Perth (Australia)

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Shri Mataji: No questions at all? You can’t think, I think you have gone beyond that. Such a pleasure to have you all here, in this cool atmosphere. Now, as Dr. Warren Reeves had told you, it’s a fact, we have this power within us, no doubt. Which you can see in some people, when it rises you can see pulsating. If there’s an obstruction on your Nabhi chakra, then you can see it actually with your naked eyes, a pulsation like a heart, your triangular bone pulsates. Surprisingly, this bone is called as Sacrum, and Sacrum means sacred, means in Greece people new that there’s something sacred in it, that they called it a sacrum. Now, the main thing is that we become the Spirit. We become the Spirit. Now the quality of spirit is that it is the truth. Whatever we know about people, about things, about anything, is still a confusion, we are not sure. Somebody might say, “This is a nice man”, somebody might say “he’s a very bad man”. And by the time you’ll discover him, you’ll be in trouble. So, there’s no absolute measure of anything with us, whatever we know is relative. We live in a relative world. Whatever it is, we say, “alright, this is good, that is good”. That might be bad, but we do not have any absolute value system by which we can say what is the real, actual good. And for that you have to become the absolute yourself and that absolute being is your Spirit. So, as a result of this happening you get your vibrations in your hand, they start flowing in your hand and then, as a result of that, you start feeling the centres of another person.

As I told you yesterday, you are like a computer and the computer starts working as soon as you become one with the Divine, like this instrument once it is connected with the whole. Then the truth is so easily known, that even a child, if he’s a Realised Soul he can tell you what’s the problem with another person, what’s the problem with himself or any other thing that you want to see, like there was another child, not here, and somebody rang up, so he said, “Somebody rang up, very ordinary, not a yogi.” Just from the phone, because through the vibrations he could feel it in his head hot, blowing into his ears and he said, “No, he’s not a yogi, put it down”. On the phone he could discern, a little child, of about four years.

So, it is not at all difficult then to relate yourself to the absolute knowledge, because you become the truth and the source of truth is the Spirit which gives you, emits vibrations on your central nervous system. In the beginning you have to deal with vibrations to know what is what. For example, now they might say, “He’s a saint”, somebody is a saint. How do you know? How do you know he’s a fake or a saint? Supposing somebody takes money, you say, “alright, he’s not a saint”. Somebody does another thing, you’ll say. Rationally you might come to a point where you will say “it is not so”. But rationality can take you to a very limited sphere, this is beyond that limitation, where you exactly know what that person is, through your vibrations, immediately. A person who is suffering, say today somebody came to see Me. He was talking to me and suddenly I said, “What’s happening to your left foot?” He said, “How do you know?” I said, “I know, you have a pain there”. So, how do you know? Because you become part and parcel of that person immediately and you can, you do not feel the pain for suffering, but you do feel indications of that within your being, yourself you know what’s the matter with that person. For example, people like to do charitable work, they have missionary work, they do some charities, try to help the poor and all that. But that helping can create a big Ego problem for you, because you think you are helping others. But in this it just flows and you know that it is there, you just help that person just through the flow of that energy, as you have read about Christ, that somebody touched the cloth that Christ was wearing and he got cured. In the same way, it is just in the non-action, it is in akarma, in non-action that you pass your energy to another person, you know about him, you do good to that person, but you don’t say, “I’ve done it!” You just say, “it is done, it is not done”. It, it starts in the third person you start speaking. So the first thing that happens to you, that you become collectively conscious and you know the truth. You become the truth. Now truth is like this, that I mean so many things we have no idea, because we are not on the principle of everything. For example, look at this tree, is so great, and is very nice, but supposing it gets sick. Now, if you want to treat it, you have to go to the roots, if you try to treat one little leaf and think that you can cure the whole, you cannot, you have to go to the roots. In the same way, when you are on the principle of everything, principle of everything, then what happens, that on that principle when you work, everything works out. It is very simple to work it out that way. Even control, you can control the atmosphere, you can control all the five elements later on, not now. But slowly, you gradually become, because you go on the principle of everything. What you call the “tattwa nusanda”, you go to the principle and that’s how you become absolutely master of goodness. You do not harm others, you just do good. Automatically, even if you don’t speak, even if you’re sitting down, suddenly you feel peace within you rising. And the peace in another person also rise. Automatically the person will react. I’ve seen people who are very difficult, they say, “Mother, it is very difficult, we don’t know how to handle, just I said, “Give a bandhan, just put your hands round, the energy will flow, write the name just imaginary and you’ll find the person is changed, his temperament changed. Everything starts becoming so wonderful, everything works out so well, and you are not worried. Like when I came. they forgot to make my visa. And I was in Singapore, landed there, without a visa to Australia. Then I told somebody from my husband’s office, “Please, arrange my visa”. And he went down and never asked him about it. Never asked him, he was so surprised, I was least bothered, I never telephoned to him, I didn’t want to find it out and then he came next day, said, “I’ve got it, but I don’t know how you were without any worry about it”. I said, “I knew it was done”. How am I towards this, I have a telephone number inside. But this is what exactly is, that you know everything so well, that you are not worried, you are not upset about things. Everything works out, everything is helpful, because you enter into the kingdom of God. We’re just like precious guests of God, that He looks after so well, in every way. Materially also, today this gentleman who works at the radio, asked Me what about the people who are unemployed. They are very upset, they want to spend their money in something like that. I said, “But why waste the money on a fake guru, why not on reality?” Actually, in London, the unemployment is very high, but those who come to Sahaja Yoga always get jobs, there’s no one you can find without a job. There’s thousands in London, in England. Not one person is without job, nobody’s jobless, it’s very surprising that nobody’s jobless in England, those who are Sahaja Yogis.

The other day there was a doctor in Riad. He got his job so sahaj, as we call it. But he wanted to get to one place, called Abbha, which is a beautiful place and he thought that place he can meditate better, because Riad is so full of hum drum and all kinds of things, so he thought better he goes to Abbha. Was desiring it and desiring it and ultimately he wrote a letter earnestly to Me, saying that, “Mother please, see that I get transferred” and all that. He posted the letter, the letter had not reached Me, the second day he got the offer and he’s there. How it works out? This is again, again beyond the cause, you go beyond the cause. You can go, it’s very simple to go there if you have the kundalini. The other day we had a very good incident in London, it’s in England, in Betford. Where I was speaking the lecture was about say started about seven o’clock. And at about eight o’clock some boy, somewhere sixteen miles away, fell down from a bridge, and very deep down he fell down. He was on his bike. Then they thought he must be dead; by the time the ambulance arrived they were surprised to see that the boy just climbed up nicely, and sat in the ambulance. So they said, “What’s this, we were thinking you were dead, we had to take a stretcher” and all that. He said, “no, I’m cured and I’m alright, nothing to worry”, but they took him to the hospital. And the doctors were also amazed, nothing had happened to him, except for a little pain in the lowest part, they said “What’s the matter?” . He said, “No, there was a lady who wear”, mostly I wear white clothes, you see in my programs and all that. So, “there was a lady in white, came in a white Mercedes, she came down, she treated me and I’m alright”. They said, “What?”, there were so many people standing on the bridge, nobody saw any Mercedes coming, any white sari lady coming in and, “What are you talking?”, but it is a fact, it happened. And at that time I was speaking to at least six to seven hundred people.

Now, so, then next day he saw My photograph in the newspaper and he told that, “This is the lady who cured me!” The police could not believe it, they wrote a letter and they enquired on the phone and they were surprised that it has happened. These things had happened many a times in India, but should happen in London was surprising. So they asked the boy, “What did happen?” “No, he said, I was just falling down and I said, Holly Mother, please help me”, he was a catholic. “Holly Mother, please, help me, that’s all I said.” And he got it, see, you go really, believe Me, this so God is so miraculous, He’s so miraculous, that just to know Him it’s sufficient. Just to be there. He’s just waiting for you to be there. It’s not unreal thing, when we talk of God it’s not unreal, it’s a reality, it works. There are so many, thousand and one example I can give you, where people just become that.

Now it is so that Sahaja Yogis say that miracle has lost its value in Sahaja Yoga, because everything is so miraculous. You go and it’s there, you just find out it’s there. You just want to meet somebody, he’s there. Out of the blue you’ll see that people will be there. The gentleman who come to see Me was not to be back today. He said, “I don’t know why, I just came and I was to meet You, so I’m here”. Just like that, it works so spontaneously, so beautifully, that you are amazed, everything is done by God. We do not know that how many things He has already done for us, like what we have done is nothing. Something is the tree dies, we make a furniture, dead from the dead, to the dead. Nothing else we have done, nothing special, but He does all living work. Now think that on a mango tree you just get a mango. An Australian will get a child who looks like an Australian. An Indian will get a child who looks like an Indian. So, who does this choice? Who manages all these things? Who arranges all these things? So many living things are done. You see one flower, see these flowers, they become fruits, thousands, thousands, I don’t know how to say, millions, trillions, all of them. At the right time, who does that? We just take everything for granted, as I told you yesterday. But all that we have taken for granted, is another one thing we have to take it for granted, that it is done by the God’s love. And once you entered His realm, you are a different person altogether, you are a changed personality. And as a result of that you lose all your interest in all drugs and all those things, you become so perfect, that it is amazing, I cannot recognize people and so it will happen to you. So, the first thing that happens to you, that you know the truth. The second thing that happens to you, that your attention becomes collectively conscious, jump with collective consciousness. Like sitting here, you can know what’s happening to the other person, wherever he may be. You can find out about that person, you are collectively conscious.

Now, you have known that there is ether and supposing now this program is broadcasted you can see anywhere in the whole world. But that program you can only see, that has no effect on him, does not come out of the television and has an effect on you. But this one is such that not only it reaches there, but it has an effect, it can cure. The first time I have started the program in London, you know the English how they are. One of them, very educated, archaeologist and all that, and he said,” I want to find out about my father, he was not telephoned to me for all these years and can you find out?” I said, it’s simple, you put your hand like this, and say Mother, what about my father? And he started feel a terrible pain on this part, and this are the father’s chakras. I said, “This is the Vishuddhi, you see, that means he must be down with very bad bronchitis.” This is my actual sentence I told him. So, he said, “Really?”. He telephoned, he was in Scotland. So the mother came to the phone and she said the same words, “he’s very much, he’s down, with very bad bronchitis”. He was amazed, you see, “Mother, what to do?” I said, “alright, now you sit down, I’ll tell you how to cure him, now give him a bandhan” and all the mantras; when he said that, you’ll be amazed, within half an hour the father came, “I don’t know what happened, I’m perfectly alright, my temperature has come down.” It looks fantastic, but we are fantastic if you see that, aren’t we? Look at the computer that man has made. It has to think, it has to go through the process of all programing. But when we see, we know. You see Me, you know I’m sitting here. This is a wonderful computer we have but yet, we are not connected with that collective personality, with that all pervading power, which is all around us. Yesterday you did feel it, it is all around and it is so helpful, in every way. We have to prove the existence of God. We have to prove now, the time has come. It cannot be some sort of a nonsensical thing like as he was telling Me that now they are saying in Kundalini you jump and you scream and you shout, you take out your clothes and all that. I said this you can do, for that why should you pay, I mean if you want to take out your clothes, if you want to jump, if you want to scream you need not pay, you need not have a guru for that. We can do it here, anybody can do it in their garden, in their bathrooms, what is the need to pay for it? There’s no need to have a guru for that. It is something you must understand, must use our brains, this we can do ourselves, what is the need to do it? And even if it is done by something else, that’s not what we have to achieve. What we have to achieve is our Spirit and that is something you cannot pay for. Because the Kundalini rises and you can see the rising of the Kundalini, you can feel the cool breeze coming out of your head, these you cannot pay, you cannot work it out yourself, even if you want, you cannot. You cannot get it out of your head. Is a fact, and that’s what it is, something that you cannot do has to be done by the living process. Like a seed, we cannot just take out the primula out of it, pull it out and say now it has sprouted. Spontaneously happens. In the same way it has to happen, spontaneously. And then that effortlessness, because the nature does everything for you. But after that you have to know what is this, what is this power, how to work it out and there were I find people fail in the West. They don’t have that system by which they settle down, into things. You see, they are very jumpy people, like guru shopping. Now they have come to Me, then go to another guru. Then they’ll go to another guru. That’s not the way to work out. Now you have to settle down, once you have sprouted you must settle down, you must get to it, and then you tell Me what happens. But actually it is very common that specially in the elite classes where I find they are talking like this, “Oh, that guru is very fine, you know, is quite good because rather expensive, but good, you see, that’s good to you?” What good? Asked them, nothing, it’s just pampering, I’ve been to this guru, that guru. And they are really sinister people. They create problems, we have people from these gurus and we find they are difficult, they find it very difficult, we had one boy from this Rakta Bij, as they call him. What’s his name is? [Sahaja Yogi:] Guru Maharaji, [Shri Mataji:] Guru Maharaji, and this person came here, we tried to help him and it’s difficult, we found it impossible to cope with light, there are all kinds of problems, because this guru Maharaji had touched him here and he used to get terrible sort of a feeling of something going inside and all those nonsensical things, which I do not know why should they do it? And after that he just could not cope with it, he had to commit suicide, we have his wife and children here, but he had to commit suicide, he couldn’t bare it and we couldn’t help him. That’s what it is. But most of them are helped. Ninety-nine percent people are helped. There are people who have come from TM, we have already people from TM, they had a very bad time and they suffer a lot. I mean you’ll be surprised, some people who have been to TM have become such cabbages, that even if you show them a garlic they start jumping like that, you know? And when the first time some people came to Me from TM, they started jumping in their seats, it was impossible, and others got such a bad impression about Me, that I was making them jump, see? [Shri Mataji laughs] But they have practising and they have paid six thousands pounds for that jumping business. And they had broken all their backs and the bottoms and I had to repair everything and I had to make them sit on their bottoms and to do all kind of things for them, for days together we had to work on them. Poor things, they’ve suffer so much! So one must understand, these abnormal things that we are doing, jumping like that is not at all good for anything. And go on, continuously be out of control, you have to be completely in control, you have to be the most normal personality. Not to be controlled by something else that makes you jump like a Jack in the box, but you have to become something that you control everything, your every part of the body, everything that you have, you know that you should be able to control. That means the time has come for you all to get Realisation and to get to it.

I would like to see how many people in Perth like to try that and settle down. It’s a very nice place, it’s very comfortable, very cool and nice. But is not a private thing, is not private, it’s a public thing. When you get it, you have to give it to the public, you have to give it to others, is not for you, is not just for your enjoyment. I know they feel so much complaisant, they feel very happy, “Oh, we got it now, a nice family, this, that.” That’s not the point. Point is, whatever you have got, you have to give it. Because you become the light. And when you become the light, light is supposed to give the light! Otherwise why do you become a light? As Christ has said, you don’t put the light under the table. In the same way, a Sahaja Yogi has to give it to other and it’s very simple to give it, you don’t have to do very much about it. Only you have to talk to people, get together and can work out. So, you become collectively conscious, that means you become part and parcel of the whole and awakened into it and that’s how it’s such a friendship, such love, such affection! We have had fifty-four marriages recently, and you know that had been every year or so marriages, in the jungle we had marriages, just out of the city. And there are suppose to be only 550 rupees for the marriage, and that’s how we manage. That means, how much? 55 Australian dollars each. And we have seen the marriages very successful, shone are tremendous, you get such tremendous children out of it, you see all the great [21:06prime?] parents you’ll find will be born. The way they are, the way they talk, great people, and these great children want to be born. We don’t have divorces, we don’t have problems of family, we don’t have problems of society, we don’t have quaint, strange, funny people around, they’re very nice people, they look after everybody in a peaceful and good society. And this is what we have to form tomorrow, that tomorrow’s greatness, that we’ll have people of that nature, so much peaceful people; when they talk of wars, talk of everything, talk of peace also. But here you become so transformed, you become so peaceful. Unless and until the world is transformed, you cannot, you cannot think of avoiding war. And worst the war comes, you know what will happen. This is the way we have to expedite, we have to hurry up. We have to make many people realized, so that you get the advantage of becoming sensible, wise, citizens of this world, of this Universe. And you give the greatest thing that is peace, to others.

Now the problem is that the people who are mediocre they think they are mediocre, they have been not very successful in life, or they are not so good, all that kind of thing. That all vanishes in the thin air. We not have very successful people, sometimes very successful are very ego oriented, sometimes they are very depressed that are no good, but the people who are in the centre are the best and they achieve it much better. So one must think in the terms of the success of your Spirit, the comfort of your Spirit, and not of the success of the worldly things. It comes automatically. It works out automatically. Actually your priorities change, because your satisfactions change.

So, your attention becomes so collectively conscious that say, for example, there was one fellow who came to Me, he was jobless in India and he said, ”I lost my job”. So, I said, “Why don’t you take to interior decoration?” He said, “Mother, I don’t understand this wood from that! How would I do it?” I said, “Start, you just see the vibrations!” And he earned lacks and lacks of rupees in interior decorations. Now, only by feeling vibrations you know what wood is good, what is bad, what’s wrong with this, which is good, even the built in, like, if you see a good picture like Monalisa of Leonardo da Vinci, you’ll be amazed at the vibrations. Vibration of this picture is tremendous! So, the aesthetics also, are so that they emit vibrations. So, whatever is really beautiful gives you vibrations and that’s how you know that these are the things that are eternal. Like some composers like Mozart, who was a Realized Soul, but so many poets are Realized Souls. The most of all was William Blake. William Blake* has described everything about Sahaja Yoga, everything into details, even My house, our ashram, every detail, the house where it will be, everything he had described into details, such a seer he was in England. But English people think he was mad. Really, they think he was mad, really crazy fellow. Just imagine their understanding about Blake is so poor, but now of course it’s changing and things are happening that maybe one day as he desired, England has to be Jerusalem, and that’s what it has to work out.

So now, this is the second thing that happens to you, that your attention becomes collectively conscious. And then the third thing, this happens later with many Sahaja Yogis abroad, but it happens very easily in India, because people are simpler people, not so complicated, you see, they have not got the yarn of thinking, thinking about everything, you see. So, little simpler people. But the third thing that happens that you become the joy. Become the joy. You’re sitting for hours and you don’t want anything, don’t see your watches, you just enjoy yourselves. You’re not bothered about the future or the past. You’re just enjoying yourself, you are never bored. You are never bored, you become the joy. And the joy is such that it has no duality. It is not happiness or unhappiness. It is not like this that if your ego is pampered then you are happy and when your ego is not pampered you are unhappy, not like that. It is just you become the joy, and when you are the joy you’re just living in an era of complete satisfaction. The whole atmosphere changes, the churn becomes so silent and quiet and you start enjoying yourself as it is said in Sanskrit language, “ Atma ne Vatmana Tushtah “ means the Spirit gets satisfaction from Spirit itself. It does not have to go anywhere else and this is what is the new beginning of the new era that has been promised by all the scriptures. So don’t go to anything which is like a mushroom coming out from somewhere, they say alright, this is a new thing, now you stand on your heads or you stand on one leg, or you jump or take out your clothes or put on your clothes or take a name and all this nonsense which is outside is no good. What you have to have is your Spirit and try to understand that whatever is nonsensical has to be given up. We have to take to sense and this sense is given to us through our Spirit; and that’s how the joy comes into us. You see something, now I see a beautiful picture that I don’t think about it, because I’m in thoughtless awareness. The whole picture which is created, all the joy of the creator that it’s put into it comes to Me, within Myself. And pores joy on Me, just like cool, nice, joyous feeling and just giving Me the thrills on all My body. And so beautiful it is! It’s such a beautiful experience! So, the beauty that is real can only give it, but the beauty that is just artificial, or is just made up, or conditioned, this kind of a woman is beautiful, these days is a fashion to see mosquito-like women to be beautiful. They are just like mosquitos, I tell you, and they give Me creeps, but according to the western standards they are beautiful, I don’t know how they get beauty prises and this and that. But they are horrible and next day you find some of them died of heart, somebody has died of this, unhealthy and artificially made beauties. But the real beauty gives you a joy, which is not with lust or greed, no lust and greed, nothing, it’s pure. Is innocent. You see anything, there’s no greed about it, just see it. Just because you see like a witness. That’s how you see your life, also, just like a witness and you live permanently in joy.

I hope it works out with you all, that you have come all the way today, which would happen to all of you and you should all become part and parcel of the whole. May God bless you all!

So, any question if you ask Me, because today is a workshop day and I would like you to ask Me questions. [Shri Mataji speaks aside: Can you give Me some water?] Someone from the audience asks something.

Dr. Warren: She’s talking about the sort of situation where people criticize, say harsh things and you feel pain as a result of that, one finds it difficult to cope with that situation, how to deal with that situation?

Shri Mataji: That’s what I’m saying, that you see, either it pampers your ego or superego. Whatever one say about us, we are what we are, aren’t we? And we are the Spirit, we are the eternal being. Once you see that, then you rise above it, you see everything from the window and you are not bothered. It’s like you are in the traffic, then you are bothered about the traffic, but supposing you’re sitting on a hill top, then you’re watching alright. It’s like this: when you are in the water, you see, the water raise and fall, like in the thought, when thought rises and falls and again another thought. And then, somebody says something to you, get upset, you see, because the thought waives come to you and get upset about it. But supposing, by any chance you get into a boat, then you enjoy the water. That’s how. The state of mind is such, at that time, you just watch it and just enjoy. Somebody [missing part] very good, nice idea! Yes. You don’t feel it, don’t feel it, the criticism doesn’t touch you, you’re in a fortress. You become so powerful! Power of love. We have never used it, we have only used the power of hatred. All these wars and these things are nothing but power of hatred. But we have to have the power of love and this is power of love. You don’t have to go out of the way to help anybody, you’re nice to anyone, listen to anyone, just automatically happens that you’re not bothered. The situations do not change, you are changed. You’re above it. Alright? What else is?

Dr. Warren: Perhaps we should tell them a little bit about Vishuddhi chakra, which is the chakra we have to fix up?

Shri Mataji: We have to fix up certain chakras for that, but it can work out. We can also fix up some other chakras very easily, simple, not difficult, they try to be very nasty with us, you see, supposing that somebody is very nasty and all the time insulting, you just write the name of the person and give him a bandhan, he’ll not talk so much, you’ll see that.

Dr. Warren: What is a bandhan, she’s asking.

Shri Mataji: Bandhan is what we call how do you say in English, is a bondage, bondage of love. Bondage, is a bondage you put of love to that person, then he stops talking. You want to do something to someone? [Shri Mataji loughs] Better try. And another thing, they say a guru must be a serious, a very serious person. When I went to France first they said, “Mother, you are such a happy person and everybody will say that look at this lady, she’s very ignorant, she doesn’t know what’s happening to this world. You have to be very serious and drawn face and all that and you look so happy!” So, I addressed them “Les miserable”, I said, “now, you’re all the miserable creatures”. Naturally, the kind of life they live, what else could it be? I mean they are guilty within themselves the kind of life they lead. Every time you walk about three steps you find a prostitute standing there, six steps you find a brothel there, seven steps you find another pub there, what else? All the time you are destroying yourself, and naturally you’re guilty and serious. And they do it seriously, you see, when it comes to drinking they’ll be very serious, but when they come to Me there’ll be only the most serious people, which is such a frivolous thing to do!

[Shri Mataji taking another question]: Yes [A woman is asking something]

Dr. Warren:Has the feeling that you feel in your hands, when we feel sensitive to others, anything to do with dreams?

Shri Mataji: No, dreams is something very different. Dreams is a thing when you go into your left side, in the left subconscious area, then you can also go into the collective subconscious areas. And when you go there, because when you are sleeping you have a habit, supposing you are a very emotional person, you are crying all the time, weeping, thinking of the past, then you form a habit of your mind, which you post to the left side. Then you see all kinds of things and when you are waking up you come to the subconscious mind, the present subconscious, and you see things that are a confusion. It has nothing to do with the feeling that you feel for others. For others, what you feel is absolutely in the alert, present tense. You see it now, is like that. But this left side is very important what you see, also, because most of the diseases like cancer, also, all these what you call as the malyiatis and all those diseases which are called as incurable are caused by left side effects. For example now I saw a television review, a doctor who said that cancer is caused by the triggering of a personality which is vulnerable to cancer by a protein or by proteins which they call it 52-58. Actually it is the left side. Is it from the left side, from the collective subconscious, it is something like that attacks, you see virus is nothing but the dead vegetables or dead plants, which have gone out of circulation, of evolution, are existing in the collective subconscious and they attack you and so you get a virus. In the same way you can get it from micro-animals also, which can cause you this virus infection, in the same way, even cancer can be caused by the triggering of this left side type. So, to much left side in a person, especially these persons like Raktabijis, Guru Maharaj and all these people, they give you blood cancer. Because they introduce that into you. They can, they know how to do it. And that once it starts working, you get into trouble.

[A woman from the audience said:] Last night I didn’t feel the cool breeze on my left hand, I felt a really thing like an electric charge in my left palm.

Shri Mataji: What did you feel, the left Swadishthana? [A yogi replies something inaudible, then Dr. Warren repeats the woman’s question]. Now, the things is this is a left Swadishthana. Have you been to any guru or anyone before? [“Not a guru”, she replies]. No one, but where have you been? [TM, she replies]. TM? Now, that’s left Swadishthana is unauthorized work, which is devilish, on the left hand side. TM is that. And if it is giving you shock because of that, also you will get it here [Shri Mataji pointing to another chakra, maybe Void], because it’s a mantra that is working out here, and also you might get it here, it’s the left Agnya, these three can be there with this TM business. TM is terrible, I mean it gives all kinds of problems, nothing but problems and this is what it is happened into you, is left Swadishthana. Left Swadishthana is for unauthorized working of Divine laws. But this is not only unauthorized, TM is horrible, absolutely horrible thing. Has done so much harm to people, I tell you, and this fellow is very nicely living with six thousand crores of rupees only in India, God knows how much he has in this bank in Switzerland.

[Another question] If this is the age of enlightenment and there are so many gurus, how do you tell the difference?

Shri Mataji: That’s what I said, that unless and until you are realized, you cannot, but you should use your brain. First of all, you cannot pay for it. Then what you can do, screaming, shouting, jumping, flying, all this nonsense you see, is not evolution, is not God, that we can do it ourselves. Thirdly, that it should be spontaneous, it’s a living process of evolution, has to be spontaneous. It’s all giving in the books, is nothing new I’m telling you. But people don’t read proper books, you see, all these mushrooms have come out in the last hundred years in India and everywhere. And now, everybody’s taking up from them, queues, and they are working it out. But actually, if you go back, then you’ll find that it’s a very different thing, that it is just pure Self Realization you should have, and the Kundalini rises by itself during Realization, is written by everyone. But also there are few stupid people writing that Kundalini rises and you start jumping, you start behaving like a frog. Now, we are not going to become frogs. So, use your brains, you can.

[Another question]: He was doing TM, he says that what he wants to know is he felt that the physiological effects were good, this and that.

Shri Mataji: Only for the time being. Only for the time being. You see, actually, what he does is very simple, is called as mashana vidya, what is for mashana in English language? Of the dead, the science of the dead, you can put it. So, what he does is put a dead on you, somebody, a spirit. By calling, say he gives you a mantra of Inga. Now, there must be someone with that name, Inga, Inga you call. And what happens is that spirit or whatever it is, sits on you. As a result of that what happens to you is you start suddenly be very energetic, you start working very hard, and working it out and some people very over energetic. But this is one body and two persons riding it. Ultimately it becomes very weak, and for Realisation such people find it difficult to get Realization and they have spondylitis, they have all kinds of physical problems, they have brain trouble, they have headaches, they have tensions and terrible pains, and lots of things they have. I mean there’s no end to it. I mean the amount of the curing I have to do with these people! Some I found screaming like mad, absolutely! There was one who was the head of the flying squads, they have call it. I’ll tell you the name of that place is, Roanoke in Scotland. He’s name was Peter Pearce, he was the head of it. You see, and this fellow became mad, he got epilepsy, epilepsy is one of the things that happens, his wife got epilepsy very bad and the child got it, three of them. And they were absolutely bankrupt. He was a diamond merchant, he lost everything, she was the granddaughter of a duke, now she’s in Sahaja Yoga, she’s written so many things in the newspapers, but nobody takes hints from it. They were the heads of it there, where all the people went for plying. And these three of them came to Me, Peter Pierce became such a bankrupt that he had to leave London because he was a bankrupt he could not live there, and his child and wife are now in India. And this lady was used to scream for hours, and she said “somebody’s sitting on my neck, Mother, I cannot get rid of it”. So, depends on how long have you been there and how much it is affected, but it affects your brain very much and people get terrible headaches, and things with it.

Dr. Warren: At first it is a sense of security that comes out of this physiological quieting down, but that’s only a trick.

Shri Mataji: That’s a trick. In the beginning you feel little bit, physiologically in the beginning, they do feel, because you see, if somebody takes over you feel a sense of security, you feel alright. That’s very temporary. But the effects later on are felt, how that works out. That’s why you will find TM people will do for a short time and give it up, they do it for a short time and give up. It doesn’t matter to him, as long as he makes his money is not bothered. What he wants is that he should make his money, he’s not bothered.

Dr Warren: She comes from a family, generations of atheists, therefore

Shri Mataji: I like them, because they are not blind. And she’s not blind, that’s good. If they are blind, it’s difficult. You see, if you belong to some religion, sometimes it’s maddening sometimes. See, Catholicism is under challenge, complete challenges. They’re challenging now Christ, either they accept God or Christ. This is what it is, because Christ came, He was great, no doubt, He was true, but the people who try to project Him, they are all nonsensical people, like Paul, from where had he arised, God knows.

The lady: We come from Catholic family, three generations

Shri Mataji: See, happens naturally, seeing all this nonsense, you become agnostic, isn’t it? But what about these people like this archbishop of Canterbury himself, they asked him what about the Holy Ghost. He said, “I’m agnostic.” Imagine then [sounds like Robin?] asked him, “Then what are you doing here?”, and Robin quite convinced, “Yes, he’s doing job, I’m also doing my job”. So, that’s what it is. With such people, how can one have faith in anyone of them? It’s correct, they are right people, I would say they are the best for this. But they have faith in themselves, that’s all, isn’t it?

Dr Warren: The other thing that she said, she was worried about handing over responsibility to somebody. I presume you mean to Mataji, do you?

Shri Mataji: No, no, I don’t take any responsibility. You become yourself responsible, I’m not responsible for you at all, why should I be? You have to just become the Spirit. No, I’m not responsible. You better look after yourself, but first become the Spirit, otherwise you cannot. It’s your own! It’s within you, I’m just giving you what you have. Alright? Supposing I want to give you the key, why not have it? That’s all. And then you can give it to others.

The lady: I can understand that at certain point in life you need a teacher or someone to help you, so you can take the responsibility again.

Shri Mataji: It’s not that way, it’s just the other way round. Nobody has to take anybody’s responsibilities, you become a free bird, absolutely complete freedom. What is there to be taking responsibility of, when you yourself become so powerful, why should I take your responsibility, or you take My responsibility? It’s in joy and happiness and in love that we live together. What is there to be responsible for, when God is looking after all us, why should we be responsible for each other? He looks after us, we have entered into His kingdom and His kingdom is very different than we know of, is perfect kingdom there.

Dr Warren: He’s asking what is your opinion on the three traditional forms of yoga, bhakti, karma and knowledge.

Shri Mataji: Knowledge. You see, bhakti is left side, karma is right side and when the Kundalini rises at this point where Christ is settled down on the third eye, as they call it, we call it the Agnya chakra, you can see clearly there. At this point He’s there. He sucks in, that’s why He said, “I’m dying for your sins”. He takes away your karmas, and He takes away your ideas about bhakti also. You just become clear and then you rise higher. So, then at that point, what happens to you, all your conditionings are bhaktis, you see, like you’re bhakta of this and bhakta of that, all it is conditioning. There’s no bhakti. Krishna has also said that bhakti has to be ananya, is when there is no the other, when you are connected, otherwise we are saying, “Christ, Christ, Christ, but we are not connected to Him. That’s how you get connected. First you get connected, then the real bhakti starts. And then you do karmas, which you do not do actually, it happens. Karma becomes akarmas. That is your work. What you are doing becomes non-work, it becomes non-action. That’s what it happens to you. All these ideas become one and dhyana is nothing but what you know on your central nervous system. Which is Vedas, and Veda means know, know on the central nervous system, not in your knowledge, not your brain. Khalidasa had said [Marathi]. By learning too much, even the learned had become stupid.

It’s not learning through your brain, is not that. How many universities Christ has gone to? Nothing. He was knowledge. He was pure knowledge.

Dr Warren: What about the people who don’t believe in a personal God?

Shri Mataji: Yes, they also believe in themselves, they get their Realisation, they do not believe in a personal God, but let’s think of it, supposing I was not here, who would have explained these things to you? It’s not easy to talk to human beings, no? Christ came, you crucified Him, all of those came, you just had nice fun out of their lives, make them very miserable, isn’t it? Nobody tried to understand them. It’s very nice to say, “We don’t like this, we don’t like that”, but what about you? What have you got? You better have it, better have it. Who’s going to explain? The unconscious doesn’t have a mouth, somebody has to explain and tell you what it is, isn’t it? It’s not a good thing to say that, “I don’t want to have the nectar of life”, is it wise? Like in this life you just take play of the ego, my child? It’s just a play of the ego, it is what we desire. We should desire for something that’s so great, that’s ourselves. To know ourselves, this she desired, should be innate and should be there. If you are little advanced in your evolution, of course, if a person is absolutely gross and nonsensical, then he has his own ideas he will set up, that God should be like this, God should be like that. And the market is filled with such people. But reality is what it is, it cannot become what you wanted to be. It is what it is.

Dr Warren: What do you think about teaching of Sai Baba of Bangalore?

Shri Mataji loughs. What are these teachings to give diamonds to rich people? You see their disciple, they have no transformation, they’re smugglers, they do all kinds of dirty things, horrible people they are, all of them did heart attacks, is that the way a guru should be? If you have a guru means your life should be transformed, you should be very righteous and great personality, isn’t it? At least you should show in your life that you are very righteous, powerful personality of compassion. But he’s not. All his disciples you see will shock. Indians I can understand, some of them are looking after you see, they think they can get a diamond. No one gets it, only the rich, because the rich then return the diamonds nicely, that’s why. It has nothing to do, it’s just a trick. It’s just a trick. Now they discovered it, he’s confessed it, but still people go on, they are so obstinate because if they have been doing it one they don’t want to give it up. They go ahead. I don’t know how many are going to be saved with this kind of thing that’s going on, really, I mean according to Bible, there is a very small number, but we should try to expand it a little more, isn’t it?

A woman asks something about other guru and Dr Warren asks why should we ask about other gurus.

Shri Mataji: What did she say?

Dr Warren: What do you think about Muktananda.

Shri Mataji: You’ve been to Muktananda? The only thing I can tell you, is very difficult to raise the Kundalini of Muktananda’s people, very difficult. See, about I think 70-80 years back there was one fellow who came out, his name was Vishnuteert, and he wrote a very funny book where he’s talked of something [Hindi words-sounds like aruno dayane] all sorts of things, you see, which is nowhere, has no connection with the traditions of India, nothing. And in that a person starts jumping. Actually, there was a fellow sitting both feet towards Me. And people said, “You can’t sit like this towards Mother”. So he said, “No, because my kundalini’s awakened I jump like a frog”. So they said and I called him and I said, “How can you jump like a frog? Now you are a human being, you cannot become a frog.” So he said, “ no, I’m jumping like a frog” and brought this book of Vishnuteert. So I was amazed that in book was written that when kundalini awakens you jump like a frog. That’s what that people are doing it. Muktananda and another fellow, Guni Maharat. Actually, these are I call them [Hindi/Marathi word-Gardamkaris], destroyers of the people who had come. This is for intellectuals, for them this gentleman is there. He talks intellectually, this, that and that and this finishes them all. Is like that, they are the destroyers of these people. Then there are some people who are born like we have these brahmins in India, orthodox brahmins. For them this Guruvani has come. And he told them all these things [Hindi words], all that. And then all of them are sick, they have got high blood pressure, they got all kinds of troubles, they’re horrible people, and they came to see Me. And they said, “Mother, do you believe in this Arunodayane [Hindi words]? I said, “What is all that? Vishnuteert, who is that?” Where is it written? We have scriptures, thousands of years back. Where is it ? Fourteen thousand years back Markandeya wrote about it. Where is it? It’s an evolutionary process, one after another. Logically should come to a point. Suddenly somebody tells you something, you see, it’s a very fashion-like stuff, that you create some fashion. You put one tin here, tide up, call it a Buffon, now everybody goes with a tin on, it’s like that. Is a modern mind. Just a minute, now you ask too many questions, now what I’m saying, put your attention to Me, because what’s happening, with a cavity of the thought comes in and then nothing is received, so please try to listen to Me, first of all. Now, what happens that if you go to fashions then they create new, new things like that I tell you this way. Now, anybody comes in, but his guru, or whom he calls his guru, actually he was not his disciple, he suddenly came at the time he’s dead, it’s a very big group against this one. [Hindi name] was the real one. But his own secretary has been to us and he’s given us in writing what he’s been doing. According to him, his two children are he’s own children. And six thousands crores rupees are in diamonds on income tax. This is what it is. When you see his face, what sort of a face he had! There should be some glow on the face of a person who’s supposed to be religious, isn’t it? Minimum of minimum. Like Christ, Christ that was done by Michelangelo, Michelangelo was a realized soul, like a hefty, tall personality, like an Australian I would say. Sitting there, I mean standing and throwing people left and right, you see, the whole Sistine Chapel is nothing but Kundalini, and at Agnya He’s standing, throwing them this side and that side, just like a great, giant-like personality. While there is, if you see a little table is in front and a pope has put a skeleton-like Christ there, you see, just I don’t know why. If Christ was such a skeleton, how did He carry such a big cross? Let these popes carry and then we’ll know. So they have made many things like that, miserable, horrible looking people are saintly. Not at all! Never! Indians understand this, because you see, it’s a traditional country, we’ve seen it. We have seen Rama, we have seen Krishna, we have seen all these people, we know what it is. We understand that. But in the West I don’t know why they want to make Christ look like a TB patient? And it’s very painful, you know? It’s very painful. Now, you are asking another…

Dr Warren: You speak about absolute good, is that inferred that there is absolute bad?

Shri Mataji: Has to be somewhere. [Shri Mataji loughs] But why worry about that? Better go to the absolute good. Yes, it is, it is there. Absolute bad. They also say there’s nothing like bad and good, this is another trick, and on that Christ has said very clearly that Satan is not going to speak against his own house. They’ll never say you something bad, everybody’s good, you see, mutual understanding between them. But the good part of the bad is this that they fight and collapse and they get exposed. That’s the good part of the bad.

Dr. Warren: We live in a country here, which was inhabited by the aboriginal people who, she says, understood these things. And you have any knowledge and feelings about these people?

Shri Mataji: Very much! The names are like Paramata. Paramata means the Primordial Mother. So many words have, this Rock of Ayers is nothing but Ganesha Himself, you see, this is the land of Mooladhara chakra. You don’t know what a land you are living in. Whatever you may try, you cannot lose your innocence in this country. It’s a country of innocence, you keep a bit of it, is a country of innocence! You’ll see all that. Is a very great country. Is described in the Puranas, in the ancient times, that there was one great saint who committed some mistake and he was thrown out in the sky and God said, “Alright, now I’ll allow you to go away from here, but I give you a boon again, because you are a great man, that you’ll create your own heavens in, that’s the seventh cross” It’s called Trishanku in Sanskrit language. So you are great people, you don’t know you are born on a very great soil. This is the Mooladhara itself, the first chakra, where Shri Ganesha, the innocence, resides. [Dr. Warren asks something about Ayers rock]. Ayers Rock, where you get the corals. That’s the stone of the Mooladhara chakra. That’s the stone. So, whatever you may try, Australians, you cannot lose your innate innocence. Try all these English, Western tricks, all American tricks, try them, but you cannot. I’m sure of that. Today in Sahaja Yoga they are the leaders among all the western countries, what you call the western civilisation type of people; they are the best, they are the leaders. But of course, Europeans are good, we have in England many more people, but the way they have understood Sahaja Yoga is great, we have in Austria fourteen nations which are following Sahaja Yoga. But nothing like Australians, they are just there, they get to it very easily. Wonderful people they are, no doubt.

Dr. Warren: Are there any Australian aborigines in Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: We have, yes, we have. I have a special concern for that, they we have already. I don’t know, these aboriginals have taken to these things very fast, they should not have taken to these things so fast as that. But somehow I think they lost all their confidence in their personality, in their own culture. And they just have change themselves and they’ve gone amok. I’ve seen, this is happening even in other countries like Peru and all these places. Even Africans, like Ghanaians and all these people are so much changed, you can’t imagine the kind of life they are leading. I mean, they could have got something better, but somehow they’ve taken to these horrible, but we have, we have from everywhere coming to Sahaja Yoga. That’s very nice that you have such concern about them. They are wonderful people if they come, wonderful people, no doubt. But the way we have killed them, like Tasmania. Tasmania is a place full of spirits, full of spirits. These people tried, nothing worked out, because so many are killed there, I mean. It’s really, really bad to kill those people like that.

So, now, should we have the experience again? Let’s see how many of you are feeling the cool breeze, to begin with. Let’s see, put your hands like this. Just like that, come along. Let’s do it. This is the Mother Earth of Australia. Sitting on the ground it works out much faster. Are you feel it? Better. Now, the shooting is gone. Here? Better now? Good. Just close your eyes, put your attention here. Put your attention here, on your Sahasrara, here. Just close your eyes and see for yourself. Ah, you can feel it, thing coming out. Just feel with your left hand. On top of your head, see now. Open your eyes and don’t think. Just see on your left hand, you can feel it. Just feel it. Just see on top of your head, are you feeling any cool breeze? Just here, on the fontanel bone area, here in this part. Now, if you’re not feeling just say, “Mother Kundalini, come in my head” or “Mother, come in my head”. Here, just see if you’re feeling, if you’re not feeling in the head. Just say seven times. It will work out. Just feel it. Are you feel it, also? Are you? Good! Coming now? Better? You can ask Her. Good. Now try it with the other hand, also, let’s get it from both hands now. Alright? Or hot? Hot is coming? Cool? That’s fine, that’s great! It is what I said, Australians! I bow to them, really, they’re great people. Thank God, you are away from all the madness here. Hm, they all have got it, good. So now you have to learn how to raise your Kundalini, how to give bandhan to yourself and you should visit this place, where do you have programs for people? You just explain to them and we would like to give you name and addresses to these people, and if you have any problems or any physical problems, emotional problems, everything, you can ask them, you should get your friends to it and you’ll find, gradually you’ll find in your own life how everything is changing, how you’re transforming, how you are becoming a very powerful, compassionate personality. You’ll be surprised at yourself, what you are.

Dr. Warren explains where they find the address where the programs are held.

Shri Mataji: Give them the booklet. Those who haven’t get the booklet should see it. But read it too much is not needed. You must see how to meditate. Now about the photograph, would you like to give them?

Dr. Warren: Last night they gave them just a very simple instruction about how to meditate and there was a photograph in there. And they gave the address of this place and when they meet each other , week and the times and so on.

Shri Mataji: You gave the photograph?

Dr. Warren: The photograph and a very simple instruction about how to meditate, that’s all.

Shri Mataji: Just try then and do come over here. Now, any other question you have or anything, you can write to Me, also, and they have My address and they’ll help you out. [Shri Mataji asks about anything to eat for them, then invite people to have a cup of tea]. Now, he’ll show you how to give a bandhan to yourself, how to make yourself into a bandhan. Now, the thing is we have an aura, around us, you know that. And this aura has got seven layers, according to the seven chakras we have. Now, what we do, this is flowing through our hand, just now felt it, it’s your own. Now, you have to protect it, by giving it a bandhan in the sense that you just put the energy around it, like that. Now, let’s start! Seven times, let’s do it properly! Just put the left hand towards Me! It’s one, goes on your head. Now, left hand towards Me, right hand again. Two, on top of your head, three, again, four, watch the left hand, five, six and seven.

This is just to protect you. When you are going out from your house somewhere, when you are going out to meet someone, or in the night, before sleeping, it’s better to take a bandhan like that. Now, to raise the Kundalini is the easiest thing to do. The Kundalini is just here about, where you are sitting. Put the left hand there! Warren, you also show! Left hand in front of the Kundalini, like this, and the right hand is the one action, which moves up, forward, down, back, just like that. And the Kundalini rises with it. It’s very simple, you can raise your own Kundalini, let’s do it! Now, just it goes on, like that. Put your arms little loose now, push back your head and put your hands back and give it a twist, nicely and make a knot. This is how you fix it first. You have to do it three times. Let’s do it again! You have your attention on your left hand! Now see, will rise even faster, let loose your shoulders, put back your head, again give it a second knot and third time three knots you have to give. Push back your head and now one, two, three. Now see the vibrations, now see how it has improved! And the peace within! Check-up yourself! You have to certify yourself, nobody’s going to certify! Dr Warren: Little higher, four or five inches. Shri Mataji: Alright? Today are you feeling it? Are you? Good, today you got it, so, it doesn’t matter, in one day it’s alright. But first, you would be surprised, for TM we had to work for a month! They couldn’t feel the cool breeze. Now things are improved a lot! They work so fast! It’s good. Now don’t think about it, you cannot think about it, it’s beyond thinking. You’re in that realm and now you will know what you have gained, you yourself, you watch and see, experience and you’ll be surprised in every way. In every way. First of all you’ll be so relaxed, we just enjoy everything, it’s another thing! It’s like what you say, an egg becoming a bird. That’s what is calling brahmin, dwijaha, the one who is born again. And a bird is also called as dwijaa, means also born again. That means first is an egg, the ego and superego make you an egg, and then it opens out. And then you become the bird. You are ready to become, you are that, but now you must learn how to fly. That’s important and that’s what we have to learn with some understanding and assiduity about it.

Someone from the audience asked Shri Mataji why She didn’t say anything about meditation.

Shri Mataji: Yes, because you cannot do meditation, you are in meditation. When you are thoughtless you are in meditation, you don’t have to do it. You are in meditation all the time, but when you sit down you can meditate. And how to meditate I’ll tell you when you need it. Because you need it every day, again you go back, it’s like charging your battery, as they call it. But you are in meditation, just now you are in meditation. Don’t have to meditate, you are there. You cannot do it, but to meditate means sit down and charge your battery, which has been already there, charged and you have to recharge it, that’s all. Here they come.

Dr Warren: We’ll show you the technics, the whole object is that you come here and we’ll show you how it works, how you clear your chakras, how to take vibrations from Shri Mataji, how to remove blockages, how to awaken the Kundalini, how to remove this and that,

Shri Mataji: How to cure, how to cure cancer, how to cure other diseases, everything you can know. Actually, nowadays I’m not curing anyone, all of them are curing, I’m doing nothing of the kind. Just automatically you will know it. It’s very simple. But you must pay attention to it for some time and work it out, just to not be frivolous about it. If you are frivolous, it doesn’t work out. It is not meant for people who are frivolous or stupid or also for people who are cowards. It’s meant for people who want to have the experience, not only that, but who want to enter into the kingdom of God and settle as the citizens of His kingdom. Is meant for them. That interviewer has not come, but you go and see him, one of you should go and see him, poor thing, he himself was at TM, he’s suffering from a very bad throat and all that, poor thing, really, I’m sorry for him, he’s such a nice man, such a great seeker, but his throat and his Vishuddhi chakra, on both sides, so badly damaged, and the Void here. I told him, „You should come”, but I think must be busy. But somebody can go and see him.

Dr Warren: May I talk about the photograph, Mother?

Shri Mataji: I think they can do it later on. [Dr. Warren: But just that it has vibrations] Ha, alright. And the kind of photographs you have and showed them? Some of the miraculous, have you got copies of that? [Yes.] Just show that. [Dr. Warren: We put in here very simple, the basics.] It’s good, to begin with. Better not read too much, because then again you become as [Shri Mataji loughs] too much conditioning. But they should show you some photographs that are really miraculous. Do you have a big photograph of Mine where the light is falling on My head and all those, anyone? [voices on the background]. Alright, just bring one or two like that. They are many like that, where the light is shown. [Sahaja Yogis’ voices]

There’s one photograph of Mine, where I was sitting in a village and a light came on Me. Of course, I knew that, but people didn’t see it, but the camera caught it, right on My head. But there’s another photograph where on My hand there was a sun, a complete light here, there are many photographs, they have got a series of photographs, you can see them. That the photograph still has vibrations, tell them about it. Beautiful that one. This is Delhi [bar], this was before, this was after, imagine. You have the series together? [Dr Warren: Yes. I just give them to Mathew to get big enlargements for us.] These are the series, you see? You can see this, and the last one is the one where I put My hand up, put it there. And this is an Australian who took the photograph, I must say. Let them have a look, may can see them.

Now, to the agnostic lady, atheist lady. Come along and have a look at this. As an atheist now explain this, alright? [Shri Mataji loughs] Just see, see in the bin, there are six of them. [Dr Warren explains how the light is falling and it was a casual shot. Falling, falling, as She was crossing. And then just stopped as She put a hand…the lady sais, „Very interesting”] You can show this to your family people. [the lady sais her hand is sweating, like a breeze in the air. Dr Warren sais, „That means the sympathetic nervous..”] No, no, no, also, you see, because she doesn’t believe in God, she has to say that, „I am the Spirit”, then it will work out on the heart. Oh your Ayers Rock you put in here. And all of them you can have a look and see for yourself. Where is the photograph of a…see, this one, this one, also, when we went there, to the Matterhorn, see the vibrations. They’re shown there. What about the one..? In this one all the vibrations are on My feet. But the one with the photograph in there. See the light here, also. It’s like that. All of them are here, you can have a look. This one. Later on you can have a look at it. You haven’t the photograph with Gregoire…My feet? [Dr. Warren: No, we haven’t yet gathered all together] [Someone in the audience sais about feeling chill]. That’s good, that’s what you asked for, isn’t it? Yesterday they asked Me to make it cool, and there are lights coming out of My toes here. [Dr. Warren: What time are You go in the morning, Mother? A woman asks, „If I come early in the morning with my three children to see You?] All right, all right, please come. Finding it cold, is it? You find it very cold? [A lady: Is not so cool yet, maybe later. I’ll come tomorrow]. She’s a Sahaja Yogini? [Dr. Warren: No]. You, quite good! [Dr. Warren: You are asking about the technique and how to meditate. Come along, I’ll show you, it’s so simple. It’s not a lot to show you, but you can actually begin at home, with little, simple instructions. Then when it comes to the final tuning we can show you how to remove the blockages, left side imbalances, right side imbalances, all is very straightforward.] But is a collective happening. So, you all have to meet. It’s not that you sit at home and work out, it won’t work out. You have to come together, other way it won’t work so well. Look at that! That’s one of them. All grandfathers and grandmothers here. [Shri Mataji loughs]. And your parents, your children, your friends, all of them. And specially I’ve seen it in Perth, the elderly people are very good for Sahaj Yoga. Very sensible people here! I don’t know why, maybe because of the sea or the river, whatever you may call it. But the elderly people are very sensible in Perth. You talk to your parents, talk to your mother, talk to your father, all of them, they’ll be happy to come, I’m sure. It will work out, and it’s again a big family reunion. All the anger passes out and you become all very friendly, loving, affectionate and enjoying each other. [Dr. Warren: Better tell them that no fads or diet] No fads on diet, nothing of the kind. But only that you can tell them later on, that has to be suitable for your temperament. For example, somebody’s a liver patient, then we’ll give you a liver diet for that, for sometime, till you are completely cured. If you are a very serious liver patient, otherwise it can be easily cured. It was a nice idea to have it here, outside. [Dr Warren: Beautiful; when we walked out looked more like a puja] So beautiful it is, see the light, see the light in the sky, see the whole sky is light, enlightened. [Dr Warren: See the rays coming down.] See so clearly, I wish here the camera to capture all this. [Dr Warren: You live in London, then sit on the ground for a long time, ] Yeah, then you learn it easily, because it’s easier to sit on the ground, when we have big groups, very big, huge big crowds, you see, then it’s impossible, you cannot have them in a hall, in India for example, in Bombay itself we had about six thousand people. So, some of them did get chairs, I mean those who just can’t sit on the ground, but for all of them we couldn’t arrange. [A lady asks: Excuse me, what does it mean when you feel heat?] Liver. You have a liver problem, you have. It’s simple, we’ll tell you how to get it cured, it’s simple. Too much right side. It could be due to anything. Bilious nature. That’s the sign of the bile within us, too much bile. Futuristic personality. We think of the future all the time, all the time on the run. If somebody’s very, very cold, like freezing, then it’s not alright. Then it’s also, not a good thing. But you must get a cool, gentle breeze. That’s what it is. [Dr. Warren answers to a lady: it comes as hot and cold. This little cup is also hot, and then cold and…inaudible] It’s itself yours, you see? It cures you, it goes there and cures you. Makes it cooler, and again the heat comes out. Then it makes it cooler, like that. [the lady says something, Dr. Warren: You got it, you got it! We can feel your vibrations, that you know] You got it! The only thing is your liver has to be cured, still, that’s why you get streaks of hot, also.[the lady says she gets very hot..] You’ll be alright. [Dr. Warren repeats what a man said: And she shouts a lot, he says! Laughing. The lady: Talk too much!] You all come in the balance, automatically. You all become really what you are, the beautiful. Moreover, you see, some people think that you have to change your dress and behave, live like this and [Mother loughs], is not like that. You have not to change anything. Of course, you take to decent, nice dresses, cooling dresses, you yourself do it that way. So, you don’t have to worry about colouring your dresses and something like that [Mother loughs], Is all outside. Something happens inside, not outside. You’ll see the candle going, you will see the reaction in the candle very easily. It starts flickering and giving such a black soot, sometimes you get frightened the way it’s giving you. But it’s alright, it once is out, then it’s alright. So must know what is the problem with you, what is to be done, and automatically it works out. The best way is to know that you are now a realized soul, to assume that position. That assumption is difficult. You see, is like a man is made into a king and he doesn’t sit on his throne, you see, jumps every time just like that the situation is. But you must stick onto it, know that you are now realized souls. You are yogis, this is the most difficult part. I have to go and tell you, „Now you are a realized soul! Use your vibrations, why don’t you use your vibrations?” Now you have a new sensation, a new dimension, should be used, like now we have eyes, we should use our eyes, in the same way use your vibrations. That’s why they forget all the time. So, remember that now you are Realized Souls, you are yogis. Better write it down somewhere, „I’m a yogi now!” [Mother loughs] To accept it. [A yogi: So, though Shri Mataji is leaving Pert tomorrow, it’s not that everything just die and wait until She comes in another couple of years, or whenever] No, I’ll come next year! [The yogi continue: Thank You, Shri Mataji. Let’s take a vow, that we’ll be hundreds next time She comes. [applauses]] Mother has to see that you eat something and you have a satisfied life as far as appetite is concerned, and every sort of thing should be satisfied. Every way should be happy people. That’s the only desire a Mother can have. And the second one is that whatever powers I have, you all should have. Must get all those powers within yourselves. That’s all. Thank you very much! Thank you! [applauses]

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