Shri Krishna Puja, Announcement of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Nashik (India)

Shri Krishna Puja. Nasik (India), 19 January 1985.
Yesterday, in the lecture, I gave a new announcement about Sahaja Yoga. But the whole lecture was in Marathi language and before it is translated I would like to tell you what was my announcement.
There was a question that, in America and in England, no trust which is not a religion can be registered. Of course, Sahaja Yoga is the religion, no doubt, is the universal religion, […]

Talk, Marriage Couplets (incomplete) (India)


Shri Mataji (to someone): I vibrated some water for you; I hope it helps your nabhi.

(in Marathi): So, is it done? Who? Taught them? Whom? 

“ Nava ghya” (Literally take the name – also called “ukhana”, this is an old wedding custom of the Maharashtrian community in India to subtly announce the name of your spouse. Married couples recite rhyming couplets after the ceremony and later on, during festive gatherings, […]

Havan Nashik (India)

Transcript and Translation of Havan Nasik, 1985-0119

[Note: Transcription from a two-part audio recording of the Havan. There are some breaks and duplicate recordings in the first 8 minutes].

[Side conversations. Sahaja Yogis start by chanting the three Maha mantras. Shri Mataji is giving instructions on the Havan offerings].

Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati, Mahakali Trigunatmika, Sakshat Shri Adishakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah.

Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Kalki Sakshat Shri Adishakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah. […]