When we are seeking the truth, we have to know also what is the truth

Milan (Italy)

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Public Programme, Milan, 17 September 1984.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. It gives Me tremendous pleasure to be among the people of Milan, which means the middle, the middle path. The people who are in the middle path are the best suited for their ascent because those who go to extremes go away from reality. But those who lead a moderate life, a balanced life, a sensible life are very well suited for their ascent.

Now when we are seeking the truth, we have to know also what is the truth. The truth is that we are the Spirit. We are not this body, this physical being, this mental being, but we are the Spirit, the spiritual being. In the process of our evolutionary ascent we have come to this stage where we are called as human beings. But we have not found yet our absolute. We live in a very relative world. That is why we are so restless, there are problems of wars, there are problems of disintegration. Now whatever I’m going to tell you is the knowledge of the roots. We know the tree but not the roots. Italy is a country of traditions. In the same way India is a country of tradition but traditions of spirituality. There have been people seeking in that country since ages, and they have been able to find out something so great about ourselves.

But there is no doubt there are many fake people who have come abroad to make money. One thing we must understand that we have become human beings, we have evolved to this state without paying any money for it. Anybody who takes money in the name of God or Divine or any other power is a person who is absolutely fake.
Secondly we have become human beings without any effort so it has to be effortless. If it is a living process, it has to be absolutely effortless. If our evolution is done by some living process, it has to be spontaneous. You cannot force a seed to sprout out of the Mother Earth, can you?

So now people may say, “Then how do we become the Spirit?” Sahaja words means: “Saha” means “with” and “ja” means “born.” It’s born with you. The right to become the Spirit is born with you. That is you have a right to be the Spirit. You have the mechanism within yourself to be the Spirit, and that you are going to be the Spirit. As you have been told about the centers within us, these seven centers are nothing but the milestones of our evolutionary state. And this evolutionary state is to be expressed now at its highest point where you become the Spirit.

But it is not any kind of an external behavior that is going to make that. Some people believe that if they change their dress or if they jump or then they shout or stand on their heads, they will become the Spirits – is absolutely not possible. Or some people believe that becoming abnormal personalities you will achieve something, is absolutely absurd. You have to be a very normal person.

So the truth is that will happen to you is in your awareness, in your central nervous system. We must accept the truth as it is and we should not force ourselves or force the truth to be like us. Now when you become the Spirit then what happens that we should see. Like Christ, He said that, “You have to be born again.” So Nicodemus said, “Do you mean to say that I have to enter into my mother’s womb again?” So He said, “No, you are to be born of the Holy Ghost. The Spirit is born of the Spirit. And whatever is born of the Spirit is the Spirit.”

But many people are self-certified. They call themselves “born-again,” all kinds of thing, and they believe that they are perfectly all right. And that is the reason why today the modern people don’t want to believe in anything that is Divine because they see the people who are professing religion and God are horrible people. There is no connection with the Divine. When there is no connection, how can you have the power to be that which is Divine? Like this instrument, if it is not connected to the mains, is useless. In this way we all should be connected to the Divine, which is the all pervading power of God.

Now this power exists whether you believe it or not. It pulsates into the atoms and molecules. It pulsates in your heart. It is everywhere working out so many things which are living. We in our ego think we can do so many things. But what do we do? We do dead work – from dead to dead.

We cannot produce one living flower, and we cannot transform it into a fruit, not even one. So who does this living work? There must be some sort of a power that does this work. Now the people may say that, “This is nature.” Whatever you may call, but this nature thinks, understands. Because at different times of seasons, different types of flowers come. What a tremendous task it is.

Now to become Spirit is your right. And to become Spirit is the way you have to be that has to be. Otherwise the problems of this world cannot be solved. So when the Kundalini, which is the true desire within you, manifests itself and you start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head, then first thing that happens to you that in your awareness you become collectively conscious. I’m saying, “You be-come.” It is not a certificate. It is not that you just feel like that or you mentally think like that. It happens to you.

You can feel it, the cool breeze on top of your head coming out. Cool breeze on top of your head is the real baptism and not an artificial one. Now also you start feeling cool breeze in your hand. You start feeling this power all around, this subtle, the subtlest of the power. As it is ether all spread, you start feeling it on your finger tips. It is not an artificial belief that you start feeling. You just feel it nicely on your finger tips.

Mohammed Sahib has said in Koran – at length He has described the time of resurrection – that, “At the time of resurrection your hands will speak.” But in the Islam people don’t talk of the resurrection day. Even in the Christian religion people don’t talk of The Comforter to come. They talk of the doomsday to come. People, they are very powerful by that frightening stuff.

This all pervading power is the power of compassion, of love. It is the most powerful power that you could think of. It is neutralizing power of all that is ugly, of all that is grotesque, of all that is immoral. When the Kundalini rises She integrates you, all your chakras. By that She integrates all your beings within you. For example if you are doing something, we feel that we should not have done it, that’s wrong.

We are not sure of whatever we have done is good or bad. That means we live in the world of relativity not of absolute. But when you start feeling these vibrations on your hand of the Divine, you do not anymore live with relative world. It is fantastic to know how fantastic you are. How glorious you are within yourself when you get your realization. You become a new personality. Like an egg becoming a bird. And you start feeling that absoluteness. You ask any questions. You can ask a question, “Is there God?”: You start getting tremendous cool breeze. “Was Christ the son of God?”: You get tremendous breeze.

But if you ask about a man who is not a good person, then immediately your hand starts burning. Because the Spirit is the collective being, your attention becomes collective. You can pay attention to anyone sitting down here. Just like ether you can feel another person, you can know about another person and you can cure another person – any far away.

And such a person develops his innocence back like a child. And his eyes become so innocent that the power of eyes is so great that only looking at a person he can cure that person. The lust and greed drops out of your eyes, and you become innocent and powerful. Then the person who gets realization can suddenly become extremely dynamic and extremely creative because of the blessings of the second center which is the center of creativity.

That, I have known somebody who had never seen any wood or anything, and he has now become a rich man just doing interior decoration after realization. Such a person becomes extremely aware of the aesthetics of a personality, of the buildings, of everything. The aesthetics, the deeper sense of aesthetics starts bubbling through his awareness.

And the last of all he becomes adept. He becomes expert in handling this power and in giving realization to others and curing others and helping others.
Through the blessings of the center of the Nabhi, which we call as the Manipur Chakra, you get the power by which you become a person absolutely upright, righteous and virtuous. I have seen people dropping all their bad habits in one night sometimes, in one night. Forgetting about the past completely and becoming very different people of complete beauty and divinity after realization.

As the blessing of the Heart Chakra, you become a person completely secured with yourself, absolutely settled with yourself. You neither aggress others nor take aggression upon yourself. You feel so happy with yourself and you give happiness to others and security to others. And others feel nice in your company. You can see in the life of Christ this has happened that when people were throwing stones at Mary Magdalene, He came and stood up before them fearlessly. He was fearless and He said, “Those who have not committed any sin may throw the stone at Me.” You are not afraid to talk, tell the truth. You are not afraid to tell what is wrong. You are not afraid of anyone. But just you are always in a blissful state of self-assurance.

In My work for the last 15 years I’ve been flouting at all the fake gurus, right from the very beginning, taking their names and telling them what sort of horrible people they are. But nobody has dared to put Me to any trouble whatsoever. Because they know they are wrong; they know they are doing harm to people. They are trying to make money. They are befooling and they are nasty people. They know it. And once they know it they dare not face the reality. So one develops that sense of security within yourself because you are the Spirit.

At the center of your Vishuddhi, which is placed here, you develop a personality which is very balanced and a personality which is very collective. Now I would say that I have so many powers supposing. I have powers so I am a capitalist. But I’m communist, because I cannot live without distributing it to others. By God’s grace I’m happily married. I have a nice family, I have grandchildren. But I can’t live without giving what they are having their own. I have to give it. I have to do it. But this is the greatest joy-giving thing that you receive what is yours. Because I know you have this and I must give you what is yours.

As the blessing of this chakra, which is actually placed in the optic chiasma, a very subtle chakra, which is called as Agnya, that you get a tremendous blessings of Christ because this is the center of Christ. Now they say that He died for our sins. One must listen to it very carefully. They say He died for our sins. So what does He do when He’s awakened? What does He do for us? When He’s awakened at this point then what He does He sucks in from both the sides.

You can see the yellow and the … it’s a very small thing for you to see. But we have two big pouches in our head called ego and superego. He sucks them in. So the conditioning we have from the superego and the aggression we have from the ego both are sucked in.

So that a gap is made here for the Kundalini to rise in the fontanelle bone area. So now we don’t have to suffer anymore. He has suffered for us sufficiently.

If you ask for sufferings, it would be dangerous. I do not know from where this idea, suffering, has come. Because Jews believed in sufferings and they suffered. There is no need to suffer. Only if you awaken Christ here, then the whole problem of our past deeds, which are called as sins or anything or whatever is our aggressiveness, everything is sucked in. And at that point we become thoughtlessly aware, there is no thought. Thought is the biggest problem these days. One doctor told Me that, “You can cut my throat, do what you like Mother, but take away this thinking mind. It’s all the time thinking.”

Now, one thought rises and falls off, another thought rises and falls off; We live on the cusp of the thoughts. And that’s why we are jumping, our attention is very much restless. So in between these two thoughts of the past and the future we have in the center a place where the Kundalini pierces through. And when that happens, then you become thoughtlessly aware. Then all the petty thoughts of possessions, petty thoughts of jealousy, of lust and greed and all these petty things just drop out. Then you become in command of yourself, absolutely in command. If you want, you’ll think, otherwise you will not think. But now the thoughts that come to you, come to you as true knowledge.

Mostly I work in the villages of India. And one day I was going on a bullock cart with a gentleman who is a sahaja yogi. And I was amazed: He was talking like a great saint. He’s not educated. He has never seen the world. He lives in a village, but he talks like a saint. What university Christ went to? What university Nanaka went into? Where do they go to study? Socrates? Nothing. They had all the knowledge within themselves. They sometimes ask Me, “Mother, are your disciples all scholars?” I said, “No, they are very ordinary people.”
But they are connected with the true knowledge which is fantastic. And whatever they want to know, they know it. Because Spirit is connected with the true source of knowledge.

Above that when you enter into the limbic area that is the Kingdom of God, that is promised to you long time back. And when you pierce through this and you establish yourself then you become doubtlessly aware, called as Nirvikalpa. Powers of such a person are tremendous. He’s forgiveness personified, he’s compassion personified and he is extremely powerful. Mahatma Gandhi said once that, “Non-violence can be only practiced by the powerful.” What is the non-violence of the weak? It has no meaning. In the same way all the great saints, all the great prophets, all of them has promised these days that you have to have your realization.

About 200 years back a great saint was born in England called as William Blake. You too had Dante such a great saint in Italy. In the same way there was a great saint born as William Blake in England, who has described in details about Sahaja Yoga. He has prophesized about Sahaja Yoga in such details and has told that, “The men of God will become prophets. And they’ll have powers to make others prophets.” That time has come today. And we have to work out in a way that you all get your realization. It cannot be guaranteed. But it can be guaranteed that if not today, tomorrow or day after you’ll get your realization in any case. But after realization you have to respect your realization and you have to lead a life according to the understanding of this divine power. At the most you need about a month, about a month. People who got realization in Milan only three weeks back are now great Sahaja yogis.

So it is not so difficult as people think. Nothing is difficult. It is sahaja: “Sahaj” also means “very easy.” Because it is vital. Anything that is vital has to be easy. Like our breathing: For our breathing if you have to go to the library and find out how to breath, how many will exist? Even children get their realization in no time and they are experts. It is so innate. It is so beautiful that we all should have it.

I’m very much thankful to you, to all the people of Milan who have taken trouble to come today and I hope you’ll come again tomorrow. I’ll explain to you more things about the three channels that are within us and hope today we’ll be able to work out the Kundalini-awakening. Now we will have, first of all, some questions if you have. And then we’ll start giving you this experience, which is very simple, very easy to manifest.

Shri Mataji: They can ask some questions. Few question they can ask. Shri Mataji: All right. Let them ask. One by one. All right.

Shri Mataji: He is saying that something has happened to him two years back, and he doesn’t know what has happened. And I told him that I work it out. Don’t you worry. He feels the pressure on his head. So he’ll be fine now.

Shri Mataji: She is asking that, “How are we to continue with it?” I have to say that luckily we have a very good center here in Milan. And everybody will help you out, tell you all about it. And you don’t have to pay anything whatsoever.
Now, there’s a lady who asked Me how she can get rid of evil forces upon herself. All people who are suffering from such troubles or who are suffering from other diseases, anything, can come to Sahaja Yoga center. And they will be told how to work it out and everybody will help you. It is a very simple method, very simple.

Shri Mataji: What is it?

Sahaja yogi: The relation between the Divine and evil force in our Spirit. The relation between the Divine and the evil?

Shri Mataji: I don’t understand the question. It says, “What is the relationship between evil and the Divine?” There is no relationship. It’s inimical.

Sahaja yogi: No. The question is: “Within us how do divine and demonic forces work?”

Shri Mataji: Oh, it’s a big question. It is as simple as this that when you have the light, the darkness runs away. It is as simple as that.

Sahaja yogi: When it happens that there is a calcification of the brahmarandra there is an [UNCLEAR] of the spiritual growing, an impediment.

Shri Mataji: Why?

Sahaja yogi: She is asking.

Shri Mataji: No, no. No, no. When it opens out that’s the beginning, that’s the beginning of the sprouting. As the primule comes out of the seed, you see.

Sahaja yogi: There is a very good question, Shri Mataji: “Why Jesus Christ and different incarnations had to pass through the crucifixion?”

Shri Mataji: Oh, is a question of why Christ had to pass through crucifixion. From Bible we cannot understand Christ so well because only His short life of about four years is really there. But actually He is Omkara. He is the Alpha and Omega as said. He is that. And He took His form as an embodiment of innocence.

The original mistake we committed when it was the question of Adam and Eve. Now at that time we made a mistake. If we had listen to what was to be, we would have been realized souls long time back.

But we wanted to know everything ourselves so we developed a terrible ego.
As a result of that we crossed over within ourselves. When we raised our heads as human beings we crossed over our attention, and there was a big cross through which nothing could pass through.

So the man, the human being, was lost between the cross-roads of the conditioning and the ego. And to pass the Kundalini through that chakra was an impossibility. So before Christ, it was believed in India that we have to repent for our misdeeds and we have to become very humble to get over our ego. But it was prophesized that Mahavishnu will come, and He will do the needful for you for Agnya Chakra. So when Christ came, people did not understand Him in the West or in Israel and all these places. They never understood Him, what sort of a personality He was. So Indians still believed that Mahavishnu still has to come who will suck our ego and superego.

Krishna has said before Christ that the eternal life cannot be killed, cannot be crucified, cannot be destroyed. So Christ came, who was the embodiment of eternal life, who was the embodiment of innocence, who could not be killed. And that’s why His resurrection had to take place. That’s why He was to be crucified to show that eternal life can be resurrected. So He was placed at that cross as the symbol of resurrection. The message of Christ is resurrection. All right, it was a long question. But if you ask such questions …

There I have spoken in London – I don’t know, two thousand lectures are there. There are so many lectures I have given all over the world. And if you come to Sahaja Yoga, they’ll give you all these tapes and you can understand about everything through them. Though every day I’m traveling, traveling, traveling in Europe, still it’s so unfortunate that I’m here only for one day. Next time I’ll come for three days, I promise you.

Sahaja yogi: Oh, thank you.

Shri Mataji: I’ll start the realization. All the people who are standing can come here and sit here. It’s all right. Everybody, if you people can move, you can sit here. You can sit in front. It’s better to be seated, would be easier for realization. You could move inside, you could move also here in front. We take out our shoes because we have to be in contact with the Mother Earth. That’s important. And also they can remove spectacles because they have to keep their eyes shut. So there is no need to have spectacles. On the contrary it’s helpful to the eyes.

Now, you have to just sit very comfortably, very comfortably with both the hands on your lap, just like this. And the left hand is the one that suggests your desire, desire. So you put your left hand all the time on your lap. And the right hand is for your action, which is to be used to nourish your different centers. One has to be in a very cheerful mood, not to be in a very melancholy way because Italians get into that mood sometimes.

Now, put the left hand just like this all the time, and the right hand has to go to different centers: One on the heart, one here above on the stomach, one below, and then you retrace it back again up to heart. Then bring it back here and then here and here and maybe here. So that’s all you have to do which I’ll tell you one after another. But please don’t open your eyes at all, till I tell you.

Please don’t open your eyes. It’s the most joyous experience and the highest moment of your life. So you should not be frightened of anything. Be in a very happy mood. Nothing will happen to you as some people have told that Kundalini gives this trouble and that trouble. I have seen nobody suffers from this. Because She is your individual mother. So She is not going to trouble you at the time of your second birth. She takes up all the trouble upon Herself.

At the very outset forget the past and forget the future. Be in the present. And three times I say, “Please don’t feel guilty. Please don’t feel guilty. Please don’t feel guilty.” Otherwise I cannot achieve the results. So before starting you better tell in your heart all the time, three times that, “I’m not guilty. I’m not guilty. I’m not guilty.” You can address Me as Mother or as Shri Mataji, whatever you think proper.

Shri Mataji: All right. So now please close your eyes. If there is anything tight you can loosen it a little bit, anything tight. But please be comfortable and close your eyes and keep the left hand like this. You should not slouch back nor you should be very straight but sit comfortably and without putting your head back or forward but in a comfortable normal erect position. Now please close your eyes.

Just close your eyes. And say three times in your heart: “Mother, I’m not guilty. Mother, I’m not guilty. Mother, I’m not guilty.” Now please put your right hand on your heart. Please don’t open your eyes. Now, in the heart resides your Spirit. In the heart the Spirit is there. So you have to ask Me a question inside, not loudly: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask the question three times, with full confidence in yourself. Have full confidence in yourself. Ask three times.
Now take this right hand down onto the upper part of your abdomen, of your stomach on the left hand side. We are working on the left hand side. This is the center of the Primordial Master. And as you are the Spirit, logically you are also your own master. So now you have to ask a logical question: “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask this question three times. Three times.

Now take this hand, right hand, keeping left hand as it is. Take the right hand down in the lower part of the abdomen on the left hand side. This is the center of true knowledge of the technique of the divine instrument. So now, at this point you have to ask Me, I cannot cross your freedom, you have to say: “Mother, I want to have my realization, so give me true knowledge. Please give me pure knowledge,” please say it six times because this center has got six petals.

Now raise this right hand again back to the upper part of your abdomen. This is the center of Primordial Master. And now the first truth you should know that you are your own master. And you have to say with full confidence: “Mother, I am my own master.” And this you have to say ten times. Say it please ten times. Say it with full confidence. You are your own master. You don’t need anyone.

Now please raise your hand to your heart where resides the Spirit. Here now again you have to assert and assume your power as Spirit by saying twelve times: “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Now you have to know that the Divine is the ocean of love, is the ocean of compassion. Above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So please don’t feel guilty. And raise your hand now, right hand, at the base of your neck, taking it backwards, from the front. This is the center which gets caught up when we feel guilty. Now at this point you have to say sixteen times: “Mother, I am not guilty.”