8th Day of Navaratri and Talk After the Puja, What We Have To Do Within Ourserlves

Complexe sportif René Leduc, Meudon (France)

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Ashtami Puja, Eighth day of Navaratri, Meudon, Paris (France), 30 September 1984.

Today is the eighth day of Navaratri, but it is great day for Sahaja Yogis because it is the most important period. That is, the seventh centre we have crossed and we are on the eighth centre. We need not think of the Goddess what She did on the eighth day, we have to think today what we have to do within ourserlves.

After crossing the seventh day, after crossing the seventh chakra-that is the real ascent in your spiritual ascent. What are we to do on the eighth one?

It’s so Sahaja that today should be Ashtami, because that is the day the Goddess killed so may evil doers, and demons and Rakshasas. She did it on Her own, alone. Now these evil forces are manifesting in human beings. They have spread out. They are within us. So we all have to fight those forces within us. The war is within ourselves, is not without. First when you ascend the seventh chakra, when you are on the eighth step, you have to remember first you have to fight those forces within ourselves.

You are all very intelligent people; bit too intelligent sometimes. So whatever I say you may twist it, and may try to use it in your own intelligence. But it is not in your well-being. It is not for your ‘hita’, for your good. You want to use it because you think you are intelligent, and may be you do not know you are using it that way. And that is what one has to know that these forces are acting within us. They act through our intelligence, they act through our emotions, and they act through our physical being. So we have to be very careful.

When you ascend into Sahaja Yoga, we have to be very careful with our intelligence, because intelligence has capacity to cheat itself. And it will cheat us, nobody else. It is against us, against our own power. So we have to be alert and see for ourselves. So as soon as you enter onto the eighth step you should start seeing at yourself.

Now, for example, when I say the mantra is “I am my own Guru”, immediately the intelligence comes forward to render its services-freely. “Oh! I am my own Guru, why should I listen to anyone? Why should I listen to any leader? Why should I listen to anyone else who is elder, who understands Sahaja Yoga better? I am my own Guru!” It is the other way. Straightforward thing is: I am My own Guru. I have to correct myself. I have to use this instrument of light to correct myself.

Now the intelligence cheats again: “Mother said that if your feel vibrations, then it’s alright; and I am feeling the vibrations, I am alright”. – Again cheating. You are cheating yourself! What is the reason? The reason is very interesting. I’ve seen that ordinary human being – in the West specially – are very much against themselves. Like, I’ll give you an example: You tell somebody that if you have to go to the station, take this road and you’ll go straight to the station. But immediately he’ll say, “But the problem is that how can I go straight? My back is towards the station. If I walk straight I’ll go in the opposite direction”. Such stupid things! But they say it, all the time.

Now if you tell them that you can sell your car better if you go to Germany, for example; but they say, “There’s a problem, may be the Germans may start their war again. May be there is Hitler waiting for me, to kill me” — Any fantastic problem, that you can’t think of, can come out of this modern brain. And you are amazed how this man is against himself all the time!

The whole built-up is like that because before realization you are absolutely disintegrated. Your heart is against your brain, and your brain is against your liver. This is the reason they have three types of wives; one is a love affair, one is a physical life and one a wife. They are so disintegrated that every cell can have a wife or can have a husband. The nose will want another thing, and the hands will do something else and tongue will say something else.

When I met the western people, I had to consult many dictionaries to understand why they behave in such a funny manner. They are all the time against themselves.

So after realization this habit becomes even subtler. So now they use Sahaja Yoga to act against Sahaja Yoga itself. Sahaja is simple, is straightforward. But they don’t want to have it in that way. They must always do it in such a way that it is absolutely Asahaja.

There was a fellow in my house who was suffering from left side problems. So I told him that you have to light a lamp and then take out all your badhas every night. And we had a big drum of oil in the house. – He did not eat any food, he did not sleep. He burnt all that oil in one week’s time. He made all the blankets black, all the wall black, and burnt all the curtains! When I came back after eight days, I said what have you been doing? –And he looked like a real bhoot! He said “I was driving out the bhoots.” I said now this is the limit! So he said, “Mother you told me”, I said, “thank god you did not take beacon light to burn the whole house!”

So I have to be very careful when I talk with you. Whenever I tell you one thing, I tell you the other side immediately, because I don’t want – if I tell you this side, you go to the other side, to the other extreme. So all this kind of this crazy madness, stupidness I’ve seen.

And today when I’m going to talk to you about discipline, I must tell you “Discipline has to be Sahaja”. Now what does that mean? – That is first of all “face yourself”. What I find, the western mind, because of its ego cannot discipline itself. If you tell them you have to discipline they think I’m creating a military out of you. In a way it ‘is’ a fight. It is a fight with yourself. But how will you fight if you have no discipline?

Now if I say, you have to get up in the morning, take your bath, and sit down for meditation; in a Sahaja way you have to tell yourself plainly, “Come along, now you have to get up in the morning”. In a Sahaja way; the way you turn your wheels in your car.

So what you do, is to, I think, the whole night you don’t sleep. May be this could be one extreme, is not to sleep. And get up at 2 O’clock, disturb the whole house-hold, fill your tub, and fill the whole house with water! And sit down in the water, and you get cold and sick. It is absurd! Why? – Because you want to show-off. Or may be you want to hurt yourself. Both things are wrong. Whatever has to be done has to be done in the most pleasurable way. Either you will not wash the dirt, or you will wash it such that all the cloth will be torn.

But today as I see the people—of France, specially, the French Sahaja Yogis, –I think the discipline is lacking. I’m quite surprised at it. The first thing it hits at is that you cannot manage within a limited amount,–I mean money-wise. It hits you at the money point. Like in the room there’s light, nobody will see that it is put off; there’s also a switch to be put off;–is a practical thing. I mean one must know. And the bill is going up for nothing at all. Is an irresponsibility, complete irresponsibility. That it is the money that will be spent, is just a waste; and for us it is important that we live within sensible means.

First I’ll be dealing with gross discipline. Now what happens, when somebody says why the light is on, immediately they become very abstract, they say “I’m the light”. Then you should not have lights at all, there’s no need to have light! Save all the electricity, all the light. You are the Sun, so you need not have any heating!

That is the way things are funny. One must understand that on the gross points we have to disciplined first….We are living in ‘France, not on Himalayas. So when you live in France, we have to correct ourselves living in France.

Now the second gross point is that there are many who are not working at all. Is a hippy style life. Or they work for two days or three days, and the rest of the time what do they do? They say we meditate. Means what?—they sleep and snore, that’s what. You don’t need 24 hours to meditate. You ‘must’ have jobs, all of you. Regular jobs. So many ladies I’m told don’t take jobs once they marry. They say “let the husband do job”. It’s very wrong. If you have the child, it’s alright, for the time being. You all must work every day. There is no day for when we can rest, really.

God created this world in six days and seventh day He rested. But the eighth day what did He do? –He started giving realization; relentlessly. Working hard. Could you believe at this age of mine, within last 2 months how much I have traveled? Every night sleeping at about 2 O’clock, getting up at 5 O’clock: I went to America, came back from there, then throughout England, the whole month I was traveling—from north to south, east to west. Next month out to Switzerland, to Zermatt. Then to Austria, Munich. Then back to London. Had a Puja there. Again back to France. Again back to London. I’ve to change my house, pack up all the things, go back to India, go to Hong Kong, go to China, come back. Then look after your Ashrams in India. Six days. Again come back. And then to America…

That’s the thing your Mother is doing at this age. Last night we slept at 3.30. But then they told us it’s one hour earlier. So we said alright one hour earlier. So we slept at 2.30! But you have to make your body like that, so that it can stand all kinds of discomforts.

You know in Sahaja Yoga unemployment is not allowed; to take this money from the Government is not allowed. You’ll be surprised; in England we have maximum unemployment in the whole world, but there is no Sahaja Yogi is unemployed. Now you must all earn sufficiently to pay for your stay. Nobody should be parasite.

Now the young people who are no educated, who have no other job than that of a labour class—or we call it as the garbage cleaners—must take some sort of specialization, to some kind of a mastery, otherwise people think that Sahaja Yoga is a group of beggars. Beggars and unemployed and miserable people.

But you see, when you become your own Guru, you think that all the Gurus don’t work; their disciples have to do all the work. The Guru sits down in one place, you see, and the disciples look after. —But not your Guru! Your Guru has to work very hard. So you have to be in the same pattern as your Guru is.

And to hear that “nobody listens, you tell them anything they don’t do any work, they are lazy-lumps”—is very sad. Some people sometimes say that these are the set of lotus-eaters or some sort of a set of beggars or lepers who are suffering from horrible diseases.  Then I feel extremely insulted, you know. You are my children. How people are going to have respect for you, or for me, if you have no discipline?

For French I should say, they should take to “Mauna” means silence. Once they open out their lips, they just go on like a bird, I’ve seen: all the time chuck chuck chuck…You should exchange with English, who never talk, they need a bump on the head to talk. You ask them ten questions, and they would not say anything, they’ll just stare. These two extremes I can’t understand.

Now it’s better to keep quiet, or it is difficult for us to say something pleasant to others. So the first mantra should be, “mother teach us some nice things to say to others”. “what should I say nice tomorrow, or today—let’s say, today—when I get up. What should I say? What would give peace to others?”—But not so. Never. The mind thinks, now, in the morning I’m going to start with a big spoon, hitting everyone, “Get up, get up, get up”.

The discipline has to come from ‘within’ yourself. Nobody has to tell you. And when somebody tells, you feel hurt. So I don’t know how to tell all this that it goes in the heart and doesn’t remain somewhere in the air. The discipline of within is like fragrance of flower. It gives you complete freedom, and it gives complete freedom to others.

See, I would say, I have certain bad habits or good habits. Supposing I have a key, which is very gross thing: key. At any cost I will not put it here and there. I’ll put it at the right place. So, if the key is missing I’m sure it is lost by somebody else and not by me. I’m sure about it, because I know myself very well, I know myself very well, I cannot put it anywhere else. Are you sure about yourself? Because you are not disciplined, you are not sure.

Like I asked somebody “How are you”? …………………..Confused. Now, what is that? Are you realized or not? ………………They’ve been very kind, you see, to me, they think.

Now the time is so short and you are going like this. What should I feel? So today is the day when your Mother took out the sword to kill all the enemies, and you have to kill the greatest enemy within yourself—is irresponsibility.

Funny ideas people use to justify their stupidity and their indiscipline. I know of a Sahaja Yogi who would never take a bath, –for a year at least. And he was reported to me. And when I asked him, why don’t you take bath, he said, “I’m detached”. So I said you go and live in Himalayas with this detachment, you see others are feeling attached. Other are feeling impossible to live with you.

You have to be kind to others. You have to neat and clean, is a very simple thing that I have to tell you now. All these are the signs of inner cleanliness.

So we come to the subtler side. And the subtler side of Sahaja Yoga is extremely simple. Is Compassion. Is Forgiveness. Is Love. But the greatest of all is the Service to God. We are doing the work of God. How can we be tired? The dynamic is flowing through us, that Compassion is so fulfilling, that love is so beautifying that how can we not do it?

We should run to do it. But have to know that this love has a “tremendous” urge within itself.

For example, if you love someone, if you have a child, how worried you are about that child, how much you work for that child. If the compassion is manifested, you will see the whole world is created out of that. God has created this universe, this world and you people out of this Compassion only, just His compassion.

Somebody asked me one day, “why did you take this headache upon yourself?” This headache is so nice, is such a beautiful burden, because there are so many possibilities. So one has to be optimistic.

But you will realize when you are optimistic, you give lectures to others but not to yourself that, “ ‘I’ have to optimistic of improving myself. Optimistic in my own love. It’s so rewarding, it’s so joy giving”. Such people come up very fast, their Kundalini rises very fast. They become beautiful people. They do constructive work in Sahaja Yoga. They do not create rifts and groups. They don’t use Sahaja Yoga for fulfilling their ego………….

So today on this day of Ashtami, which is a very powerful day, you assume that power within yourself that I can fight all these horrible diseases within myself. And for others I will have Compassion and Love— I will have not other. This is the point we miss always. They think “Mother is giving lectures to others not to me.”-

And that Compassion will bring forth the beauty of Sahaja Yoga.

There are certain divine laws. And you cannot cross them. If you cross them, I cannot help you at all. Now if you say, “Now I put chillies in my eyes, they should not burn”, I can’t help you. Whatever are divine laws you must follow them.

Like in France if you drive on the right side, you’ll jump in the river …. You drive right? I see. So here if you drive left, I will be in trouble, I must say! Because I don’t understand human laws so well! Like in England different law, in France another law, in America another law. Funny people.

But in God’s realm, everywhere the same law. Whether you are in France, or England, or India, same law. Whether on this earth or on the moon, or on the Jupiter, same laws. Whether in human beings, animals or nature, same law. But you know the law. You are the driver, so you have to be careful. If the driver does not know driving laws, God save passengers.

So one must know that these are the laws of the divine, that we have to live with self-respect, that we have to be chaste, that we have to have dignity, that we cannot steal money and steal things and be parasites. That we cannot kill others and we cannot beat others and say harsh things, they are just the same. And that we have respect, the respect for all that is sublime. Respect for all the saints that are Sahaja Yogis. And the respect for the leaders who represent you Mother. With all this, we are very different people. We are different race. We are virtuous, we are righteous and we are proud to be that way. We are sure of everything. We know about every thing. And we are personification of Compassion, of Love of God. That’s what we are. We are not ordinary people.

I asked a child, “Who is our friend?” She said, “Only one”. I said, “Why?” “Because she is a Sahaja Yogini, the rest are all ordinary people”. What about the teacher?  “Very ordinary”. And what about your Headmistress? “She is absolutely ordinary!” Then I showed her the photograph of the Prime Minister. She looked at it and she was quite surprised. She said, “this is even more ordinary than my head mistress”. She said with great disgust, “Mother why do you keep such photographs with you?” That’s what we are. The children understand more than us, isn’t it? Because our brain is against us sometime; over developed brain. So yesterday I saw many people having Ekadasha, I was surprised. So I told them just say, “Mother You be in my head”. Because I have no intelligence. I’m too simple. You should all become simple like me. Absolutely simple person. That’s very effective!

Now I think I have covered most of the points. But if you have any question, you can ask them today.

Q.; “Shri Mother, we feel the same chakras, more on legs than on the fingers.”

Shri Mataji: The integration is not there, that’s why. You have to attend collectively. You have to be more collective. The thing is that if you are not a collective person then sometimes you’ll not feel them on the legs, sometimes on the hand, sometimes in the head. That’s not a good thing. You should try to be more collective, you should meet more people, take more interest. You see, the body of your’s would not work out efficiently unless and until you use it.

Because individually if you work out, it will not develop collectively, because where are you using it? You are correcting your self to give it to others. And if you don’t give it, if you do not work it out in a collective way, there is no circulation.

For example, there’s a fruit, and you take it out of a tree, and you mature it outside. But it will decay very soon. But if it is connected with the tree, it will mature by itself giving a proper identity to itself and to the tree. And taste would be better. And those who would come under that tree will receive the fruits of that tree. But a fruit, which is separated, will be lost after sometime. That is how one has to very collective.

Q. How to develop our discrimination, Mother?

Shri Mataji: Discrimination comes through Hamsa Chakra. And Hamsa chakra is very simple thing, is to put some ghee in the nose, –is the physical thing. On the emotional side, one should not cry too much. Or women specially have too much crying business. I also sometimes feel like crying, but seldom. So sometimes men must cry also.

Now spiritually, to develop discrimination is by vibratory awareness. When your vibrations are developed, then you automatically discriminate. You are such a big computer. It has to work in its full way, and then you’ll be amazed what a computer you are.

I’ll give you an example of Warren now. Pat’s husband Prole, was measuring my house for certain purpose, while Warren was sleeping. Poor David was working, Warren was sleeping. And in his dream, he dreamt that he had finished with the last measurement. And in his half-sleep he got up and he told him that this house measures………how much?…..Three thousand nine hundred and sixteen square feet…And ‘exactly’ that’s what David Prole had written! Poor David had worked so hard measuring everything! He actually fell from his chair!

Like today I told Guido that I think I spent three hundred and eighty pounds. And he said, no it was three hundred. I never calculated, nothing. I just said it. And by calculation, it was 379, according to him,–but I gave him one pound more! So it was 380. It’s a fact! And that’s how you become a computer. All mathematics comes through your brain. It’s so dynamic.

But first of all you have to have concentration of your devotion. Such a person achieves that.

There are so many blessing waiting for you, to be manifested. Just you have to concentrate your efforts in devotion and dedication.

May God Bless You.

Already the vibrations are so much,  I don’t know after puja what will happen to me. Already the flowers have started growing in size. You know, they are becoming big!

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi