Public Program Day 4, Sarvajani Karyakram

New Delhi (India)

1985-02-15 Sarvajanik Karyakram Delhi NITL HD, 80'
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“Public Program Day 4, Sarvajani Karyakram”

I am talking about aadidaibic and aadibhautic. Aadidabic is right sided. These people become very aggressive. Even in the matter of religion he thinks of getting strength, power of this and that. Thinks I should have such power that I will know what is in the bottom of earth, or where is the secret things secret treasure  kept. One tries to get strength like this, he gets the effect of it.It is far away from Pingala nadi a space that is called supraconscious area and everyone has this area. When a person becomes very aggressive like this then the person who died with ambition that can be a scientist, an architect, a doctor who died with the wishes like I will make gold from mercury. Due to distorted thoughts like this their aggression was not fulfilled that person come near the collective superconscious a space near the supraconscious in our brain, where all people who work for future and tried to work for it, such nastik agnostic people, birds or leaves of forests, flowers who try to dominate attack others they all come and remain inside can reach this area of supraconscious inside us and know what LSD is, different colours of it, or some see cross, some see other things, like who is coming now to whom that person is saying so and so in another place etc. They know what is happening in other place sitting in one place. By knowing this how can you know about God.

Here we need to go to super consciousness, but we go to right side. If you go to right side they will tell you for which job one came, what is in his mind etc. For example Hitler, if you kill them in one chamber what to do. They are also our own part. When the dead person’s ambition is not fulfilled the spirit of dead person enters in the mind of another living person and opens their Centers as he wished before death. Some Doctor also opened his laboratory. There was one Doctor in London Dr Lang he opened his institution after death. He entered in the mind of a soldier who was fighting in Vietnam and told him I am entering inside you, go to London and tell my son to open the institution where many Doctors will help. The solder then went to London meet his son, told what his father has entered inside him and told his message.

 The son said how can I believe you? He said I can tell you some secret thing like where the property is kept hidden in your area. He also told the secret things that occurred between father and son and what was said  by the father.The son. surprised hearing this. One lady came to me who was trembling so much as if there was no strength in her. I asked her you look so healthy but you have no strength inside what is the matter? She said once I had bad health. You might have known the name of Dr Lang.

I had gone to him once. He told in such date I will come to you at 5 o clock and treat you. He came in the exact time. I felt very hot inside I started trembling so much then my health was ok for a year, two year then slowly I started to feel so weak if someone will touch me I will screem. Though I had not heard his name .Then I also heard of the people whose operation was done but not a drop of blood came out. These are all works of spirits. You should not believe in spirit, but have faith in your own strength. The strength you have inside you will cure you. If you go to other’s strength you will go to aadidaivic power.

There is another power that is Adivautic that is left sided Ida nadi which is related to our feelings, the emotions that you feel by heart. This nadi when becomes very active they will be influenced by trantrics. They make small things also very big. Suppose there is a married lady who feel in love with another man and spoils her life behind him. She roams around. Some people go on singing romantic tragedy songs poems and some people like that also. Such crying matter comes when the left nadi is involved. One tells God I am sitting for you, dieing for you etc, I am sinner. All such thing is from left side. From this the bhakti starts. This bhakti is not real one.

Krishna said give whatever you like to give but it should be without any other.  That means there should be unification with me. People keep fasting or standing on one feet to get God. There is no need to do such things, or biting the head unnecessarily. There are many people who are mourning for God. Some people think if we give trouble to yourself God will meet us. This is not true not shraddha, pure feelings. This is darkness, in English it is called blind faith. Faith is there when you get experience and you believe in it. If you believe without experience it is blind faith. That person who is left sided tortures himself, will cry and prove the sorrow. He may be happy in sharing sorrow. This is Tamasik attitude.when the Sushma nadi is ok some will not accept God. There are others who go and bow on others. The forehead us the place of Ekadash Rudra it should not be bowed down in front of anybody. This us such a power it is ready to destroy us then cancer like disease starts. I never used to bow my head in front of others. It should be bowed down in front of incarnation only. This habit of bowing in front of other is a very wrong habit, So I tell you do not bow down in front of me also until you get something from me. We go to left due to this, there are 360 talks of doing service to others due to which we go to left. We are habituated because of serving to others that we are like servant. If we don’t know to speak English properly we feel like servant and if we do not know to speak Hindi properly we don’t feel bad. Some people even say we don’t need to learn Hindi language. Those whose language is Hindi they also do not speak properly. One gentlemen sho was speaking Hindi was saying unclear to the word clear. If you explain Hindi like this then we became like servant and we go to left. There is no openness in us. Now if some Pandit or a person with saffron dress come, people start bowing on them.That person may be some one who is coming  after getting punishment from jail, can be a thief or a very bad person who just wore saffron coloured dress and came. The habit of bending head in front of saffron coloured dress should be stopped.

Because that one who wore such dress what business he has with house holders? You might have read Ramayan where Sitaji had said that the sanyasi should not come to householder a whole chapter is written about this. She had said a Sanyasi has no right to come even to city. We see any person with saffron dress we are just ready to bow him. One side we married people has to run outhouse, rear children nicely so that they become a religious person. To be house holder as this itself is a  great sacrifice a yagna. How can we give hard earned money to a person who does not work.

I told you before also. In Sahaja yoga is not in favour of sanyas the renunciation. If someone comes with saffron dress for self-realization we cannot give realization to him.

Because it is a lie to wear saffron dress. If you are a renounced from inside, there is no need to do all this.

Raja Janak is called Bideha and Sitaji is called Vaidehi. Nowadays renounced are false from inside. Did not Guru Nanak marry? Did notTukaram marry? Those who are above 40 all got married. Someone didn’t marry before. Buddha was married before he left home and wife. That time he thought he will meet God leaving wife and home. But when he got God he was just sitting laying down under the tree and got very easily. One question was asked what effects will be in the daily life of a Sahaja yogi. One thing daily life becomes very easy in your work and you become dynamic in work. Sahajyoga is not for a person who leaves world and comes out.It is like this to have love affection respect in husband and wife and children respect their parents and elders. All these things are established in Sahaja yoga. Where these things are not there we do not Consider it as Sahaja. Yes it can be that one or two person can be working against Sahaj. But he can’t be Sahayogi. The good Sahaj yogi has to do marriage, establish a good household and family, remain in place others can come he also has to go to others place. Lakshmipati is one who likes a woman a mother and the wealth can be used for all. Even a dumb person come he gets shelter and food, a person can come even in late dawn can get shelter. Our people’s house should be like this. It is not in Sahaja yoga that you break house and go here and there, have 4 husband or wife, divorce and old people go to old age home to spend their life. Such administration is not accepted in Sahaja yoga neither it will be. This time Sahaj yoga has good name generally. It’s good thread is God ‘s love. Will the God want that there should be quarrels between husband and wife or with children, or trouble children or children trouble the parents. The relationship is not made by us but by God. The relationship made by God we accept. But marriage is a collective incident. When everybody sees it admires becomes happy. We celebrated 108 marriage in Sahaja now.All marriage was very good not a dowry of even single paisa. 

In anything if there is trouble difficulty that is not Sahaj. This takes himself. We should remember we should be neither left or right but remain in middle path. When people are talking of love they understand such love like how to love. God knows. In this country people love boy.They give life to boy. But for girl they take life. To give dowry do this do that may remain them self in hunger.This is also left. Due to this love the children are spoiled. So much of attachment of man in any thing should not be there. God made us the children are also his. But in Sahaj yoga when you get married if there is no   defect in the house  the big saints take birth from such mother. From childhood they get through Sayhajyoga, their kundalini is raised. They know0 to give realization from childhood. We are in search of such house where human is influenced by self realization.Then only such children are borne other wise all fighter child will be borne. In England the population of English man is becoming minus. Where children are killed in a week 2 children killed which child will like to born? Where child do not get love good education only Devil’s Rakcchyasa will be borne. Our place also children are spoiled saying mine and yours like that children will not be normal ones.They are very narrow minded. People fell they are all selfish.The main thing is that child should be kept in such a way that they should be looked after well. They shouldn’t be tortured.Niw a days people talk of love but there’s no love will see people doing bad thing on the street. If asked where are you going they say to do divorce case. Where ever there’s more exhibition understand that there is no faith. If husband and wife has full faith let them stay any where, husband and wife remain happily.Where ever there is anything wrong quarrel show off there is only exhibition to show to all that I love my husband so much or wife so much and in the name of live you are doing the things in the world there’s no need of it. After spending few days of marriage why they start to be away then there’s no meaning of such love. Such women who crises and says my husband said so and so and came late such person is of left side. And men also who cries for his wife is of left side others are just ready to beat her. A man who does not honour women cannot be Sahayogi. Where ever the woman is worshipped the deities reside. But women also should be worshipable. Here you will see when a man turns to be left then they get spoiled. One man was very unhappy I asked why are you so unhappy he said because I could not buy a scooter which my son wanted. I asked why should you be unhappy for this  when yoUr income is not so much. He said if I could I would buy everything for my child. Similarly they say for father mother etc and for him for him like this goes on. You are not living for yourself. You remain nicely, you are in the abode of God stay nicely. Whoever comes to you treat them nicely. Once someone said to Isha Masiha your brother  and sister has come. He asked who is my brother who is my sister? To sahaja yogi like this you should be like Isha.  Means isha was saying who ever is in God’ s place  he is my brother and my sister.They are my relatives. Others are selfish peoples who relate till you do something for them, they are yours, till you have money with you Once one person said Mother  I went to ashram people did not talk with love. I said look at your status. You are attacked by. Spirit your condition is not good will they love the spirit who is with you. You started to talk non sense there, to talk to spirit is of no use.. spirit needs to be removed but the effect is 32.57. 

Isha said God forgive them but same Isha took hunter in hand and started beating them when they were doing wrong things. Around the temple they were selling things. Many times I also feel same when I see people around the temple, around mosque selling the things once offered already. You see in front of Hanumanaji they are selling Garlands and after some time they bring same garland and sell again. Then I feel to take a hunter and beat all of them. But the devotee thinks this is fresh garland, touches everybody feet ,give 2 rupees here 4 rupees to there. Because there is darkness in front of him.This is not good feeling but blind faith. Those who are like this go far towards Ida Nadi The condition is like that of Hare Krishna Hare Rama people who wear cloth which they don’t know to we’re, dance in the street singing playing the drum Hare Krishna Hera Rama and women also with them. When asked why are you doing like this making the name of Krishna bad they do not listen only say Hare Krishna Hare Rama.They are not ready to listen. In their mind only Hare Krishna Hare Rama. Among them 2 or 4 parson came to Sahaja yoga had cancer of throat. They ask if Vishuddh is the place of Krishna, why we get this? I said look what were you doing? You are doing too much with Krishna. Did he say to do like this that you keep his statue on road to show off people? Like this if a person show off many things may happen explained to go behind. Some follow blindly who has tamasik thought. 

Tamsik people do not agress they are mild and use sweet language. By listening their talk they seem to be unhappy. Once Durbasa reached to Vallabhachary

They started talking something 

When God is pleasantful, I will talk about this tomorrow. He gives happiness. When He is govin happiness why are you unhappy.

When you become unhappy you go to left side and to collective consciousness. This is different thing a grave thing which is called the entry of evil spirit. For this Doctors say Protein 58 and Protein 52.Because they hesitate to say evil spirits. They may be having evil spirit so they hesitate to call it. Otherwise this Protein enters in such area here our past sorrowful matter remains and they attack cancer. From this area they come. They exist from the time of creation and remain in area people do not know. But from this area only they come and attack and those who go on to left sided people and cancer start on them. This will be on tamasik people especially to those who roam around too much, does to much labour uses his sympathetic System and they bow on wrong people such as politician. Go here and there and bow down. This way he prepares himself for cancer. This sympathetic nervous system runs inside us where ever there is an emergency he runs very fast. While running the heart starts beating fast. But when he comes to himself inside gets balance automatically. Balance is done by parasympathetic. When person go to left or right it shakes the relation to stomach and person gets malignancy. Arbitrary Psychiatry call on your own the malignancy starts. There is some evil spirit to be like this also. Who come and rule on your brain. When there will be two personally inside  we become sick. For such disease the treatment is this evil spirit has to be taken out. You should not be afraid of these bad spirits. It doesn’t mean this spirit finish you but it starts on ruling you. When they start ruling on you, you get cancer. Cancer is more vulnerable but various kind of disease attack you even the Virus. Some of the vegetations which were eating others the parasites,  died in the process of evolution, they come inside us and remain in one area and when they are attacked virus attack us. There is no cure of Virus by medicine. They may be giving distil water but saying Injection. So the hindrances caused by evil spirits is in Sahaja yoga. In Sahaja yoga you can do simple treatment. Some say mother why you say so. But I have to tell truth to you. You should never go to tantrik or bow to wrong people like them. Even going to temple bowing to Priest is not at all necessary. Never bow in front of any people. Some may put bad power on your agnya chakra touching the forehead when you forward your head to them keeping the cap like this they put red powers or ash. Is the head made for anybody who want to beat your head and put evil spirit inside. You once go to temple you will be standing. Not only this every tuesday you start going to temple. If you say to meditate in Sahaja yoga they do not do.Like this a circle is made and if you don’t go there you think that is why this work is not done.  Again I did not go to temple, I didn’t go to mosque, I didn’t go to Gurudwara ,I didn’t go to Church I didn’t do arati  starts.

Everything is inside us. The paramatma is inside us. Get that first it is so grateful thing. Before getting paramatma inside you go to either right or left. First burn the light inside then you will know you are going to light or darkness . First burn the light inside. All those who achieved it said so. Today I am saying first first light your inside.otherwise you will be in left side.If you agree to the command of evil spirit and follow what he said do this do that initiate quarrel then it spoils your  house. You will  agree to no body. Tobaco was used to remove the problem of evil Spirit in earlier time. During the time of Shivaji Maharaj people were nicely staying. One person came with tobacco to the Son of Shivaji Maharaja and planted the tobacco. But people started smoking it afterwards. Once people starts smoking tobacco, he starts speaking lies. Because it catches left Vishuddhi.Tobacco itself is like Spirit a Devil. One Devil kills another Devil. But people before never said to smoke tobacco. In the time of Mohammad there was no tobacco otherwise he would have banned it. Gurunanak the same soul of Mohammad saw people smoking it and said it should not be smoked. But Muslims said we will not drink alcohol as Mohammad Saheb banded it but we will smoke because he didn’t talk about tobacco. Those people told not to smoke to save but not to trouble you. Come to us once your mother energy kundalini will be activated you will know. Sahaja yoga is like this person automatically retains religion and maintain it. I don’t tell you not to drink but they stop it aromatically. Everyone stopped drinking themself. I don’t tell not to smoke because who told not to drink their disciples are drinking. I stay in London. Excuse me maximum Muslims keep bar in their home and do their business. In English civilization they they don’t keep bar. But if you go to any Muslim house or Sikh house there is bar and they have kept it nicely, they show it proudly.I wonder for whom it was banded they only are eating.

Their Master said God remains in everyone, those people made castes and say Brahmin, chhyatriya etc. But actually, there is only three castes, swatic rasjasik and tamasik. Before 14000 years Markandey  Swami said Ya Devi Sarva bhutesi jati rupen samsthita. Three  are only caste in Devi  Mahalakshmi, Maha Saraswati, Maha Kali and no 4th caste. One is above 3 Jati that is Paramatma. He has no caste.But may stand for this. I heard one Shankaracharya said this is the work of Brahmin. Brahman is one who knows Brahma otherwise those who say themself as Brahmin are liars.You can not be Brahman if you take certificate by yourself. This thing cannot be written in Geeta this is the right of Brahman. Who wrote Geeta was the son of a Fisher women that also illegitimate.Vyas didn’t write such lie. Who was Valmiki? Was he a Brahman? Who knows Brahma is Brahman. By making a caste system like this a Brahman can not be created. When such Jati is made now election also is being used in caste wise. Ram das Swami was himself a Brahmin but  a type if Marwadi were there who were Chhyatriyas. But he said Maratha to himself because Maratha is one who knows God. He said such a brave person is one who knows his own religion. In the coronation ceremony of Shivaji  the Brahmin of caste system said he is not a chhyatriya  but kunji how can he have coronation.  But you know Brahmin also can rule he can be king. Also they don’t understand this. That they were behind Shivaji. Lets leave about Shivaji they were behind Mahatma Gandhi. When he was in Nasik they told do here Prayashchit because you went to England and came here. Are all those do prayashchitt who go and come back here.? They did not leave even to him. I wonder and once while joking I said Mahatma Gandhi why did you do prayashchitt in Nasik. He told I I would not have done they will kill me by gun. He was killed by gun only at the end.

To make difference like this and to make jati is inauspicious, that is why in our country there is inauspiciousness. So people are making different organization in the name if God. For you get what God has made. What happiness you got by this? For example there is one caste kayastha, people say we are kayasta. Similarly among Brahmins. Tomorrow if some marry in other caste people of similar caste stand against that girl, why did you marry. If some mishappening occurs which caste will stand in your favour? Once you come to world religion all caste disappear. This is only the world religion. Those who were big incarnations all are of world religion. Christ said so much who are with are relatives if each other. Go and ask with Christian who are relatives among them?

Who was Raja Janak same was Guru Nanak. Who was Sita became Nanaki. You will wonder if I tell you one you get realization and the cool breeze starts flowing in your hand you will know what is truth and what is not truth. Before flowing of this cool breeze there is only two things you accept false as truth a d truth as false.Those who are satwic can only know this truth and others cannot. Before this just by coincidence only one may sah this is truth. Only after flowing this cool breeze you can know the truth. And may say here is swayam bhi. How do you know it is swayam bhi. Someone said and you accept this.Some saints might have said this. Some said about Nirakar people were behind nirakar. Some talked about flowers they came behind this, one said let’s stop about flower but talk about nectar the honey. Those who talk a out flower his matter remained who talked about honey his talk also remained. So what to? You have to be a honeybee to suck honey.

You need to are only roaming around the honey, you have not got honey. You have to honey bee madhukar. You are so much full inside. For this whatever is inside you, the world have to be forgotten for a minute and burn the light inside first. There are sanskar and khausmskar.  People made us Nuns and forcefully Ram Ram. Not to marry, wear such and such clothes. So leave all that all conditionings, when you leave all conditionings what remains? Only ego or you go round the grass like Buffalo. This is said by all sadhu and saints.The kaliyug has come and all can get self realization and burn the light inside.

Before people tortured saints, they did not listen them once they died they started to flow them to establish religion. You know how much Sant Gyaneswar  was tortured. Who tortured him only made his temple now. They told we dance here. I asked was he also dancing or doing meditation . They replied he was a great person. People were in confusion whether this was religion or not religion. There was no pleasure. Why? We accepted wrong thing as truth.

Once you leave this gulami and come to truth. Those spirits who died have caught us. Once a gente man came to us and stood on his head. I thought about what happiness to this person. He said I cannot stand like other’s. Then it was found out he was a warrior and while returning from war he had gone to shasan. The hath yogi spirit entered inside him. This  hath hogi who used to do too much hathayog, blood used  to come out from his mouth due to this hathayog. He was cured now he is a very good Sahaja yogi. If anyone does too much in anything, understand spirit has entered inside him. Wh did not look after his children  didn’t work but ram around only and became old then when you come home who will look after you. There’s no need to roam around like this.

In England America people made this that, when they start walking they walk for an hour like a mad person. All were running then I thought what happened is here earthquake why everyone is running. Then they said we fell nice to run.

They don’t like to stay in house. They do not work. There forefathers used to work, there is no work now. The dead spirit are sitting inside his brain. They don’t stay at home. When the Saturday Sunday comes they just take vehicle and go out. There is no talk with any one but just go out. Who made all building and worked hard have become spirit so what was the use of it. They look very nice and gentle but no peace in house. There is no mother no sister. No American can sit what meditation you learn from them. You can learn nothing from  them. What will you do in America you will be finished with.  They have made atom bomb. They will be eating plastic only. Once I ate ice cream but no taste so I asked what is this. They eat good of hybrid. Blood becomes bad eating hybrid food. Do you know how is hybrid cow? If the calf of hybrid cow dies cow has no feeling because they don’t know it is their calf. In our place if the calf dies cow is so involved. In our place if something happens the dog carries all the child they have with them. If a girl becomes big in our place people start asking why no match is searched for her will you keep her on your head? In their place when child becomes 18 years of age go out and settle yourself. If girl they do not teach anything. They do not learn anything from wife.

They are so minor they don’t give even a glass of water. They are only behind the money, money money. If you want to be like them go. Those who went from here are more worse, they are only for money. They say greediness is our Bhagavan, and treasure. Had gone downtown. They are just sitting with guns in their hands.  Giving divorce to own wife they are roaming with other women. And women has no love at all. In our mind nothing of this sort was there. As if they came out and got freedom. We never thought of such freedom.Why are you going there. The main important thing is to get realization and control our thought. While walking on road also people looking to different person. This is the status of our people. Man are looking at women. Look to children. Our culture is like this now. What happiness to our culture and our dreams.

We were also there when English were there. From the time we got freedom we spoiled like this. Before that we had good culture. At least stay with your culture. Everything has culture and meaning. If you leave that what happens. You should know the meaning of every culture why it was made. For example why mangal sutra was made we should know everything of culture. We saw many wrong things also like caste. Started election from this caste only. Our washer man came and told me I should give vote to them. I asked no other person is standing for election? I said do the washer man only live here. He said there are others also but you will see. Everyone said people here who get clothes washed by washerman we will get vote from their masters. Now those matter gone Today washerman is standing tomorrow his ass may stand. This is the situation of us. We say we are democratic who is sold in 5 rupees what is their importance? Those who sell themselves for 5 rs I don’t consider them as leader, what can they do to improve us. If they spend 100000 they earned  500000 who spend 500000 will earn 1000000. People remain like this. Once you come to Sahayog you will see people don’t give meaning to money, they live so nice life. God’s Kingdom should be made here only first. I can not make outside. How can I make you all became damadol. First we have to change ourself. Then Sahayog will be established. Where we have to go what is our aim we have to make that first. We have to be meditating so sit for meditation first and we will have lecture. I saw today people talking we have not come to some cinema hall. Have to come peacefully and do meditation. Timely come and timely do everything in the abode of Paramatma. If you are in pleasure time will stop there where time will go? Yesterday people came and meditated. We will have some experiment then after going home do not discuss about that. Tomorrow is the last day I will talk about Sahasrara then you can nicely adopt Sahaja yoga. You establish your own kingdom in your way yesterday many people got realization and if you discuss after going home your vibration will go away. The point is Brahma nadi to be looked after it should be done with care. Susma se susma like an hair  make a bundle of Kundalini, comes up and penetrate Brahmarandra. But as soon as you go home you start doing other things it drops down. First we have to get that and care it properly like the sprout of a seed. It should be cared very carefully and should know, to get it, is a very high thing. After going home without talking to each other you sleep nicely. Some has to get vibration  but I have seen many those who once achieved got it for ever. Usually in village people are like this who achieve it very easily. I was driving and going I saw people who say Jai Shri Mataji, I started taking and asked who said this. They replied Atma is saying.

Dr Talvar english talk 

To day I 4 be talking in Hindi some sanskrit , some  urdu word also can be use so that people understand it. I don’t accept language which others cannot understand.