11th Day of Navaratri: Put me in your Heart

Chelsham Road Ashram, London (England)

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“Put me in your heart,” Farewell Talk. Chelsham Rd, London (UK), 5 October 1984

Shri Mataji: Please sit down. All right.

Sahaja Yogi: Because today we are saying farewell to our Mother for some time and also to our respected brother from Australia, Dr Waren, who has worked tirelessly while he is being here. On our Mother’s behalf and our behalf, and done tremendous work behind the scenes to help things work out in this country. And we want make this a special occasion of just letting him know that we love him very dearly and he is, whatever he may say to us, it does our heart good. Thank you.

Dr Warren: Shri Mataji, this really is a surprise to me.
Sahaja Yogini: Your coat is on fire.
Dr Warren: My coat is on fire?
Shri Mataji: You move it further, now it’s all right. You move it further, a little bit here, it’s better.
Dr Warren: A bit further?
Shri Mataji: That’s all.
Dr Warren: It was quite a dramatic start.

[Warren speaks about 16 mn]
I think the most important thing I can say that how much I am enjoying being here. It’s very, very important that we all come to the heart, we all have to circulate and I feel a tremendous joy whenever I know that I come up here. Because I don’t feel it in a way that I am doing anything. When you are in presence of Shri Mataji, as many of you feel, it’s such an expression of dedication. But dedication that takes you beyond mental apprehension of what dedication is about, because it just works. Dedication is something which Mother spoke about I think at guru Puja two years ago. And one thing that is very outstanding is that it acts. It acts in a most remarkable way. But I will come back to that in a moment. Because I want to talk at two level or perhaps at both ends of the spectrum: the good and the bad. Because when I come here, perhaps from outside having seen and having being blessed by Mother and with the opportunity to see so many of my brothers and sisters around the world, it’s possible to make little bit of comparison which may be useful. And please understand that it is useful only in a sense that if it come from my heart it’s because I want to enjoy the collectivity more, I want to enjoy the dedication to Mother more, I want to enjoy Sahaja Yoga more.

So, if I say anything that is little sharp or critical, number 1, I am absolutely part of whole and not wanting to feel in any way apart, and yet sometimes my heart ache that things are not moving ahead as quickly in this beautiful country. So, in very, very positive side, one thing I told to Shri Mataji when I came to England this time was that the Agnya chakra seem to be so much clear, seem to be so much more light the whole head: you wake in morning you feel so much vibration. You go to meditation looking forward for more meditation. And I why wonder why that was. Of course it is principally because Shri Mataji is here. She is here for goodness sake how many years and this working it out and working it out.

But I suppose if I may, Shri Mataji gives some credit to application and hard work of the Sahaja Yogis of England because they are getting up in the morning and they are meditating early in morning and they are clearing it out there chakras in way, which is starting to manifest. Everyone is feeling that lightness in the head a lot more they never thought before. And that’s great! that’s tremendous! that’s means that ego in some way is coming down, that’s mean the Kundalini can rise with far more force and we can be more securely connected to our divine mother. And this is such a blessing and such a important point that we all have to enjoy that tremendous feeling or progress that we have established.

But at another level that we all know there are problems and I think the problems seems to be stand from almost the opposite of what I am saying. One is almost the converse of the other. If Kundalini doesn’t rise strongly past the Agnya and reach Sahasrara and that dedication to our mother doesn’t come with tremendous absolutely fulfilling force. Then Kundalini just stops there. And our entrance towards kingdom of God is weak. We become feeble people. We become as Christ said ‘yeah of little faith’ and we don’t get the blessings of Sahasrara fully. Its little bit like a wobbly connection, a weak connection, on-off on-off, and so Kundalini hovers somewhere at that level. We have to improve this tremendously.

So, all of this must know very thing I am sure we can mentally understand. But we have to know it in our heart that connection with our divine mother has to be absolutely strong. It can’t be wishy-washy thing. It can’t be something govern by very grace of our ego and super ego. It can’t be apprehended mentally. This reflection of almighty God is the Atma (Spirit), has to become reality of total dedication to our mother and so by being totally part of mother; we slowly and surely ascend into the kingdom of God and that oneness with the Lord. This I have experienced. If I made any progress in Sahaja Yoga it is because of one single thing – it is total dedication to Shri Mataji, not another thing, I have done that I could say any different to any other Sahaja Yogi, but in dedication to mother, I believe I have tried really hard; and I believe it had helped me in my spiritual ascent.

And I have to thank Mother for giving me this chance. The biggest single problem is here is that our dedication is wobbly, our faith is wobbly. You should see the subtlety of divine working. Shri Mataji has taken birth, Adi Shakti has taken birth, holy Spirit has taken birth, that we can mentally apprehend but do we know what it means; do we know God in his bounties goodness has blessed each and every one of the seekers with her physical presence on this earth. So that divine can have mouthpiece, so that all of the children can see the love of mother manifest, so that all of her children can see the compassion and feel it in their heart. And yet, she often says she is a bubble.

There is something which we can’t quite know about know about Shri Mataji. We can’t feel them, we don’t know who she is! Do we know that she is manifestation of Almighty God on this earth in his total form as the power of God, as the desire of God. You remember the announcement of her incarnation-“I have come to this earth as desire of God, as Adi Shakti, as the one who has come to fulfil the seeking of all the great seekers of the past.” I wonder how many of us really know with such dedication in our heart that is a reality, not apprehended here, but felt in the heart, known in the heart. And of course when heart opens you enjoy the fulfilment of Sahasrara.

But what we do; we wobble between Agnya. We don’t have faith. Look at the miracles. I mean my little miracle in the past has nothing that I ran a motor car for three weeks without a petrol and at the end of three weeks, the tank was full. That’s nothing! Have you seen other miracle that Shri Mataji has performed? She cannot perform any miracle, if you are obstructing the miracle by putting your ego or your superego, by putting your Chakra, but putting your lack of faith, she cannot work any miracle out in anyone of us. Let us know collectively. It is up to us and that is dedication is! It is more than surrender. Surrender has certain level of mental understanding. I surrender, but what does it mean? The dedication is a heartfelt thing. It is inside. It touches the Sahasrara and it opens it out and you began to feel that tremendous force, that tremendous light.

So, let us not fit into the category that Christ spoke about. Not he told about murmuring soul. He also talked about they have little faith. At England, we have been tested on this point. What is the centre. It is centre of the Adi Shakti. It’s the centre of the desire of God, it’s the centre of our divine mother, it’s the centre of manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Do you know in Italy they call her ‘Grande Madre’ which means the great mother. They have perceived it. The newspaper man, we didn’t tell him. This is what she is! Oh my God! a priest, a Franciscan priest is standing up in front of eleven hundred people declaring that she is that and thanking her in name of church for that. What we doing, we are wobbling, we are talking about blacklist with this with that, all those non sense. I mean the England is the heart. That I seem to feel more heart in Italy. So we have to know with absolute certainty who she is. We have to achieve that divinity, which we all know we can achieve.

Now, yes the Agnya Chakra is clearing. But No, we are not reaching Sahasrara, we are not yet established at Sahasrara. Let’s face it! We are one foot inside the kingdom of God. Many others, let’s be right inside there. And other thing that has to achieved is, Mataji has to be achieved through collectivity. There is none way traffic between myself and Shri Mataji. That is there anyway. that’s automatic; That’s fundamental common denominator to each one of us. That only way we can achieve fully our own divinity is by approaching her divinity through the collective. If we think we have special relationship with Shri Mataji, we are finished. If we think that we have some preferential advantage over other Sahaja Yogis with mother, we finished. If we think we can take mother’s time more than any other, we are finished. The only way that Shri Mataji in this form can be fully approached is through the collective being, is through Sahaja Yoga, is through the inner state of Nirvikalpa, not thoughtless awareness but doubtless awareness; and we all have to approach her in that way.

Now if Shri Mataji gives you a little hint, we shouldn’t question her, we shouldn’t say but this but that or problem is such and such and so and so, which we all do, I do it and we all do it. She is this incarnation of the desire of God and thus such a hint to the way human beings who are just babies in kingdom of God, should adhere with absolute strictness and with complete clarity and dedication. If you follow the hints she gives, everything should work out. If you oppose it, if you say but or if you say problem is, nothing will work out, and I am afraid, this country has greatest tendency to say the problem is, but what if, how; all these questions to our ascent. We take everything Shri Mataji says as hint to our growth and spiritual ascent, we will just grow and grow and grow.

Look at the people of India, particularly the people of Maharashtra. I wouldn’t say Delhi. Delhi people are very much like us, they are very caught up, still attached to you know-Mataji can I set up meeting, can i do this, can I do that. But people of Maharashtra, they know her, they know her nature, she is Adi Shakti. Oh my God! She is Adi Shakti, she is the one. How can I do puja to her, how can I please her. Instead mother is here, what can I do to please her. Instead, mother is here, what can I do to please them. It’s not like that, it is what can we do to please her. The first people in Maharashtra need not to be told this. So each one of us, should be one hand, really feel essence of achievement that we have certainly making at stronger and stronger this Agnya chakra, the centre of Lord Jesus Christ and his mother. But we are not yet strong in the kingdom of God.

I can say other cities and countries in Europe have past England in that dedication. That foothold in kingdom of God is strong. India of course is unquestioned but miracle is not far behind in these European cities. Let us flow into Shri Mataji saying “We want to take the responsibility for the collective being. We want to assume our responsibility and jolly that we are going to do it”. Do we know there are 40 Americans going to India? These are important points. You know that when I say these things to you, if I am really critical, Please forgive me Mother, forgive me everyone, but I am trying to do it here. I feel so much pound of this. I come from I suppose land of Shri Ganesha. I have tremendous devotion to mother. I have tremendous dedication to her, but I still don’t know her. I hardly can approach her. But I want to approach her. I want to enter kingdom of God fully, so to stay in place of Sahasrara strongly. Please all of you as tremendous act of dedication, let’s make the next year, when she comes back, strengthening our self, strengthening our faith; Making our self-total; putting down our ego; being rid of conditioning, getting rid of all projections and our mental activity and just enjoying mother’s love.

Jai Shri Mataji.

Sahaja Yogis: Jai Shri Mataji!


[Shri Mataji’s talks starts at 21:46]

Shri Mataji: Warren’s words have really moved my heart, and if England is my heart, England should also feel moved: that’s the spirit of Shri Ganesha. 

And I must say that I have seen so many things in Warren, which are very heartening. Whenever I have felt desperate about things, you see, seeing him I felt I must do something more, because he really loves me very much, I have seen that, with complete selfless dedication. But ‘dedication’ is a word which doesn’t have that beauty of love. I mean if I’m sitting down he’ll immediately worry if I have got the tea, or if I need some heating, or little things here and there, and I watch — I’m surprised. Like any other Sahaja Yogi he’ll be jumping up here and there and finding out things to adjust. And even if I really once say that, “Maybe,” he just doesn’t do it, just doesn’t do it. He said, “That’s it, settled!” I have never seen him asking me to give him time to meet him, never. Not even once he said, “Mother I must come and see you!” nothing, never! 

I have not known how much money he spent all throughout his trip. I don’t know, really. And I was wanting somebody to say that, “Mother we must pay for his travel!” because he’s really spent all his money. And I was happy that David brought this point to me, I was very happy.

One thing I feel [is] that you cannot ask for love, that’s something you cannot do. It’s a very difficult thing to ask somebody to love, but that, I think, is the point one should see. When you think of Shri Ganesh, you just have to know that He loves the Mother so much that even a slightest hint, He knows what I want, He knows. He knows me too well. He’s not at all so compassionate as myself, because He cannot forgive those who try to insult me, He cannot. Those who try to cheat me, those who try to be arrogant or egoistical. He doesn’t, he doesn’t believe in that, He cannot. He wants to punish. He’s ready to punish, very anxious to punish such people. But if I say, “No. Spare him,” He listens to me. 

That’s His quality: He cannot bear anything against me, cannot bear! And left to Him, I think I don’t know how many Sahaj Yogis would have been there. Even to say, “No Mother!” itself, He cuts you out on that point. But I don’t want that it should happen, because He doesn’t know that you are still needing help, and attention, and tremendous compassion.

But you can only know your Mother through shraddha, through faith. And what he says is true. And why this faith? I mean you see miracles every day, not only today: such games, such play, such things going on; how I have been able to express myself slowly. I don’t want to give you any shocks. So in a very beautiful manner I have tried to bring forth the play of the Divine. But I feel that, even now, people get into arguments: if I say, “No, this won’t work out. That’s not good,” I have to spend at least four, five hours going round and round and bringing the point to the heads of people that, “No, that’s not good, that won’t help you.” But once I asked him, “How is it you are so obedient?” I mean, whatever I say he, just he gets a hint, he’ll agree. He said, “Mother I once learned a lesson: that’s my own marriage. And you didn’t say no, but you did say to me that, ‘If it makes you happy.’ you didn’t say, ‘It will make you joyous,’ and I have learned a lesson from that.”

But we don’t learn our lessons is [what] the point is. We don’t learn our lessons. We argue: that comes from ego. If we have superego we, we make others mad! Like somebody came from America and he was just mad that he must come and see me. And I’m so busy, I have no time, you know that. I have to correct this book, I have to correct that book. Now we have to do this Advent, and that is to be done. I have to look after my household, and this and that. I am so busy. But the person really made them mad, that he must see me! Now if you come from America, that doesn’t mean that you must see me, because you never took time with me. I am busy here now. When I went to America, it’s all right, which is true. 

And we do not realise that what we are doing [is] that we don’t love Mother, we don’t love Her. We think of our needs, our impressions, our talking, it’s a fact. Like somebody I asked, “All right you speak, you are a good speaker.” All right, the person starts speaking, and he becomes egoistical. How can you be? If you just start giving a good speech, you become egoistical. Somebody made good photographs, so I said, “These are good photographs.” He becomes egoistical! You cannot praise anyone in this country — it’s the worst thing [for them]. He says, “Agnya is clear.” I don’t know what sort of an Agnya is clear here! you cannot praise. I mean I try to be nice. I say, “Oh your photographs are very nice.” Immediately the person becomes egoistical. You give some work to someone, “All right you do this work, postering.” Somebody is doing that: his ego goes up! What is this? Like a balloon? 

There’s no depth. There’s no gravity. Now why? This is the question. He asked me many a times, “Why it happens Mother?”

The reason is — I told them the other day, I think they have a tape on this; you can go through that — but a simple thing is that, that we have lived a superficial life here. We are superficial people. Because the society is such, this machine has made us like this, and we have read books. We have pampered egos. Our forefathers went and fought in other countries thinking no end of themselves. Then we had this war. With the war we became also nonsensical, either aggressive, or we have become with superego. We have bhoots. We have conditionings. All these things are there. We are not our genuine Self, it’s the point.

So, I think the being that is going to be enlightened by your Spirit is covered with ego, and on top of that, is a sheen of that superficial being that you have. So, “Mother says”. All right. “Mother did this” All right: nothing goes inside I feel. There’s no love.
If you are in love with someone, even if the person is in that vicinity anywhere…you know Mother is in London, just think, “Mother is in London.” Just think! If you love Me, just think. What a happy thought it is: “She’s in England!” It’s a happy thought. Think on those lines.

But it does not work out because that genuine thing, the genuine thing that is inside, is covered with ego or superego, your bhoots are in between. So, what happens [is] that you live with that superficial nonsense. Nothing goes inside. It’s all that level. You ask anyone, they’ll say, “I’m all right. I’m like this, I’m like that.” [not very well]
Why? Nothing goes inside, why? Because, the genuine Self is lost. What is going to enlighten you? It’s not your artificial thing. You know artificial fibre, if you have artificial fibre, it doesn’t penetrate anything. It can penetrate into everything, but nothing can penetrate into it. Like that, that artificial thing on us, and we live with it, all the time.

Now why he said about Maharashtra? Because Maharashtrians are not exposed to artificiality, they don’t know what is artificiality. People think they are stupid, they are foolish, they are no good for business, they are not good for this, they are not good for that. But the main thing is that their genuine being is not covered with any nonsenses: “I am something!”

I have never seen Warren feeling that way, and that’s something surprising. I have never seen him feeling that he’s important, that he should be near me, he should be in my company — never! Never even I have heard him anywhere around. I have to call for him. Unless and until I call him, he’ll never come before me. He wants to see if I need him, otherwise he’s not bothered. He just feels that I’m around, “Mother is somewhere.” Unless and until [I call him]. But if I tell him, “Warren I want…” wherever he may be, he’ll just rush and come. It’s a very good example for you. I am happy there are some examples of this kind. There are many others; I am not saying it’s only Warren.

And then, if you take up any responsibility in Sahaj Yoga, then you start thinking you are great, you are a great Sahaj Yogi: you have done this, you have put the postering, you have done this. This shows the calibre, shows the calibre. People from absolutely dead conditions have risen so high, and while people from quite normal conditions are nowhere there, just they are just there, why? The Calibre. Now everybody has that calibre. What I am trying to say: every one of us have the calibre. But it is not evident in everyone because the amount of covering they have. Everybody has capacity to love, everyone has capacity. But if you have covered yourself completely with artificiality you cannot love.

Now if you ask me, “Mother, how to love?” what am I to tell you? I love you, no doubt. I love all of you. I love you very much. I am bothered about you. But what I find then, when I am bothered about somebody, that person starts taking advantage. I don’t mind [if you] take advantage, but by taking advantage that person goes down completely. If I am bothered about something, then [that] one immediately starts thinking they are very important, that, “Mother is so much bothered about me!”

Now try to understand that this is a country which is my heart, is my heart itself. And Sahasrara is nothing else but it’s heart. Have you noticed how it is nicely managed already that, if Kundalini has to break, it has to break through the heart chakra? If your heart is not all right, it cannot break, your Kundalini at Sahasrara. Have you seen that? That the Brahmarandhra, the last opening, is on the heart chakra.

I know everyone very well. There are people who are mediums with us. I know that. But they don’t know they’ll go to Hell. It’s a very dangerous time you are in — be careful! And that makes me feel even worse when I think that they don’t know on what horrible times your feet are dangling. So don’t play games! 

I know English language has its own styles and things, English mannerism has its own ways, methods. Forget that you are English!| That’s the best way. 

English think that, “We are different people. We are of the heart you see — great people!” In Italy I told one journalist lady who had come, very good lady. She said, “Mother one thing I didn’t like the sentence you said that, ‘England is the heart.’ Agh, how can it be? Horrible?” She couldn’t believe it. She said, “Only because you said I tolerate it, but anybody else saying it I would not tolerate!” So how far we have gone down as English, you must see the reputation of English abroad. And advancement we have made is to reach the status of punk rocks! 

So when there is such a situation in a country, how serious we have to be about it. Because this country is going to save the world or is going to mar the world, because it is at the Sahasrara. Where Mother is to be accepted. Whether Mother is to be settled and worshipped and adored. But do we have that seriousness of understanding that we are born at a time when the responsibility is much more on us? We don’t realise that we are born in the heart, means our responsibility is much, much more than other people have. On the contrary, “We are born on the heart, so we are great people!” — finished!

There are certain things which you follow, simple things, is going to help you. The other day I met somebody who had a nonsensical thing like a Hamsa [catch]. I said, “Hamsa, how can you have? Are you putting oil everyday? Are you putting ghee everyday?” He said, “No!” I said, “Why? Is a simple thing like that, why don’t you do everyday?” “Mother is here. She’ll look after us.” The responsibility is not felt because there’s no seriousness about it! you don’t know! The job is great, you can do it, you have the calibre. face yourself up, every one of you. It’s not facing others. face yourself up!

And I find, really I must say Italians, really I must say what Warren says, is true, it’s true. We have Antonio with us in the house, I see: He’s very different from all other English people. He’s very different. He’s so balanced, he’s so much there. 

Then, then there are some people, funny people, I have seen, they have been with us, so far, so: They will go and do this course, they will go to this, that. It’s nonsense going on all the time! And one person like that can spoil all of them. We have so many stupid people on the periphery in Sahaj Yoga in England. We do not have so many numbers anywhere else on the periphery. We have tremendous people, as well as some people who are really horrid. I was trying to make a black list everywhere, and we had the maximum number in England! Maximum number in England.

Now when I am going and leaving you here, you see my heart wrenches really sometimes, because I know you are not yet matured enough. But why not mature? Because there’s no seriousness about it. Then they will come, “We need a leader, somebody.” Why? Why do you want somebody to hit you on your head all the time, to tell you things like that? With your own dignity, why not come up?

Now I am going, you all have to work it out. So when you go to India, even Indians say that English are the worst. There’s the certificate. And you have to be the best people, better than even Australians! They’re so simple. Because now we are at Sahasrara, working at Sahasrara. Do you see? Why I have to say all these things? Because you are born, you are born in this country. You are the people. But whatever I say is, “Mother speaks very well. Let’s have a tape. All right, very nice to hear! It’s a great entertainment you know, Mother is talking! She talks very well.” [But] it doesn’t go inside, anything! It doesn’t go. It’s like a plastic on top, complete plastic cover.

So, one has to learn certain things, a few things, like Vishuddhi Chakra: now English don’t talk, but they move their heads too much. If they say yes, they’ll go on saying yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. All the time their necks are moving. I mean they have long necks, and they must go on moving their necks all the time. There’s no need. Why to bend your neck so much? Even if they say something, “Yes, yes, yes, yes.” Like they’ll say, “Today’s programme went very well.” “Yes, yes, yes!” Themselves certifying it. But they don’t see, because they don’t want to see it, that’s Vishuddhi Chakra. You don’t talk, because when you talk, horrible things come out, so you’re so afraid of talking that you just don’t talk. But talk to yourself on the mirror, talk to yourself. See how you can respect, how you can be kind, how you could be nice. But no, the practice is more of sarcasm, more of saying harsh things, horrible things, and that’s it. It should have, I know is a flair, it should have a beautiful thing. It should not be serious sermon, no. But say something sweet and nice.

It’s so evident when I say something sweet. Like the other day, we were in France, and I asked Guido, “You’d better speak in Italian and somebody should translate you.” On the way I was just thinking, “Who will translate Guido, because somebody who knows French and Italian well, who will do that?” And when I entered the hall I saw Ruth you see, standing there with her. I had not seen her. I didn’t know she was there. She had come all the way. And all the way she’s run from there, and now she’s holding in her hand this mic, and she is holding fort. You know, my heart became so large, and I really felt like embracing her. And the eyes you see, spoke what I felt. The way she came round you see, she was there. I was worried who will translate and there she was.

you see I also get help like this, when people love me I know I get help. But if they don’t love me there are obstructions, problems, this, that. You get so fed up you don’t want to see them, sometimes it happens. But if there is love, you know the whole communication works through love, this subtle love. The whole ether has got this subtler love, every matter has got this subtler love, everything has. And the whole thing goes into waves and you just get the message.

But if you are not on that reception point or if you are not there nothing works: neither you nor me. It’s a mutual thing. I help you, but you help me too. What’s me is you.

But you are not at that level because you are on superficiality. And because of this superficiality, also, you are not collective. But the sense of collectivity is very, very tricky also, one must understand. Some people start forming groups and they think they have been collective. Forming a group is a sign of most uncollective behaviour. But they think, “We have been very collective, we have been very nice, you see!” Very happy people!

So what I have to tell you is that you [should] understand your responsibility. 

you are in the head office, in the head office. And the people who are not in the head office are doing much, much better than you. Then the whole office has to collapse

Suddenly I hear a news that somebody is fighting with someone. Again he is gone back to his normal self. Only in England. He gets re-possessed. Again he is left out, again he is re-possessed. Again he is clearer, again he is re-possessed. Because the is no seriousness about it. The faith that is serious gives you awe.

It gives you a feeling of joy, but there is awe. You love that awe, enjoy that awe. Mother is around. What are we doing? Where are we? And that’s the first sign, that’s the first sign, that you are realising who is your Mother — first sign is. It is very easy just to jump into it, just like your Kundalini awakening, I can tell you. 

And Americans you know are speedy people. I knew if they start, they have to just start that’s the point. I know that. Americans have to just start, and they’ll shoot off, and they shoot off very fast. They have speed. If they take the speed you must know then, what they are capable of.

There’s another one that’s coming up very well, which I must tell you, is Munich. I didn’t want to go there. There was a Polish, stupid, woman, she told me all wrong about Munich people. So I thought, “If this is the sample, I’d better not go.” Then I felt the vibrations: and tremendous vibrations! And the seriousness with which they were hearing me, the intensity, as if there was a mathematical class or some sort of a science class I was talking about, with complete attention, not even blinking. Absolute absorption of every word I was saying. I was amazed at these people. And once the Germans get to Sahaj Yoga, God save you all! I can assure you, you cannot come up to their levels, because they have built up themselves like that. They are built up people. They are people of discipline. And when they will come to Sahaj Yoga you will see what will happen.

So all this lovey-dovey business, and this kind of a what you call this, I don’t know in English word what you call. 

Sahaj Yogi: Wishy-washy.

Shri Mataji: Wishy-washy is different. What I am saying is a person who is neither here nor there: all the time bending like this. Lecha-pecha as we call in Hindi language. And also telling me, “I am like this!” All this nonsense! How many will be left out? I don’t know. 

So, if I say anything, just know that I know what it is. I know what is going to happen. But you won’t learn your lessons, I know. If I told somebody, “Don’t. Go back!” or, “Stay back!” that person learns ultimately that, “This was the thing, correct. Mother said it.” But how many times? Is the point now.

So now, I am going away. I want to tell you that we all have to be serious people. Whatever mistakes you have committed, forget it. Be serious people! Those who are egoistical, trying to form groups, are mediums, they talk like stupid people, trying to organise programmes in a stupid way, giving big lectures, should come down to normal now! Nothing doing! Be serious! We have to be alert. Those who will sleep now will lose completely. I must warn you. It’s important. Time is short. You are important people, no doubt about it. But if you are no good, you will be losing your position completely.

The day when I am thinking of going to India- for a Mother, she’s more worried about people who are still not there. She is always worried. Like a boat is going, has got many people in the boat quite settled down, even from England. But there are many still halfway in the water, you see, coming up, going down. You are not worried about the people who are on the boat, but you are worried about the people who are still halfway. And that worry is on my head.

I am serious. The climate is serious. The weather is serious. How it rained and rained and rained today!
The whole nature is bothered.

Don’t think that only if you are educated, uneducated, you come from this sort of a life or that- that’s nothing important, Spirit is above all these things. But to make the Spirit shine, you see, to work on your nerves, that sheen [of superficiality] has to go away, otherwise it will never work. Whatever you do, it should please Me, it’s one of the ways. It should please me. That’s one of the signs. So how do we do it? Put me in your heart! Just try to put Me in your heart, it’s very simple. I am before you now. I am in person.

I was trying to give Realisation to one of my relations just today. And I said that, “You don’t close your eyes.” He said, “No, I’m not looking at your face because when I see you, I feel you are my aunt. But I am just looking at your feet so that I shouldn’t feel anymore that you are my aunt. You are very great. And your face is the one that puts me into illusions.” He could see it’s a Mahamaya. He said, “Only at your feet I look. And through your feet only I can get over this barrier, this feeling.” In the same way when I am a Mahamaya, I know I am, I had to be. But you have to put my feet into your heart. Just my feet into your heart.

Because photo, face, everything might be an illusion. Might be by seeing my face, you do not get over your barriers. To say, “I must see Mother.” “I must do this.” “Mother must come to my house.” “She must have food at my place.” “She must visit my home.” All this is so stupid, I cannot understand what’s the matter with these people!

Mother, please come in my heart. 

Let me clean my heart so that you are there. Put your feet into my heart. 

Let your feet be worshipped in my heart. 

Let me not be in delusion. 

Take me away from illusions. 

Keep me in reality. 

Take away the sheen of superficiality. 

Let me enjoy your feet in my heart. 

Let me see your feet in my heart.

Only such people. Even Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha have done that. So don’t you think you have to do it? 

So humble down yourself! Humble down yourself in your heart. Humble down in your heart. Enjoy your humility. Enjoy your virtues. The greatest virtue of a Sahaj Yogi is humility.

Now, so many things you have seen to convince you. But in no way it can mean any kind of subjection, because what subjection you can give me? Think of that. When every subjection is a blessing, what subjection you are giving? Every feeling in the heart is a blessing. Just now you feel it and you feel the joy, in your heart. Then what is your subjection? About what? 

I can understand people who are just newly come, who are good for nothing. But you are not on the periphery. But some of them do go into periphery in no time. 

You give them some work — finished! 

If I am sweet to someone — finished! 

If I see someone — finished! 

I mean, this is too much. I can’t even be nice to you.

If you do any mistakes or anything, then you get your left Vishuddhi. You’ve done your mistake, all right, finish it. You love me. Maybe there’s something wrong in the love or maybe something has happened, doesn’t matter. “Now, I’m going to be cautious. I’m not going to make any mistakes. How could I do this mistake? Because I was not fully in love. If I had loved something, I would have not done such a mistake!”

All right, so develop your love. No. your will do, “I feel guilty because I have done such a thing.” So you miss this and that both. So your mistake becomes a barrier again. 

Don’t feel guilty about it. We have to progress further. Forget the past. Forget the past. Forget the past. We have to go further. We have to be serious people. When we talk, we should talk with that dignity of that awe. That’s very important and once you develop that awe your Ekadasha will disappear. Ekadasha will disappear. Just think of the awe.

See the silence and the joy, and the joy of the awe is deep, very deep, like a sea. The sea on superficial level is very turbulent, but inside is silent, absolutely silent. Feel that depth. Without awe, you cannot go down.

I have sometimes even said little loudly some things to Warren, I know, but it’s never, never felt with him. But with some people I have never said because I know the person won’t take it from me. But he never feels that I have said anything wrong or to hurt him in any way, that’s the sign of complete awe. And it’s just a wee bit of penetration, a very little bit of penetration [that’s needed]. Forget the self-importance. Forget the greatness that you think about yourself. When you become the zero then you become nirmala.

As long as you are like a cup, you are small. When the boundaries of the cups are broken, there’s no more a cup. 

And this is what today I have to tell you.

Today is the eleventh day and ten days, out of which nine days were the periods of fights. Tenth day is the period of victory. Now eleventh day is of enjoyment. But how can the people who do not have the awe, enjoy? I cannot understand. Because Ekadasha forms the barrier. And the barrier of Ekadasha, you know what it is. Feel the awe and you’ll go deep into your heart, deep into your heart. Because you are at a point where just you have to have the gravity to go down. [It’s] working out: try to keep that. 

Slowly and slowly you all have come up to a point only thing is now develop your depth. Go deep down.

I know there are frivolous people but they’ll all be dropped out in no time. Don’t worry about them. I know what people are doing, how they are behaving. I know every one of you very well, each one of you. 

So, respect your body, respect yourself, keep your hamsas all right at least. And I am sure, if you become serious about it…you need a serious understanding of the whole thing, that’s what is lacking. Because if you love someone, the whole thing becomes an entire possession sort of thing, the entire being is so seriously involved into it that you cannot afford to miss anything. And that’s what is going to help you. But seriousness never means you are not enjoying. Enjoyment is so deep: it’s pouring into the heart.

I play with you. I always try to say things that will please you. And it should please you much more that I have said — what today is that — how to reach your depths, to reach that gravity that will make you the gurus. 

Today I had to talk to you like a guru, because I feel that now the time has come for all of you to become gurus of the right type. Not with egos or talking big and creating a big sort of a show out of you. But a definite depth within you that people see that, “Here is a beacon of Mother.” And it is so fantastic! The whole thing is so great, to be that.

This is what the gurus used to do, first of all, is to cleanse people, clear them out, take out their barriers, make them take out their egos, by hanging them round, putting them on top of a well, putting them down five, six times, dipping them down. They used to do all this for what? But now you can do it because I am before you!Because I have come. This is the reason. 

Understand what Warren has, so rightly, said. You might say that “Mother was working through him.” Maybe. But, I always work through you if you are one with me. Even when I am speaking, you are speaking. And when you are speaking, I am speaking. You know that.

But with all this, that awe is very important. And that gives you the love that thinks: complete integration of your heart and your brain. The love that thinks is thoughtful, the love that thinks. And then the third integration: the love that acts. But first this integration must be brought in: the love that thinks, which understands, which feels. And then the love that acts. 

But the basic is the love — it starts from the heart — is the love.

I think you’d better take my tape today and listen to it. Meditate. Meditate on that. 

I want to see my children in England develop the depth in language, in speech, in feelings, in expressions, in the personality. It’s only the awe that will make it. But awe which is not frightening, but awe that’s joy-giving. This is the integration of it. Awe that is joy-giving is not frightening. 

Open your hearts! But it doesn’t mean you should be frivolous, [but] with all the care. Have you seen a lotus opening? How beautifully it opens: slowly, every petal so careful not to hit each other. Slowly it opens out. And then the fragrance starts pouring in, in the most dignified manner. Such a flower only can be offered at the Lotus feet of the Adi Shakti, isn’t it?

May God bless you.