Public Program Day 1

Pune (India)

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Public Program Day 1

[Translation from Hindi to English]

Leader:  Dear Sahaja yogis and all the seekers who have come here to know about Sahaja Yoga. Today is a very auspicious occasion, as today Shri Mataji Nirmala Deviji is with us here and will tell us about the Kundalini, and how its awakening happens. I know a few people who are sitting here are a bit uncomfortable, due to shortage of space. Please do forgive us. I am extremely sorry for the lack of space, but with the knowledge you will gain out of sessions with Shri Mataji, you will not feel the discomfort. This much I can assure you. I have no words to describe our merciful and loving Mother. I lack the words to express praise for Her. I don’t have words. From where should I start? How do I start Her praise? Shri Mataji is the source, the ocean of love and compassion, and is sitting amongst us today. Our sages and hermits of old, have told us that  Kundalini awakening is a very, very difficult process, and is attained with lots of practice. Shri Mataji has made this awakening so simple. If you are really desirous to know about it in a true sense, if you are seekers, then I assure you that before you leave this place you will attain your Self-realization. I would now like to excuse myself and invite Shri Mataji to come on the stage and, with Her love and beautiful love-filled voice, to satisfy your pure desire for self realisation. Thank you.

Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of truth. Today I was thinking about which language to choose to communicate with you. Then I thought that I have given lectures in Marathi in Pune many times. So today I will give my speech in Hindi, mainly because Hindi is our national language. Though my mother tongue is Marathi, I think learning Hindi language is of utmost importance. So I apologise to the Marathi-speaking people. All those people who speak in Hindi and are highly literate in the Hindi language, please forgive me if I make any mistakes. This is one thing we all should understand: first, that language should be of love and from the heart. Where the language is not from the heart, it is only a play of words. This problem arises everywhere. So only the language which comes from the heart is touching and has impact.

We have been searching for the truth for many ages. It’s not only nowadays, but since many decades we have been searching for the truth, and in this search for the truth, many people have lost their way. We should understand that the reason behind this is that today’s New Age environment is such that everyone has started talking about God, and dharma. But in the process there is so much confusion, misleading and fighting, that they have created speculation and doubts about the very existence of God. Thus questions arise in the minds of the younger generation, and they keep asking Me over and over again, “What does all this drama in the name of God mean?”  “Mother, if God is truth, if God is love and if God is benevolence, then all these people who are fighting in the name of God, do not have any godliness in them. It is obvious that they have no divine blessings, nor do they even know anything about God”.

In this situation, it is better to forget the people who, in the name of God have misled seekers; and created such great confusion. Because of these people, there is a major conflict in the minds of our young generation today as to how to deal with the desire to know God, and spiritual ascent.

Now, whether you believe it or not, God exists. It’s not about whether you believe, or dont believe. The existence of God will be there whether you believe it or not. But it is difficult to understand why human beings started to move in wrong directions, where even if you wanted to find God you would never be able to find God. If we try to understand where we went wrong in our search, we will be able to see that.

Now, talking about Sahaja Yoga.  Sahaja means “saha” plus “ja”. “Saha” means with you and “ja” means born with; that is, the one which is born with you for the attainment of yoga (union with God). The instrument for yoga, is within you. This is an assurance for you; a proof, that the time has come to attain the truth.

Sahaja Yoga is not a today’s happening. Thousands of years ago, Lord Indra was given his Self-realization. Self-knowledge was granted. Then also, Sahaja Yoga existed, and after that you know Markandeya Swami was born 14,000 years ago in this world. He has also mentioned the importance of Sahaja Yoga. But this knowledge was never shared very openly.

After that, long long ago, we can say that Shri Adi Shankaracharya shared this knowledge with mankind. But it was never disclosed how this happens, because it was not the right time. Lord Krishna also said that you should know your .spirit. Only the one who knows the spirit can know the truth. Christ said the same thing. That you should have your rebirth. Lord Buddha said it. Mahavira said it. Everyone said that you should get your rebirth, and this was shared by Shri Adi Shankaracharya, that without rebirth there is no other way to achieve God. Till you get the flow of divine vibrations in your hands, (“Salilum, Salilum”) like water moving in the ocean; you will not understand the truth and get out of this web of words (shabd jaalam). It was Guru Nanak and Shri Kabir Das who shared this knowledge more openly. Both of them tried really hard to place the truth in front of everyone: That without Kundalini awakening nothing can be acccomplished. But they spoke in such a  dynamic and powerful way, that people could not understand them.

I also felt very strongly that until you give people their Self-realization, it is useless to talk about the Divine to them. Just like when Bhagawat Gita was written,  people just kept on  reading it and got lost. Many more scriptures were written, and people kept on getting ruined. But now is not the time to read, and give lectures. I gave a lot of thought to it and tried to understand what are the  flaws in human beings. Also what problems man is facing which are preventing him from achieving the Divine. After spending a lot of time on this problem, I realized that if I opened the Sahasrara in a simple way, everything would be all right. So, it was in this way, that Sahaja Yoga got established.

Now you should understand that within us lies the living process for union with the Divine. Just as we have evolved from amoeba to human beings, now we have to evolve from  human beings to superhuman beings;  and that also, through this same living process. There is no artificiality in this, no word trap, no exercise required, no standing on your head; no need to wear saffron clothes, or to live like an ascetic.  This is an internal process. Like if you want to sprout seeds, you have to put them in Mother Earth. Then they will sprout very quickly and spontaneously. Can any of you explain this? You cannot tell how one flower is transformed into a fruit. This is definitely a unique phenomenon. And this is how Sahaja Yoga works. How it happens, we can share with you because all the natural processes related to human beings should be known and experienced. Within you all lies the power called Kundalini which is residing within you in the triangular bone. Only with the rising of this power can you get the knowledge of your spirit.

The strange thing is that while he was writing “Gyaneshwari”, which is based on the “Gita”, Gyaneshwarji explained in the sixth chapter the details about the Kundalini power within us. He explained it in a very beautiful manner and then he explained   further that when the Kundalini awakens, how individuals will benefit. A quote in Marathi – ”Joh Jeh Vanchilat teh toh laho”-  which means that all that you desire, you will get.  But your desires change with Kundalini awakening. Also, the manner in which you desire, changes completely.

Now, this Kundalini is present in each one of us, but intellectuals and  scientists ask Me, “How do you know we have a Kundalini within us?” I Do Know!  But it is completely up to you to believe it or not. Even if you are a scientist you should keep an open mind. You should have open-mindedness. If there is no open-mindedness, you can never be a scientist. We are placing before you a hypothesis. If we prove it, it becomes a law. In the same way, Kundalini is a very deep subject to understand; and to attain this deep knowledge, please keep your mind open. If from the beginning you stand with a rod in your hand,  how will I be able to explain all this to you?

I have noticed that only in matters of the Divine Kingdom we take a lot of liberties. If you want to go to a college or university, you try really hard to get admission.You obey all the requirements; you accept all the demands, and make every possible effort to get admission. In the classroom you sit humbly before the faculty and accept every lesson, theory and knowledge that is imparted by your teachers, as the truth. But I have noticed that when all the saints and sages, who were messengers from God, came into this world to share the true knowledge, they were challenged, troubled and tortured. We did not give them a proper hearing.  We questioned and argued with them, and troubled them. This is not how you can attain true knowledge. To attain this knowledge, the foremost thing is to humble down admit that “I don’t know about this and I want to acquire this knowledge”.

All the renowned saints have written about this in all the ancient scriptures of the world. If you read what Ramdas Swami has written, he says that nothing can be  gained by reading something over and over again. Our very famous Kabir Das has written, “Padhi, padhi, pandit murakh bhaya”. (By reading, and more reading; even the scholar becomes idiotic.) He has written it so clearly. Many more things were written by these saints so clearly. It is very surprising that we read their scriptures, and then do exactly the opposite of what they have asked us to do. I will now tell you the reason why we do it.  Why this happens and how, by doing this, our religion gets corrupted into irreligious practices.

The Kundalini power is the pure desire. Meaning, that all other desires are impure. If those desires were pure, then we wouldn’t crave for another thing as soon as one desire is fulfilled. Our laws of economics state that in general all desires are insatiable.  Meaning they cannot be satisfied. This means you will get one thing in particular, but immediately you will have a new desire, and then a third desire. The reason for this is that you do not have a pure desire. The desire that you want to be fulfilled, is not a pure desire. It is impure.

Kundalini power is the desire which has caused this body to be made; and it is sitting within us. It is in a dormant state within us. It has not reached the stage of manifestation when it can show its effects. This pure desire is sitting within us in the triangular bone in our spine. We call it Kundalini, as it is sitting within us in three and a half coils. Now, why is it sitting within us in three and a half coils? The mathematics behind this I cannot share just now, as we do not have enough time. But if you listen to my lectures, I have explained it in pure detail.

Now this Kundalini power is the pure desire. So the first thing when this pure desire gets awakened is, that it rises and passes through our chakras, keeps itself detached and replenishes our chakras. If you see it, logically, it is the right thing. If the juice or sap of a tree, while travelling up from the roots, gets obstructed, or sticks to any place; the tree dies and so does the process. Similarly, when the Kundalini within us rises and grows, this pure desire erases away other desires, and removes them.

On the contrary, when we moved towards religion, our entire search was in the opposite direction. Firstly, when we started moving towards religion or anything, our seeking was for our physical needs; and the material benefits we could get out of our spiritual practices. “Now I am following a religion. What benefits can I get from my religious life?” Let us snatch money from other people, take away their possessions by illegal means, and then slowly, slowly we create activities out of spirituality, which are totally evil, and lead to hell. The attention goes towards the body. It is clear that if man’s attention is on his physical wellbeing, he is away from his pure desires. This is very clear. You change your attire, your identity, you do all sorts of worldly, outward things. But by doing all these things, your innate religion cannot be established within you. So that is why the human race kept on wandering.

Now the problem of humans, which is very strongly embedded is, that they are mental, psychic and argumentative. You all know one such rationalist who really troubled Shri Adi Shankaracharya. It has been observed since long that these rationalists never understand their own conditioning. They get stuck onto one thing they have studied. If a man reads “Gita”, he starts thinking of himself as Sage Vyas – “If not greater, then at least I am equal to  Sage Vyas”. If someone has read the Bible he starts thinking that his knowledge about Lord Jesus Christ is the best. This kind of intellectual block leads to more questioning. The entire Christian religion has come to an end due to these intellectual catches.

Now, understand how this kind of intellectual block came into them. When Lord Jesus came on this Earth he said, “Get your new birth.” Then Nicodemus asked, “Do I go back to my mother’s womb?” Jesus then said, “No. What comes out of the womb is flesh but one who is born out of spirit, born out of Shri Adi Shakti, is the Spirit, and without knowing your spirit you cannot attain godliness.”

Now, these people thought, “We cannot understand this process,” because none of them knew how to give Self-realization. Nevertheless, if they didn’t know how to give Self-realization they should not have made such a mental mess. They created such a mental block of the process of Self-realization that a man named St Paul, who had no connection with Christianity, got himself a place in the Bibe. He never met Jesus. He was an epileptic, –  in bad health, and according to Me he had some problems with his supra-conscious. He came and made his place in the Bible. When I first picked up the Bible I asked, “Who is this man?” Not only I;  but many people asked the same thing, like Kahlil Gibran. Also you must all be  knowing a renowned writer, William Blake*, who is a known seer. He also said, “How has he [St Paul] found a place in the Bible?”

Now you gave him his place in the Bible. Christianity has approved of  all the nonsense that he has said. Now this has led to such a situation that an intellectual researched it, and discovered that Paul had not written anything about the birth of Jesus. He didn’t mention anything about His mother either. Nor did he mention anything about the miracles Jesus performed.. He [Paul], then said that all the disciples of Jesus were fishermen who used to catch fish and sell fish for a living. They had no spiritual knowledge. They wrote all this based on whatever came into their minds. To add to all this controversy, the Bishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of Canterbury, declared that the Church supports this theory. Now either you follow Paul, or you follow Jesus Christ.

Now when the Bishop of Canterbury has approved – that the birth of Jesus is incorrect and the miracles He performed are also not true – it means that Mr. Paul stands correct. Later, this Paul was born as Augustine, and he made Christianity into a mental, discursive kind of religion. He believed that even if you have to hold a gun in your hand, you have to ensure that the rest of the world takes up Christianity.

The same goes for Muslims. All the things written by the Prophet Mohammed, were twisted so much and made into a religion  called Islam. The same is the condition  with Hindus. But the Hindus’ condition is the worst. They have segregated Hinduism into so many religions within Hinduism. I don’t know when we will stop doing all this.

First thing is that it’s mentioned clearly that everyone has an Aatma [spirit] within them. Then from where does caste and sect come? Caste and religion have no meaning. It was made according to the aptitude or profession of a person. From the time they started to segregate people by birth, this problem has started. It is not possible to have a religion from the time of birth.

The one who wrote “Gita” was Sage Vyas. We all know who Sage Vyas was. He was the son of a fisherwoman who was not even married. Could he have been a Brahmin? Sage Valimiki who wrote “Valimiki Ramayana”, who was he? All the great people who wrote scriptures, who were they?  Brahmins are those who know the Brahma [truth]. Those who do not know Brahma cannot be called Brahmins. But people claim they are Brahmins by birth, whatever work they do. ”By birth we are Brahmins”, and it’s done! Now even our elections are based on caste and religion. God save this country. I don’t know what is going to happen to this country, because caste is that in which you are born.

“Jaatii” means “Sahaja”, meaning what you have within, and Sahaja is what you have within you. That feeling within you that is searching for, God is Brahmin. The one who finds pleasure in business is a Vaisya. This is how the caste system in India was developed. And this caste system was given such importance, that we say Gora Kumbhar [potter] in Maharashtra. This is such a good image of the caste system that Gora was called Kumbhar. Tukaram said, ”It would have been a good idea if I were a Mahar”, (an untouchable community in Maharashtra).

Again and again, all the saints have attacked the idea of the caste system in India. Not only this, Gyaneshwar was tortured by whom? All these people who thought of themselves as intellectuals, and who thought they were big messengers of God, killed him by their dirty tricks. And today all those same messengers are rewriting the “Gyaneshwari”,  and worshipping him, and making temples in his name. This happened because people were more indulgent towards their brains than towards the spirit. Spirit should be given priority. All the saints said, ” Recognize your Spirit.”

Namdev Sahib who is the renowned poet of Maharashtra was a very highly enlightened soul. He has written a very beautiful poem which was given a place in the Sikh holy book, “Guru Granth Sahib”. Shri Guru Nanaka recognized it and placed it there. It explains that a man who is in union with God gets into a state that his attention is like a child who is flying a kite and the kite has taken its full flight, flying in full swing in the sky [Bharari – Namdev used this Marathi word]. Now, this boy is talking as well to his friends, running back and forth, but his entire attention is on his kite.

The second poem he wrote was, that – ”Women are returning home after fetching water in pots placed on their heads. They are walking really fast, talking among themselves, but their pots are stable on their heads. They are giggling amongst themselves, but their attention is fixed on the earthen pots, skilfully balanced on their heads.

The message from this example is that all the people who talk about religion should first get their Self-realization. Otherwise, they cannot attain their spirit, and by no chance they can say that they are realized souls. They may claim to be realized or get self-certified, but the proof here is that a self-realized person has collective consciousness within him. He should have collective consciousness. However much he self-certifies, if he has no collective consciousness, he is not self-realized. It becomes even more important that the people who take charge of religion, or who are messengers of religion, should be self-realized.

To discuss the issues of religion also, is the right of realized souls. Those who have not got their enlightenment, enlightenment of the Spirit, what can they say about it? They are standing in the dark themselves, and can discuss only the darkness. How will a blind man guide us regarding colors and skills of a display? First open your eyes. And this eye-opening happens only with spiritual enlightenment. It is written in the “Gita” – “आत्मने वत्माने तुष्ष्ठ” – (Aatmaney Vathmaaney Thushht), which means – The Spirit gets satisfied only with spirituality.

The third kind of blockage in the awareness is worse, in which a man gets emotionally attached to someone. Sometimes we consider that emotional attachment as Faith. This is not faith; this is being blindfolded. Blind faith, like when Lord Jesus came, people ignored him and claimed, “We follow Moses.” By then Moses was dead. “Moses is now our favorite. We don’t follow Lord Jesus.” Like the Jews said, “We do not follow Lord Jesus. We will only follow Moses.” Now by then Moses had died. “Moses said that we should suffer. So, we will have to suffer,” but with the advent of Lord Jesus all our sufferings were going to end. They refused to accept this. “No, we will suffer.” So to actualise this suffering, Hitler came to earth. Now suffer. This was one basic difference, that we should suffer. What you were taught in the name of God, was that you have to undergo circumstances, wrong expectations, sadness and torture. Which is wrong.

The human body was not given to you for this. Even when you were born the entire pain of delivery was taken by your mother. It’s not the right thing to say. In Maharashtra they believe that on Monday they should  fast; then on Tuesday they will fast for a different reason. Then on Wednesday another kind of fast. In our country there are so many people already suffering from lack of food! Why are you fasting? It is such a habit in India to fast, especially on the  birthdays of any of our deities. Like on Sankashti, the  birthday of Lord Ganesha, people will fast. Would you fast on the day a child is born in your house? Wouldn’t you distribute sweets?

Everything that is taught is the opposite of reality. This kind of belief, that by undergoing this kind of emotional trouble and torture, you attain God, is a wrong belief. Just like what the Shia people do. This is the biggest misconception they are living with. On the contrary, those who are happy-minded, satisfied people, they attain the Divine easily.

In English it is said, “Count your blessings one by one”. The one who thinks about the blessings showered upon him, is the one who achieves the Divine. Not the one who always puts oneself into pain. Imagine if a mother sees her child  dying from hunger, this would be the saddest thing for the mother. She would say, “What’s the sense of my being alive, when my child is dying from hunger?” For a mother, nothing can be more painful than seeing her child hungry. If you feel like fasting, it’s okay. You can do it, but do it for improving your health. Don’t do it in the name of God!This is a kind of emotional thing that, “I am a sad person”.

The second emotional feeling is that, “I have a lot of faith in God”. When Shri Ram came on this Earth people said, “We do not believe in Ram. We believe in Parshuram.” When Shri Krishna came people started to say, “We believe in Shri Ram.” Now, if someone else incarnates, people will say, “We believe in Lord Krishna.” Is Krishna standing in front of you today? You should think about who is standing in front of you.

We have no tendency to live in the present. People prefer stay on in the past and become passionate about these feelings. Then we notice that both kinds of people – intellectuals and emotional people – become fanatics. This fanaticism gets stuck to one emotion. This emotion then gets stronger and stronger. But it is a blind faith. It’s this blind faith that causes the pure desire of these human being gets destroyed. Just like a river which is flowing through, and then enters a pile of sand, and gets finished there.  Similarly, our pure desire to attain union with God, gets disturbed and vanishes here and there. Due to this kind of blind faith, we had huge losses, really huge losses. And the biggest loss is that now we are so separated and so fragmented, and we are dissipated now. There is no provision to bind people together. We live lives which are very secluded and separated from each other. We are living a divided life.

But when our evolution happens, we rise higher in our evolution. When we rise higher and higher in our Ascent,  we should attain integration. We should integrate. If we do not integrate we should understand that we will just get scattered! We should try everything possible to integrate. In order to integrate, the most important thread is your Spirit. When you attain your Spirit, when your Kundalini is enlightened by the light of your Spirit, then everything unimportant falls off, and human beings can start seeing the beauty of others as well.

After Self-realization, human beings realize in collective consciousness, that there is no other, as an identity. No one has a separate identity. We are all one. When we all are part and parcel of the same God, then who is the other? We are not doing a favor for any one else. We are all one in identity. We are all the hands, feet and eyes of the same body. With our own hands we are harming our eyes, or cutting our nose with the other hand, cutting our ear with one hand, and then holding one ear in another hand, and claiming that we are religious.  And another one is holding the nose, and claiming, “I am religious”. There is not an iota of religiousness, in this.

Any human being who is fanatical about religion; should know that there is no religiousness in it, until you have integrated knowledge. This integration comes only with enlightenment of the Spirit. Not a single saint or sage ever said that you should not achieve the enlightenment of your Spirit. Otherwise, if anyone had said, “Don’t achieve your enlightenment,” people would have caught hold of that wrong statement only. It is a complete divine blessing that this never happened.

God has suffered a lot at the hands of humans and still kept saying, “Achieve your enlightenment and attain union with the spirit.” To attain our union with the spirit we do many things. In Sahaja Yoga we see diverse kinds of people come in to Sahaja Yoga. In different countries, many corrupt people from India moved abroad, and claimed to be big saints and gurus, and fooled innocent people. They claimed such stupid things, such as, “If you take drugs you can attain God.” Innocent people from abroad took to drugs for that reason. They have such blind faith in these fake gurus. If someone says, “You become naked and you will attain God.” People accepted  nudity as well.

This is how, anywhere you look around, you will find there is blindness in the name of God. Every fake guru is trying to push every blind seeker into a well. When the well is filled with twenty-five seekers, there is the possibility that they see through the falsehood  become enrage. And conflict can happen. People can fight and there can be violence. Fake gurus put innocent seekers in a well and sit over them, claiming their lordship over them, “I am head of the monastery. Pope of the place;” or claim, “I am the leader of a new religion.”

Even auspicious things like Zen, which was started by Vidhitama, is a very higher order in spirituality. He used to talk in a very high state of spirituality.But I noticed the Kundalini of the head of the Zen order, was not awakened. I asked him, “You are not even realized. How are you Zen?” Zen means “the one who knows”. I asked him, “How can you be here? How is this possible?” So he said, “We only have twenty-six Kashyapas, and after that we had no Kashyapas. How can I be a Kashyap? This all ended in the 12th century with a total of only twenty-six realized souls [Kashyap].”  I asked him, “Then why are you sitting on that status? You are occupying that title, but what is your right to sit on that status?”

A similar thing happened with the Vedas. In the Vedas the very first shlok says that the one who gets his understanding of his self, or attains his Self-realization; only he has the right to access the Vedas. The one who has no knowledge of his self, who is ignorant about his self, what can he do with the Vedas?

Now what is “Vida”? It means to understand the self, to understand the consciousness lying within oneself. In English it means to understand our own central nervous system. If we do not understand the knowledge on our central nervous system, then it is not “Vid”. All that we have gained in our evolution has to be felt on our central nervous system.

After attaining your Self-realization, what are the benefits? I am short of time to describe that. But tomorrow I will definitely share the benefits of attaining the Self. There are numerous and endless benefits. I can’t tell you how much, because every human being first looks out, only for his benefits. As a mother, I know that my children will first ask for a chocolate and then will listen to Me. So I will share the benefits of Self-realization, that while you are growing, how you can benefit others as well. When others are benefited, when other people profit, then we realize what we have achieved in Sahaja Yoga. Before that, you realize that you are selfish. “I am meant for myself. I care only about myself and cannot help others.” When you start sharing it with others, it is then, that you start enjoying it the most.

In India lot of issues are debatable, issues related to the incarnations, but no one knows the reality of it. For example, in “Gita” there was no description about Kundalini because it was not the right time for awakening, but he made it clear that “Yoga kshema vahamyam”. (First you attain your realization; then the wellbeing starts happening). This kind of belief  has been followed in our country for ages, which is giving yoga to people. In Maharashtra the Nath community provided the same service of kundalini awakening to the people, but only one or two people used to get their Self-realization at that time. Merely one or two.

Like during the time of Raja Janaka, only Nachiketa got his Self-realization; and that, too, after lots of tests. Even now, there are only a few gurus who can do this job of giving Self-realization. Earlier, only one or two people used to get Self-realization. Because, back then, our tree of dharma had just started to grow. It was the beginning of its growth. So only one or two flowers used to blossom. But wherever such great people existed, we have twisted their teachings and learnings, and made cults and religions out of their preaching. These cults and religions had physical, mental or intellectual limitations, and there was no actual religion in it.

Religion brings complete balance in human beings. Religion has to bring complete balance in human beings. If there is no balance in a human being, then he is not religious. If he is out of balance, he has wasted his efforts. Religion is given only for the balance.   Because if you have to ascend, the first thing you will attain is balance. If there is no balance the roots will not grow deep in religion, and the garden of religion will not blossom.

But instead we don’t check about our balance. We are unable to attain balance as we live in a logical world; or we live in some kind of blind faith; or we are busy in some kind of physical prayers with which the true religion doesn’t come within us. The first thing is to balance yourself. Look within. What is balance within you. And when you want to achieve the balance within yourself, do not go to any kind of extremes. The wisdom itself starts sprouting within you, and the biggest thing for us Indians is, that this is a very saintly land of yoga. It is a very pure land. It is such a big thing that you are born in this land. This you may not be aware of.

Once I was coming back here from London. On my way back, the moment we touched India’s holy land, I told my husband, “We have touched India’s land.”  He said, “How do you know?” I asked him to enquire from the pilot. The pilot confirmed that, ”Just a minute back we entered the skies of India”.  I could see vibrations everywhere. This happens only in India. And what can I say about the land of Maharashtra. That when Shri Rama came to this land, even he entered this saintly land barefoot, to respect this land. This pure land has given birth to numerous saints and sages, but we have made a hypocrisy out of all their teachings.

Every religion taught you to be your own master. Being your own guru doesn’t mean that a crooked fellow, who has just been released from jail, and who dons a saffron dress, can claim to be a guru. You have to be a true guru – sat guru.nd it is said that a true guru helps you attain God. A guru will help you attain union with God. Here, every person is claiming to be a guru. It doesn’t reflect on their faces that they are gurus. You can count the wrinkles on their faces. Their faces look like they are about to die. They are suffering from many diseases. If not this, then there are other kinds of gurus who snatch money from other people’s pockets and teach them bad things. Teach them things which are non-religious. It is good that most of the so-called gurus have migrated to USA. They should grow there only. In that culture they can grow rapidly. In this holy land of India they cannot grow. They may work here for a while but then they will have to leave this land. They cannot work here.

Another thing which we are very proud of is that we have a very rich heritage and culture. It is a very great thing, because this culture always leads to Divinity. I still remember when we were young My mother used to say to us, “Lakshay Kutte”, “Where is your attention?” This was to check our attention, and restrain it from wandering. This is very well explained in our scriptures. It is taught from childhood to children, to stop your imagination, or to restrict your attention from wandering. The cultures abroad, believe Me, are trying their best to finish the human race on Earth. The first thing is to destroy his attention, then to destroy his purity, and fill his mind with filth; and snatch away his money. As long as  you have some weaknesses, their industries will prosper. They create industries which  take money from people on false promises.  So people can be befooled and looted until they are completely destroyed.

You will notice that even science today is stupid. After working so hard what did Science produce? The Atomic bomb! That will only destroy us. That will be the end of us. Why have we created these kinds of things? What is the logic behind it?

We have those powers also residing within us, which are dead. While we want to become the spirit,  these dead energies within us, are trying their best to make us dead again. It’s very easy to get inclined towards dead things. Rising upwards in evolution is difficult. But  coming down to the dead is easy. Falling down is easier. That is why human beings easily get attracted towards falling down. How can you be saved from getting drowned by the dead things?

It is only our Indian culture that lifts you above,  and raises you high. It raises you higher in every aspect. Your aim in this life is to rise higher in evolution. The rest of the life is zero.  It is pointless and it has no meaning. The life which takes you higher and higher, much higher in your thoughts, that life is the true life; that is worth living. The remaining aspects of life are false, and we should give them up as soon as possible.

All the saints and sages have worked hard in this land.  But when I took birth, I saw that people were after  their lives; and troubling and torturing the saints and sages. A new thing now has started.  Intellectuals have come up with a new claim, that “Saundaraya Lahiri” was not written by Shri Shankaracharya. Communists claim that Shri Shankaracharyaji was bogus and hollow in his preachings.  People pursued them obsessively, when they were alive. Now when they are dead, people still do not spare them. This is because people who are after them, still haven’t got rid of their egos. The desires to disprove everything sacred, stuck to their egos, and are still troubling them. We must try to get rid of that ego. Once you stand up and quit ego, you will see that your wellbeing is only in this. Your good is only in this, and your ascent lies only in this. This is what we should attain. The rest is all useless. For those useless things in the past, we argued, fought and intellectually differentiated over points of view. At last the human being realizes, “Oh my God! How much time I have wasted over such mundane thoughts.”

You all should get this benefit, the benefit of the spirit. You attain your spirithood. This is My pure desire, and you get to know God. When you get close to God, just remember that you are a sprout, and this enlightenment is just like the seed that has sprouted. It’s up to you to either destroy this sapling or to nurture it into a tree; but with full humility.  Give up being stubborn; and then, with humility, let this grow within you, and understand how it grows within you. Few people have grown so high in this. They have grown in so many ways, crossed so many stages in this growth. But a few are still struggling at the starting point. It is surprising how some people progress in Sahaja Yoga, and some are still struggling at the initial stage. Even this should be understood, that after attaining this, whatever is our position in life, however rich or poor we may be; after attaining spirit we are all at the same level. After this, we should work to increase our level in spirituality, and grow higher. Those who are rich and those who are poor, are all the same. I don’t feel there is much difference between them.  But it is better that you come to a certain level and attain your spirit.

Without enlightenment, poverty in your country won’t go away; nor will problems like black-marketing; nor will the flaws in administration go away. The lawlessness and all the problems will vanish with enlightenment.  Without this there is no other way to clear out these problems.  Human beings should ascend. After all, these problems are caused only by human beings. The human being will be cured. His spirit will get enlightened, and if he understands the love of God then you see how much this world will change. The whole country will change. But the sad thing is, how many people want to transform themselves. People think, “It’s a short life. Let’s just accumulate as much money and material wellbeing as we can, within this time itself.  We cannot spend a whole lifetime trying to attain eternal life. Living life for  a few more seconds to the fullest, will not make any difference.”

So to all you people here, I humbly request you that I am a Mother, and the true purpose of My existence is that you understand this fact, to attain your enlightenment. That now the time has come for ascent from human to superhuman beings. This is the last jump in our evolution. We get enlightenment into our collective consciousness. We get enlightenment in our spirit, and the time has come for attaining the spirit. There is no use missing this chance, of getting enlightenment. Also there is no advantage in keeping people in any sort of darkness or misunderstanding. What has happened has happened. Forgive everyone, and forget everything. Just dive into this infinite love of God. You should enter into the Kingdom of God.


If you have any questions, please ask. Please ask only one or two questions at the most. Don’t ask too many questions and also do not take up arms against me. I am not here to trouble you in any way.

(Mother talking to a leader) Let them ask questions Otherwise, they will disturb us during the realization process.

Leader asking the audience: Are there any questions?

Question from the audience: What is the difference between true knowledge and yoga?

Leader: Any other questions? Does anyone else want to ask any other question?

Shri Mataji: (pointing to a gentleman) That gentleman wants to ask a question


If you speak in Marathi with Marathi people, they like it. Also, Marathi is a good language.


A leader requests someone from the audience to come in front and  speak.


Shri Mataji: You can write it down, and tomorrow I will answer your queries.


Mother is reading a question sent from the audience.

Shri Mataji: Please remove your shoes. Now, don’t ask questions like, “Why is Mother asking us to remove our shoes?” This is because the Earth under our feet will benefit us. Mother Earth answers and solves more than half of our problems. Poor Earth, I don’t know how many of our sins she is absorbing inside her already. Remove your shoes. Now you are sitting in front of your Mother. So now you don’t need to wear a cap or head gear. You don’t wear a hat in front of your mother. If it’s some prime minister, then the case is different. I am your Mother. You don’t have to observe any formalities with your Mother. Human beings go in front of their mother in a simple way. So please remove your caps as the process will work out the enlightenment of your fontanel bone area. So for this, remove your caps.

So now I am telling you that in the left hand is your power of desires, and on the right hand is your power of action, Karya Shakti. The entire process will involve both your hands. The power will flow through these two hands. So now, keep your left hand in your lap.


Shri Mataji: Kindly listen. Please do remember this, that all the feelings we have about our self, that all the times we feel that, “I have committed this wrongdoing, or that wrongdoing in my life; and I am a big sinner. I am very sad,” all these things you have to just drop them outside. Just feel that you are going to enter God’s Kingdom and for this you should be happy. If a person is not happy, how will he enter into the Kingdom of God? All those who cry all the time will be sent to jail. Only happy people can enter into God’s Kingdom. So please don’t be upset with yourself in any way. You yourself are the temple of God. You just have to enlighten it and awaken your spirit in it. Just this much has to be done. Your body is the temple. So now keep faith within yourself and close your eyes. Keep your left hand open, and use your right hand.


Shri Mataji: Keep your left hand towards Me. You will have to keep your right hand on your different chakras. The first is the heart.  Then over the upper part of your abdomen. Then on the lower abdomen. All will be only on the left side of the body.


Shri Mataji: Then move back from the lower abdomen to the upper abdomen. Then on the heart; and then on the neck. Hold it tightly here on the neck, and then on the forehead. Then on the back side of the head; and lastly on the top of the head. The area is Brahmarandhra. Place your palm over the top of the head, and move it seven times. This is how you do it. Whatever prayer has to be said, at every step, I will keep telling you. Listen carefully, and do it very carefully.

Now do not look at others. Focus on yourself. Keep full faith and surrender towards yourself. Kindly close your eyes.

There is no-one here who cannot achieve his Self-realization.


Shri Mataji: Kindly close your eyes, and do not open them; because then your attention won’t rise. Everyone kindly keep your hand on your heart. Everyone keep your hand on your heart. Many of you who have heart problems will be benefited and the problem will vanish. Keep your hand on your heart and ask Me a question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” This is the place of your Spirit.


Shri Mataji: Do not open your eyes. Do not open your eyes at all. Please keep them closed.

Am I the spirit?


Shri Mataji: Now slowly bring the same hand from the heart and place it on the upper abdomen, on the left side and press it. This is the chakra for the Guru. All the big saints and seers of the world, all the avatars of Shri Adi Guru, this is their place. So when you said that, “I am the spirit”. Now ask another question. These gurus have given you this blessing that you can be your own master. So, ask a question.


Shri Mataji: At this place ask yourself a question, “If I am the spirit, am I my own master, too? Mother, am I my own master?”


Shri Mataji: Now move this hand below, meaning towards the abdomen, and press it but only on the left side of the body, in the lower part of your abdomen. Press your fingers.


Shri Mataji: Now you all should know that this chakra at the abdomen, this left side of Swadishthan, creates all the work of the Divine. That is why its knowledge is called  the true knowledge. So now ask Me, “Mother, grant me true knowledge.”


Shri Mataji: Mother, please give me true knowledge.


Shri Mataji: Say it six times. Grant me the true knowledge. I respect your freedom. So you will have to ask for it. I cannot force it upon you. Now it will begin. Now the Kundalini awakening will start happening. So now we will open each chakra. Now you only are awakening your own Kundalini. Keep your left hand open towards Me and do not open your eyes. Now take this hand back to where you placed it earlier.  Above on the upper part of abdomen. Place it on the upper abdomen on the left-hand side on your Guru Tattwa.


Shri Mataji: Now at this chakra please say with full confidence. Till you speak, the chakra won’t open. Say, “Mother, I am my own guru.”


Shri Mataji: No one needs to perform any kind of showmanship here.


Shri Mataji: At this time, keeping your right hand on the stomach on the upper side, say ten times, “Mother, I am my own guru.”


Shri Mataji: Now put your right hand on your heart, and here with full faith you have to say, “Mother, I am a spirit.”


Shri Mataji: You have to assert yourself. You have to assert. Your will power has to be asserted.


Shri Mataji: Say it twelve times. This chakra has twelve petals.


Shri Mataji: With full alertness.

Now this right hand, put it on your neck.


Shri Mataji: Place your hand where your shoulder meets your neck. I am using very easy language that is not at all difficult to understand. Hold it tightly. Hold your shoulder tightly, and all those people who think they are very guilty and think they are sinners and have made big mistakes,  is all very wrong to think. This kind of thinking attracts lot of diseases and for this you all say, “Mother, I am not guilty. I have not done anything wrong.” Say it 16 times, “I am not guilty.”


Shri Mataji: God, who is the ocean of mercy, forgives everything. You cannot commit any  sin, which is so big, which He cannot forgive. Take your hand from the front.


Shri Mataji: Take your hand from the front and not from your back. Bring your hand from the front towards your left shoulder. This centre is catching too much. Are you all sitting and  thinking about all the mistakes you have made? If this is what you all think, then say it 108 times. And this will be  your punishment.


Shri Mataji: Now bring this hand across your forehead, and hold it.


Shri Mataji: Hold your forehead, like we hold it when we have a headache. At this time you should say with your full heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone. Mother, I forgive everyone.” With full heart. A few will think, “I cannot forgive.” There is nothing you do. In this. Whether you forgive or you don’t, it is all a play of words. But when you don’t forgive you get trapped in that problem, which other people have weighed you down with.


Shri Mataji: None of you should think badly about yourself. Put your right hand on the back side of your head. Hold it tight, at the place where you have your optic lobe. Hold it tight. Now you have to just say, not thinking about any of your sins and not thinking of yourself as a sinner, “God, if I have committed any mistakes, please forgive me.”


Shri Mataji: put your hand on top of your  head. Place your palm touching the skin on your head, exactly in the centre. Press it and move it seven times and say, “Mother, I desire my Self-realization. Please grant me self realisation”.  As I cannot force this on you. So you have to ask for it and say, “Please grant me my Self-realization.”


Shri Mataji: Put your attention on your head and say it.


Shri Mataji: Now place your right hand comfortably on your lap on the right side of your body, on your right knee. Do not open your eyes. Now, above your head, about four fingers above, put your left hand and see if you can feel something cool.


Shri Mataji: See if anything cool is coming out of your head. Your head will release coolness out of it, from your head.


Shri Mataji: Place it a little above the head, 4 inches. You will feel the cool 4-5 inches above the head. Can you feel the coolness or not? Is it coming?


Shri Mataji: “Is this Ritambhara PrAgnya? Is this the Divine Power? Is this God’s All-pervading Divine Power?” Ask this question three times.

Bring your hands down. Now tell Me if you are feeling cool in your hands. Now open your eyes. Slowly open your eyes. Stay thoughtless and do not think. Open your hands and see if you can feel the cool breeze. Do not doubt. This is very subtle.


Shri Mataji: – All those people who could feel coolness in their hands or heads or anywhere, raise both hands.

Mostly you all have felt it, and those who could not feel it today, they will feel it tomorrow, in full form. Not only this, those who felt it today, tomorrow their feelings on the hands will increase. So now you all have experienced. All the saints have crossed. My obeisance to all the saints.


*(about William Blake)