We have to be very honest people

Hampstead Town Hall Centre, Hampstead (England)

1984-11-22 We have to be very honest people, Hampstead, England, DP-RAW, 111' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public program, Hampstead Town Hall, London, 22-11-1984

I bow to all the seekers of truth. These are the days of great confusion. Especially in the fields of seeking, there is so much confusion that it is hard for people to know what to seek, where to seek and what to expect. Apart from that, we have a special category of people who are seekers and who are so many in number. And there are so many in the market who are selling [inaudible] So, it is even more confusing for people to know what is to seek. But formally, I think, when philosophy was the main object of research, that time people used to think at a very different level than what they are seeking today. There was not so much of confusion. And there were people who were really very evolved, of a very high order, who discussed and talked about things, which were not to exploit the seekers, not to mislead them, but to bring them to proper logic.
Now in the realm of the religion, we are the most confused these days. So, we start seeing the point that, whatever you preach, or whatever you try to establish as religion, it always goes to extremes and goes to such a rigidity that it becomes a fanatic instrument and destructive element. Naturally, people started thinking about it in the modern times, “What is the use of having a religion? If the religion means this nonsense, better not have the religion”. But by discarding religion or by accepting religion you are not going to know the truth.

Now since long, from ancient times, we have been hearing about the Spirit, that we are the Spirit, we have to become the Spirit. Whether you take Confucius or you have Lao Tzu or you have any Indian philosopher or you may be having any one of the others in the West, where Christ has said many a times that, “We have to be the Spirit “. Now to be the Spirit is the main point we should start with. Those who think that by changing dress, by taking a new name or doing some sort of mundane nonsense, they can become the Spirit, they are sadly mistaken. It shows that they lack intelligence to understand, basic intelligence to understand, that this kind of nonsense is not going to give you something higher.

Now today when I am talking to you, it’s a very mental process through which you are passing. Now metal process cannot bring forth your ascent. It cannot. It will come to you, you may like my speech, you may remember it by heart and you’ll say it out completely, whatever I am saying, in the same manner, it’s nothing new about it. But it has to work out within you. And how does that happen? For that, we have to have some sort of an idea as to what our inner instrument is. And the inner instrument, as it is, is the Kundalini, which I was surprised, even in the Aboriginal scriptures of Australia, they call it as the Primordial Mother, as the Serpent energy. And so many places you find the same description about this power of the Holy Ghost. Now whether it exists within us, or it doesn’t exist, whether it’s there or not, it is to be seen. But first of all, I would request you that your mental processes are not going to give your ascent, in anyway.

Now we have here Sahaja Yogis, many Sahaja Yogis are also here. Some of them are able to understand that, whatever Mataji is saying, we have to achieve it. And not to just listen to Me, what I’m talking. Because then they start taking big themselves, because whatever they learnt from my speeches, they learnt it by heart and just they can become bombastic teachers of Sahaja Yoga without anything inside. So, “how to bring it inside ” is the problem and for that, we must understand we have to be very honest people, very honest about it. And this is what I find lacking in modern times.

In the olden times, whether it was a teacher or a disciple, they were honest. They were not dishonest. They were not dishonest as far as the knowledge was concerned. And they- if they said they are seekers, they were really seekers and where anxious to find something and not to be satisfied with some ego pampering or some sort of a conditioning. If we are honest, then only we can find the truth, otherwise we cannot find the truth within ourselves. And to be very honest with you, I must tell you that any lecturing of any philosophy is not going to help you. what is going to help you is your own ascent first of all, and then your own honesty to see that this ascent prospers properly and works it out.

So, those who are here for the first time, I have to tell you that you might get enamoured by my lecture because I know quite a lot of things which perhaps you do not know. But that’s not the thing. The thing is, whatever I know should become a part and parcel of your being otherwise it has no meaning.

So, in the olden days, the first confusion was that, whether it is the non-being important or the being is important? What a level it was: being or non-being? Now we don’t think of that. First, we do not want to be the being itself, you see. So, people started talking about two levels of truth: first is when it is the being and then the non-being. Now you will always find, the evolution takes place when there is synthesis, like, at the time, say, when Mohammad Sahib came or when Nanaka came, they tried to synthesise the principles of religion, the principles of goodness. And if you cannot find the synthesis in religion, say, if anybody preaches that, “My religion is the best and that one is bad”, then he cannot see the essence of religion. But if he can synthesise the essence of religion, then one can say that this person has some sense in his head. Not only that, but he can help evolution. Evolution is only possible if it can synthesise things.

For example, if you see in our own body, we have one cell which could have been one amoeba somewhere, doing all the functions of reproduction, of feeding itself and all the functions that normally a living thing do. But it was just one cell working it out. Gradually, the synthesis improved and improved and improved. Then it became into one being, one human being. All the things that we have achieved in our evolution, became a synthesis. So, one has to, first of all, understand, that in any topic or in any such treaties, there should be nothing that is dogmatic. If it is dogmatic and it says that, “This is the rigid thing”. Then it is not a true thing. Because so far, when you have not reached the Absolute, still you are in the state of being only. At that time, whatever you see is always relative.
So, for understanding first of all the consciousness itself, the absolute consciousness, first you must know where it exists. Otherwise, it’s a big confusion.

Now we talk of big things of being the absolute consciousness, of Spirit and this and that. But where does it exist? What is its form? How does it manifest? How it is awakened? All these things must be considered and understood beforehand that you do anything. It’s like any machine. Supposing you are given any machine, electrical machine or any machine, and it’s a very complicated synthesis of many machines. Now you have to know what button means what, where you have to press it, where you have to plug it. before understanding your own being, you just talk about big things like Nirakara, means there’s a formless God and great God and this and that. It is meaningless, it is not going to help you. So, with full honesty, one has to first know what we are, who we are, where are our different centres or we can say the buttons, where are our powers and how we have to awaken our powers, how we have to become that power which is All-pervading.

So, to begin with, we must be honest to ourselves that we do not know anything about it. Now when we go about it, we should not get into the big discussion of being, non-being and the Spirit and the Paramatma and atma, All these big things if you take to, then I find, you see, suddenly people shoot up there and again fall down. Because they have no ladder to reach their God. You have to pass through that ladder of understanding first of all, what is our being is and what we have to achieve.

So first let us see that we can define the two truths, one is the absolute and another is the first we need to (inaudible) .The first truth is that we understand through our human awareness, that is the first, we must understand that quality through our human awareness understand that we have mental capacity, we have physical capacity (inaudible) we have to (inaudible). We can say that first we had only physical capacity for many stages then we developed emotional and out of emotion also came out mental. Today we are more mental than emotion, that is why we say we have no heart; we have no feelings, we have no compassion  but actually it is we that we have evolved into mental state over that, I should say mental capacity is over that. So, we are so smart now that we outsmart ourselves, we cheat ourselves, we are dishonest to ourselves, we can manage it because we are intelligent enough. So, at this point we have to understand one thing honestly that beyond this we have to be something else, because if we stage by stage we have come to physical too emotional to mental now there has to be another evolution that has to come. which has to be the synthesis of all these things. if it is not the synthesis of all these three then it is not a perfect evolution, then we have to move to further stage. So, the next one as they call it is the spiritual. Now spiritual is very much sensitive. People think that spiritual is a discussion as I have seen people will be keeping out of it, because mental, it wants say now what is to be spiritual, sprit means this, and they are fighting on between as you call it, Goethals and genkans these absolute things, being non-being, all are human (inaudible), it is a headache to know all these thing exist. Even too many things more like a computer. If you have to understand computer  its easier that to understand than these useless talks about being and nonbeing.  The reason is that it’s a mental feet, people like to have a mental feet you see to about it that it is a nice discussion going on. You see they will sit down  for (inaudible) and this and that all kinds of things happening in the groups come up and they  discuss, of no weight or no way, you do not ascent in that way, because the instrument you are using is your mental projection and the mental projection is not the instrument that is going to take you there because that you already have. So, something else has to come into play and that something  else is waiting yourself and that is this kundalini, the force within you which is going to help you to ascent. If it exists it will work out, it works out bust still you want to solve your ascent through your mental process that cannot work it out. It has to be that kundalini, it has to. So, then what happens, when the kundalini rises and you become the self, you become the sprit, do not immediately identify because the synthesis is not yet complete. So gradually you have to work it out in such a way that you establish your attention on your spirit. once it gets  properly established then you will be amazed that all these three things become completely integrated, you don’t have to worry and whatever you think is accepted by your heart and worked out by your power. You don’t have to think about it that you have to do like this and then now my hear may not agree, everything is completely synthesised. At that time when the spirit starts shining within you but that’s just the beginning, just the be beginning of it whether the being starts showing itself in you. That you feel the integration between your three being, which is the physical , emotional, and mental. That’s just the beginning, the light starts to (inaudible). But that is just the beginning because this is not yet, you have not yet overpowered that first truth as it is. For example, now I would say that this flower has a power by which it has become a flower, also there is a built-in power that it would become fruit. But that power that is within it you can see it Have got it within yourself and you can see that there is a power but you cannot feel that power which has done this and you cannot master that power which has done this process of making it into a flower. So, you can feel the all-pervading power which does all these things, but you cannot master that power. you cannot use that power unless and until you cross the two levels Off this kind of bondage that is within you. How do you process again you use your mental Process listen to my tapes, That’s not going to work out listening to my tapes is again your mental process It is you have to be beyond the mental process to Do that that is the point I’m trying to tell you first of all That’s still when you’re using your mental processes you are at the Level where you cannot work it out. So, first of all you forget about your mental processes for example a person who is highly realisable soul whom Confucius called him superior man, you call him superior man. According to theatre’s the man who is rich Who is well educated is not superior He is a primitive person compared to person who is developed evolved personality according  to him he is superior All others are primitive people at a lower level that’s how he describes them superior man. To him only a superior man can understand humanity he talks because he was at that level So he talked about that level only, so the superior man is within us who has to manifest itself, Is the personality which Resides which has to express itself When we attention reaches that stage attention has to reach that stage And not the mental process and all the yarn  that comes out. So, first of all thinking has to stop So what do you do stop your thinking stop your thinking, what you are doing is your mental process again. You are using the same process to stop it which will give you no effect because that cannot stop.
So, then what will you do how do you will stop the process, for that you have to get your kundalini awakened By which you enter into the realm of thoughtless awareness where you just start seeing you’re being own being  manifested in a way you feel integrated in a way as far you are concerned. But still you are the being, you still at that level where it is the half-truth not the full truth.  For example, still you feel sometimes, alright now I (inaudible)  Sahaj yoga, and you start talking about it but there is nothing inside. And now you might feel like you’re an expert you can do this, and this Is what causes problems to Sahaj yoga when people from outside they come they think oh he is a Sahaj yogi , oh he is alright , his vibrations can be felt, but as far as he is concerned he is not very much better than what you are. So, they get confused,  they think what this is, they think that if he is a yogi he should be a perfect (inaudible) personality, which he is not because still he is living in the half-truth. Now I will give you a simple example, right, we have to drive car, I don’t know how to drive myself, suppose I have to learn, I have to learn about the car first of all, then I have to master the break, the acceleration and then I have to master the wheel and the balance, that the balancing it ourselves. And then after that I can become an expert or I can become a driver, I can get a license to drive. Now this time when I’m driving I don’t need any more then idea about break, any more knowledge about this thing because I mastered it, automatically I am doing it. Suddenly of there is a problem I put the break, suddenly there is another problem I turn the wheel because I automatically I have overcome that. So, the being, the driver, has become expert by which all these things most important at that time become unimportant.
So, this is the first stage where you find you are completely synchronising all these things of the car in the same way in your own being also you start synchronising all these things. That only you know others, can’t find out but you know that it has happened to you, that you are synchronising and that you are quiet at peace and automatically things are working and you are surprised.

But when you become the being this way what happens is that you start felling what is happening everywhere, you call it, god, nature, Ritambhara PrAgnya anything whatever you call, but you are surprised that how things work out. On material level also they workout, on material level surprising they workout. In physical level they work out all economic level political levels and you are surprised how these things work out and you start wondering what is happening because though you know that something is happened but that you don’t realise that you have entered into another kingdom. you have entered into kingdom where you have no doubt. Even if there is a  little baby, who is a British child suppose, whatever happens to the child, the government has to look after they baby. The baby is not yet related into the British government or to the queen or to anyone but is seeing the point that baby is looked after. In the same way you to it happens that you are sitting and living with the heart, you see it working out but still you are in being. So, this is one problem of why (inaudible) was saying that there is joy.  whether what exists in matter or not, whether it exists in flowers or not ,whether non-living or living was a big problem. We don’t have those problems, we are not bothered, we don’t want to know about god, or anything but we are seekers. 
Anybody who says that, now you are a seeker, come along, you pay so much money to me and I will (inaudible) and you are accepted. You are not bothered it because firstly I would say we are not honest and secondly they are not intelligent enough to see this is not what I am seeking. Let us face it clearly this is not what I am seeking, changing my clothes, changing my being, or paying some money somewhere and your ca be a part and parcel of some cult. I am seeking something really deep and this is not due to (inaudible). So you do shopping, styles and all nonsense styles but if you put your attention to one thing that first of all my integration must come to me then with your integration you will see that you become in a way like the driver, the master that by just movement of little plugs here and there you move your car and you start moving other sides also when you become greater master , you can do. You can master any car that is there, any permutations and combinations of which you can master. But still you are the being, you are still the being because you are still worrying about the car, still you have to know a lot about the car, and you are not the master, you may be the driver, not the master and when you become the master the you are at the non-being state. When you are in the non-being state you are not bothered about driving, you are bothered about roads, you are not bothered about breaks, you are not othered about anything that is there in the car, I mean some people do backseat driving no doubt, but that’s still they are half-drivers, half master. But the real master would be sitting comfortable there, reading his book whatever it is and will be relaxing under that (inaudible) because he is sure of his driving, so when that state comes in you become non-being , where you  know that you have the driver and you have the car and the driver knows how to drive and (inaudible). Now there is no quarrel you have to have the driver, and then you have to have the master, so there I being and non-being both existing, it exists so what is the quarrels about it. This is not mental projection that you fight whether it is genkan or not. Whether there is duality or there are absolute awakeners. There is absolute awareness, no doubt but the absolute awareness manifests through something else that is not absolute awareness. See these flowers, it is not aware of itself is it, people are not aware of themselves aren’t they. They become aware of themselves but still they are not aware of this power are they.

So, when you become a non-being then you are not bothered, you don’t worry about it, it just manifests , they work out. You just siting her, it manifest if you are there, then you are in absolute consciousness, but you are in ascent. For example, supposing now we have said collected some money here and build an ashram, I have nothing to do with the money, but I have something to do with the ashram because ashram is for all, right. So, I can give them suggestions what’s to be done, how we can get things, this that, I can. so, one would be surprised that the person who is supposed to be a saint, how does he know so many things. If you are a master, you may know also about the car, and the driving everything, if you really the master. But you don’t bother about it. You need not bother about, that doesn’t mean that you don’t know because you are manifested in it, just like the reflex action within you. For example, you pinch me here, then I would move my hand automatically. I wouldn’t think about it, and won’t move it deliberately, it just goes back by itself as a reflex action. Now this reflex action takes place in a way that this comes from conscious mind. So that’s  a non-being that acts and that’s what is the problem of being and non-being which may discus and discus and discuss , and somebody asked me this question and I was very happy because at least that fellow had raised something, but he was so much within that he was absolutely confused and was about to (inaudible).  So why worried about all these discussions first of all you should keep yourself in a very humble level and see that, now it’s a journey we are starting, let us become a spirit, first. First you feel the effect, let us see how it works out. Everyone should face it within yourselves, what is the quality we have and why is the quality. Not what you got mentally.

Some people are cured of cancer I know in Sahaj yoga cured of this trouble, somewhere mad people, some had alcoholic problems, somewhere drug addicts are cured, alright. That nothing important because that’s automatically been work out as your attention hoes higher and higher but what you have to see always is how far I have achieved, how far I have gone, what have I achieved, have I achieved that, instead of that you just assume in yourself, Oh I am a realised soul. Then I must say that the progress is stopped. Only the progress start when you think you have to still go ahead and you have to acquire quality and not thoughts, not lectures, not absurd waste of time on discussions, it is what you have acquired within yourself. Now you start from the way down, first of all you start with the idea of humanity you can say like (inaudible) so many of them preached about humanity. Most  of the primordial masters talked about humanity and about religion, two words. They talked, you must stand on religion, religion means that you must have some fragrance, you must have your innocence alright, and that you must not be malest people, you must keep to balance. Of course, all religions have born out of balance, out of balance. But that doesn’t mean what they have preached was wrong, I mean that’s human nature to go out of balance of your time, and so they go out of balance, they are gone out of balance. Alright, but we have to establish humanity to believe in. Now one could say that anywhere your absolute consciousness why do you need to worry about balance, because you cannot achieve balance. if you do not  cross the  threshold of this, you cannot achieve that stat, that’s what people don’t understand, they go to a guru he says alright I give you a name  and you become god, how can you become. This is what we have to honest with ourselves that first we have to establish our humanity, that’s what everybody said in the beginning of human awareness, when they talked about nothing but balance, balance, balance, balance . And that why people do not understand that they talked about balance. Moses dint does not talk about ascent, because that was the time people have to have balance, that was the time. Then at the time of Christ they started talked about ascent, even India you see at the time of Moses, very few people talked about ascent and very few people got it. But then gradually they started talking of balance and balance for what, for humanity. But at that time, human being were not so alert, they did not questions, they said now this is important, this is something for a superior man and that’s a good thing to be done, Confucius said so aright, they say Confucius said, and finish, they agreed and accepted. Anybody said, Christ said so, alright ,  and in gita they say Krishna says so, finished, nobody questioned did they (inaudible). Because that time they were emotionally bound, but today mental level has gone that up we are wasting lot of our energy thing about these things, but it is not thinking, now we have to  ascent high with intelligence  we one thing has happened that we see the point, we should see the point, if you can see the point that we cannot  achieve your spirit  through thinking, your intelligence is best. but if you have  come to chest your intelligence with your intelligence then nobody can help, and this is what I have seen many intellectual who have been to me, that what I finds that are not willing to accept that you have to go beyond the mental state . if you don’t want to accept you will not go, you will remain inferior personality. May be  a person who knows such way are a person who will become a superior personality and will achieve his realisation, who can  achieve his goal and will be what he has to be, and you will not be, that’s all, that’s the fact. You may criticise me, you may cities Sahaj yoga, you may criticise anything but that not going to help, what is going to help is to see and achieve what is described as spirit. That’s why people like buddha and Mahavira, they thought about it and they thought this is something about god, because talk about god  people think we are absolute awareness, were saffron colour dress, come out of jail  and were saffron colour dress alright and tell people, I am absolute awareness and see I flow through the air, everybody believes such a person and make a big drama about it,  take all the money  that they have, finish, that’s all. That’s why buddha  and Mahavira, both of them were endured to say all the time, all the time that first of all seek your spirit, self-realisation so much that they killed him, they negated god. I idea of god Ishwara, so they were calls unishwarites, the one who are atheists, this is the reason because once you are talking of absolute consciousness everybody thinks of I am absolute truth. By thinking you are the master of the car you don’t become do you, it is very simple, it is so simple you don’t need much intelligence to understand this point. you have to become and becoming is the point . But becoming then the second thing the being and then non- being, these are the three stages through which you have to pass through but that doesn’t not  mean you will be getting one of them. At this level whether you are a just an ordinary person I would say  that you are not realised soul and whatever you have is important but  why you have this, why this position, why this accusation of mental capacity one must understand, is to understand  that you have to go further. if you have not achieved that mush  of metal capacity I think you should do your universities again to find out. But if have achieved that much of understanding that through mental process you are not going to achieve your spirit, you have gathered it . A stage where you were raised, alright, at a stage where we just emotionally develop, we should just follow it, alright, Moses has said follow it. But all these things created problems because when they just  followed it emotionally they become fanatic. That’s why you see a person who is a Muslim is a  he is an ardent Muslim , and he cannot understand Christ, if he is Christian the ardent Christian he  cannot understand Mohammad sahib, if he is a Hindu he cannot understand ant other religion . They reason is that they were emotionally bound, and emotion is not the end. So that a new theory stare like  communism and all that came up, and  also abstract religion started, like ahh… we can say see Islam is like that, we have in India something like Arya samaj. Now that beauty of this Arya samaj is that you accent make out any man who is an Arya samaj vey easily, especially when they are little old, of my age group I’d say, we can about just talk to them. They talk irrelevantly , talk to anyone of then , you be surprised how much of capacity they have to talk irrelevantly, they will say this is life, this and that , you be amazed, we are this and that. And it is surprising that these people won’t have given up forms and thing because it was emotional binding to take to something mental that is formless god to worship and etc. pure consensuses is that, again it has to come  to same level that they become another mad thing. Like this hare rama people, you see if you talk to them they say hare rama and  you say things they say hare Krishna. that’s madness you can’t even have rapport with them, you cannot raise their kundalini, their anginas and problems of the throat  of left side all the problems you have to just cure them, and they don’t understand. So, this emotional binding doesn’t  take you there and neither the metal part.
Now our attention to mental binding can be also about, say science, science could take people to another are say science has a point, they don’t what to see that there is something beyond science also. Thank god that they themselves have created atomic bombs this that to see that what has happed , we discovered science for our being and here we have our destructive forces just standing before us, now what to do we have to face it. So, it’s a big problem of what you have been doing  with science, after all what happed was, how did we lose wisdom and what point did science leave wisdom behind. So emotionally you were useless, we became fanatics and as mental people also we have become this countries people. And they as that 65  people of the age of age of 25 years in America are little bit less here. imagine what happened. if they are schizophrenic they have to run to physiatrist, I mean everybody thinks it’s a fashion to have physiatrist , and to say that we are confused is very big fashion these days because they are, no doubt. if you go on thinking like that then you get confused,  ask anybody did you understand they say I am confused, very honest.

The reason is that this mental projection cannot think away from this confusion. Confusion is because there is no synthesis and to achieve this synthesis you have to become first the Spirit. But then you don’t go into another higher realm just now for discussion. I would say, let us take the position of Buddhas just now. Let us not talk about God, because if we start talking about God, immediately the problem starts that we have become either God or we start arguing about God or start thinking about it, “What sort of a thing it is to be a God?” So, better not talk about these things. Let us keep ourselves to, first of all, becoming the drivers of this car of ours and that of others. Then the second position comes. If I now, I tell you that everything is God- everything is God, everything. Everything is done by Him. Everything is managed by Him. Everything is brought forth by him, he knows everything.

Then you will say, “How do you say mother?” I am just telling you this, you don’t believe it, you just don’t believe it. Because if you believe in it, you’ll immediately, some of you will declare, “I am God”. It’s better not. So, it is true that everything, this flower whatever living you see is done by God, whatever is created is done by God. You cannot create even a stone of your own! Can you? Even a stone, we cannot create. Even this plastic that we say we have created, no we have recreated, but we have not created even the plastic! Can you imagine? What have we done? We have not created anything so far.

Then the One who pulsates in matter- you know, there are vibrations in the matter – then the One who looks after all the living things works out everything. All this synchronizing, all this synthesis in a human being that you see, at least, I mean, normally human beings are, in a way, great productions of God because they can be emotional, they can be mental, they can be physical. They are computers of the highest degree that they see something and they know what it is. They are the highest thing that we can say God can create. But there is something higher, because if there were the highest, they would not have been confused.

So, we reach at a point where we understand that we are to be the ‘being’ first. Then we’ll think of the ‘non-being’. So, don’t enter into other arguments just now. I would say, in a humble way, that let us try to be the ‘being’, and when you become the ‘being’, first thing that should happen to you, that you become collectively conscious. That is the stage where we say that you become the humanity, feel the humanity within yourselves, first.

So, what it is happening, that there are seven stratas withing us as they say. Like, first is the ‘bhu’, is the earth. ‘Bhuva’ is the creation, whatever is created, all these galaxies and all that. And then we have the ‘swaha’, is the power to digest within ourselves. And then we become the ‘manaha’, is the emotion, by which we feel emotions, manaha. And then we become ‘jana’ is the humanity, by which we feel human beings. Then we become ‘tapas’, where we understand that we have to go through penances, and ultimately, we become the truth. Ultimately, we become the truth at the seventh stage.

Now when we become the ‘being’, all these stratas become subtler and subtler. So, what if the first subtle thing, is the ‘bhu’, is this earth. So, what happens, that we start to understand the earth, in the sense that we can use the earth, we can put our hands on the earth and she start sucking our vibrations. We put our hands to a flower, they’ll start sucking our vibration. We put our feet on the Mother Earth, she will feel our vibration. Like Shri Rama had to take of his shoes to walk in the area of Maharashtra, and many people say that he did it because Maharashtra is a very holy land and that is why he took out his shoes. But it’s not so, he wanted to vibrate that land. Just to vibrate it, he went on that because he was a ‘non-being’, so he could do it.

You can vibrate a tree which is about to die, and it will come back to life, we have seen these miracles. At this stage we are become subtler being as far as that is concerned. The we go anthariska, like we see starts and all those things, now what happens when we start subtler being, we start seeing those vibration with our own eyes. We see the effects of these stars on ourselves, how it has acted, and we can react because we can go beyond. Like the what if we have other problems of our horoscopes and all, they all be we go beyond it, no more horoscopes needed you see. they say you are (Janina) you act as if you are like Janina and not this not that, you become above that. so that how you become subtler, the power of these go away from you become subtler, on the contrary you will be amazed that you start contracting those stars where ever you are , you can find out later on, you can then try. SO first we start with becoming subtler and subtler, start saying subtler things about the stars. then the third sate is when you become the swaha.

Swaha is the one where you normally consume. consumption is normally is of you eat food, you eat everything, whatever you feel like you really do not understand. But when you are a realised souls immediately u know this food is not god that is not good for you, this one is bad that is not, this one is from holy hands that’s not, even small children, I have seen small children even if you give them prasad form a terrible guru or something they throw it out, wet try but really they don’t want to , they feel that there is something wrong, they feel the inauspicious of that food  that is to consume. So, in the consumption, you see someone taking cannot bear, can’t consume, you cannot take it inside. if somebody says something you say no no no no, not that that person is not sweet he is not good looking but the only thing is that when to talk to him, and he talks you u feel spikes poking your ear (inaudible). So, the consumption of this that s there becomes purified, u know what is pure what is not pure, automatically., nobody has to tell you. Now if you tell somebody that no I won’t have this water, he will say why this is from river Ganges, why won’t you have it. because it is brought by somebody who is (inaudible) but you won’t talk it, so other person may say, Sahaj yogis are very absurd people, they are very(inaudible), because they see that subtler thing, so the same thing starts working our mind why this people are not taking this water, even ewe have brought it all the way from kashi, what is wrong with this. but a sahajayogi will understand another Sahaj yogi because they know there is something wrong with the vibration despite it’s a poison, it’s not a poison for a normal person, it’s not poisons at all. Now a person who takes any other things like drinks or alcohol, it’s very easy for any normal person, but for a Sahaj yogi its different, now  we say this person is ingénue, it’s not the point, he cannot take, because he cannot consume it, the swaha part becomes subtler now, so the body devotes, I know somebody who said he just gave up drinking, but then he went to jumping still in being state so he saw something he like some sort of wine or something, he said he immediately vomited had  said I felt like I was taking some rotten corn. I said rotten corn, when did you have one, He said in my childhood, I was once opening rotten corn, and that’s the smell I got I vomited and vomited and vomited. And the same thing he enjoyed so much before but nobody told, nobody told you don’t drink drinks, nothing of that kind, nobody asked him that it is bad, but just his own being became subtler, the awareness became subtler, he said go way. So, the sins so called that adharmas, irreligious things, unrighteous things automatically part and parcel with the being, you just do righteous thing, you can’t go unrighteous, just can’t go, you just (inaudible). Then then at the heart level when we go, at the mana stage, at the heart, Noe you are very compassionate people, compassionate and all that, we must help the poor, we must help the needy, that we must help this kind and that kind, but we have no restriction, we try to give money to somebody he hits you harder and takes away your purse till you don’t know what had happened. We think we are compassionate this is mad, you see, we try to do some good to others and gives you back. Like Christ has said, that one cheek to a person, the one who slaps one cheek put the other cheek to that person. He must have said for sahajayogi because they have discretion not for the ordinary. Because if you put another cheek he will give twice or trice. you must have (inaudible) but not to people who are normal people. because a normal person does that alright you want to have one, I will give you ten. Because that discretion to whom to put the cheek, the one who u feel ashamed of that judgment, that judgement of another personality comes through the mana, which is the emotional side in you, which becomes very subtler. Then you have to try this change, some people say mother, he or she is very annoying mother, I understand, the one who was slave of other, the mother used to rule him, and destroy him and do all kinds of things is now become absolutely arrogant, he says no (inaudible) done tell me anything, I don’t want to know. Just acts upon them. Now motherhood is a very big thing in Sahaj yoga, no doubt. Now there could be a mother who is destroying a Sahaj yogi, so a father could 1be like that but maybe he hated his father then now he becomes father. Mostly it happens because father also changes. he might have feeling for the father, a new feeling for the father, how may have new understanding for the father. This subtle understanding discretion comes not as the result of mental projection but have to be within yourself, just do not ruin it. I have seen people who are so dominated by their wives or by their husband just that. No more dominations, a Sahaj yogi should not dominate anybody nor take any domination from anybody but then they are sorry that they do not take any domination, for that you don’t have to dominate. So, the anger part that we have for us is hatred. I hate this, I hate that all these is meaningless because what is there to hate, we just hate the things that are not are not beautiful. you don’t have to pay, you don’t have to do anything, finish. your (inaudible) is to yourself because u have become that subtle thing and that subtler thing itself change another personality. that subtler thins itself changes another (inaudible). A person who is dominate for example, Bryans mother, absolutely Bryans mother she misuses him, tries to take advantage, suddenly he stand up, no , no more I have enough, mother defines back out, she says what’s the matter with this boy. but he does not take as a result of anger or something else. Like when we get angry we tell mother I am going to take to whiskey, you see if your angry then someone say our family will be disappointing (inaudible) especially this happens I have seen, in the west things start drinking, I mean self-destruction starts. But now I am disappointed, your angry with your father, get into temper, you go and beat somebody or destroy something in the house or do something like that, it is not right. But she sees that when he gets to be himself he is becoming a righteous personality. He is becoming beautiful personality and the after also likes his father, he sees oh something great about this man, how big he has grown up. Our ideas about our sex like absolutely changed because we start respecting our chastity, we developed respect for our Chasity. We are not so cheap to waste our chastity, women start thinking about it, men start thing about it, and we develop pure relationships, better relationships an also good married life, good children, that how we become subtler. We do not have to give lectures about it, we don’t have to tell you just know you have to do it. That is what it is and that stage it happens.
Then you reach to the stage of (inaudible) jana, where u become humanity. You start with humanity and slept with swaha and that’s time your stability your humility in the beginning, at the most of it. But at the subtler level you rise to your channel, entering your hands, you start feeling other on your fingertips you start feeling their consensus ness, you become subtle. That was there, nut your awareness was not such that you can feel out. But now you can feel it and (inaudible). so, from that what truth was real has become unreal and something else that is real has gone upon you. That’s how you (inaudible). So, you become a person who know she humanity within yourself, you don’t have to justify mental projection you don’t have to take biodata to find out anything you just know. That happens through your, this centre which we call as the jana centre. Then at this stage we have funny ideas that we should achieve god we must give up these (inaudible) Gobi Desert. May people are going to Gobi desert, what do you call them, some funny name, shambale, I mean imagine if you go to Gobi desert if have to be (inaudible) then we should give up these, we should dress up like these people we should live in huts and we should become aesthetics and we should develop round hair or cut open hair and do al kind of things, Gibbins, that what we think. They are all Gibbins from A to Z. That’s what is there to give up when you’re not holding on to anything. If your holding on to anything then of course you can give up, that mean you are holding on to anything that why your giving up, it’s a myth that we follow and break your Tapaha. And Tapaha is the point here you can say is the penance, where you can see the pence. But when you become the being then you do don’t do it with the idea of penance, but just happens. Like suppose there is a person who just comes and says to work on a sick person is headache  and a person who comes from some guru, they think they are obliged to us by becoming sahajayogi, here we are breaking our hands, this is burning, that is burring we are having headaches u see, then two persons will come they will say mother (inaudible). Then poor mother has to work, till 2 o clock she works on them this that. All this is the questioners, this is all (inaudible) but will it so happily, we want to perfect, we want to perfect it but there is nothing to show, nothing. It’s just, nobody understands how they can work. Like the other day I had a very rich man, millionaire, of course rich man I am not too worried about, who had very competition, art this that, he was going to Huston. on his way he came, and somebody there  a Sahaj yogi came and started working with me. he started wonder this person, how is that taking no money nothing how much he is into me, that to raise my kundalini do this here, do that , for three hours this fellow is working on me, why, I am not going to give him anything. Why does how wants to do it. This is tapaysha. And you don’t feel it. Now this people are going to India, I have told them hundred times its pattern its horrible, when you go to India, you will have none  of your bathroom style things, you have to carry (inaudible) around (inaudible) it’s the most uncomfortable journey you will have everything  I told. but when they come back they look fresher, happier this thing, oh we enjoyed ourselves mother, they don’t see the comfort part. It comes automatically that the question, because they jump, have fun, and enjoy themselves in the nature, have so much fresh air, but it is not that they are doing, nothing. They don’t mind. So, this asceticism which is expressed within us is automatic, it becomes part and parcel of the being, u don’t have to think have given up this. Because you’re not holding on the idea of comfort, we have to have comfort, nothing, if you are comfortable there well and good if not you can sleep on the street. that’s the harm. But if you have to do it before this subtleness then you will have to think alright, first t=let me take a small thing, if not anything at least a guilty, at least alright then I will take the quilt, then you say its pain her, I better put my hand there, then alright postpone it for something. I will for some yoga asanas, let’s try with that I may develop. Then again you try this, try that oh I have just done it, it’s too much. But with Sahaj yogis it automatically, they don’t feel it., that’s why mothers tell, that they can enjoy, they get so much nourished because they feel the precious of it. (inaudible) it’s a place where you do get vibrations, but Indian don’t feel, because they are very ordinary people born in India, hopeless people so they come to England to settle down as migrants or whatever you call them. they have vibrations then to they are not subtle people and by English (inaudible). Who’s the superior person, the one who foes to that place where they have vibrations, not to that place here there is material wellbeing, comfort this and that. But I have to say that England doesn’t have , now England has to become Jerusalem as promised by William Blake*. But how many have any regard for it , I was amazed wanted to find his banyan place where it was buried and what was the tool  they used and in the for (inaudible) and the most neglected place is right down there. It’s so sad who though to England to be the Jerusalem but the holiest of holy is laid down there in the place where people are walking on the tomb and no body respecting it, that’s what England is today. But if William Blake had died in India, I would tell u this much that there would be thousands (inaudible). Even today the saints re respected much more than the king and queen, much more. How can you do, it’s a sign of our development and understanding. But we have such great seekers here that one day this is three that is fallen to become the Jerusalem and then will regard the hinges in as the spirit. Highest as the divine, vibration  the divinity what we call the (inaudible) that what the day has to come. But people have to get out of the metal projection , then they are still entangled. So, I have to request you today we have our realisation also if somebody has to ask me questions, please ask me questions. Because I am here only for today and I am going to India again and then to Australia and then I will be back evetime quiet a lot of you (inaudible) and then in England I may be here some three months. you may be amazed I worked the hardest in England for the last ten years, nowhere such in India or anywhere, because I know England is very important. It is the heart of the universe but the seekers in England are lost quiet and lot and we have to bring them back to their normal senses and make them understand the responsibility because if the heart fails then everything fails. Because the whole circulation of this has to go through the heart. Luckily, my husband was elected and elected and elected for the house and now he will be here for 16 years, 16 solid years I will be working on this country, all together. So, I hope you people will realise how important it is to me to be in England, and that is how we all in England must work very hard. and people who are non0sahajyogis must become sahajayogi and sahajayogi must become real sahajayogi not just taking sahajayogi or what we call the (inaudible) who understand the subject, but your possessed by some ides, possessed by non-sense. They to become discrete, this is what will happen, people will see you how great yogi have become and then only they will realise that it’s the right path to follow. May god bless you.
Now should do if you have to ask me questions please do.
Question: you speak about dharma how do we (believe)that.
that is to your metal projection. What’s wrong, what’s wrong, you see when we start  just becoming ,mental being, we start deciding from mental activity. You see then we say what’s wrong, when I went to America in 72, 73, I told them, I am not going to pamper them or anything I have to tell the truth isn’t it. I told them don’t go into this nonsense homosexuality it will be troublesome, don’t do all these things, don’t disturb your chastity, its snot good, that’s your power. They were very angry at me; they were so angry all the American you know they wouldn’t have me and that actually I am fake then all the other gurus. Then I said doesn’t matter you want fake it’s alright, you don’t want to have chastity alright, u don’t eat to do anything other have told you alright, only thing you give us the money, I will get the degree certificate just like the pope, that they accepted. Now this time they telephone to BBC and all , that they have their own broadcasting stations  that mother has told us that we have gotten afraid, we have aids, so what will you do. I said what’s wrong you said like that, they are (inaudible) now what’s wrong. Because its mental projection, ego that comes within us. what’s wrong, why should we listen to Christ who said thou shall not have adulteress eyes and I have yet to come across those Christian believe in that not to have adulteress eyes do they have (inaudible) in their eye, no they done. But what’s wrong in having adulteress eyes, now Christ is no more so whom will you ask. Ask kishap, he is agnostic, yes he said he is doing his job, he is agnostic. simple as Ganesh he is doing his job. But doesn’t matter even if your agnostic, it doesn’t matter because eth subtler part is still there you will never leave that. once that is awakened you will spread through. So, you shouldn’t feel guilty about. That another thing you don’t do please. You don’t worry, the subtle made you have, through that you take out, kundalini will move through that (inaudible)but don’t feel guilty otherwise kundalini won’t rise, alright. Yes.
Question: Not clearly audible.
Everything, in the beginning of enlightenment when it awakens it start making you subtler and subtler till you reach to bhramaharandra here and then it breaks through then you touch the one they call you become the spirit. it’s not full, it starts and then the light starts coming out.
Question: (inaudible) told by yogi: Before raising the kundalini, he says you have to observe the prana energy.
No not necessary should do it raising the kundalini. Prana energy is what  they do, actually they talk to their hands, prana energy is right sided one. which comes like this and the other is mana energy. Only prana energy is absorbed it’s not going to help. what happen when the kundalini rises, here comes Christ, Christ is in the centre of the Agnya centre, where there is crossing of the optic chiasma, there is a third eye as they call it. Here Christ is sitting in the Agnya chakra. What happens when the kundalini awakens Christ there he absorbs both the powers, the ego, and the super ego. The prana energy which is not become the ego in the head and the super ego from your mana energy both are absorbed  and that’s how once it happens it is a living happening. When you try to do prana energy we are solving the prana  energy. You are doing through the same instrument which you have to absorb. You see you want to absorb the prana energy to what to your ego, now ego cannot absorb ego can it.
Someone speaks- (inaudible)
That was so before that you had to become first the humanity, then Confucius said first u have to become the Tao, Tao is kundalini and then u have to become a higher personality. That was alright at that stage but not today, today what we are saying that let us first awaked the kundalini, once you have awakened the kundalini, it’s like putting a light in the lamp alright and then u start seeing. You start seeing yourself. In these modern times, if you tell somebody don’t drink he will beat you all, you can’t talk such things, horrible its absolutely unmannered to say such things. But best to raise their kundalini, once you raise their kundalini the person takes to it automatically. He doesn’t argue with you. You follow my lecture isn’t it, you become subtler being and in that you start seeing  what’s wrong with your lamp and yourself (inaudible) nobody has to tell you, you become your own guru, your own master. This is what todays Sahaj yoga is. Those days it was alright to correct everyone. They used to have one guru and one disciple, at the time of raja Janaka he had only one Nachiket, whom he gave realisation, only one. Bur mow it is easier for me , because it has been mastered through so many masters and all that and that’s how today it’s easier to raise the kundalini, not difficult. But once you have to raise the kundalini it is difficult to tell people to respect their realisation and you can’t, it’s difficult. That’s the only part, that cleansing part u all have done in previous life, so many of them that came to have I have seen they get their realisation instantly are phakiras I call them, just like that. And they retain that. they are just there. I know so many people like that. they have got realisation on my photograph, so they are cleansed it in previous lives. You see this type and another type and another type and why are seeking today because you have done something like that. You might have been on the Himalayas some of you, or you have broken your necks (inaudible) so I have problem in mu Vishuddhi you see. Yes, once your freed you will anything, how do you know, only your kundalini can tell. So all there is background  work done already , we have reached the stage  where it is blossom time as they call you, now you are at a good stage to at a different stage but now you are at the flower stage where you can become fruits very easily. Also it is not only that Sahaj yoga is such a marvellous thing that I have brought, I have come many times before also I could not do this to you , because you also have maintained some maturity. So, it is between you and me, we all have attained certain maturity, I know how to do the job, I know how to achieve it so it’s something a different level.
Any more questions now.
Now do not understand hatred, let it happen, I don’t know if the kundalini will rise or not that’s the main point. It will rise its very good, then it should stay there its greater fortune. so better let that Tao rise within you alright.
Now what do you have to ask, say loudly. someone asks a question
Mother asking gentleman to speak up the question.
Question inaudible. Another yogi says – is he a person or personal energy or both.
He is both. he is both, but what I am saying is don’t worry about that now, just worry about ourselves now, get your realisation and then we will see. If we don’t have the eyes how will we see, and what sis the use of talking about, again fight will start. Let us take to first stage first, let us become the spirit alright and then we talk about that.
Question: Another lady asking a question. Is it possible to reach that stage through ( inaudible) chanting mantras? 
No because mantras that people chant have no ideas to what mantras to be said. You say ram ram ram then you catch right heart, which is the place of ram. Chanting mantra must have the science about it, you must know , but the best part of it, when your chanting mantras you are not even connected. If the telephone is not connected whom are you talking telephoning. (lady say something). Do you think anybody has any realisation; I have ( inaudible). The trustee of this hare ram hare Krishna, had such a bad (inaudible) I have cured him, I am still working on him, now he has got diabetes, and them he will get cancer of the throat, I know he might get right heart, right heart problem sis asthma. The reason is , the reason is we must know what mantra to say when, first, second is the movement should start of the kundalini. Why do we say mantras, first of all why do we say mantras, the thing is you are going say on motorway now you have different things so you have to pick the (inaudible) isn’t it. like that when your kundalini is moving you have to see what gate is closed. Now what is to be said to open that particular gate, supposing your stop at A, then you should know the mantra od A gate that should say, but first of all the car must move up to A gate, otherwise why are you saying mantras. It all (inaudible) scientific, extremely scientific.
Lady speaks up, another yogi says: But do you believe that the original Sanskrit saying
yes, yes yes, now some Sahaj yogi write about gita enlightened (inaudible)all these books even bible, this Quran or any of the other books we need to rise we have to be a realised soul otherwise you cannot understand it.
If you want to read gita, you must first get your eyes opened, inner eyes, the inner being then you see what it preaches. There is a book now published called gita enlightened by one of the Sahaj yogis. But what I would say that gita was done by lord Krishna, he is no more there, now I am here for you, better have the advantage of me, isn’t it, why waste time. Now lord Krishna is not going to come, so why not take advantage of me if I can give you something then why not take it. That is free, absolutely. 

Question : Did you say that lord Krishna is not going to come back.
You see the principle will come back no doubt. May have  come back also, but how will you recognise it , even if lord Krishna is standing before you, how will you recognise, have you got the eyes to recognise.(Lady says something)
 Even the hare rama hare Krishna  people can’t recognise him, if he goes to oxford street they will look at him and say hare rama hare Krishna. (everyone laughs and claps)
All false suit, ascetism of nonsense, is absolutely nonsense.

Mother says pointing to a gentleman, you must take your realisation that is important than anything is.

Question (inaudible).
We also say the same thing, you see we also say the same thing, that you must understand that where is Christ within us. Christ stands at this stage through which you have to pass too, in the Christian church they don’t talk of your ascent, no, they don’t say that you have to get your realisation, what they taught you must get baptism , which is an artificial. You put a little water on your head, and you get your realisation, you are no more a Christian, if you have not got your realisation, you’re not a Christian. Christ has said you  have to be born of your spirit, by the holy ghost, not by these priests. You understand my point, there is no reality in it. This is real Christianity, this is real baptism, that you become every religion as said you have to be . This is Taoism, this is Confucianism, everything. In this you will find what they have said, what you have to achieve because you have reached a certain maturity of understanding . Not that you deny, you don’t deny Christ, but now you know him, where he is and how he stands on the gate you have to take his name, if you don’t take his name you cannot cross the gate, it’s true. But that doesn’t mean that Christian should profess they are Christians, they are more enlightened, not at all. It is the ones who get their realisation be the real Christians , not  the one who are not. Most of these priests re not, your pope is not, none of them are realised souls, none of them. How do we follow them? those who are not even realised souls, how do we follow them. The minimum thing we should ask, can they raise our kundalini, can they give us real realisation, what Christ has told, that we have to be born again of your spirit, we should be honest about it. Because our father who was Christian we become Christian that’s all, its emotional binding again, its emotional binding as I told you, isn’t it, but the honest thing is that we have to become realised souls. That’s the main thing. we are  failing Christ, we are failing all of them by  either physical, mental, or emotional bindings. only one way we can prove them is through our spirit, that’s the only way we can understand, alright. May god bless you.
You will see that this portion will become soft just like child’s head an cool breeze of holy ghost start coming out and then you start feeling on your fingertips as Mohamad shad has said that after resurrection your hands will speak and you start taking like disciples of Christ who you change languages for  chakras. They didn’t use Spanish or Italian or any other language they want to, they said chakras. And then you see also Sahaj yogis some of them when they are surrounded by ordinary people they start using they might start using their hands and people may think they are mad, but they at=re not because they know it’s working through their hand and they start moving hands like disciples of Christ did. But after that Christianity was finished completely by St Paul who was neither Christian nothing goes the kind, he was not a realised soul he was not baptised, he again incarnated as Agustin he again finished Christianity. Like in every religion it happened, not only Christianity, every religion has become like that. May become fanatics, I don’t know what to say, what had been and what it is I hope at least Sahaj yogis will not be able to do this, because they are realised souls, they cannot become fanatics. 

Be comfortable, be comfortable you all have to be comfortable.

(Yogi asking audience to untie and remove shoes to have contact with earth)

Just to make you comfortable, not that kundalini raises in a subtler way, but you’re comfortable, your attention is drawn , make yourself comfortable, that’s one thing is there. Not to feel guilty, again I ask not to feel guilty, he just came to ask questions  and he left, you don’t want realisation? then why did you ask questions. 
is he Chinese or Japanese, ( a lady says Korean), Korean, south, or north, ( someone says South) god save south Koreans, south Koreans are really hard. There are certain countries out of which south Korea is under the bow, such mental projection it has. (inaudible). Chinese are very good , very good, very wise people. They will come to Sahaj yoga just like that. A day will come when all of them will come to Sahaj yoga. They are very sensitive and its really wise people, their dharmas intact, they are opening out and coming relaxing, very wise people. I have been recently into to china and I have great hopes about Chinese, I am very happy to see those people. They want to know all about it. Alright.

So, please take out your shoes and just remember it is snot through your mental projects or anything you may have, I know blind faith can never have. It’s like sunshine which wants within you, but you should also not deny, because your attention should be of relaxed attention, don’t force your attention,. don’t tell your attention, do-nothing or don’t order it. Just allow to be it as it is, if thoughts are coming let it be whatever is happing it’s alright, don’t have to tell me something, just be relaxed and automatically kundalini will be rise and cross over this Christ centre , you will become thoughtlessly aware, you don’t have to do any effort on it. It’s absolutely effortless to begin with, you have to  keep an effort to take it, improve it, and to understand it and work it out properly.

Now please put your hand straight like this. and close your eyes. Please don’t open your eyes, whatever it maybe, because something is going to happen within, and the attention should be inside. I mean you done have force it but keep your eyes closed at least your attention will be at rest, much more at rest. Sometime kundalini does rise if you over relax so keep your eyes close. There is no mesmerising nothing, so you don’t have to keep your eyes open for that.

Now you have to use your right hand for the action and your left hand for the desire. That’s why your left hand should be all the time towards me as it is desiring to have your realisation , your baptism and your right hand has to be on different centres, which is very easy to locate on the left side of your being. Now I will let you one by one which is easy to follow.
You may open your eyes and see for yourself and then you can do it better because I don’t want any confusion about it. So, you have your right hand on your heart, first of all, which is the about of your spirit. Then  you have to put your hand , when I say, on the upper part of your left side abdomen, then lower part of your abdomen. These are two different centres, which I will tell you what they represent. Then you have to again raise your hand to your heart. Then  you have to take it at the back of your neck here, in the left-hand side. Then you have to put it on your forehead, at the back of your head, and on top of the head. But I will tell you one by one very clearly, you will understand where to go.

Now please close your eyes. Put your right hand on your heart. As I said here resides the spirit. The spirt resides here, so you can ask me a question addressing me as mother or shri Mataji, whatever is possible. ‘Mother am I the spirit’ ask the question three times, putting your right hand to the heart and left hand towards me like this on your lap, be comfortable. You shouldn’t sit with a slouch or backward movement, but straight and no stress on your body. Ask this question, with full confidence, mother am I the spirit.

Now bring this right hand on the stomach or the abdomen, on the upper part on the left-hand side, we are only working on the left-hand side. So put your right hand on the left-hand side of your abdomen on the upper part and press it. This is the centre of the primordial master. As you have to become the master or the guru of yourself because you are the spirit. Logically you have to ask another question to me, Mother am I may own guru and I my own master, As me the question. (take that child out). Three time ask me the question ,mother am I my own master. be full of confidence, don’t feel guilty, you’re not to feel guilty, that’s one thing please don’t feel guilty. Mother am I my own master. keep your eyes shut, in your heart ask this question.

Now again put this right hand on the lower part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. your right hand to be put on the lower part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Now this is the centre of true technique of divine, or we can say the divine laws work through this centre. So, we have o now request it, that you have to ask you want true knowledge. I cannot force out or make you do it, you have to ask for it, because it’s your freedom. So, you have to say, mother please may I have the true knowledge, mother may I have the true knowledge about the technique of divine laws. You have to ask about it. as you have to enter into a university you have to ask permission, in the same way you have to ask permission or also you have to consent. From your heart you ask that. Please day six times, this centre has got six petals so please say six times.

Now raise this right hand above again in the abdomen, where we had asked the question. Now as an answer to that question , in the upper part of abdomen on the left hand side, press it and you have to say , with full assertion , because you have ask ed with true knowledge, you have to say at this point, Mother I am my own master, without any hesitation, with full confidence. If you have no confidence, how are you going to do it. You say without feeling guilty, without feeling any confusion about it, just say Mother I am my own master , I am my own. Please say it ten times. Keep your eyes shut, and both the feet on the ground should be kept away from each other, shouldn’t be stick to.

Please ask this question ten times., because we have ten principles of guru, ten principles of mastery, which are the ten commandments in the bible. The you become them nobody has to tell you when you are the master you are not tempted to do those things. 
Put this right hand on the upper part of abdomen, and ten times ask the question, say not to ask question but to say, Mother I am my own master. with full confidence

Now, raise this right hand again on to your heart, at this stage with full confidence you have to say, Mother I am the spirit, ten twelve times you have to say Mother I am the spirit. Now don’t feel guilty. When you are saying that you shouldn’t feel guilty at all. Pleas easy it with full confidence. You see  to bare the truth you have to have the courage and to get the courage you have to (inaudible) . Little courage is needed, just say without feeling guilty, without thinking, without trying to understate, just say Mother I am the spirit.
Now, twelve times please. Now don’t feel guilty, whatever you have been doing it is nothing. you are that subtler being which you will become so you just don’t feel guilty and get involved into things which are of grosser level. So, forget it. Still you are feeling guilty, just at this point you must realise, god is the ocean of love, he is the ocean of compassion, but last of all he is the ocean of forgiveness. So, what crime to be commit that he will not forgive us , so please don’t feel guilty at all.

Now raise your right hand on to your neck, from front and place it little bit of back side of the neck, where neck meets the shoulder. Just put your hand there and press it hard. Now this is for people who feel guilty and it’s too strong just now. So please sixteen times say mother I am not guilty, sixteen times, but those who are really too much attached to this kind of a guilt should say it 108 times to punish themselves. You have to be cheerful people, you have entered into the kingdom of god, how can people who are guilty enter there, just think of it sixteen times. If you feel guilty on physical level also you will suffer, just say mother I am not guilty. With full faith in yourself, who are you to judge yourselves, let god judge you, why are you judging yourself. we have no business to condemn ourselves and destroy ourselves, with our mental ideas. God has taken so much care with delicacy with every understanding he has created you that you feel guilty about it. He is anxious to take you into his kingdom so let him do it, do not stand back.
We have to be people who are really benevolent, first to ourselves and then to others. we think of benevolence and we think of guilt, how can they be together, how can guilty people be benevolent. 

Now put your right hand on your forehead across. at this point we have to say form out hearts, Mother I forgive everyone. This is what Christ has told us it is the greatest weapon we have, is to forgive. Now some people say it is difficult to forgive some people. But logically you understand when you don’t forgive someone, what they would do, nothing , it’s a myth. So, by saying I forgive the myth drops out. you’re playing into the hands of people whom you don’t forgive. You say that mother I forgive everyone. You must forgive everyone. Just say that. forgive everyone, all the evil people ,all kinds of things, just forgive them from your heart. Don’t  argue it out, just forgive. 

Now without feeling guilty, you may put your right hand on back of your head and say that if I had any mistakes, oh god please forgive me, oh divine please forgive me if I had made any mistakes. but you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Don’t start counting your mistakes at all. God knows everything, so just say that from you hear.

Now put this right hand on top of your head, on the fontanel bone area where you had soft bone in your childhood and press it with your palm. press it clockwise , at this time press it clockwise seven times you have to say very simple thing but you have to say it, because without your permission I cannot do it again, without your consent it cannot be done so you have to say mother I want my self-realisation, I want my realisation please grant it. I want it. This you have to say because I cannot cross your own freedom. If you want you can get your realisation if you don’t then nobody can force you. Once the freedom is giving to human beings is not to be taken away. Especially when you are entering into complete freedom you must be aware of your freedom you choose.
press it hard and rub it clockwise , press it hard and rub it clockwise saying that.

Now take down your hand, don’t open your eyes, take down your hand. Put the left hand on  top of your head, 4 or 5 inches above, and now see if there is a cool breeze coming out. You can change your hand  if you want to and see. You have to see yourself and certify yourselves. Nobody is going to certify you. Now see, put it hard and see if there is a cool breeze coming, move up and down, forward backward and see if there is cool breeze coming in. It’s a very subtle thing because as I said first time you enter into a subtler situation. Take you hand if you want too, see for yourselves, just put your attention there and see for yourselves if cool breeze is coming. And if it so, don’t deny.

Those you have come for the first time and feeling cool breeze in your head raise your hands, first time, good.

Now I would ask Sahaj yogis to see the new people, raise your hands who have come for the first time, to see whether cool breeze is coming out or not, and they will work it out, don’t you worry now.

Keep your hand down, now the only thing is Sahaj yogis should get up slowly and see the people who have come first time please raise your hands. 
Don’t talk to them, just see the kundalini as it is. 

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