

Now we’ll be having a, about ten minutes’ meditation. I hope you all will get your realization during that period. But even if you don’t get it you should make it a point to give some time to yourself and know all about it, get your realization fixed and established and that you grow in it so that next time when I come to Lausanne I should say, see many more trees. As it is, Lausanne has grown very much since I came from first time.

Now you have to help Me a little bit, first to give yourself a balance and then to give some energy to your different centers. That’s all. Nothing difficult it is. There are centers, which will be enriching on the left hand side, only. In this you do not feel in any way diffident. Please do not feel any way diffident. Everybody is capable. If you have anything tight here or on the thing, which makes you uncomfortable, you can take out. You can even take out your spectacles, because throughout you keep your eyes shut and it helps the eyesight also. Firstly you should be very comfortable. If anything very tight you can loosen it. Be comfortable. First of all, forgive yourself. And have no guilt. That is first condition.

Now you have to keep your eyes shut all the time, not open your eyes, because if the eyes are opened I’ve seen the Kundalini doesn’t rise very high. So to give it a full opening you better keep your eyes shut. And both the hands on your lap like this. [Aside: Can you put this up? I’d like to stand up. Yeah. [Hindi]] Please close your eyes, just close, in complete confidence of yourself that you are all going to be realized, you are all going to receive your realization. Be confident about it. Some people come here as some sort of a show. Such people should leave us in peace. You see, there is no show on. Because such people do definitely disturb us. Not Me, but those who are just trying to get to the reality can get disturbed. So everybody should close their eyes please, with both the hands towards Me.

I think there are some people who are thinking they should have asked Me some questions. You may write those questions on a piece of paper because today I have to go back early. Always I allow people to ask questions. So I would request you to write down these questions later on and send it over to Me. I’ll try to answer to them. But just now don’t worry about the questions, because asking the questions and answering them doesn’t give you realization. So you should just desire that you must have your realization.

Now, the left hand is manifesting the desire power, which is on the left hand side. And the right hand side is manifesting the action power. Now, first of all you must remember to keep the left hand all the time on your lap towards Me, because this is your desire to have realization. That is the symbolic thing. Now the second one is that the right hand should be first put on your heart. Without opening your eyes, please do as I say. On your heart on the left hand side, on the left hand side, on your heart. Please put it on the left hand side of your heart, please, all of you. In the heart resides the Spirit. So you can address Me as “Shri Mataji” or you can address Me as “Mother”. “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times, please. [Aside: Ha. Good. [Hindi]]

Now please put this hand, right hand, left hand keeping as it is, on the upper part of the abdomen, your stomach, on the left hand side. Everything we are working on the left hand side. And press it hard. This is the center of the Primordial Master. As you are the Spirit you become also the master. So now you ask a question, “Mother, am I my own master?” Please three times ask this question. [Aside: Ha. Good.] Three times.

Now take your hand right down on the stomach, in the lower part of it, on the left hand side, very low, very low. This is the center of divine creativity, divine knowledge. Now, I cannot force you to do anything. You have to ask for it. So you have to say, “Mother…” Now the initiation, the beginning is that, “Mother, give Me true knowledge.” Pure knowledge. In Sanskrit is shuddha vidya. Ha. Please don’t feel guilty. All through I have to request you not to feel guilty. Without feeling guilty you ask Me. You have a right to ask Me.

Now, again on the left hand side you move your hand, on the abdomen, at the upper part, again at the place of the master. Now as you have asked Me for the true knowledge, the true knowledge is that you are your own master. Will you please with full confidence say that, “Mother, I am my own master,” ten times, please. [Aside: Hmm, good. Good working.] Ten times, please, because as I told you we have ten valances. [Aside: Hindi]. Please don’t feel guilty. You are your master. I’m telling you. Please don’t feel guilty. Please be very, very confident. He’s so concerned about [that?]. If you feel guilty I cannot work out. Ah, better. But again you go back to the same, to the guilt.

Now put your right hand on the heart, again, on the Spirit, with full confidence again, please. Now, say in your heart with all sincerity and confidence, “Mother, I am the Spirit. I am the Spirit.” Say twelve times, please. Ha. [Aside: Hindi].

Now, you must know, as I told you, that God is the ocean of compassion, ocean of love and ocean of forgiveness. [Aside: It started already, vibrations started.] So have faith in yourself. Now, now put your right hand on your neck, on the left hand side, at the base of your neck, from the front, from the front. Please keep there. Hold it tight. Now this is the center is caught up when you feel guilty. I must tell you it is very dangerous to feel guilty. You develop diseases like angina and so many others because of this, spondylitis. At this center you have to say sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Ha. Sixteen times. And those who feel really all the time guilty should say it hundred and eight times to punish themselves. [Aside, to the translator: Say it, say it. It is close and they can’t hear I think. You see reverbs, is little far.] Ha. Sixteen times. It will happen very easily if you really say it from your heart. [Aside: [Hindi] Better? Better now? [Hindi]]

Now if you have said it sixteen times, please put your right hand across your forehead, across, and hold it tight. Hold it tight. As I said, this is the center of Christ. Hold it tight. Please put it on your forehead. At this point you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Now some will say it is very difficult, but I tell you it is mythical to believe that by forgiving you are doing something. You are doing nothing. But when you don’t forgive you are playing into the hands of others. Please don’t feel guilty, again I would say. Now at this point you can ask a question, “Mother, am I the part and parcel of the whole?” Please ask this question three times. Ha.

Now, please put your hand on top of your head, on the fontanel bone area, where it is a soft bone. Please put your hand there and press it hard, press it hard. Please help yourself. It’s very simple. You are giving baptism to yourself. You are baptizing yourself. Now, press it hard and move it clockwise. At this time, again, I cannot cross your freedom. You have to say, “Mother, I want my realization. Please give me my realization.” I cannot force it on you. [Hindi]. Ha. [Aside: It doesn’t work.]

Now change your hand. Put your right hand down, don’t open your eyes and put left hand on your head. Now see for yourself. It is for you who has to judge yourself. Nobody has to give you a certificate. [Aside: Tell them.] [Hindi] Om Sakshat Moksha Dayini, Om Sakshat Moksha Dayini, Om Sakshat Moksha Dayini, Om Sakshat Moksha Dayini, Sakshat Moksha Dayini. Om Sakshat Nirmala, Om Sakshat Nirmala, Om Sakshat Nirmala, Om Sakshat Nirmala, Om Sakshat Nirmala.

Now you raise your hand and see for yourself, is there a Cool Breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. You certify yourself. [Hindi] Little higher, little higher. If there are Sahaja yogis, they should also help them to see. See now, slowly. Change your hands again. Do not get disturbed. See for yourself. Is it Cool Breeze coming? It is for you to certify. Nobody is going to certify you. You have to see yourself. Is there a Cool Breeze coming? All right? Is he getting? Ha. You can change your hand. Ha. Better. Is he got it? Has he got? Little bit move up and down, little bit, you will see that. With both the hands. These hands, these hands will speak now, as Mohammed Sahab has said, that, “At the time of Resurrection your hands will speak.” The energy flows through your hands. And the movement of energy only you have to know how to move it. That is what happened to the Disciples of Christ when they were blessed by Holy Ghost. They started speaking the language of the chakras, of the centers, and that looked strange to people. And they started moving their hands because they felt the Cool Breeze around their hands. And they were called as mad people because people didn’t understand what they were doing. You can change your hand again and again to see. [Hindi] Better now? Is he feeling? He’s got it. But he is feeling it or not? He’s feeling it. All right.

Now one more thing we can try. Just put your hands up in the air, like this. Let’s see. All the hands. Like this. And ask a question. Ask a question, “Is this the All-pervading Power of God? Is this the Holy Ghost, Power of the Holy Ghost? Is this the Brahma? Is this the Divine Power?” [Hindi] Now put down your hands and see now, are you feeling in the hands? Feeling? Good. Feeling? Is he feeling? Good. Bit, yes. In the beginning it’s subtle; so the sensitivity is not so developed. You have to feel it more. But some people feel it in a big draught, also. You be confident. You be confident. Is, yes, you just put your hands like this, straight. And see, be confident, not be afraid. It’s there. It is this power that gives you seasons. It is this power does all that is living, spontaneous. What do we do? Nothing, dead work. We cannot create a real flower. We cannot convert, transform a flower into a fruit.

See now. Now watch Me without thinking. Can you do it? Let’s see. Without thinking. You cannot think about it. It’s beyond thought. The state is beyond thought. Feeling peaceful now? Good, enjoy yourself. Those who are not feeling the Cool Breeze should contact the Sahaja yogis. They will be here for some time, but I am going away. How many are Sahaja yogis, have come? Because tomorrow there is a big function, so very few have come. But are there any Sahaja yogis here?

Translator: Yes, yes, Shri Mataji, enough.

Shri Mataji: There are. So now let them work out on you. You can come and sit here. They’ll work on you. But they will have to use their hands, move their hands. Don’t get upset. Tomorrow you will have to learn. You talk to them, ask them. They’ll tell you each and every thing. And you’ll be surprised; you’ll think they are scholars. They are not. They are ordinary people, absolutely ordinary. Best thing is to talk to them nicely, ask them questions, ask them anything that you want to. They are there to help you and then you have to help others like them.

Translator: The Sahaja yogis should stay and help the people getting the realization.

Shri Mataji: This work cannot be done with a single person, isn’t it?

New person: [French]

Shri Mataji: What is he saying? What is he saying?

Translator: I, I’m not quite sure. He said his, his hand were moving, or his hands were moving or something like that.

Shri Mataji: Really? Where? You, did you feel the Cool Breeze?

New person: [French]

Shri Mataji: With the force. Ha. Yes, maybe with the force. Today the vibrations are too much. Yeah.

Translator: Yes.

Shri Mataji: Doesn’t matter. It’s a good idea. It’s a good thing. It doesn’t matter. Please be quiet and sit down. I’ll come next year again at this time; and maybe for two days in Lausanne.