Devi Puja: Every present moment is to be enjoyed

Brahmapuri (India)

1985-01-29 Puja Talk, Brahmapuri, India, 14' Download subtitles: EN,TRView subtitles:
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Puja at Brahmapuri. Brahmapuri (India), 29 January 1985.

Today was a very great day for all of you to jump in the river and enjoy yourselves very much. I remember the past of such days which I have also enjoyed before. But one must know that it’s not the outside that really gives you pleasure; it’s the inside. Whether there is outside or not, inside should be so elated. You can use this as a memory for yourself, whenever you feel dejected or depressed, and should try to maintain that moment of joy and happiness within yourself. I hope you were in the present at that time, so that it is completely recorded in your memory and that you will enjoy all that.

The sign of a good Sahaja yogi is that he has no complaints. He doesn’t give ideas, suggestions, and object to what Mother says and give new dimensions to it, doesn’t argue and thirdly, he’s always enjoying. If you are not enjoying, still your eyes are moving one side, brain on another side, your ears in the third direction, then you are not integrated. You are not yet a proper Sahaja yogi. So you have to be a very proper, sensible Sahaja yogi. In your ascent you will discover all these things. So try to be more in the center, in the present, and then only this will become a prominent feature within your heart. And on that will be seated your Spirit shining all the time. But the seat of the Spirit all the time wobbly and is not there; so Spirit does not know how to emit light in your life.

Now what I find is that our attention goes to all kinds of various activities, which we should see like the sea that was flowing. There was lots of stones there. And one can learn a lesson from that, that when the stones are there it makes a ripple, a sound, a reflection back, and the water is obstructed. In the same way, if we have stones in our head, then the flow of Kundalini get obstructed and then we get all kinds of, you see, reflections and we reflect back and then we try to give some suggestions or things, all that. We don’t allow the flow to go straight forward in a very smooth manner. So also it is very interesting and it makes a, you feel more interested because it helps the ego to grow more. But one has to learn that that’s not the temperament of a Sahaja yogi.

Sahaja yogi is a subtle personality, absolutely peaceful within himself. He has no complaints about anything. He is always enjoying. He doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t cry. He doesn’t weep. He doesn’t say, “This is wrong. That is wrong.” He doesn’t talk about his family, his children, his relations. He doesn’t. And if he has to talk about somebody, he talks always the good, not the bad. Except for the leaders; when I ask them, they have to tell Me the truth, if I ask or if I know something or if I have to verify.

But you shouldn’t get so much involved in your family, my mother, sister, wife, husband, this, that. Now it’s time for you to come up. Those who will come up and come over it will be a good idea. Secondly, as I’ve told you, that the joy of the West is finished because the men have lost power as men, and women have lost their power as woman. It’s like the eyes going into the place of the nose and the nose in the place of eyes. So that’s why this misplacement has taken place. So try to enjoy that role that you have, you have taken up and don’t to perform the role of others. This is a very simple thing which one should accept and one should work it out. And I’m sure we will all come to balances and we will be in the center.

Now the problem is very simple that we have to accept the present, the present moment. It’s very simple. At this present moment you are sitting here in front of Me for a Puja. At every present moment is to be enjoyed. Every present moment is to be enjoyed. Not to get worried about the future. Not to be upset about the past. The compassion of God is tremendous; it’s tremendous. Allow Him to work it out. When you try to play your role then the compassion, as I told you, acts on the stones and give all this ripples and the sounds and all this jumbling. So best way to allow your mind to be all right, is to be peaceful, alert – alert, not sleepy. Only when you sleep, then you don’t have the stones there. So when you’re alert, watching and enjoying every moment.

This is the message for today, because really the time is beautiful and I think it’s better that you be in thoughtless awareness and enjoy.

[Mother continues in Hindi.]

May God bless you.