Morality preserves your health

Pune (India)

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Public Program, Pune, Indai Day 2 1984-1205

[A musical session and recital of popular Marathi songs have started before the address. Shri Mataji is seated on the dais].
[Sahaja Yogini sings a “bhaktigeet” (devotional poem, “Deva Bola Ho Mazhyashi” (Please God, talk to me)].
[First Verse, Chorus]
“Deva Bola Ho Mazhyashi
Tumhicha Mazvar Ruslyavarti
Bolu Mi Konashi?”
(Please God, talk to me,
If you are offended with me,
With whom can I talk?)

[Second Verse]
“Deha Vahila Tuncha Payi
Jeeva Shiva Chi Asha Nahi
Kani Padtil Bol Prabhuche
Asha Hi Cha Urashi”
(I have offered myself at Your feet,
With no hope of life or my Spirit,
That the words of the Lord fall on my ears,
Is the only hope within me, Oh God).

[Third Verse]
“Tumhicha Mazhala Bol Shikavale
Aaj Maun Ka Tumhi Ghetale Deva
Bol Shikavuni Mai Abola
Ghete Ka Pilashi?”
(You taught me to speak,
Then why are You silent today, Oh God?,
After teaching them speech,
Does a mother observe silence with her young ones?).

[Fourth Verse]
“Deva, Bolayache Nasel Jaraka
Bolu Naka, Pun Ituke Aika
Kamalakshatun Kataksha Feka
Mazavarti Avinashi”
(Oh God, If You do not wish to speak,
Do not speak, but please just hear this,
Throw away the sternness from Your lotus eyes,
Towards me Forever).

[The second song is a rendition of a popular Marathi “Narvar Krishna Saman” from a “natyasangeet” (musical), based on the marriage of Lord Krishna and his consort, Rukmini. Rukmini is describing to her friend how Lord Krishna is the ideal groom from all her suitors.]
[After the song, Sahaja Yogi, Mr Mehrotra introduces the session in Hindi].
Sahaja Yogi: “Parampujya Mataji” (Most Holy Mataji), first of all, on behalf of the residents of Pune and Sahaja Yogis, I offer you this garland of flowers.
Those who love seeking, if you have to take the maximum benefit out of this occasion, then I would request you to please remove your footwear and extend your hands towards this compassionate Mother. Extend them as if you are asking for something, ask for this and I assure you that you will get whatever it is that you are asking for. Become seekers with a true heart and do not turn your attention anywhere else. Whomsoever has accompanied you – friend, brother or wife, do not pay attention there. Keep your attention focused only on Shri Mataji and you will see what happens.
I would like to share some thoughts with you, how I came in contact with Shri Mataji. On 17 January 1982, two or three months short of three years before today, I had gone to Delhi. We were having our Rotary District conference in Delhi. Why had I gone to Delhi? On 15th February the next month, I had bypass surgery scheduled in Houston. I was filled with fear and depression and was not sure if I would survive the operation. About two per cent of cases do not recover and I was afraid I would be in that number. I am not, lucky (me).
Therefore, I had come to Delhi to meet old friends and settle unfinished business. In this hope, I went to Delhi, attended a couple of weddings. The Rotary District conference was on and I had been a 100 per cent Rotarian for twenty years. So I decided to meet the Rotarians there and finish any discussion and unfinished business there as well.
While I was there and looking at the program, I saw that on 18th January, there was going to be a discourse by Her Holiness Mataji Nirmala Devi, who will speak on Kundalini awakening and healing. I read it cursorily and then again, saw that there was a second plenary session at 2:30 pm at Hotel Ashoka, after lunch. So I reached there the next day. And at Ashoka hotel, there were about two thousand people, the high intelligentsia of Delhi, you can say.
Dr Vikram Mahajan, the State Minister for Energy, was chairing or presiding the meeting. And all doctors, scientists, industrialists and professionals were in that meeting. Highly educated and intellectual people were there. Shri Mataji’s speech was directly after lunch.
When Shri Mataji started her speech, it felt as if She was talking about me. She said that people are lost in the material world, they are constantly looking at the clock, then they develop high blood pressure, hypertension, blockages in the heart. Then they run for bypass surgery to Houston and elsewhere. When She was saying that, I felt She was narrating my story. And I had not met her before.
And then, you must have seen it yesterday. The brothers and sisters who were here yesterday, you must have seen. How Mother first makes a short speech by which she wants to see how many seekers are there, who want to fully understand about seeking. And how many are there who have come just to see some show or for “time pass”.
Similarly, at that time, She gave a speech and then there was time for question and answer. And she said that those who were into “true seeking”, who desired their Kundalini awakening, to remove their footwear, and sit with their hands outstretched in front of Her. And simply say that, “Mother, please let me meet my “Atma” (Spirit)”.And do not say anything else. Just keep repeating in your heart that, “Mother, please let me meet my “Atma” (Spirit)”.
And, I will admit, because the truth must be told, that I had seen some hypnotic shows before this. And I thought, “What if this is some form of hypnotism?”. You can get hypnotised only if you co-operate, if you do not co-operate, you cannot be hypnotised. So what I did was do the opposite of what She was saying. Whatever She would say, I would do the exact opposite.
And the expected happened. If you keep a pot inverted, nothing will go in, everything will keep spilling outside. So when Mother asked how many people had felt vibrations – so you will also feel when Mother asks, there will be vibrations on your hands, your fingers. The feeling of vibrations means that the process of your Kundalini awakening has started. You are still not fully realised. A process has started. To go deeper requires a lot of study and practice, that Shri Mataji will tell you today.
But at that time, She saw, and I saw, that in the hall, more than fifty per cent of people were experiencing the bliss. And I remained bereft of it at that time. And, when, Mother had the question and answer session, there were a couple of questions and I just asked, “Mother, what is your program from here?”. She said, “I am going to Bombay and from there I am going to Pune”.
Now I was a Pune resident and was sitting in Delhi. I asked, “Mother, are you going to Pune?”. She said, “Yes, I am going to Pune”. “How long will you be there?”. “I will be there for 5 days”.
So, to cut a long story short, I came to Pune. And then with great difficulty, like they say, after hiding and seek, and when the pre-destined time came, Mother’s grace was bestowed upon me. I sat through two sessions and I had a severe attack even as she was explaining the system of Sahaja Yoga. It was my third attack and they say a person passes away after the third attack. And I felt, I am “paar” (Kundalini awakening); whether I am realised or not, I do not know, but at least my Kundalini is awakened.” So I said, “Mother, is this my last meeting with you?”. Because she was leaving immediately to attend a big camp in Lonavala.
And She was sitting in her car and she came out and said, “Son, do not be afraid of anything. You are completely alright. Whatever tests you want to do, you do them.” The next day I went to Bombay and met Dr Nthabi Shah. Dr Goyal, the leader of cardiac in India, I went to him and showed him my case papers. Previously he would look at my case papers and say, “You do not delay, go to Houston.” And when he personally tested me, physically, with stress test and echography, he said,” These reports cannot be yours.” And when he said, it dawned upon me that Mother’s grace was bestowed on me.
And I ran from there, looking for where Mother was now. And then I had Mother’s darshan in Brahmapuri village, a small village near Rahuri, in Ahmednagar where Mother was giving realisation to the villagers, the inhabitants there. And I went there and before I could say anything, Mother said, “Son, how are you? Have you done all the tests?”. And I said, “Mother, everything is all right. I have received all your blessings.”
This is not one isolated incident, there have been many instances likes this. Seeing me, many others came, and Mother fulfilled their desires. The healing which is there, it is a by-product of all this entire process. When you get realisation, healing automatically takes place. Afterwards, a lot of people came to me saying, “You got well, we want to be healed also”. They had health issues, heart problems. I could not say either yes or no. But they went, and they got healed too.
But I troubled Mother a lot with that. Then I thought that I would not take anyone else to Mother nor send them. Now if someone who is sick comes to me, I tell them that they and their family members should come to our Sahaja Yoga centres, learn this process, get realisation and then sitting at home, give realisation to those of your acquaintances who are sick.
Because you can give a lot of time on your own. Now that Mother is sitting here, you will get realisation. But a sick person requires a lot of effort. And there is a lot of time that should be dedicated to this effort. When Mother is here for a day, She cannot give that kind of time to everyone. So my friends who have come here, if anyone in their family is sick or they want to attain it for themselves, they should get realised and then they can heal any kind of disease. This heart, cancer, any kind of disease, the disease is nothing.
There is no such thing as disease. The disease is there till the time we are not realised. When the chakras stop working or get blocked, that is when we have all these diseases.
After this, I will not take much more of your time. All I will say is what I said earlier, that spread your hands in front of Mother. The way we spread a “jholi” (like a bag for accepting alms) and pay attention to Mother. When Mother is talking, keep your attention on her, listen and absorb what is being said. And then, the journey inside, within ourselves, focus inside instead of outside.
I pray for you, to God Almighty and to Mother, that She shares Her thoughts and whatever desire you have, that desire is fulfilled. Thank You.
Shri Mataji: If I have your permission, I will speak in English first and then in Marathi.


I bow to all the seekers of truth. As I told you yesterday, that when we are seeking truth, whatever we find through our central nervous system is the truth. The rest of it is either your mental projection, or your emotional projection, or your physical projection. It has no connection with reality.
For example, a person says that one can cure cancer, with such and such medicine. Now if that medicine is found out, is being practiced, and is being established as the real cure for cancer, then one can accept such a statement of a person that it is the true statement. Otherwise, it is still in the process of being a hypothesis, it is not the truth.

But there are so many other mental projections that we have, which is really sometimes very surprising, and people feel aghast with the kind of projections we use to stop the progress of human beings as a whole. First of all, we do not think human beings as a whole. We think that human beings are all divided into various parts. God never created this universe with that idea. It was one world that he created. Only thing, to create some variety, he had different types of faces, features that he did, just because without the variety you cannot have beauty.
So, as a whole if you have to see the humanity, we have to understand many mistakes we have committed, otherwise, there is no end to our destruction. Today, we are standing at the brink of a great disaster, it is a great shock we are awaiting with whatever we have done so far in science, in mental processes, in building up our political, economic big enterprises. All those are standing at a point where we are lost and we do not understand how are we going to go further with it.

The reason is the mind, which is more the Western mind, I should say, not the Eastern mind. But the Western mind goes ahead thinking of the future which does not exist. And when it enters into the area which does not exist, it creates so many problems of a very localized type, which has no relationship with the whole.

For example, our whole science is based on analysis. When you start analyzing things, you go on analyzing it to such a limit that there is a doctor for one hand and doctor for another hand, such a sort of thing happens. Apart from that, when you go on analyzing things like that, you do not know what you are doing, is it detrimental to the whole or not?
You go on developing say, atomic energy, you go up to a point and find out that atomic energy is destructive. You develop some medicine like penicillin or Sulphur or something like that, you reach a point where you say, “It is too much”. It all goes to the extremes and you feel the impact of that. Like even in cancer, I have seen, people go for chemotherapy. Horrible stuff! You lose your hair, everything happens in such a way that part by part, you start losing your body and you exist as a cabbage. This is no cure, and this is in no way, connected with the whole.

Sahaja Yoga deals with a human being as if they are the whole being and the whole Universe, as a whole. And the human being is a part and parcel of the whole. It does not deal with human beings as something separate. Like Indians have different problems, Russians have different problems, English has different problems. It deals with them as a whole, as one community. If you do too much in one country, you might affect the other country. Like, I think it was Roosevelt, if I am not incorrect, he said that, “Prosperity anywhere can be the threat to the prosperity everywhere.” Is a fact. If one country tries to develop too much on a material level, then there is a threat to other countries which are depending on it or which are going lower than it. Because we do not think as a whole that, “How it is going to affect?”
Our whole system of the body also goes on like that.

Now, in the beginning, I am going to tell you, how medically we suffer with this kind of a treatment that we have. I have not to, in any way, cast anyone, anything wrong about the doctors. I have also done medicine myself, and I know what one has to do about it. But there should be an open-mindedness of a doctor that he should see that there could be a better way of understanding this medicine from a point of view. If you can become a superior personality, what Confucius has said.

To achieve that superior personality, one need not have to go to medical college or to do his other higher studies. But just, it is something he has to find within himself. It is a very simple thing to understand this, that if the tree grows too big – whole Western culture is like that, it has grown too big – it must find out its roots. In the same way, if the human body has grown too much outside, it must find out its roots and also the source of its vital energies. If it cannot find it, it is definite, somehow or other, it will be exploded and finished. Now we think that Western countries are very much advanced. I think they are really on the verge of destruction. The reason is, they have gone so far with every kind of nonsense.

Like immorality. To them, morality is a nonsense. Like Mr. Freud who was just a half-baked personality, I think, suffered from cancer, he had all kinds of complications, mentally he was absurd, such a person was accepted as a guru for them. They even discarded Christ because Christ said that, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.”
Now how many Christians you will find out like that? Impossible to find one Christian who doesn’t have – who is not an Indian of course, Indian have very beautiful eyes. They do not have any of all these adulterous ideas. They are very innocent. But otherwise, you cannot find in the West, one man who has got innocent eyes.

The reason why Christ said this, was not that he was not a medical man. He knew medicine better than so many of the doctors we have. He used to also cure people just by touching them. So why, when you have adulterous eyes, when you put your eyes outside with adultery, what do you develop? You develop a very serious disease with it, which we call as the problems of the Mooladhara.
Problems of the Mooladhara give you so many diseases which we cannot cure otherwise, which we call them as incurable. I do not want to name them because it will have an effect on people who have these diseases.

Now this Mooladhara is the one, the first centre within ourselves. This is a very important centre within ourselves, it is the first centre – we have no map here, does not matter, but you have a book. It is the – what we call the- below the triangular bone, is this centre.
It is below, it is below the triangular bone. Now this one, you must understand. Because the triangular bone is the house of the Kundalini, is the Mooladhara itself. But the centre of Mooladhara is below the triangular bone. Because it is the centre of our innocence. This centre of our innocence is the one that gives us wisdom. That gives most of our powers, till the end [Sahasrara]. We have to have innocence, otherwise, we cannot get Realization.

Under these circumstances, we have to understand that when these saints told us or people like Christ and Buddha told us that we should have innocent eyes, they meant something deeper. And instead of criticizing them, we should try to see why they said it.
Now these centres that are within us are basically seven, there are thousand and one, but basically, there are seven centres. The first centre is the Mooladhara, is of innocence. Even a disease like cancer can be easily cured among Indians. Diseases like a heart can be easily cured among Indians, but very much less with the Western mind.
Because the Western mind is itself is ego personified. It is so egoistical, the doctors, the patients, everybody is so egoistical, that sometimes you really get frightened of them that it is better to talk to a dog than to talk to them. The ego is so great in the Western countries that it is impossible to tell them that this ego is keeping you out of reality.

Now it is a very, very small map and you cannot see it. But it’s all right, does not matter. What you have to see [In Marathi: Let it be.]. The main thing one has to see is that we have got seven subtle centres within us. Now the sense of morality that we lack, to begin with, thanks to the Britishers. When they were here, we never became like them. But when they have gone, now we become “svatantra” [independent]. Actually “sva-tantra” means the technique of the “sva” [self] means your Spirit. Instead of becoming that, now we have become the “tantra” of the spirit, means the alcohol that you get in a pub.

Now this is all the kindness of the Britishers who lived here for so many years that they have given us the boon that we have accepted all that they were doing, absolutely a hundred per cent! And now, they are at the brink of destruction and we are going to follow them. Those people who have no sense of morality are more prone to diseases than the people who have a sense of morality.

I met a doctor in England and he said, “I was amazed that Indians are living with all these mosquitos and parasites and this and they exist! Here, we cannot exist! We cannot exist even for ten days. I have got disciples who come here and they get sick when they come here. Because they cannot bear all the so-called discomfort they have to go through. They get mosquito bites; they get all kinds of things and they feel horrible. They think this is a sort of an aggression of some parasites on India. But we see our Indians are quite healthy people”. The reason is they are moral. If they were not moral, they would have been finished in no time. But they are moral people; their morality is keeping them. Despite all that we have done to them, the way they are deprived, they haven’t got food, they are starving, whatever it is. The morality is their power, with what they are existing today. And because of that only, you can give them Realization very easily. Like yesterday, you saw you all got Realization so easily.

Can you imagine such a thing in England or anywhere where I go? I go to about fourteen countries, Oh God! I have to work for days together. Break my hands and legs and everything. It pains me so much to raise their Kundalini because they have no sense of morality. Here there must be some people who are like them, no doubt.
But the crowd is such, the whole public is such which believes in the moral sense, in the morality of this country. And that is how it is easy to give them Realization. So, I bow to these people who are coming from villages, from smaller places, who are supposed to be not so sophisticated, not so rich, nothing. But they have one great power within them: it’s their morality.

And in these modern times, if anybody wants to talk about morality, he is an outdated person. First time I went to America, it was in 73 and they had started all these perversions which I do not want to name in these holy areas. I do not want to talk about these things. But when I went and told them, “Don’t do these things! These will cause you trouble. It will give you diseases”. They all shunned Me, they said, “No, we don’t want “. They preferred such gurus who said, “Go ahead with it. Do more. Does not matter. You practice it. It is very good. That will help you a lot”. All such people became very popular there. While I told them, “This will trouble you”. And when I went now, last year, they used to telephone to Me, “Mother we are already in it: we have got AIDS, we have got horrible diseases which are incurable, we are dying, now what to do?” And such a mass of people!
Sixty-five per cent of young people in America are not males, women, they are all frigid people. They are- if you go and see there, everybody has to go to a psychologist, psychiatrist, because they are all mentally off, I think. Something’s wrong with them. Are we all going to become like that? Or we are going to come back to our moral sense in India?

Now, because of these moral ideas and because of our high ideas, perhaps there are hypocrites also, no doubt. We have hypocrites. But does not matter, hypocrites are hypocrites. Let us now devote ourselves to one idea that, “I will become so powerful that nothing can tempt me to become immoral”. That is very important. That is what is Shri Ganesha.
This Shri Ganesha that we have, this Maharashtra is a great country where we have got “Ashtavinayakas” [8 Ganesha’s swayambhus]. Ashtavinayakas are some things which have come out of the Mother Earth. As it is said in the Bible, that whatever is produced by Mother Earth and by the sky should not be reproduced and worshipped. Because people started reproducing, reproducing, selling those “murtis” [idols] and all that. But it has talked about the “swayambhu”. And these swayambhus are in this Maharashtra where it has saved Maharashtrians from getting into lives which are not moral. But I hear, I am surprised, I hear that the elite class is very anxious to become Westernized, you see. And let them be Westernized, I do not mind. But they should now go to Houston and stay there. They have got better hospitals than they have here.

This is what you are in for. And as a Mother, I’m sorry I have to tell you very frankly, there is nothing to be learnt from these ‘wretched’ people. This is the word I have to use; I am sorry to say. Because I have seen them in and out and I am shocked the way they are. There is no purity about the mother. This Freud had no purity of the mother and that is what he has taught it. The second centre, we can say, the centre important point is your own mother the Kundalini which is a pure thing. It’s purity. It’s the Shuddha Iccha [pure desire]. Now how can you talk to these people? I have no words to say, they have no pure ideas, ideas of purity, no relationship of purity. Every woman to them, every man to them is nothing but a horrible sex point.

I should not say all these things but because I know there are people who are taking to Western culture so fast, because it is Western. I’d better warn you, be careful on that. Your children will become hippies, they will take to drugs, they will get into all kinds of dirty habits and filth, and they will come back with horrible diseases which are incurable. All such people who believe in the Western culture should go and settle down there and enjoy themselves. It is better to leave this country alone.
This is what we have to understand that all those people who believed that, “What’s wrong? What is wrong?” The wrong is not only physical. It is mental, emotional and worst of all, it is spiritual. In every way, it is wrong to be immoral.

And that is what is “dharma”, it’s the ten valences within us. These ten valances are nothing but dharma which was preached by all the great saints. We can start it from Adinatha. We can say Lao Tse. We can say, Confucius, we can say Zoroaster. We can say Mohammad Sahib. We can Nanak Sahib. We can say Janaka. We can say all of them are the representation or manifestation of Dattatraya, which we know very well in Maharashtra what is Dattatraya.

But despite all that, we do not know: we’ll worship Dattatraya and we will not follow him. This is the only problem we have that we have all the ideals, we have all the capacity to understand that this is something great. But we have no power to follow it. Because we are not “samartha” [capable]. We are not equal to the meaning of a human being.
If we are powerful then it is easy, it is much easier to be virtuous and righteous than to be something else. But it is not so because people find it is easier to become nasty and violent than to be good and righteous and kind. It is very difficult for them which is a natural thing for all of us to be.

So, this the second place, we now come to the triangular bone of the Kundalini where she resides. She resides in three and a half coils. Now, this is the residual energy, I told you about it. Within us, as there are, as I told you, there are three powers, three subtle powers which work out.

The other day, another college friend of mine told Me that they have discovered that, before the thought comes in, there is no- the activity does not show in the brain. So, the pre-thought activity does not show in the brain. That means it is coming from some subtler force. I said it is in the medulla oblongata and the brain, it works out.
Now we have got three channels. One is on the right-hand side as we said it and another on the left-hand side which crosses over at the Agnya. And they fall down. And there is the central path of evolution within us.
Now the subtler side of these three “nadis” is the first one was, I told you, on the left hand is, we call it as Mahakali Power.
Now for people who have never even heard the name of Mahakali, it is shocking. What is Mother talking about? Yes, it is the Mahakali Power. And this Mahakali Power gives you the left sympathetic nervous system.

The right one is the Mahasaraswati Power. This one gives you the right sympathetic nervous system. The central one is the Sushumna. This is the path of our evolution. Throughout we have evolved through this path of Sushumna, where you ascend up to the Sahasrara. And when you cross that, then you become a Realized soul. This is called as the Mahalaxmi’s power.

Mahakali, Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati. And three of them put together in the brain then become the Adi Shakti, the Primordial Mother. And that also we call it as the Adi Shakti’s seat, that is above your head.

Now you will be surprised, in this Maharashtra, we have got all these three and a half “matras” [coils, Marathi], being expressed through the Mother Earth. Imagine this Maharashtra, how great it is! It has got Ashtavinayakas and three and a half coils of these things shown here.

Now people do not know where they are. They don’t know, they are not bothered. They are so great and English, you know, that they know more about fork and things, they know about whiskies, but they don’t know what a great blessing God has laid for us in this country.
Let us come back. It is not about Hinduism. It has nothing to do with Hinduism or Islam and all that. I will also tell you about Islam. All of them have said about it, it is nothing new. In the Bible it is said, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames”. Now, what are tongues of flames? Are nothing but these centres. It has also talked about the tree of fire, which is a silent tree of fire. Moses has talked about it, Christ has talked about it. But the problem with people is that they do not want to see beyond their noses and want to accept everything that suits them, to build up their own empires.

Same about Islam, same about Sikhism, same about all the religions, people have done such a mistake. It does not matter. Does not matter. Whatever is done, is done, can be cured, because this Kundalini is your mother. She is sitting down there. Very comfortably she’s sitting down there. She’s waiting for a chance to give you your second birth.

Now she is your individual mother. Everybody has like a tape recorder. It is being taped, all your past and everything in that Kundalini. She is the one who is sitting down there. And when she rises, what she does, she enlightens every chakra. And in the chakras, we have different deities. And all those deities, she enlightens.
By that enlightenment, the chakras get vitalized and diseases are cured, there’s nothing special about it. Now for angina, he had or we have so many other diseases, let us see now what happens. To the doctors, they can understand it better if I tell them about all these things.
Like, we can say all these chakras are expressed as plexuses outside, as gross plexuses outside which you know of. But they are on the physical level. But these chakras are dealing with your mental, emotional, spiritual and also physical side. Now in the medulla oblongata, most of them are placed, except the Agnya Chakra, we can say, and the seventh chakra which have got the seat there. So, the whole integration takes place in the limbic area.

Now, this is, they say, is the chakra, and these are the left and right sides. Now when we start moving it too much, then what happens that when we start using our sympathetic nervous too much – too much of activity or lethargy, one of the two, then what happens? It gets broken up. The relationship with the whole is broken up and you become on your own now. When one of the cells becomes on its own, that is how it becomes malignant.

When it becomes malignant, you see, an ego-oriented person, if you meet someone, you become ego-oriented. A person I’ve known, who has been very humble, good, moral, he goes to England he becomes- he talks like a horse. You just cannot understand what happens to him. Because you meet other horses, you just become like a horse yourself. You behave like a horse. All the time, you go on behaving in such a manner, that there is nothing of humanity left in you.

So, this is what happens that the cell itself becomes malignant and such cells are eating other cells and cancer is set up. Now one simple thing we do, it is a tattva, a principle on which we work, is this: raise your Kundalini. Once you raise the Kundalini, what happens, that the centre gets vitalized, comes back to normal. Once it gets to the normal, it gets connected to the whole. You get your cancer all right. It should be all right. Not necessarily in everyone.
But in most of the people, it can work out.
But as soon as I talk about healing – that is why I did not want to talk here. Immediately everybody will try to find out, how many relations they have got who are sick. And bring all of them on my head to be cured. This is not the point. The point is, you have to become the doctors yourself. As Mr Mehrotra has told you very kindly, you have to become a Realized soul and you can cure them. “Mother does not have so much time, so let us do it that way”.

You all can become doctors, even a little child knows it. Because what happens that when you become a Realized soul, then your fingers, your fingertips can feel the centres of another person and of your own. They know what’s the problem with another person is. You need not tell that person that, “You have got cancer”. But you know. You know if somebody is going to die, what happens. These things are to be decoded. That is what only I’ve done, is to decode it.
Because I had to decode, that is my job. But after decoding, you must practice it and see for yourself that these fingertips, five, six and seven are the seven centres. These five, six, seven are seven centres of the right-hand side. Now if you put them together, they form seven centres like that. So, you can find out if the person is suffering on the emotional side, or he is suffering on the physical or mental side, you can find out on your fingertips.
The only thing you have to know is the permutations and combinations. How it is working out what happens. For example, for angina, now it’s a Left Vishuddhi, as we call, on the left-side. Left Vishuddhi and the heart; if these two combine, then you get an angina.

Angina is caused by lethargic heart, heart that becomes lethargic, it cannot produce any more pumping. Because sometimes the arteries are thickened and all those things. But it is not difficult to cure it, because if you can put your effect on the Kundalini to come up here and make it rise, it will work out like in his case also. Same thing happened that when the Kundalini came up to the Vishuddhi chakra, you see, the heart tried to – it is a combination. The heart pushed it because heart got the information, it pushed itself out, and the whole thing opened out. And I knew that he was all right. So, I got into the car and went away but he felt quite nervous, “How is it she’s just gone away?” Because I knew he was cured.

You can know, you can cure. The other day somebody came to Me and he said he has got angina, he was very serious, and he had to go to Houston. I said, “All right”. I treated him. And he was improving. I said, “It’ ll take some time”. But he could not help it, he came to London, again I treated him, and, “You are all right. Believe me, you are all right. There is nothing wrong with Me”.
So, he went to Houston despite all that. And the Houston people said that, “All your tests are wrong, it is all hospital’s mistake, this”. And he went to the best hospital in Bombay.
So, it is nothing special, it is nothing great. I can tell you this much. It is only that you have to use your residual energy to come up and then connect you to the mains so that your energy is all the time flowing into you. You feel the energy all the time like when you are going in the car and the car is filled with petrol, but it goes being used up and you find that petrol is finishing. Then you get worried and you get a tension about it.
But supposing there’s a way and method where you get eternally get petrol running into your car, you are not bothered.

But this is not the only thing that happens, so many things happen which I will tell you in Marathi language, later on. I hope you don’t mind. Because I think we should come to some language compromise. I must say you are all living in Maharashtra and the Marathi language is one of the most enriched languages as far as Kundalini is concerned. Thank God I was born in Maharashtra, I say.

Because, not only about Kundalini, but it is a very rich language. And the plays and everything so full of moral values. Such a beautiful- of course now we have some horrible people who are trying to copy the West people and some intellectuals are going down. And there are some of course, very rigid, old-style people also.
But, in between, if you see, it is a beautiful language and one should try to learn it. All my disciples are trying to learn the Marathi language. I don’t say it should become a national language or anything. My Hindi itself is a very great language, no doubt. We should have a national language. But those who are living in Maharashtra should know Marathi language which is such a literary language. It is such a cultured language that if you know it, I mean, it is so great and deep, you cannot imagine that the whole thing is so historical.

The Maharashtri was the first language that came out of the first “Prakrit” [vernacular]. First the Sanskrit, then the Prakrit, then Sanskrit. And then came the Prakrit, in that second Prakrit, came out the first language was Maharashtri, Magadhi, Paishachi, all these five languages, out of which, the Maharashtri remained the same, the other languages took other forms.
So it is the original language and people have worked very hard on the Kundalini in this part of our country which is such a rich heritage we have. Of course, we have some very rigid people who talk too much, who read too much, who are eccentric who- I know all that has to be a part of it, this you cannot help it. But that does not mean that people are not understanding here the deeper side of human being.

It is in this country, in this part of the country, people have gone to the roots from the very beginning. From the Dattatreya’s time, even earlier than that. In this country they have worked it out and they have found out the basis on which we reside. So, it is a very great thing that we have got people like Markandeya, we had people like Shandilya, we had people, very great people we had, we can say those who gave Realization to Indras and all those things.
So, this is what this country is the place where the Nathas, where Macchhindranath, Gorakhnath all these people lived in this country where they worked for their Sahaja Yoga where they gave Realization to people in a very sacred manner. Because it was so sacred, they kept it a secret also. And they worked it out. They did not talk about religion. They talked about giving Realization, of “amta-bodha”. And one of them who came out very well from the South is Shankaracharya, who talked about atma-bodha throughout. But you will still find people who will bring a book of Shankaracharya and argue with Me and discuss with Me, but not understand what he has said. After Realization, you will understand what all these things like Gita or Bible or Quran, all these things mean.

So, I have to tell you these seven chakras are within us. And you have got a book. You can go through and read it. But understand that it is a fact. Within us, all this power lies. So why not, we take to that power? Which is our own, which makes us so powerful and so compassionate, so great? Because this is what we have to be.

Our evolution is not over, our human awareness is not at that point. You will be amazed, in the West, it is much more understood. In the West, people have much more. The intellectuals in the West are much more my disciples than here.
The reason is the intellectuals have reached the height of intellect and they know the limitations of intellect. And they also say that intellect has a capacity to cheat itself. So, they understand it better than the so-called intellectuals in this country. Is very surprising. I think it is better that it should come from the West because we like the fashions to come from the West. If it comes from the West, then people will take to it. Otherwise, here, there are people who are challenging Me, “We will give you five thousand rupees if you cure such and such person” and this and that.

This is absolutely, basically wrong. Because I have nothing to do with money and all that. It is nothing to do. On the contrary, come and see. Get your Realization. Why are you challenging Me? Am I taking your money? Am I doing anything wrong to you? Why are you after my life? I have done no wrong to you. I have not done nor brought anything that is disastrous to you.
I do not want your votes. I am not in politics, or economics or anything. Why should you be angry with me?”. The reason is they feel challenged. It is better, all of those who think they are intellectuals must have that true intelligence. That is what I find in the West. They have true intelligence, a sharp intelligence, to see the point that it exists. It is there. And then to respect that intelligence and to accept it full-hearted. That is what is needed today among the intelligent people. Not to be tied down to whatever knowledge they have acquired, but the knowledge is unlimited.

Even Newton who was such a great scientist said that, “I am like a little child, picking up pebbles on the shore of knowledge.” Newton said that. But that kind of humility is gone now. People do not have that humble nature. They don’t have that normally. Actually, knowledge is more respected. “Vidya, vinaye na shobhate” [Knowledge is adorned by humility]. If you have respect, then you must have the humbleness to see that there is another point which you should see and if you have to really help people and yourself and the whole world at large, you must bow down to understanding that there could be a better way of solving these problems you have not solved at all. Because I tell you all these projections are linear. They move in one direction. They fall off. Everything is linear.

But Sahaja Yoga is a synthesis of everything. It is like a light in the centre which spreads on all sides. It does not go to one side and falls off. And again, turns back to you to harm you. It is not that way. It is one point from where the light emits all over. So, I have to request you to take your science and everything with great understanding. I had to learn science myself and also medicine just talk to doctors – it’s not the point.

Also, if it is a doctor who is a Realized soul, it helps a lot on the medical side. If it is a psychiatrist who is a Realized soul, it helps tremendously for the mad people to get cured. So, if you have got that knowledge, it is the epitome of that knowledge. It is the main principle, the tattva of that knowledge, which you catch.
And once you have the principle, it is very easy to handle the whole situation. As my professors will tell you, I used to always top the list in my college and schools. And I never used to study much. And because to Me, it came out very simple. Because the whole, I knew the principle behind everything. So, to weave them together was very easy for me. Because it is the foundation I knew.

In the same way, it should be easier for people who get into Sahaja Yoga, get their Realization, forgetting their education for the time being. And then coming back to their education to use it for a better purpose, purpose of treating the whole.
May God bless you all.

I hope I have been able to give you some introduction to Sahaja Yoga. But of course, it is not possible to elaborately talk about Sahaja Yoga. I must have given at least two thousand lectures only in England. So, you will be surprised. But they have got my tapes. And if you get your Realization, and if you are established, you can listen to those tapes. Because we have certain ways of avoiding coming in contact with people who are just beginners.
Let the beginners settle down.
Once they have settled down, they have that much power to bear the truth. Otherwise, if you tell somebody the truth, he can come up and beat you. That’s all he’ll do.
That is what they did. What was the need to crucify Christ? I cannot understand. Can you explain? No need at all, what was he doing? He did no wrong.

And because he did no wrong and he was crucified, in the same way, it is tactful to go slowly about people. So, first of all, you have to settle down in Sahaja Yoga, and then you get the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga. There are certain books which we do not give to people because we do not think that they can read it and understand it and bear it. So, after some time, they can get it.
But I appeal to all the intelligentsia of Pune city, because it is the centre of intelligence in Maharashtra, to stand up to this and to see for themselves. I have not done any studies. I have not read any books. I have done nothing of the kind.
I have just read that compassion is the greatest power and I have known the methods of compassion and love. And I have worked it out with that compassion which is not attached to anything. It has no repayment. It has no advancements. It has no asking. It is just there. It just emits. It just works out. That’s all I know. I do not know all these big books. When people tell Me, Gyaneshwari is like that, Gita is like that and Shankaracharya said that – I hear from others. But I do not read, I do not have time to read anything. But I would say that you have to read yourself, through Sahaja Yoga and you can read others also very easily. And then what these books have said, you will understand better.
May God bless you again. And I hope you will sit down for a while to listen to Me in Marathi language.


In Marathi language or in Hindi language, literature is known as “sahitya”. “Sa”, “hitya”. That means that which gives “hita” (good). During the time of Lord Krishna, this issue came up. It is always there – everyone has some headache, even in those times. It was being said that “satyamvade” (Truth) and “Priyamvade” (Love), how can they be united. If it is the Truth, how can it be Love? How can the two be combined?
Lord Krishna gave the solution. “Satyamvade”, “Hitavade” (For Good), “Priyamvade”. Whatever is said has to be “hitakari” (good/beneficial). Good, means good for your Atma (Spirit). That which will give you your Spirit. That which will bring you to “Parameshwaracha Samrajya” (Kingdom of God Almighty).
And if you say that, then, in the beginning, it may appear hurtful, not so lovable, perhaps. But once it is understood, and reaping its benefits, it will appear most lovable/desirable. And they also know it is the Truth. That was his advice.
So whatever is for the good, that must be said. And what I feel is beneficial, I feel I must say that. And when listening to it, you must do so without any hostility in your mind.
In Maharashtra, the role of the mother is very great, and people give the highest respects to the mother. This is a great benediction from Parameshwara. And in the form of that grace, if I say something like your mother, if I say a few words, then you should not feel hurt by it.
The most important thing that I have to say is, that in the form of “dharma” (religion), there are many evil ideas that have come up in Maharashtra, that are actually the completely opposite form of “dharma”. Just thinking about it socially, the treatment meted out to women, I feel that Apte’s “Pan Lakshat Kon Gheto” (Who Tries to Understand, a classic Marathi novel written by Hari Apte, on the subject of child widows), is being repeated over and over.
So many girls come to me, whose husbands beat them or who have to face other problems at home. Young girls are being tortured, their parents are being tortured, these things are still happening in Maharashtra. What is the reason for that? The reason is that man has still not learned to love.
You cannot tell someone to love. For that Sahaja Yoga is required. Once Sahaja Yoga happens to a person, they experience a spontaneous feeling of love. And in that love, he forgets all that is low grade and destructive.
Within us, there is one chakra that we consider the heart chakra. That chakra is the seat of Jagadamba. Jagadamba is the mother of the whole world. At the same time, she is the shakti who is the destroyer and fighter of all evil forces. When we lose recognition of Jagadamba, we develop many diseases. Especially, when women start to doubt if Jagadamba is within them or not, they become fearful, especially with cruel behaviour. Then they develop diseases such as breast cancer.
Now to explain it scientifically, there is bone called sternum over here. In this bone, there is power such that up to age twelve, there are several anti-bodies produced here. They spread all over the body. And these anti-bodies fight any kind of torture or outrage.
But these anti-bodies they are really, we know the Goddess Braharamba, these are her brahmars (bees). Whenever she is troubled or diminished, this bone, the sternum starts shaking. Once it starts shaking, a message goes all over the body to be alert.
But when you trouble a person in the most outrageous manner, when you trouble him, then he loses faith in thAT mother. He feels that he does not have a mother. If the mother was there, why am I being tortured so much? And then these diseases start. So if a woman has breast cancer, then it should be understood that someone has been extremely cruel to her.
But if someone gets a heart attack, we look at them with compassion. There are two types of heart attacks. One heart attack is of the kind which we call it “overactive heart” attack. A man who is constantly working has no attention towards God, is constantly running, obsessed with how to make money, how to earn more money, running like mad, day and night, such a person can get a heart attack. The reason is that the “Shiva” (Lord Shiva/Spirit) in his heart is offended.
The other kind is a lethargic heart. The lethargic heart is the other condition. In this, a person gets involved with people who put him under a spell, take him on the wrong path, or teach him evil things, because of that, the power of his heart becomes weak. Through this road, when the heart becomes weak, then the heart becomes lethargic.
Now, we keep the photo of Ganapati in our house. Now, a doctor also does not know how much this Ganapati is going to help us. How many diseases we can cure with Ganapati, who He is. We also revere Lord Krishna a lot. When she sang “Natawar Krishna Samman” so beautifully, I was reminded of my childhood, Bal Gandharva (a legendary actor of Marathi theatre in the 1900s).
Of course, the situation in Maharashtra was different then. It appears to be something else today. But, even so, in Krishna’s position, Dhanvantari (the God of Healing) is seated. This is a true fact. Lord Krishna is Dhanvantari. And when you awaken to His Dhanvantari tattva, then any diseases you have been destroyed.
I have to tell you that many disciples of Lord Dattatraya have stomach pains. Why does their stomach ache? The truth is that Lord Dattatraya is sitting in our stomachs. The Lord Dattatraya is angry with them. Why? Because they keep repeating the name “Datta, datta..” over and over again. Because when you take someone’s name, there has to be an authority or support for it. There has to be a rite for it. There has to be a protocol for it.
Now suppose you take Rajiv Gandhi’s name (then Prime Minister of India) and land at his house, the police will arrest you. It is the same situation. If till today, without the connection to God Almighty, if you keep taking His name, without “Atma-bodh” (Self Realisation), you keep chanting His name with rosary beads, then it will not work. Instead, you will have many physical problems in your body, and a doctor will not be able to ascertain the cause, but a Sahaja Yogi will.
We have one great Sahaja Yogi. He is a devotee of Ganapati and was a very good Sahaja Yogi. But he got a prostrate problem. He came to Me and said, “Mataji, I got a prostrate problem.” I said, “That is surprising. You are a devotee of Ganapati and Mine also. And how you got a prostrate (problem), I do not understand.” He said, “Mataji, I do not understand why Ganapati is angry with me.” Prostrate is being controlled by Ganapati.
That day, we were distributing “chana” (chickpeas) as prasad, we give chana, he started looking here and there. He said, “I cannot have the chana”. I asked, “Why?”. He said, “Today, it is “Sankashti” (the birth day of Lord Ganesha in the Hindu monthly calendar, when His devotees, traditionally observe a fast). I said, “On the birthday of Ganapati, you are fasting. That is why He is angry. Now you eat.” He did and then he came to Pune. This is a true story. You can ask him. He came to Pune and the doctor asked him, “How did your prostrate become all right?”.
It is the day of Ganapati’s birth. That should be accepted. In fact, it should be celebrated as a festival. So these types of backward beliefs that are there about religion, we should, with a pure mind and cleanly accept them and whip them out.
Now “Satyanarayan” (a popular puja traditionally performed by calling and paying priests to perform, on occasions such as housewarming, marriages). That is absolutely false. Narayana (Lord Vishnu) is “satya” (Truth). “Satya Sai Baba” (another popular Guru in the eighties, no relation with Sai Baba), it appears something like that. Narayana is the truth. Truth means that which our brain recognises. And Narayan is sitting in our head in the form of Virata. Narayana himself is Truth. Narayana is Truth.
And Shiva is “anand” (joy). And Brahmadeva is “chitta” (attention). The one who is the Truth, the people who say “Satyanarayana”, and those who extract money for that, one should not go to such a puja. In our Shipping Corporate (of India), there was a Satyanarayan puja. I clearly told them not to hold it. Nobody listened. Thereafter, four men died.
If we do not remove our outdated ideas about religion, then no one will come to dharma. Because people say, “Saying dharma, dharma – Our father does puja morning and evening but his hot-tempered nature does not go away. Then what is the use? Anger does not go away. Stupidity does not go away. Then what is the point of getting into religion”.
Dharma can only bring you into balance. But when you are self-realised, then a new personality is developed. Such a personality is developed that looking at that you feel, this is something special. This transformation is possible through the work of Kundalini and unless she is awakened, it is not possible. There is no point in blaming religion. It is necessary to adhere to the tattva of dharma and the Kundalini.
And you will be surprised that when the Kundalini is awakened within you, your face will change, your nature will change, and you will become a very joyful and nice human being. People will look at you and say, “Wonderful. Mataji, now we have seen this”.
Now, in Rahuri, we have a great Sahaja Yogi. He went to the collector office and started speaking to the people there. The collector asked, “There is something different about you, Maharaj. What is it?”. They just kept after him. He said, “It is nothing. We are Sahaja Yogis”. “What is that? Tell us.” By and by, Sahaja Yoga spread in the collectorate.
Because that man made such an impression that he was someone extraordinary. To attain that form, the Kundalini must be awakened. But it does not go into people’s heads, they say, “Why should we stop what we have been doing?. We get up in the early morning, say the “Sandhya” (prayer) and the Gayatri mantra. Then why are you saying no to that?”.
Everyone has a right to say Gayatri mantra. But when – after attaining Sahaja Yoga. But even in Sahaja Yoga, some people can say Gayatri mantra and some cannot. If right-sided people say Gayatri, then they are finished. Because Gayatri is on the right side, where Gayatri is, where other mantras are, people, do not know. Therefore, what mantras should be said, there is a “shastra” (science) for that. There is a very big science behind mantras. What mantra has to be said for all chakra, that should be known.
Those who keep saying “Rama, Rama”, then the right heart, which is the seat of Lord Rama, catches. Because you do not have the right. When the Kundalini rises, you should know that which chakra she is blocked. You have to say the mantra of the chakra where she has stopped. Now, if your stomach is paining and you say the mantra of Vishuddhi chakra, how is that going to benefit?
Therefore the shastra behind that should be understood. If you do not understand and are insistent about it, then you are going to lose. What are we going to lose? We are not trying to gain. We have everything in the world. So, instead of being stubborn about it, it is better to understand how each mantra should be said. Where should it be uttered? At what time should it be used? And by saying the mantra, how the Kundalini should be awakened.
Now how do we prove it? Say, we say Lord Krishna’s seat is the Vishuddhi chakra. A Muslim might ask, “How?”. All right. Then we raise the Kundalini. When the Kundalini comes here, then unless Shri Krishna’s mantra is said, she is going to stop. But any Tom, Dick or Harry saying it will not work. Only a Sahaja Yogi can say it. Sahaja Yogi has the authority. If he takes Shri Krishna’s name, then Shri Krishna will awaken.
Without singing any “Bhoopali” (morning raga), He awakens. As soon as He awakens, the Kundalini rises up beautifully from there, and all problems of Vishuddhi chakra are solved. So what these mantras are, how to activate them and where that is taught.
Similarly, we say that only our (religious) incarnations should be revered as Gods. If we follow incarnations from other religions, then we corrupted. That is incorrect.
Now Christ was Mahavishnu. We have proof of that. It is described in the Devi Mahatmyama that Christ is an incarnation of Mahavishnu. Who reads Devi Mahatmyam these days? Where do they have the time? But those who have read it should read the description of Mahavishnu. Mahavishnu Himself is Christ, that description is there in it.
But He is Christ. Krishna’s son, so Christ. He became Krishna because he did “Krishi” (sowing). Now we are extracting, whatever yield is there, we have received it. It was his krishi and he got His name from there. And Jesus’s name has also come from Yashoda.
In our Uttar Pradesh, Yashoda is called “Jashodha”.”Jasu Mata”. Similarly, He is also called “Jesu”. And in Hebrew, He is called, “Yeshu”.
In the same way, Mohammad Sahib. He is Muslim, based on what? Islam came after him. Mohammed means “Maha” (great). Mohammad. “Medha” (Intellect). “Maha-medha”. The one who is holding all the “medha”, that Mohammad. He said that the time of your revolution, cool breeze will rise from your hands. The whole ritual of namaaz is Kundalini awakening, but who is going to tell them. Just listen.
And if someone goes and tells them, Mataji is saying this, they will chase you to beat you. Cannot do anything else. Just chase to beat like mad. Just listen. But getting angry. They say, “Mataji is saying this, we will fix Her”. Everyone is out to correct Me.
So, when any incarnation came on this Earth. Now Lao Tse came, you may not have heard of him. Confucius, you may have heard his name. Sakshat Dattatraya. Mohammed Sahib is Dattatraya Himself, what are you doing? Nanak Sahib, Dattatraya Himself. And now you are fighting with the Sikhs. I do not understand – what is this happening?
Sikhs do not understand, and you do not understand, that we are children of the same God Almighty. What issues are you fighting and quarrelling about?
To bring all these together, an integrated view is needed, and that integrated view takes place only in the Spirit. Because Atma is collectively conscious, that means it is awakened in the collective consciousness. This collective consciousness is in everyone. And when it is awakened within us, it is felt like a cool breeze in our hands and we can understand who the other is.
Now he says that Mataji, you have healed me and so on.
It makes Me laugh. Because I have healed Myself, what have I healed in him?
Because he is part and parcel of me. When you are a part of My body, who do I heal and who do I give benediction to? If you are My hands and legs, My eyes and My ears, then who am I healing? Because when you say, we healed him, we gave him our help, then that is your ego. It is useless. And you have the feeling within that you are the doer.
In reality, man does not do anything. Suppose you do something. Suppose a tree falls and you use it to build a stage. What a great work we did. Oh, we made a stage. That is a dead tree. It is a dead stage.
Show a living activity. If even one man can make fruits from this flower, I am ready to accept.
Till today, we have not done any living work. For the very first time, Kundalini awakening is a living work. Then it is amazing. When you become a Sahaja Yogi, and you give your vibrations to plants and trees, you will be amazed to see that they are revitalized. You can even give vibrations to a dead tree so that it becomes green and is filled with fruits.
We have had many such experiments at Rahuri where the wheat has yielded ten times the crop. Overflowing. If you go to see a Sahaja Yogi’s farm, you will ask, “Whose field is this?”.
And a scientist in Austria has conducted some extraordinary experiments and he has published papers on it. Then when all these things come from abroad, we accept them. But in a way, it is a mistake. Because this is your heritage.
To tell you, when talking about Ganapati to non-Indians, makes My headache because they have never heard of Ganapati before. Here those who know about Ganapati are not willing to listen also. In these circumstances, how to make everything all right?
Sometimes I go the rural hamlets and there I surrender. The simple village folk get Realization very easily and afterwards, talking to them, it feels like (Sant) Kabir himself is speaking. Kabir himself is personified, so beautifully they talk. (Sant) Tukaram. Tukaram himself. I like that better.
And people in the cities, they are so tangled up, their heads are so spoilt, that bringing their attention to order, making them quiet, correcting it again and again and setting it up on the path, is very difficult. Second thing, illness is also the same. Now if someone is sick, we feel, “Mataji, please heal my husband, cure so and so”.
But it should be mentioned that any disease requires effort to be cured. It is not necessary that it will just be cured. Now suppose it heals, we took all the efforts. But again, it is “yere mazha maghlya” (back to square one/history repeating itself). He will not do what is asked, not do meditation and again they are sick.
I cured a Gujarati woman. I healed her at least five times. Cancer, heart, then this – I was so fed up, that when she phones, I say no. Because she does not meditate. Each time Mataji has to do it.
And we have to go deep, then we have to see the Spirit. When we become the Spirit, the light of that Spirit should be spread everywhere. When we get the joy of the Spirit we should distribute it to others. We are not giving something away. When one lamp is lit, it can light other lamps.
And we get engrossed in this type of new environment. We step into the deep end, and when a person goes deep, he does not get these low thoughts. All the gross sicknesses within him just fall out.
And just like from a dirty mire or pond, from which lotuses emerge, I have seen people rise up and bloom like beautiful lotuses and spread their fragrance everywhere. They just cover all the dirt. This has taken up to a large extent, especially in Maharashtra. I see this mainly in the villages. My greater work is there. I do not often come to Pune. Because this is “Punyabhumi” (holy land) but what you have done with this holy land, I do not understand.
All kinds of things are there, multiple things. Instead of dealing with these, I have started work in the villages, and there is a lot of progress there in many ways. Now, if the people of Pune take some care and understand Sahaja Yoga, then it is not hard. They should go to Sahaja Yoga centres. And establish the Kundalini, get mastery over it.
Because a car has a brake and an accelerator. Similarly, we have these two powers within us. Just like when you learn driving you are using these things. In the same manner, when your dharma is balanced, you are established in it.
Why to get established in dharma? Because you want to go forward. You want to take flight. Later, when you can drive the car properly, you are accepted, you have become a driver. You get a certificate that you are a driver. But the owner is sitting out.
But when you become the owner, and you see the driver within yourself, and witness both these states, then it can be said, you have become a Sahaja Yogi. This is the first state when “Nirvikapla Samadhi” (doubtless awareness) is fully established.
In the beginning, you all get “nirvichar samadhi” (thoughtless awareness). You may all be in this state right now, there are no thoughts in your head. But this is one-sided work, you have not done any work. But as Kundalini rose, she has crossed the Agyna chakra, and that is why you are in thoughtlessness.
But after piercing the Brahmarandra (fontanelle bone area), you must keep her collected there. Because wherever you have problems, she will go there and help you and look after you. So how to raise her, tie her up all this should be learnt. With humility.
You may be a great teacher, an intellectual or anything, this has to be learnt. It should be learnt.
After learning this, when the Kundalini is steady, then in a few days you get nirvikalpa samadhi within you. When that comes, there will be vibrations in your fingers that go up. And now, with so many people in Sahaja Yoga, there is no reason to be afraid.
In the olden days, people would just torture. If any person got realisation, people would start torturing them. They would feel it was better to take “samadhi” (renunciation) that living with these fools. This used to be the situation.
There are quite a few people who are very advanced, about two to four in Maharashtra, who are gurus. But they tell me, “Mataji, please do not tell us to come here. We are better off in the jungles.” “Why?”. “They broke my hands and legs”. Someone says, “They tried to crush my head”. They say, “You please work for twelve years and then we will come.”
Now twelve years have passed, now you come. But they are still not ready to come. Even now they say, “Let us see. People are writing against you in the newspapers. When that stops we will come”. So God only knows for how many years they are going to keep things hanging like this.
So the thing is that now we are our own guru. One should stand up and take up this work as their own. Whatever is “sahaj” (easy), “sugam” (pleasant), that we have made “durgam” (unpleasant). Now Ramadas Swami has also said. Everyone has said it. So you have read so much, whatever is simple and easy, why have you made it so difficult.
It is easy. We have only made it difficult. Now when eating food is such a simple act, and we still insist on eating our own way, then what can be said. The morsel has to be consumed straight (not with the hand around the neck). But we are so distinguished and intelligent. Then invent other ways of eating, what can be done.
But this is the simplest and easiest way, and it should be adopted. This is the “sahaj” path. In this short time, I cannot say a lot, tell a lot, explain about each and every chakra. But I have given a lot of lectures in Marathi also. So if you are enthusiastic and get engrossed in Sahaja Yoga, then you can get to listen to my lectures. Not only that, but you will get books also.
We do take some precaution about this, if we give before, “bhootcha adhi kolit hote” (a burning torch in the hands of an ignorant/mischievous person), that should not happen. So first, once a person is all right, and he comes into nirvikalpa samadhi, then we slowly start telling him the next stages.
If I have made any mistake or hurt you, please forgive Me. I am your Mother, I have to and am telling the truth. Even if you are hurt now, it is beneficial for you, it is for everyone’s welfare. I will make this whole world happy, that is what you should say. This whole world should become happy, that is my desire, you should help with it, that is all I ask.
[Applause. Sahaja Yogis and Mother discuss about taking questions from the seekers].
Some people had questions yesterday, they have given them in writing. I have answered them today. And if we start questions again today, then a lot of time goes in that, is spent in that. So yesterday I said, “No darshan”. Then it was like in Maharashtra, they were starving for four days, their faces were so crestfallen, so I said, “Fine. Complete the darshan”.
But then it gets too late for everyone. So we will not take questions today. Those who have questions, can write them down and send them properly to us. We will answer them. We are not saying no to that. But is should not take up everyone’s time. So now, in the Sahaja Yoga method, we will take up the Kundalini awakening.
[Pause for preparations. Mother is having a casual conversation with Sahaja Yogis].
Now, remove your glasses, because, through this, eyesight has been healed. Excessive reading spoils the eyes and many other things. But by awakening, the Kundalini and her revitalising the Agyna chakra, a lot of eye problems will reduce.
Through this entire time, we have to sit with our eyes closed. So there is no need for glasses. As was told yesterday, put your left hand towards Me. And with the right hand, there is “kriya” (action). With the left hand, there is “icchha” (desire) and with the right there is kriya.
Now place your left hand resting on your thigh. With ease. Those sitting down can place it like this. Resting. The hand should be placed so that you do not start feeling it is paining or something. Now the right hand is for action.
Yesterday some people starting barking and doing some other things – that is not to be done. There should be no “tamashebaazi” (dramatics), like hysteria.
Just be straight and clear one’s path; within – this yoga is “antaryoga” (within). For that nothing should be said, no drama, whatever is happening within, let it happen. We do not have to do anything. Kundalini herself is going to come up and do everything. So we do not have to do anything or mess around with that. So do not do any such thing. Just sit quietly.
Yesterday, when that incident took place, I felt now this is going to escalate. So if anyone feels like doing it today, they may please go out. One should sit here with a quiet mind and quiet attention.
[Mother guides the seekers through instructions in Marathi and also repeats the same in Hindi and sometimes English].
Now, left hand towards me, that means, we have the desire that we get self-realisation. And with the right hand, perform all the action.
Now place this (right hand) on the heart when I say, then above the abdomen and then below the abdomen. Then, again above the abdomen, on the heart, on the neck, on the forehead, behind the forehead and then on the head, place it. That means the palm has to be pressed on the crown of the head. That is in the end. Do not do it now. When I tell you.
I am telling you these things now because you are going to do this with your eyes closed. Do not open your eyes because your attention will go out. If your attention goes out, then it will be difficult. Keep your attention inside. Not outside. If someone has their attention within, then there will be no problem. If your eyes are closed, your attention is inside. If the eyes are open, the attention will come out.
Although your attention is not inside. We cannot take our attention within just because we say so. But when the Kundalini awakens our attention is attracted to what is within spontaneously. So at this time, just keep your attention light.
Do not think, “I am this, I have done something wrong, I am terrible, I am ill, I am a big person, I am a sinner, I am a good person, Someone has harmed me”, just do not think any such thing. Just keep your attention light.
But do not fight your thoughts. Gradually you will realise to your surprise that you have come into thoughtless awareness.
Now just one more request, please do not be angry. If you have any (holy) beads or necklaces, please remove them. Ladies do not have to remove their mangalsutras or other ornaments, but other forms of necklaces, please remove them. Of any kind. Of Shirdi Sainath or any other. Do not keep in your (shirt) pocket. Because the heart is there. Anywhere else is fine.
Do not feel bad, but you will understand the reasons. There is nothing wrong, but it should be removed. It puts a load on Vishuddhi chakra. Do not say any mantra, or “jaap” (repeating mantra) or anything. You will get the mantra “siddhi” (power) later and you should learn that. And you will come to know that we were just sitting in one place and that was not right.
Now put your right hand on your heart, close your eyes and put your left hand towards Me. The heart is the seat of the Sprit. So ask this question in your mind, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” or “Shri Mataji, am I the Spirit?”. This is a mantra.
I have told you before, that when our attention goes away from our heart, we can sometimes get a heart attack. Or if we are mesmerised by someone, then it can happen. So I am a Spirit. Our Spirit is “nisang” (detached). So place your hand on your heart and ask, “Am I the Spirit?” Ask this, three times.
There is a meaning and mathematical laws behind all these things – one day I will explain this to you.
Do not open your eyes. You can remove your glasses. The eyes should not be opened. If there is something tight around the stomach, you can loosen it and be more comfortable.
Now place your right hand on the left-hand side above the abdomen. And press in the fingers there. This is the centre of Gurupad (the seat of Guru). You are your own guru. If you are the Spirit.
And you had asked Me the question, “Mother, Am I the Spirit?”. Now the second question should be asked, “Mother, if I am the Spirit, then am I, my own Guru?”.
This does not mean that we leave aside all the “Satgurus” (masters of Truth), on the contrary, this is honouring them. They have only made this seat possible, so be thankful to them and ask this question. This has the efforts of all the saints and holy men.
Now, place the right hand below the abdomen, near the groin, on the left-hand side. Again, press the fingers in there. At this place, the question should be asked whether you desire or not.
If it is your desire that you get pure knowledge, understand the rules of God Almighty and you can apply it, bear its shakti, that is pure knowledge. And this pure knowledge emanates from this centre, which we call Swadishthana chakra.
On the left-hand side of this Swadishthana, you have to say, “Mother, I desire pure knowledge”. You must desire it for Me to give it to you. Because you have complete freedom. And when you wish to come into the complete freedom, then how will it work with the limited freedom that you have?
Pure knowledge teaches you how to apply the pure love of God Almighty, “Rutambhara Pragyna” (the all-pervading power of the Divine) and the power of God Almighty.
I cannot force it because I have to respect your freedom. So you have to ask, “Mother, please give me pure knowledge”. Say it six times.
Now the Kundalini has started rising. Place your hand over the top of your abdomen and press it there.
You may not realise that your Kundalini has started rising. But I can understand. It is a good sign that you do not feel it yet. Because, if you feel any heaviness there, that means there is a problem.
Because where there is an obstruction, there will be problems there.
Place the right hand over the abdomen. Because the Kundalini has started awakening, where the Guru tattva is and say first of all, “Shri Mataji, I am my own Guru.” Say it with full faith and confidence. Do not think at this time if you are guilty, I did this wrong, I am no good and so on. Just say it.
Any caps have to be removed because this work is at the Sahasrara (It is commonplace in Maharashtra to wear white caps). Why have caps in front of Mother? Say with full faith and confidence. Say it ten times. There are ten guru tattvas.
Now Shri Ganesha is the “Brahmaswarupa”. And we are talking about the Spirit and He himself is the “Atmaswarupa”. “So do namaskar” to Shri Ganesha in your mind and place your hand over your heart.
Because you have to say the greatest thing here. So take Shri Ganesha’s blessings and say with complete confidence, “Mother, I am the Spirit”. Say it twelve times.
Without having any doubts about yourself. We will prove it whether it is there or not. At this time, do not debate, there is time for that.
Say it twelve times. Apply some pressure with the fingers of your right hand on the upper part of the heart.
Now place the right hand on your neck, at the joint of the neck and shoulder on the left-hand side, curved around. From the front. Press it hard.
This is a very important centre. This spoils very badly in people these days. If you are saying mantras, chewing tobacco. But do not feel guilty about it. Of course, it is a “boon” in Maharashtra, smoking, or feeling guilty about yourself, or become pessimistic, then this left Vishuddhi catches very badly.
Place your hand on this chakra and say sixteen times, “Mother, I have not committed any wrong. Mother, I am not guilty”.
And those who are feeling very sad, or guilty, or are feeling guilty after My speech, then it is wrong. It is very wrong. Lowering yourself in your own eyes is very wrong.
You have not created yourself, God Almighty has created you. And it is God’s desire that you are His son and you should enter his Kingdom. So who are you to think of yourself at a low level? Do not take it on yourself to punish yourself. Let God decide.
If you are going to keep on feeling guilty about yourself, nothing good will happen to me, what will God do? You are a living image of God. God has made you as a temple and only the lamp has to be lit. So stop saying, “I did this, I did that, I am guilty.” Say, “I am not guilty. I have done no wrong”.
Say it sixteen times. And still, those who are still feeling sad, they can say it 108 times. Might as well give yourself a punishment.
Again I say, be cheerful. Man has to have a cheerful countenance.
God Almighty is the ocean of mercy, ocean of grace, ocean of love and ocean of forgiveness. But greatest of all, He is the ocean of forgiveness. In that ocean, what mistakes can you make? Why blame yourself?
Forget what anyone else has said. We do not need any other certificate, just the certificate of God Almighty. Kundalini herself will give you the certificate.
This is the last judgement. At this time, you have to give yourself the judgement.
Is it clear? The left Vishuddhi is not clearing.
[Shri Mataji says “Aham Sakshat Sarvamantrasiddhi” fifteen times.]
Now is it clear? Good.
Now place the right hand across on the forehand. Just a little more effort.
Now press the forehand on both the sides. Keep the palm on one side and press it.
And pressing it, forgive everyone. You will not forgive, or you cannot forgive, there is no meaning to it.
If you do not forgive, you become a plaything in the hands of the person who is troubling you. So say, “Mataji, I have forgiven everyone”. Say this, with all your heart.
And do not keep count of whom to forgive, just say, “I forgive everyone”. Say “mogham”. Some words in the Marathi language are not found in Hindi.
Now Hindi speakers need to forgive the Marathi speakers and Marathis forgive Hindis. Looks like that (laughing).
Just be happy, I am trying to make you laugh and no one is cheering up. Where is the seriousness in it?
Now place the right hand behind your head. Now, this is the optic lobe, see how much it benefits the eyes. Press it from both sides. Left hand towards Me.
And here, tell God Almighty, “Please forgive me”. But there should be no inferiority about that, just say it as it has to say.
Tell God, “If I have read too much, spoilt my eyes or I have made a mistake, please forgive me”.
No need to count your faults or feel down. God knows it all and also Kundalini.
Now place your right hand on the crown of your head. Press in the fingers and rotate it clockwise. Left hand towards Me.
And even here, I cannot come in the way of your freedom. Say seven times, “Mother, please give me self-realisation”. Move it hard.
[Mother blows into the microphone].
Take your right hand down and place it on your right knee. Keep your eyes closed.
Now place your left hand over the crown of your head. Hold it mid-air, about 4-5 inches above. See there is a cool breeze coming. Some may get a warm breeze, it happens initially. It is very subtle. Make your attention subtle. You are already in thoughtless awareness.
Now see with your right hand.
Now you can open your eyes slowly. You can keep them closed also. Just remain in thoughtless awareness.
Now everyone put your hands up.
Now say, “Mother, is this the power of Brahma?
Is this Brahmashakti?
Is this Rutambhara Pragyna?
Is this the subtle power that is pervading throughout the Universe?
Is this the power of the Adishakti?”
Ask this, three times.
“Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Ask the question.
Now lower your hands. Like this.
Is the cool breeze coming? It is coming.
Nirvichar. Absolutely silent. This silence is the peace of the Spirit. Without attaining this, it is useless to talk of peace.
Now the people who are feeling the cool breeze, in their head or in their hands, raise both hands. All of you. Those who can feel the cool breeze.
Nice. Excellent. Almost everyone has got it. Some people may not have it, they may have some disease or other problems or have been to other gurus, that is why it has not come. Does not matter. Lower your hands.
Now I will tell only one thing, how to take a bandhan around yourself, take a kavach and how to raise the Kundalini. Someone come forward.
Now left hand towards Me. No thoughts, no doubts – you are beyond thoughts. Left hand towards Me.
Now we will tell you how to take the bandhan. First, take the right hand towards the left. This is a kavach for our aura, meaning protection. With this, no destructive power can enter us.
One..start..Take it carefully over your head. This is very important.
This is pure knowledge.
This is One..this is two..this is three..this is four..this is five..this is six…and seven. Take this before leaving the house. Nothing will happen to you.
Second pure knowledge is this, suppose you have to call someone, get some work is done or someone is troubling you, simply write their name (the action) on your hand. And give three bandhans (encircle with the right hand). The work will be done.
You can try it now. The work will be done. One..two..three. This is of love. Bandhan of love.
Now to raise Kundalini. Also, take my photos, the photos have vibrations – they (Sahaja Yogis) will tell you everything.
[Mother demonstrates how to raise the Kundalini – left hand still, encircling right hand and tying the knot at the Sahasrara. One knot, two knots the second time and three knots the third time].
It is coming, see. This is subtle. Now the awakening has taken place.
These are the seeds sprouting, now the tree has to emerge. Everyone should respect this. Understand that this is a very great thing. It is the accumulated wealth from multiple births.
Look after it and nurture it, so that the tree is formed. This is my request to you all.
And now without saying anything, be silent. No debates or quarrels about this. Enjoy your thoughtlessness.
And this is flowing through your hands. Now learn how to heal others and heal yourself. You will be taught everything. There is no money required for this or any compensation. Only it should be learnt.
Now the darshan has to be given today. So form a queue and come forward without pushing. This is not Lord Vithala (temple) – I am sitting in front. There other people are watching, here Sahaja Yogis are watching. So come forward with ease, no pushing. I am here, even if it takes till 1 am.
Stop, now come forward. Bring the garlands. Keep them here. What are you doing?
[Darshan starts and continues until the end of the video. Sahaja Yogis guide seekers and announce centre locations in Pune]