Welcoming Talk at the beginning of India Tour

Navinbhai Thakkar Hall, Mumbai (India)


Speech at the beginning of India Tour, Bombay (India), 13 January 1985.

I am very much overjoyed to say anything really and I hope you people are also happy to be here with me. So now we are all going to get in to this new venture of entering into the countryside of Maharashtra. I have to only tell you that my concern is that this tour should really to go [UNCLEAR] with it. For example this is the Country where lots of vibrations are there, lots of freedom and lots of love. But as far as the material comforts are concerned, it’s lacking quietly. If you go to New York it is the other way around. If you have money you can get lot of comforts there but none of the other things. So here we have come not for our comforts. Even if we pay more we cannot get comforts. So here we have come to feel the comfort of our spirit. You have to feel comfortable with our spirit and once that you achieve you will enjoy every second of tour. Don’t pay attention to small small discomforts here and there. But know that you have to be deeper and deeper every mile you travel. Otherwise it is a waste of time for you and for me also.

Regarding your health I will always worry about your liver problems. Those who think they have liver problem should take more to the liver diet on the way which I have tried to keep it very well arranged. I have told everyone not to give you too many fried things and too many sweet things and all the things that we think they should look after. Because as I said in that love they are so fond of feeding and they give you so much three days you would all have become sick. So I corrected it again and again and told them make it simple so that they can digest. Of course the climate is not very bad now only so hot. Still, you have to be careful because you all have this problem. So I have tried to put down, but I would say that you should also be careful about your health. Because, if you have come to enjoy here and if you have liver trouble you cannot enjoy because your attention will be disturbed. And also some other provisions I will make which you should take so that you really enjoy your tour around.

I hope this journey it is really for our [UNCLEAR] not for outside world will do you good. You have to travel inward and not outward and that is why you’re here today. Because, you are the foundation of international Sahaja Yoga. Today if you all become that foundation stone the whole temple of Sahaja Yoga can be raised very easily and thus will be proud pioneers of this earth.

So remember what is your responsibility. What is your moral responsibility and not your physical responsibility. If you understand your moral responsibility you will be very discreet, not only that, but you will find a great direction from within how to have your attitude built up so that you enjoy every bit of the fragrance of this country. It is a beautiful country as I told you but you must have eyes to see that. Those eyes by God’s grace all of you have got. Only we have to keep them alive and alert. Thank you very much. May god bless you.

[Shri Mataji]: You have any questions? [Pause] No questions at all. It is a very big group this time. This may be little bit [UNCLEAR] you will see in villages you see we have limitations. So doesn’t matter. I mean we can manage things. We have to little bit lead us [UNCLEAR] that’s all. Now if you have any questions ask Me. Anything, about anything. About marriages. I know that. I can see with large. Now what is it? Now for that Mr. Varan, if he is overcome his troubles since it is possible and we have another great priest who have come here to certify as Danny. So you take Danny with you for this thing. We have to form now few committees, which we should appoint. If you want that one is a marriage committee. Now let us see who will be the marriage committee. Because it is really a big [UNCLEAR] I don’t know how it is going to work out together and how the whole thing is going to be channelized but we have to work it out. Now let’s see. Who else? One is Danny because he is a priest and one is Warren he cannot escape. Till he is married, he has to do this job. So now whatever are your proposals and all that, I think it is better you give it to Warren tomorrow morning and day after I will go through them. Lots of them we have sorted out and I have to sort out about Indian girls also. Age and all that should be given clearly so that there is no more problem of again changing them and changing them. But one should take a very detached role and you will enjoy very much more. Those who want to Indian girls should also mention definitely Indian Girls. So that we will keep to that all the boys or anybody who wants to marry that way should inform Warren or should write it down is better. That is another problem seems to be coming up. [Yogi Talks – UNCLEAR] If there is any you please tell to Warren to sort it out. Who has come from London? Ravi has come?

[Yogi]: Not yet, he will be coming.

[Shri Mataji]: Bala?

[Yogi]: Bala will coming. There are about fourteen people who will be coming at various stages during the tour. And Bala will be here very soon.

[Shri Mataji]: As if you have come here to build a building. You have not come here for personal comfort. The only thing that will be paid back will be your spiritual comfort, which you all have been seeking for ages. That’s what you have been asking for and that’s why you will have it. Any other problem you have please tell Me because I would not like you to be saying that “Mother was not accessible so we could not tell Her. We could not reach Her”. Anybody who wants to see Me, let them see. But let Warren find out what’s the matter is and then you can come and see Me. So there should no sort of a barrier in between. Any problem, any personal thing anything or you may write a letter to Me.