Devi Puja: Every present moment is to be enjoyed

Brahmapuri (India)

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1985-0129 Devi Puja: Every Present Moment is to be Enjoyed, Brahmapuri, India

Shri Mataji speaking to another Sahaja Yogi in Marathi: Handkerchief. Handkerchief, give me a handkerchief. Hey (‘अहो’), handkerchief. 

Shri Mataji speaking to another Sahaja Yogi in English: I will have some water.

Shri Mataji speaking to another Sahaja Yogi in Marathi: Give me some water. No-no. 

Shri Mataji speaking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi: Let the guests sit first. Get up, how come? Is this our method? First you call them here, then you can sit afterwards making space for yourself.

Shri Mataji speaking to Sahaja Yogis in English: The foreigners can come here. Just, you ae all guests you see.

Shri Mataji speaking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi: You get up from the middle. Wait for two minutes, let them sit first then you can sit in a line, in the sides. Let them come

Shri Mataji speaking to Sahaja Yogis in English: Sit. Just give up. Just keep it here.

[English talk]

Today was a very great day for all of you to jump in the river and enjoy yourselves very much. I remember the past of such days which I have also enjoyed before. But one must know that it’s not the outside that really gives you pleasure; it’s the inside. Whether there is outside or not, inside should be so elated. You can use this as a memory for yourself, whenever you feel dejected or depressed, and should try to maintain that moment of joy and happiness within yourself. I hope you were in the present at that time, so that it is completely recorded in your memory and that you will enjoy all that.

A sign of a good Sahaja yogi is that he has no complaints. He doesn’t give ideas, suggestions, and object to what Mother says and give new dimensions to it, doesn’t argue and thirdly, he’s always in joy. If you are not in joy, still your eyes are moving on one side, brain on another side, your ears in the third direction, then you are not integrated. You are not yet a proper Sahaja yogi. So you have to be a very proper, sensible Sahaja yogi. In your ascent you will discover all these things. So try to be more in the centre, in the present, and then only this will become a permanent feature within your heart. And on that will be seated your Spirit shining all the time. But the seat of the Spirit is all the time wavering and is not there; so Spirit does not know how to emit light in your life.

Now what I find that our attention goes to all kinds of various activities, which we should see like the sea that was flowing. There was lots of stones there. And one can learn a lesson from that, that when the stones are there it makes a ripple, a sound, a reflection back, and the water is obstructed. In the same way, if we have stones in our head, then the flow of Kundalini gets obstructed and then we get all kinds of, you see, reflections and we reflect back and then we try to give some suggestions or things, and all that. We don’t allow the flow to go straight forward in a very smooth manner. So also it is very interesting and it makes a, you feel more interested because it helps the ego to grow more. But one has to learn that that’s not the temperament of a Sahaja Yogi.

Sahaja Yogi is a subtle personality, absolutely peaceful within himself. He has no complaints about anything. He is always in joy. He doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t cry. He doesn’t weep. He doesn’t say, “This is wrong. That is wrong.” He doesn’t talk about his family, his children, his relations. He doesn’t. And if he has to talk about somebody, he talks always the good, not the bad. Except for the leaders; when I ask them, they have to tell me the truth, if I ask or if I know something or if I have to verify.

But you shouldn’t get so much involved in your family, my mother, sister, wife, husband, this, that. Now it’s time for you to come up. Those who will come up and come over it will be a good idea. Secondly, as I’ve told you, that the joy of the West is finished because the men have lost their power as men, and women have lost their power as woman. It’s like the eyes going into the place of the nose and the nose in the place of eyes. So that’s why this misplacement has taken place. So try to enjoy that role that you have taken up and don’t try to perform the role of others. This is a very simple thing which one should accept and one should work it out. And I’m sure we will all come to balances and we will be in the centre.

Now the problem is very simple that we have to accept the present, the present moment. It’s very simple. At this present moment you are sitting here in front of me for a Puja. And every present moment is to be enjoyed. Every present moment is to be enjoyed. Not to get worried about the future. Not to be upset about the past. The compassion of God is tremendous; it’s tremendous. Allow it to work it out. When you try to play your role then the compassion, as I told you, acts on the stones. And the stones give all this ripples and the sounds and all this jumbling. So, best way to allow your mind to be all right, is to be peaceful, alert – alert, not sleepy. Only when you sleep, then you don’t have the stones there. So, when you’re alert, watching and enjoying every moment. This is the message for today, because really the time is beautiful and I think it’s better that you be in thoughtless awareness and enjoy.

[Translated from Marathi]

Here these people (foreign Sahaja Yogis) have come, you have all welcomed them, you have taken care of their arrangements and you have found out such a beautiful place for them. So, I thank you all on their behalf. (Claps in the background). These people have very much enjoyed their time here. By Grace of God, they have everything in their countries. If you will go and see then you will be surprised that these people have grown as rich (‘श्रीमंतीत वाढलेले’) and have all the luxuries (‘ऐशोआराम’). They have broken all their barriers and have come here and I have told them that here they found the idols of Shri Rama and Shri Sita of here. This is that pious place where Ramadas Swami found these idols and has installed them in Chafal (a village in Maharashtra). Just hearing this thing, these people (foreign Sahaja Yogis) told me that (Shri) Mataji we want to go to this place. Immediately, I asked you people here to make arrangements for them. Leaving all their relaxation, leaving all their pleasures, they have come here in the enjoyment of the God Almighty. Similarly, we too, where there is a pious place, we should understand its importance and we should protect that purity completely. That purity should come within us. These people (foreign Sahaja Yogis) are so sharp that they know in Maharashtra especially, more than the whole land of India, in whole of Maharashtra, very beautiful, amazing, spiritual places are there. What we can see, more than that there are more beautiful natural places that they have, very beautiful, very beautiful nature they have. Means you are amazed of its speciality just looking at it. But it does not have vibrations. Here they can find vibrations, hence they have come here. Similarly, you people also are simple, innocent, good hearted by nature, is what they think about you, you are here, so they are here to visit you. How they are having fun and are feeling elated here, similarly, you should also be feeling and enjoying the bliss, is what I am wishing. Today in your village on the banks of the Krishna River, everyone had a bath, today the Krishna river also has become pure. As is her name (Krishna river), she is as beautiful as it, this should be in everyone’s attention and in this village, again they should come and do something, should build a small ashram here. Should take a small piece of land and build a small ashram for them here. If these people come here and stay then you will become prosperous, many arrangements can be done for you as these people have the money and they can spend. We can do some similar arrangements here. For that I will have to make some arrangements. If these people stay here, you will get some work, you will make progress, some way will come out for you.

Today in this beautiful setting, I am myself so delightful that I don’t know what I should say. The puja was earlier planned in Satara, but I said that we should do it here in such a natural place, it will be good to have it here and we will only feel good by coming to a place where Ramadas Swami has received such a great thing. So, in this auspicious moment we all should decide that if (Shri) Mataji will give us our self-realisation, then we will receive the self-realisation and after that we will grow it completely into a tree here. If you did not do Sahaja Yoga here, then these people (foreign Sahaja Yogis) will not come here. These people are only hungry for love, they do not want anything else. If these people will come here then by that there could be a lot of prosperity here. They will work for you with lot of warmth, they will make arrangements for you, they will teach you many businesses, like this we will be able to do lot of work. But firstly, you need to completely get into Sahaja Yoga, otherwise they will not have any respect for you, they will not value you. They will feel you are like any other common man in the world. So in Sahaja Yoga all those who are self-realized, importance is only of such people and only their importance will remain. Those who are not self-realized there is no importance for them in this world, like a seed if it does not germinate what will be its importance? We will throw such seed away. This is a fertile land, which Shri Ramadas Swami has touched his feet with, you are living in such a beautiful place, so even you need to make yourself holy. Now for puja, we do not allow those who are not self-realized to sit. So if someone claims to get the Goddess in their body, then they should get up and leave as the power (of vibrations) is flowing and getting overpowered in the body is sign of bhoots and is not the work of the Goddess. Those who get overpowered (by possession) are having bhoots in their body. You people go and fall at their feet, you have so much misconceptions. You have to think about this that for the Goddess to enter into somebody’s body, does this make any sense? Will the Goddess come in the body of any person? What is the character of such person (who is claiming that the Goddess has come in her body), how does she behave, you need to see that and you fall at the feet of such people, even if I tell, you don’t listen. If any women gets overpowered (by possession) now then she should leave as it is bhoots, it is absolutely bhoots and you should not at all go near them. If you go near such people or on whom it has come, will suffer a lot. There may be some sort of an accident or they may fall sick or they will lose money, something or the other will trouble them. Hence, you should not at all go near such persons whose bodies are possessed by bhoots and if such women come to know that you are holding them in contempt them then their bhoots will run away and they will get cured. This is something which is bad in our villages which we should remove. I have seen many times that when I am giving a lecture many women get possessed because they get scared. Then such women who get possessed should leave and even the men, though I have never seen a man getting possessed but it may be that one or two of them may be possessed, what to say, because it is the thing about bhoots.

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi: Now let us.. What are the arrangements here? Is it so.. Is there an arrangement to wash the feet? Where is it, where are the vessels? Bring it in the front. Call your parents and others and you people also come in the front. ) 

Shri Mataji is talking to all Sahaja Yogis in English: And I would like to have five ladies and five gentlemen to come forward for the puja today.

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi: You all can come here. Kendale (name of a Sahaja Yogi), you first check it out (the preparations).

Shri Mataji is talking to all Sahaja Yogis in English: Now five men who have not done my puja before. I am sorry you see the washing of feet is not possible with so many people around as you know that but what nowadays they are not washing my feet but just pouring water, the same way water should be taken and the hands should be washed.

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi: And call your people, who are there for puja. Call two-three ladies, two-three gents, is there anyone? Call them if they are there. Call someone who is from Angapur (name of the place). Sahaja Yogis from Angapur can come here for puja. Come, sit here. Now pour the water. Ok, so now who is going to say the (Ganesh) Atharvasheesh? Do you know it? (asking one of the Sahaja Yogis). Ha, Dhumal? (name of Sahaja Yogi). Sahaja Yogi replying to Shri Mataji ‘Ghoap knows it.’ Shri Mataji calls out ‘Gholap, where are you?’

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi: Gholap, where are you? He has come now. Oh Gholap, please take this. You sit here. Bring water, come, give some water.

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi: (the conversation is not very audible)..

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi: Come Gholap. ‘Yes Shri Mataji’. Has he come? Come sit here. Keep this here. You keep it down, keep it here. Give him this one. Yes, give here. Yes come in front, come sit in the front.

Shri Mataji is talking to all Sahaja Yogis in English: Can you move backwards? Alright, now, one by one, you have to come and pour water on my feet. Sing the Atharvasheesh here. First mine (it is not very audible..)

Sahaja Yogis start the three Mahamantras.. Complete the first Mahamantra..

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi in the background: Don’t put your fingers in it. I have told you once you need to understand that you should not put your fingers in it. If I tell them once they understand, how do we don’t apply our mind? You should not put your fingers in it. You should keep your hands up. (not very clear).. You should not put your fingers in it, don’t put your fingers in hurry. Now do it from the side. No, why are you putting your fingers in it? You should do it from the side.

Sahaja Yogis start the second of the Mahamantras.. Complete the second and third Mahamantra..

Sahaja Yogis start the Shri Ganesha Atharvasheesh

Sahaja Yogis again start the Shri Ganesha Atharvasheesh

Sahaja Yogis again start the Shri Ganesha Atharvasheesh

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi in the background: Don’t touch it with hands. Don’t put your fingers in it. You should not put hands in it. This much you can’t keep in mind. The vibrations in it will go away.

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi in the background: Just use your hands (it is not very audible).. 

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi in the background: Give it to the gents (it is not very audible).. 

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in English in the background: You are not married na, not yet married.. alright.. alright..  

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi in the background: She is not married yet right. Come, come here.. give them water (it is not very audible).. 

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi in the background: and these men, give them water in the hand as here only they have to do it.. Do it like this (it is not very audible).. panchamrut.. 

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi in the background: Where did he go? Oh Mr. Pai come here (it is not very audible).. 

Sahaja Yogi talking to another Sahaja Yogi in Marathi in the background: Mr. Pai, ask Mr. Pai to come here. Mr. Pai.  

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi in the background: Now first honey, first take honey. You should keep this in mind. You sit here. You recite Shri Suktam.. recite Shri Suktam.. After reciting Shri Suktam, everyone should recite ‘Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu’ and the third thing is ‘Kunjik’ (it is not very audible which mantra Mother is asking to recite, maybe it is Shri Kunjika stotra)..   

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi in the background: Now you all should recite Shri Suktam and after that ‘Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu’, then recite Kunjika.. (it is not very audible).. 

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi in the background: Ask the men to sit here. One of you should see this, first put the honey. First ghee, after ghee put honey, then curds, then milk and then sugar and then mix.. (it is not very audible).. 

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi in the background: After every step put some water. Put in this vessel.  (it is not very audible).. 

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in English in the background: So, you have to come forward.. (it is not very audible)

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi in the background: and also put some water, without putting your hands inside it. Put some water.. (it is not very audible).. 

Sahaja Yogis start the three Mahamantras mantra (Maybe this is what Mother meant as Shri Shipta mantras)

Sahaja Yogis start Shri Suktam mantra: 

Hari: Om || Hiranyavarnam Harinim Suvarnrajatsrajam|

Chandram Hiranmayee Lakshmi Jaatvedo Ma Aavh ||1||

Tam Ma Aavah Jaatvedo Lakshmimanpgaaminim|

Yasyam Hiranyam Vindeyam Gaamshvam Purushanhm ||2||

Ashvapurvam Rathmadhyam Hastinadprabodhinim |

Shriyam Devimuphvye Shrimardevi Jushtaam ||3||

Kaamsosmitam Hiranyaprakaram Aadram |

Jvalanti Truptam Tarpayantim ||

Padhmesthitam Padhmavarnam |

Taamihophvyeshriyam ||4||

Chandram Prabhasam Yashsa Jvalantim

Shriyam Loke Devjushtamudaram |

Tam Padhminimim Sharanmaham

Prapadhyealakshmirme Nashytam Tvam Vrune ||5||

Adityavarne Tapsoadhijato

Vanaspatistavvrukshoth Billavah:|

Tasya Falani Tapsanudantu

Mayantarayashch Bahya Alakshmi:||6||

Upaitu Mam Devsakh: Kirtishchamanina Sah|

Pradurbhuto Surashtresmin Kirtimruddhim Dadatu Me ||7||

Kshutipasamlam Jyeshtham Alakshmi Nashyamaham |

Abhutimsamruddhim Ch Sarvanirnud Me Gruhaat ||8||

Gandhdvaram Duradharsham Nityapushtam Karishinim|

Ishvarim Sarvbhutanam Tamihophvye Shriyam ||9||

Mans: Kaammaakutim Vacha: Satyamshimahi |

Pashunam Rupmanyasya Mayee Shri: Shryatam Yasha:||10||

Kardamen Prajabhuta Mayee Sambhav Kardam |

Shriyam Vasay Me Kule Maatram Padhmalinim ||11||

Aapa: Srajantu Snigdhani Chikilat Vas Me Gruhe |

Ni Ch Devim Matram Shriyam Vasay Me Kule ||12||

Aadram Pushkirinim Pushtim Pinglam Padmalinim|

Chandram Hiranyamayee Lakshamim Jaatvedo Ma Aavha ||13||

Adram Ya: Karinim Yashtim Suvarnam Hemamalinim |

Suryam Hiranymayee Lakshami Jaatvedo Ma Aavha ||14||

Tam Ma Aavaha Jaatvedo Lakshamimanpgaminim |

Yasam Hiranyam Prabhutam Gaavo

Dasyoshvaan Vindeyam Purushanham||15||


Ya: Shuchi: Prayato Bhutva Juhuyadajyamanvham|

Suktam Panchdarshrch Ch Shrikaam: Satatam Japet ||16||

Padhmanane Padhma Uru Padhmakshi Padhmsambhave |

Tanme Bhajasi Padhmakshi Yen Saukhyam Labhamyham ||17||

Ashvdayai  Godayai Dhandayai Mahadhane |

Dhanam Me Labhtam Devi Sarvkamanshch Dehi Me ||18||

Padhmamane Padhmvipdhmpatre Padhmapriye Padhmdalaytakshi|

Vishvapriye Vishnumanonukule

Tvatpaadpadhmam Mayee Sanidhtsva ||19||

Putrapautram Dhanamdhanyam Hastyashvadigvertham |

Prajanam Bhavasi Mata Ayushmanatam Karotu Me ||20||

Dhanamagnirdhanam Vayurdhanam Suryo Dhanam Vasu:|

Dhanmindro Brahaspatirvarunam Dhanmastu Me ||21||

Vaintey Somam Pib Somam Pibatu Vruttraha|

Somam Dhanasy Somino Mahyam Dadaatu Sominah:||22||

Na Krodho Na Ch Matsaryam Na Lobho Na Shubhamati:|

Bhavanti Krutpunyanam Bhaktanam Shri Suktam Japet ||23||

Sarsijnilaye Saroj Haste Dhavaltaranshukgandhmaalyshobhe|

Bhagvati Harivallabhe Manogye

Tribhuvanbhutikari Praseed Mahyam ||24||

Vishnupatnim Kshamam Devim Madhavim Madhavpriyam |

Lakshami Priysakhim Devim Namayachutvallabham ||25||

Mahalakshmi Ch Vidmahe Vishnupatni Ch Dheemahi |

Tanno Lakshami Prachodayaat||26||

Shrirvarchasvmaayushy Marogya Mavidhachobhmanam Mahiyate|

Dhanyam Dhanam Pashum Bahuputralabham Shatsamvatsaram Deerdhmaayu:||27||

Shri Mataji is talking to Sahaja Yogis in Marathi in the background: Shri Mataji is constantly guiding Sahaja yogis in the background on the panchamruta abhishek during the recitation of Shri Suktam mantra.. 

Sahaja Yogis start the three Mahamantras mantra