Pre-Christmas Talk and Farewell Puja

Montague Hall, Hounslow (England)

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Pre-Christmas Talk and Farewell Puja. Montague Hall Hounslow (UK), 23 November 1984.

So yesterday was a nice day for all of us, and I said something of a different level. We’ve been talking all the time about the mundane things and these things sometimes are very … are of so much importance, we think. But when I talked to you yesterday, I hope you all realized that we have to now jump into another realm of a subtler understanding of Sahaja Yoga.

First we were worried about our families, our children, our households; then, our marriages. One after another all these questions came up, and we were concerned about all these things; little, little things.

Then we also got concerned about the ashrams which we were running: the problems of the ashram, what we have been doing, how we have been facing the problems, how people are creating problems. That’s how our humanity started acquiring a subtler understanding. And then we also realized that we are blessed by God, that there’s something great that is always looking after us, some higher Force, some special Attention is there about ourselves. This is what we realized.

Today I was explaining how it happens, that how we realize that God is helping us. Any problem is an effect of some sort of a cause – every problem. Like Mona wrote a letter that she was driving in a motorway and the car went out of control, and the brake would not act. And there was a car coming from the right, car coming from the left, cars going through in front and behind. And she felt that they’ll be finished – two of them were traveling, two Sahaja yoginis. So the cause was the car or the brake or whatever it was, the mechanism, and the effect was all the problem. So now, how to overcome that problem? Supposing you try to neutralize the effect, you cannot, because cause is still there. You try to improve the cause, it doesn’t work out. Then what we are doing? So the easiest thing is to cross the cause, to ascend over, to go beyond the cause; so the cause does not exist for you, so the effect does not exist for you. As long as the cause exists in your attention, the effect will be there. So what did she do? She just prayed to Me, just thought of Me that “Mother, now it’s my last chance” – that’s all. So the cause disappeared, because you go beyond it. And the effect also disappeared, and she was surprised.

So you must ascend away from the cause. Now a problem: “my wife is like this”, “my husband like this,” “my family life is this,” “Sahaja yogis are like this” – all kinds of things are there. It’s an effect. Now what’s the cause? – is such and such person. All right, now how do you get negation of the cause. Surrender it. You have, you have the right to do that. You have a knack to do it, you can do it. You are capable of it, you are entitled to do it – but you don’t do it, you forget. You just forget. If you surrender that cause, effects will go away. But that is the thing at that time to remember, that you have to ascend. To go beyond the cause is the best way to get rid of it.

So I’ve been playing with you. You had causes to say, “Oh Mother, this is the problem. I have no job.” Now I have a job, then the job is to be hard. Then the wife is not there, so must have a wife. The wife has a problem, so she is to be divorced – and that and that, and this is that. Then, “I am like that. I am very bad because there’s a bhoot in me.” So the bhoot is the cause. “And I am behaving like this because there’s a bhoot in me.” That’s also a scapegoat, I think.

So first you go beyond that, saying, “What is bhoot? Who is bhoot? I know my Mother. And Mother, You look after this bhoot of mine” – that’s all. But for that an emergency has to come to you, otherwise you just don’t do it, with that power. When you are in emergent condition, then it works out faster. When it is not emergency then it’s half-hearted, like Mona’s condition.

There was another case where a journalist was traveling from … or something and his brakes broke down, and he was with another journalist, so both of them were coming – this another journalist told me. The another one was Sahaja yogi. So he found his brakes are not working and he found his car is going, in front there is a big truck coming up and another truck coming from behind. And there was no way for him to turn or to get out of it, and his brakes were horrid. That was a emergency, you see. Such an emergency that developed into his mind, that “Oh God, now the last moment has come. Now we’re finished.” There is a truck coming from there and another truck, and within a split of a second he was to be finished. And he just told his friend, “Think of Mother” – that’s all. And what he found, that he was nicely crawling on the road and the trucks were left behind, and the brake was working.

But that emergency has to come. Human beings are such that unless and until they are put into tight corners, they never do that. Once they are in a tight corner, then they do it. That is the reason why people try to take ascetic life, because if you are an ascetic then you are in a tight corner. They go to Gobi Desert to create that emergency within you, so that you think of God. What does that mean? But that’s too late to go to the Gobi Desert. They create problems for them to get into tight corners, so that they can get out of it. But for Sahaja yogis, they are ones, they need not have.

But how do we achieve it otherwise, without any … ? Only way is meditation. Everybody must meditate, it’s the point. If you do not meditate, you can continue for a while. You may be all right for a while for two, three months, maybe two years, but then you drop out. Many people think, “Oh, what’s the need to meditate? You see, it’s all right. If we don’t meditate, doesn’t matter.” It’s not. Because in meditation only you grow. In emergency you suddenly grow, no doubt. I mean, you jump like a jack-in-the- box. You just come up with a spring. But if you have to have continuous growth then you must meditate, allow the thoughts after thoughts coming, and then allow them to subside, because you rise into the state of thoughtless awareness. And in that thoughtless awareness you grow. And you grow in your detachment to the cause of all the effects. If there is no cause, there is no effect.

But this is the problem with us, is that we do not meditate, normally. Only when it comes to absolute last point, now you’ll have to fall in the well – then we think of it. Maybe at that moment you are helped, but you don’t grow. Growth can only come if you meditate. That is one very important part, is complete help to people who meditate in the normal way. In the normal life, how do we grow? If we have no oxygen, we cannot grow. We have to have sufficient oxygen, we have to have sufficient food, we have to have all these things. But in spirituality you grow through meditation. There’s no way out. Those who think they can grow are bumptious, actually bumptious people, because they can talk a lot about Sahaja Yoga. I have seen people who talk too much about Sahaja Yoga. They can give big lectures, this, that, but have no vibrations at all. They can’t do any work for Sahaja Yoga, they are not collective, they have no sense to be collective, all kinds of problems.

But the growth is to be achieved through meditation. That is one part of it. That is, we can say, is the worship, is the puja. Then you don’t have to give up anything, you just become detached, detached from the cause itself. That’s one part of it. Secondly, that this I would say will take you to the subtler side of your emotional bindings, because emotional binding has given you certain identification: you are a Christian or a Hindu or a Muslim, or this and that, or a British or any kind of a race, or whatever you have to call it. All those things will drop out, because you get a detached personality.

So these emotional bindings – “he is my brother,” “she is my sister,” “I am worried about my wife,” “I am worried about my child” – all these emotional bindings which make you a smaller personality will drop out, and you’ll have one emotional binding, is that “I am growing in my compassion. Compassion is active, my compassion is effective. My compassion is a light. My compassion is this discretion. I am a yogi.” And secondly you read about Sahaja Yoga, you know about Sahaja Yoga, you know the technique of Sahaja yoga, you raise your kundalini, you clean your chakras, try to understand about mantras. You master your mantras, you master your deities, you please them. All these things when they are done properly, then your mental bindings will drop out.

Those who think they are great scientists, they will know that all this is no science; the science of God’s technique is much more. Those who think that they are over-read, well-read people, when they read about Sahaja Yoga and work it out on themselves and see for themselves, and on others, they will know that whatever they have read is all stupid, has no meaning, is empty. And that’s how a kind of an emptiness will come in, emptiness of ego, because they’ll see that knowledge is so great. Like Newton said that “Knowledge is like an ocean, and I am like a little child collecting some pebbles at its shore.” What an understanding! So that emptiness comes in you, and then the real knowledge starts coming into you. The identification with real knowledge comes. You talk; when you talk, that talk has an effect – that’s a mantra. You just don’t jabber, “Oh, I am in Sahaja Yoga. I have been in Sahaja Yoga for fifteen years” – good for nothing. You may be there for a hundred years but you may remain a donkey as donkey is, absolutely.

But you may have been there only for one year, and you may become from a donkey a human being, and a yogi too. But that is what we have to first of all recondition ourselves, by attaching ourselves emotionally to Mother. I mean, you have an advantage over many other yogis of the world who came, poor things, they had nothing to look forward. They knew of a Primordial Mother, they knew about this, but they had no Form. You have a Form. You are very fortunate and lucky people; you have a Form. It’s easy to adore a Form than to adore something abstract in the air, do you see; absolute consciousness, how do you adore it when you can’t see it?

But that attachment doesn’t mean in any way that you have to give Me anything. What do you give Me? Nothing, but detachment from the cause. And this works out – you have seen it in your lifetime. You also say that “It works out, Mother, somehow it worked out.” What is bandhan? It’s nothing but you are attaching yourself to your Mother, you’re just telephoning to Her. This is a telephone going to your Mother, that’s all. You know I also play with you, I also say, “All right, I am giving you a bandhan.” I am giving bandhan to Myself! It’s a telephone call, just a telephone call. But the faith has developed now that yes, this is the real faith, where you get completely detached in your emotional things. It’s just “My mother” – all right, just give her a bandhan, finished. “My father” – give him a bandhan. “My brother” – give him a bandhan, whatever it is. Bandhan, whatever it is. You are putting that … in the bonds of your Mother. But you are not conscious that you are doing that. You are just binding them with the love of your Mother which is flowing through your hands.

What are these vibrations, is your Mother’s love. You’ve got it, it is flowing through you. But what about your love for your Mother? And that is what I find, that at the time when there is complete emergency that surrender comes in, and it works.

So there’s no need to create any emergencies. You must slow and steadily work it out, and it will build up by itself within you. You will have that power within you, I assure you. But meditation is one way; another is the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga. Not showing off, not telling others, but working it out in yourself – different chakras, how they work out, on yourself, not on others. Once you start teaching others, it’s a bhoot in you. You’d better learn it for yourself, even within yourself. I know who has mastered which chakra, which …. Nobody tell others that “this is the way to do it,” that’s absolute nonsensical ego. So such things should not be done. If somebody asks you, you can tell individually, but on a large scale you do not give lectures on that, and don’t confuse people.

Now, so we have two things, that we have to get over our emotional grossness and our mental grossness; same with our physical grossness. Physical grossness can be overcome if you surrender yourself, to one medicine, is vibrations.

Like Anupama, My grandchild, told her mother, “You are born in allopathy, then you are following homeopathy. Tomorrow you’ll find out some jumbopathy, then some numbopathy! So, but I am born in God and I follow only God’s pathy, and God will look after me and God will cure me.”

So My daughter said, “Why? You may also change.”

She said, “Why? Because God never changes.” Simple question asked. God will cure you. But you must have that much ascent to say that, as you just jump out at the time of emergency.

Same sort of an urge, that same sort of a personality should be within you to say that. Just if you say, “Oh God, please save me,” God has no time for such people. You have no time for God, God has no time for you either – a simple thing.

So from sublime to mundane things when we come, we exist in both the things and we are effective. Whether we are in the lamp or in the light or in the oil, we are at a subtler point; and we, if we give the effectiveness without being the cause. Because you are beyond the cause, so there is no need to create any cause for anything, but you see the effect. So once the cause is finished effect is achieved, and it’s achieved what is to be achieved, the correctness of it. The correct thing you get. You do not get perverse thing, but if you go with a cause then you can have perversity, you can have all kinds of problems. So the best thing is to detach yourself from causes and then you get the effect, like as I told you that the brake got all right. The effect was there, the car was all right, everything was fine so the effect was all right; but the cause was lost. There was no cause. Why? How? How the thing was perfected?

If you ask the effect of it, you say how did you get it? You can’t explain, it didn’t work out. So because the cause is missing you cannot put it to any cause; you sometimes say it’s divine the way it’s worked out.

So the only cause that is really effective is divinity. But the divinity should not be just as a mundane sort of a thing, “All right, yes, Mother’s photograph is there, namaste. Good. Namaste. Good morning, Mother” – finished. That’s not the way. You have to know your Mother, and you have to love your Mother – that is what it is. It’s very embarrassing to say that you must love Me. But as a Mother in this lifetime I have had many embarrassing things, and one of them is this, that I don’t know how to tell the children. This is the fact. So you need not go through any emergencies or any such problems. You just develop yourself in such a way that you are so developed that it just acts and works out.

So I’ll give you a example of that. It works the least in England, surprisingly, where I’ve worked the most – least in England. I’ll give you a simple example, now. You see, your coming to India was decided I don’t know how many months back. I have been to India once and I’m going second time, and England is the only place where you have to pay your money directly. People have not yet paid, but Australians have done it. Australians, who are eighty, eighty-five people have done it, but English have not done – everything they are slow. But when it comes to ego they are the first, their flags are the first. In the ego, where is it generated? – in England the great.

So when it comes to doing something they are the slowest, when it comes to criticism they are the highest, and then when it comes to the ego suddenly you’ll see, give them any position, yes, they’ll do it …. Why? Again you can explain, because there is a cause. You’ll say it is inertia, blame someone, or it’s a bhoot, or it’s my ego or my superego, it’s not myself. Myself, I am all right. Some cause. Why you have not paid so far? It’s such a problem; I have to go now. If you were not coming you should not have come, but if you are paying, you better pay for it. Now, what’s the matter with you?

They started with fifty people, now they end up with thirty-five. We have arranged for it, we have ordered for things and we have got the buses and all that; now they are missing. Nobody asked you to come. On the contrary I was saying, “Keep it low. Keep it low, so that we’ll make it nice.” But you cannot have less than 350 or you can have three hundred, you can have two hundred, but you cannot just have 210. Where to put them? A simple thing – see all the mundane style. But in other places what they have done? “All right, we have to go. Mother will work it out.” It’s worked out. Everybody has got money, everything done, it’s all here.

Americans have done it, surprisingly, but English very few – they don’t know whether they are going or not. Still there are some. Poor Gavin has to run up and down for all of you. I tell you, he is the one who has such patience. And I was amazed that there are still eleven people who have not paid, can you believe it? I mean, it’s such a simple thing. If you don’t want to go, don’t go. If you want to go, you go. Tell him you are not going or you are going, finished. I mean, nobody wants you there. But even this little thing you cannot because you have a kind of a cause to show … because, because this has happened, because that has happened, because this….

So the English have to come up much more, because I have really worked for you people very, very hard, and again God has given Me work again five years more; I don’t know what we are going to do.

Sometimes I feel I should not be back, because no use. This is a small example I am giving, very small example, it’s very mundane type. You can see in other places also, like that. You tell them anything, “But why, Mother, it happens like that? Why do I do like this?” I mean, asking Me a question, asking Me the cause! “Why did I behave like this? Why do I get into temper?”

Like I known people who have been coming to Sahaja Yoga, doing Sahaja Yoga and all that, but then they go to some other Steiner’s place. Then they go to some other courses. I mean, they have no faith in Me – Sahaja Yoga. They are practicing this, they are practicing that like mad, still going on. That’s only possible in England, I tell you, nowhere else – it’s a speciality. I have known of so many people who came to Sahaja Yoga; without practicing Sahaja Yoga, curing, helping them in Sahaja Yoga, working it out. They leave Sahaja Yoga. They’re going to this place, that place, that …. Is this the way?

Now I have known also people who try to blame the leadership. I am telling you all these things because I was very sick when I came here, really I tell you, I was sick for eight days and I was sick even afterwards; because you know, you are all in My body and I suffer, so I must tell you.

And then they say the leadership is no good, leader should be very strong, the leader should be this, and their leader must have a big thing in his hand, and handles us and till he does, we are not going to be all right. Again the cause; again the cause. I tell you, you have one of the best leaders mean Gavin, and I must tell you, he is the man who spent a lot of money. Without telling Me he has covered many expenses, his officers has worked for us. He took all nonsensical people. If I told him, “This fellow is getting some ego,” he’ll employ in his office. If I say, “This fellow has got bhoots,” he’ll employ in his office. He has worked with such bhoots that I could not manage them even for a day. He tries his level best to go to people and tell them that, “See now, come.” He has saved so many people by his sense, by his understanding; but the only thing is he, openly he doesn’t lead, that’s his mistake. He should openly tell, “You are a bhoot and get cured, then you’ll be all right.”

But if you say, “Come here. You see, you are a bhoot, doesn’t matter. I have got lemons, …, chillies. You sit down.” Then, “Mother, he is identifying himself with the greatest bhoot.” Let us face it. If you have understanding of your leader, then you should know that I know better than you know about it. And this is very saddening sometimes. Why don’t you understand the sheer goodness of a person? The amount of bhoots he has tolerated in his office, I tell you, I can’t stand them for more than one day, some of them.

So egoistical, some of them, off their heads, and some of them are so bhootish that even if they come downstairs I get a pain in the stomach, in My house. But he stood them. Why? What was the need? Just that he thought that he’d help them. Whenever I told him that “This person is bhootish,” I find him employed by Mr Gavin Brown. Then one day I had to tell him, “Sack all of them,” and they were sacked. Why do we have the maximum number of bhoots in England, I can’t understand. Is it necessary to have them around?

On the day when I am going I should not tell you these things, but when I go away I find these bhoots come back, and they become the causes, and the effects are shown. So I have to make a complete open picture to you to see that you can ascend to the highest of highest, being born on this great land of this country. But you can also go very down, I have seen that. Because you’re always blaming someone, last of all Gavin, and this is the worst thing that you have done. Let anybody say that to Gregoire – he’ll chop that person off ten times and bring that person to me in chopped stages! Really, I mean! He’ll say, “What nonsense! All right, it’s … go ahead.” You tell Mr. Warren, I don’t know what he’ll do with all of the Australian type. They are all gems, no doubt.

But you deserve a man like Gavin. I thought, they are special people that I’ve worked for you so much, but I am amazed. The decent people don’t need such leaders, do you? But the people who are decent now turn out to be Australians, surprisingly, the way they behave towards Me: so sweet they are, you’d be surprised, the children you know. Gavin, he bought some cups and saucers for Me because when I go there they thought they’ll give Me tea in good cups and saucers. So he bought for all the centers one cup and saucer, good one. So the children, little, little children, they collected money; after all, Mother will have a cake, also must have a plate. So they sent a check here, just see – how sweet! But I never eat cakes, you know that, but still – so sweet the children, I should say.

What is the reason? Why do we dominate or get dominated? Why? Again the cause. Go beyond the cause. I bless you again and again that when I come next time, see that you don’t make any mistakes anymore.

Meditate and meditate and meditate, and when you come to India some of you, I would like to show you as my prize things from where I’ve worked, you know. Even where I’ve not been, you see, somebody else has given realization to someone in Nepal, you see, and they are wonderful flowers; and here am I, something wrong with Me! Where I have worked, people are more worried about the causes.

I have to really make a very, very straightforward appeal to you that now, grow within yourself. Are you magnanimous, are you generous, are you systematic? Are you impressive, are you kind, are you collective? Are you attached to all these nonsensical things still? Do you talk big, do you give big lectures? Humble down yourself, and then you’ll see your greatness. Unless and until you put your head down to your heart, how will you see your Mother?

I wish you all great luck now, and happy Christmas to you and happy New Year, and a very great New Year in spiritual growth. Let’s show it. Let all of us decide today. Forget about your wives and husbands and children, and this and that nonsense. Now you are yogis, you are united with Divine. Grow in it, prosper in it. May God bless you all.

Now the today’s program should not be very big because we are not allowed lot of time, but it’s nice that today we could have a little puja of farewell. But it should be a very small … because it is, how much you receive is the point, because before going I don’t want to have all kinds of chakras, you see, going into spasms. I am sometimes afraid of a puja in England.

Gavin, I think you can just … It’s the mastery. You must have the mastery, upon yourself first of all. If you are not a master you cannot act – and upon your instrument, that’s the point. Where is he? Gavin can you come?

And I would not like anybody to disrespect the leaders at all. You may be very intelligent, that’s outside Sahaja Yoga. In Sahaja Yoga you have to listen to your leaders and respect, and nobody should try to find faults. I know his faults, what are his faults are, and I know how to deal with them. Everybody should try to strengthen. Now I would say in Australia, which is a modern thing, I should say that the whole thing works like one body. Nobody questions Warren. They telephone to him, they tell him, they collect money, they put the money – it’s all working like one body. Here everybody is trying to cut the head – or bash the heart; that’s your heart, that’s your brain.

So please remember all of you should offer services to Gavin, to Sahaja Yoga, before criticizing. Those who say the books are not arriving, let them take over the books. Even booking My seats and all that he has to run, I know; whatever you may say about … he used to do all this. So you should offer your services also, to do these jobs. Otherwise Sahaja Yoga won’t work out.

We are not only here to take blessings but we have certain duties also, and that’s what everybody should offer, their measure: what can I do, how can I help? What is the work? Let’s see now.

I hope in the next meeting you all should sit down and find out what you can do. A group can be formed: two, three persons can sit and do it with love, with attention, so that his burden will be reduced, and you will all feel the joy that you are doing something for Sahaja Yoga. Mother has done so much for you, what have you done for Sahaja Yoga? You want to have nice ashrams, nice place to live there, all right. You want to have comfortable places, cheaper places, all right. You want to have good health, all right. You want to have fine children, all right; enjoy your life. But what about giving, giving your heart, your respect?

Next time when I come back, I want to see that you are all growing as one body. At least the Heart should be integrated, if nothing else. Imagine a heart which has the valves which pulsates at various times, all muscles going at different wavelengths. How can this universe survive with a heart like this? So I have to request all the, all the cells of the Heart to be alert, to be one in unison with God, and in loving care of the whole universe. May God bless you.

So what is this puja supposed to be today? It’s farewell puja? Today, so let’s have it, just before the birth of Christ.

Let Christ be born within us. Let’s be, like Him, the one who always insisted, “Love your brothers. Love your sisters.” Who are your brothers and sisters? He asked the question too, “Who are My brothers and sisters?”

“Sahaja yogis are my brothers and sisters.”

Somebody offered at the altar. He said, “What are you to offer at the altar? Have you reconciled with your brother?” Have you reconciled? First reconcile, and then bring flowers to Mother.

He said it already. Think of Him, how forgiving He was, how magnanimous, how great, and how He thought of His Father all the time, completely dedicated, doing His work. So with all praises to Christ and to His Mother who worked in a very potential manner, we have to today within ourselves awaken that great Spirit, which is actually the Omkara. Even the memory, even the idea of that is so joy-giving. Let His life be reflected in your lives. You have to be true Christians.

Let’s have … what is it? ….

I think … Now I would say, next time when you come to puja, all of you must have the hundred-and-eight names of the Goddess. You must have all the papers that are there. Like we have these books, all of us must have these papers, not only one person should have. We should try to remember certain things also: the names of the Goddess, the names that we recite. We should read them again and again and understand them, the Sanskrit meaning of it. And it should come to us very easily, because that is how we are going to work out our chakras.

I don’t think we have names of Christ, it’s all right, and this time I hope we will try to read some names of Christ. But we have the names of Ganesha but not of Christ, so we’ll say the hundred-and-eight names of Shri Ganesh, and somebody can wash My feet, all right ….

Have you? Well really, that’s the best. But so, I would say somebody should say now, let’s see. How many names we have? Let me dive them.

Let Me create the names, and we’ll give it to others. Why should only Gavin keep the names? It’s not like a prime minister of this country, you have chosen the leader. Prime minister is paid money for, she’s – that’s her job she is doing. He is not doing his job. You all are doing the job of God.

So why should there be any such thing that …. Now somebody should read it, and somebody can. Now who will read it?

Now somebody should read it and somebody can wash My feet. But don’t do it too much, eh? This is Christ – it’s not easy to absorb. All right, let’s see. Let’s see how much love you have for Him, how much you absorb Him ….

Get up now. So you must get up to help, some of you. And others also. There’s nothing to fear that there is ego or anything. Don’t keep back thinking, “Oh, they think I’m just being … ” – no, run! Run for the job.

Now, what is it? Get some things what you need.

Now, who will conduct the puja? Bala, you can do it? All right, come forward. Some ladies can come also, what’s the harm? Now come here. …. The water and all that ….

Now, you being friends, you need not trouble too much ….

(A Sahaja yogi takes the names of Lord Christ.)

We bow to the one who is the only son of His Virgin Mother

In whose every pore of His body galaxies whirl as dust

Who was born to teach us of His Father Sadashiva, the everlasting Almighty God. Amen.

Aum twameva sakshat Shri Jesus sakshat

Shri Adi Shakti Bhagavati Mataji

Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah.

He is the primordial Being, the Aum.

He is Vishnu and the son of Vishnu.

He is Mahavishnu.

He is pure pranava energy.

He contains millions of universes.

He was born in the primordial cosmic egg.

He was conceived in the heart of Shri Mataji.

He was foretold by the prophets.

He was heralded by a star in the east.

He was attended by the three Magi, who were Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu.

He was born in a stable.

He is the teacher.

He is a friend of the cows.

He was attended by cows.

His father is Shri Krishna.

His mother is Shri Radha.

He is the Savior who burns all our sins with His fire.

He adorns the Agnya Chakra.

He is light.

He is of the nature of sky.

He is fire.

He performed miracles out of His compassion.

He whose cloak was touched.

He is a friend of ascetics.

He is worshipped by families.

[Shri Mataji: Because tapasa – He stands at tapassvi. Now you see, that’s why. Ascetic, why? Because He is a tapassvi.]

His bija mantra is “Ham, Ksham.”

He is the forgiver.

He allows us to forgive.

He is the Spirit.

He is born of the Spirit.

He who was crucified and resurrected in pure Spirit.

He who rose again after three days.

He is peace.

He absorbs all thoughts.

He abides in the Adi Agnya Chakra.

[Shri Mataji: He abides in everything, but in human beings in the Agnya Chakra. He is the Omkara. He abides in everything, but in the human beings He abides in the Agnya Chakra.]

He who promised the Comforter who is Shri Mataji, the Holy Spirit.

He who returns as a king.

He is Shri Kalki.

He is the principle of evolution.

He is the support of our evolution.

He is the end of evolution.

[Shri Mataji: He is the support of the universe – Mooladhara.]

He is the evolution from collective subconscious to collective consciousness.

He is the narrow gate.

He is the way to the Kingdom of Heaven.

[Shri Mataji: He is the narrow gate to the Kingdom of Heaven, and He is the way. All right.]

He is the silence.

He is Lord Kartikeya.

He is Shri Maha Ganesha.

He is the purity of innocence.

He is continence.

He is generosity.

He is the light in the eyes of Shri Mahalakshmi.

He is obedient to His Mother.

He is the perfect Sahaja yogi.

He is the perfect brother.

He is the embodiment of joy.

He is the embodiment of gentleness.

He spits out the half-hearted.

He condemns the adulterous eyes.

He condemns all fanatics.

[Shri Mataji: Actually, neutralizes the adulterous eyes. He makes the adulterous eyes innocent, because He is innocence.]

He is uninterested in riches.

He gives all riches to His devotees.

He is pure white.

[Shri Mataji: No, this is, you can’t say He is uninterested in rituals – what makes you think? The rituals which are real ….

See, the one who is riches, how can He be interested in riches? That’s the point …. Riches He is. Not interested at all, because He being the riches – that is gunatita, as you call it – you see, the being and the non-being. When you are the non-being, you cannot be interested in the being. Beyond, He is beyond.]

He is the sacred heart.

He wears a crown of thorns.

He condemns misery.

He suffered so that we should enjoy.

He is a child, yet He is the ever ancient.

He is the Alpha and the Omega.

He gives the kingdom of heaven equally to those who are first or last.

He is ever with us.

He is beyond the universe.

He is the sign of the cross.

He is above discrimination.

He is the witness.

He is the one who is witnessed.

He overcomes temptation.

He exorcises evil.

He condemns occult practices.

He is the embodiment of tapas – penance.

He worships His father.

He is hallowed by His Father.

He whose name is holy.

He is intelligence.

He is wisdom.

He is perfect humility.

He is angry with materialists.

He destroys ego and absorbs superego.

He is the destroyer of desires.

He is the pure power of desire.

His church is the heart.

He has the eleven destroying powers.

He is the destroyer of false prophets.

He is the destroyer of untruth.

He is the destroyer of intolerance.

He is the destroyer of racialism.

He is the destroyer of anger.

[Shri Mataji: Of fanaticism – it’s very much so.]

He is the herald of the Golden Age.

He is worshipped by our Mother.

He is praised by our Mother.

He is loved by our Mother.

He is the one who is chosen.

He is awakened in all Sahaja yogis.

He who rides the white horse at the end of the age.

He is the end of our fears.

He guards the gate of our Mother.

He is the only way to the Kingdom of God.

Aum Shri Mahalakshmi, Mahavishnu sakshat

Shri Mahavirata sakshat

Shri Adi Shakti Bhagavati Mataji

Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah.

[Shri Mataji: I think the word “worshipped” should be “adored by our Mother” because He didn’t like it, I think, it’s catching on the Agnya. So it’s “is adored by.” See, He’s so particular – you see, the protocol is not all right, that’s why.

See – better! Agnya was fine. See? …. Some catches there are. I was wondering which one of them was …. Now we’ll say, “He is adored by our Mother.”

He is adored by our Mother.

[Shri Mataji: Again, three times.]

He is adored by our Mother.

[Shri Mataji: Again.]

He is adored by our Mother.

He is adored by our Mother.

[Shri Mataji: See? He’s very particular.

May God bless you.]

(Hymns to Shri Mahalakshmi, in Sanskrit.)

You got the meaning of that? The description of Mahalakshmi, what She gives you, and also the description about Her relationship with Vishnu, with Hari – is Shri Krishna, that She is the beloved of Shri Krishna (Hari …) Is the beloved of Shri Krishna; and that’s how it explains how Mahalakshmi, if She is Mary, then Mary is Radha ….

…. This has to be done by boys who haven’t got the feeling of marriage, or think of it. It has to be that pure.

(Mother is directing them to perform the puja correctly.)

(Recitation of Devi Suktam.)