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1984-09-20 The Channels, Rome Italy DP-RAW, 140'
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1984-09-20 Second Public Program in Rome

[An Italian speaker (Guido) gives an introduction in Italian before the arrival of Shri Mataji.]

Thank you, thank you [Shri Mataji thanks for the flowers received]. Sit down.

What has he said, so far what has he talked about? He talked about what?

Yogi: He’s been talking principally about the Mother. [Shri Mataji laughs]

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Yesterday I talked to you about the different centres, subtle centres within us, and also when a person reaches a higher state of awareness what happens to him.

At the human level, when we exist as normal human beings, there are three channels which work within us automatically.

They are called as autonomous nervous systems, but if you ask them who is this “auto” the medical science cannot say who is that. They just say that this is autonomous, [it’s] a name given, but they do not explain. But whatever we achieve in our evolutionary process is expressed in our central nervous system, as I told you yesterday.

Now if you ask a dog to go through a dirty lane he can just walk through, he has no problems. But if you ask a human being to pass through a dirty lane he cannot do it, because in his awareness he has developed a sense of dirt, filth, colour, so many things, music. But for an animal, it is Greek and Latin.

In the same way, a person who is not a realized soul, who is not the Spirit, to teach him about righteousness, of goodness, everything, is only an outside conditioning. But to make it the nature of man, righteous and virtuous, one has to reach a state which we call as “Self-Realization”.

Now we have within ourselves those three channels as you can see now: one on the left, another on the right and one in the centre. Now, these three channels are subtle channels, represent on the left and right the left and right sympathetic and in the centre the parasympathetic. Now when we want to increase the beat of our heart, we go into an emergency, we run or do anything, the heart starts beating fast, that is the work of the sympathetic nervous system. But when it stops and comes to normal is the work of the parasympathetic. So we have control over the sympathetic – for emergency we use it, but no control over the parasympathetic.

Now the left side of this channel deals with our past, it’s the “psyche” as, we can say, Freud has called it, it’s the psyche. But psyche is not everything, so I say that Freud was half-baked.

So this left side psyche is the conditioning within us, it also is the past within us.

And beyond it lies the past that is the collective, collective past that is called in Sahaja Yoga as the collective subconscious.

Now how is cancer caused? I saw a film of doctors about two years back in London.

They had researched it and the research thought was such that when we are vulnerable to cancer, means we have done overactivity, then the cancer is triggered by a protein called 58 or protein 52, that’s what they give the name again, which enters into our awareness from the area that is built within us since our creation. So the one gets the cancer, if he too much goes to the collective subconscious area.

Now, what is this collective subconscious? It is all that is dead since our creation, means all the dead. But you may call it 52, 58 protein, whatever name you may give, but it is a dead soul. And that is the thing, that when cancer is caused, it is these dead souls’ attack, at the attack of these dead souls we get cancer.

Now for example [Shri Mataji shows with her hands], this is the left side and this is the right side of energy flowing within us, and these are the vertebrae, and in the centre, we form a chakra here. Now what happens if you start using too much, this thing goes on using too much of the sympathetic energies, left or right, then the relationship is broken and an entity enters into your awareness which triggers your cancer, means there is no control with the whole.

So this thing is vulnerable and as soon as an attack comes from somewhere, these cells become ego-oriented and they start acting on their own, malignancy starts.

Now, what does the Kundalini do when she rises? I told you about Kundalini yesterday which is the true desire within us. When she rises, she comes up to this centre [Shri Mataji shows with her hands].

Now, this Kundalini knows, she cooperates, coordinates and nourishes, she is a very intelligent personality. You can see even a little root, which has got the end, the tip of the end is a small little cell which knows how to go down properly. But this Kundalini has thousand times, million times more intelligence and she comes and nourishes the centres, soothes them and awaken the deities there. And again the chakras come back to normal and thus cancer gets cured.

When you are in the central path, no disease can come to you. But if you move too much to the left or to the right, you get into troubles. Most of the incurable diseases that we have are from the left side because they are psychosomatic, and doctors who are medical people cannot handle it. And the psychologists who are one-sided cannot handle it, they have to know both the things. So the only problem is how to put the person in the centre.

Many diseases like Parkinson, then there are all the diseases of lethargic organs, then the diseases which are very serious these days, like AIDS, you must have heard, when people have become over-licentious and they develop those diseases, all these are the manifestation of the left side. Angina of the heart.

Then all the mental diseases come from the left side and all the habits that we have, like taking drugs, by which there are many drugs which only take you to the left side.

Now when the young people revolted they did not know, they were naïve, and they took to drugs and destroyed themselves. It is self-destruction, left-sided people do not destroy others, they destroy themselves. I’ve seen people overnight leaving all such habits, all such habits after Realization. All escape is come to the centre and face the reality, because reality is beautiful after Realization.

Now the right-sided people are the people who are futuristic. They are overactive, they are thinking too much and they can never reach the point because they always go ahead the point. They plan everything beforehand, and by the time the plan starts it all fails.

So the futuristic people are the people who also aggress others, who can destroy others. It’s the same, whether you destroy yourself or others, it’s the same. In the eyes of the Divine, both are just the same because you have no right to destroy yourself nor the right to destroy others.

Those people who put in too much of physical effort, even Hatha Yoga they do indiscriminately, or those people who run too much, these days there is another madness is called – what do you call that? What? – “jogging”, “jogging”, all these nonsensical things those who do are suffering from the right-side problem. Such people become emotionally dry, very dry, and there will be divorce in the family, they’ll be very hot-tempered, quarrelling, argumentative. If their ego is pampered they are happy, when it is punctured they are unhappy. But they haven’t got joy, they cannot give joy. They are very, very boring people.

But they have also troubles of the physical side. For example, such people get diabetes, liver trouble, also they get paralysis, heart attacks.

The reason is there is a very important centre within us called “Swadhishthana”. Now, this centre has got two things to be done. Firstly, it supplies to all the organs of the viscera, of the abdomen, like liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys. It supplies, looks after, gives the energy, this centre.

And the more important work is that it has to transform the fat for the use of the brain because the brain is made of fat. When a person thinks, thinks, thinks, his brain is used, his cells are used, then he needs more fat, more fat, so from where does he get it? He gets it through the work of this one poor chakra within us called Swadhishthana.

And also this can give you creativity if you remain in the centre. But if you are not spontaneous and not in the centre, what you know about everything, or you try to create it – just a mental projection like modern fashions.

The modern fashions come and go and come and go, and that’s why they are very expensive in the market, because after one day they are finished.

So this poor centre gets tired, because if it has to work for the brain, then it neglects other organs which are very vital to us. So that’s the reason pancreas, if it goes out, you get diabetes.

A villager may eat every day one kilo of sugar, he doesn’t get diabetes.

But a bureaucrat, or say a businessman or a politician, even if he eats one spoon of sugar he gets diabetes, because he thinks too much, that is not needed, a wasteful thinking.

And like a machine, it’s working all the time in the brain. That is the reason why the people who think too much get liver trouble, they have overactive liver and then they get into tension, so they drink, so they get more bad liver.

And the liver is responsible for our attention so our attention is like this all the time [Shri Mataji shakes both hands], nervous.

At the slightest touch, they jump on you like a frog, or bark at you like a dog – [Shri Mataji repeats to the translator – “They jump at you at the slightest thing you say”], because they are so nervous, their nerves are out, they cannot bear anymore anything.

On top of that, if they think they are great, even a policeman can think, anybody can think that he is very great, means he has a big Ego supposing on his head, like this sitting [Shri Mataji shows with her hands], then God save you from such person. Apart from Ego, you see, Ego ends up in stupidity, you will be surprised. It’s the natural result of Ego is nothing but stupidity.

Now the other day I had come to Rome, last year there was a very nice exhibition, I was going along the river Tiber and I was seeing all nice things that Italians had produced, and other countries had produced, in an international exhibition. And suddenly we came to the stall of UK. Because nowadays I live in London, so I feel I’m British, so I wanted to see the stall.

To my amazement, there were nobody else but punks. They had cut all their hair, brought out some hair from here like this [Shri Mataji shows with her hands], some of them had holes in their dresses, they had one colour on this side, another horrible colour on another side [Shri Mataji shows trousers’ legs], so very stupid, you cannot imagine.

And all the Italians were laughing, so I asked, “Why the Italians are laughing?”. So they said that Italians have a sense of ridicule. That means Italian Ego is not overdeveloped, I hope so (Shri Mataji laughs). But this is what happens that you go to ridiculous limits of stupidity.

I met one fellow who was a hairdresser. He said, “Why don’t you come, Mother, I want to do your hair dressed”. I said, “I don’t do all that.” But I said, “What are you doing these things, this pokey-like thing coming out? Why do you do like this?”. So he said, “This is for mad and stupid. Don’t you know these people are very mad and stupid, they don’t have our wisdom.”

I said why, because they put glue inside and with the glue they put all these things, it costs them five times more and after some time they’ll all become bald. It is not naiveness, it is stupidity.

Otherwise, they will talk on politics, you see, they talk like a big great leaders as if… You see even a garbage cleaner talks in such a big way that you are surprised, the way he talks, but they have no sense in the head.

But Ego is very destructive. Hitler used it, he took help from lamas from Tibet and all these places and they taught him how to make people egoistical.

The extreme side of the right side is called as “collective supraconscious”. There too reside people who are extremely ambitious type, and they are still not satisfied, and they are dead, so they want to manifest. And they capture people who are egoistical, they sit on the same horse and such an egoistical person can really make you run so fast that after some time you find you are dead with heart.

Maybe, in the beginning, they look very important and very impressive maybe, and also successful, but after some time they are flat.

So one has to understand this is not normal, this is not natural, this is abnormal behaviour. Because of this abnormalities only, we human beings have wars.

A normal human being is a peaceful person. He has peace in his heart, he is an affectionate, kindly person. He has compassion for others and there is no lust or greed or nothing, just he loves because another one is a human being.

The another problem comes in with us when we are too much attached to our children, to my family, my house, my country, my, my, my, then also there can be a very serious problem.

Some countries kill their children and some countries kill the country for the children.

But the compassion of God is like the sap in the tree which comes, gives nourishment to every part equally, whatever is needed and goes back. It does not get stuck on to one flower or one branch, otherwise the whole tree will die, and the branch will die too.

But this detached compassion you can only develop if you are the Spirit, because when the Kundalini crosses Agnya chakra, this centre [Shri Mataji shows with her hands] then the Ego and Superego both are sucked in, your conditioning and ego are sucked in.

So after Realization you say, “It is happening, it is working out, it is not working out”. You don’t say, “I do it”, you don’t say that way because you don’t do it, you see the Kundalini is working out, it is happening.

So when you don’t have this myth that you are doing it, you become absolutely light, there is no tension. Actually, what do we do, as I told you yesterday, we do dead work, we cannot do living work, like making a flower or a fruit out of a flower, we cannot do even one.

Ego is a very big myth. It is like some villagers have never seen an aeroplane and you tell them, “Now you should not take too much luggage because it will be too much for the aeroplane”.

So they put the luggage on their heads. And you ask them, “Why are you putting it on the head?”. They say, “We are trying to reduce the weight of the aeroplane.”

The One who has created us, the One who has made us human beings, the One who has nourished us is going to make us superhuman beings too. Much more than human beings, He is anxious that you should come into His kingdom because the time has come. His earnest desire is that you enter into the Kingdom of God and become the citizens of that heavenly kingdom. As a result of that, first you become thoughtlessly aware, you go beyond thought, and then you become doubtlessly aware, you become without doubts, you know there is this power.

At that stage, the power starts flowing through you. You don’t worry about things, your age doesn’t show, you look extremely happy and a joyous person, you don’t sit down and worry or cry and weep all the time.

At the same time, you are a fearless person.

You are not afraid of telling the truth. You stand with no compromise with evil, but you also have powers to fight the evil.

Evil cannot stand against a righteous personality [Shri Mataji repeats to the translator: “Before the righteous or self-realized personality”], because the power of Kundalini is such that anybody tries to harm a person who is a realized soul, he immediately starts shaking before that.

Now Christ was to be crucified, that drama was to be played, so He did it because that is a very special place [Shri Mataji points to her Agnya] on which He resides as only a detached great thing like Christ could enter into that because He is OM, He is Chaitanya, He is the Logos [Shri Mataji repeats to the translator: “He is the Logos, they call it”]. He is the vibrations that you feel, He is the power of innocence. So such a personality had to show that this body cannot die which is Chaitanya, which is Brahma.

So bodily though He died, he lived again in His resurrection to show what Krishna has said that this eternal life cannot be destroyed by anything. And this is being proved by His resurrection. So, to understand how fantastic you are, you have to become the Spirit, you must have your Resurrection otherwise you will have no value for yourself.

Because you have to be the Absolute to get out of this relative world and that is so simple, natural, so spontaneous. And it is so practical that after Realization you will write a book on its practicality. There is no end to it but to know this great magic you have to become the Spirit. This is the only condition which is very simple.

May God bless you!

Now I’ll be going away back to London and I hope next year again I’ll come and I’ll see so many people settled down, with their Realization becoming big trees like the great saints of the ages.

A great poet called William Blake* in England about 200 years back predicted everything about Sahaja Yoga. He’s described all the places where we’ll have ashrams, he’s even described my residence and my houses. But the greatest thing he has said is that the men of God, that is the seekers, will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets. Now the time has come to fulfil Dante’s prophesies also. And the prophecies of Christ, and prophecies of John.

May God bless you all!

Now yesterday the gentleman was very angry with me because after asking all the questions he still wanted to ask some question. So I requested him to give me the question in writing. He never gave me the question. I don’t know what to do. But one should not be here to obstruct or to put impediments for the people who have come here for their Realization, there is no political party here. He was very aggressive and nowhere I’ve seen people being that aggressive to me as he was yesterday, there is no need to be aggressive with me.

So none of you have given any questions to me in writing, I had asked you to give me some questions. So now if I ask you to ask me questions, I mean, a lot of time will be spent. So if you want to ask questions, you can ask, I’ve nothing to say, but we can do it for 15 minutes, not more than that. We cannot go on the whole night like the parliament goes on discussing.

So if you have some sensible questions which will help others also, please ask the question, with wisdom and not to show off your knowledge, because you have to achieve your Spirit which is beyond all knowledge.

And when you become the Spirit, then you really get connected to the source of knowledge. Now Antonio is a musician, but imagine how he has translated me well when I was using all medical terminology. [Shri Mataji says to the translator laughing: “He doesn’t want to praise himself. You can say”]

Now, let’s have the question, please. First of all ask them did they come yesterday because I don’t know. [A man speaks. He was there the day before]

Yes, what happened, sir?

Seeker: If you are going to repeat it again, then no need asking. If you are not going to repeat it, then I would like to know the number of times each mantra has to be repeated.

Yogi (Warren): He is speaking about the procedure going through the awakening of the Kundalini, if You are going to repeat it, he has no questions.

Shri Mataji: Do you want to know how the chakras are made?

Seeker: No, how many times…

Yogi (Warren): And the mantras, and so on…

Shri Mataji: Yes, I will repeat, I definitely will. When we will do meditation, again I’ll repeat, no doubt, I will repeat it, please, I will repeat. That’s such a great seeker, just look at that.

Yogi (Guido): He is a friend of Carlo Patrian and he has a yoga school…

Yogi (Warren): He is a friend of Carlo’s from Milan.

Shri Mataji: Really?

Yogi (Warren): He has a yoga school, too.

Shri Mataji: Ah, Carlo, he is great, he is a great man and he got his Realization and his, so his face changed completely, he is great. I will definitely repeat.

Seeker: Unfortunately I also have some problems due to this…

Shri Mataji: … Imbalance. All right, doesn’t matter, we’ll correct it. He too had some problems and he had dried out completely. Now he looks ten years younger, in one day.

Alright, I will repeat it again, of course, no doubt, but what is, are there any other questions now?

Yogi translator (Antonio): When a man dies, where does his personality go?

Yogi (Warren): After Realization where does your personality go?

Shri Mataji: You see, it has a new dimension of collective consciousness, you become, you become collectively conscious.

That means your hands start speaking.

Here [Shri Mataji shows on her hands] you feel all the chakras, five, six and seven on the left, five, six and seven on the right and that’s how you know your own problems, and others’ problems. And then the personality becomes a collective personality, means you are part and parcel of the whole but you become aware of it, like the microcosm becoming the macrocosm.

Yogi (Guido): But he wanted to know after death what is happening.

Shri Mataji: No, no, that is what it happens, let us go step by step. Again futuristic.

Now you tell him like this: that when a candle becomes the light, then what is it? It becomes the light, it gives light, first it is wanting the light then it gives light. Then you sit here and talk to people, that’s exactly what happens to you and you give energy.


No, no, no, no. No, no, one by one, madam.

Who is saying? Then yes, yes, this lady.

Yogi (Guido): She is asking if we have to believe in the reincarnation.

Yogi (Warren): Do you have to believe in reincarnation for this?

Shri Mataji: You don’t have to believe in anything because it’s all mental projection. Whatever happens, you should see yourself, no use believing. Supposing I believe that this Rome is hanging in the air. I must come to Rome and see how it is, isn’t it?

So you enter into the Kingdom of God and see for yourself. Before that, you don’t believe in anything, but you also do not deny. You need not even believe in me, it’s a hypothesis for you, but if it is proved then you accept it as law.

Yogi (Guido): She is thinking about what You said, that: “We have to be born again”.

Shri Mataji: Yes, of course, that is what I’m saying, an egg has to become the bird. That’s it. Yesterday I said so. Yesterday I talked about it, Nicodemus and all. But in reality, not certificate “born again” [Shri Mataji shows her forehead], it is, in reality, a true baptism has to take place. The Kundalini has to come out of your head and you have to feel the cool breeze on top of your head, not just certifying that I’ve become a self-realized person or a twice-born.

… the letter writing, just take the paper [Shri Mataji speaks aside]. (1.14.23)

Yogi (Guido): He likes to know what is the exact meaning of the word “mother”, because You say that this is the period of the Mother, but someone say that “mother” means “earth, mother earth”.

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, the mother is also your… There are many mothers we have.

First is the Primordial Mother, who is the will of God, and She goes into three forms within us, and one form of Her creates this Universe.

Then this mother earth, which we call “Mother Earth” is one of the elements which actually represents the Kundalini, represented as Kundalini, that is why she is called as Mother Earth.

Now, this Kundalini is the reflection of this Primordial Mother, the Holy Ghost, and that’s why mother earth is also called as “Mother Earth”. And I must tell you that this Mother Earth understands many things, she has her own unconscious. When the man grew his Ego, also she threw up Himalayas, at the same time Himalaya came up.

Himalaya is the Sahasrara, it’s represented as Sahasrara, it’s quite complicated, which you will know later. But I’m just saying she acts as if the Kundalini acts, mother earth herself.

But you will know all these things later on, like we can say that Italy is the pancreas of the Universe, and England is the heart of the Universe. And you will see why I say that, later on, you will understand all that.

Yogi (Warren): Do you believe that with meditation it’s possible to forget a person who makes you suffer?

Shri Mataji: Yes, of course, you forgive that person. You forgive that person and actually, that’s the best way to get rid of his troubles because you forgive that person and you absolutely become, absolutely become on top of the world. Just try. (Shri Mataji laughs)

Because when you don’t forgive what do you do? You play into the hands of that person who is making you suffer. And forgiveness is the greatest weapon Christ has given us and at Agnya chakra that is the mantra, that is the thing, chanting you have to say at Agnya chakra. Yesterday many people did not feel vibrations and I just put a cross on their hands and I said, “Forgive, forgive, forgive”, three times and they felt the cool breeze.

All right. Now, what is it? What does he want? This fellow has been standing.

Yogi (Guido): It’s a good question.

Shri Mataji: What he…

Yogi (Guido): He says that in Your presence he can feel very well the vibrations, he follows You very well, and he is very enthusiastic, but he wants to know if to get the Realization, the Self-Realization, one has to follow only Sahaja Yoga, only Your teaching and which is Your relationship in front of the other gurus.

Shri Mataji: Other what?

Yogi (Guido): Gurus. So-called gurus.

Shri Mataji: Oh, baba. Now, there is nothing difficult in Sahaja Yoga to follow, is all very simple. Now, if the gurus are real gurus, sat gurus, then they will also tell you the same thing. But those who have got marketing value they cannot be sat-gurus, so you have to give them up.

Whatever is false or evil has to be given up, simple thing. Because you are now washed and cleansed by your Kundalini, she won’t accept them.

Now in the darkness, you were holding, supposing, a snake. But in the light you won’t hold it also, you’ll throw it away.

Because nobody has to gain out of it, you have to gain out of Sahaja Yoga.

So to have the maximum, maximum advantage of Sahaja Yoga they will give you the guidelines.

She is going away, what is the need? (1.22.51)

Alright. So now, it is for you to take advantage. Now what Sahaja Yoga is nothing but it is decoding everything, it is explaining. Supposing you are catching on this finger, alright, and you are catching all over here [Shri Mataji shows the Void on Her palm], that means your guru is a devil. Now if you get sensitive enough, then you will see with these gurus you might even get blisters on your hands, blisters.

There is nothing to be refused which is good and great, why? They are all the same, part and parcel of the same thing.

But as patients, one must understand what is bad for you, what is good for you.

In Sahaja Yoga you are free to do what you like, there is no compulsion on you. There is no organization, there is no membership, nothing. But if you are intelligent, you have to be intelligent, that’s one point I have seen, not educated but intelligent.

If you have pure intelligence you immediately understand, even mentally, mentally you understand, even mentally. But otherwise, on vibrations, you can understand.

Like there were three people from a guru who was a very bad man, they came to see me. And I told them, “Don’t come to the program because you are badly caught up.” But they would not listen to me. I told them, “In the program, the vibrations are very strong, be careful.”

They came and you’ll be surprised, they were about two hundred feet away and they collapsed, absolutely, just like stones. But I had told them, but they thought, “Why should we not go? Who is she to say so, we’ll go.” Alright.

Then they were really taken up just like stones out, and I had to clear them out and then the program started.

Moreover, after Realization you are like a newly born child, just like a little sapling, you have to be careful, you must know how to protect yourself, protect, respect your Realization. When you become an expert, then you can go wherever you feel like, you can do what you like.

For example, first day, if one gets Realization, we tell them not to treat anyone, do not treat anybody here. You become alright, first of all you should be alright, you see. If you are not alright, then how can you cure other person? So you become an expert yourself, absolutely free, with love.


Now I think the time is up, it is ten past eight. You see I was saying eight o’clock, now I’ve agreed that I should answer all your questions, throughout the night you have a right to ask me, everything I agree. But I would request you that others have right to get their Realization now, it’s already 08:10 so I would request you that please write down your questions. And you can also write to me in London. If you have any problem you can write to me in London.

These people can send me the letter and I will send you answers, and everything duly signed, alright?

[A woman from the public starts speaking something, and interrupts Guido]

What is her question?

Woman: … Since she has attended Sahaja Yoga, it’s been three years, you have sort of brainwashed this girl and you have destroyed our family, for me, for my children and everyone.

Yogi (Guido): Madam, bring your daughter here and let her say these things to us.

Woman: You have destroyed our family.

Yogi (Guido): You are surely confusing things…

Shri Mataji: Don’t talk to her, what is it – let her take out her bombardment.

Yogi (Guido): She said that three years ago she brought her daughter, came to Sahaja Yoga and we ruined her.

Shri Mataji: Ah, it’s all nonsense, don’t believe her. You see, must be, sometimes what happens is these people come to Sahaja Yoga and start making money, or something like that, then we have to ask them to get out.

You see, there are people who are very funny. Recently we had somebody, an Italian, he came to Sahaja Yoga and he did come (uncertain 1.30.02) with lot of money. They borrowed money from this person, that person and then they went away. And then when we asked them to get out, they tried to attack us. Now what are we to do? You see, they cannot take money of other Sahaja yogis, and all that.

She spoils the vibrations.

But I’ll tell you such problems we have, like a mad girl from this Italy, I tell you, there was one girl who was absolutely mad from a lunatic asylum. Her mother brought her to Sahaja Yoga and just sent her away with me to London, with me, in the same plane. She came and stayed in my house, madwoman. And then one day she just ran away. We had to inform the police and this and that, and it was such a problem to us, you know. I didn’t know what to do. My husband was very furious, “Why did you bring a madwoman?”. But she came in the same plane. Yogi (Guido): I think it’s the same person.

Shri Mataji: Is this the same person?

Yogi (Guido): Yes.

Shri Mataji: Maybe, oh, just tell her.

Woman: What lunatic anylum!

Shri Mataji: Yes, that is it. But the girl is alright. If you go and see, she is much better. I know, I’ve met her, she is much better now, she is not so bad. This woman is now mad(1.31.40), she should go to a lunatic asylum, she is mad.

Because you see, such people, coming – she stayed in my own house, can you imagine?

Free, free, absolutely free and she had no money, anything, can you imagine?

This is so aggressive of these people: put her in the same plane, she just followed me, came to my house, stayed with me, tortured my life and then ran away somewhere.

We didn’t know where she had gone. We informed the police and it was such a big mad chase (1.32.17), you see, she had gone somewhere and she wanted to marry a particular man and all kinds of things. What do you say, she came from a lunatic asylum. And she told me that her mother is a very cruel woman, “And she has been so cruel to me, that’s why I become mad”, can you imagine.

She said, “She made me mad, that’s why I was in a lunatic asylum”. It is recorded she was in the lunatic asylum much before she came to Sahaja Yoga. So can you imagine, you send somebody who is from a lunatic asylum, bring it to the program, put it in the plane and just send it over on me and then come and shout here, imagine.

Shri Mataji: What is she saying? And this girl, Victoria, is alright now, I know she is alright; not only alright but she doesn’t want to stay with this woman, that’s why she is angry. She is alright. Where is she, ask her.

Unnecessarily troubling. You see, this is how negativity is acting and troubling us, all the time. We are trying to do good and that is how they are troubling, this is a new type of crucifixion I think, new type of crucifixion.

Recently also one boy from France came this way, just from lunatic asylum, can you imagine. But that he also says the same thing, I don’t know. He says, “His father is like this, mother is like this”, but what to do now, I can’t understand.

May God bless you. [Shri Mataji salutes someone in the public].

That is the trouble.

No, let us have the Realization. Forget it. You see, these negative people are like this.

There are so many people who have suffered, have felt better with Sahaja Yoga. So many people have suffered and felt better. You better take your Realization.

She always comes to every program, while Victoria is so sweet. Last time she came and she said, “Mother, I want to give You some present, I am so much better.” But she does not want to stay with this woman. That’s it. You can go and find it out. And because of her she doesn’t come to the program, otherwise she would come and show her face here, and tell you what she thinks about her.

How to get rid of such people?

Can come forward, some people.

You should tell the police now, that’s the best way. Tell the whole story about this woman and should be published also. Because Victoria is alright, nothing wrong with her, but this woman is angry with me because she doesn’t want to stay with her.

Sit down, you may be seated, all of you. Yes, yes, sit down, sit down. If you want you can come up. If you want, yes, yes. Come along, such earnest people are also there. Good, come along, come along, come on.

Next time you must call Victoria for program so that we can stop this woman from talking.

Yes, come, come each side. Yes, it’s alright, you can sit, yes, some this side, some this side, so keep a little space. Yes, some this side, some this side, “ha” (yes). Yes, good idea.

You take out your shoes, shoes, better take out your shoes, yes. Some this side. Sit down, sit down, be comfortable, be comfortable, take out your shoes, will be better, to sit down. (1.37.36)

Such nice people also are there. Come this way, come this way. Be comfortable, be comfortable. Sit comfortably, be comfortable. You can take out your shoes.

On the sides, you can sit like this, on the sides, yes, on the sides, on the sides will be better. She’ll be alright. Just tell her how to sit down. Tell her. She’ll be comfortable. Let us sit like this, alright, putting feet that side. It’s alright, it’s alright, no need, need not take it out, yes, be comfortable.

Ah, good. Better – let her have a chair, this old lady. Alright. You take out your shoes, madam, alright, you’ll be comfortable. Move this backward a little, yes, yes, please, please do. Yes, please do, please do. Remove this also, maybe it’s better like that. Such nice things here.

So little bit settle down, because this lady has little bit spoiled the vibrations, doesn’t matter, she’ll be alright. Ekadasha she has. She doesn’t understand, mad woman.

Yes, good. good.

Alright, now, very simple things you have to do(1.40.02), very simple thing.

Just say. You stand up and say.

Yogi (Warren): You see, there’s a problem now, Mother. These people in the audience are complaining they can’t see because of these people.

Shri Mataji: Nobody is going to see, you all have to close your eyes, all of you have to keep your eyes shut, nobody is going to see me in any (case?). Alright. You take out your spectacles also, because it helps your eyesight. And the vibrations are in this hall now, there is nothing to bother.

Now, sit with a comfortable mind and a cheerful attitude. Now you have to, yourself, raise your own Kundalini. In a very simple way I’ll tell you how to nourish your own chakras first.

It’s very simple.

First we have to put the left hand like this towards me because this is the power of desire within us. And we have a desire that we must have the experience of the Spirit.

There should be no fear about it, nothing, it is very simple because Kundalini is your individual mother and she looks after everything. Now, if you put the left hand on the lap just like this, all through, that is alright, and the right hand is to be used for the chakras on the left hand side only.

That is you are going to put your right hand on different centers which I’ll tell you now, and I’ll repeat it one after another.

For example, on the heart, the upper part of the abdomen, lower part of the abdomen, base of the neck like this, on the forehead, and at the back of the head, and on top of the head, I will tell you every time, I will repeat very carefully.

Loudly, loudly. You told.

Now, first of all we should take out our shoes because the Mother Earth helps us a lot. Those who are sitting on the ground are alright, otherwise others should put their feet parallel. But you have to be comfortable. You can stand up and take out your shoes, and then you’ll be(1.44.23) comfortable. Alright.

If there’s anything tight anywhere you should loosen it a little bit. Now, you put your right hand on the heart first, and close your eyes.

And please don’t open your eyes till I tell you, because Kundalini won’t rise in that case, the Agnya will be too much working. Can you put off the lights, it’s too much.

[Aside to a yogi: “Is the candle not there? Just look”] (1.45.29)

Now, after closing your eyes you put your hand on your heart, everything has to be worked on the left-hand side, so just put it on your heart and say, you have to ask a question three times, “Mother, am I the Spirit?”, in your heart ask the question. On the heart, heart is little higher, three times. Close your eyes, please don’t open your eyes, just keep it closed for about ten minutes, it will work out.

Now, logically the second question is to be asked when you put your right hand on the upper part of the abdomen which is the center of the Primordial Master. [To the translator: “Loudly”] Now, this hand should be put on the upper part of the abdomen and you have to ask again three times a question, logically. Now you can address me as “Mother” or “Shri Mataji”, whatever way you like, “Mother, am I my own master? Am I my own guru?”.

Because if you are the Spirit you are your own guide, you are your own guru, so ask this question three times. Ha, three times. [To the translator: “Loudly, I think they can’t hear”].

Ask the question again.

Now, take this right hand on the lower part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the center which works out the technique of the true knowledge.

Now at this center you have to say, because I cannot force you, you have to ask, “Mother, I want to have the knowledge, the true knowledge.” Because I cannot cross your freedom, in your freedom you have to ask. Because you are free persons and you have to get ultimate freedom and nobody can force anything on you. This is the left Swadhisthana. Now the Kundalini starts rising, so you have to make way on the upper part of the stomach. Again on the left hand side you press, and there you say with full confidence, “Mother, I am my own master.”

Alright. You have to say this ten times, with full confidence, “Mother, I am my own master.”

Ten times, with complete confidence in yourself. Don’t count your sins or anything and don’t feel guilty. Forget the past, forget the past, forget the past. (Loudly)

Don’t feel guilty.

(Aside: “Now. Hm, better”)

Now raise this hand to your heart again and say with full confidence, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” This is the true knowledge I’m giving you. Please say it. Everyone should say, will help everyone. Because you are, you are the Spirit, so you should just say and assert. You have a right to say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.”

Nobody should have fear to say that.

Now, again I say, don’t feel guilty for anything, no confessions needed in Sahaja Yoga.

God is anxious to forgive and He knows about you everything, so why worry? (Aside: “Ah, good”)

Say it twelve times, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” So many times because that is the sub-plexuses or sub-petals (1.55.01) those chakras have. Just say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” (Aside: “Ah, good”) Now, twelve times.

Now, the right hand again you raise it to the base of your neck, hold it from the front. Now this center is caught up when you feel guilty, the left Vishuddhi as we call it.

Take it from the front side. At this point you have to say sixteen times with full confidence, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Do it properly. “Mother, I am not guilty.”

When this chakra is caught, you get angina and all these troubles, and spondylitis.

(Aside: Shri Mataji: “Right heart. Right heart”

Warren: “And Swadhisthana”.

Shri Mataji: “On the right heart”.)1.57.34

Ha, better now. Now sixteen times you have to say that “I am not guilty”, because God is the ocean of forgiveness, ocean of compassion, ocean of love.

Is alright (1.58.18). Now, if you still feel guilty, you better say it 108 times to punish yourself. Say it, say it, (Shri Mataji laughs) good. [Shri Mataji says to the sahaja yogi who is working on Her with a candle: “Left Nabhi, Nabhi”. Then Shri Mataji blows on He left hand] Ah, better, left side is better, right is bad.

Now, raise this hand onto your forehead and hold it tight. Now, right hand, right hand, put your right hand and left hand towards me. Right hand. Now at this point you have to say from your heart that you forgive everyone, this is very important. From your heart.

Now. Take this hand at the back of your head. Again. And at this center, without feeling guilty, again I say – without feeling guilty, you may say that, “If I’ve done any mistakes against the Divine, oh Lord, please forgive me.” But don’t feel guilty, again I say. Just say it and push back your head.

Please don’t feel guilty, please don’t feel guilty, just say it without feeling guilty.

Don’t feel guilty, that’s one promise.

You shouldn’t feel guilty at all. You don’t know your glory, don’t feel guilty.

[Shri Mataji speaks aside to yogi who is using the candle on Her back Agnya: “Ha, here still”]

Now, put this hand on top of your head, on the fontanel bone area where it was soft in the childhood. And now press it hard and move it clockwise and say seven times, “Mother, I want my Realization, please give me.”

Because I cannot force it on you, I cannot forcibly do it, you have to ask for it, I cannot do it just by force, you have freedom.

[Shri Mataji blows into the microphone]

Now put the hand down and put the left hand on top of your head and see if there is a cool breeze coming in, about four inches above, feel it with the left hand, then with the right hand. (Aside: Shri Mataji: “Better”. Warren: “Change it”. Shri Mataji: “Change it” 2.05.02) Don’t think about it. It is beyond thinking.

Got it… 2.05.28 You got? Good! Got it? Cool, cool, in the hands? And here? Ah, your eyes are also sparkling, good.

See now, again, this is your own, I’ve done nothing. [Guido translates a sentence by a seeker: “They say it’s cool”] Now. Very beautiful, Beautiful. Now just you can put both your hands, let’s see, like this and ask a question, “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this Chaitanya? Is it Brahmashakti?”

Push your head back. Alright. Now bring it down and see in your hands are you feeling it. Alright? Ah, that’s it. It is very subtle, yes, very subtle, it is so.

Now you have to use this power and know what it is. (Aside: Good!) One more thing I must tell you: how to give yourself full protection to your centres and how to raise your Kundalini, which is a simple thing.

Now, you all hold your hand in front of your Kundalini like this and watch me without thinking. Now put the right hand around it like this, but before that, you have to give yourself a protection. So you can do one thing, is to raise your protection from this side to that side. Give it again, one – seven times for seven chakras. One, two, three, four, five, six and seven.

Now after protection, we have to raise the Kundalini. (Aside: “Vibrations are so much…”) Now put the left hand like this and right hand around it.

Let’s see, let’s start. Start raising left hand, put back your head, and give it a twist, and give it a nice knot.

Now, do the second thing again please, three times. See now, it is going up, and now give a nice twist, put your head up.

Now third time, three times you have to do, throw back your head, say throw back your head: one, two, three. Now see, you will feel liberated.

Alright? Are you all feeling it? Then why are you so serious? (Shri Mataji laughs) Are you? No, not yet?

Good, tremendous.

But I have to make a very humble request, from the mother, that you should not waste this Realization. When is the follow-on?

Yogi (Guido): Monday and Tuesday.

Shri Mataji: Where?

Yogi (Guido): Sala Borromini.

Shri Mataji: We will have programs, follow-ons Monday and Tuesday. Please attend at least for a month and you will be surprised how much you will gain out of it, without paying anything, without any money, without anything you’ll gain very fast. Don’t have Ego. Some people are rich, some poor, some this, forget it. You must become the master.

Now when you will reach certain state – stabilization, then we’ll start giving you books, because if you start reading books again you become bookworms.

But first only how to develop your attention in thoughtless awareness and how to make yourself grow, we’ll see to that.

And they will tell you all the details about it. Every sort of thing you can write to me, we are available all the time at your service.

Even my photograph has got vibrations, luckily, but you should not do individual meditation, it doesn’t help much, because this is a collective happening now.

Unless and until you become collective, it won’t be progressing.

Thank you very much!

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