Shri Mahalakshmi Puja: She connects you to God

Munich (Germany)

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Shri Mahalakshmi Puja. Munich (Germany), 8 September 1984

Today is a great day of Mahalakshmi Puja. Mahalakshmi is an incarnation of the Lakshmi, the power of Vishnu. She only incar­nated. This Mahalakshmi principle is born out of the Lakshmi, who is the power of Sri Vishnu. When in a human being the desire to rise higher comes in, the Lakshmi principle becomes the Mahalakshmi principle. Like in the West, we can say, people have affluence of Lakshmi, so they wanted to rise above that principle and become Mahalakshmi. In the awareness it acts on the matter like aesthetics. People worry more about aesthetics than about possessions.

And when they start growing higher and higher in their awareness of seeking, then they find that the attention should be such, that they should pay more im­portance to the aesthetics of things than to the gross values. Now when this desire becomes evident in human beings, then only Lakshmi incarnates as Mahalakshmi. So, she incarnated as Mahalakshmi when Rama came on this earth, first time. And also, she incarnated as Radha when Shri Krishna came on this earth. And when she came as Mary, it was Mahalakshmi who bore the child that is Lord Jesus Christ. So, the child she bore was the great personality of Mahavishnu. This Mahavishnu tattwa is also represented, or we can say, has an aspect of others which in­carnated on this earth as two children of Sita. They incarnated as Mahavira and Buddha, as Hassan and Hussein.

Also, at the time of the prophets, Mahalakshmi incarnates as a pure relationship with them. Like Raja Janaka’s daughter was Janaki, means Sita; then she came on this earth as the daughter of Mohammed Sahib; and then she came on this earth as Nanaki, the sister of Nanaka. So, she resides as a pure relationship of these gurus.

Thus the Mahalakshmi’s greatness is that, through her power only, the sushumna is cover­ed by Kundalini. She is the power of our evol­ution. And by her power only, we have risen to be human beings. And by her son’s power, we are going to become higher people. Thus, the impor­tance of Mahalakshmi is very great for all the Sahaja Yogis. Because she guides our Vishnu tattwa to its culmination, to its completion, which is the principle of our evolution. Thus, she is a giver of dharma. She gives us the dharma and she is the giver of the truth. She is the one who relates us to our brain, the whole brain’s system is Mahalakshmi’s system. So, it is she who exposes the whole of the knowledge as truth to us, on our central nervous system.

But at the state of Virata, when Vishnu becomes the Virata, the great primordial being, then she is called as Viratangana, as his power. So these are the incarnations of Mahala­kshmi about which I have told. There’s so much can be said about this Mahalakshmi­-tattwa; you are all blessed so much by that.

And so today we remember Her great in­carnation as Maria, who was very great because she had to bear terrible pain in Her heart with all Her powers that she had, she was a tremendously powerful Lady. But despite that, she bore all the tortures of Christ upon Her heart. And it was her order and her desire that Christ had to crucify Himself so that people could be resurrected. And sometimes Indians ask Me, “What did she do to be a Mahalakshmi, what did she achieve?” I said: “With all her powers to bear it. To play the drama it must be too much.”

So, she connects you to God, in the sense she is the bridge. And the Kundalini rises over the bridge. And Kundalini is the Mahakali. Now we have a temple in India which you have visited of Mahalakshmi, in Kolhapur; and there, when they sing, when they worship Mahalakshmi at that time they say, “Udho, udho, Ambe”. That time they say: “O Ambe, the Kundalini, you rise”. But Kundalini is the potential of all the three powers: Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, because it is the primordial desire, because she is the Holy Ghost, you see. Son, she contains all these three powers in it, like Adi Shakti has all the three powers.of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati.

So now today is a great day for us because Mahalakshmi has helped us so much, her blessings are much. She looks after all our well-­being. She is the one who looks after all our problems of redemption. She is the one who gives us all the possible help in our chakras and correction of them. And she is the one who gives us all that is material or physical well­ being. So, we have to be very very thankful to Her today. You have to be grateful. And also today is Gregoire’s birthday. So, I would like to congratulate him for making Me come to Munich because we had such a tremendous programme.

May God bless you all.

Before we start the Puja must say that Hugo has been very very helpful, very active. He came all the way from Australia with his wife. And I must say because of him I came here. As a token of my love and my complete appreciation of their hard work I would like to give them a dinner set with a platinum line on it, because platinum is the colour of the Mahalakshmi. Because Mahalakshmi is also Annapurna. She supplies food to people. You can say Mahalakshmi is the grandest Gruha Laxshmi.
So may God bless you all.