Whatever we think is truth, may not be the truth

Munich (Germany)

1984-09-07 Whatever we think is truth, may not be the truth, Munich, Germany, DP, 97' Chapters: Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program. Munich (Germany), 7 September 1984.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. But we must know what is the truth. Whatever we think is truth, may not be the truth. Whatever we know through our mental projection or emotional projection may not be the truth. But if truth has to be known it has to be known through our living evolutionary process. It should be known on our central nervous system. Like in the evolutionary state we have achieved everything and is felt on our central nervous system. Truth is meant only for honest seekers and those who are courageous enough to take up truth upon themselves. As human beings, we have many conditionings and we have lot of ego within us. And when one start talking about truth and people want it exactly be, to be, the way they know it. But truth is not mental observation or understanding, but it is an experience of your being itself, and that is what we all should seek.

Now whatever I am going to tell you, or Gregoire has told you about, is the knowledge of the roots. And as scientist you must keep your mind open. And if it is proved, then you have to accept the truth. But you should not just deny it, because so far you have not known it. Now when we move with this idea we have to know that the West had such a development. All over, people are affluent, and as far as their material side is concerned they are quite satisfied; I hope so. But despite all that, there are so many people who are feeling that there must be something that is beyond because they feel they have not reached the stage of satisfaction. Economics says that wants in particular are satiable, but not in general. For example, you want to have a house; you will have a house but then you will have another urge to have a car. Then you’ll have another urge to have something else. That means whatever desire you have had was not the true desire. Otherwise, when you achieved it you should have been extremely satisfied.

So what is the true desire within us? The power of that true desire is this Kundalini which is lying within us in three and a half coil at the sacrum bone. I have read many books even written by Germans about Kundalini. But from outside you cannot know about anything. You have to become something to know about Kundalini. So this true desire is actually the desire of the Divine. And the true desire is only one: that you have to become the Divine.

Now, become Divine is different from talking about Divine. To become Divine means all the qualities of Divinity must manifest through you. You must have heard many people saying that, Very religious we are. We go to church, we go to temple, we do all these things and we are very religious. But you find there there is no religion within them. They are horrible people. And it is difficult for people to understand such people who talk of God and talk of all higher thing and sublime things, and in their own practical life you do not find anything great about them. As a result of that people are now thinking that, Is there anything like Divinity or we all are only up to the stage of human beings and we are going to live up to the stage of human beings? I say there is a great stage which you have to achieve. This ascent of man is built in the personality. As a little primule is built in the seed, in the same way in you that is built in, that you should achieve that greater height.

But there are many shops in the market talking about Kundalini, and they are very good advertising and all that. So we get enamored by that. But you cannot shop it. Even if you want you may not get it. It is not that everybody deserves it. So to think that by paying some money or by becoming somebody’s disciple or following certain theories you’ll achieve it, is all falsehood. The Kundalini is a spontaneous thing. Awakening of it takes place only under certain circumstances. For example, if the seed is not all right, if the soil is not all right, if there is no proper water given to that seed, you cannot see the seed sprouting. But the seed sprouts spontaneously. You cannot pay for it. If the seed is about all right and if the soil is all right the Mother Earth has a capacity to achieve that result.

But as a result of this awakening, what happens to us? First the Kundalini has to pierce through your fontanelle bone area, actually. It is the actualization, is the happening that is truly happening that is important. That means, when the Kundalini comes out your fontanelle bone area, you start feeling a Cool Breeze coming out of your head. Now when this Cool Breeze starts coming out of your head, from where does it come? There are many people who think that by jumping about, or standing on your heads, or being some sort of an acrobat, or changing your dress you can go to work. But can you take out a Cool Breeze out of your head to begin with? Now, so once it comes out, you will be amazed that you start feeling the Cool Breeze coming though your hands also. And all around you, you start feeling that Cool Breeze everywhere. And when you look at the sun, or the sunshine, you find small little comma-like thing, like Chaitanya it is called, the All-pervading Power. This All-pervading Power is the power of love, of Divine love, sublime love, not carnal of flesh love that takes you down towards hell and to diseases. Now when the Cool Breeze starts coming out of your hands, you feel absolutely relaxed.

I met a gentleman who was very jittery and was very nervous type and I asked him, What do you do?

He said, I am doing courses in relaxation.

But I said, You are not relaxed. What do you do?

So he said, I go on suggesting myself, ˜Relax, relax, relax’, and I relax.

Now, supposing I tell myself, I am the, I am the Mayor of Munich. Do I became? Is your central nervous system is under your control that you say, Relax, so it relaxes? On the contrary, your mind works on one side and your body works on another side. There is no integration at all.

I have seen people, who at the slightest getting to such a terrible temper, they know they have to control their heated faces. They don’t know how to control themselves and, poor things, they feel very apologetic about it. So how do you control your anger, by telling, Don’t get angry. Don’t get angry. ? You’ll get much more angry. Like I have seen some people say, We should not talk, because when we talk we are very angry. So they stopped talking at all. They would say, “For a month I am not going to talk,” all right, and after a month they started hitting everybody. So how can you discipline yourself without having a full control over your sympathetic nervous system, parasympathetic nervous system, and your ? another very important ? is a sympathetic nervous system.

Now, the one who controls all this autonomous nervous system is the auto. We say automobile, means somebody drives it. But who is this auto which drives these systems, because we are not in control of it. So, the one who is the driver has nothing to do with the owner of the car. And the car goes in its own way, and you don’t know why it is going that way. I don’t want it to go that way but it’s just moving the other way down. And then the anger starts coming on ourselves that we really say, What’s this nonsense? Why can’t I be all right? And a vicious circle starts that we start feeling guilty about everything. We are very guilty. We are very guilty. Even to feel guilty itself is dangerous.

Then you will say, Mother, what should we do?

So I’ll have to explain what we are inside. Then it will be easy for you to understand why we cannot control ourselves. You can see here there are three lines are shown: one on the left, one on the right, one in the center.

The left side one represents the power of desire within us and is the psyche, as Freud has described. But Freud was very half-baked, so I don’t know what he means by that ? very confused person. Thanks to him, in America all people are suffering from AIDS. Like a blind leading blind, people have dashed into such horrible conditions that I don’t know what’s going to happen. And many people who have taken a cue from him think that if you play upon the weaknesses of people, then you can entice them. But your weaknesses are not going to make you strong. You must have that power by which you are not slave of any weakness or any habit. You are on top of everything. Now the left-hand side of the power, of power of desire, is also related to our past and our conditionings. In the gross, it expresses itself as the left sympathetic nervous system. And so the past is there and then the present-past, and the past-past and the collective past beyond that. Those people who think too much about the past repent about it or thrive on it or all the time living with the past or with the dead are driven into this area called as collective subconscious. Now many fake people are doing that is to entice, mesmerize, and put you into this collective subconscious which is the dead. Recently I saw a very good film by some doctors who had researched it and they said that a person is vulnerable to cancer, is attacked by some proteins called 58, protein 52, because they only give names. And these proteins attack a person and they are the ones who trigger cancer. So those people who go too much to the left, means all the time we cry and feel that they are good for nothing, or indulge into all kinds of perverted sexologies, they get into trouble with this. And to suffer from cancer is being having hell in your life. There are many other diseases when you go to the left, is like Malaities [GW: Mellitus?] and Parkinson’s and epileptic and all these things come from the same problem. If you feel guilty very much, then a center here on the left Vishuddhi, as we call it, gets caught up. Then one suffers from a disease called angina and such diseases which give you sponlitics [GW: spondylitis?] and other imbalances of the left side.

So when you try to be very efficient, work very hard and you exert yourself very much then you work on the right side. All futuristic people are right-sided. Actually, the past is finished and future doesn’t exist. You have to be in the present, and present is the reality. But the thought comes to us and then passes on, and then another thought comes to us and passes on, and that’s how we are living on the cusp of the past or the future. That’s how our mind is all this time spinning thoughts which are useless and exhausting. Now on the right-hand side, when you go to the extreme, you go to supra-conscious and then to the collective supra-conscious. Collective supra-conscious can give you powers to entice a complete race to do something wrong. Collective supra-conscious can give you hallucinations and you start seeing things of light and all that. And a person can become extremely egoistical and so much devoid of feeling that he can kill any number of people. So at the extreme of the left you become a masochist, and to the extreme of the right you become a sadist without knowing that you are that.

So we have to be in the center and not to go to extremes. Now, the central part is represented by parasympathetic within our system. This is the ascending part for our awareness. On the left so we have what we call the collective subconscious, on the right we have the collective supra-conscious, and on top we have super-consciousness which we have to achieve, while at our feet is the hell, which is built, I think, by people like Freud. Now, to become super-conscious we have to realize that we have to become the Spirit, which is the auto within us.

Germans make very good cars; so I’ll give an analogy of a car. Say, in a car we have got a brake and an accelerator. Now the left side is the brake, and the right side is the accelerator. And the driver is the Spirit. Now the driver is a person, personality, I, is the driver. Now, when you go too much to the left you cannot move. Supposing you have all the time brake the car, you’ll not move. And when you have too much of acceleration, God knows what will happen. I saw recently a vehicle which runs for 250 kilometers. I got a fright of my life. I said, Where are they running? It’s so fast. So this kind of accelerator, if you have all the time and no brake, God knows what is going to happen to this world. Already there in [GW: therein?] we are on the way to destruction. So, when a new driver starts learning, he first of all puts the brake, sometimes he puts jerkily the accelerator, and he learns that he is making mistakes. And then he comes to a balance. That is what it should be, that we should have a balanced life. In our day-to-day life we live unbalanced. We cannot have a car with only two wheels on one side. We have to have four wheels on both the sides. So we live in imbalances. And any kind of imbalance can give you physical, mental or emotional problems of a very serious nature. Now when this driver learns how to drive, then the owner, who is the Spirit, just becomes the driver or say, we can say the driver becomes the owner. And when the driver becomes the owner, he sees the driver within himself “ that is the parasympathetic “ and the left sympathetic and the right sympathetic and he sits comfortably, not bothered about it. Now he becomes the master of the driver, of the brake and of the accelerator. In the same way, first balance first has to be established in our lives, and that’s how many prophets came on this Earth to tell us that we must have balance. But then an intellectual like a little child will ask, Why? The balance has to be there for us to ascend.

And that’s what Christ was, said was His resurrection that we must ascend. In the tradition of spirituality all these great prophets and incarnations like Rama, Krishna and Christ ? all came on this Earth ? to Buddha, Mahavira, just to take us in the right line for our ascent. But another capacity human beings have ? to make a mess of everything. And such a quarreling stuff it is to talk about these people.

So now the time is a special time which is called as the blossom time. You have been seekers of ages, not of today. This blossom time has come and that’s how a mass realization has to take place, and it is taking place all over the world. You get it in your right, this ascent. But by this ascent, you feel you’re [GW: your?] wholesomeness. The first thing that happens to you that you become, again I say become, collectively conscious, that you can start feeling your own centers and centers of other people on your finger tips. Mohammed Sahib had said clearly, At the time of resurrection, your hands will speak.

It’s not difficult to talk to Indian people who have any Indian background that they know all this; I don’t have to explain much to them about Sahaja Yoga. But Westernized Indians are like a new sort of people who just want to overdo everything that you have done, like they like now the plastics and things like that, nylons. They have to still go through all that vicious circle. And then they’ll become hippies and all that, and then they’ll come to Sahaja Yoga.

But you are seekers, and seekers of truth which is described by a great poet, William Blake*, in England about two hundred years back: that the men of God will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets. This is the criteria by which you should judge that you have become the Spirit: if you have the power to make others prophets.

But what does the prophet do? Prophet is a higher being who has achieved his ascent into a new dimension of collective consciousness. He becomes a witness of the whole game. He doesn’t get disturbed. He sees the whole game going on like a play. He’s a powerful person because he’s not afraid of anyone and he can only talk of truth. He can never compromise on that. Because you have seen people compromising all the time. You cannot believe what sort of personalities these are. They are not Realized souls; so forgive them. But this power is that of compassion. It just flows, emits. It doesn’t say anything. It just works. Such a person achieves his innocence. His eyes become innocent. Even a glance of such a person can change the lives of people and can bring peace in their lives. Such a person is above temptations and cruelties. It’s such a great personality. You have heard about, say, Mahatma Gandhi and all these people who are Realized souls. In your country itself, Mozart was a Realized soul. Your Queen, Maria Teresa, was a Realized soul. But how will you know that they were Realized or not? Two Indians who came with Me who were Realized souls went down to the castle of Maria Teresa and came back and told Me, Mother, was she a Realized soul?

I said, How do you know?

They said, Tremendous vibrations from her photograph, from her statue, were coming.

But not only that to reach your wholesomeness, but you become absolute. You know the absolute. There is no compromise. Even a little child of five years who is a Realized soul is on the point of absolute. My grandchild, she is, she was only five years of age when her parents went to Ladakh and my daughter and my son-in-law were not Realized souls, but she was born Realized. And when she saw these people all touching the feet of a lama, she couldn’t bear it when her parents also touched the feet of this lama. At that small age, she put her hands back and looked at him and asserted, What do you mean by making everybody touch your feet? You are not even a Realized soul.

With these vibrations we can ask all fundamental questions. The way the church has been, the way the all the religions have been, everybody has been such a money makers, that people have lost faith in church, but God exists. You can ask a fundamental question when you are Realized, Is there God? and tremendous vibrations come to you.

There was a big controversy recently on a book written by someone who was an intellectual, that Paul has denied all the miracles of Christ, even his Immaculate Conception. But anybody who is a Realized soul will know that Paul had nothing to do with Christ. To me, he’s a strange man. Kahlil Gibran has written about it in a book. He said that, This strange man Paul I can’t understand. Why does he talk of Christ? He’s not sure of what he’s talking. He had a supra-conscious experience and he was epileptic and an intellectual and he tried to dominate Peter, who was really the disciple of Christ. He gave a very wrong idea about the disciples also. When the Holy Ghost descended on the disciples, they started feeling the Cool Breeze on their hands, and they started speaking the language of the centers, and also they started moving their hands, because hands have got the power. But to say they started speaking German or English is wrong. Or in the Bible it is also written that they looked like mad people. In a madhouse, a sane man always looks a mad. So these disciples, whatever they have written is the truth.

But now you can prove it through your vibrations. You can ask the vibrations, Was Christ an Immaculate Conception? You can ask about Buddha, you can ask about Mahavira, about any one of them, what they were. You’ll be amazed: they were all true people. Later on in the Kundalini when you rise higher you will know where they stand within us as milestones of our evolution. They are all in complete concord and congenial and they are absolutely in rapport with each other. There is no problem between them.

We, in our ignorance, have plucked these flowers, okay, on the Tree of Life, and now we are saying, This is mine, this is mine, and that is all dead. But they are all living beings within us, settled in different centers, and we have to just awaken them through ascent of the Kundalini. And unless and until this has happened, we cannot explain them because we have to have the light to see the truth.

When we get the light, if there’s a snake, we think it to be a rope; then we just leave it. And when there is a rope and we think it to be snake, we catch hold of it. So when you become the Spirit, the light of the Spirit comes into our attention. Sitting down here I you can feel the vibrations of anyone. Like the ether has a subtler side which acts on the Divine power in the subtler side of ether, you can say. It is the subtler side of the vibratory movement in the atoms. We have to become subtler. If you become that, we can handle it ourselves. That is what one has to achieve. But with this a person becomes extremely peaceful, within and without.

*(about William Blake)