Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Brahmapuri (India)

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Conversation with Sahaja Yogis at Krishna’s river, Brahmapuri, (Maharashtra, India). January the 28th, 1985.

… And the enjoyment, you see, you cannot enjoy life if you become very right-sided or very left-sided and the women who are supposed to be women become right-sided. Now how can they be jealous? Supposing the eyes become the nose, what will happen? [Laughter] That’s the problem the confusion. ‘Rajasik’ [right-sided], you see. The people who are ‘rajasik’ are the people who are futuristic, I should say, are the right-sided people.
As Krishna has said, in his Gita, that they have no sense of right and wrong: to them, right is right and wrong is also right. I mean they’re very generous. [Laughter]. Especially to bad people. So, to them everything is right they don’t know what’s wrong. You ask them, they say, “What’s wrong?” Tell them, “Don’t do like this”, they’ll say, “What’s wrong?”

Grégoire: Shri Mataji, you have not yet answered the question whether the West is doomed or not?
Shri Mataji: No, no. I don’t want to doom it down. I’m going to try my level best to save it as much as possible, and you all should help me. Try now. We should thank our stars that we have so many Sahaja Yogis from abroad, Grégoire. Just think of it.
Only a few years back, you were very hopeless. The things have improved so much and such nice people have come this time! Sixty percent are new people, such nice positive people. They understand the value of Sahaja Yoga. They are very, very bright people, I must say. And they are not that kind that will try to build organizational problems and barriers and talking ill and all this nonsense that goes on. You see, they are not that type. We have passed through that, I think, what you call the ‘early troubles’ of any work. They will be much better than some of the old ones, I’m sure.

And also, some people who have been educated in India, when they have to go abroad, I mean, in the University, you have seen, they all get spoiled. Just think of it. I mean those who have been brought up in a very proper way in India, they become so funny there, you can’t understand it, you can’t believe it. Like hybrid stuff. [Laughter] And when there is hybrid, you see, you have seen that, the hybrid cannot reproduce.
That’s why there are very few children in their country. They got reduced on the minus, they’re so hybrid. Shocking things they do, I tell you. In Sweden, in Denmark, in Germany, horrible! Switzerland; you cannot go near a lake, you cannot go in a garden. So horrid there! Absolutely horrid!

I hope the Australians don’t take to these things very easily.

And the ‘rajasik’ have no respect for anything. And the first thing they do is to have any respect for others. “I want. I like. If I like, then it’s all right”. If it is liked. Then whatever you like is all right. If you don’t like, then it’s bad. “I decided. I like this. I hate. I love. I like”.

It’s too much.
Now you’ve seen children here, so many children sit down for the program. Indian children. In Pune, at a program, where the hall was only full by one thousand five hundred people, they were three thousand people sitting on the ground, sitting here, I mean it was so compact, that even the ‘hall fellow’ got worried. I told him, “Don’t you worry nothing will break”.