Devi Puja, Republic Day

Pune (India)


Republic day puja, Devi puja, India tour, Pune, India, 26/01/1985 (English/Marathi)

Today we have arrived in a place which is regarded as he holiest of holy cities, in all the Shastras it is described as something very heavenly. So the people who are born here, must be people of great achievements and of great punyas. [Shri Mataji laughs]
And to add to all the glory of this place, today is the day of our independence, the Republic day of India.
Today the occasion is so great that on this day I should be worshipped because the essence of all the manifestation, all the material worlds of the world is India. India is the essence, the rest of it is all the manifestation of the essence.
So to celebrate the Independence of this country itself is great fortune of many people today, that they should worship me on this day.

It’s a very deep rooted country, deep rooted into its traditions and its understanding of life. It’s one of the most ancient country where people have been searching the truth since long.
The roots of all philosophies were born in this country That’s why most of the Incarnations took their birth in this country. Or ended up their life here like Moses and Christ.

On spiritual life, I would say that time has taken its stone, we have had all kinds of sufferings and dominations because of the spiritual understanding and bearing power we have. That’s representative of what many saints have suffered on account of aggressive people.
Despite all that, this country has survived its all bans. And there is something still lurking behind every Indian mind, that the spirit of this country will never die.

With all these horrible things that we have gone through and the waves of calamities that have passed through, today, at this juncture, we should hope that this country should take a new turn to spiritual life. It should prosper in its own nature that is spirituality. It is not going to prosper through economics or politics or any such things which are extravert but it is going to prosper through its spirituality which is its nature.

Once this is realised by Indians, that it is the spirituality of this place which has given us the blessings of God to survive under all circumstances, that we should really pay full attention towards spirituality, they’ll change their ways and methods. And we’ll not take to western methods anymore, but we’ll take to the methods which were taught to us by saints long time back.
Actually it is surprising that many saints and seekers are more born I the West than they are born in this country. And that, in this country, we have people who are still seeking money, seeking all kinds of other things which should not be really be looked at because they are worth nothing.
It is impossible to convince many Indian leaders that they have to take to Spirituality if they have to take full advantage of the substance of this land.

I hope one day will come when they will realise it, that all other activities must be divert towards the spiritual manifestation of our talents, so that they receive the best results out of the mankind which is living in this country and can give to the world something, what every body wants, but not what they have.

As you know, I have been a participant in the Freedom Movement and as a young girls, I have gone through myself, all kinds of tortures and problems [Shri Mataji smiles] of this slavery to see what is slavery.
But after getting independence if the people do not understand the technique of the Spirit, they are going to loose every thing that they have achieved through independence. The whole direction is downward. They think of just physical, material development which is not going to help them at all and will take them much closer to disaster, much faster than the West has gone. Because West can depend on spirituality now, because they have realised that spirituality is he thing they have to achieve.
But in this country, where spirituality is regarded as out of date, I don’t know how much time they will take to understand what is the importance of spirituality in this country. Perhaps their children will become hippies, they’ll take to drugs. Already, we are having a very bad drug problem in Puna. In Puna, they are many drug addicts. You’ll be surprised, there are many drug addicts in Puna. And we have drug addicts even in Amra Nagar. [?]
So these drugs and all those things are coming up the same way it has been in America or in the West and then it will pass through all that horrible vicious circle and then it will come to Sahaja Yoga. Or should it learn from you people who have cross all that for us and crucified yourselves?

We should understand that all that is not necessary. Sahaja Yoga is, as I’ve told you, is not for one person. It is not for one country, it is for the whole universe. That’s why I said now, we have established the religion of Sahaja Yoga, is what we call the Universal [vishwa] Nirmala Religion [Dharma]. And this religion doesn’t have any faith in the low level caste system, low level racial systems, low level political systems, and low level economics’ systems. It has its own understanding of the Divinity and it works with that.

Once you come up to the level of that, then I’m sure people will be convinced that this is the best way to make the whole world a dynamic source of spiritual growth and of substantial achievements. The rest of it is frivolous, flippant and temporary. If you have to have something of a very permanent and a high level, they will realise that we have to see to those people, how they have achieved it, how they have become such beautiful human beings.

The nature is so helpful to me, extremely helpful. I find that the nature is producing children which are so much more [active?] today. They are giving children of very high quality back to us and I’m amazed, how one by one these great saints are born to Sahaja Yogis. But the Sahaja Yogis themselves are not been mostly born Realized, and even if they were, they had gone wrong ways. So they have to now, realize that their responsibility as Sahaja yogis is much more than before because they have to be very good examples of Sahaja Yoga for their own children. If they do not give that example the children are not going to follow them neither the children are going to associate with them, nor they are going to be guided by them. Moreover, they may come that they may deviate also, though they are Realized souls, or may be that they may give you up completely and become Sahaja Yogis of a different level.
So it is for the progeny that we have to work very hard on ourselves, clear out ourselves, make ourselves beautiful people, grow into it, become bigger people with a greater vision, with a broader ideas, with all our strength and will.

My own contribution is zero I should say because I cannot contribute without your help. And you have to use that. Like in the water, there is lots of energy, but one has to use it only by manoeuvring it. In the same way, unless and until you manoeuvre all that I have, I am absolutely impotent personality.
For that, I would request you that you cleanse yourself. You follow the roots of Sahaja Yoga with great assiduity, because you are chosen people of God, that you have to do this great work of what’s recreation of the new world of peace, bliss and joy.
May God bless you.

[Translation from Marathi to English]

Today is a very big day for us, as ‘vasant panchami’ is also. Again it’s a national day today. The people are grateful to see this day. How many people had abandoned their life?.

How many things have happened, but we have not yet come to that stage. Where you know this,Yes, the country is of great importance,People have won the sacrifice. Even when we called up the rebellion in this country, Gandhiji thought that this country’s That which is real wealth, it is spiritual. Self-power is not violent but non-violence, and therefore they will make all over non-violence. We have won the country for without any violence When this happened, we do not realize that Now this is what we have earned so much wealth, Yes, that’s what we keep, Yes, you has got diamonds In Which sacrifice to fit? So that’s what it’s sacrificing They must be of this soil Whatever the sacrifice of this soil, They have sacrificed themselves. You have nothing else to do. What is the main thing in this country,that is, all the space that is the element,the power of self, it is.. That should be discarded on self-power. As long as the sacrifice of independence will not be put on self-centeredness, The welfare of this country will not be there But for that, we should create such a people, which has received this self-discipline. But I still see that the people that got self-conscious Who has gained self-confidence They are still playing very tightly and are living with a very frantic situation.

The kind of thing that has happened to me is so troubled me yesterday I have decided that I do not want to talk about that anymore. Relations,How did it come? We say relation come in Maharashtra. Brothers kill you after one another Something bothered, what happened to it? That’s because we took addiction. You might be surprised if you add some additives to Vishuddhi chakra, you do not have any kind of wisdom. He does not live nicely. He lied and did not think he had missed anything even though he did This addiction has grown so much in our country and it’s on such a large scale, People do not notice that they are suffering, People say so many lies about. They are behaving so badly. And so much lies are in the world Yes, for the first time to get rid of falsehood, first of all should be left with addiction.

The man who does not completely forget to addiction, His nature will not be good. He will do falsehood, he will do a false thing and everything that is true will be false So one day on this big day many people spend their lives Many gave life Many have shed their blood From this time immemorial, we struggled for independence, now for self-rule, to self-help People today pledge that we will not do any addiction anymore Any kind This is not a difficult task I see people from foreign countries that they are so sharp Once that is achieved, on the next day it becomes free, by leaving everything, That was not what they were As soon as a lotus comes up in a moment, it gets so much sweeter But not in our country. There are some types of activities in our country But this is the only way, It’s gonna be there. For ten ten years, peoples in sahajayoga Why not make some progress? The reason is that they have not been able to relieve themselves of addiction. This slavery should gone The slaughter of addiction is that it should go. The second guru’s slavery is very terrible to you I met a gentleman yesterday They were so many years in sahajayoga. But his master’s slavery is not gone So they are still in trouble. There is no one listening to these things Nobody would believe it. But if your guru is wrong, then you have seen that you are suffering from it This slavery, Should have gone You should keep in mind that for slavery, People who come from Guru.

They are physically afflicted If your master can not keep your body properly, then why should such a guru be enslaved? This is superstition and it is a vengeful sign. In the vengeful symptom, Shrikrishna said, that when a person becomes vengeful Then some unfixed things are pulled up completely That condition only believes the truth Suppose,one bull tie to the oil extractor poll and put scarp on eyes,He is wandering in there And no matter how much you told him that he is wrong, he does not think so It do not go into his head This vengeful tendency is especially in our Maharashtra. The reason we tell him the reason is that we are very addicted And the fundamentalists, in those days we have grown up in the customs, You never stop that fundamental. Now first of all, see that you should fast now Who said that? Which scripture? If no one says so, no one can show. If you have a passion to fast anytime. So whoever you wish about will be the same. People in our country are also starving Why should I fast even more, I do not understand, If you would like to fast,then die It seems like the future will be hungry, want fasting, take it.

You should only get what you are interested in. When you fast, Then let it be hungry Then why cry? Everything is for eat and they do not want to eat it in the name of God You should not eat it, but eat it in the name of God Next is the path of devotion, the path of devotion has drawn one But that’s not the way it’s going to be It should be noted devotion, exclusive devotion is told by Krishna The path of devotion is to sit on the ground, to walk away from it Dress clothes, like beggar Going there playing the Manjeera, And to break the head That is called the devotional path Who said this? Dnyaneshwar did not say that you used to go to perform ‘Hare Rama’ Hare, doing there. Or do we say Vitthal Vitthal by doing Krishna Krishna So do not go anywhere Those who wrote it did not read They did not understand what they explained Now it is said that, ‘Aata Vishwatmake…Toshawe’. He should show the spirit of the universe He should be happy Whatever sacrifice has been offered to me, Let’s be satisfied And then what to give? Give it to Pasaydan This pasaydaan is given to you. This is what the vibrations have been given to youvthis is pasaydaan. The dark darkness of sinful man disappeared,did gone? Those who played majeera, Does ignorance go?

Too dry, dried, beggar they do not have proper clothes on body. Seeing the person coming to cry Where did the sinful man come from? And say we are devotees of Shri hari ! Hey, who gave Sudama to Dwarka, this devotee, this beggar people Why are you people defaming Krishna? Be a devotee of another person,Fraud Babaji’s Whose rinkle should be counted, This type of Babaji are many Devote them. But why do you defame Shrikrishna? Where did you not read the description of their face? Did not read the description of his brilliance? Where he was a beggar, nobody told. Even though cows maintained, the crown was on the head.

We have already heard of it , about dress up Where did you hear that he was carrying a bush in his hands beggar ? Tobacco filled in drink This is our condition But do not think about it, And black ash on the head does he apply black ash on head How pretty even,Turns the sandal on the head That was his sign,even if you look around, why do you walk around with black ash? With those black ashes, it will ruin your ajnya chakra. The more you will be in a vengeful perspective. But you said that Mataji, why do you say so? That is what they want me to tell and it should tell you Then you got the disease tomorrow, there were cancerous diseases, there were diseases of the vishudhhi chakra Diseases like this,The disease happened That is to say,Mataji what’s this? We are Warkaris(devotee), that is to blame in God This vengeful tendency should have gone Walk through the scarf on the eye. We are in the path of devotion Hey, what’s the way? God has said, Make exclusive devotion Krishna has explained it clearly,That you will give me something,pamphlet, fruit, and he will take it But giving it clear that you should give exclusive devotion What else could he do? When will exclusive devotion be?

When you walk aloud with God When you feel confident Whenever you worship him, it has something meaning We have such an evil reputation of Krishna everywhere Are doing abroad, doing so here too. Where is Lord Krishna and where are the people of Warakari(devotee). I do not see the compilation of the two So, whatever we are old, we want to get the best, best of them And that which has been imposed on us, it should be left In the Sahajayoga, we are doing great devotion Everything happens, but only after self-realization Before that we did not do it. Secondly, fasting is not what we do If you want to fast,then do it, Now I am fasting already I Forever Fasting is done by your grace No lunch, no meal in the evening Something is going on If you do not want me to fast then I can do it But even if you want to do it, you can do it for yourself or for your body But do not tell it as a stomach disorder So we need to understand that we are going to be vigilant, Now we do not want to go to the royal state This peopole is other it is of a political nature. What they did not know, what was wrong and what was good The mistake and the good one at all That is, we feel that these people are human or animals ! They do not understand this, that they eat cabbage, that they eat shit He also does not understand the difference, People are royaltyers And if this state of the state came, But a big question arises in him Because such people are confused and completely confused So do not understand what they want to explain So everyone thinks, what’s wrong with this? Now here London is a new one, Exiting daily. Now there’s a new one The new one happened for four years, That needle socks into your mouth If not, then insert the pin And paint the hair and go out. I said, why do this? they said, So what’s wrong with this?

What’s wrong with this? Does we have any answer? So they do such foolishness It does not matter if you say anything to that stupidity Because they think, we all know What’s wrong or bad? What do you say? That is, the monsters are good, the evil is also good, the thief one is good and the Mahatma is also good. And God is good. Everything is good, all are same. Hitler is good and krushna is also good. There is no difference between them No one should say bad .all good There is nothing bad to say This was the stage of royalness You now have the royal nature Because you are making progress now Due to the progressive country you are Now there is a humble request that you should not progress there Now we have to make such progress right now She wants to progress through the Crown Chakra and That is to make progress in the higher direction For This,What’s wrong with this? What’s wrong with him?

Why do this? why do that? If that desire were to happen, we would have thought that we became a royal It’s worse than vengeful. Because once you can remove bond,But by the way, From the point of view, the restriction on the eye, how to remove it? So,do not go to that situation. What’s wrong with this What’s wrong in him You are your master in Sahajayoga. Vibrations come in your hands and you know what’s wrong with you Then,Fix Your Vibrations. But there is a situation where people do not understand anything, whether we have lost anything or not This situation should not occur That is my request by adding my hands Today, in this good news, we all have to tell you that you are born in this holy soil. I now go to Coimbatore day before yesterday, they said that you will live in Pune now ? It is said to be punyapattanum.

All said by adding their hands Said, ‘Why?’ … now you see it all This is what they were .it was what they were described This story tells us that once Pundarikaksh took his father and mother Came to Mumbai city. Maybe even Pune has come There is a story about Pune. Do not know if there will be any. He said to them, ‘I’m not taking you anywhere now. I have served you very much Now,I’m not going to take you forward Go where you want I am not doing your pilgrimage anymore. He thought, saw the vaibrations and said That’s it, do it You take us out of here anyhow Then do what you want to do, As he picked it out of that village, he came to notice That’s how much is my fault, He said, forgive me Something happened to me No, no, I take you away, Well, I think this often in Pune Mumbai has so much But now people should decide that, to pune Which Graduation is given from Anadikal The great saints, great masters will celebrate and will do it well Today,All of this should be decided in the mind of the people of Pune That’s the name of Pune, that’s such a great name, we get such a great principle what others do? Others do this,Others do thieves, they do this, do not want to see others. Others Others You are ours. What attitude do we leave,Except for small attitude, we can absorb big ideas Secondly, we have the biggest problem in religion Today,have to say about that also It is written by Markandey Swaamy about the idea of ​​caste from Anadikal Which is called as consciousness in all the beings of the Goddess The Goddesses who are situated in power in all castes, That’s what we say every day, But why we dont understand?

Means,Whats goddess cast, that is our cast Mahakali, Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati are only three caste in this world And the fourth caste is Aadishakti’s, that’s your caste. It’s Beyond that Those who are passionate, their cast of Mahakali’s Mahasaraswati’s caste for those who are of Royal Those who are righteous, their castes are Mahalakshmi There are three castes in this way and the fourth which is going on is beyond the castes, that is to say,Trigunatit In this situation you are sitting today So do not fight on castes We are this,we are that,this,that, Those who really do not really do anything With such a brawl,then we say that why we have given the kingdom to them? Means Shivaji was kunabi(lower cast) Why did give the kingdom? There are many people who say so Now who is sitting on your kingdom? Parsi is a man coming and sitting,Tell him Came all Brahmins and say.tell, They become friendly with all That man is good But its meaning Who has said that?Even if Shivaji Maharaj is in situation, you give him trouble also told Gandhi ji that you make atonement at Nashik You make atonement, from such a great man I once said to Mahatmaji, ‘Why do you go to make atonement? He said,If I did not go, they would’ve shot mi Whom did you give up? You must remove people from that class, and this is the idea that you have That is, showing others down in religion Every time that big people were there Everyone in this country tried this That people should remove this idea from their minds eknath feeds water to donkey. Naamdev was a tailor. We had a gentleman butcher He is considered to be a saint. Tukaram also always used to say that If I had become a Mahar(lower Caste), it will good for mi Why this?That is, they are often told that this madness of caste should be gone And so many miracles happened Their Volume came out in the Indrayani(river) which was immersed, all happened But people have not understand that The thing which is holy is different, the fight between castes is different They will not learn because the eyes are close So this kind of caste does not work for us, We do not want that kind of caste We will not do this, we will not do that Such people who speak, And in this way the people who spread the atmosphere There was a defect only in our country Well, it still needs to be done in practical terms that,some caste boy married with another caste girl There is no difference between them and this kind of marriage, but they have advantages Suppose,If you married in your caste and did Maratha in Marathas So, he has not sent anything to Diwali.

How much did dowry?To talk properly, How much did dowry? I want to get married, then the girl should be the same If someone tricks her, then who will come from the community? f you send the girl home, if didnt give dowry,, But at that time can someone is standing in the community? Dies For such castes, oppressed people torture their girls Not only that, I feel that one of those media is atrocity. The girls used to abuse and torture to them It must be married in this caste, This is a medium It is a medium to persecute those girls We are harassing ourselves, our own, our girls every day. If another son got good,If you got good in the others caste, then what is the problem? What should be the problem, there is no objection But it does not look like that It is not so practical But tomorrow in that caste left our daughter, So that being helps you Even when it appeared front of us, we got married in our own caste only. Stubbornness like this That is,You really have something radish on girls head We’re putting a lot of weight If you want to, you can do it in your caste If you want,return it. But why do you bother that girl Troubled her tomorrow,mother-in-law troubled her You do not go and say that we married in a caste n it you will have a reputation for being ‘we married in our caste’ What are you going to get? Why do you get?

It is special in womens That should be in our caste So you have to showoff something after that What you get? i do not understand. Gandhiji tried. Tilak made efforts before Gandhiji Tilak married widow himself Agarkar did How many people have tried, but we have not fulfilled that effort Now, when it comes back to sahajayoga, do not have to do things like casteism We do not believe in caste. We consider only cast. that is sahajayoga. Sahajaogya is the story of World religions This is a world religion and there is nothing like casteism, hatred etc. A single God and all the people of mankind he created Those who have achieved God now, when they enter the kingdom of God Do not take it there, mad people from here. bawannakuli(caste) and this and that A gentleman said to me,caste(kul) .talk about caste mataji, i said have a big. caste come from where ?

Who is your goddess, from there That is, the goddess came back or not. Which is your kul(caste)? If we are of any caste, our Goddess may be one. Suppose someone’s goddess is Jagadamba. hen it can be of a goldsmith or a Brahmin. it can be Maratha’s, anyone can be. That is, whether their caste is for Jagdamba or not. That is, the kul(caste) became Jagdamba’s We have Kul(caste) from the Goddess Not from the God That is, the identity of the kul(caste) is known on mother, and it is also true Thats why we say ‘ya devi sarvabhuteshu,jatiru pen sansthita’ It’s your caste, This is your caste of greatness Now I ask what is the kul(caste) of Shivaji? No one can tell. One might say, Jagadamba, someone would say, Bhavani Bhavani was his mother.

They have a kantyayani. kantyayani was his kul(caste). kantyayani was his goddess kul(caste). Now, whether it is the Casteism of their caste or not, do not know this is Casteism. This is kul(caste). This is the greatness of kul(caste). To get something done,that we are this much kul(cast) and that much kul(caste) Type something that does not look like All will come together in drinking alcohol. If everyone wants to drink alcohol, then they all sit together and drink. Same place When drinking,So what do we drink alcohol? But at the time of drinking water, we wear holy clothes.

Even if you want to have cigarettes If you have half your remaining thas is also fine But at the time of meal, however, we are very considerate of others. That is, if you want to work in a bad way, you want to make a thief,can anyone ask what’s your caste? When stolen, they form a team When all kind of people steal together ame is politics Nobody in politics thinks that, what is your caste? When all bad people come together that means politics. But you have to find out how much you are really bad Very bad people So this is ours, just got it right with us. This is the situation today that you have nothing about yourself There is no self respect,Because if there is no demonstration of self, then self respect can come from where? It is worthless to say that things are worthless Those things have become so important There is no attention to the real things. It’s a vengeful symptom And this vengeful sign should go through you, so you have tried your best. The vengeful person does not have any respect for himselfo. He does not think about himself.

I have some self-respect or should I have some self-respect And his whispering all time whispering about him, whispering about them Something slayess, which is called in English,like he did From here and there,his whispering slayess Likewise, the royal man is a terror but open Openly, the two ,four will slap you If someone gave him two or four, he would give two-four back, but he would openly his all apparent That is so much that ….. It is open to sin, what is bad in it? What is worse than doing it? What’s wrong with that?. say this If you want to do anything, then there is no such thing in it In all things, what is wrong with it. The other is ashamed to see them. It is a condition So what is your situation, That you know Know what is your cast And any caste has been exhausted, means you Drowned. Then it should be multiplied beyond this species It should be done in a multiply. And you must be self-confident in that situation His richnees should be seen in him The second symptom of Sahajayoga is that he should always look happy, he should look cool Kabirdas said, what do you say, when you are happy? If you do not have fun Then you are not sahajayogi.

If you find this, We will do anything that Mataji said I have seen many people like this. I said, what are you doing? One thousand people will come. How can we do it? Mother, we will take one thousand or three thousand men.What about it,that’s enough when we are 10 people It is fun, it is called impudence If it does not come, then you still have not been sahajayogi What is in it, mother said. Then what is going to happen and happening There are many people who have benefitted from this They have seen how much benefit it has made How much did it get But it should be anxious. Must have fun If the fun does not appear in the person, then something has happened He did not have seriousness. whisperring in all thing, paying Attention to small things Do not want to do that, do not want to do it, or do something that is all fun Will be deposed,such things not suitable to sahajayogi Just fine. If you do all the fun, then you will be surprised, what kind of work is done? how things happen?

You have come into the kingdom of God, If will not having fun now,then when? So all this is a happy day, It’s a day of light, We got a flag of freedom. So I myself in Delhi, saw second flag. to rising and descending, And I said that, this is the beauty of the flag, it should remain And by that grace we all should be fully integrated with our identity Our personality should be completely integrated only That should be fun, should be joyful Everyone should be involved in the same Now these people came from outside so much. I do not have time to talk to them for two minutes It does not take time to sit near them for two minutes They have come from so far, some of them are such that I have never seen them They are in the mood I did not spend a minute with them But they do not feel anything. In our Maharashtra not llike this Mothers did not come to my house. Not come to my premises. have not been to my center, My, me, mine is very much. And mother did not give time to me, Give me time. I have spent all my time in Maharashtra There is no time to talk to these people I do not even ask him, how you are?

To this date. How are you ? It is not even said What do they come here, and what are they? means,Thay does not meet. Went to their country, which means that are a little too much But they never said that Mother, come to me or come to my home. Talk to me. Never Well, secondly, if I would go to someone, then I would go That’s mine I would go wherever I want I do my convenience People will say, why did you go to their house? Hey there, I get convenience there, so I go, who will you say? So that’s me, that’s why you’re going there To force me to do so But all this is a sign of eloquence and stupidity, that they should not be so. So everyone, for two minutes, come for a minute to me.why?

Why come? What are you going to get? troubled me and made me unhappy Then,How do i feel happy? And how will you get blessings from that happiness? If you followed my troubles So do not insist that to come my house. Come to me.this my should gone. Which is your house All of my houses are there. My child, My house, my husband, This is all vengeful symptom. It should be kept in mind that whatever children do my, me, those children should never Can not match. you have so much heartache in it that It’s a mistake to say that, even if he is a murderer, then he is the baby.

So we are a sahajayogi to get away from him How should your child be described? You will not know unless you stay away and see it So do not invlove in it . And the society that will be created by chance, That’s the true quality He is a true sahajayogi and he will be blessed with this great work May god bless you . Gulal etc … Should get some communication back One i think that people From pune going to mumbai Mumbains,Punein,from there,from nagar This,This and the lane in it, do not remove Everyone should meet,Should be in You must increase love with yourself Everyone has given such a suggestion that It would be good for man And everyone should travel You must meet here and there Which today Sahajayoga It has spread to foreign countries. Sahajayogi there due to it,Not mi Because I do not have so much time, my home is there My husband ia there,So much so Month out of my tour, Soon there are 14 countries to go So I live in a country for 2 to 3 days But these people came here to themselves, go there from there Go and talk to them Make arrangements everywhere It does not matter that there are four psyche sitting at one place People of Pune go to four places It is necessary to go out and talk to people only But you sit in one place There is a big problem So it should be taken into mind That should come among themselves And when you get in touch, It should be done as well for sahajayogi Only then will it work But that does not mean many people, Let’s know some of that and try to mess it Mother said,Then they go with their bed And whose house a month has stopped He came to and crying Hey Mataji stayed for a month,Now what to do? then you said it only. Self-respect i said There is no need to stay with anyone Do it yourself and arrange somewhere You have two days to go and meet and ask how you are? What’s not?, what to do with the program, and what to do Now move on.