Why are we seeking the truth?

Perth Town Hall, Perth (Australia)

1985-02-28 Public Program Perth Town Hall Part 1 & 2, 51' Transcribe/Translate oTranscribe


Public Program 1985-02-28

I bow to all the seekers of truth. We are seekers of truth, that we are seeking the truth. But why are we seeking the truth? What is the need to seek the truth? The need comes from our evolutionary process [UNCLEAR] process of a living energy within us. We have become human beings as you know from a single cell of amoeba and today we are human beings and before that we were matter we were just [cover] and before that also we were just not even [carbon] so what are we and where are we going? We take our evolution for granted. We think that we are human beings, we are. We don’t think how we have developed this beautiful form, these eyes, this nose, just we take ourselves for granted. And then suddenly we feel that this is not everything, there has to be on something that we haven’t got it. We are not yet complete, there is something missing and when that search starts you are call as a seeker. But maybe when you are seeking you don’t know what you are seeking when search starts then you know the supply also comes and the supply can be very dangerous.The people come over and they tell you that this is the way it is to be sort out, this is to it has to happen. So first of all we have to know within what are we seeking. That is very important to understand. Like some people may say that will make you fly in the air. Now you don’t want to be burst, do you? What do you want to be have been already [described in] all the scriptures so whatever has to happen has to have some sort of evolutionary information from different scriptures. It can not be from somewhere somebody says alright now you take to a new [style] of taking to sex life, like some of the gurus are teaching now if you going to sex life you will become great. How can we accept such a situation? Because it has no, as we say in sanskrit shasradhari, it has no [UNCLEAR] good, no support at all of anyone of the scriptures. Do you mean to say those who wrote scriptures they’re false people. They are suddenly these mushroom like people come up and give you a theory or a sort of a, some sort of a big show and you believe it. [UNCLEAR] to us that we take to these people much more than to reality, the reason is we are a type and that type has been described as Shri Krishna very clearly in His Gitta He said that three types of people, basically, according to him [there are…] three types. One of them He calls them as the people of the left side, the people who live with the power of action [UNCLEAR] power of desire they‘ll desire more, they are called astamusikas the ones who live in the ignorance of desire. Now these are the people who believe in something that is wrong and run after it. If it is wrong they’ll stick to it. Because it tallies with their desire [though] the desires they have are not pure desires, because you know that any desire that you have when it is fulfilled you want to have another desire. So you moving from one desire to another desire all the time, that’s economics. That once are not [UNCLEAR] in general in particular they are [UNCLEAR] so there is something wrong with our desires and when it tallies with the wrong desire we stick on to that, we go after it, we go mad after it and then we suddenly discover that “oh we have loss, so we were doing, the whole energy is wasted into wrong things”. It has happened with all of you in different ways may not be about seeking, but maybe in so many ways. So the thing is that when the people are of a [tamasik] nature the [UNCLEAR] for the people who are running after desires always stick on to something that is wrong against their ascend and waste their energies. But the right sided people which are in the west, right sided people are the futuristic people who think of the future, who are people of action, they are the people after sometime lose the sight of right and wrong. They don’t know what is right and what is wrong, i mean is so very common thing that anyways you ask them why did you do it, they’ll say what’s wrong? Like in England you know there is something call panks and some of them came to my program with funny pins inside their cheeks and in their noses and red clip, blue hair and sometimes pink hair and all kinds of nonsense. I say: “Why do you do that ? What’s the matter”? They said: “What’s wrong”? And i didn’t know what to answer what’s wrong in it, because if you want to make a clown out of you, what’s wrong? If you want to have no dignity of your own, what’s wrong? If you want to be a sex point, what’s wrong? If you want to be an individual of an idiotic nature, what’s wrong?
All these words have to go out of dictionary because what’s wrong, there is nothing wrong in it and this is what exactly what happens, that there is nothing wrong, so the wrong and right sense goes away and we are confused. And many people take a pride and say:”I am confused”. Anybody who is a sensible person would never say that. You can see through the things clearly if you are sensible enough, if you are wise enough. But it happens that you think:”What’s wrong”? In this way:”What’s wrong”? They do not think from the point of view that in a deeper way we are harming ourselves, we are harming the whole country, we are harming the whole world by doing all these things. For example drugs, if you tell them that you shouldn’t take drugs, they say what’s wrong? They can’t understand what’s wrong, now they are [finding] it out. When i went to America first in 1973 i told them don’t go with this homosexual business and don’t go [UNCLEAR] with all these Freud’s theories. Freud is not a god, you are dispelled, you are finished of it [UNCLEAR] and you are having him as a God. But they were very angry with me, they said ‘Mother don’t tell us all these things, we don’t believe in all that’. I said:”You will get a disease and a horrible disease which will not rid of and now, today they are in it. You see there are diseases which they can not get rid of. They said:”What’s wrong”? I said:”You will get into diseases”, they wouldn’t believe me.
So one has to understand that already our forefathers, our ancient people have worked for us and they have given us something on the plat and they have said this is going to happen to you, this is going to work out, be patient, be dedicated to the novel cause, be dedicated to something that is righteousness. Now, just now as i was telling you about righteousness, i could see the questions coming into your heads, that why be righteous, also what is the need to be righteous. Righteousness is your valency just as the carbon has four you have ten valencies as a human being and if you lose those valencies you are no more a human being. You become something as they call in sanskrit vikrut, means something not a human being but something rotten, something that has gone spoiled. Is like that, the butter can get spoiled, the milk can get spoiled, in the same way a human being loses his valencies, his proper qualities, these are the ten qualities within us, once we lose them then you are good for nothing. Then you can not ascent because these qualities give you a balance in life. You do not go to extremes, you develop a balance and without a balance you can not ascent as you know an airplane has to balance itself before it ascents. Now you have to ascent. The reason for ascending is that you are born for it. It’s a living process of the living God of the living evolutionary energy within us, which has made us human beings, ultimately you have to become that. That’s what is the last judgment which you have to achieve. The time has come that’s why today we have so many seekers, but where are they, they are lost in all kinds of nonsensical things. Some of them are lost in the drugs, some of them are lost in other kinds of things like they want to fly in the air, they want to have a guru who ‘ll make them mad, mesmerize them and finish their lives. It’s such a common sight you see with the people that they think you can purchase God, you can purchase a Guru, you can pay for a Guru and if a Guru can not take money then they have no interest in that.
You will be amazed i went to Boston, Americans especially have a special attitude towards religion and towards God. I went to Boston and they asked me how many Rolls Royce’s She has. So they said “She has no Rolls Royce, only She has a Mercedes of Her own, but this is Her own, but She has no Rolls Royce”. They said “How”? They said “She doesn’t take any money from [UNCLEAR] So they said if She doesn’t take money we are not interested in Her. Clean answer came to us, they are not interested in Me if i don’t take money. For them it’s an enterprise, see how much money you make, how many Rolls Royce’s you have then you are worth it.
So the whole of media is wasted, i mean their interest is wasted in only people who can make money, who can show results of having Rolls Royce’s. Every seeker who is a true seeker must know it is not the Rolls Royce that gives you any emancipation or high value system. This is what we have to understand within ourselves, it is not that, but what? The thing is that it must manifest on your central nervous system, you must feel it on your nerves as everything that is evolved you have felt on your central nervous system. Like there is a dog or a horse, you ask a dog or a horse to pass through a dirty lane he can not. He can not just do it. That’s what they think, but he does no problem, he just can. We may think that how to make him pass through but a man can not. Man can not pass through the dirty lane, he might just say all right in competition i ‘ll do, he’ll go a little way and come back but an animal you may think it may not be able to go, it will pass through without any difficulties. So we can feel on our central nervous system, it is the experiences, the experience within us, the experiences the part of the experience on the central nervous system is what we have evolved, that’s what we have got into it, that’s what we have within ourselves and that is what you have to have is to experience the spirit within it. If you can not experience it within yourself on your central nervous system you have done no [UNCLEAR] you have been no fair to it, because you have been made a human being, you have been a seeker of a special category and now you have to evolve into that state where you become the experiencer of your spirit. It’s not just talk talk talk talk talk anymore, talking have been done, people have told you what is going to happen that what you have to achieve. But now it is actualisation, it has to work out, it has to work out within yourself and for which you can not pay, you can not put in any effort, because you are putting no effort so far for becoming human beings. Anything that is living, anything that works by itself because it is spontaneous, do you mean to say that if you have to sprout a seed you stand on your head, do some yoga asanas and then the seed sprouts? It sprouts by itself, you have just to put it to the Mother Earth, because she has the capacity to do it and that’s what is going to happen to you. Moreover the knowledge we have had so far is the knowledge of the tree. We have had no knowledge, specially in the west, of the roots. We are living in the knowledge of the tree and when we go too far with it and don’t bother about our roots the tree has to collapse and that’s what today is the situation when everybody is under the shock, everybody is under the shock in the west because i live in the west and i know what is the situation is, [right] that they are under a shock that tomorrow we are going to collapse. What’s going to happen to us? We are [UNCLEAR] so much, this is happening, that is happening if you read about what’s happening in the world the statistics you will think that tomorrow we are going to collapse. Under this we have to know that we have missed the point and the point we have missed is that we have to go to the roots. We have seen people talk of peace, talk of atom bomb, being completely finished off and all that but is just talk, nothing is going to work out because this mind which has created all these things has to be put right, the light has to come into this mind of ours to understand no use organising things like that and protesting. Because you are still blind and the light has to come into human beings, he has to become a higher human being. When it becomes that higher human being he is the spirit. That’s what you have to achieve is the spirit [UNCLEAR], not the [UNCLEAR] but the spirit [UNCLEAR] Once you become the spirit the whole thing changes, all your priorities change as the have described to you, is a fact, it happens, it has happened with thousands of people. Is a fact that should happen to you but many people stand on the [UNCLEAR] of collapse and think why not collapse, also there are people of that kind, so stupid as that. Those who want to do it you can not help them because they are free people if they want to chose their distraction you can not help it, let them do what they like but the people who are wise, who are seekers, who are a special category of people are to be saved the time has come this is the blossom time. We had very few people as you know who were self realised, very few people got self realization say about eight thousands years back at the time of Shri Rama there was one fellow was given self realization. So today a different time has come there are so many people who can get self realisation very easily, it has to be worked out because as you know first it happens that self realisation takes place in one or two persons as it has happened with the evolution of one fish coming out, only one fish came out and the one fish was searching to get on with the land and then they were three-four which followed and then they were shoals of fishes came out. In the same way today is the day we should say the blossom time when they were very few flowers of the tree of life today there are thousands of seekers and they must get their realization. But unfortunately as i told you many seekers are lost. Many seekers are lost because they don’t know what is right and what is wrong. One thing one must understand that you have to get your realisation in such a way that you have to become the master of it. Like Jeff now see how he speaks, i was amazed Jeff has come to Sahaja Yoga very recently and he speaks so well and he understands it so well, shows that he is becoming a master, absolutely a master of the subject. I was wondering how he put all [UNCLEAR] He has experience, he has felt the kundalini rising, he‘s felt the different chakras and he’s felt how it has pierced through. That’s how there are many Sahaja Yogis who are of the western culture those people who have not heard the name of kundalini, when they didn’t know what this kundalini is and they have become so good that it shows that inside all your knowledge is built in only thing you have to just switch on. Like if you have to have the lights i would say go and switch on, if you switch on the lights will be there and you see the light and you’ll see the people, you’ll see each one of you, you will see the distances between you, the differences between you, the variety between you, everything you will know. You don’t have to read in the books then once you have the light. In the same way when you have the enlightenment within you, you feel the same and this is what has to happen. Now the thing is the time is very short, I am here only for a day and we are going to have another very nice program in our ashram here which we call as the workshop. First today I’ll try to give you the realization if it works out well and good and even if it doesn’t work out doesn’t matter tomorrow I am here evening time we are going to have a nice workshop for which you don’t have to pay, first of all you must know you can not pay. Bring down yourself to your heart and think that these are the things for which you are invited, is the invitation for the Divine. It is not a thing that you are being neglected or anyway hounded or anyway asked for something. It is something that’s your own is a birthright of every human being to get his realisation. I am doing nothing to be very frank, I mean they say “Mother you are busy” I say doing nothing and I am busy. I do nothing, really to be thinking that I am doing something, I have to think about it and i don’t think [UNCLEAR] I don’t think [UNCLEAR] that i am doing something. It’s just happening like the nature of a personality, it’s the nature of the personality that works it out and it just happens. In the same way it will happen to you only one light which is enlightened enlightens another light and then many lights can be enlightened. Actually the whole work was done by doctor [UNCLEAR] here in Australia. He came alone single handed and he worked it out. There are people in India who are just ordinary farmers who have had no education, nothing in scriptures are doing [UNCLEAR] one fellow has given realization to twenty thousand people. It’s all happening all over [UNCLEAR] little bit away from the [main] lands and away from the [UNCLEAR] must get it also. This is what is promised in the Bible, where John says that you will have to have a comforter, you will have to have a councillor, this is what it is and you all have to get it. But how are the christians going to see to it, they are so bound by other things. So best thing is for you is to get to your realisation understand what it is and become what you are. This is what it is. To become that is important and if you are to seekers you have to have it, it’s your right in your own right you are getting it you don’t have to pay for it. Today as the time is very short i would say that let’s have the experience and tomorrow if you have any questions you can come with your questions I’ll try to answer them and tell you about it more we’ll have more time together and because it is a small group it will work out better i think because if there too many people i can’t even talk to them. So will be a good idea tomorrow all of you can come and I’ll talk to you about it. You will be surprised i must have given at least two thousand lectures in english language and there are three four languages i know and their multiples of these two thousand so there are [UNCLEAR] tapes also which you can hear but main thing is knowing through your intellect is just mental projection that’s not what we want, what we want is that you go beyond this mental projection and become the spirit is the main thing is the happening within you for which you are just ready and you are endowed with. Once it happens so many miracles you will know but no use talking about them about yourself because don’t you know you are a miraculous personality? Like this instrument it’s here it is made and then unless and until it is put to the main it doesn’t work out in the same way you have to be put to the mains you are not yet put to the mains that’s the only thing is once you are put to the mains you are all that within yourself it works out. At the very outset i would say that you should not feel guilty about anything because then they were talking i had fear that you might think that oh God we’ve done this and we have done that. Forget it, forget it because you must know that divine is a great power of forgiveness, is ocean of forgiveness and what mistakes can you commit, nothing, so don’t worry about what mistakes you have committed or anything or whatever you have done just forget it. You get your realisation that’s all. You get your realisation and you will be amazed like a lotuses born in the mud and when it becomes a lotus it gives fragrance to the whole pond and the whole place becomes so beautiful covering the entire dirt and filth it is [above it] It is not touched, harmed or in any way dirty by the filth of that pond. That’s how you are capable of becoming in no time. So we should do it. Thank you very much. May God bless you.

Now what you have to do it’s just to take out your shoes that will help a lot because it’s Mother Earth you see these five elements that are around us have to help. To just take out your shoes it helps a lot, just to clarify, just take out your shoes. Take out your shoes and now we have to know that the left side as I said is the power of desire and the right side is the power of action. You have to just do few things to yourself by which you raise your own kundalini. I don’t have to do it but you can do it yourself I’ll tell you how to do it. Only thing is I’m sitting before you like you can say like the flame and you have to enlighten your own flame which you can do it very easily there is no problem of that. Now just put the left hand towards me. Now the first chakra I’m feeling is this left Vishuddhi as we call it. This comes up when you feel guilty. So first of all say to yourself with full confidence that “Mother I am not guilty”. You have to say that to yourself “Mother I am not guilty”. Those who are wearing spectacles please take them out because it helps eye side also and you have to keep your eyes all the time shut, don’t have to keep them open because your attention is attracted inside. The eyes are open sometimes this power which is the power of true desire of pure desire won’t rise. So please keep your spectacles out and keep your eyes shut till I’ll tell you don’t open your eyes and it will work out very fast. It will work out fast it won’t take much time to work it out but only thing is you have to be little bit surrendered about it that you want the desire should be that you want your realisation. If you think like that, that you have to have your realisation it will work out. That’s a very simple thing and it works out without any problem. But once the seed is sprouted you have to look after it you have to respect it you have to delicately handle it and make it into a tree. The people fail at that time they get their realisation in no time, no doubt but they fail when they have to develop it, even a monkey is efficient to do that and luckily we have very good Sahaja Yogis here they have a very beautiful ashram, you have everything available here and you can work it out in such a way that you become masters. It’s a very simple thing so forgive yourself first of all and say “Mother I am not guilty” forgive yourself that’s the one thing I ‘m asking you for just to forgive yourself. You are a seeker and you have been a seeker for ages and whatever you have done forget it, forget it, forget it. Now you’ll have to close your eyes, before closing your eyes I’ll tell you the different chakras we try. The spirit which is the son born out of the union of the God Almighty and the kundalini is the spirit within you, is the omkara as they call it, is the logos they say the Divine power which is the spirit that is within you and that is in the heart. So first thing you have to put your hand onto your heart I’ll tell you later on one by one then onto the upper part of your abdomen on the left hand side we have to work, everything we have to work on the left hand side then in the lower part of the abdomen then you have to go back till you come to again to this part, this is the left vishuddhi as we call it here and then you have to go to your forehead here like that and then you have to go at the back and then you have to take your palm and press it on the Sahasrara is the fontanel bone area and you have to move it I’ll tell you how and how many times. The times I’ll tell you because according to the number of sub-plexuses we have. All of you must try it because what happens some people in arrogance or some sort of a I don’t know what they come all the way don’t do it and then they meet me later on saying Mother is not happened to me, so I can’t help you. You have to do it in your own freedom I can not force on you, you have to have acceptance that you want to have your self-realisation. How can you force anybody when God has given you your own freedom because ultimately you have to achieve your complete freedom. Freedom from all greed and all kinds of useless things that we are doing, the waste of energy that we have the kind of depressions we have all kinds of aggressiveness we have everything you‘ll become the master only when you accept that “i have to become”. And it is the becoming that is important in Sahaja Yoga so you will be surprised we can not just have plastic people, have membership, pay about four hundred dollars and you become a member you can not, you have to become something yourself. It’s such a reality that you have to become if you can not become we can not just give you a certificate and those people who feel satisfied going to gurus paying them money this that, such people are no good for us. I mean if they want to do that let them do it. They‘ll go on changing from one guru to another let them do it. What can we do? It is all in your freedom that you must accept, that you can not pay for it, you have to become is the becoming that is important. It is something that you become and in that becoming you become that joyous personality. So many things happen to you that I can not tell you in this short lecture but tomorrow we might be able to see the people who are there how beautiful they have been. I mean the girl whom I met about I think six seven years back has become so young that I couldn’t recognise her, I couldn’t recognise her, she is looking so much younger, I thought what has happened to you I can’t recognise you. I mean you can recognise a person if he becomes older but if becomes younger like that you can not. The skin and everything has become so young and nice, all her wrinkles have gone away, I just can’t believe it. [I ‘m myself] sixty two years of age, can you believe it? So that’s what it is and I am travelling doing all kinds of things you will fill with energy, fill with compassionate energy, you don’t feel anything, that you are doing anything or you are travelling, you are working out nothing of that kind, you are just giving and the giving is such a pleasure such a joy, such happiness. Alright, so now you put your left hand towards me forgiving yourself fully and not saying that you are guilty at all, you are not guilty please accept you are not guilty. Put your left hand towards me, take out your shoes please, only little thing i ask you to take out your shoes because this Mother Earth has to help us, she helps us a lot. Now put your left hand towards me and then with the right hand you have to touch all the chakras, that’s all. Now keep your eyes shut, please keep your eyes shut please close them slowly, not press them hard in any way don’t try to do something with force just do it simple. Put the left hand towards Me and now the right hand on the heart, right hand on the heart. It’s very simple just put the right hand on the heart. Left hand towards Me and right hand towards the heart. Now forgive yourself whatever mistakes you have committed anything that you have been in wrong gurus you have been to people who have been taking advantage of you or anyway whatever makes you feel guilty please forget it. Now on the heart you have to say to yourself in your heart only, you have to ask Me a question three times, ask Me a question “Mother” if you want to call Me Mother otherwise you can call Me Shri Mataji “Shri Mataji am i the spirit”? Ask the question three times please sit little straight not to much reclining back not too much forward but in the centre in a Sahaja way as we call spontaneously in an ordinary way not too much pressing on this thing or reclining too much back. So ask the question “Mother am i the spirit”? Have confidence in yourself you have to ask this is a fundamental question that you are asking and you are like a computer when it starts working it gives you a fundamental answer also so please ask a question “Mother am i the spirit”? Three times. Now you take your hand down on the upper part of your stomach on the left hand side, the left hand side. Don’t open your eyes please don’t open your eyes, it should be a continuous happening. Here is now is the centre of Guru is the master is the principle by which you become the master. The great Masters in the old days who were great pure masters have created this special centre within us through our evolutionary guidance and it is there we have to awaken it but before awaken it you must know that as you have asked the question the first question “Mother am i the spirit”? Another question follows “Mother am i my own master”? Because if you are the spirit the spirit is your own master you become your own master just ask a question “Mother am i my own master”? Or “Shri Mataji am i my own master”? Please put your, please put your right hand on the left hand side of [UNCLEAR] and ask a question “Mother am i my own master”? Ask the question three times please, three times. But it’s all within you. Now you have to know that your innocence is not in any way disturb because innocence reseated back it has gone back recession innocence is not destroyed it is reseated back and it can be again awakened within you if you desire so. So you don’t have to worry that you have lost your innocence and you are no more innocent. Innocence is there just [UNCLEAR] it has to just be enlightened that’s all. Now we start the first initiation of the kundalini in the sense awakening of the kundalini starts now when you know that you are innocent, you are innocent because if you have committed any mistakes it is only because you are human beings you are not God, if you have committed any mistakes doesn’t matter. But innocence is absolutely there completely in [UNCLEAR] please remember that innocence is not lost it is there, so do not have ideas that i have lost my innocence and what will i do. Don’t think about it, by thinking nothing is going to work out. Now you put your right hand on the low part of your abdomen, low part of your abdomen, low part in the left hand side please put your right hand and left hand towards Me. Sit comfortably and press it a little bit there. Now here is the centre of the Divine technique by which you know how to handle the Divine technique. Yoga means the union with the Divine and also it means the depthness to know how to handle the Divine power. What is Divine power when it comes into you, when it flows through you, you become the instrument of the Divine power, how to handle it and how to work it out. Is called as Shuddha Vidya meaning the pure knowledge, the pure knowledge within us and this pure knowledge is managed through this centre of Swadishthana on the left hand side where we now start with the asking you have done now you have to say that “Mother, please give me pure knowledge”. I can not force you as I told you, you have to ask for it otherwise I can not force you so you have to say ” Mother, please grant me pure knowledge” “Mother, i want pure knowledge”. Pure knowledge is the knowledge of the roots. Please say six times because this chakra has got six petals. Six sub-plexuses in the aortic plexus, it is manifesting in the [gross] as aortic plexus, so here you have to say “Mother, please grant me through knowledge”. Six times. Say it with your heart do not try to test Me or anything it is a question of your test so say it with full heart in it with full understanding that you are a seeker and that you have to have your realisation. Please put your left hand towards Me and right hand on your stomach on the left hand side. You have to be kind to yourself you are a human being and the Divine is anxious that you should get your realisation, you have to be a little cooperative with yourself. Six times please say that. Now the kundalini has started its stirring up you may not feel some people might feel it but some people don’t feel it at all and that’s a good sign that there is no obstruction. Now raise your kundalini again, how? By raising your right hand on the left hand side of your stomach on the upper part at the guru position. Now for the kundalini to rise there you have to give all confidence to the kundalini that you want to have your realisation, so at this point you have to say with full confidence in yourself here “Mother, I am my own guru i’m my own master”. You have to say that. Just assert, this is the principle of the Guru tattwa or the Dharma as they said it where you have got ten principles as so you have to say ten times “Mother, please believe that i am my own master”, “Mother, I am my own master”. Ten times. Now raise your right hand on to your heart again. Here is the place of your spirit so you have to say again assertively with full confidence in yourself. Put left hand towards Me and right hand on the heart and here you say please ”Mother I am the spirit”. Please [SAY] twelve times”Mother I am the spirit”. Left hand towards Me and right hand on the heart. Left hand towards Me not both the hands on the heart but one hand towards Me. Now say please “Mother I am the spirit” this you have to say twelve times. Believing in yourself fully you are, you are. Little bit lost in ignorance but you are, you are the spirit. Put your left hand towards Me. You are the people who have been asking who am I. Now i say you are the spirit, verily you are the spirit. Just say that “Mother i am the spirit”. Just say that, forgiving yourself fully.This power is the ocean of compassion and love but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness, ocean of forgiveness. With full courage you have to say “Mother i am the spirit”. Now raise your right hand on the left hand side of your neck where there is angle between the neck and the shoulder, push it back a little bit. This is a chakra always caught up in the west I’ve seen, which we call as the Vishuddhi chakra on the left hand side which one catches when you feel guilty. This feeling guilty is a common thing in the west i don’t know what they are feeling guilty about, why they feel so guilty, even the language is such that they speak “Mother i am afraid”, “Mother i am sorry”, “Mother i am this”. There is nothing to feel guilty like that all the time. So now you have to say at this point “Mother i am not guilty” sixteen times, please say that “Mother i am not guilty”. Please sit back don’t bent or anything please sit back all of you, please sit back. “Mother i am not guilty” please say that “Mother i am not guilty”. Please put your right hand on the back, from the front, don’t take the hand on the side but from the front side. You bring it across to the left side, bring it across to the left side, yes press it hard, press it hard. Sixteen times. Sixteen times. Because as I said He is the ocean of forgiveness. Believe it, it’s a fact. Press it hard, press it hard it’s important especially for the people who all the time feel guilty. Say sixteen times and keep the hand there only. Horrible, what are you so guilty about ? Please forgive yourself, please. Won’t work out otherwise, please forgive yourself. I tell you that you are the temple of God, only thing the light has to come within you why are you feeling so guilty? And this chakra is very, very bad you don’t know if we keep this caught up one can get angina and all these diseases, I’ll tell you tomorrow about it. But just now you please forgive yourself. Just forgive yourself very important. Better, better now. Now, please raise your right hand after saying it sixteen times to your forehead across and now press it on both the sides, when we press it when we have some headaches, press it on both the sides, this is the centre of Christ where we say that it is called as Agnya chakra and here we say with our full heart “Mother i forgive everyone” please say that from your heart. How many times is not the point, how much you say deeply “I forgive everyone”. Many people think that they can not forgive. “I forgive everyone” actually if you forgive or don’t forgive don’t do anything, you live in a myth but the problem is if you don’t forgive then you suffer at the hands of others, so best is to say “Mother i forgive everyone”. Now because you people still feel little guilty and things like that is best is to put your right hand now on the back of your head and hold with your optic lobe in your hand the back, now at this point what you have to say is to ask for forgiveness from the Divine from God Almighty, just for asking say not to feel guilty without feeling guilty just say if we have done anything wrong, if we have done anything that is not in your glory please forgive. Those who don’t want to do Sahaja Yoga should go because they disturb others,see? Don’t want to disturb others. Now once more you have to raise your hand to your fontanel bone area is that on top of your head where it was a soft bone as you were a child. Is this is the place where you place your palm hard, press it hard and move it clockwise here is the point where again after the [question] that you have to say “Mother please give me realisation”. I can not force your freedom so you have to say “Mother please give me my realisation” seven times because all the centers are represented there as we call them the pithas are in the Sahasrara. There you have to say “Mother please give me my self-realisation”. Just press it hard and move it clockwise seven times. Now bring down your hand slowly onto your lap. Open your eyes very slowly, open your eyes very slowly. Raise your left hand to your fontanel bone area about four inches above. Now I have to tell you one thing that don’t think about it without thinking just see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. This is the real miracle this is “the” miracle just see move it up and down. Now we have stopped the fan long term back and it’s very cool for you you’ve been see now is better cool breeze? Full about four inches to six inches you move up and down and see. Alright now put your left hand like this don’t think again put your right hand on top of your head and see if there is a cool breeze coming out.

Is this is the place where you place your palm hard press it hard and move it clockwise here is the point where again after the [question] that you have to say “Mother please give me realisation”. I can not force your freedom so you have to say “Mother please give me my realisation” seven times because all the centers are represented there as we call them the pithas are in the Sahasrara. There you have to say “Mother please give me my self-realisation”. Just press it hard and move it clockwise seven times. Now bring down your hand slowly onto your lap. Open your eyes very slowly, open your eyes very slowly. Raise your left hand to your fontanel bone area about four inches above. Now I have to tell you one thing that don’t think about it without thinking just see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. This is the real miracle this is “the” miracle just see move it up and down. Now we have stopped the fan long term back and it’s very cool for you you’ve been see now is better cool breeze? Full about four inches to six inches you move up and down and see. Alright now put your left hand like this don’t think again put your right hand on top of your head and see if there is a cool breeze coming out. Hmm the fans have been turned out long time back and just see there is a cool breeze coming out. You will understand the value of cool breeze,see yea. Now put both the hands up in the air let’s see, put both the hands up in the air and now you ask a question pushing back your head like this “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost”? “Is this the cool breeze of the Brahmashakti”? “Is this the cool breeze of the All Pervading Power of love of God”? Ask the question. Now there is no fan, nothing. Just feel it in your hands, are you feeling it? Did you feel the cool breeze in your hands? Those who have felt the cool breeze raise your hands, I would like to how many have felt, oh good. Both the hands, both the hands so I’ ll see. Good. Most of you have felt some [others] not doesn’t matter, makes no difference, maybe it has not work out doesn’t matter. You see it is nothing something wrong with your anything it will work out, I promise you it will work out and it will be perfectly alright. Tomorrow I would like to tell you how to raise your own kundalini, how to keep it up, how to maintain it, how to […] and manage this. With this power you can cure people of all the diseases, most of the diseases you can cure. You can raise their kundalini, you can give them realisation and you can enjoy life like a witness, no more [rear evolve]. Now you entering through the realm of God’s domain where you go beyond because….absolutely [cause] the effect is not there. No question of any fear or anything and you start see, so now the fans have started, just see. You felt the cool breeze alright. Thank you very much. May God bless you. Tomorrow we are having a program they will announce it please note it down, respect yourself. Those who haven’t felt it should also come and maybe that if they wait for a while there are some people who are Sahaja Yogis they will give them realisation. But you must come tomorrow, I am here only for you all the way I’ve come from London and you should come because i went to India and then now here just for this and I hope you people will make it a point to come tomorrow in the evening time. It’s a after dinner session because it’s rather warm but now it is cool down. Doesn’t matter we have a nice open space and you are all welcome to come here and those who haven’t felt also should come because maybe something is wrong in the emotional side they are unhappy people maybe something wrong in the physical side, maybe there is something wrong on the spiritual side. So will have to see that and will establish. Moreover we ‘ll fix your realisation properly and will tell you all about it and will have a nice report it’s a family now it’s a question of collectivity you have to be collective, it’s the collective being been enlightened. Who is the other? You are the part and parcel of one whole and you start feeling it, you will be amazed how it become so much one, we talk of universal life, universal religion nothing works out, it is something that has to happen within you that you attain your universality through your spirit. So may God bless you.