Public Program Day 5, Sahasrar, Atma

New Delhi (India)

1985-02-16 Public Program Hindi New Delhi India DP-RAW, 177'
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ATMA – DAY 5 DELHI 16.2.1985

I bow to all the  seekers of truth.   Today’s melodious music program is very much associated with today’s topic for which I thank Debu Choudhury.  All the arrangements happen spontaneously and in today’s music the play of 12 sounds you witnessed, that same beautiful music can be created inside us.  The eight chakras of Kundalini you are seeing here, which is Mooladhara  Chakra, Mooladhara, Swadishthan, Nabhi, Heart, Vishuddhi, Agnya and Sahasrara.  Apart from this, there are Sun and Moon  Chakras also inside us.  Like this there are three more chakras which start working after the piercing of fontanelle bone area, which we call Ardha Bindu, Bindu and Valay.  All these are vowels (sounds) inside us.  Like if we start from Sa, then seven vowels, Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Ni ends in Sahasrara.  Like this, there are planets also which give energy to these chakras.  For example, in Mooladhara  Mars, Swadishthan Mercury, in Nabhi Jupiter, in Heart Chakra Venus, in Vishuddhi Saturn, in Agnya Sun and in Sahasrara Moon (Monday), which is Shiva’s or Devi’s,  Adishakti’s abode.  Like this, our nine planets also reside in these chakras.  It means whatever OMKAR is manifested from Shri Ganesh, all these  integrate completely in one Sound and one rhythm for music which God has created inside us.  To penetrate this only Kundalini starts working.  When Kundalini starts rising and penetrates all these chakras and reaches the Fontanelle bone area,  from its ascent, lot of work is done on each chakra.   

Lot of people think and also say “Mother How is this so simple and easy”.   It is so easy that all the living process becomes very simple.  Seed also sprouts spontaneously.  But what we see daily and know in our daily life, we do not question about them at all.  We take it for granted.  Like the rhythm of your breathing is so simple.  For this if you have to go to some Guru or read scriptures, or if you have to go to some library, how many people will survive.  The pulsation of heart which is Anahad, is working all the time on its own and if we need some external treatment for breathing, how many people will be born alive in this world?  Like this, there are lot of things which are ‘living’ which we see every day.   These flowers bloom on its own and bear fruits also on its own.  This is Rhythambara PrAgnya, which has completely blessed this Creation. She does all these living process, every moment of our life.  Not only this, it is so unique that we cannot imagine these from our human mind.  Means, a mango tree will bear only mango fruit.  An Indian will be born in an Indian family only.  I mean, I don’t say an Indian comes with some brand name.  But you know from his face or structure that he is an Indian.  

All these  choices are so deep, and are manifested with so much calculation that this idea can never enter our mind.  Like  I told earlier, only one thing can happen, that is , we can put this limited drop into Ocean.  Once it merges into Ocean, we can get and understand  all the qualities and energies of Ocean, and can enjoy the joy of Ocean.   Kundalini does exactly this work.  But its arrangement is so beautiful that all the seven chakras go  and integrate in to our brain in the end. From here to here, all the seven chakras, which we call the peetha of all Chakras, do their work.   All these seven chakras which we see here have their Seat (Peetha) in our brain.  If you start from here, or if you start from here, it is Mooladhar, go upwards and  here it is Heart Chakra and after Heart, you come to Agnya Chakra and Vishuddhi Chakra is here.   You can know all these from books but see the beauty of the Creator who has made you that after making seven chakras,  every sound is integrated into these seven chakras in the brain, which is made up of these seven Peethas.  His energy and strength is so beautifully arranged and organized rhythmically that you get the  tune.  This is a wonder which we can only feel.  We cannot see this wonder because our vision is external.   If it is told to see this, you have to take your vision inside you.  You will say “Mother How to do this.  It is very difficult.  You all are listening to me now.  Your attention  is towards me. But if some  incident happens, your attention will get attracted towards that.

Similarly, when Kundalini gets awakened,  your attention which is outside immediately goes inside and like some cloth is spread all over, something from inside pushes it upward. Like this when Kundalini reaches Sahasrara, it penetrate the Sahasrara.  This work is also so beautiful that when it penetrates, the light of Kundalini reflects and covers the blanket. It is said Ram rang rasa bhini , means the blanket which is our attention, gets enlightened with the light of Truth. This creation is so beautiful that our Heart chakra is right in the centre here where our fontanelle bone area is pierced. Piercing of  fontanelle bone area is in such a place where our Heart resides.    It means until our heart desires to be one with God Almighty,  Kundalini cannot penetrate and rise.  All the work is of Heart.  We have to understand this.  You all have understood whatever I have said from your brain.  It is alright to know this from brain but till this arises from your heart, or till it is  circulated from the heart,  this cannot get integrated into every cell of our body. Because our spirit resides in our heart.  That is why we must understand that before penetrating our heart, we must open our heart completely.  In this heart, Spirit resides.  Above this from seven peethas, light of  seven colours reflect in our brain, mind and our heart, the place of Devi or Adishakthi is so near. But our heart works in one direction, our brain works in another direction and our mind pills in third direction.  There is no oneness between these three.  Samagra meaning everything from the same, there is complete oneness.   There is no integration.  That is why we keep  fighting within us.   We always quarrel within us.  Somebody’s one chakra is good and another is bad, second is good then third is very weak,  fourth is completely damaged and between the fight of these chakras, all types of problems, worries and diseases come.  All these chakras are also made up of five elements and someone has said “ what is death, the problem of these chakras.   When problem come in these chakras, death comes.  The seat or peethas which govern all these chakras, it is in our brain and from our brain only our central nervous, the chakras could have been governed.  But it does not happen.  These are managed only by parasympathetic nervous system.  Till the time we establish our superiority in our parasympathetic nervous system, till the time our connection is established with our autonomous nervous system and we can govern them ourselves, till then neither we can change nor the world will change.   

From outside, you can correct something, like if there is any problem in a tree, then you can give treatment to the leaves,  probably it may recover for some time, but the real disease is in its root and till you reach the root cause and treat it, the tree cannot recover.  And not only that, the  Peethas (seat) of all seven chakras is here.  The three energies which are flowing inside us, our strong desire (Icha Shakti), kriya shakti (action) and Dharma shakti (Religion) from which the path of evolution is established and we go into the evolution process,   all these three energies assemble in our brain.  In this way, in our brain there are seven chakras and three energies get integrated.  But  among them, only their relationship and friendship is established but does not integrate completely.  Only when Kundalini is threaded like a bead is threaded in its hole,  and pierces the Sahasrara completely, only then all the seven sound will dance to the same tune and rhythm.  Whatever we say about Sahasrara, it is not enough.  Sahasrara which is our last chakra, there are thousand petals which are really  thousand nerves inside us.  Doctors sometime create confusion that there are 982 nerves or something.  It is actually heartless words.  There is no tune or melody in them.   There are 1000 petals in them which enlightens these  nerves and look like in some lotus flower, there are 1000 petals and those petals become alive and their light reflects with each other.  It is very quiet and consists of brilliant light like the petals get enlightened and start agitating.  From this agitation, the joy which is created inside us is called Niranand.  Niranand means only joy, i.e. absolute joy.  There is no second thing left in that.  In joy there is no pleasure or pain but only pure joy and this can be known only in total silence. Like Kabir Dasji has said “when we are joyful, what can one say.” When Kundalini is so eager and can take you  into that absolute joy state, the ocean of absolute joy emerges in front of you, which is the state of great people or yogis, all you have to do is help it a little.   Kundalini can pull you so beautifully into,  so beautiful that you can only see.  Though in some people, I see that Kundalini is so wounded. In some  people I see that Kundalini is very weak and like a weak Mother in pain to deliver her child  rises and falls, rises and falls, like that Kundalini which is within you from thousands of years, she tries her level best that somehow my children should get another birth.  This is the compassionate Mother, loving Mother.  How can she give you trouble in any way who has been waiting for thousands of years that somehow someday my child can fulfil the pure desire and get his union.  She can never give you problems or sorrow in any way.  But like I told you, in this world, there are so many cruel people who have no respect for pure and great things.  They do not have respect for anything. In reality, these people do not respect even themselves.  That is why they can never understand that in this world anything can be great or something so tremendous or great  thing like this can exist which is completely pure.

We have so many examples of great Saints.  We forget that when they came in this world, they did not come for themselves.  They did not have to do anything.  They did not need anything for them.  They have achieved everything. They have come here to give us.  Whatever they had to give us, they have given us  inside our body.  Only we do not know about this.  Outwardly, we respect them, praise them and sing their songs but till now we have not known that they themselves are residing inside us and are waiting for this work to be done.  Once the Kundalini is awakened, only then this work can be done.  The arrangement of Sahasrara is so beautiful that if you cut your brain and if you see it in transverse section,  you can see it as if a lotus flower’s 1000 petals are scattered all over.  Second wonder of Sahasrara is that the “Shri Fal” which is the fruit of Devi, which we call coconut, it is always compared with our brain.  You will be surprised that Ritambhara prAgnya is such that even if you sleep under a coconut tree or 1000s of trees, till today there has  never been an incident of coconut falling on the head of any animal or human being.  Are you aware of this wonder?   Till you go to the seashore you cannot see this wonder.  See another wonder of Sea.  The coconut trees which are on the sea shore, they all will bend towards the sea even when rain, thunder or storm comes.  This is our Guru Principle.  Because Sea is our Guru, they always bend towards it.  Their understanding is very simple and natural but we have become so great our understanding is not natural.  We have become tall a little more than necessary.  If you become tall more than required, then sometimes whatever you are supposed to get, you miss them or if you become short or docile more than necessary, then also these things get lost.  Meaning of this is until you are in the centre it is very difficult for your Kundalini to rise. Even then, now a days, Gods’ blessing is so much, His compassion is flowing so much, I am myself surprised that thousands  of people are getting their self realisation at one time.  Though about this, Saint Bhrugumuni had written in his book “Nadi Granth” that it will happen like this and everyone’s diseases will get cured on its own.  Everyone’s problems will be solved on its own and Kundalini will awaken very  easily.  You all think that in this Country, Bhrugu Muni’s history, we do not know which period but thousands of years back, Bhrugu Muni was born and he had told about Kundalini that Kundalini will be awakened easily.  Only he knew about the meaning of this.  But we, the writers of our country, the spokespersons of this country, illustrious people, how much do we know about the Saints and Sages and the great Incarnations, how much do we know about them.  Only today, someone asked “Mother what is the significance of Shivratri?  Was Shiva born on this day.  Shiva is not born because there is no meaning of His being born, who is Sadashiva.  But the significance of Shivaratri is that on this great night, the whole world was sleeping in ultimate state (parabhrama).  The supreme Creator was  sleeping.  Like we sleep and the whole universe (shrusti) sleeps with us.  Like that this universe also slept and from that sleep, when Sadashiva was awakened, Sadashiva means who never changes, who never incarnates, who is only in witness state, watches the whole world,  Sadashiva when He is awakened, then He, from his power, which is Adishakti, which is called Holy ghost, in Vedas it is called Vid, it is called Athena, He separated this power from Him and said you create this Nature.  That is why we celebrate Shivaratri today.  That after tonight, Shiva is awakened, means Sadashiva is awakened.  The same Sadashiva when He is  enlightened in our heart in the form of Spirit, then He is called Shiva.  At that time, lot of people  fast due to ignorance.  Reason for fasting on Shivaratri day is not clear, because they do not know what happened on Shivaratri day.  People had even asked whether Shiva died on that day.  How can He die who is infinite? We are so ignorant that on the day Shiva was awakened, we fast.  Today the time has come for our Spirit to be awakened because we were also engrossed in the great night, great night from which this Kaliyuga spread and on this great night, you are all sitting here to be awakened.  The Spirit residing inside you is going to be awakened today.  This Spirit is like Satchitanand means Truth, Attention and Happiness.  Sat means you know the truth.  Till now you do not know the truth.  Whatever you know till now, it is illusion.  Like a man comes and stands in front of you and the moment you see him, you think “what a nice man” and then he starts imploring in front of you that I am like this, I was so good and this person has deceived me,  you will feel compassion for him.  May be he is a thief released from some jail.  May be he has come to rob you or come to murder you.  You cannot know who is the person in front of you because you do not know the truth.  Meaning of knowing the truth is that you understand the things which is the essence and substance of everything.  Like what is the essence and substance of a human being. His Spirit is his essence and substance.   The moment you know your Spirit, whatever knowledge you know appears to be ignorance and this knowledge you know in your nerves and central nervous system. 

Like one person came to me and said “Mother I have got Angina and please cure me”.  I told him okay. Sit down.  I was going out and I said okay Sit down.  I awakened his Kundalini.  He felt little pain and then I told him “You are alright.  I am going now.  He said “Mother what are you doing.  I am getting heart attack”.  I said “Son, you are alright now and I am going.  He sat down dejectedly.  I had sat down in the car. Then got down and came to him and said “Listen to me.  Now you go to the doctor and take your angiography and after that you will believe that whatever I told you is the truth”.  He went to the doctor and the doctor said it is a miracle.  You had angina.  What happened to you.  How have you been cured.  Your knowledge is the knowledge what the doctor has told you and My knowledge is from your vibrations and your attention, which my Spirit has told me.  When the Spirit talks, then all these vibrations come and this Omkar comes and it will tell you. Whatever you want to know, what is  the problem of this man.   When you become a Saint,  you put your hands towards him and from your fingertips you can tell what is the  problem with the man and when you know about the disease, and you know that the disease is beyond cause and effect, you can cure his disease and it is very easy.  You put the problem on KKundalini  Kundalini is beyond cause and effect.  If you put the problem on his Kundalini and raise the Kundalini,  your work is over.  His health becomes alright.  Sometimes, it is difficult to awaken the Kundalini and sustain. That is secondary thing.  Once you have awakened the Kundalini, you do not have to do anything else.  We think about big problem and think that this is the reason and that is why this is the result and if we correct the results, everything will become alright.  It can never become alright.  I have told you this earlier also that if you correct one thing, the second will become bad.  Beyond this, which is the God’s Kingdom, which is in Sahasrara come to that Kingdom, you should  arrive.  You should be welcomed .   Bow down and come inside.   When you are sitting there, who can have the guts to look at you.  Swami Ramdas has said in Marathi …… that if you see anything from the corner  of your eyes, you cannot see any man.  But the question is  “Have you come into the Kingdom of God or not, you have established yourself or not.  After establishing yourself, you think of big things and we call this as Truth.  We can know this Truth only from our central nervous system.  SSomeonewill say “Mother, there are flowers here.” We are seeing this flower from our eyes.  This is being told by our central nervous system that flowers are kept here and after that if we feel also, we can say there are flowers here because we can feel the same.  This is called “knowledge”.  This knowledge is called Ved, this is Vid, from which we feel, which is known in our Central nervous system, this is the sign of our ascent.   And whatever we have known is from our brain’s additions and subtractions or from our feeling.  That is why when Kundalini reaches and enlightens Sahasrara, we gain knowledge.  

You all think when in our country, all these Saints and Sages were born, at that time there was no college, no university but they were a great source of knowledge.  They were great source of knowledge.  One after another, there have been so many.  In London, there was a great poet by name William Blake*.  If you read his future,  you will be surprised that he said everything about Sahaja Yoga in such a simple way.  Such great people like Markandeya was  born in our Country, so why not you people?

In the beginning, only one fish must  have come out of water.  After that probably 10 or 12 must have come.  Then may be one thousand.  But after that probably thousands.  After that, who knows how many fish have come out and are sitting as human beings .  Like that we have done penance for a long time.  Asked union with the God.  Done lot of hard work and today we have come on this earth as a very normal human being and it is your right to attain your desired state.  This is your right and your right and your desire will have to be fulfilled.  Whatever these Saints and Sages have said, whatever these Incarnations have said, we have to show that these are truth.  For that only one condition is necessary that Kundalini must be awakened and you should get light within, which will enlighten every cell in your nerves and you will understand that you have become Saints.  Without  becoming a Saint, nothing can be understood.  So whatever you all are listening from me, to know whether that is the truth or not, you have to become a Saint.  Because may be whatever I am saying is false but if you are a Saint, you only have to put your hand towards me and you can know that vibrations are flowing inside you and you can understand that this is true or not.   You ask this question “Whether God is there in this world.  Because God is there, that is why you are feeling the flow of vibrations inside you.   But if you ask for some wicked man whether this man is good or bad, then probably  all these vibrations will stop and you will feel the heat or you may even get one or two blisters.  But, to know the difference between a devil and a Saint, there are lot of other ways.  You can know this from your wisdom also. You can know from your wisdom that if a man has his eyes on your money or your existence or power, on your children in your house or your wives, such type of man can never be a Saint.  Even though, we have been told a number of times what is the characteristics  of a Saint, we  make mistakes.  That is why, first of all to know the truth, Kundalini has to penetrate our Sahasrara and enlighten it where these thousand petals are enlightened and dance as a beautiful bud or beautiful petals, which you cannot see now but you can see later.  Because when you yourself are  not enlightened,  how can you see other lights.  When you become a light, people ask “Mother what should we do now?”  When a lamp is enlightened, then  you give light.  Until you get this light in your brain, your powers are 1000 times less.   I will say there is no end to it.  Then it is till infinity.  But before that, the smallest energy, like a banyan tree which becomes so huge from a small seed, like the brain of people which looks so small and limited also grows and the light from its branches establishes it all over. This is the truth of God, truth of Spirit.   Spirit knows and acknowledges the truth.  In Sahaja Yoga, it is a must that you should  be collective.  You listened to the music just now.  Indians must understand that without assembling or being collective, music concerts  cannot be held.  You will get self realization.  It is okay but after that, if you are not collective, you cannot be competent, you cannot be effective completely.  For this collectivity is required, practice is required and till you  practice, you cannot have sensitivity, fragile sensitivity,  deep sensitivity cannot be established.   You can know this only from the  nerves and until these nerves establish new dimensions, you cannot know.  

Lot of people sometimes think “what will She know”?  She looks as if She is gossiping.  Once a gentleman came and said ”See Mother This is your Photo.  How  is  this ?”.  I told him it is wrong.  I can tell you who has shot the photo.  He said Okay.  Tell me.  I told him the name of the person who had taken the photo.  I had never heard or seen this person.   He said “Mother how did you know”?  I told him I know his Kundalini.    One gentleman came  to tell me that “Mother you are very simple.   You don’t know and this person is from a political field.  You should be careful.   He can create problems.   I said, “you wanted to tell me only this.”  He said “Yes”.  Okay. Now you listen to me  what I know about this man.  His wife is not his own.  She is a brahmin’s wife.  He has run away with her. His child is his own but his wife is someone else’s wife.  When I started telling everything about this person, they were so shocked that  Mother has seen this person only once and how she is telling so much about him. But to tell this is not a great thing.  There is no necessity also.  But you can tell what is the problem with you and when you know the truth, you leave all falsehood.  Like there is some stain in a cloth and there is light falling on it.  I think about it differently.  How this stain can be  removed.  Like this you can think differently and think that this is untruth and we cannot accept it.  Like today one person came and said “Mother please clear my Agnya chakra”.  Meaning I have become egoistic and please remove my ego.  If you tell a man you have become egoistic, he will hit you.  But when you start feeling the pain in Agnya chakra, you yourself will say “Mother, my Agnya chakra has problem and please clear my Agnya.  Because wherever there is problem in you, it not only indicates but also sometimes given pain and tells you and you know in your fingertips what is the problem with you and you don’t unite yourself with that problem.  We don’t unite before getting the union.  Like there was a man “you all are very serious.  There is no need for seriousness.  Sit easily and happily.   God’s subject is not serious.  It is deep but not serious.  Be happy.   One man went to meet a Minister.  There was a person sitting who was very active.  This person did not understand.  He asked. “Sir, what has happened to you”.  He said “You don’t know .   I am PA”,  He said I am sorry.  I did not know you are drunk” (Hindi meaning of drunk is PA).   This clot we have upon ourselves whether in some job or in a big position or we have money, the pride of that is very bad.  We become so drunk in the success that when the pride or success leaves him, he sees that all these are outwardly.  The pride of your intelligence, the pride of your education, you become proud of everything and your pride takes a horse ride without a horse (becomes very proud and egoistic).  All this leaves you in such a way like when there is light, you throw away the snake  you are holding.  Like that everything leaves.  You don’t have to be told that.  But when Kundalini is awakened, all the pride creates a problem in your Agnya chakra an when the deities are awakened, these deities suck both the ego and superego, which is called Manas and Ahankar, to themselves and here the fontanel bone area, becomes such that Kundalini pierces immediately.  At that time our hands speak, our hands say that Yes, Kundalini is awakened.  Those who get realization can feel cool breeze in your hands and those who do not get realization, it becomes difficult   for them to feel the cool breeze.  After that when there is a problem in any of your chakras, if  there is any catch in your Vishuddhi chakra or catch in your Nabhi chakra, then in your fingertips you can feel where are the catches.  You can know the truth about it.  You can know about everything in the world.  Sitting here, you can know about your relatives or anyone, you can know about your country, about country’s leaders, know about elections.  Whatever you want to know, you can know about everything but after the union with the God (yog), human being’s mind moves away from all these mundane things and his mind goes towards God.  He does not feel pleasure in all these things.  When you have tasted the highest nectar, you will not like to drink the water from any gutter.  These things are not correct.  There is no pleasure in these things.  All the things which you call as priorities change you become another human being.  It happens only where the pleasure is.  Look at a drunkard?  I don’t know much about drunkards but I have seen that when he drinks in the evening everyday, and then whatever is happening in the world, he will leave everything and sit to drink.  Same condition is of a Saint.  When he starts feeling the pleasure, he will immerse himself in that happiness, in that peace, which is the gift from the Spirit.  

In Maharashtra, there was a great poet by name Namdev.  His poetry is written in Granth Sajib.  With lot of love and respect, Gurunanak incorporated all his poetry in Granth Sahib.  Among his poems, one is very beautiful where in it is written that a small child is flying a kite.  The kite is flying in the sky and the  child is playing and talking and laughing with everyone but his complete attention is on the kite.  This is what happens to a Saints, they will be talking to everyone but their attention will be on their Spirit.  Another thing he has written in the poem is that ladies are carrying water in the pots, four pots are balanced in their head and they are walking fast, talking to each other, laughing and joking also among themselves but everyone’s attention is on their pots and third thing he said is that a Mother keeps her child in her lap and does all the housework.  She  is working and doing things of the whole world but all the time, her attention is on her child.  This is what is Kundalini. Her whole attention is on you.  Also her thoughts are on you and she is   so eager and waiting that when my son will come and achieve his self realization and is  born again.  She does not need anything else in this world.  Till this work of hers is done, till the time the pure desire which is in dormant state in you is not awakened, she will not be peaceful, she will be moving here and there, in jungles, in money everywhere.  Whatever mistake you commit,  she will be hurt but she will be waiting  that one day with wisdom, my child will come and get this union with God (self realization).  Then you understand her truth which is the reflection of Spirit.  Like I told you, there are three types of people in the world,  one is Tamasik, i.e negative people who will think all the lies are right and they will spoil their life behind the lies.  Second type are Rajasik,  who do not know the difference between truth and lies.  They don’t realize  the difference and realize the mistakes between the anything.  Third type are Satvik, who recognize the truth.  But when you become  Saints, except truth you cannot understand anything else.  Just like Gem experts who recognize the diamonds properly, Saints also recognize truth immediately.  For example, see Jesus Christ who had nothing to do with Mary Magdalene who was  from a lower caste and everyone was throwing stones at her, he went and stood in front of her and said “Brother, who ever has not sinned among you all, only he can throw stones, that too on me and everyone’s hands stopped because  He knew the truth that whatever mistakes the lady had done and whatever wrong she has done, God will forgive her and He can punish her.  We human beings have no right to say she is guilty and punish her.  Whoever has understood the truth, how can be withstand the lies.  You tell me.  If you have seen the light, even then will you jump into the Ditch.  You have seen in the light that “from this, only I will  have losses.  I am going to have only problems, then  will you tell like this Come bull, kill me”.  Because the light is not inside us,  that is why day and night, we are spoiling our lives.  Some say our country’s condition will become alright, if you give money.  If you give 100 rupees to someone, he will go straight to some Bar and drink.   If you give position to someone, like yesterday I made the story of a  washerman.  If you give a learned scholar a big job or give him power, his head will totally turn.  No one can tolerate the power and money.  Even independence no one can tolerate.  This is the condition of mankind. Then we have to think that something greater than all these will be there which human beings can enjoy and he can enjoy all these only when he is truthful.  If at the moment, if you look at this flower decoration, then you will think how many flowers were there, who has done this, how much money was spent, etc, all worldly things will come to our mind  but if someone is a Saint, he will stand before the flowers without any thought, in  thoughtless state, he will think only of the joy emitting out of the flowers, who has created this so beautifully which gives so much joy and so much compassion will be flowing from his heart like water flowing from Ganga river.   He does not know who has made this, how much is spent but only the joy which is in the flowers.  All this will flow from him. There are no thoughts.  He will be in thoughtless state. Like this, all the joy in everything you can get from only in the truth and nowhere else and you can never get, never.  If you are looking at something and if thoughts come in between, the joy, its power is lost.  There is no joy (alhad).  Radhaji is called alhad dayini of God Almighty. That joy completely stops when thoughts come in between but if you see anything in thoughtless state, the joy hidden in that, the truth hidden in that which is formless, it will start flowing through you as if the entire energy, love is established in you..  You will feel that joy.  It will look like where all the worries have gone. Like today’s music.  If you could have heard it in thoughtlessness, you will understand the complete joy and effect of that music but till you were thinking, now it is getting late, it is like this, it is like that, you have to go home, you will not enjoy.  Because when you become Saints, when you are in Sahasrara, you are in the  present, in the present.  You are  neither in the future nor in the past.  You will be  in the present and every moment of the present has its own dimension, it has its own mirror and in that so much beauty is there that if we want, we can enjoy it completely.  Just like if there are thousands of tongues wavering, you will not feel the joy, but you will feel the joy the moment you come  in the present.  You will think from where so much joy is coming.  

When the Spirit is awakened in us, then joy which is its habit,  inspires within us.  We don’t have to say “Yes I am in joy.  One can know from your face that this person is in complete joy.  

When I had gone to Paris first time, they said “Mother you look very happy”. I said  “Then”.  They  said this cannot  happen in Paris because here they think that whoever  is joyous, he has no knowledge.  He does not know what dangers are in the world. How can be he happy.  So you must talk to them with a long sad looking face.  Now it was very difficult for me.  So I told them that you are all looking like Lem Islam and if you all don’t get fits, then what will you get.  Every third house, liquor bottles are being opened and fourth house, women are being exploited, and fifth house, they are planning who should be murdered or whose money should be stolen.   In such a situation, how can people be happy and joyous.  Whenever we used to walk, people sitting will keep  a long face.  I said what is the trouble with them.   They said they are talking among themselves in French that Ashta Graha (eight planets) are going to come and may be at that time we all will die.  Then, very good.  “They are waiting for this  that when Ashta Graha will come and when we will die”.  I told them why wait for this.  They can just go into the river and drown themselves.  If the life is so sorrowful, then why wait for something like this.  If they are saved from Ashta Graha, then?  Why don’t they go and drown?  It will be better.  They have made their condition like this that ‘we are very sad people and people like us have only one solution that we will have to die’.  You will be surprised that in Switzerland, in Norway, there is a competition that ‘this year, how many people died by committing suicide’  Young boys between the age group of 17 to 25 bet among themselves that this year Switzerland got highest number.  Reason is that you have accumulated  plenty of money but no joy.  It is correct.  Everything you have got.  Vehicles and everything else we Indians keep longing for, they have got everything and they want to die.  Why is that?  For this, they think so much which is the correct way to die.  They don’t know that nobody dies permanently.  They will come back to cry more.  Only problems are more.  Try to change your long crying face but they are not agreeable to this.  For this,  if you want go to all  these troubles, then do it.   Create problems for yourself, kill yourself.  Whatever you want to do do.  But why do this? Your truth is inside you.  Your joy  inside you.  You can get all this in one second, easily you can get.  All you have to do is look at that way.  When all these things are good for you and beneficial to you, then think that Kundalini must not stop in Sahasrara.  It should pierce also and piercing also happens in a very minute way.  There is no need to tell what nerves are which, which chakras are where, how they are opened etc.  If some one brings a very good Motor, you don’t go to check which wire is fixed where.  You only start the vehicle and go for a ride to enjoy.  Like this, only after coming into Sahaja Yoga, you try to learn  and understand all these slowly.   If you don’t understand also, it is alright but please enjoy yourself and distribute this job to every one else.   Because your attention gets enlightened.  What happens to attention? Our attention gets new realization which is called collective consciousness.  But I will say collective good  consciousness – good or bad thoughts will be there.  Good are those from which we get vibrations.  All those from which we get vibration is good.  The work from which vibration flows, the music from which vibration flows, the music or Bhakti from which vibration flows, that is good and that is the waves of  beauty.  So  this good consciousness gets awakened within us, it does not mean that something comes into our wisdom but we can know whatever problems are inside us  when we  get self realization which we get individually or collectively.  

Now see the miracle of collectivity.  Till now whatever you have understood are only theories which are hollow.  Like someone says our  faith is in capitalism. Some will say we have faith in communalism.  Some will say in this or in that. In reality, whoever is a Saint, think if someone says he is a very big capitalist, if all the energies come inside us, then we become capitalist.  But we are also very great communist.  Until we spread or distribute everything, we cannot be peaceful.  One gentleman asked “Why do you do Sahaja Yoga” . Why are you giving realization to others?   You are so happy, your husband has a very good job, your children are good.  Why don’t you sit happily at home. How to sit?  Until you distribute this, you will not find happiness.  Just like if you see a drunkard, he cannot drink alone.  He wont feel happy.  Similarly this drink also, you cannot have alone, you should distribute.  So in collective, you get realised but more deeper than that is your attention gets realised and integrates to the Primordial being, the Virata or which is Akbar. Just like that, all the part and parcel of this body gets realised.  Similarly you become part and parcel of the whole and become realised.  After that, there is no one. who are  you favouring? Who are you giving realization?  If you have any complaint in this finger, then this other finger rubs it on its own.    It does not need to tell anything.  The whole body knows that the finger has complaint and the whole body helps it.  Once Mr Roosevelt said a very good thing .  “Poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere”.  He said a very collective thing.  Similarly, at this moment, you get your realization and come into collective.  Then if you have problem anywhere, you have  trouble anywhere, you understand this is the problem and for that if you only do prayer, work will be done because now you don’t have to get the recommendation to God  from some gentleman or some sage. But you can tell God Almighty yourself   and  He will do your work.  Thousands of peoples’ work is done this way.  Lot of Sahaja Yogis are sitting here and if you ask  them, they will give such big books and tell what their experiences have been in the last two or three years.  

One of my grandmother, Father’s aunt used to tell lot of funny  stories.  Once she told us an incident that one man went to meet the God. Like Grandmothers always have stories.  This man went to meet the  God.  On the way, he saw a man standing with his head touching the  ground and doing hard work.  The man said “ I am going to meet God” but what are you doing?.  He said I am doing all this hard work for God.  If you are going to God, please tell him to let me see Him sometime.  The man went further and he saw another man and who was sitting off the road happily.  He asked “where are you going? The man said “I am going to God.   He said Oh OK please tell God that today I did not get my food on time.  The man thought what a funny man he is.  He is giving orders to God sitting here.  The man went to God.  Like my grandmother tells, he did all his work.  God asked “what is the matter”?  The man said one man is standing on his head for a long time.  When will you give him darshan.  God said, tell him to stand on his legs for some more time.   Then we shall see.  The man was very  surprised and said there was another man.  He has sent an order to you that he did not get his food in the morning on time.  The God said ‘oh his food is not sent to him yet’ and ordered his manager to make arrangement immediately.  The man was surprised and was doubtful. He was suspicious and asked God who is more devoted to God.  God said you are suspicious.  You go and tell both of them this, your doubts will be cleared.  If they ask you what you saw in God’s place, tell them that Good took out a camel from a needle hole   He said ok.  Then he returned.  He met the man who was standing  head down.  He told him to first stand on his feet.  Then said God has told you to stand on your feet for some more time and then he will meet you.  The man said that is good because God will meet me sometime.  Then asked what did you see there.  The man replied “I saw God taking out a camel through needle hole  He said “you are just gossiping and telling lies what happened in God’s place.  How can this happen that God passes a camel from a needle hole”.  Then the man went to the other person and asked ‘what happened to your food”’.  He said I knew it.  Just to say something, I told you this.  All the arrangements were made. Then asked what did you see in God’s place.  He said it was really surprising that God pulled out a camel from a needle hole.  This person replied, “Why is it so surprising? He is God.  He can do any miracle”. What do you think? Who did you go to meet?  He is God.  God  can do anything.   Why  only one camel.  He is God.  If He wants, He can pull out the whole world.  God also will bow down to this great unflinching belief.   Now you know some people who are sick come to me and I get into so many problem curing them.  Recently some  villagers had come from far away place.  One person was from Shillong.  He was told “you have cancer”.  He attended one program here.  After he went back, his doctors were surprised and said ‘how your cancer got cured? In Bombay one gentleman, Mohammed sahib, was a devotee of Allah.  He was a muslim by name  Mohammed.  He came to the program.  He had diabetes.  He came to the program only once.  I did not talk to him, know him, I did not meet him but his diabetes got cured.  For some people it becomes very difficult to cure them.  Their Kundalini does not rise and my hands break.  It becomes very difficult to raise their Kundalini which is like mountain.  Even then I keep doing it. It does not rise  because they have more brain and have got  ego as big as mountain and think they are great.  How can Kundalini rise.  She also says ‘let it be’.  Let them suffer a little more. Even then She does not rise. What should I do.  That is why in Sahaja yoga,  you should come with humbleness.  That is why it is said “it is not the work of ordinary people.  It is the work of bravehearts.  Only brave people should come into Sahaja Yoga and not some useless people”.   We feel we are great people but we can not leave tobacco .   You are scared of tobacco leaves.  Then how can you feel you are brave.  You see a bottle of liquor and you fall for it.  How can you show your braveness?  Whoever is brave can come forward and in them only Kundalini will rise.  If in our country such brave people are there,  others also will be pulled along with them. But first, courage is required that you will establish yourself in this because after Sahaja yoga, one becomes pure and run away from filth and people  will say “what happened to him.  Earlier he used to come and drink and laugh and when he is drunk, you can know the secrets from him and get  anything signed from him”.  Now what has happened to him? Because you become a mine of good qualities.  Such person becomes a glorious person and behind that glory, a very polite, humble and compassionate, a very lovable and very happy glorious person is there.  Your attention takes you to new dimension in collective consciousness.  You yourself will be surprised “how this has happened.  “Mother we have done nothing.  How did this happen”?  Yogakshema vahamyaham.  Shri Krishna has said this. After union with God, He looks after you.  This is what happens and the vibration of Sahasrara takes you to so many new dimensions, so many new thoughts, and shows you so many great art that you become surprised and think “Is this my own brain”?  So many people who have brought their children and said “Mother he does not study in the class.?  He should be removed from school.  He comes first class first.  Many people who do not know anything about music, cannot play any instrument, cannot learn any art, they become very artistic.  Such people who did not have any job, who did not know to do anything, have become millionaires.  How did it happen?  All these energies are inside us.  Even the energy of Goddess Lakshmi is inside us.  When a man does anything creative,  then the Creator, Shri Brahmadeva, who is inside him, who is in our Swadishthan chakra, gets enlightened and the man does so many creations, which I have told you that in the world, so many great artists are born, are all realised souls.  If they were not realised souls, they would not have been so great artists.  Now a days we see so lowly artists or writers who are such that if he leaves the job with a Minister, he writes against him.  Now if he has listened to the speech, he will go and write something.  Even such type of people, if they get realization, they become complete and understand that that they were doing was only filth.  He will understand he had so  many good qualities inside him and he was wasting his time in all this nonsense. When this realization takes place inside us, agitation starts inside us,  such music is created that you are never alone.  People who say “I am getting bored”.  He becomes such that he will never feel bored.  When he is so much immersed in himself, how can he be bored?  Now a days, it is a great disease that people say they are bored.  I don’t even know the meaning of this word.  You become so cheerful and happy that whether you are in the forest or anywhere, if you are sitting with some people or alone, you will be so happy and your personality will become such that wherever you are standing, you will spread happiness  people who are standing close to you, will also get benefitted.  

One Sahaja Yogini  was coming from Rahuri and the bus she was travelling topped.  She said it toppled  in such a way that it fell down after rolling three or four times.   The driver got scared and ran away.  One man got up and said “this is a miracle. None of us are hurt and we all rolled over so may times but still have landed safely on the ground.  How has this happened? And said some great devotee is here.  Sahaja yogini was wearing a ring with my photo and was caught and said “now no need to worry”.  So they all said, She is the devotee of Shri Mataji.  One man got up and said “I know to drive the sorry.  The key was in the lorry.  He started the engine and the vehicle started.  Like this so many, so many examples I can tell which have happened because the Representatives of God (Devdoot) look after you.   Everything in this Universe is created by God.  Some think only we are great people in this world and no one else is worthy.  You have not come to that stage yet.  Otherwise you will know how many people are around you.  How you are being protected.  Till now you have not understood God.  You have only been taking His name and have been finding out His faults and have been cursing God.  When nothing happened still, you said God is not there.  You have not done anything else for God.   Whether you do anything or not,  God Almighty has been doing whatever is necessary for you with lot of love and will continue to do so.  And today, He wants you to come into His Kingdom and sit on the throne.  His throne is in your Sahasrara where you have to enter and then after piercing the fontanalle bone area, His love, blessings and vibrations you will realize in your nerves.   You will know in your character, you will know in your behavior, you will know in your friends, you will know in your Society, you will know in your country and in the world.  This is His blessings and today the day has come when this has to be reinstated, know this once again, and this should not be forgotten.  There is nothing to be worried about.  Only this is about time.  Now the time has come.  This is something about time and today that time has come when thousands and crores of people are going to become fruits from that flower.  May  God bless you all!

I hope after getting realization in Sahaja Yoga, you will respect yourself.  You all are Saints and you have to come forward, put your whole attention and become collective.  Without collective, this work cannot be  done.  Realization is very easy but to grow in this into a big tree, it is in your hands.  Whatever I have told you, you should not keep it only for today.  But next year I want you all to grow into big trees in Delhi and then see it won’t take much time to change the world.  May God bless you all with wisdom!

The main thing to remember is that people come with cunningness also and they will talk in a very silly manner and understand the meaning in a very shallow way because they lack wisdom.  You should not listen to them.  You should not listen or read newspaper because they cannot understand anything in a correct way.  If they could understand anything correctly, there would not be so much chaos in the world.  So, they are also not helpful.  Whatever people say, please understand that whatever you have got, whatever you have learnt, you should imbibe it and grow.  For this, you don’t have to spend money or anything.  Only you have to give time and the time which you have got today is most precious.  If you miss this opportunity, you won’t get it back.  After this, the work cannot be done again.  This is called Last Judgment.  Please understand this.  Hope  you will understand the seriousness of this and with a relaxed mind, understand  how lucky you are that you have come today and you have got your rebirth in a special time you have come on this earth and getting this ultimate principle which is your own religion.  

The Government has given some land and in that, they are constructing a big centre, not very big but yes big enough, and I request you all to please go to that centre and there are people who can make you understand and guide you how to grow in Sahaj and how to do meditation.   All these things will be told to you. One thing is there that in Sahaja Yoga, everything is not told at once.  According to your growth, things will be told to you based on how much you can understand  But you yourself will know and understand all these slowly. 

As you become expert in this, you will understand everything yourself.  I want you all to humbly go there.  Till now, we have not known anything and we have to learn everything. Just like a student goes to his school, you all go to Center, get realization and understand what is this.  Lot of people have got diseases, problems and I realize this and through Sahaja Yoga, diseases can be cured.  Lot of people think if I meet them, put my heads on their head or help in any way, they will become alright but it is not true.  In reality, all this energy is inside you and you can cure yourself.  How to use this energy or how to activate this energy, you learn all this.  Once you learn all this, it is not necessary that you should bring the patient to me or I should give you time.    If someone is sick at home, lot of people’s attention is on their home, like, whether they will be cured etc.  It will be better that you yourself become expert in this and knowledgeable.  If you become expert in this,  you can cure them yourself.  In Bombay, I don’t ever cure any patients.   Sahaja yogis cure the patients  and they have cured lot of people.  So many people have been cured that some people  come just like that and say “Mother you know, because of you, I have got second birth”.  I told them “I have not seen you at all, Son”.  They said “you don’t know, your so and so disciple came and cured me”.  “Now what are you doing”? He replied, “now I am curing others”.  But there is something called discipline.   There is lack of discipline in us.  We have to have this discipline of getting established.  We have to understand and  increase our will power and come into discipline.  If we do not know the discipline of this machine, it will not work.  Similarly, everyone should know how to come into discipline and in that discipline, we should tune ourselves in such a way that from within us, this energy should constantly flow.  It should not stop.  If it stops, there is some problem and some things are  coming in between.  It should not stop but flow constantly.  After that, you yourself will be surprised.  You will say “Mother you have solved this problem, that disease is cured.  I  have not touched or done anything and probably I had never met you.  Like this, you should have complete faith in yourself.  Have faith in the energy you have got, have respect  in yourself and take this forward.  I will not lie to you about anything.  I  have nothing to do with you,  Everything is your own property.  Whatever this is, experience yourself and enjoy it.   I will only say this.

Now you will get the address of our Center from here.  Similarly some books are also there.  But lot of people read the books and try to analyse the same.  If you don’t understand something, leave it there and move forward.  Slowly you will understand everything.  Don’t try to analyse because they are also written by Sahaja yogis.  Possibly some words are written here and there and some words are there in the left than right.  No need to analyse.  In a cursory glance, read it first and try to understand it. It is not necessary that you have to look at the dictionary and understand each and every word. You will get the experience very easily and understand everything slowly.  Please go to Center.  In fact, uneducated people are more mature Sahaja yogis than educated people.  This is really surprising but it is a fact.  So don’t tax your brain by reading too hard.  If too much gets into your brain, close the book and meditate.  You will get this only in meditation. All this you will get in thoughtless awareness.  So don’t have too much thoughts.  Also you should not have such thought that you have now become very great Saints and you can conquer the world.  And now you  have become some Babaji 108.   No one is a great Saint.  Everyone is a child of God.  No one is big or small.  Everyone is the same in their own way and in their own place.  So no one should think that they have become great Sahaja yogis and  others are not. Then we give titles like Babaji or imposter 108.   You don’t have to pretend anything or torture.   Try to achieve what is truth, achieve only whatever is truth inside us and leave whatever is false.  You will grow only this way.  Without humility, this cannot happen.  And if you are humble and think “why should I adopt whatever is false.  I am a Yogi and this is against the principle of a Yogi to accept anything that is false”.  When you understand this, then your pride and dignity will be established. There is dignity in it.

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