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Ahmednagar (India)

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Welcome Talk 1985 01 25 Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India.

Mr Pankay, the administrator of Municipal corporation of Ahmednagar, and other officers who are being very kind to host you to this beautiful function. And all the public from Ahmednagar. From all the Sahaja yogis abroad who have come all the way here, also the Sahaja yogis who are Indians, I would like to Thank administrator Mr Pankay for his kind invitation to this gracious occasion. [Clapping..]
Tomorrow is a great day, in my life also, that it’s our republic day, we got our independence on the 15th of August, but we celebrate 26th as the republic day and as you know that my father, my mother, all my family sacrificed everything that they had to achieve this freedom. Even I, as you know, I have done my bit in this respect, and I have been a great leader of young students at that time. So, it is such a great thing to see this dream come true that without getting your freedom, your political freedom, you cannot ask for your spiritual freedom. Today, we don’t have Mahatma Gandhi with us, but if he was here, he would have supported Sahaja Yoga out and out. [Clapping..]

As Mr Pankay has pointed out that it is our heritage of our culture which has kept us together, in this diversity, the unity is expressed because we have set certain basic fundamental ideas which are common, whatever religion, whatever race we may have. One of the fundamental idea, which is a very great thing, I think that divinity is higher than any other office. The divine personality is higher than anybody else in this world. And this is something which is so evident in India, which you all must be surprised to see, that a saint, who is not a person who is holding any organizational position, or is not a person who is organizing any religion or a head of any religious body but any saint, whether he is living in a hut, whether he is living in a jungle, if he is a saint, he is respected by all. This is the most important fundamental thing that has kept us together. Because, if you have the guideline from a saint, then you can never be deviated from the right path, because they know what is to be done. When we are guided by all these seers and saints in this country, how can we be away from our spirit, that’s why our music, our dancing, our expressions, our languages, everything hovers around the spiritual growth of humanity. This great asset that we have, has led us to go through various phases of difficulties, invasions and all kind of slaveries, still we have maintained that balance with in us, thanks to the saints of this country. Now, as it is, you all are travelling and enjoying yourself with all the divine vibrations that you are feeling in this country, I should also say, that every place you have been, they have been extremely happy to receive you and to host you and to look after you because they think that you are also all saints from all the countries travelling down, so, may god bless you all. [Clapping..]