We have to talk about the darkness which is within us

New Delhi (India)

1985-02-15 Public Program New Delhi India DP-RAW, 134' Chapters: Music before Program, Introduction by Yogi, Talk in English, Talk in Hindi
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Public Program, “We have to talk about the darkness within us” 15.2.1985 New Delhi

[Part 1- Introduction by Dr. Talwar]

In my Introduction, first I have to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Talwar. I am an obstetrician gynecologist, a practitioner in the field of modern medicine, who thought no end of his own intelligence because I have studied a subject which most of you in this hall have not have the privilege to do so. Carrying this as my base I always thought I was the last one not only in the field of my own subject but anything which is called as intelligent talk. As time passed, and as I grew, I found, that the seeking within, was something different than just feeling important, feeling intelligent, and making the others all the time trying to make them understand that I am intelligent. What I am sharing with you, I am sure each one of us has experiences of similar nature. The more highly educated we are, the more we are caught in this particular chakra. I am talking of a chakra which is, well not exactly the chakra which Shri Mataji talks about. But one of them as Mataji says the Agnya Chakra. She will talk to you about it. I am not competent to do so. But as time went and as moving from one to the other school of teaching, I found, that what I sought and that was peace of mind and joy within, I was seeking at the wrong end. I used to tell my patients that everything living on this earth moves and waves. I did not know the word vibration Shri Mataji. I heard the word, but I did not know the meaning of it. But this was inside me which said that anything which moves, moves and waves. Only I did not know which direction the waves move, and the net result was that when it moved in opposite directions, there was a tremendous upheaval and that upheaval landed me either in over excitement or in a depression. And the net result was hovering from one to the other school of teaching, I came to a state where I was so totally imbalanced that I started falling sick. A doctor, falling sick which most of the people often say O you are a doctor how can you fall sick?  Well, there you are, we do and the type of sickness I am talking about is the most dangerous form because physical ailments to a certain extent we can get eviliaratioin by symptomatic treatments. Mental also you can get it to a certain extent. But when it is a combination of physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual then we have to have somebody to help us. And lo and behold God gave us Shri Mataji and by her efforts and by her enlightenment we have before us a chart which is there, which looks very simple, which is very simple. But we doctors have made it very complicated. The scientific approach of Sahaja yoga, the manner in which Shri Mataji has so clearly identified the sympathetic and the parasympathetic, the manner in which the primordial energy flows within us about which medical science knows pretty little even up to date. I must say we who are sitting in this hall, we are blessed that we have the opportunity to listen and also to gain what is been given to us if only we were to let ourselves loose, if only we were not looking for causes of every effect, if only we were to have a pure desire even for a short period of time to know that each one of us can get realization of the most important thing for which every religion, every scripture is trying to put before us that “I am the Aatma”. Everybody leads us to it, whereas here Shri Mataji teaches us, first realize yourself, the rest will all follow. With these few words in all humility Shri Mataji, may I request you to please address us. (Audience clap)

Part 3 -Talk – Short English, then Hindi Talk

(Shri Mataji starts her speech)

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Today I am specially thankful to Dr. Talwar and his Mrs. because he is in a way relative to me and all my relations though they all believed that I was a personification of love and affection, good character, and all that goes with the saint and though my husband always calls me an ‘Awlia’ all my family people whether they are from my mother’s side or from my husband’s side or from my father’s side all of them knew that I was an exceptional relation, that I had tremendous love for them, affection for them, and they were all very much attached to me. But still I found all of them had a barrier to become ardent Sahaja yogis. Surprisingly it happened that first time Dr. Talwar who is a relation of mine has broken this barrier which gives me lot of hope for my all-other relations who are quite a lot of them that they will follow suit and will try to come to Sahaja yoga. Normally if it’s a fake man who is making a big money out of public and making a big name out of it and using the reputation for the betterment of his relations, I have seen that people stick on to such an organization very easily. Always you will find all the relations gathered together, somebody’s nephew, somebody’s brother-in law, somebody’s somebody gathered together along that guru. But I had another fortune that my relations did take realization, no doubt. They believed in it, but they would not come out as Sahaja yogis, regular sahaja yogis, persistently following the growth of Sahaja yoga. So, I am extremely thankful to him and his wife for this gracious understanding of Sahaja yoga because he is a great seeker and he felt that if the solution has to come then we should forget all these barriers and jump into that which is such a great task. I cannot do it all alone. If I could have done it, I would have done it. But I cannot. You are the channels, you are on the stage, it has to be worked out on you. So, what can I do alone? And this is what he has felt, and he has come to my assistance in his grace. I am very thankful to him.

Now today as I told you, the topic on which normally I avoid to talk because it’s not a very good topic to talk but it is better that people should be made aware of it. I didn’t want to talk about it for three years when I started my work. Even when I went to America, I didn’t want to talk about it though all the saints, all great incarnations have said something about it. But I wanted to avoid it because I thought I might be able to save people without talking about it, but it is not. We have to talk about the darkness which is within us, and we are not aware of it. The right sided people are easily seen. They are futuristic, they are aggressive, they aggress others. The extreme example of that was Hitler. Hitler was the one who dominated by his ego, the people put ideas into them that you are a special race chosen by God and people accepted it. Not only accepted him but they accepted the same kind of attitude that he had, and he tried to dominate people, killed them with all kinds of atrocious, horrible, horronous things. Now today we have to understand something else which is responsible for another type of aggression towards yourself, not towards others but towards yourself.

[Hindi to English translation]

Today I will talk a little in Hindi also, like yesterday I spoke in Hindi the whole time, people understood that there are more Sanskrit words in my language, sorry for that. I know little bit of Urdu language also. I shall try that whenever I use some Hindi difficult word, then along with that some Urdu language should also be used. So that people understand this language. Although I do not consider any language, which humans can’t understand. The language which can be understood by all human beings, can be public. Even if any language is fine for a particular literature, but the language which is apt for the whole society, that only should be used.

What I want to talk to you today, if it was possible, I would have postponed this conversation. It needs to be talked about. Without that it would not work out. So kindly forgive me that I am talking to you about it. I want that you get introduced to it. We know it by these two names, ADI DAIVIK and ADI BHOUTIK. Now there are no words for these in Urdu language because it is not used there. But we can say Adi Daivik is that which we call as RIGHT SIDED. When man becomes too much right sided, when he becomes too much aggressive or when he also thinks in the matter of religion that I should get this power, I should get that power, I should get such power by which what is deep under the earth, or where are the secret things, where is the secret wealth hidden, this type of things, a person who tries a lot, on him its effect comes. We call this Aadi Daivik. It is in the right side; it is at that place which is built in beyond Pingla Nadi. It is called as supraconscious area. This supra conscious area resides inside all of us. When man becomes aggressive like this, then those people who have died carrying their aspirations, ambitions, there can be many scientists like this, there can be architects, there can be doctors, there are many people who have died with such desires to make gold from mercury. Those who have such neurotic desires, such beings when die in the world and their aggression has not been completed, then they live in this area of ours which is beyond supraconscious, near it that collective supraconscious exists, which we can call as collective supraconscious or you can call as collective future where all those people who believe in future, those who kept fighting with future, those who won the world on the basis of future, all such people exist here. As many such creatures were there, as many such birds were there, as many such types of forests were there or you can say this type of leaves were there, flowers were there, which used to aggress others, attack on others, all of them exist here. All exist inside us. This place is built inside us. By going into the supraconscious area you can know such things as when you take something called LFT, then this effect comes on you and you can see that, you will see many colors. This all is supraconscious. Many people suddenly see cross somewhere. Somewhere someone sees the light. Seeing something somewhere like this, means you are not there and such people then doing like this also come to know that who are going to come now, I have a hunch that this sir is going to come, it also happens to such men that yes, I know what they are saying there, I know them. These people in Marathi language are called as ‘Mann Kavde’. Perhaps there will be some word in Hindi also for those who sitting here can tell what is happening there, what is happening there. Now knowing this how will one know God? 

God’s place is here in super consciousness. We have to go here, and we go in right side and think we have understood a lot. In this case there are some tantrikas who are right sided. As you go to them, they would tell you that you have come for which job. Whatever future of yours is in your mind, that all future they will tell. But the other side is even more dangerous than this. Right side is there because it made a man like Hitler and he was helped by such people who were very ambitious, they came to his help. They caught these people and put such a trap on their intellect that they could not see that these are human beings, and we too are human beings. By killing them in gas chamber can we be saved? This also is a part of us. But some such trap spread at that time who should be called as dead people, those who are dead big ambitious people they all helped that time. And even today such people have opened their centers everywhere. Like some big doctors died, whose, some discovery remained uncompleted, like in London, there is an institution of Dr. LAN, he died, he is not there himself. His institution was formed after him. The reason was, they tell clearly, they do not lie but in our country they do not tell clearly. He said when he died, after that there was a soldier who was in Vietnam. He was fighting somewhere; he possessed him and told the soldier that I am entering into you. You go and tell my son this thing that I have come inside you and there are many people like doctors etc., who will help in this, and you open such an institution. So, he fled from there to London. After reaching London he told him that your father has come inside me. He said how should I believe? He said I tell you some secrets, he told me that you dig in this particular place of yours, money is kept there. And he told me that whatever secret things he had told you, that all he shared with me, let me tell you. When he told these things to him, he was surprised. He said fine let’s start this.

I know it in this way because a lady came to me. And as soon as she came, her body was trembling. I said what is this. Don’t you have any power in you? What’s the matter? You seem to be very healthy, and you have no power, what is the matter. So started saying that though Mother, once my health went very bad, so you must have heard the name of Dr. Lan, I wrote a letter to him, then he told me that you wait on such a date at 5 o’clock, we will make you feel good. And from 5 o’clock again that lady felt very strongly that as if in her body too much heat has come. And her whole body started trembling and after that she said that my health got little better. It lasted for a year, till two years I remained in good health. And after that slowly I noticed that even my nerves got loose like this that I had no strength in my body. If someone touches me, then I scream, if someone speaks, then I scream, like this I got troubled. She had come to me like this. Although I had never heard the name, but then I heard the names of many such people who do operation, and its blood does not come out. They are all ghosts. One should stay away from these ghosts. You must be healed in your own power. Not in the power of others. Your own power lies within you that can make you feel well. When you are on the power of others, then you come down on the Adi Daivik power. 

Now the other side, which is what we call the left side, which is handled by the Ida Nadi (left channel). It is our emotions giving, emotional one who we can say that of feelings, say that of emotions or the feelings of your heart, by which you feel, it is that. When this Nadi is very much in action then you must have heard that those who are ‘tamasic’ in nature are inundated by it, they get influenced by it. Such people are like that if any wrong thing will be there, they will ruin their life by making it very big. For example, there is a woman, and she is married, and she is in love with one man or something like this. Now she spoils her life for him. And for that, she roams around as she is in great sadness and you must have read many such poems, read ghazals (type of song) which make everyone miserable. And human like that also. Perhaps human want that other should cry, and we laugh or something else. These kind of crying talks or crying things, all these come out from where your Ida Nadi is running. To make others cry, telling others that God I am sitting in separation, I am dying, I am licentious, this all is left sided devotion. From this only devotion rises. But that devotion should be reverence. That which Shri Krishna has said that there should be Ananya Bhakti (exclusive devotion) He said whatever you want to give, you give me, but do Ananya Bhakti. Ananya Bhakti (exclusive devotion) means that when the other is not there. When you become one with him, then do Bhakti. He said it clearly, but no one knows this word that what this Ananya bhakti is. When Ananya bhakti will be there then only real devotion would be there. And unless this Ananya bhakti takes place, this devotion has no meaning. And this is the thing that people just keep singing that God, when will we meet you? And for that they will continue to cry or beat their head, or starve, they will stand on one leg, it is not necessary to do all these. There is no need. It is a matter of giving sorrow to God that you are beating your head unnecessarily. You must have heard that there are many people who do mourn. I have once seen such a terrible thing in Multan that seeing it, it feels on my body, don’t know how, that someone is hitting me only with a whip. But all this brain hoarding, has come in such a way that a person thinks that howsoever we suffer, the better it is. This all is your left sided devotion. This is not faith. Faith is where there is no darkness, where you have known, where you have experienced. At that time, what devotion is there that is called as faith, and if not there, you call it as superstition. Belief is also the same where you believe by taking experience. But without experience, having faith in anything, there is a word for that, which is superstition. Like in English language it is called as blind faith. One is faith, one is blind faith, if these were not two things then two words would not have come. And that’s why because when a man goes to this left side, he gets a lot of fun in torturing himself. The one who is right sided hurts others. So, he doesn’t even understand that what problem is in this. And the one who is left sided, he only persecutes himself and maybe he likes that, don’t know why? He keeps harassing himself, will cry, will be sad and he feels good in being in sorrow only. This vengeful tendency which is inside us has grown so much that sometimes I do not understand that when the Sushumna Nadi which is there between these two, will be alright. On one side there are people who do not believe in God at all. There is no such thing as God, we have nothing to do with it. Yes, yes, it is fine, he must be there, he must be sitting somewhere. And there are others who believe that as long as they do not bow their heads in front of each Pandit ji (priest in temple), this is forbidden to bow this head. Whoever this head is, this one is not made to bow before each one, so that you go and put your head in front of everyone. Here are the powers of Ekadash Rudra (eleven destructive powers). These ekadash rudras, when it prepares for our destruction in us, then the diseases like cancer etc. start from the Ekadash Rudra. This head cannot bow down before anyone. Yes, you should bow down only in front of that who is incarnation, and you should not do it in front of anyone and that’s why many people have said that if you don’t bow down your head then it is better. This habit to bow down head in front of everyone, is very wrong. That’s I tell you that you don’t bow down before me also till the time you don’t know me, till you have not taken anything from me, till you have not received from me, you do not bow down before me also. This habit of bowing down our head, which is ingrained in us, with this we become left sided and three hundred years of slavery that weigh on our heads, also made us very left sided. Because of slavery we have got used to live like slaves. If we do not know how to speak English language properly, then we think that a big crime has been done, and if we do not know how to speak Hindi properly, then we do not feel any shame in it. There are many people who say that Hindi language should not be there. Even people who speak Hindi language are not able to speak Hindi properly ever. One gentleman was giving a lot of statement for Hindi and while speaking Hindi, he was saying ‘ambiguity’ in place of ‘clarity’. If we take meaning of clarity as ambiguity, then it would be reverse. This kind of slavery that has come in we people has made us left sided. In everything we are doing like slaves. There is no openness in us that makes us think that there is something beyond this also. If now any pandit ji comes, or any Guru Ji comes wearing saintly clothes, then we bow down in their feet. Who is this man, from where did he come? If you find out, it is possible he might be a thief who came out from jail or a wicked one, don’t know from where he has come, who is sitting wearing saintly clothes. We should give up this habit of ours to bow down our heads to saintly clothes. Because a person who is wearing saintly clothes, what he has to do with we, the house holders? If you read Sanskrit, then Sita ji has written a whole chapter in Valmiki’s Ramayana that a person who is a hermit has no right to cross the thresh hold of any householder. Neither does he has any right to come into any town. He should live out of the town. And we tend to get away like this with any person who is wearing saintly clothes. Here to run our house, to run the household, all this work itself is a big yajna. Being married and keeping your children in righteousness, this itself is a big yajna. And the hard-earned money that we earn, is it for these people who don’t work hard and misbehave, and we give them all our money. I have already told you that Sahaja Yoga is for connecting the society. You will be surprised that if anyone comes wearing saintly clothes, then I am not able to give him realization, can’t give, because it is a lie, it is a lie that you are wearing saintly clothes. If you are a hermit, then you must take renunciation from within. You have known that King Janaka was called as ‘videhi’ and that is why Sita ji was also called ‘vaidehi’. The person who is a hermit, he is detached from within. Did Guru Nanak sahib not marry? Did Tukaram not marry? All those who lived above forty years, had married. But those who died very early did not marry, and for some reason they did not marry. There was Buddha, Budha who when left his wife, that time he used to think, at that time he used to think that by leaving the wife and renouncing the world and taking renunciation, he would find God. He did not understand at that time that it is not necessary. But when he found God, he was just lying under a tree, found it spontaneously.

A question was asked that what effect does Sahaja Yoga has on everyday life. The biggest thing about Sahaja Yoga is that it is for everyday life. This is for all your activities. Sahaja Yoga is for all kinds of work of yours. Due to this, what you call, you become dynamic instantaneously. Sahaja Yoga is not for such people who have run away from the world, who ran away leaving his wife. It is such that the mutual love between husband wife, devotion, respect and understanding for parents in children, respect towards elders, the thing that establishes all this is Sahaja Yoga. Where these things are not established, I do not consider that as Sahaja. Yes, it is possible that one or two men come in, who just to trouble do that sort of work which is against Sahaja.  But they are not Sahaja Yogis. Those who are Sahaja Yogis should get married well and settle down in the good household and should live in the sunny place where people come, their arrival is there. Even here also, all those who know about Lakshmi ji, that a person is called ‘Lakshmipati’ whose heart is like a woman, like a mother and who has money.  That money is like that that whosoever comes, even if a bumble bee comes who is so prickly animal, it is given a place in this house. Here our people’s houses should be like this form of ‘Lakshmipati’ This is the idea of ​​Sahaja Yoga. Not that, that break house, do divorce, run away from here to there and divorce four men and divorce four women and all others go to orphanage and pass away old age. This type of system is not accepted by Sahaja Yoga, and it does not happen because when Sahaja Yoga is awakened, then the true nature of what is real love comes out. Because the main thread of this is the love of God and would God want husband wife to be separated, that they fight among themselves and trouble the children, or the children disturb the parents? This is what their kinship is, it is not made by us. We believe in all the kinship that has been created by God. But marriage is collective, is an event, is a collective event, in that collective phenomenon man finds it. When everyone said that marriage is taking place, marriage is for the sake of every one’s joy. Just now we told you that we have married hundred and eight people in Sahaja Yoga by taking them in a forest. And all the marriages took place with great beauty, in that there is no dowry of one penny, nothing, and in this way, marriage took place. It should be thought that anything in which there is pain, there is trouble, there is problem, it is not Sahaja. This man takes on himself. He wears it. He makes it. That thing should collapse on its own. If it collapses, then you should believe that you are a Sahaja Yogi. And this does happen, this thing is made, but first we should remember that we will neither stay in left nor stay in the right, we will stand in the middle way. When people talk about love, they understand only this type of love that I love my son. In our country it is a big disease. Son means he becomes God. If a boy is born, for him even if our country is sold, no damage is there, but the boy is everything. To give your life for boy and to give your life for the girl. To give dowry for girl. Do this for a girl, even if we die with hunger. This is also left sided thing. This is absolutely left sided thing. And here these days children are getting spoiled because of this reason. A man should not rob himself so much for anything. We should think that we are the men of God. God has created us. These children are also given by him. But when you get married in Sahaja Yoga, then it is surprising that till today I have not seen that one who has got married in Sahaja yoga have any fault in them or any fault in their house. From their abdomen, from the abdomen of such mothers, great saints have been born. From childhood, they are realized children. They know about kundalini since childhood. Since childhood they know to give realization to you. 

Such big souls are ready to come in this world and we are looking for such homes wherein human is influenced by self -realization, he is engrossed in self- realization, only then such children will be born. Else which child is going to be born to such fighting people? In England you know that nowadays there is a minus of population of English people. It is bound to happen where children are killed. Where two children are killed in England in a week, parents, so which children will be born in such a place? Where children do not get love, children do not get good education, in such a place only devil can be born. And we spoil the children who are born to us here in such a way by loving them, by doing ours, yours, that those children are also not any normal children. They are very selfish, of very narrow vision, narrow minded and to all of them feel that they are the king of everyone. This is the real state, the reality is that children should be kept where they are. You are just a trust for them, to takes care of them. Not that you spoil them, or you trouble them. Those people who talk about love like this, nowadays there is more talk of love and love is nowhere. If you look in London, you will see everyone misbehaving on the way, as if there is great love. And asked where they are going, they said they are going for divorce case. The path is taken for divorce case and on the way, they are misbehaving. Where it started getting more demonstrated, consider it to be a scam. Because if the man will have confidence inside, if he will have full faith, then even his wife stays anywhere, husband stays anywhere, he remains relaxed in full faith that yes, it is there. And where it is the turbulence case, there only you assume that it is shown as a big show. Everyone is shown that yes see how much I love my husband and love my wife. And now making excuse of this love, what all things you are doing, is not needed at all. It is so artificial and so engraved thing that just let the marriage pass for two or four days, then the fight starts. Is there any meaning of such love? And when such women who cry that my husband did this to me, my husband came home late, my husband, they all become left sided. And men also who cry for their women like this they also become left sided. But men are of different nature. They are always intent on beating women. Those who do not respect women cannot be Sahaja Yogis. ‘Yatra narya pujyante tatra ramante devta’ (Sanskrit language words which mean where women are respected, there only resides God) but woman should also be respectable. It is not that she should be worshiped, but she herself should be revered. This is a chortle (laugh) of Sahaja Yoga.  Now see here that when you go in left side, then you keep drifting in it. One sir, very sad, very sad, what happened I asked? He said he was feeling very upset. I asked what happened? He started telling, that my son asked me that papa, buy a scooter for me. I could not buy. So, I said, what happened? You should tell your son that my salary is so much, I cannot buy. What is there to be so sad in that. Sir started saying that, if possible, by me, I would give whole world to my children. I said very nice, what to say about you? What is your child, is he God? Who had told you to give him the whole world? Does the world belongs to your father that you are giving him the whole world? It is very difficult to remove all these misunderstandings from the minds of Indians. For their children or for their relatives also, then more imbalances come from that. For example, if my mother is there, then for her, if my father is there then for him, for this and for that. You are living for yourself in selfishness, but not for God. In charity you are living for your own self. In that you will never face such a state that you would have to feel guilty. You live in your magnificence. If anybody is there, let him be in his place. You should live in your dignity, that I am sitting in the kingdom of God, it is alright. Those who come to my court, who come in the kingdom of God, those only are my relatives. Once somebody came and told Lord Jesus that your sisters and brothers have come outside. Jesus Christ said that who is my brother and who is my sister? Asked question. Now this can be said only by those who are in that state. Who are my brothers? Who are my sisters? This means that only those who are sitting with me in the court of God, they only are my brothers, they only are my sisters, they only are my relatives and the rest, what is the relationship with them? They are selfish people who are forcing relationship. As long as you serve their purpose, till then they are yours. As long as your children know that you have some money with you, till then they are yours otherwise they are not yours. In this way you should understand about love also completely. We are great lovers. Many people tell me that Mother we went to the ashram and people lovingly talked to us. I said Alright. Just look at your condition, what it is? You have been caught up by ghosts. Your condition is bad. You reached there and you started talking nonsense there. So, there is no need to love the ghosts. They do not get better without scolding them. Scold them and then they get alright. Yes, but the one who is real, have all the love for him. In fact, anyone who scolds them, he also scolds in love. Give the example of Jesus Christ also that who forgave them while he had been crucified on the cross.  He showered so much love on those people that God they don’t know what they are doing. Forgive them. The same Jesus Christ once took a hunter in his hand, all those people who were selling things near the temple, he started beating them by taking a hunter in hand. And many a times I also feel the same when I see people setting up a market outside temples and mosques. And in temple they sell such things, for example if you go to the temple of Hanuman ji, there the same garland you buy, and offer is sold again. That time I feel like taking a hunter and hit everyone nicely so that their health gets better, but those who are devotees think that they should touch the feet of the necklace seller also, then a stone appeared and then I should touch its feet also, then somewhere else something is there, there too I should touch feet, let me give two rupees there too, let me give four rupees there also, let me give five rupees there also. He doesn’t even think. There is darkness ahead of him. He is groping in the darkness. He is enjoying in this only. He thinks that I am absorbed in faith. This is not faith. This is blind faith. Such left sided people who go beyond the Ida Nadi, in whom there is more happening of these things, let me tell you about what their condition is. Like now HARE RAMA, HARE KRISHNA people are there. These people roam in our OXFORD STREET putting a small pony- tail on head which are sold in their market. They don’t know how to wear a DHOTI (an Indian dress for lower body for men). They take a DHOLAK (a percussion instrument) in hand and dance and their dhoti falls. Those ladies are so foolish. And if you ask them, what are you doing? Why are you doing like this? You are spoiling the name of Krishna, then those keep doing Hare Rama Hare Krishna, they will not listen. They are not ready to listen. Their mind tells only one thing, they will say Hare Rama Hare Krishna. Whenever two or four people out of them came to Sahaja Yoga, it was observed that they got cancer and died. Then they say that if there is a place of Shri Krishna in throat then how it happened to us? What are you doing? With him you are doing atrocities. Did Krishna ever do like this that you go in the way where everyone would laugh at you, and you put these pony-tails on your head and do hypocrisy. People do many such hypocrisies. And behind that pretense, sometimes there is also the truth that they come and believe that this is right thing. But to understand any wrong thing as right and go after it, ruining your life, is absolutely vengeful nature. It is certain among vengeful people that they are not aggressive. They do not scream, do not shout. Speech is sweet, they look sweet, and from their conversation it seems that the poor are sad, but why celebrate sorrow? Once Surdas ji (a saint) reached a great man called Vallabh Vallabhacharya, and there he started saying something, then he was very surprised. He said why talk rubbish? what is the need to grumble? When God is an embodiment of joy, about whom I will tell tomorrow. When he is the one who is going to give every happiness and he wants you to take happiness, then why are you celebrating sorrow? And such sorrowful people when they cross their boundaries, go into left side, then they go in collective dormant consciousness which you can call as collective subconscious. This is another thing that is very scary. This only is called ghost. Now doctors call it Protein 58 and Protein 52 because they find a hitch in saying ghost. I think they themselves will also be ghosts, that’s why they find a hitch. Otherwise, they call it Protein 52 Protein 58. They say we have this Protein made inside us in that place which is made inside us since our creation. Means what has been made in all the past, in the past, in that area these proteins are like this that they attack, then only cancer is set in. If vulnerability to cancer is there, then it remains. But many diseases that are there, they are because from there, from that area these things that come and hit. Means that it is a clear thing that this is a ghost or not? Ever since creation. Ever since our creation the place that has been created inside us. Which place is this they don’t know? Then cancer sets in. So those people who walk with such heads bowed, such people will get the disease of cancer first. This affects the vengeful people first. First, the person who runs a lot, does a lot of hard work, and runs too much on his sympathetic nervous system, he becomes vulnerable. Means such arrangements are made for him. And whenever he bows his head in front of such a wrong person, suppose it is Politician, special politician people have this specialty that they will run, they will do this, do that, after this they will see that there is a man in the position, they bow head in front of him, gone! Such a man makes his preparations that he bowed his head in this way in front of anyone and if there is a ghost inside him then he will definitely be caught. He will have cancer disease. This working of sympathetic nervous system, it goes on inside us because when any emergency comes, then we use sympathetic nervous system. For example, if we have to run, then at the time of running our heart will run very fast, our heart will start beating loudly, that means if we want, we can increase our heartbeat. This happens with sympathetic nervous system. But the moment it comes on its own right path, it is automatically balanced. With what it happens? It is from parasympathetic and when we people tend to go to sympathetic too much then if our left and right side is like this and in the middle, if there is Sushumna Nadi (central channel), and if left and right are like this, then it shakes and if it is shaken then our connection which is with the whole, the connection which is with our brain, is broken, then we call it as malignancy. Means you are your own rider, your own rider, what we call as arbitrary or we call it ‘on your own’, this is malignancy, like this when you become, then. But for it to happen, for it to happen, is also a must that some or the other such Protein rides on your scalp. As soon as these two personalities come in us, this disease comes in us. If you take this disease, then its only cure is that the ghost which is inside you, should be taken out first. Ghost, this thing exists. This doesn’t mean you should be afraid of it. This doesn’t mean you can’t win it. This doesn’t mean it will destroy you. You can ride on it yourself. When it affects inside you, then many types of diseases come in you. As much as virus infection is there, it is dead vegetation of that time, that vegetation, there used to be such vegetation earlier which used to eat other plants, called as Parasites. When such vegetation died and, in its evolution, they went out from the process of evolution, even now such vegetation which whenever inside us, exist in the area which is created inside us. And if it comes, and when it affects us, then we get virus infection.

[PART -3 Talk Continued – Hindi to English translation]

This doesn’t mean you can’t win it. This doesn’t mean it will destroy you. You can ride on it yourself. When it affects inside you, then many types of diseases come in you. As much as virus infection is there, it is dead vegetation of that time, that vegetation, there used to be such vegetation earlier which used to eat other plants, called as Parasites. When such vegetation died and, in its evolution, they went out from the process of evolution, even now such vegetation which whenever inside us, exist in the area which is created inside us. And if it comes, and when it affects us, then we get virus infection. Having any medicine will not help. Although the doctors give antibiotics, give all the worldly diseases, keep giving injections, even though they would have given nothing else in it, but only distilled water. But they would be insisting that yes, yes, take injection in this, take injection. No injection etc. can work in that. That is obstacle, the obstacle of the ghost. They are only a kind of ghosts, but what should be the treatment at that time, Sahaja Yoga. In Sahaja Yoga, as soon as you come across such a disease, its treatment is very easy treatment, the virus will be destroyed as soon that treatment is taken. How to remove that obstacle, you must learn this only, this only is pure knowledge. But Mother why you talk of ghost, you can’t put force on me like this. What I want to tell you, I am your mother and I want to tell you the whole thing. You should not go near these tantrikas. And to bow head in front of these wrong people, even there is no need to bow your head in front of these pandas by going to temples and you should not bow down your head in front of anyone. Anybody puts vermilion on your Agnya chakra or puts Kumkum, you immediately put your head forward. Put one cap on head and put hand here. Is this head has been made for this that whosoever wishes keeps rotating your Agnya chakra. And such people instill ghosts that once if you have been to temple, then you will be standing. You will go there every Tuesday. Not only this, even if there is a queue of five miles, you will still go there. But, if anyone says in Sahaja Yoga, meditate for 10 minutes, then that they will not do. That becomes a take around. Other rounds start. Again, that thing is there that we didn’t go, this work did not happen, did not do this. Then there, we didn’t go to the temple, we didn’t do the aarti, we didn’t go to the church, we didn’t go to the gurudwara, we didn’t do this. Everything is inside us. There is God within us only. First get that. Then you would know what a wonderful thing you are and where you are throwing your pride. First till you have not found yourself, then in doing all this either you will go to left or you will go to the right. First burn the light within yourself. Then you would know that you are going towards the light or going towards the darkness. First burn the light. Everyone has said that burn the light within yourself. Tell me great men who have not said this? Today I am saying the same thing that first burn the light inside yourself, otherwise this left side movement is very dangerous. Then if you agree to these ghosts, they fill your mind with many evils. Do like this, do like that, encourage fights. If there is one ghost is in the house, then that will not gel with anyone. Whatever evils are there here, are due to tobacco also. A man who lies, with tobacco I have seen man lies. In Maharashtra tobacco was not a thing at all during the time of Shivaji Maharaj. And no fight happened. Everyone lived well and loved each other. It is heard that a man named Kabji Kaloosha from U.P. went to his son. He had taken first plant of tobacco. He planted tobacco there and people started eating it. Man starts speaking lies as soon as he eats tobacco. Because his left Vishuddhi gets caught up. Chakras get caught up. Some ghosts sit here. Tobacco is a ghost, it is demonic. God has kept it alive till now so that if by chance any such thing comes in the tree then with the water of tobacco, it dies. One ghost is killed by another ghost. That’s why it is still alive. But he never said that you should eat. In the time of Muslims, when Mohammad Saheb was there, then tobacco was not there else he would have told not to eat tobacco. Not to drink tobacco. But when Nanak sahib came who was the same real form. He saw that everyone has started doing this also now. Muslim people think that because Mohammed Sahib did not tell, although they will not drink liquor, but there is no harm in taking tobacco. So, he came, said leave it, now you have taken out new thing, now don’t even take tobacco. Those people did not tell for your evil, told you not to harass you, but told to save you. When it has come out that eating tobacco causes cancer, then it is coming in people’s mind what they had said that tobacco should not be taken. But I will not say that you do not smoke cigarettes. Our method is something else. I will never say that you don’t drink. But after Sahaja Yoga you will not drink. Once come in our street, then we will see how you smoke cigarette. This is the mother’s way. When you will be realized you will not smoke cigarettes at all. You will not like this, you will have no desire of it and if you drink then the condition will get worse while coughing. The next day you will pick up all the cigarette and throw it away. So how will cancer happen? Sahaja Yoga is such a thing that religion instills in you. I do not say that you don’t drink alcohol. I don’t say, but everybody quits alcohol automatically, everybody quits on their own. I do not say because the disciples of those who said, they drink in such a way that I do not understand what they told these people, they probably drink so much double, double, just to climb on them. Forgive me, I live in LONDON. It is surprising to me that Muslims and Sikhs have the most bars here. There is one thing in English civilization that no one ever builds a bar inside the house. For that you need to go to the pub. But if you go to the house of any Muslim or any Sikh, then, he will show you with pride, see Sir, how my pub is, all the things are made in it. I am surprised the things that they refused to do those only things they do. Like to Hindus they told there is only one God residing in everyone, there only they created castes. And by creating caste, you are Brahmin, you are shudra, all these things of the whole world are made, which again is another Tamasic, a great loss also. There are only three castes in this world, Tamasik, Rajsik and Saatvik. Apart from these, there is no caste. Fourteen thousand years ago there has been Makandeya Swami. He has written that” Ya Devi Sarv bhuteshu jati rupen Sansthita”(Sanskrit language words which mean the goddess who resides in all beings in the form of caste), These only are the three castes of the Goddess, which are of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati. Apart from these three castes, there is no other fourth caste. One is there which is also beyond the caste, which we call as yogi men, whom we call as saints, whom we call as benevolent. Those who are for God, they have no caste. But many people will stand up to quarrel over it. I heard that some Shankaracharya clashed that sir this is the right of all brahmins. Who is a brahmin? The one who has known braham, is brahmin, otherwise I do not know any brahmin. The one who has known braham is considered. He has to be considered but the one who has not known if he puts a tag of being brahmin on him then it is a false thing. It is not true. You cannot become a brahmin by taking a certificate on you. And in the Gita, this cannot happen. This thing cannot be written in the Gita that it is the right of Brahmins only because the one who wrote the Gita is the illegitimate child of a Dhimarni (fisher woman) called Vyasa. This is also a good lesson God arranged there that he got it written by Vyasa only so that people don’t follow such a false thing. Who was Valmiki? Was he a brahmin? He became a brahmin. Who was Vyasa? He was not a brahmin. He became a brahmin. The one who has known Brahman is a brahmin. And by creating this type of caste system, we are conducting elections also amongst ourselves based on this nowadays. Ramdas Swami himself was a Brahmin. He told Shivaji that “Maratha te tuka me vala” (Marathi language words) By Maratha he meant the one who has known God is Maratha. I say how many such Marathi people are there who have known the God Almighty. “Maratha te tuka me vala” he himself was Maratha. And those who are Kshatriyas they also call themselves Marathas. But one Kshatriya who calls himself Marathi, how much they know God? For whom he said let me meet such people who are like that people, such daring, such brave, who love their inner religion and find their own religion. At that time those who were Mavre (Marathi language word) people who absolutely whom we say that the people who were Kundi, them they considered as Maratha and Shivaji himself at the time when his coronation was taking place, then these brahmins raised the issue that how will his coronation take place? He is ‘kundi’ by caste and now all the people who are sitting on the kingdom, are all these of Brahmin caste? and brahmins have no right to sit on the state. If it is seen in that way, that Brahmins cannot rule, only Kshatriyas can do this, then how is this going on? We do not understand this wonder that at that time leave Shivaji Maharaj, they were after Mahatma Gandhi. Taking Mahatma Gandhi to Nasik, it was said that you do atonement here because you have come back from England and now these pandits of Nasik have no atonement when they sit and drink the alchohal coming from England. Even he was made to bow down. I was with Mahatma ji. I jokingly said one day that why you went to Nasik and did atonement. He started saying, if I didn’t do it, they would have killed me with a bullet, and even after atonement he was killed with a bullet only. By making such a caste system, one caste high, one caste low, women are low, and men are high, such discrimination is inauspicious in reality. Tukaram has said that to differentiate is inauspicious, it is inauspicious. This is not auspicious and that is why our country has come in such a low condition today that we have made thousands of arrangements for killing each other. Someone is making another meeting and if there is someone else then he is making the meeting. You are all human beings, man made by God, find him. What happiness did you get by making a difference amongst yourselves? Now we have another very strong custom here that we belong to this caste like it is a custom in we Kayasthas (a Hindu caste) or understand that you have some other caste among Brahmins, we will marry in the same caste only and nowhere else. Why? Will marry in the same caste. And tomorrow if that girl is left alone by someone, then would your caste stand for her or for you? Why will they marry there? Tomorrow if some high-handedness or atrocity happens with you, then which caste has ever stood with you? Why are you carrying on this caste system? This caste is a big lie, this is not your caste. You have only three castes. And the fourth one when you come in that, then it is not thought of. This is a universal religion. When you have become a yogi, you have entered in Vishwa dharma and this Vishwa dharma itself is the need of the hour. This Vishwa dharma is the essence of all the elements, the essence of all the religions. You don’t know that all the great people who have been here, all the incarnations who have been here, who became saints, these all are relations to each other. Jesus Christ had said that those who are not against me are with me. Who are they? Christians should go and ask who are they? All these are relatives to each other. He did not talk about this kinship because people will start doubting again. All are related to each other. If you say who was Mohammad Saheb, then he was the same King Janaka who was father of Sita ji, and he only was Nanak Sahib. And the Nanaki (name of shri Nanak ji’s sister) of Nanak Sahib was Sita ji only. If I tell you further, you people will be surprised. This is all kinship, and we can prove this kinship to you. Because what is true, then at that time Chaitanya or vibrations will flow in you. The time when you will ask, is this true, then Chaitanya or vibrations would start flowing from inside you, then you will understand that this is true. Truth and lie, you can put it to this one condition only where Chaitanya flows in your hand. Before that there are only two types of truth and lie. One, you take a lie as the truth or either do not understand the truth and the lie. Only the one who is Saatvik can understand slowly, but till you do not become a yogi fully, only that who has become yogi can understand surely, absolutely that this is the only truth. And the one who is not a yogi cannot know. How much he says that this is the only truth, that can come out truth by coincidence, can come out to be untruth as well. But what is the truth you can only know through consciousness. Now someone said that there is a Swayambhu (a form that comes out of earth itself) here, here is Swayambhu of Shri Ganesh. How did you know that this is a swayambhu. Someone said it, you then accepted it. Who said? Some great saints must have said that this is Swayambhu. Some sage must have said. The svayambhu itself means that the one which has come out of this earth element. Many people did not talk about this, they talked of formless only because as soon as you talk about any one deity, of deva, then people start worshipping this only. For example, if you talk about flowers, then people started following flowers, then people thought not to talk of flowers, but talk of honey. Talk about honey that you have to take honey. Those who talked about honey, that matter also remained like this. Those who talked about flowers, that matter about flowers also remained like that. Then what should be done? You should be a honeybee. Unless you are a honeybee, you cannot drink that honey. You need to change. Your transformation has to take place, your second birth has to take place. As long as you do not become that you cannot get that honey. You cannot find the honey hidden in these words. You are just singing that only, speaking, reading, but you are not getting that honey. To get this honey, you must be what is called as honeybee. In our country there is so much of vengefulness, so much filled that there is no end to it. And the only best way to get out of this vengefulness is that first you forget everything, whatever your conditioning has been, whatever has been inculcated in you, those sacraments which have been filled in you, forget that for a minute and first burn the light within you and see that out of these which are good sacraments, and which are bad sacraments. This evil Freud took advantage of this only that people sanctified everyone because there was one more dirty thing people did, that they started Catholism, made nuns in it, made this, made that, forced Ram, Ram, not to get married, walk around wearing such strange clothes, in its reaction, this Freud sir got seated there. He said that all this is conditioning, leave it, leave this conditioning, then what is left in you? You will remain ego. If this thing will not be there within you then the other thing is the ego. Either you would become egoistic, arrogant or you would be conditioned. Just like totally bowed man, who is saying let’s move like bull, in that way you people are roaming round and round. How to take out of it. When you become free then this bull is left. When mechanism of your self will be awakened then only you will get it. This only has been said by all saints and sages, they have always said this, and they also said that this work is going to be done in Kalyuga only, that is why the terrible Kalyuga has come and that is why so many people today are in search of God. Did we find so many people before? Everyone was adamant on killing the saints. Everyone was cheated, harassed and did nothing else. They were not accepted as long as they were alive. When they died, then yes, surely make this, make that for them, make all the worldly things for them and have established religion. Do you know how much they troubled Dnyaneshwar ji? Those who harassed him, they only have made his temples today. And we once asked them to let us do the program here in your hall. They said no, how it can be done here? Here we dance only. You dance here then program will be done. I said the one who is sitting here, whose mannequin is here, did he use to dance? So, he started saying that he was the great man, and we do dance only. We don’t meditate here. It is our condition today that we have accepted the perversion of religion in such a way that people are doubting whether it is religion or unrighteousness? Then if there is a religion, then no continuation of religion is visible. Amongst ourselves there is no love, no joy, no glee, nothing is there, what is this thing? This India’s earth which is a great yoga land, in such a country, why is this outcry? Why this disaster? Because we didn’t take the right way. By mistaking the wrong thing as right, we ruined our lives. This, this slavery should be broken once. This is real freedom. Leave this slavery and see what is the reality? What is reality? It’s all our ghosts that have been dead, have caught us. A person came to me in Delhi. As soon as he came, he stood on his head, as if he started rotating in reverse side. I said I don’t know what happened to him. He started all the experiments of Hatha yoga. I said his intestines have come out, stop this. He started saying that I can’t stop it mother. All are doing this only in front of me. I said, what is this spectacle? Later when his treatment started then it was known that this person had gone to some battle, while returning from there, while returning from Pakistan, he went to some cremation ground of Hindus. There some hatha yogi caught him. Such was his condition that this poor man, blood used to come out of his mouth, there was trouble, but he kept on doing his hatha yoga only. Because of this hatha yoga, his life would have been lost. In the end, only his spirit saved him and today he is a very beautiful Sahaja Yogi. If human does any exaggeration, then it should be understood that some ghost is riding on us. Many of you are government servants. I don’t say that government work should not be done. But the way you keep engaged like ghost, is not required. What welfare have you done even after doing so much? (Audience laugh) Not to look after your wife, not to see children, no concern, when you become old after earning so much, when the condition becomes bad, then you start administration in the house after retiring. And which welfare of the country have you done? You act like Girdhari jj, not taking a day off and running day and night like a mad man. There is no need of this. You must live in balance. The man who works like this becomes right sided. Absolutely. He becomes dry.  Now in England, America there is not much work because laziness has come there in people. Lot of work has been done. Now all bridges have been made, this has been made, that has been made, now what to make? So there another disease started, that lets run. Once they start running, then they keep running for an hour. Whether its old men or young men, all are running like mad people. Initially I felt that there was an earthquake, that what had happened? Why are all running? So, they started saying that it is good to run, means what is actually called as escape. They are running from their life. Don’t sit at home. They cannot stay at home. They used to work like you people in one time. Their father and grandfather used to do. Now they have sat on their skull. Those who had died are sitting on their skull. So now there is no work to do, so what to do now? Now what to do when ghost is mounted on their skull. So now the situation is that they cannot sit at home. As soon as Saturday, Sunday come, they take their car, and all people sit in the motor and go outside somewhere. There would never be a conversation with each other even for two minutes. They will not meet with love. They would not know what the problem is with another person. what is the trouble? what is it, there is no talk of well- being of each other. They just picked their motor and moved on. It should be called as escapism. The reason for that is that there are ghosts riding on their head, on their skull which had died, who made big bridges, made this. And what did they get after making. In the end they became hippie only. They have done so much of development. What is their condition, you come and see from inside? They look very good from outside. Every day they bring the third wife. There is no peace in the house. There is nothing called religion. No one has neither mother nor sister, and not even their manners. What to learn from them? What to know from them? what development have they done? They became donkeys, all are donkeys from here to there. You will not see any American whose eyes are not like this. They cannot sit peacefully for a minute. We asked to meditate, I said stick glue to them, they cannot sit. (Laugh in the audience) There is nothing to learn from them. What do you do say foreign, foreign all the time? Learning from these useless people you will also go in their (word not clear) and I am telling you, you will also end up, where these people are lying in destruction. They made atom bomb. And now what they eat, everyone eats plastic. They bought an ice cream in America. So, I said that it is quite strange, there is no vibrations in ice cream. They started saying this is very much liked by people. One person told that, clay is mixed in it. I said yes now eat clay. You deserve that only. They eat hybrid food. They have become like hybrid. Drink hybrid’s milk, I guarantee you, you will be out of your minds tomorrow. Do you know how hybrid cow is? Hybrid cow does not know that this is my child or other’s child. In India if a child is born to a cow and if calf dies, then cow does not give milk. Her milk is stopped. They (hybrid ones) don’t even know who is the child (calf)?  if you try their poultry, look at some of their nature. In India if there is any hen and she has small chicks, if an eagle comes from above, she immediately takes its children close to her. It (hybrid one) does not care. Take as many as you wish, good that I get rid of my trouble. (Audience laugh) There for their children, they tell their daughters that you have not dated yet. You didn’t find any boy. How long this trouble would remain on our heads. The same condition is for their sons that as soon as they turn eighteen, they leave. It’s a matter of happiness. If you want to create your world like theirs, then go after these people. Now they are coming after you and you are going after them. Do you know how much spoilt the minds of their ladies are? They have absolutely spoilt minds. Our ladies should not learn anything from them. They are stupid, absolutely stupid women. And there is no love in their heart. Only money, money, money and they are so miserly people that they find it difficult even to give you a glass of water. If you want to have the same quality that these people are, then go after them. Which quality is there in them, tell me, that you say? They have violence in them. And the Indians who went there from here became worse than them. It is said that if you bring mangoes from Goa and plant them in Delhi, then it cannot be planted. The same condition is theirs (of Indians who went from here) All those who have been uprooted from here and went to foreign, they are all scrap. They are only after money. Even breathing you say, I met Gujratis (people living in Gujrat state of India are called Gujratis) who had been to America. They said that dollar is our god, dollar is our everything. Dallar, don’t even know how to pronounce dollar (Audience laugh) Another lady I found, she started saying that my son went to Downtown and what happened then? He earns so many dollars from there. How smart is my son? I said he is very smart. Someone’s value is just how much money you earn and how much more you save. These are our Indians, who have gone there and increased the pride of our country. Now what are you learning from them? Do the Americans know anything except violence? Every time they carry a gun in hand, hit this, hit that as if they have created the whole world. There is nothing to learn from them. And you people no more listen to them. These people have come and now spoilt our women here. Our women’ mind has also been spoiled by this that now so many divorces are taking place in Delhi only. Earlier in our time no one even thought about divorce, so were we any bad? Did we not have freedom in our mind? We have won all these things coming from outside as if they are very happy creatures.  Hey brother, if they have found any such happiness then surely follow them.  But it’s not there. They are very sad people. No one is unhappy than them. Why are you going with them in their trouble? That’s why I request you with folded hands that you should stick to your culture. Self-realization is the biggest thing in our culture and to attain spirit is the biggest thing. Besides this, control over attention. Controlling attention is told that stop your attention not that your eyes are roving on everyone. If you are walking on the way, then you will keep looking at each thing. If you do not see one thing, then you will even break your neck by turning it, but you will continue to watch it. This is the condition of our people. To see every woman, to see every man, not to see children. Bow down, this is the culture of our country, that Lakshman ji never saw the head of his sister-in-law, saw only her feet. What has gone wrong with our eyes when we have been brought up in that culture? What has happened to our faces? There is no glow left, not like before. Until we do not establish our culture within us, we cannot be alright.  The British uprooted, uprooted. We have also lived during that time of British. No one influenced us that time. When we got freedom, then only we became carefree. Before that we were very lawful. The people who were there at that time, they were there. Now such people are not even visible and should not even think of. But at least try to settle on your culture. In our culture each thing has a meaning. There is meaning of this bangle, there is the meaning of this mangal sutra (a necklace worn by only married ladies.) there is meaning of this bindi (round red dot put on forehead of Indian ladies) everything has a meaning, and every meaning has such a big grant, such a great gift it is. There are so many blessings that if you leave it, then disaster will take place. You should understand the meaning of everything that why it was made. What our elderly people made, what for they made it. But we have taken a lot of dirty things. This is a special thing. Like caste is there. This caste is not a thing of some many years ago. Since caste was created, they are stuck on caste only. Elections are fought on that. On caste they are fighting elections. Our washerman was very useless. He came and started telling me that you will have to cast a vote to me in the elections. I said has my brain gone off that I will give vote to you. The one who is standing apart from you, is a very great man. He started telling, that you see that I will win the elections. I said how? He started saying that all the washermen are giving vote to me. So, I asked do all washermen only live here? He said washermen don’t live here but all of them have said that they will get vote only for me from their masters whose clothes they wash. And he won the election. (Audience laugh) So this is our condition. This is our mental condition. Don’t know who will win. Today the washerman has won, tomorrow the washerman’s donkey can also win. (Audience laugh) And we people by and large call ourselves democratic and this and that. We are sold only for five rupees. This is our position, and we call ourselves democratic. What is the value of such vote which is sold in five rupees, and what is the value of such people who have won like this? Those people who sell their votes for five rupees and those who are standing today after having been elected from them, I do not consider that that they represent us. And what good can they do for us except that if they had spent ten lac rupees, they earned twenty lacs. If they spent five lacs they earned ten lacs, that’s the direct calculation. We are doing this only and we will keep doing. After coming in Sahaja Yoga, you will find that no one can buy you with money. No one can buy. You have to become such a wonderful thing. When such dignity will be awakened in you, then see that the right people, yogis will rule in this world. This kingdom of God has to be built here. First it will be made in India, only then it can be made in another place. That’s why I am bursting head in front of you. That it has to be made here first, not outside, I cannot make it. Because there they do not know a word of Ganpati (Lord Ganesha) How will I be able to make there? You people became little shaky. Please be stable again. The case would be resolved. If you want to change this country, you have to change yourself first. And the complete method to change is in Sahaja Yoga. Everyone is going to benefit from it. Today I have talked on vengeful. Tomorrow I will tell something very beautiful. Because what is the form of Sahasrara and spirit, where we have to go, what we have to achieve, which is our own kingdom, where we are going to sit, that thing I will tell you tomorrow. I came late today because I want that you people don’t start with exact time. This is a very wrong thing. During meditation time does not work. After coming here, you should sit in meditation for a while. For some time when you are in meditative mood after that if the lecture starts that’s the good thing. But when I came, I saw that there was only noise outside. Everyone was talking to each other. We have not come in a movie theatre. We have come in temple. After coming we should sit in meditation peacefully for a while. And after that then the lecture should be there. At once, exactly from time, is this a military that now I will do to you with exact time. In the kingdom of God time is not a thing, clock is not a thing. The thing is joy. When you are stunned with joy then the time stops. There where the time goes.  But tomorrow when you people come then I would like to see that all are sitting in meditation peacefully. Sitting peacefully in silence. After such a state for some time the work gets done well. I have full hope that you people will help me this much. Today again we will use Sahaja Yoga a little. After that you go home and enjoy it peacefully without arguing about it. Tomorrow again I will tell you about the special topic. Tomorrow is the last day and tomorrow I will tell you about the last chakra which is Sahasrara. And I hope that after that you will be fully established in Sahaja Yoga and get awakened in this collective consciousness. By forgetting all your differences, forgetting all your conditioning, you establish your kingdom fully. Easy, it is very easy, and you all are ready. Many people got realization yesterday. But after going home, again there was an argument, there was discussion, and the vibrations were lost again because of that. Kundalini went back again. In the beginning, kundalini rises from the Brahm nadi (innermost channel) which is within us which is the subtlest channel. That’s why it is necessary to keep a lot of watchfulness in the beginning, too much care should be taken so that the smallest subtle one that has risen within us, which can be understood as the energy of a hair which has risen and by uniting many of those, becomes like a rope, kundalini is within us in the similar way. Out of that, a very subtle comes up and pierces the braham randhra (center most point on the head). But its other fibers should also rise up. But as soon as you went home, you started talking here and there, then she again went down. Vibrations were lost again. We should first get that thing. After receiving it, it should be cherished. For example, if there is a small, sprouted plant, then its seedling needs to be kept with lot of care. It needs to be kept with lot of effort. And with utmost love and devotion towards our own self, one should also think about self-realization that what a great thing we have got. And how do we lose it? Nothing is greater than this. The goal of life is to achieve this only. When this is the thing, then like if you have come to my lecture or you went to cinema, these two things should not be understood as one. So, after going home, without arguing on this, keep your attention here with contemplation, and sleep comfortably. That would be better. Yesterday many people got realization. But again, vibrations became less. I saw many who once got realization so became realized.  Then no need to work hard. There are many such people. Especially in the villages such people are found who are stunned and you would be surprised that they progress so quickly. I was going in a bullock cart and a man was driving my cart. Because in the villages you cannot go by motor car sometimes, so I started talking to him, I felt that real form of saint Kabir is standing. I said how are you talking? How is a common, simple man doing such a talk? He started saying that mother, what am I talking? This is my soul that is saying everything. I did not understand that such a simple man to look at, and did all these people go to any university?  Did they go to any college? Good that they didn’t go, else It would have been a disaster.  In the same way, you all can gain knowledge in that unreachable. Everything is inside you. You know a very little part of yourself, a lot is contained within, is hidden, that all you need to achieve. As soon as you get that power, you will become something else. So, respect it. It is very much needed, much needed. 

Now in this you know that the left hand is your power of desire. And right hand is the power of your action. So first keep both your hands in your lap like this. Take off the shoes. After taking off shoes keep both the feet parallel on the ground, keep both hands separately like this. Having complete faith towards yourself, that I am impure, I made this mistake, made that mistake, don’t look all these. There is no need to add all this. And you are your alone. And this time no need to look at others that what others are doing. What is the opinion of others? Sit rightly because it doesn’t happen and after that they write against me in the newspaper. There are such people also who come to meditation just to see who this is. Nothing will happen after going. Because when you have come to see me only, understanding me is not an easy thing. And then you issue is against me then what is the benefit. By doing this you do not do any welfare to anyone. Take your welfare first and then see the rest. At least one should take care of one’s own wellbeing. So, keep both your hands towards me like this and keep both feet on the ground like this. This is such a thing that you did not know this knowledge before. But when you gain it, then you will come to know. Now the left hand, it has your will power, and the right hand is your action power. So, we will use right hand. Right hand we will keep on the heart first where there is the soul. I will be telling you again and again.  Then after that keep right hand in the upper part of your stomach where there is the element of Guru. After that in the lower part of the stomach, where pure knowledge is there means the chakra which manifests the technique of God, the working system of God, the science of God. Then apart from that the Vishuddhi Chakra which is here on the shoulder. After that again here on the forehead. Then at the back of head. You can learn the names of all the chakras from the book. Today perhaps these people might give you the book and then in the last keep your hand on the head here on the palate where it was very soft in the childhood. Such a place is soft. Those, whose hand cannot reach there may keep their fingers there. But if you keep on palate, it will be good. It’s this much only, nothing much trouble in that, you only raise your kundalini. So, keep left hand towards me. 

Translation Version 2

I am talking about aadidaibic and aadibhautic. Aadidabic is right sided. These people become very aggressive. Even in the matter of religion he thinks of getting strength, power of this and that. Thinks I should have such power that I will know what is in the bottom of earth, or where is the secret things secret treasure  kept. One tries to get strength like this, he gets the effect of it.It is far away from Pingala nadi a space that is called supraconscious area and everyone has this area. When a person becomes very aggressive like this then the person who died with ambition that can be a scientist, an architect, a doctor who died with the wishes like I will make gold from mercury. Due to distorted thoughts like this their aggression was not fulfilled that person come near the collective superconscious a space near the supraconscious in our brain, where all people who work for future and tried to work for it, such nastik agnostic people, birds or leaves of forests, flowers who try to dominate attack others they all come and remain inside us.you can reach this area of supraconscious inside us and know what LSD is, different colours of it, or some see cross, some see other things, like who is coming now to whom that person is saying so and so in another place etc. They know what is happening in other place sitting in one place. By knowing this how can you know about God.

Here we need to go to super consciousness, but we go to right side. If you go to right side they will tell you for which job one came, what is in his mind etc. For example Hitler, if you kill them in one chamber what to do. They are also our own part. When the dead person’s ambition is not fulfilled the spirit of dead person enters in the mind of another living person and opens their Centers as he wished before death. Some Doctor also opened his laboratory. There was one Doctor in London Dr Lang he opened his institution after death. He entered in the mind of a soldier who was fighting in Vietnam and told him I am entering inside you, go to London and tell my son to open the institution where many Doctors will help. The solder then went to London meet his son, told what his father has entered inside him and told his message.

 The son said how can I believe you? He said I can tell you some secret thing like where the property is kept hidden in your area. He also told the secret things that occurred between father and son and what was said  by the father.The son. surprised hearing this. One lady came to me who was trembling so much as if there was no strength in her. I asked her you look so healthy but you have no strength inside what is the matter? She said once I had bad health. You might have known the name of Dr Lang.

I had gone to him once. He told in such date I will come to you at 5 o clock and treat you. He came in the exact time. I felt very hot inside I started trembling so much then my health was ok for a year, two year then slowly I started to feel so weak if someone will touch me I will screem. Though I had not heard his name .Then I also heard of the people whose operation was done but not a drop of blood came out. These are all works of spirits. You should not believe in spirit, but have faith in your own strength. The strength you have inside you will cure you. If you go to other’s strength you will go to aadidaivic power.

There is another power that is Adivautic that is left sided Ida nadi which is related to our feelings, the emotions that you feel by heart. This nadi when becomes very active they will be influenced by trantrics. They make small things also very big. Suppose there is a married lady who feel in love with another man and spoils her life behind him. She roams around. Some people go on singing romantic tragedy songs poems and some people like that also. Such crying matter comes when the left nadi is involved. One tells God I am sitting for you, dieing for you etc, I am sinner. All such thing is from left side. From this the bhakti starts. This bhakti is not real one.

Krishna said give whatever you like to give but it should be without any other.  That means there should be unification with me. People keep fasting or standing on one feet to get God. There is no need to do such things, or biting the head unnecessarily. There are many people who are mourning for God. Some people think if we give trouble to yourself God will meet us. This is not true not shraddha, pure feelings. This is darkness, in English it is called blind faith. Faith is there when you get experience and you believe in it. If you believe without experience it is blind faith. That person who is left sided tortures himself, will cry and prove the sorrow. He may be happy in sharing sorrow. This is Tamasik attitude.when the Sushma nadi is ok some will not accept God. There are others who go and bow on others. The forehead us the place of Ekadash Rudra it should not be bowed down in front of anybody. This us such a power it is ready to destroy us then cancer like disease starts. I never used to bow my head in front of others. It should be bowed down in front of incarnation only. This habit of bowing in front of other is a very wrong habit, So I tell you do not bow down in front of me also until you get something from me. We go to left due to this, there are 360 talks of doing service to others due to which we go to left. We are habituated because of serving to others that we are like servant. If we don’t know to speak English properly we feel like servant and if we do not know to speak Hindi properly we don’t feel bad. Some people even say we don’t need to learn Hindi language. Those whose language is Hindi they also do not speak properly. One gentlemen sho was speaking Hindi was saying unclear to the word clear. If you explain Hindi like this then we became like servant and we go to left. There is no openness in us. Now if some Pandit or a person with saffron dress come, people start bowing on them.That person may be some one who is coming  after getting punishment from jail, can be a thief or a very bad person who just wore saffron coloured dress and came. The habit of bending head in front of saffron coloured dress should be stopped.

Because that one who wore such dress what business he has with house holders? You might have read Ramayan where Sitaji had said that the sanyasi should not come to householder a whole chapter is written about this. She had said a Sanyasi has no right to come even to city. We see any person with saffron dress we are just ready to bow him. One side we married people has to run outhouse, rear children nicely so that they become a religious person. To be house holder as this itself is a  great sacrifice a yagna. How can we give hard earned money to a person who does not work.

I told you before also. In Sahaja yoga is not in favour of sanyas the renunciation. If someone comes with saffron dress for self-realization we cannot give realization to him.

Because it is a lie to wear saffron dress. If you are a renounced from inside, there is no need to do all this.

Raja Janak is called Bideha and Sitaji is called Vaidehi. Nowadays renounced are false from inside. Did not Guru Nanak marry? Did notTukaram marry? Those who are above 40 all got married. Someone didn’t marry before. Buddha was married before he left home and wife. That time he thought he will meet God leaving wife and home. But when he got God he was just sitting laying down under the tree and got very easily. One question was asked what effects will be in the daily life of a Sahaja yogi. One thing daily life becomes very easy in your work and you become dynamic in work. Sahajyoga is not for a person who leaves world and comes out.It is like this to have love affection respect in husband and wife and children respect their parents and elders. All these things are established in Sahaja yoga. Where these things are not there we do not Consider it as Sahaja. Yes it can be that one or two person can be working against Sahaj. But he can’t be Sahayogi. The good Sahaj yogi has to do marriage, establish a good household and family, remain in place others can come he also has to go to others place. Lakshmipati is one who likes a woman a mother and the wealth can be used for all. Even a dumb person come he gets shelter and food, a person can come even in late dawn can get shelter. Our people’s house should be like this. It is not in Sahaja yoga that you break house and go here and there, have 4 husband or wife, divorce and old people go to old age home to spend their life. Such administration is not accepted in Sahaja yoga neither it will be. This time Sahaj yoga has good name generally. It’s good thread is God ‘s love. Will the God want that there should be quarrels between husband and wife or with children, or trouble children or children trouble the parents. The relationship is not made by us but by God. The relationship made by God we accept. But marriage is a collective incident. When everybody sees it admires becomes happy. We celebrated 108 marriage in Sahaja now.All marriage was very good not a dowry of even single paisa. 

In anything if there is trouble difficulty that is not Sahaj. This takes himself. We should remember we should be neither left or right but remain in middle path. When people are talking of love they understand such love like how to love. God knows. In this country people love boy.They give life to boy. But for girl they take life. To give dowry do this do that may remain them self in hunger.This is also left. Due to this love the children are spoiled. So much of attachment of man in any thing should not be there. God made us the children are also his. But in Sahaj yoga when you get married if there is no   defect in the house  the big saints take birth from such mother. From childhood they get through Sayhajyoga, their kundalini is raised. They know0 to give realization from childhood. We are in search of such house where human is influenced by self realization.Then only such children are borne other wise all fighter child will be borne. In England the population of English man is becoming minus. Where children are killed in a week 2 children killed which child will like to born? Where child do not get love good education only Devil’s Rakcchyasa will be borne. Our place also children are spoiled saying mine and yours like that children will not be normal ones.They are very narrow minded. People fell they are all selfish.The main thing is that child should be kept in such a way that they should be looked after well. They shouldn’t be tortured.Niw a days people talk of love but there’s no love inside.you will see people doing bad thing on the street. If asked where are you going they say to do divorce case. Where ever there’s more exhibition understand that there is no faith. If husband and wife has full faith let them stay any where, husband and wife remain happily.Where ever there is anything wrong quarrel show off there is only exhibition to show to all that I love my husband so much or wife so much and in the name of live you are doing the things in the world there’s no need of it. After spending few days of marriage why they start to be away then there’s no meaning of such love. Such women who crises and says my husband said so and so and came late such person is of left side. And men also who cries for his wife is of left side others are just ready to beat her. A man who does not honour women cannot be Sahayogi. Where ever the woman is worshipped the deities reside. But women also should be worshipable. Here you will see when a man turns to be left then they get spoiled. One man was very unhappy I asked why are you so unhappy he said because I could not buy a scooter which my son wanted. I asked why should you be unhappy for this  when yoUr income is not so much. He said if I could I would buy everything for my child. Similarly they say for father mother etc and for him for him like this goes on. You are not living for yourself. You remain nicely, you are in the abode of God stay nicely. Whoever comes to you treat them nicely. Once someone said to Isha Masiha your brother  and sister has come. He asked who is my brother who is my sister? To sahaja yogi like this you should be like Isha.  Means isha was saying who ever is in God’ s place  he is my brother and my sister.They are my relatives. Others are selfish peoples who relate till you do something for them, they are yours, till you have money with you Once one person said Mother  I went to ashram people did not talk with love. I said look at your status. You are attacked by. Spirit your condition is not good will they love the spirit who is with you. You started to talk non sense there, to talk to spirit is of no use.. spirit needs to be removed but the effect is 32.57. 

Isha said God forgive them but same Isha took hunter in hand and started beating them when they were doing wrong things. Around the temple they were selling things. Many times I also feel same when I see people around the temple, around mosque selling the things once offered already. You see in front of Hanumanaji they are selling Garlands and after some time they bring same garland and sell again. Then I feel to take a hunter and beat all of them. But the devotee thinks this is fresh garland, touches everybody feet ,give 2 rupees here 4 rupees to there. Because there is darkness in front of him.This is not good feeling but blind faith. Those who are like this go far towards Ida Nadi The condition is like that of Hare Krishna Hare Rama people who wear cloth which they don’t know to we’re, dance in the street singing playing the drum Hare Krishna Hera Rama and women also with them. When asked why are you doing like this making the name of Krishna bad they do not listen only say Hare Krishna Hare Rama.They are not ready to listen. In their mind only Hare Krishna Hare Rama. Among them 2 or 4 parson came to Sahaja yoga had cancer of throat. They ask if Vishuddh is the place of Krishna, why we get this? I said look what were you doing? You are doing too much with Krishna. Did he say to do like this that you keep his statue on road to show off people? Like this if a person show off many things may happen explained to go behind. Some follow blindly who has tamasik thought. 

Tamsik people do not agress they are mild and use sweet language. By listening their talk they seem to be unhappy. Once Durbasa reached to Vallabhachary

They started talking something 

When God is pleasantful, I will talk about this tomorrow. He gives happiness. When He is govin happiness why are you unhappy.

When you become unhappy you go to left side and to collective consciousness. This is different thing a grave thing which is called the entry of evil spirit. For this Doctors say Protein 58 and Protein 52.Because they hesitate to say evil spirits. They may be having evil spirit so they hesitate to call it. Otherwise this Protein enters in such area here our past sorrowful matter remains and they attack cancer. From this area they come. They exist from the time of creation and remain in area people do not know. But from this area only they come and attack and those who go on to left sided people and cancer start on them. This will be on tamasik people especially to those who roam around too much, does to much labour uses his sympathetic System and they bow on wrong people such as politician. Go here and there and bow down. This way he prepares himself for cancer. This sympathetic nervous system runs inside us where ever there is an emergency he runs very fast. While running the heart starts beating fast. But when he comes to himself inside gets balance automatically. Balance is done by parasympathetic. When person go to left or right it shakes the relation to stomach and person gets malignancy. Arbitrary Psychiatry call on your own the malignancy starts. There is some evil spirit to be like this also. Who come and rule on your brain. When there will be two personally inside  we become sick. For such disease the treatment is this evil spirit has to be taken out. You should not be afraid of these bad spirits. It doesn’t mean this spirit finish you but it starts on ruling you. When they start ruling on you, you get cancer. Cancer is more vulnerable but various kind of disease attack you even the Virus. Some of the vegetations which were eating others the parasites,  died in the process of evolution, they come inside us and remain in one area and when they are attacked virus attack us. There is no cure of Virus by medicine. They may be giving distil water but saying Injection. So the hindrances caused by evil spirits is in Sahaja yoga. In Sahaja yoga you can do simple treatment. Some say mother why you say so. But I have to tell truth to you. You should never go to tantrik or bow to wrong people like them. Even going to temple bowing to Priest is not at all necessary. Never bow in front of any people. Some may put bad power on your agnya chakra touching the forehead when you forward your head to them keeping the cap like this they put red powers or ash. Is the head made for anybody who want to beat your head and put evil spirit inside. You once go to temple you will be standing. Not only this every tuesday you start going to temple. If you say to meditate in Sahaja yoga they do not do.Like this a circle is made and if you don’t go there you think that is why this work is not done.  Again I did not go to temple, I didn’t go to mosque, I didn’t go to Gurudwara ,I didn’t go to Church I didn’t do arati  starts.

Everything is inside us. The paramatma is inside us. Get that first it is so grateful thing. Before getting paramatma inside you go to either right or left. First burn the light inside then you will know you are going to light or darkness . First burn the light inside. All those who achieved it said so. Today I am saying first first light your inside.otherwise you will be in left side.If you agree to the command of evil spirit and follow what he said do this do that initiate quarrel then it spoils your  house. You will  agree to no body. Tobaco was used to remove the problem of evil Spirit in earlier time. During the time of Shivaji Maharaj people were nicely staying. One person came with tobacco to the Son of Shivaji Maharaja and planted the tobacco. But people started smoking it afterwards. Once people starts smoking tobacco, he starts speaking lies. Because it catches left Vishuddhi.Tobacco itself is like Spirit a Devil. One Devil kills another Devil. But people before never said to smoke tobacco. In the time of Mohammad there was no tobacco otherwise he would have banned it. Gurunanak the same soul of Mohammad saw people smoking it and said it should not be smoked. But Muslims said we will not drink alcohol as Mohammad Saheb banded it but we will smoke because he didn’t talk about tobacco. Those people told not to smoke to save but not to trouble you. Come to us once your mother energy kundalini will be activated you will know. Sahaja yoga is like this person automatically retains religion and maintain it. I don’t tell you not to drink but they stop it aromatically. Everyone stopped drinking themself. I don’t tell not to smoke because who told not to drink their disciples are drinking. I stay in London. Excuse me maximum Muslims keep bar in their home and do their business. In English civilization they they don’t keep bar. But if you go to any Muslim house or Sikh house there is bar and they have kept it nicely, they show it proudly.I wonder for whom it was banded they only are eating.

Their Master said God remains in everyone, those people made castes and say Brahmin, chhyatriya etc. But actually, there is only three castes, swatic rasjasik and tamasik. Before 14000 years Markandey  Swami said Ya Devi Sarva bhutesi jati rupen samsthita. Three  are only caste in Devi  Mahalakshmi, Maha Saraswati, Maha Kali and no 4th caste. One is above 3 Jati that is Paramatma. He has no caste.But may stand for this. I heard one Shankaracharya said this is the work of Brahmin. Brahman is one who knows Brahma otherwise those who say themself as Brahmin are liars.You can not be Brahman if you take certificate by yourself. This thing cannot be written in Geeta this is the right of Brahman. Who wrote Geeta was the son of a Fisher women that also illegitimate.Vyas didn’t write such lie. Who was Valmiki? Was he a Brahman? Who knows Brahma is Brahman. By making a caste system like this a Brahman can not be created. When such Jati is made now election also is being used in caste wise. Ram das Swami was himself a Brahmin but  a type if Marwadi were there who were Chhyatriyas. But he said Maratha to himself because Maratha is one who knows God. He said such a brave person is one who knows his own religion. In the coronation ceremony of Shivaji  the Brahmin of caste system said he is not a chhyatriya  but kunji how can he have coronation.  But you know Brahmin also can rule he can be king. Also they don’t understand this. That they were behind Shivaji. Lets leave about Shivaji they were behind Mahatma Gandhi. When he was in Nasik they told do here Prayashchit because you went to England and came here. Are all those do prayashchitt who go and come back here.? They did not leave even to him. I wonder and once while joking I said Mahatma Gandhi why did you do prayashchitt in Nasik. He told I I would not have done they will kill me by gun. He was killed by gun only at the end.

To make difference like this and to make jati is inauspicious, that is why in our country there is inauspiciousness. So people are making different organization in the name if God. For you get what God has made. What happiness you got by this? For example there is one caste kayastha, people say we are kayasta. Similarly among Brahmins. Tomorrow if some marry in other caste people of similar caste stand against that girl, why did you marry. If some mishappening occurs which caste will stand in your favour? Once you come to world religion all caste disappear. This is only the world religion. Those who were big incarnations all are of world religion. Christ said so much who are with are relatives if each other. Go and ask with Christian who are relatives among them?

Who was Raja Janak same was Guru Nanak. Who was Sita became Nanaki. You will wonder if I tell you one you get realization and the cool breeze starts flowing in your hand you will know what is truth and what is not truth. Before flowing of this cool breeze there is only two things you accept false as truth a d truth as false.Those who are satwic can only know this truth and others cannot. Before this just by coincidence only one may sah this is truth. Only after flowing this cool breeze you can know the truth. And may say here is swayam bhi. How do you know it is swayam bhi. Someone said and you accept this.Some saints might have said this. Some said about Nirakar people were behind nirakar. Some talked about flowers they came behind this, one said let’s stop about flower but talk about nectar the honey. Those who talk a out flower his matter remained who talked about honey his talk also remained. So what to? You have to be a honeybee to suck honey.

You need to change.you are only roaming around the honey, you have not got honey. You have to honey bee madhukar. You are so much full inside. For this whatever is inside you, the world have to be forgotten for a minute and burn the light inside first. There are sanskar and khausmskar.  People made us Nuns and forcefully Ram Ram. Not to marry, wear such and such clothes. So leave all that all conditionings, when you leave all conditionings what remains? Only ego or you go round the grass like Buffalo. This is said by all sadhu and saints.The kaliyug has come and all can get self realization and burn the light inside.

Before people tortured saints, they did not listen them once they died they started to flow them to establish religion. You know how much Sant Gyaneswar  was tortured. Who tortured him only made his temple now. They told we dance here. I asked was he also dancing or doing meditation . They replied he was a great person. People were in confusion whether this was religion or not religion. There was no pleasure. Why? We accepted wrong thing as truth.

Once you leave this gulami and come to truth. Those spirits who died have caught us. Once a gente man came to us and stood on his head. I thought about what happiness to this person. He said I cannot stand like other’s. Then it was found out he was a warrior and while returning from war he had gone to shasan. The hath yogi spirit entered inside him. This  hath hogi who used to do too much hathayog, blood used  to come out from his mouth due to this hathayog. He was cured now he is a very good Sahaja yogi. If anyone does too much in anything, understand spirit has entered inside him. Wh did not look after his children  didn’t work but ram around only and became old then when you come home who will look after you. There’s no need to roam around like this.

In England America people made this that, when they start walking they walk for an hour like a mad person. All were running then I thought what happened is here earthquake why everyone is running. Then they said we fell nice to run.

They don’t like to stay in house. They do not work. There forefathers used to work, there is no work now. The dead spirit are sitting inside his brain. They don’t stay at home. When the Saturday Sunday comes they just take vehicle and go out. There is no talk with any one but just go out. Who made all building and worked hard have become spirit so what was the use of it. They look very nice and gentle but no peace in house. There is no mother no sister. No American can sit what meditation you learn from them. You can learn nothing from  them. What will you do in America you will be finished with.  They have made atom bomb. They will be eating plastic only. Once I ate ice cream but no taste so I asked what is this. They eat good of hybrid. Blood becomes bad eating hybrid food. Do you know how is hybrid cow? If the calf of hybrid cow dies cow has no feeling because they don’t know it is their calf. In our place if the calf dies cow is so involved. In our place if something happens the dog carries all the child they have with them. If a girl becomes big in our place people start asking why no match is searched for her will you keep her on your head? In their place when child becomes 18 years of age go out and settle yourself. If girl they do not teach anything. They do not learn anything from wife.

They are so minor they don’t give even a glass of water. They are only behind the money, money money. If you want to be like them go. Those who went from here are more worse, they are only for money. They say greediness is our Bhagavan, and treasure. Had gone downtown. They are just sitting with guns in their hands.  Giving divorce to own wife they are roaming with other women. And women has no love at all. In our mind nothing of this sort was there. As if they came out and got freedom. We never thought of such freedom.Why are you going there. The main important thing is to get realization and control our thought. While walking on road also people looking to different person. This is the status of our people. Man are looking at women. Look to children. Our culture is like this now. What happiness to our culture and our dreams.

We were also there when English were there. From the time we got freedom we spoiled like this. Before that we had good culture. At least stay with your culture. Everything has culture and meaning. If you leave that what happens. You should know the meaning of every culture why it was made. For example why mangal sutra was made we should know everything of culture. We saw many wrong things also like caste. Started election from this caste only. Our washer man came and told me I should give vote to them. I asked no other person is standing for election? I said do the washer man only live here. He said there are others also but you will see. Everyone said people here who get clothes washed by washerman we will get vote from their masters. Now those matter gone Today washerman is standing tomorrow his ass may stand. This is the situation of us. We say we are democratic who is sold in 5 rupees what is their importance? Those who sell themselves for 5 rs I don’t consider them as leader, what can they do to improve us. If they spend 100000 they earned  500000 who spend 500000 will earn 1000000. People remain like this. Once you come to Sahayog you will see people don’t give meaning to money, they live so nice life. God’s Kingdom should be made here only first. I can not make outside. How can I make you all became damadol. First we have to change ourself. Then Sahayog will be established. Where we have to go what is our aim we have to make that first. We have to be meditating so sit for meditation first and we will have lecture. I saw today people talking we have not come to some cinema hall. Have to come peacefully and do meditation. Timely come and timely do everything in the abode of Paramatma. If you are in pleasure time will stop there where time will go? Yesterday people came and meditated. We will have some experiment then after going home do not discuss about that. Tomorrow is the last day I will talk about Sahasrara then you can nicely adopt Sahaja yoga. You establish your own kingdom in your way yesterday many people got realization and if you discuss after going home your vibration will go away. The point is Brahma nadi to be looked after it should be done with care. Susma se susma like an hair  make a bundle of Kundalini, comes up and penetrate Brahmarandra. But as soon as you go home you start doing other things it drops down. First we have to get that and care it properly like the sprout of a seed. It should be cared very carefully and should know, to get it, is a very high thing. After going home without talking to each other you sleep nicely. Some has to get vibration  but I have seen many those who once achieved got it for ever. Usually in village people are like this who achieve it very easily. I was driving and going I saw people who say Jai Shri Mataji, I started taking and asked who said this. They replied Atma is saying.

Dr Talvar english talk 

To day I 4 be talking in Hindi some sanskrit , some  urdu word also can be use so that people understand it. I don’t accept language which others cannot understand.