Talk at Gregoire’s House Vienna (Austria)

Talk at Gregoire’s house. Vienna (Austria), 6 September 1984.
…and in the center of it, you see, so it doesn’t touch the sand at all – sand has nothing to do, only the water. After the minimum level we find out, what is the minimum level, it goes on – and we put it there.
Now what happens, that the water is collected, it is sucked in through here, see. We don’t suck in any sand also. […]

Public Program Day 2 Vienna (Austria)

Public Program. Vienna (Austria), 6 September 1984.
I bow to all the seekers of truth.
As I told you yesterday, that Truth cannot be known through mental process. You can only know whatever is visible. Whatever is unknown comes to you through the grace of the Divine. Even Einstein has said: “When I was so tired finding out the theory of relativity, I was lying in my garden and playing with soap bubbles and from somewhere unknown the theory of relativity dawned upon me.” […]