Whatever is unknown comes to you through the grace of the Divine

Vienna (Austria)

1984-09-06 Whatever Is Unknown Comes To You Through The Grace Of The Divine, Vienna Austria DP-RAW, 176'
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Public Program Day 2. Vienna (Austria), 6 September 1984.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

As I told you yesterday, that Truth cannot be known through mental process. You can only know whatever is visible. Whatever is unknown comes to you through the grace of the Divine. Even Einstein has said: “When I was so tired finding out the theory of relativity, I was lying in my garden and playing with soap bubbles and from somewhere unknown the theory of relativity dawned upon me.” So this unknown comes to us from the unconscious.

But still we are not very much comprehensive of the completeness of this unknown. Anything unknown is not Divine. The Divine is the one, as I told you, has to be felt on your central nervous system as Truth. Now the way we look at the unknown is really very confusing. Instead of telling you how we look at the unknown I will tell you how it is.

Now in this diagramm you can see there are three lines shown clearly within ourselves. These are all sublte centers within us, they comprise our autonomous nervous system. We call it autonomous nervous system without asking, who is this “auto”. Auto is the Spirit within us. But these three channels represent on the left-hand-side our left sympathetic nervous system, on the right-hand-side the right sympathetic and in the center the parasympathetic. Now the sympathetic nervous system, which is left and right, are used by us whenever we go into any emergency like running or doing some excersion with our brain.

When we become extremely emotional also the left-hand-side sympathetic nervous system starts activating its energy very much. On the left-hand-side is our emotional energy. Yesterday I told you that most of the people who indulge to much emotional practices of this romance and all that, or weep about their past and cry what has gone wrong and suffer and all those things, are on the left-hand-side. At the extreme they are called as Masochists.

And the right-hand-side of people are the people who are agressive with others who are futuristic and that channel looks after our mental and physical activities. Now if you become very left sided person, you go into the collective Subconscious.

First you go into the present Subconscious and then into the past Subconscious and then into collective Subconscious. And the right-hand-side people go first into the future and then into the Supraconscious and into collective Supraconscious. All the experiences of the collective Supraconscious and collective Subconscious can be misunderstood by human beings. But we must understand it in its right perspective. The people who are on the left side or who go into collective Subconscious, get experiences of dreaming.

They can see the past of the people and they can get into troubles like cancer as I told you. They see forms of the dead and they talk to the dead and they think that they have got relationship with the dead. When such people get possessed by the dead, they start jumping, shouting, screaming. Some of them scream, sometimes they roar like lions or they behave like animals. So it is just an animal that is within them which was in the past expressing itself.

Such a person takes to more sly and secretive methods. But the right sided person take to more agressive methods. Like you take certain drugs and you can become left sided, but there is LSD and all that if you take, you become right sided. And right sided people start seeing colours, some times also they may know something about your future. They might get some flashes by which they will tell you the future or also they might tell you about some stars and things about you are not aware so far.

They also see Gods and Godesses and they also see all these forms which we call as heaven. Now, their attitude towards people is extremely agressive, they are very dry people – sometimes they become impotent also with their dryness. But the worst of it, those people who practice this, can achieve the power of the collective Supraconscious and can get the powers from all the dead, who were very ambitious.

All these Lamas and all those people have taken to collective Supraconscious style of meditation. That`s why Hitler had to go to Lamas to get his powers because they taught him how to be collective Supraconscious, and by which he could empower the Germans, to tell them that you are special races and he gave them ideas that you are something unique and by which he could create this disaster on this earth.

The false Gurus that are nowadays making money in the name of God and doing all kinds of wrong things, can be either left sided or right sided. If somebody sees a light here just by turning this, you must circuit and such a person is trying to push you either towards the left or to the right, because through this center you can go to the left or the right. So those who go to the left start seeing things like animals and dead bodies and the right sided people see something that is like the light, or fire and things and they think that they have achieved a great ascent in their Yoga.

So on top of your head resides the, what we call, the Superconsciousness of which Jung has talked very clearly. And below is the hell which Freud has built for us. So we have to rise higher above towards the Superconsciousness. Now the God Almighty resides on the top of your head, here on everybodys head he is there existing on all human beings. And he is reflected in the heart as Spirit. The Spirit has the size of your thumb, they say. Now this Spirit sometimes comes out of your body and watches you.

But the Spirit is not in your conscious mind, it is not expressing itself in your conscious mind. It is not in your attention. But when the Kundalini pierces through all these centers and pierces through this fontanelle bone area, giving you the real baptism, then the message comes to the Spirit that such a person has touched the Divine. And then the grace starts flowing on your sympathetic nervous system and relaxing it.

As soon as the relaxation takes place, it widens the space in the centers and the Kundalini can rise much more into it. Now this Kundalini is like many threads put together. And first a very minute, hair like thread rises to open the fontenale bone area. And when the grace starts flowing down on the sides, then the more threads of the Kundalini start rising. Thus your realisation becomes established.

Now the nature of the Spirit as I told you,is that it is the collective being within ourselves. Like it gives you the idea of the wholesomeness. Now we have so many organisations in this world, like UNO and UNDP and all kinds of things with UN and VN but there is no unity. There are already three worlds they have created out of one. Because actually we are not yet collectively conscious, we have not become collectively conscious.

Our human awareness is at a level, that we just talk about it, but actually we are not – we talk. As many people tell me that this man says he is very religious, but look at him, he is a murderer, another one is a drunkard, third one is a thief and they say they are religious? How is it that religion if they follow, how can they be so horrid, you are better than them because we have no God.

Once I went with my husband to Russia and they asked me what would you like to do. I said, I would like to go to some church and meet some monks here. And they took me to this Orthodox church, that`s the one very prevalent there. And the head priest wearing black thing, because they are black and white order, came to recieve us and we had lunch together. So he told us he is fasting, because there is fasting day and that`s why he won`t eat meat, but we can have alcohol.

Now, my husband and I don`t drink a t all, so the other officers also did not drink but this fellow drank so much, that he forgot that he had to see us off. And all the other Russian officers started laughing and he said, look at this religious man. He had even forgotten to see you off. They said, that’s why we don`t believe in God. And the story they told that when the Russians wanted some God or some religion all types of people came in.

First came the Catholics and they said of course you can drink any amount you like, because Christ didn`t say much about it. And Christ did distribute wine in a wedding. Now just use a little logic and you`ll understand, it can not be an fermented wine. He spontaniously created wine and how can you in a second make it into an alcohol? You have to ferment it at least for a month. Because in the old Testament so much has been said against drinking, that Christ didn`t think it much necessary to talk much about drinking, because he was more concerned with the ascent and with the second birth.

So the Catholics said allright Zar, you can drink, but you cannot marry again. This was too much for the he said I must have many how can I manage with one, so I don`t like this religion. So the Muslims went there and they said, alright. You can have Islam, you can marry as many you like but you cannot drink. So they said, this religion won`t fit us much, because we must drink morning till evening.

So the Greek Orthodox went there and said: “Do what you like, as long as you give us money sufficient, we will recomend you to God.” This is what we have done to our great incarnations like Christ, like Mohammed Sahab, Krishna, Shri Rama. What human beings have done to them, that one should mock our religions. The reason is that we are not powerful enough to follow what they told us. But when you become the Spirit, automatically you do it.

I don`t tell anybody don`t do, because half of them would run away, just like Russians Zar. Only thing is you get your Realisation first. Then the little light comes in, and you can see whatever is wrong with you. So much light is there allready. Then you start seeing the rope is not a rope but a snake, so you just leave it.

But again this you do not know do it mentally, you just do it automatically through your central nervous system. Because the joy of being the Spirit is so great, the vibrations you get. You feel so happy and silent as yesterday you felt, that you don`t want to give it up at any cost, nothing is more important. Now you have got the final.

Because your Spirit gave you the essence of all the happiness which is the joy. It gives you the essence of satisfaction, which you get out of material well being. So one doesn`t want to have anything else. When you have the diamond, you don`t care for ordinary stones. That is how, once you rise to that hight of your own being, in your own understanding and in your own glory, then you don`t care for something, that is low level, you just don`t want it.

Like I would say, in the west, people are aesthetically very rich and when they have risen in aesthetic, now they don`t want plastics, but once upon a time plastic was a big craze in the west. And the developing countries, which are still following your path, are realy very much appreciated of plastics. Like a dog or horse, if you allow a dog or a horse to pass through a dirty lake, it will have no objection, it will just walk through without smelling anything.

Nothing is wrong for this horse or dog. But if a man has to go or a woman has to go, she won`t be able to do it, because it is so filty, she is a human being, she can`t pass through that. This is what we have achieved in our evolution. And if this evolution, which is a living force, has to work out. we have to become something higher than what normal people are.

So those who become higher persons have higher aesthetics, higher values and higher type of compassion. The higher aesthetics come with the feeling of these cool vibrations. Like Mona Lisa is a beautiful painting because she emits vibrations. By all means of all modern ideas of beauty were only mosquito-like women are regarded as beautiful, she is not beautiful. But her sincerity, her serenity and everything that is expressed in her being gives those vibrations. Then you also realise which music is Divine. Because your aesthetics become subtler.

We have a little boy at the place where I`m staying, who is a born realised soul and he is a very intelligent boy and hardly three years of age. And he discriminates music very well. He likes Mozart, because Mozart was a realised soul. And I played a radio to him and I asked him, is it good and he said no, this is not Mozart. Even your Queen, who lived during the time of Mozart was a realised lady, perhaps you do not know about her.

There have been so many great realised souls, but like Wagner was not a realised soul and it is a headache to listen to him, for a realised soul. Now, before realisation you would take to anything without understanding if it is modern, you`ll say “have it”, why not try, why not try this, it`s allright.

Because you do not know what is absolute. Like Bauhaus your German style of thing, the functional type of architecture, is absolutely anti God. They built houses in America with that Bauhaus style of thing and people went crazy. Because human beings are not machines, they are not functional. Human beings are the epitome of evolution. They cannot live in the hospital all the time, when they are normal people.

This is what it is, that we do not know, and we do go in for it and we suffer, because we do not know, what is absolute. Now some people, who get realisation, they have never known, what painting is and suddenly they became painters, artists, musicians. It is such a creative force, the creative force of all the creativity is these vibrations.

In your Vienna there is a doctor of agriculture. He has used vibrations to see plants and he saw that the of these plants, which were grown only on with vibrated water are much much more than the other ones which were supposed to be hybreed. Now these plants, which are only noureshed by vibrations are not like hybrid which do not have reproductive capacity, but are very beautiful.They have a different colur, a lustre and a taste that is beautiful.

This hybreed double-upment will make all the farmers slaves of the people who produce this hybrid seed, bacause they cannot produce hybrid seed. So the aesthetics which is the essence of creativity, becomes so clear cut into the mind of a person that automatically, spontaniously he starts creating things, which are very much universally appreciated.

So thus, our aesthetics become dynamic and people can`t understand how this man, who was an ordinary person has suddenly become such a great artist. Now the matter, which has the aesthetics, as if the aesthetics become our part and parcel as it is at a point between the aesthetics of the matter and ourselves in that subtler level that we just see the beauty of the matter and we arrange it in such a way, that it creates a new pattern.

The other thing is the insecurity of men and women, that they must feel attracted to each other, they must always be in such a way, in a very indecent manner, that they should feel attracted and that people should feel attracted, this insecurity goes away. You rise in one own innocence and you rise in your own glory and you are not bothered about this cheap type of exhibition. You know that this kind of life that people lead, is a very dangerous life. Many people in England didn`t like when I told them, that you`d better settle down to proper, sensible life.” And they said, “Mother is just telling us something, that we should not have our freedom of licence.

But it is against nature, a part from it is anti God, but it is against nature, because nature takes respite and now in America those people, who I had warned, they have got a horrible disease, called AIDS and they have no way of curing it. And this is spreading like on octopus all over the western countries. You`ll be happy to know that in Sahaja Yoga, we have been able to cure AIDS also. There is a way by curing the center, that is down below is called as the center of Mooladhara.

You can cure this disease. It`s a combination of two centers and you can cure it. These chakras are also the essences of our being. They are made of the essences of the element. And thus when our chakras are clear-cut, we can in every way understand the elements and the element understands us as there is a power between the elements and us.

Thus we rise above matter in the way, that we enter into matter in a subtle manner, that is through the all pervading power of God. We do not conquer the matter, but we become friends of the matter. The second thing that happens through this Spirit, is that you become the witness of the play of the Divine. As long as you are in the water you are afraid of the waves of the water, but if you somehow get into the boat, then you see the play of those waves and you are not frightened of that.

That means you rise into the area of thoughtless awareness above the waves of your thoughts and you see the whole play as a witness. You are not involved into it. Like if you are seeing a drama, and if you think you are Napoleon, then you suddenly take out your so called sword and run to the stage. But when you are aware, then you know that it is a drama going on, “What am I doing”. Some people cry and weep in the drama, but after some time the drama is over. Then they know that it is just a drama. Thus you become the witness of the play and you have no tension of any kind.

Tension is also a mythical stuff. One day I lost my passport and I was not worried abaut it. And my husband went to get the passport. He was more worried about it, than myself. And we were going to China, so I told him “Why should you worry so much, after all if I have to go, I`ll go.” Then he said: “Should I not go and find the passport, he said “No, you should go”. And I said: “You should go and find the passport, but why do you worry, why do you worry about it? Whatever you have to do, you should do, but why do you want to worry about it, why to have attention, by that you can`t achieve anything, you will fall sick.”

And that is exactly what happens with us. Mostly we live in the future or in the past, never in the present. We always think of the future, what is going to happen. For example, people must be looking at their watches, when will she finish, when are we going to get our convayance this, that, about the future. They are not here, they are not here, they are in the future.

And some are worried about the past. Now the past is finished and the future doesn`t exist. It is the present in which you have to stand. We`ve got watches to save time, but for what? A gentleman was very anxciously running. He wanted to catch the plain to London. I said, what it is such a nescessity to go? He said: “I`ve to attend a Ball!” So for attending for three hours a Ball he made his life miserable for 12 hours. And when he reached the place, he found that there was no Ball! And Ball is an other waist of time. So why do we save time, we save time to meditate, to ascend. That`s why this desire is there to save time. Time is very precious, for what? Because there is emergency in the air, and what is this emergency? That this is the time of special time, when people have to achieve their Spirit.

There has been a very great poet in England, called William Blake, who has described this resurrection times as this, that the men of God, the seekers, will become prophets, and they will have powers to make others prophets. Those who think they are very wise, can discard him as a crazy man. But the so-called wise, what heve they achieved? Thus we must remember that all these things which are said about this time, it is true and it is going to happen and I call it as a blossom time. So when I say that you become thoughtlessly aware, that means, you become the witness, and as a witness, when you are without thoughts, there is no idea of sin in your head.

No fear, no problems, you`ll reside in complete peace. Like one doctor told me “Mother, you can cut may throat, do what you like, but stop this mind from thinking!” Now, when you have possessions of things like if I possess this instrument, then I`ll be very much worried about it. If I can think about it. That “Oh God, this should not be spoiled, I must insure this, that” and all the other things. Supposing I own a very beautiful painting then I`ll be also very much more worried. But if you are in thoughtless awareness, you watch the painting and all the joy of the creation of that artist, just starts flowing, you actually feel the flow of that joy on your being.

When otherwise you meet someone, then you start thinking, what is his hair colour, how does he talk, how is he holding his fork and knife. Is he French, German or Indian, you try to find out.

And all kinds of thoughts come in between as a barrier between the other person and yourself. You can`t make out a thug from a good man, you can`t make out a saint from a anti-God-personality. But if you see a person of such a quality, saintly qualities, you just become thoughtlessly aware, if you are a realised soul.

And you just have this vibrations to enjoy each other, that`s all you say “Hahaha” what beautiful vibrations come in. You don`t critizise anyone, because he belongs to this community, that caste, that creat, nothing of that kind, you just see the person as he is in his character and you just feel how nice, how beautiful, just you don`t talk, just to enjoy each other. But this is very important for all of us, that at this junction, that when we are realy standing on the verge of imminent catastrophy we should become Spirits.

The confusion of the modern times and the ergency created by that, realy makes it imminent that people should take to their Spirit, become the Spirit. There are so many crazy people already around, anybody can push the button and start an atomic war like a mad cap. It is such a crazy thing to have atom-bombs and such things to kill your own beings. I mean it is like one hand trying to kill the other hand.

Imagine if one eye starts fighting another eye and the nose starts fighting the mouth, what will happen to a human being? So the thing that happens to that is, that you become collectively conscious. You become conscious that you belong to one body. And such peace and joy and friendliness and brotherhood and purity that resides in your relationships.

So through this absolute instrument you know the truth. This is the absolute instrument by which you know the truth and the truth is that you are the vehicle of this great power. And you know each and everything about this instrument. You know how to manouver it, you know how to arrange it, you know how to work it out, you know everything about it, even a little child would know.

Only as a crawling human being has to raise his head and walk in the same way you have to take a little time to do that. But all the correction you do it yourself. Now see the other side of it. Like a person, like Christ. He had no temptations. Did he have any temptations? He would not do anything, that was wrong, would he? But what a fearless personality he was. That here was a prostitute and he had nothing to do with the prostitute, but when people started to stone her, he stood up before them and said: “Now, anyone who has not commited sin, can stone at me!”

And at his personality they could not throw stones. That`s what happens to you. You become fearless for truth. You are not afraid of anyone.

From 1970 I`ve been shouting all the false Gurus and openly, I have been giving their names and talked about them and telling people about their cults and the horrible things they are doing to people.

But no one has yet tried to put me under law any trouble. They are themselves frightened because they are sinful people. They have ruined so many seekers and they know that they will go to hell. This is what it is, you become absolutely fearless, the way I told you about Paul yesterday. Absolutely openly in a frank way, because I have to tell you the truth. You become fearless, but you are extremely compassionate and the compassion just doesn`t do anything with the rationality, but just flows through your being.

As I told you, such a person double-up an innocent eye, and even with the glance of the eye of such a person the devils can run away. And with an other glance, many diseases can be cured. You double-up such a dynamic personality, that people see in you that there is God within you. If there is a fragrant rose, you don`t have to vow for it, that there is a rose. You can see that because you can smell it. You know in the quality of that personality.

Such a personality, when appears on the scene, you are filled with joy. Because the Spirit is the source of all the joy. Joy doesn`t have duality as happiness or unhappiness. When one ego is pumpered, we are happy and we say “I like it”. And when one ego is hurt, we say “We don`t like it” – unhappiness. So this duality finishes off, you are in joy, because you are a witness. But the greatest advantage of being a witness is, that being witness you can see everything clearly and you can correct it better.

Supposing a doctor is sick, he cannot treat himself. He cannot do the surgery on himself. Somebody else has to do it. In the same way you become an outsider, and you start seing yourself clearly, what is wrong with you, and you also see clearly, what is wrong with everything else.

But surprisingly, the attention of such a person need not work it out with rationality, it just works out. These are the tremendous forces of Divinity which we have never known. All power we have based on hatred. This is the power of compassion, which we`ve never used. But it acts and it`s the most efficient one. It acts very fast.

In Sanskrit we say “Datskama” – that moment. But you have to become. First the sprouting takes place and gradually you grow up to a tree and this tree becomes like a great primordial master and many get advantage out of it. Now we have in Sahaja Yoga many such people. I`m very happy to know, all over the world, and they themselves are working it out, because now I do not have so much time to go to all the places and organize it.

They are doing wonders. They have given realisation to thousands of people. You can come and see for yourself. You can even see with your naked eyes the pulsation of the Kundalini at the triangular bone like a heart. But not in all the people. Those who have problems with their lower centers, they have this.

But normaly the Kundalini rises that moment if the people are simple and not so complicated with barriers. Yesterday it has worked out with many. But they went home, I think some of them, and analised it. It is no the analysis but the synthesis of all the powers. So that is how all have come now to the point, where we are going to become the Spirit and establish ourselves as great realised souls.

This is the only hope we have for saving of this creation. And I`m myself amazed the way, the compassion of God is working, because people who are supposed to be nowhere near Divinity are just jumping into it without any difficulty. Now we`ll have the session of realisation, those who want to go should go before that. And when we start it, I would not like anybody to disturb the people, please. So those who haven`t got seats can come forward and sit down.

Sahaja Yogis must give space to other people for sitting down. That would be very kind of them. All the Sahaja Yogis should allow others to sit down. You can stand at the back here. Now if anybody wants to ask a question can ask.

Question: You have mentioned Mohammed, Christ and Krishna, what about Buddha?

Shri Mataji: Buddha is very much there but the trouble is, time is very limited. Buddha resides in this center here, on the right hand side. And he controls our ego. He is very much there. But time is so short I could not mention all of them. But if you become a Sahaja Yogi I mean when you establish yourself, we have a book which we`ll give you which will make you understand the whole thing but normally we don`t give books before hand, because again you will become intelectuall with it, so we want that you should become established first.

Buddha was so great I must tell you one word about Buddha as he has asked this. Now it`s a big tradition of Buddhas character, coming into manifestation and how he became one after another also you learn in Sahaja Yoga, which I will not be able to explain to you in this short time. But I must tell you one point about Buddha which is very important. When Buddha was born and he started his seeking, he went to Upunishadas and he went to the other side, to all the kinds of worships and devations and dedications, with all the left and right sides of it and still he could not find the answer.

So one day he was just resting under a tree, where he found his answer, he got his enlightenment. Then he thought that it is no use talking about the Deities and Gods, because people start worshipping the Deities and Gods. I’s like talking about the flowers.