Experience the Spirit on your central nervous system

Rome (Italy)

1984-09-19 Experience The Spirit On Your Central Nervous System, Rome Italy DP-RAW, 141'
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Public Program Day 1

Teatro Aurora, Rome (Italy), 19 September 1984

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

In life, we must be thinking about the reality that we have not known so far.

We must have asked questions to ourselves, why we are on his earth? What is the purpose?

And what is the truth is a very important thing we should try to find out.

So far in the human awareness, whatever we know, is on our central nervous system. But we have not had the experience of the Spirit on our nervous system.

We have heard in many scriptures, Indian, Chinese, Bible, that there is a Spirit that guides us.

It is also said that you have to be the Spirit.

And when Christ said that, “You have to be born again to be the Spirit”, Nicodemus asked him, ‘Do you mean to say, I should enter into the womb of my Mother?’ So Christ said, ‘No, whatever is born of the flesh is flesh, but whatever is born of the Holy Ghost, of the Holy Spirit is the Spirit.’

That means clearly that so far in human awareness we have not reached our purpose. But this is not only said by Christ.

Thousands of years back, in India, so many people have been telling that you must get your ‘Self Realisation’.

Actually the people were so much against Christ, that they did not allow Him to live long to explain much. And those who started preaching about Christ have no experience of the Spirit. But if all these great people and prophets have said something they cannot be wrong, because they did not want to make any money out of us.

So if the truth is ‘the Spirit’ we all have to become the Spirit.

Now whatever you have been told just now, is the knowledge of the roots.

We have the knowledge of the tree in the West especially but no knowledge about the roots. So we cannot discriminate, we do not know what is right and what is wrong.

Now in this room supposing there is darkness, you can’t see anything, and you cannot relate to each other. But one can tell you that this is the switch, if you put on the switch you get the lights and you can see everything. But this little act of switching has got a big organization behind it, a big theory and a big history.

In the same way, when I say that to get Realisation is not difficult, I must tell you that it is done in thousands and thousands of years within ourselves, the whole thing is just ready to be enlightened.

Now we have three types of people in this world. We can grossly divide them into three types and the permutations of these three types are existing on this earth.

There is one type of people who desire.

They think of God emotionally, they pray to God, they are very emotional, they blindly follow any faith. They live in the past and they don’t want to see to the present. Also in everyday life, they just go on desiring for things and they do not want to do anything about it. Such people, we call them as left-sided people who are guided by the left side power of Ida Nadi, Ida channel. This is the power of desire within us.

The second one is the power on the right-hand side, is the power of action, by which we act.

For action, we use our mental being and physical being. In that also we go too far in acting, like we go on planning everything for hundred years ahead, whether we are going to live for five days or not, but we go on planning for hundred years, and we go on planning for all the future actions we are going to take.

And that is how we waste a lot of our energy just thinking about the future which doesn’t exist.

But there are people who live in the centre, in the sense they neither too much run after the future nor are so much subdued by the past. These people do not go to extremes, they keep in the centre. They are wise people and they know how far to go with everything.

Now the people who have been very religious people, who say that we are very religious, even in India or Italy, or in England, they say we are very religious people, what we find that in their own life they are not very good people.

We see in the Islamic countries, some of the people, they claim to be very great admirers of God and they are very violent. So then there are some people who do not want to believe in God or anything, but they are no good either.

Now so we are in a dilemma. We don’t understand that why is it that whatever we proclaim, whatever we say, we cannot do it? Why are we disintegrated?

If you want to do something from your heart, your head says it is not proper. If you want to do from your head the heart says it is not proper. That is how a great confusion is created in this world, even about God, religion, everything, politics, economics is a big confusion.

Because we live in a relative world. We do not live in a world where we know the ‘Absolute’. As I said if it is a dark room we will be all in a chaos. So this chaos, this confusion is within us because we haven’t got the light of the Spirit which is absolute.

Now, this Spirit lives in the heart and it witnesses every action that we do. When it finds that the personality is going too much to the left or to the right, it gets annoyed and sometimes it disappears and that is how we have problems of disintegration. Now, to bring this Spirit into our attention, there is a mechanism within us already placed very well, as if in a seed we have the primule placed nicely. Now this power which is called as the Kundalini rests in the triangular bone called as Sacrum.

Now, when this Kundalini rises, she passes through six Chakras, not seven Chakras, six Chakras, and pierces through Fontanelle bone area and you start feeling a cool breeze coming out of your own head.

Now Sacrum itself means Sacred. That means the Greeks knew the word Sacred that there was something in this bone and that is why they called it Sacrum.

Now, this Kundalini is actually the power of pure desire within us. Pure desire. All other desires are not pure, because whatever we desire it doesn’t satisfy us. Today we ask for a house, then we ask for a car, then we ask for an aeroplane, there is no end to it.

That means the pure desire has not yet manifested in our attention. So this Kundalini is placed within us in such a way that people call it as ‘sleeping Kundalini’.

So the God Almighty reflects in our heart as Spirit and the Kundalini is His ‘Primordial Power’. Is the Primordial Mother which is the Holy Ghost. In the Bible, they have mentioned the Holy Ghost but they don’t know anything about it. I asked a very high priest what do you mean by Holy Ghost. He said I am agnostic.

So I said what are you doing in the church. He said I am doing my job. I don’t know what kind of job you are doing when you don’t know what is the Holy Ghost.

Now, this Power Kundalini is there for our ‘second birth’. She gives us our second birth.

So we have the power of God Almighty, the spirit within us and when the Kundalini rises because the seat of God is on the top of our head here when she touches that in a subtle way she makes us a person with the ‘Spiritual powers’.

Now the powers of a spiritual man are much more, much, much more than an ordinary human being power.

First of all that happens to him, that he becomes, again I say he becomes, it is not a certificate, but he becomes ‘collectively conscious’, means he can feel others on his fingertips and himself also.

As we have got say ether. Ether is spread everywhere and if you put a set here you can get the radio from anywhere, in the way this is the subtler of the ether.

So if you are sitting here you can feel the vibrations of anyone. You can know about anyone and you can even help that person.

Like television is a fantastic thing for an ordinary villager in India because he cannot believe that suddenly you get the pictures from London, from America, how can you do it.

But when you become a ‘Realised soul’, then the power of the subtler element which is called as the Brahma Tattwa, or ‘the all-pervading power of God’ starts emitting through you. (55.05)

All Pervading power of God’s love.

This power pulsates into all the atoms and molecules. It also works all your seasons when different flowers come in through the Mother Earth. So far human beings have not been able to do any living work whatsoever.

We have been excavating everything from the Mother Earth, we have not been able to give anything to the Mother Earth. Now, for example, they have experimented in Switzerland, that they used – some, of course Sahajayogi – used his fingers to vibrate the water and this water was given to plants and they were surprised without giving any additional thing the plants grew big and they have a tremendous amount of crops. This gentleman has got a doctorate in agriculture, is working with the UNO, and he was amazed at the results that only with his hands when he tried to vibrate the water, the water gave such tremendous results.

Now this is the vital power of all the vital powers. It is the integrated power of your emotions, it is the integrated power of ‘Prana Shakti’ which is action and is the integrated power of evolutionary process.

All these three powers are combined together and that is how, whenever, supposing, somebody is suffering from cancer, and such a man is given vibrations his cancer can be cured. You become such a powerful personality. You are so powerful that no habit can dominate you. All your habits drop out. The sense of security built in you so well that you are fearless, you are not afraid of anyone.

But this is the power of compassion and love, so you do not aggress anyone at all. But you nourish another person, and you are helpful to another person, not only that, but you can raise the Kundalini of another person. You can give Realisation to others. Like one light which is enlightened can enlighten another light. It is all within you. It is fantastic. It’s all within you.

As I told you, you are higher than any instruments that human beings have created. But you have to be connected to the mains, that is important, otherwise, it doesn’t work out.

Now, what is the difference between a realized soul or between a person like Christ? They had no temptations. At such a young age Christ did not know any compromises with wrong things and evildoers.

And there have been many other people who have been realized souls in different parts of the country at different times who have shown that they are something very superior people.

Now your hands start speaking. You don’t speak. Your hands speak. Your deeds speak.

In Italy, Dante has written about this. He has written about the last rose, is (1.01.48) the Sahasrara, as the ‘Divine Rose.’ [To the translator: “As the Divine rose he calls it, as the Divine”] That same thing is within you and it has to just open out. Once it opens out, you get this opening of the Fontanelle bone area and you get your ‘real baptism’, not artificial.

It is the living process of the living energy of evolution. And for (the) living thing, you do not have to pay money. How much money do we pay to the Mother Earth for sprouting the seed? She changes the flowers into fruits. How much money do we pay her?

Also, you cannot put any effort for it. It is so spontaneous,’ Sahaja’.

Saha-ja: saha means ‘with’ and ja is ‘born with you’, is within you. Now, this ‘Spontaneity’ we do not understand. We think that we have to do something about it to become a spiritual personality. Many people in the West, I don’t know why, they think that we must suffer to become a spiritual personality. But do you know that Christ resides in the centre here, on the Optic Chiasma, in the centre on the cross of the Optic Chiasma? That is the gate through which everybody has to pass. When the Kundalini rises she enlightens him, she awakens him and when he is awakened he sucks in your ego and superego as shown in the picture, completely. And the space is made here at the Fontanelle where you have a soft bone like a child, so that your Karmas, or your bad deeds, your so-called sins or your aggressiveness, everything is sucked in.

Because Christ suffered for you. Why should we suffer when He has already suffered for us. Are we going to suffer more than Him?

So one should not have the idea that you have to suffer, or stand on your heads, or do anything of that kind to become one with the God.

In the olden days, they used to try very slow methods of cleaning every Chakra and raising the Kundalini one by one in every lifetime. But when I was born I felt that there should be an en-masse Realisation.

Many people must get Realisation, otherwise you cannot save Humanity.

So I studied the permutations and combinations of these three types of people and I have been able to find out a method by which you can give mass Realisation. Now this mass realization when it works out actually what happens, (is) that you get a little light within yourself.

Some people do get a tremendous experience of the Spirit but some get a little bit. But in that little light, they start seeing what is wrong with their lamp, and they themselves start cleaning it which they know how to clean it.

Say there is some sort of a spot here and I can see it, I can clean it also. In the same way, you become your own guide, you become your own guru, and you can cleanse yourself, I don’t have to tell you. As you start cleansing yourself by your own understanding and wisdom, you start becoming more and more enlightened and there is more and more light and then you see it much more clearly.

The only thing you have to little bit know about the technique how to cleanse yourself.

Yoga does not mean standing on the head or doing exercises. It does not. Because we are a not only physical being, we are a physical being, emotional being as well as we are spiritual beings. So yoga means union with the Divine power, all-pervading power.

And the second meaning of Yoga means ‘yukthi’ means the trick, or you can say the expertise, how to handle this divine power.

I must confess that there have been lots of people in the market selling God, selling Yoga, selling this but they have been doing it for ages now.

Firstly you cannot pay for God, He does not understand money. And you cannot organize God. You have to be organised as He wants. And you cannot mentally project as to what God is, He is what He is, that is what we have to see.

So like a scientist we must keep our mind absolutely open. Not to deny but see for yourself what happens to yourself.

Lastly the other day, somebody asked me that they have read in the books that Kundalini rising is very dangerous. So I have to tell you there is nothing dangerous at all in Kundalini rising. Your Kundalini is your own individual Mother. She has been waiting for this moment to give you your second birth.

Why will She harm you?

Only those people who have no authority, divine authority try to raise it and they create problems because they are not clean people.

But if there is a divine personality that person can cleanse you, as well as raise your Kundalini, give you Realisation and power to do the same to others.

In Milano, we had more than a thousand people in my program and all of them got Realisation. I must say Milano must be a very powerfully Spiritual place.

It is very surprising how they all got Realisation so fast.

So I hope today also in Rome people from Rome will get their Realisation and respect it and grow into it in a proper way.

May God bless you all.

I would like to have any questions if you have, but sensible ones. There is no need to be aggressive with Me, because I have come to give you what you have within yourself.

Antonio, I will have some water, please.

It’s alright. It’s alright.

What is the question? There is a lady asking a question.

One by one, Madam. One by one. Let her ask and then I will ask you, alright?

Sahaja yogi: She wants to know, if You asked a priest what is the Holy Ghost, she is asking, ‘What is for You the Holy Ghost?’

Shri Mataji: (Laughing). You better find out. I am not going to tell you anything (laughing). You see, Christ only said that He was the son of God, which He was. That was the truth, so they crucified him. I don’t want to get Crucified. Especially in Rome. I have to be careful (laughing). Please stand up, I can’t hear you, sir. Will you get up, please, if you don’t mind, sir?

Sahaja yogi: He thinks that the Holy Ghost is the will of God.

Shri Mataji: Is the Will of God.

Yogi: The will.

Shri Mataji: It is true, it’s the will of God, but you must understand what is his will.

See now, we have the God the Father, logically, we should move logically. You see, because we have no logic, people are losing faith in God. We must have logic. He is the God the Father. We have got God the son. Now what about, do you ever get a son without a mother?

In India, we believe in the mother more than in the father because the father is the one who is seeing the play of the mother.

And even in the Catholic Church, they did believe in the mother very much, but recently I mean I don’t know what has happened to them.

Now the reflection of God Almighty is in the heart, is the Spirit, and the reflection of His will which is the Holy Ghost is in the Kundalini.

Now, what is the will of God? The will of God is the pure desire which is within us that we have to become one with Him.

Now the will of God is that His children which are human beings, which are the epitome of His creation, should enter into His kingdom and enjoy all the best that is available.

Because he is the kindest of kind Father and he wants you to enter into His Kingdom. That is His will. What else does He want? (Laughing).

What is he saying?

Interpreter: He wants to ask a question. He is asking, “Why in India they’ve got so many deities? There is Shiva and the Trimurtis. And how can the human being reach the Spirit, which is infinite and endless?”

Shri Mataji: You see, that is whatever you have seen about Indian Gods and Goddesses and all those things are, they are all placed within ourselves. Now when we think there is one God, we believe, also Indians believe there is one God only. There is not many gods. But you see God is not like Rock of Gibraltar. He has got his eyes, He’s got his nose, He’s got everything just like us. We are made in His image, you see. So these different deities, whatever are described in Indian scriptures, are actually the milestones of our evolutionary process. While Christ is here, called as Mahavishnu.

Now in Sahaja Yoga when you get the Spirit within yourself, you will see that everything is so related, so integrated, everything has a great meaning.

As Christ has said, “Those who are not against Me are with Me.” But to understand Christ also, Bible is not sufficient. He is too great a personality, He is the complete Chaitanya, He is the Brahmashakti. So you cannot understand Him only through Bible. You have to read some other books to understand what He was before, then what became, then why He came on this earth.

You see, this knowledge is just from the Bible if you have, it is like a blinker of a horse, you see things. You must see the whole thing and then you will be amazed that Christ is much more described in those ancient scriptures than in the Bible, because in the Bible there were all foolish people. They murdered him in four years.

Now the Sahaja Yogis, who have become realized souls know much, much more than any priest can know about Christ.

You can prove the existence of God or of Christ that He was the son of God through Sahaja Yoga only. You can prove it scientifically.

Now, see when the Kundalini rises, if she gets stuck here, you have to take the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you don’t take his name, the Kundalini won’t rise.

Now we should logically also understand one thing that it is a traditional, spiritual is traditional and is also a tree which is living, which is growing. It is not something like just Christ came from somewhere. He is traditionally brought to this world for a particular purpose.

He was made before for a particular purpose.

He is not just an ordinary person, just born out of a virgin. But the worst thing we have done to Christ, is to rationalize Him. We have rationalized Him.

Now in England you will be surprised, there is a big controversy coming up and openly they are saying that there was no immaculate conception of Christ. They said that Christ never walked on the water, that His disciples were uneducated, useless people and they just talked out of their hats.

Now why, why it has happened? If I want to tell you, it was Paul, who was not a realized soul. Why was he in the Bible?

Ask the question. I ask the question, why Paul was put in the Bible. He was an epileptic, he was possessed.

Then this Augustine, who came, he rationalized it again. These intellectuals cannot understand Christ, they are not divine personalities.

Kahlil Gibran has written long time back that, “I don’t understand this man, a strange man Paul, who is not a free man. He talks about some things, about which he does not know. ” He said it clearly so they drove him out of the church.

Rationality is such a horrible thing that it can make Christ into something nothing.

And instead of understanding Christ, they start understanding this Paul or that Augustine or someone like that. So, you see, you must become the Spirit to understand Christ, otherwise you cannot understand Christ.

That is one thing very important, we must take from His life that He said that, “You are to be born again. You must have the experience of the Spirit.” That is more essential than any dogmas, any theories or anything.

These are all intellectuals going with their mental projections like that. Christ was the son of God, it was an immaculate conception, His disciples were blessed by Holy Ghost.

Actually, when they got the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, then they started talking about the chakras, which is the language of a realized soul.

So people said they started talking in strange languages. Now, also they said that they started moving their hands in such a way that people thought they were mad. Now you see, when you get your Realization, you will be surprised that you feel the cool breeze flowing from your hands and you try to manoeuvre the power with your hand by moving it in a different way, whichever way is needed. There is a technique. And even the Sahaja Yogis do the same thing, I do the same thing, but then people think they are mad.

So, one must first get the experience of the Spirit. Christ came on this earth to talk of Resurrection. And you all are to be resurrected. That is the message of Christianity.

And if you do not get your resurrection, you have failed Christ completely.

All right, now any other questions? There’s one lady. Yes, please, Madam. In Milan nobody asked any questions, they just asked for Realization. It’s a difference, I tell you.

Now, we shouldn’t waste too much time, Madam. There are people who really want Realization also. What the question is?

Interpreter: She wants to thank You for Your presence, who gives so much joy to her.

Shri Mataji: And she wants it. She is a sweet thing. She is a real seeker.

You see, like that you have to be men of God. You should be seekers, ardent seekers. “Get me Realization, Mother”, ask for it.

How many arguments we have had so far?

We have written so many books, we’ve fought, we’ve done everything nonsensical. Now have your Realization. All right? Should we now have it?

(Audience is making more questions)

Shri Mataji: All right. What she’s saying? All right. She is anxious. Now, now we’ve done.

Sir, now please. Please be seated. No, no, no, no – I am sorry, I am sorry. Now, you write it down. You write it down. You write it down and see. Tomorrow I will answer those who have still in their heads. You see, actually if you have too many questions you can’t get realization also, I must tell you. Try to see, it is something beyond your mind. Here your mind works, you have to go beyond that. And if you do not have that desire, it is not going to help you, it is not going to help Me. You have to get what you have your own, your own wealth.

Now again, this is… what is she saying?

Yogi: One who doesn’t believe in anybody.

Shri Mataji: Oh, it’s all right. That’s better sometimes. It’s much better. Because you see sometimes they so blindly believe that they don’t know what they are up to. It’s a very extreme cases. You believe it or not, there is God. You believe it or not, you will get your Realization. It is like sunshine. You believe it into it, you have not seen it. You don’t believe in it, you have not seen it. So both cases are just the same. It is just your mental projection.

You have not felt it. You better feel it and then be an open-minded person. Be a scientific person. And those who have questions…

(Shri Mataji talks to someone in Audience) Please sir, now sit down. We have wasted a lot of time now. Because it is …

(The man in audience speaks aggressively)

He is getting violent. What is the problem?

Why are you so violent? Why are you so violent? I am not taking away anything from you. Why are you so violent? Why? Talk to Me slowly.

Interpreter: He said that he’s got the right to say something, but…

Shri Mataji: No, you have, you have a right. No doubt, I’m saying. But they also have a right. Listen now, you are one person. If you have got something to say, you have a right, agreed. But also there is a right of other people. What you can do, is write down your question and I will answer it tomorrow. Is it all right now? All right, let him say. He is aggressive. You are aggressive.

(The man continues arguing…)

Shri Mataji: What is he saying?

Interpreter: He is doing politics, Mother.

Shri Mataji: What is he talking? It’s very shameful.

Interpreter: He is really possessed.

Shri Mataji: What is he saying?

Interpreter: He is possessed.

Shri Mataji: He’s possessed, oh, I see.

Interpreter: Completely. He wants to know about pranic energy.

Shri Mataji: All right, you want to know about pranic energy. Tomorrow I’ll tell you. You write it down. You be a sensible man now here. You see, we are talking of wisdom. There’s no use to, there is no need to aggress Me at all. Are you going to crucify Me? What did I say?

I said now let us have the Realization according to, as it is you people came late so we had to start the program late. I didn’t say anything, did I? And now at least have wisdom, take your realization. And then whatever pranic things and all that, I will tell you everything.

I have given at least two thousand lectures in London. In this short period, how much can I cover? You must understand this. All right, if you are really curious, you just write down and let Me know. What is there to lose temper here?

Now, in Italy I have seen such wise people. The gentleman who came, what is his name, the yogi gentleman who came to see Me?

Interpreter: Carlo Patrian.

Shri Mataji: You know this gentleman is so learned, so humble. He said, “Mother, just give me realization, that’s all I want.” It is knowledge, it’s like an ocean. I cannot give you in one day, so you should not be angry.

You write it down, I’ll let you know. Now I will handle. You have to be good children. You should not get angry. You should not get angry at all, be quiet. Be quiet. What is there to be angry? It will work out. Everything will work out.

Alright. Now, very few things we have to do, that you have to just understand that you can raise your own Kundalini. (Shri Mataji to the interpreter) Just tell them that they can raise their own Kundalini, I’ll tell them how to do it.

Now, those who want to sit for the experience should sit, otherwise you can leave. There is no force on you.

[While the yogi translates, Shri Mataji speaks aside: “He’s suffering from… he got just possessed, I think”]

There are so many who are earnest people. So many. You all can sit wherever you feel like, makes no difference. Be comfortable. I beg of you to be quiet. It’s the most important moment of your life. Be peaceful within yourself. Be peaceful. You must respect yourself. You are the Spirit, but you must respect.

Now, only simple things are to be done. There’s nothing much. Left hand is the power, as I said, of desire. So you have to put it all the time on the left hand side. Like this on the, your lap.

You sit comfortably. Nobody has to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable. If you have anything tight here or here, you can loosen it.

Take out your spectacles also, because you have to close your eyes throughout.

There’s no mesmerism, nothing. You close your eyes. Something happens within yourself, you won’t even feel anything about it. You’ll just ultimately feel the cool breeze coming out of your head. Is a very nice thing by which you’ll get your health, you’ll get your peace.

Everything that you have will be manifested.

All right.

(Shri Mataji laughing and talking aside) They are children, you know. Naughty children.

Left hand like this. Just what I say you just do it and you will achieve the results. It’s very simple, just put left hand like this.

Be comfortable. First I have to comfort you. Please be comfortable.

Now right hand is to be used for different chakras to be given energy. Now, the first one will be on the heart, because you are the Spirit. Second one will be in the upper part of the abdomen, because you are your own guide. Third one will be at the lower part of your abdomen, all on the left hand side on the abdomen, because you have to know the true knowledge, so you have to ask for it. I will tell you one by one. And the fourth one will be again going back upward. You will have to come here where people feel guilty, you have this problem.

Then you have to go here on the Christ Chakra and at the behind of Christ here and then on top of your head you have to put your palm pressing here, moving your scalp like this.

It will take about fifteen minutes. That’s all. It’s very simple. Ask your mind to settle down first of all. Settle down, settle down.

[Yogi translates Shri Mataji’s instructions and also that people should take out eyeglasses]

It’s because it also improves eyesight. It also improves eyesight.

Now, put your right hand on your heart and keep your eyes shut till I tell you.

Is important, because if your eyes are not shut, the Kundalini may not rise. So the thing is, we must know that we have to get ourselves self-realized, that’s our aim of life.

Now just put your hand on the left hand side on the heart just like this. Now close your eyes. Please close your eyes. Close them, slowly. Don’t press them, just close them, as we close it (unsure). Please (1.46.58)

Now, at this time when you have put your hand in heart, you can ask Me a question, you can call Me “Shri Mataji” or you can call Me “Mother”. It is easier, “Madre” you can call me. Saying that, “Mother. am I the Spirit?”

Ask this question three times inside your heart. Everything should be asked inside, not outside. Is a mantra, to say, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” three times.

Close your eyes and ask the question inside. (A lady speaks from the audience and the yogi then tells her to get out without disturbing)

What is she saying?

Interpreter: She is afraid.

Shri Mataji: No (Shri Mataji laughs) Are you afraid of your Mother? No, don’t be afraid. Nothing will happen. Just take it. All right? I’m looking after you. Nothing will happen. What are you afraid of? Do I look frightening? Sit down. Sit there. Now do it. Don’t be afraid. There is nothing is going to happen. It’s going to be wonderful. Do I look so frightening?

All right. Put your right hand on your heart and ask a question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?”

Because you are the Spirit. And don’t be afraid of asking that question, because you are the Spirit. Forget the past, forget the past, forget the past.

Because God Almighty is the ocean of love, ocean of compassion and ocean of forgiveness. And He loves you so much that you cannot love yourself that much. So trust in Him. Nothing will go wrong.

All right. Just say, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Have confidence in yourself. You are all great people. Don’t you worry.

[Shri Mataji asks aside to a yogi: “Use the light down. Keep it here. Keep it down”.]

Now, take this hand down, keeping the left hand as it is. On the left hand side in the upper part of the abdomen. At this point, as you have asked Me the question whether you are the Spirit or not. If you are the Spirit, you are your own master. So logically you ask Me a question, “Mother, am I my own master? Am I my own guru? Am I my own guide?” Three times.

Now take this right hand down on the left hand side on your abdomen. Put it and press it hard. Now, at this point you ask a question or you have to say something, which is – I have to confess that I cannot force you to ask for true knowledge. You have to say, “Mother, please give me true knowledge.” If you say six times, the Kundalini will start rising.

Just say that. In the lower part of the left abdomen. Press it hard and say it six times.

Hah. It’s good. All right.

Now, with full confidence in yourself, because you have asked for it. I’ll tell you the true knowledge is simple. To understand that, you put your right hand on the left hand side of the upper part of the abdomen again. Now with full confidence you have to say, which is a mantra, “Mother, I am my own master. Mother, I am my own guide. I am my own guru.” Ten times. Hah, good. Now, say it ten times, please. These are the ten valences we have as human beings.

Hah, it’s good. Now with the same faith in yourself and confidence, you put your right hand on your heart again. Forget about the past. Whatever you have done just forgive yourself. And now you please say twelve times, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” You are the Spirit, just say, “Mother I am the Spirit.”

Twelve times, assert.

Alright. (Yogi: “There is Swadhisthan”) Now, raise your right hand onto the base of the neck on the shoulder and just place it hard. Press it hard. Take it at the back a little bit. From the front side. From the front side. From the front. Hold it tight. Now this is a center, which is affected when we feel guilty. As I have told you that God Almighty is the ocean of love, is the ocean of forgiveness. So you please forgive yourselves and say sixteen times with full confidence, “Mother, I am not guilty.”

If you are too much seriously believing that you are guilty, you better punish yourself by saying 108 times. You have to be cheerful. You are entering into the Kingdom of God.

Alright. Good. Now raise your right hand on the forehead across. On your forehead across, fully. At this time you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” From your heart.

Now, some may think that saying like that is not easy, but when you don’t say, what do you do? You are harming yourself. Nobody else.

All right. (Yogi: “Left heart”) Now take this hand at the back of your head and hold it tight, back of your head. Again without feeling guilty, you have to say that, “If I have done any mistakes, oh Lord, please forgive me,” but don’t feel guilty at all about it. (Aside to a yogi: “This gentleman must be corrected. This gentleman must be corrected how to do it”). From this side, back of the head. Ah, good. Don’t open your eyes, just keep them closed. Kundalini is coming up, slowly, slowly, She is rising.

Now put your right hand please, on top of your head, on the fontanel bone area, pressing with the palm and moving it in a clockwise manner. Press it hard.

Press it hard. Now at this point again, I cannot cross your freedom. So you have to ask seven times, “Mother, please give me Realization. I want my Spirit.”

(Mother blows into the microphone)

Now change your hand. Bring your right hand below and left hand on your head.

[Audio Interruption]

[Shri Mataji holds a candle next to Her left Vishuddhi]

First of all you’ll feel very peaceful, thoughtless.

Change your hands, and see for yourself. This is your own.

Now put up both your hands like this, and ask a question: “Is this the breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the Chaitanya Shakti, is this the Brahma Shakti?”. Ask a question. High like this.

Put back your head like that, and ask.

It’s better. Now see on your hands if you are feeling it. Just put down your hands. Feeling it? Good. Put your hands like this and see: are you feeling it? Good. You can feel it, fresh.

You can feel it like this, you feel it like this (Shri Mataji puts Her hands close to each other and moves them).

Now to protect yourself, and to raise your Kundalini I’ll tell you one simple exercise which you have to do. After Realization also, you have to come to the center to know how to maintain it. Once you have established yourself then you can be on your own, but you will take some time to establish. It should not be lost, because this is the germination that has taken place just now.

Now, just to protect yourself, you put your left hand in this way, just on the left hand like this. And protect your aura, by putting your hand around it, because there’s a power flowing. Even if you don’t feel it, there’s a power flowing now. So just try to put your hand over your head – one, like that, to protect your aura. One – again, let’s start.

We have to do it seven times for seven chakras. One, two – do it carefully. Three, four, five, six, and seven. This is the seven times you’ve given protection, now how to raise your own Kundalini you must know.

Even if you are not feeling, it has started, so you all can try yourself. Put the left hand in front of the Kundalini like this while you are sitting – that’s why I’m sitting, so you can understand. And this is the right hand of action to be moved like this around it, in a clockwise manner.

Now, watching the left hand, you raise the Kundalini. Let us start. Once – start it like this. Let us do like this. Like this. Like this go up. Now push back your head, take it and give it a twist now, a big twist on top of your head. And then give it a nice knot. Another one. We have to do it three times. Now, again, Hm, better. Now push back your head and give it a twist. And tie it up. Third time we have to do three knots. Watch your hand. Go back.

Give it a twist, one – give it another, two – and give it the third one.

Now see in your hands, you’ll feel better, much more fresh. Some may be feeling more on the left and less on the right. So, for such people who are feeling more on the left and less on the right, they should put their right hand towards Me like this. Those who are feeling on the right hand less, less or no, so they should put the right hand towards Me. And left hand like this.

Right hand, right hand towards Me, left hand…

Now, those who are feeling nothing on the left and more on the right, should put the left hand towards Me and right hand towards the Mother Earth. That’s how you give the balance.

Those who are feeling nothing on the left should put the left hand towards Me and right hand on the Mother Earth, towards the Mother Earth. Now see in both the hands are you feeling the cool breeze or not. Yes, it’s there, it’s there. It’s very subtle. Some may not be feeling, doesn’t matter, but it has started, with most of you.

So you have to come to the center because it is not an individual ascent, it is a collective ascent. Within a month you become a master.

And again you don’t have to pay for it. It’s so full of joy, you’ll enjoy yourself now. Now it’s the first time you’ll enjoy yourself and others.

You’ll feel like a witness to the whole thing, drama is over, you will see now the drama is over.

May God bless you all.

I hope to see you tomorrow again and then I’ll tell you for more things what is to be done, how to establish yourself. Bring more of your friends and people who want to have realization.

[Applause] [Aside] The gentleman got angry for nothing at all. He was all right, I mean, but you can’t allow everyone to speak also, isn’t it? There is no time for all that.