Talk to Sahaja Yogis

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Talk to Sahaja Yogis

This is the reason; you are not connected that’s why nothing is recorded!
Why the people are so insincere, this I have been trying to find out. Why they are not sincere with themselves? What is the reason?

The reason is very simple now I find the inner being which is the genuine being which is ourselves, has got another covering perhaps, a very thin covering or in some people it doesn’t exist, is the superficial, is the artificial being and now when ego starts bloating, this artificial being starts separating from the genuine being and the more you have the sensations of the ego, then the this buffer of the ego keeps you away from the genuine being.

So you believe in Sahaja Yoga, you believe in Mother, you believe in everything but you do not feel from within yourself that this is a part and parcel of your being. The reason is your superficial being is acting and your genuine being is lost in the weight with the weight of the ego and the distance is so much that when you do something in Sahaja Yoga also, it is not from your heart and that’s why I have seen people, I ask them, “how are you?” and they will say “I am still going up and down”. I said “still going up and down means what?” Because they don’t do it from their heart, because they have lost their heart. When you start playing games and when you start saying, “what’s wrong?” Immediately there is one blow comes into the, one blow of air comes into the ego and then again you go away from yourself and like that you go and separating and the whole thing is a very artificial being within you which acts and the genuine being within you is lost.

So what you have to do is to pray through your heart. You have to say “Mother, be in my heart”. Do everything from your heart. If you start doing from your heart, then this cloud of ego will disappear, so try to do everything from your heart, say mantras of the heart and try to open your heart and don’t live on this artificial level, because many people talk so much about Sahaja Yoga, they say that they are great Sahaja Yogis and they are so bumptious, they go on giving lectures on Sahaja Yoga, expressing themselves.

I used to think how this is possible once the spirit is awakened. Once there is spirit they can see with in themselves that there are two beings the superficial being and the real being and they start wondering why am I being superficial. They can see that but they cannot identify with the real being so I think you must say the mantra of the heart saying that “Mother, be in my heart.” “Stay in my heart.” “Let me love You from my heart.”

When you look at the photograph put all your heart on the photograph. Take the photograph to your heart. If you start doing like this then only you will reach that depth where your genuine being is otherwise you are lost. You don’t know why this thing is happening superficially you can do it.

Then another thing could be if you are very much conditioned, if you have a super ego you have another balloon that can also be covering your heart and you could be with something that is not your genuine being, is an artificial being and you may be talking like a bhoot or a you may be talking like a person who is a not yourself and then you will start thinking “what is this?” I didn’t want to say this but I did it. I should not have done this but I have done it. Because you are so conditioned with the bhoot style of talking that you will go on repeating the bhoot style and you will go on repeating that wrong type of a thing which you should not talk. You may regret about it but it will go on coming back to you and you will be shocked at yourself how did I do it. Why should have I done it. But the reason is that you are not genuine, you are talking through something that is not yourself.

So to overcome even the conditionings of those of the styles you have learned of talking, the styles of living, the styles of your dealing with others should be given up completely but how?

Unless and until you do it from your heart, it cannot change, so go back to your heart, become genuine then you will be surprised at that level that all human beings are the same but the genuineness is very very rare these days in the western minds.

The second thing that I have discovered to My shock that they are very disintegrated people. There is no integration. Like I heard of a great scientist who had one wife, who had love affair with another woman and he used to sleep with third woman, so must be an absurd personality. But it is not absurd for a western mind, its quite common, so what’s wrong in this kind of a thing. Because they are disintegrated, their heart is not with their mind, mind is not with their liver. So one lady cooks for their liver, another one sleeps with him, who looks after the physical pleasures and the third one is the one who gives him a mental, emotional feeling. Thus how he lives with three personalities.

You can live with six personalities, you can live with any number of personalities, but then you are frittered away, you are broken and them you ask them any question, they will say “I am confused”. It’s a sign of a person who is not aware. But according to them it is sign of a person who is very aware. So these absurd ideas of modern times must be given up and you must speak from your heart. You must do every thing from your heart. Then you will be genuine. Because I have seen people who do not mean bad but they do it because they are habituated like that. They have a habit to do like that so they go on. To overcome a habit you must go to your heart. Because the spirit has no habits, it’s so genuine and it can only express itself fully through your genuine self.

Before genuine self is completely suppressed by your ego or by your conditioning. So now after coming to Sahaja yoga, you are not French, you are not English, you are not Indian, nor you are egoistical, nor you are ego because to believe that you are something itself is a mental projection. You are the spirit, born of the Holy Ghost. You must remember to be genuine is most important for every Sahaja Yogi.

The spirit is the source of joy. I am the source of joy too. So if you put Me in your heart, then the source of joy is in your heart. The trouble is you do not put Me in your heart and you just want to see that I am there and just to mentally feel that, “oh Mother has come to my house” or “Oh I was with Mother, I can give Her flowers, or I can give Her fruits, or I can do for Her this”, this is all again mental satisfaction. Am I in your heart? Or you are doing outside, is the point you should find out. If you put Me in your heart, then because I am the source of peace, I am the source of joy, and I am the source of all the beautiful thing that you could think of, you will have them, because you have not put Me in your heart then what can I do?

I don’t think I have ever been so shameless as this. Is listening to Me from the heart, very seriously and can know now that I am speaking to her. All right? {You didn’t tell me now so what should it be.

So the western mind is such that it must create a problem, busy with that, The same mind can give a solution but the same mind is busy creating problem say you tell them this is to be done the problem is immediately like that.

When a person is paying lot of money for his insurance, a lot of it, you tell him that you cannot pay so much, that you cannot recover it any time. Or you tell him that now this is happen to in your family this thing has happened, why don’t you claim it? Immediately he will come out. The problem is like this. They are against themselves all the time. This is the western mind. And I have seen that Indians take to it like that. So if Indian can take to it, so imagine how can you indulge in that, I mean you pressurize their minds also. Normally it is the solution to be found out and that brains of people are confused. They are anti-themselves. All the time they are fighting themselves for nothing. Like you have to go from here to station simple thing like that, now go take a train, take a bus or see and get to it and go to the station, finished.

NO, the problem is you may not get this thing. I think today is this time, there might not be available, then there are, mind will say even if you get it, it may go half way. How do you know, sitting down here? And then another person gives a positive solution like him. The another will come out and say double problems to you. So you will go on giving solutions and giving out problems, nothing will work out, then you will be tired. Sit down, every body sits down like this. What is there to be tired? Because you think too much about the problems, this is so this is so and then you go to individuals always I have seen. You never see to the collective always to individual. This fellow has run away, that fellow has no job, that fellow has, under these circumstances the solution is ashram. Is like the question we used to have in our mathematics like this, that a work has started one fellow came and he did work for one day and he run away, second fellow came and he worked for three days and he fell sick, fourth day came and he came up to a point and he decide to go away, so when will the work be over? Never, if you have such runner, escapist and people who are on the run, how can you finish the work, no question, they cannot finish the work and that is what exactly it is happening with all of you is this one person will give a solution and another will give the problems and then that person comes upon that person and oh this is the thing.

Now the problem is like that, now the word problem should go away from the mouth of Sahaja yogis. That one decision should be taken. No problem, doesn’t exist. God is with us. why should there be any problem and when you go on like this your mind starts working like nothing will work out. I have seen it happening in My own life I have seen these things happening like this, people who have just started with the problems, God says, all right have some problems, you want to have, have them. You are Sahaja yogis how can there be any problems for you and that’s how all your powers are cut down, all your dimensions are cut down and you cannot do any thing about it.

So let the mind tell it to stop, what can you do? Ask yourself, what can you do? What have you achieved so far? Just stop it. Things will work out like blessings will. That’s how you stop between the two. The poor fellow who was trying to give solution is dead and one who gives problem is dead. So whom do you give the blessing, to the dead? What’s the use of giving blessing to the people who are already half dead, who cannot even breathe properly. All right.

Be in silence. In silence the blessings come in.

Alex keep your eyes open. When I am there keep your eyes open.

Just now receive it you are at a reception point, adjust it. Till now you are going to find the plug, plug it. See it works.
There is a dynamic force, which you have to take to.

That’s why it doesn’t work out, you must know. It works out because you leave to God’s energy, God’s powers to work out. Doesn’t work out because you are wasting your brain.

Relax, relax, relax. Keep your eyes open, just relax Relax, relax, relax.

Allow the Kundalini to work it out, see Her blessings. Be complete; be in complete silence about it. You talk too much and worry too much.
In My previous lives I never talked, this life I am talking, because to stop your talking.

Whole of Paris will work out.

Thande me nahi baitho, upar baitho. Udhar baith jayo uske saath, udhar nahi iske saath baitho, dhyan karo, haath rakho dono aise aur dhyan karo, aise batho, aise haath kar ke, goud daal ke baitho, goud daal ke (Mother speaks in Hindi-Don’t sit in the cold, sit up. Sit over there with him. Meditate. Put your hands like this and meditate. Sit like this, with your hands like this. Sit cross-legged.)

Another side with it, is when you are relaxed your eyes don’t go on like that. I mean you will find that sometimes for about 3-4 minutes I don’t blink My eyes. I don’t have to. Naddi’s eyes are blinking very much. Try to steady and stare in a way. I am not blinked at all.

That’s one of the sign of the Goddess that She doesn’t blink much. All right, that’s how it is.