We have to find out another way of understanding life

Adelaide (Australia)

1985-03-03 Public Program, Adelaide, Australia, 68'
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Public Program, 1985-0303, Australia

I bow to all sealers of truth. Today, I happened to visit an exhibition in Adelaide and I felt that there is a reaction on the minds of people which is expressed in their creativity against mass production, against machinery, against things which are made out of synthetic materials. There is a recession from so-called advancement and development we have made, shows definitely a consciousness and awareness that so far whatever development we have done there is something wrong and we have to find out another way of understanding life.

This is a special category of people who are not satisfied with what they have, are not satisfied with what they can see, but they want to see something beyond something that they have not known so far. And such a category of special people, we call them seekers are born today in every country and in every place. They are in thousands and millions. This special category has not suddenly come on this earth. It has come after seeking before in many lives the truth and now they are here to find it out. But the problem is that people have no idea as to what they have to seek, what they have to find out. If you just go to some person, he might say that, “All right, come along, I will tell you about your future.” And people get very much impressed to know about the future or they will tell you, ‘We will tell you about your past’. Also, they get very much interested in the past.

But for a seeker these things will never satisfy. What he wants to know is himself, is his own Spirit. He wants to know what he is, why has he come on this earth. Why did he evolve from Amoeba to this stage? What has he to achieve? That must be the enquiry into the minds of all the seekers and that is basically there. So for that we need not just jump on to some people who take out some mushroom-like ideas saying that if you start jumping and screaming and shouting- like the way the other day one fellow who was interviewing me on the radio; asked me that, “People say that you have to take out clothes, pay some money and jump and scream and shout and finished”. But I said, “This you can do otherwise without paying any money also in your house you can just take out your clothes jump, shout and scream. For that why do you need a person? Why do you want to pay for him?” But the problem is that the mind today is such that it wants to accept something new without knowing whether it is right or wrong. Whether it is in the right direction of our seeking or not.

Now what we have to understand that we are driven to the seeking, we are brought to this seeking because we have certain force within us which we can call as a evolutionary force which has made us human beings and now there is another push it wants us to have, it is giving us another push. This evolutionary force is trying to give us another push to become something more. It is trying to direct us towards that. But what did we get in our evolutionary force or through our evolutionary process is something living. It is a living force of the living nature of the living God. That is that you should feel it on your central nervous system. You should feel it on your nerves what you achieve. It is not that somebody says it, all right. It is not made of wood so you should not believe it is made of wood. You see it, you know it, you can feel it you know for definite this is wood. But say for an animal which is like a dog or a horse or anything you ask a dog or a horse to pass through a dirty lane it can not. It is not the point he can easily he can. But who cannot pass is a human being? It is a human being. Human being can not pass through. If you say that the dog can not pass is wrong. Dog can, a horse can, but a human being cannot. He has to close his nose, he will try level best, he will go halfway and he can not. The reason is he has achieved it in his evolution this experience within himself is sharpened. This experience has sharpened and it can experience the dirt and filth and the ugliness, the aesthetics. All these things an animal does not understand, which you understand the beauty.

But despite all that we must know that after coming to human stage we have developed a very funny state within ourselves which we can call like an egg. We are enclosed like an egg as you can see here, the ego and the superego both of them form a kind of an egglike personality. This personality develops on its own , the ‘I’ness is developed. It becomes ‘Mr.I’, ‘Mr. You’ and ‘Mr. X’ and then you think I like it. What is this ‘I’ that likes it? It is your ego, it is not your spirit. When you say I like it, it is not your spirit it is your ego. So when you become that personality when you are an egg like personality you start feeling that there is something beyond because why do I commit mistakes, why do I not know the absolute. When I think this is good I have to take something as good it turns out to be horrid. I go to somebody who looks very nice very interesting when I go to him I find he is a cheat. He is cheated me. Then why if I understand everything, if this ‘I’ is so intelligible then why is it I can not discern I can not discriminate between good and bad. So there is something missing in me. And just start seeing yourself in that perspective. We see ourselves clearly and we understand that there is something wrong somewhere that we are not there at the absolute point where we have to reach. When that starts I say ‘you become a Seeker’. You start seeking something beyond . You see the politics, you see the things, economics and all that and you think it is confusion. It is a big confusion. Something wrong somewhere. You send your children to school. They come back they start answering you, they become so arrogant, you think schooling has been done. We paid so much money for them. We have done so much and that’s how they behave.

Your wife, your husband all relationships are strange. We don’t know why what has happened. Why is it that we try to be nice, we have not in any way deliberately doing any wrong to them. But the relationship is absurd. What is the reason for this thing happening, there must be something wrong. Within ourselves we must accept, there is something wrong that doesn’t tell us of the right thinking, of the absolute. Now what is that is wrong is that we have not yet found our spirit. Now for that, you don’t have to listen to people, who just come like mushrooms, tell you all right you do this you will get it, you change your dress, you put your name differently. It is not going to change. Some people think that if you wear primitive dresses, your brain will become primitive. You are sadly mistaken. You can not. Your brain is no more primitive. It is extremely extra modern. (Laugh)It can not become primitive whatever you may try. So what is outside is not going to inside.

Like a tree, if it is sick you have to treat it from its roots and not from its leaves. That is the problem today of the human beings, of this country and of every country, of all the nations that it is to be treated from its roots. But Where are the roots? Roots are within our brain. You will be surprised they are within our brain and the tree has grown out like that. Now how to nourish this brain with something that is the light. For that God has already arranged everything within ourselves. We have become human beings through his grace, through his force, through this evolutionary force, which we call the Central path, through the parasympathetic we have become this. And now if you have to become higher, it is He, who is going to do it. We can not put in any effort for it. We can not say all right you God come along sit there, you are like this, you are like that. When you try to organize God then there is a deviation. Like it has happened now you can find that Christ is being challenged in the churches. The trouble is Mr Paul, who came into Christianity tried to organize religion, tried to organize God, tried to organize Christ. He put Christ as thought Him to be. He never saw Christ and he denied that there is any miracle of Christ. Immaculate conception he denied.

Now we have reached a point where people are challenging whether you want to have Paul or you want to have Christ. This is where we have reached because we organized God. We have to accept reality as it is and we have to feel it on our central nervous system if it is an evolutionary process, it has to evolve. It is not that we just think like that all right this person is great, that person is great not by thinking. But beyond thinking, beyond the mental process, you must develop it on your central nervous system. And When you get it on the central nervous system, then that is the place where you say you have become Buddha. You have got the bodha. That means you are enlightened. That means you have got self-realization. Then we say you have become baptized. Baptism is such an artificial thing. If you go to any church, I mean I have been born in Christian Religion and I know how artificially they have been believing into things. It has no meaning at all. That is why people run away from Christianity because they can’t understand. Anybody can put your hand on your head and say you are baptized. How can you do that? It is certainly being processed. The Kundalini has to raise from you within has to pierce through your fontanel bone area and then you have to get your realization as an actual fact as an actual happening. It is an actualization, is a reality that you feel the cool breeze out of your head coming out.

Unless and until that happens anybody says, “All right you have been baptized”. Anybody who takes say, training in Trinity college, becomes a great Christian. He just puts his hand on your head and you become a realized soul. How can it be? These are all artificial settings. You can not get a certificate in Trinity college. To which college did Christ go himself? What education he had? Nothing. All education was within himself. And he learnt it everything from within. So the thing is we have to know that whatever is the reality that we have to know through our evolutionary process and that we have to know through our central nervous system the reality. Not what people tell you or what people say this is a reality. Now what is the reality is this that you are the spirit. You have to pass into that state where you become the spirit. When you become the Spirit, then you can feel on your central nervous system the existence of the all-pervading power. Now we take things for granted that we take evolution for granted that we are human beings. We accept it. We know that we are human beings.

We think we are human beings. We are great. Who has made you the human being? Why? Ask the question why? When you ask that question why then you will know that you are made a human being for a purpose, with a purpose. What is the purpose is, that in your freedom, in your so-called freedom, in your egglike shape you have to seek. You have to seek the truth. And when you seek the truth it will be given to you. What is the truth is as I said that you are the spirit. You become the spirit. And that becoming is more important. Now we are very much influenced by some new ideas, or by something and we just run after it.

I am surprised how these fake people, these fake gurus are so much important and so much worshipped in the west. Because they do not give you Realization at all! They do not give you what they are supposed to give. It is described in all the Indian scriptures that a Satguru is a real guru makes you meet God makes you give Realization. He has to give Realization otherwise he is of no good. But because you are so naive about it you think that they are going to give you reality if you pay the money. They are surprised when I say that you can not pay for it. That God can not understand money. It is your headache. He does not understand money and what will he do with the money if you give him? I mean what will this Mother Earth, whose sprouts and seeds, what if you give her the money, what will she do with the money? Or to the wind, if you give some money will it blow? It won’t. What is the way that to be that? It is to be. And to be means to be with the present. To be there in the present and by saying that you be in the present, you will not be. If I say that you give up worrying, you won’t do.

If I tell you don’t take to something you won’t do it. You cannot do it. Why? Because you are doing everything mentally. And whatever is the mental projection changes. Today you will say you are very friendly to say with Burmese people. Tomorrow you will say no they are our enemies. Because the mental projections can change their directions all the time. But the direction of the Spirit is all pervading. It does not change. It is eternal. And it is absolute, it is compassion, it is love, it is a joy. So, you have to become that Spirit. And to become that, God has made these arrangements within you. And all these arrangements is made in you through your evolutionary process. When you are just a carbon you are at the first centre, the right-center what we call the Mooladhara at the carbon state. And this carbon then became amino acids. Then you become things with life.

And It started in that area the green area you see which is the area where which depicts the what we call the illusion of the world. This is the Bhavasagara, it’s the illusion of the ocean, ocean of illusion. Here first of all the life took place. And life was like, a fish, first of all, we can say like little animals in the ocean and then one fish, only one fish came out. And this is the leader and this leader or we can call it an (Acheti? cannot hear) came out and many followed it. Then as a result of all this happening within us the different centres were created.

The first one is the one as I told you well, you became the carbon. But before that actually, before that the whole universe was created. And that is by the second centre which we call the Swadishthana. This created the whole universe first of all. But before starting the universe, the first centre was created. But within you the second centre was created when you became carbon. Now how the evolution took place one by one within you, step by step and how these are the milestones your evolution, that you can verify. Whatever I am saying today you can verify because you become absolute. When you become absolute what happens is that you start feeling the all-pervading power.

As I told you we take ourselves for granted. We also take this all-pervading power for granted. For example a flower you see the flower becomes a fruit we see. We can not do one like that, one job like that. And the one who does it, the power that does it is the power we have to feel. If there is a such a subtle power, which is where you see it evident, let us feel that power. The first time we start feeling that power which is the all-pervading power of gods love, which is the mother’s power which you feel it and then once you become that power, that power start growing through you, and you become a powerful personality. Because Spirit is absolute. It is the connection between you and God. And it connects you to God. It is the reflection of God within you. The Kundalini is the one like a chord that connects you to the Spirit.

It is like this chord that connects you to the mains, in the same way, you are connected to the mains. It just happens spontaneously when the instrument is made. Of course, a lot of time is spent on making the instrument. Like television one has to work very hard, a lot of theories came out when all that was worked out and ultimately you find that television is made. And but when it is put to the mains you are amazed the way it works. In the same way, you are an instrument made already readymade. It is just to be put to the mains, and that is the way it starts acting. You are amazed how it works and you are surprised how it works surprised that you yourself start feeling the cool breeze in your hands and you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your head. How can it be? It happens. It has to happen. It has happened to thousands of people. and should happen to many more.

In Adelaide, I think it has not been such a big group. But we have very good deep Sahajayogis here who know a lot about Sahaja yoga. Gradually I am sure it will increase and people will take to it. But In the beginning, we have to have a very solid foundation. And we have very good people who are doing this job. And as I said you don’t have pay for it. You can not have to give up anything. You do your normal work. You don’t have to give up anything. You have to be living as you are. And you will be surprised, as Dr Warren has told you, every relationship improves in every way. Relationships not only in your family but with other countries with other people. With every one, you start understanding because you become collectively conscious again I say you become you are not collectively conscious so far. But you become means you can see another person within your own body. You can feel it on your fingertips.

As Mohammad Saab has said at the time of resurrections your hands will speak. You start feeling. You can feel chakras of another person. You can feel your own chakras. If You know how to cure those chakras you can cure your self and you can cure others.

Moreover, there are many great saints who are to be born today in these modern times. Many saints are to be born. Because as I told you last time, this is the Last Judgment. ‘This is the Last Judgment’. You are not going to be judged by some vain you or something like that but you are going to be judged by kundalini. You are going to judge yourself. Nobody else is going to judge you. Kundalini will rise and it will judge you where you are.

In Cystine chapel that you see in the Vatican is depicting this all the chakras are shown. And Christ at the Agnya is trying to put you into the left or right and throw you away or make you ascend higher into the realm of God. And this is what it is today. That is why there are so many seekers working. You are not born without any purpose in these modern times. Can you imagine so many seekers at the time of Christ? There were not. Today there are so many seekers. And they have to get their Realization. It is their right to get it. It is their right. But how many will come to Sahaja Yoga? Very few. If there is a fake guru, there will be, this hall won’t be sufficient. Will need three halls like this. But if there is somebody real, people do not have that capacity to conceive reality. They like something that is fake, that is nonsensical.

So far you know that all the saints all the real people have been crucified and tortured have been done with. Even Mohammad Saab was given a lot of poison and he was killed by like that. So you know how they were tortured all the people who were real. And unreal people are always liked because people are unreal themselves. They do not have eyes to see reality. That is why the reality goes very slowly.
Of course in modern times nobody can crucify me. That is true. But still, I would request you that you must know that there is a chance for you. This is the greatest chance which is in the whole universe never such a time came before. And the greatest time you are born. You are at the greatest point today that you can get your Realization. That is what you have been seeking, and that is what you have to have.

May God bless you.

Would you like to ask me any questions?
Yes. (Inaudible)…
Dr Warren: Sorry, I didn’t understand your question.
Seeker: I used and you have used the term, the Lord Jesus Christ in discussing this. When you were talking to other cultures, other than Christians say other religious groups would you use other terms for Jesus Christ you mean?
Shri Mataji: Why? Why should I?
Warren: He is looking for Buddha or something like that I think.
Shri Mataji: For everyone, because they are all connected. Don’t you know that? They are all related to each other. Only we are fighting like blind people. They are all flowers born on the same tree of life. Same tree of life. And people have plucked them and when they are dead, they say this is mine, this is mine, this is mine. Actually, Christ himself has said, “Those who are not against me are with me”. Who are those who are not against him? You gave him hardly four years to talk. In four years,, what can he do? You see, I had to work with seven horrible hippies in London. For four years, I was fed up with them. So, it is not easy to talk to people. People are so adamant, so conditioned. That is not easy. Four years
What could he do? And then you crucified him.

Why not? To the Buddhist or to everyone Buddha is very much there. Mahavira is all there. All of them are there sitting on these chakras that you have.
And you will know, you will be surprised, they are also related to each other and so anxious to look after your Realization. We don’t know that. We know that through some conditioning and some ideas that people have given us.
It has nothing to do with a particular culture. It is something so innate within ourselves, absolutely innate. It is nothing to do with outside nonsense we have created out of ourselves. God never created this world as separated world. Never! It is only human beings have done. This is my country, this is your country. Nothing.

Do you know that this Australia was bewitched between, do you know that it was between Africa and India? It was there. And then it came down, drifted down here. It came here. And do you know it is an important country in Sahaja Yoga. Because it represents the first centre of innocence. Do you know that? So it is the whole thing we have to see. We don’t have to see a small narrow vision. Because this narrow vision has created such problems. Now see in Iran and Iraq, there is a problem. They are following the same so-called same prophets, the same religion. Christians are fighting. Everybody is fighting. Hindus are fighting. Hindus and Sikhs are fighting. God knows what is going to happen to these stupid people. They are fighting in the name of God.

(Inaudible question by the audience)
Dr Warren: That is very true. Some people, he agrees with all you say. It is just that some people believe that their God is the best one and Jesus Christ is the most important.
Shri Mataji: That is the trouble with them that they don’t know how Jesus Christ is related to all of them. That is the trouble, you see. You see because when you see through an angle, you see only wee part. Isn’t it? So, you have to enter into the kingdom of God to see what Jesus Christ is. He is very important no doubt. But others are equally important.
You see, like in the body, we have the nose and the eyes. Anything you lose them, you know what the importance of it has. In the same way everything is very, very important and respected.

(Inaudible question)
Dr Warren: You are mixing up chakras, Yin and Yang. Which are two different things.
Shri Mataji: Again, again what did he say?
Dr Warren: What is the difference between chakras as you have described, as described for example in Zen, as in Martial arts? And he is also asking the meaning of, the significance of Yin and Yang.
Shri Mataji: This is Yin and Yang. If you see these two are Yin and Yang. And what is described in the martial arts, is actually later on followed by it. But actually, Zen is nothing- Zen means meditation, Zen means meditation. And you see the description even of Lao Tse of Tao, is the same of the Kundalini rising. You see the Yangtze River, I have gone through that you see, and it is really a description of the Kundalini itself how it raises. And Tao is nothing but the Kundalini. Describes that. (De? is different). But Tao means the Kundalini. Now, these are the two things which are in our brain you see really placed like that Yin and Yang. You see there if you cut your heads transverse, you will find these two things placed like that Yin and Yang. And this is what Zen was talking about.

Now the Zen system came in when Buddha- actually, Buddha system came in, when Buddha found that in India especially, that people had taken too much to worshipping, and dead rituals and all that. The reason was they talked of the, to begin with. They talked of the deities that reside on these chakras. All these deities. Even Christ was described much before he came on this earth. So, they were all following those deities. And that made people get attached to the deities.

Like we have to get to the honey, but they describe the flower. This is the flower you get this honey out of. This is the flower you get this honey out of. And that is how they got worried about the flower. They started worshipping the flowers, that too dead flowers. As I told you. Then he thought that it is better to talk about, so many of them, not only He, even Mahavira, even Mohammad Saab, there are so many people who just thought better to talk about Formless God, and not about the Form. Because these get stuck to the forms. So they said all right let us talk about something that is Formless because it was important to talk about the Formless God. So, at the time of Buddha, it went even further he found that even if you talk about Formless God, it becomes talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. So, he said, “No, bring it down to the brass talk as you say”. To the actual what should a person do.

For example, now you are walking, and you are blind supposing. Now I will say all right you take your first step. This is the first step and he said the first step was Self Realization. He said first you get your Self Realization. Confucius on the contrary of that, he said all right ‘let us start seeing in the communities’. You see he believed in the communities. How it works out in the society, in the people, in the collective. Because he himself was a Realized soul and he could see that it will work out more on the collective. But Buddha said, “First you get your Realization”. There is no way out. This is how we think that they are different. They are not. They are saying the same thing. But Buddha had to talk at that time only of Self-realization. In the beginning, for three years at least, I talked of Self-realization and nothing else. Till people achieved a certain stage, I wouldn’t talk of anything else. But then I started telling them all about it. Because the first thing should be your Self-realization. It is like this. If you are walking in the dark, it is better to ask them to put on the light first and then we will talk about it. It is like that. So, Buddha didn’t talk of God. The reason was he wanted us to have the Realization. That is why he is called an atheist also, many people called him an atheist. But he was not.
But Zen today, I must say Zen today is no Zen any more. It is all talk, talk, talk, talk.
Because I met the head of the Zen. He was very sick. He even came to Bombay. And They wanted me to heal him. I saw his Kundalini just settled down there. I said what is the matter with your Zen? He said that I must say he was honest enough, he was a very sick man, and he was very honest. He said that we have had only 26 Kashyapas, means realized souls, from the sixth to tenth century. And from the tenth century, there have had no Kashyapas, no realized souls. We are just living on their knowledge. Why not you become the Kashyapas is the point. All right.

(Inaudible question)
Dr Warren: He expected link about Realization. What he is unsure is how it is actually achieved.
Shri Mataji: That is a real seeker. (Mother laughs). That is what we are going to achieve. All right, that’s what we are going to do now. That is a different part. But anything else before getting in. That’s a real seeker who is not bothered about anybody else. Zen, Buddha, everything. Give me Realization now. That’s a real thing. Like I say I cook the food for you. All right, have it. If you are hungry, you say mother let us have the food.
(Inaudible question)
Shri Mataji: It does.
Dr Warren: I spent a lot of time explaining that.
Shri Mataji: Yes. You didn’t listen to that.
Dr Warren: How is self-realization connected to the physical body.
Shri Mataji: I will prove it to you it does. It does. It is. You mean to say the spirit doesn’t. This light, how does it affect the whole room?

(Inaudible question)
Shri Mataji: That is a wrong idea. You see it is prevalent that spirit hangs somewhere. That if you have spirit, you have an unhealthy body. It is a wrong idea. It is like, the spirit is the one which is the nourisher of this body. You get to the vital force. You see, you saw the three forces that are there. One is the force, which is the force that has created us. Another is the force that is our emotions. And third is the force that is evolutionary. All these forces which are vital forces within us which work through our parasympathetic nervous system get awakened. And the whole thing becomes connected.
Like if you have petrol in the car, I will give you a very simple example, in the car you get frightened, when, in tension, or maybe car gets sick when the petrol is finished. But Supposing you get a connection with the petrol pump all the time, you won’t have problems. It is like that. You get connected with the whole. You get connected with the source. The tree that has grown too much as it is our civilization has become a tree without the roots. It sickens. But when it goes to the roots, you go to the source you are nourished. From where do you get nourishment? Where do the medicines come in? From where does your food come in? All from the same source. From this all-pervading power. Once you get connected with all-pervading power, which is so subtle, you just start getting all right. All right?

Dr Warren: Any other question before she gives you the experience? That is the most important thing. But like most of our western minds, they want to know Why? and How?

Shri Mataji: It is all right. Doesn’t matter. It is better you ask me before because when your Kundalini raising you will be thinking ‘oh! I should have asked this question.’ So better ask me the question and then have it. It is like that you see. It is all right. Whatever you have asked is all right, it is good. But it is the experience. It is the experience is important. Without experience talk has no meaning!

And once you get it, once you are established, you can do it yourself. You become empowered. You become the Guru.

Dr Warren: Any other questions? Yes?
(Inaudible question)
Warren: Ok. How do you stop negativity affecting you or draining your own power?

Shri Mataji: It won’t. We will tell you the methods of protection. We have. That is the thing. First is Yoga, means union with the Divine. It doesn’t mean standing on your head. It means union with the Divine. The second meaning of it is Yoga Koushalam, means the depths. You know how to handle this power. You should know how to protect and that is what we are going to tell you how to protect yourself. How to manoeuvre it. How to make others be protected. All that we will tell you. That is the thing you have to learn. And that’s very, very simple. And for that even if you spend about a month, you will be there.
You will establish yourself and you will be like a big tree for others.
(Inaudible question)

Dr Warren: He said that there seems to be a tendency that as you increase your own strength you attract negative people and they drain you.

Shri Mataji: Are you a Sahaja yogi? Have you been in Sahaja Yoga?

Dr Warren: Have you had your Realization? Here.
Shri Mataji: No. Then try this. It is just the other way around. When you become a Realized soul the negative people run away. They don’t like you somehow. They just run away. Even the mosquitoes I have seen.

But if you go to some nonsensical people and get some nonsensical things within yourselves there is a fraternity of these horrible negatives. They just follow you because they know you belong to them. That is why. But if you are a Realized soul, there are no ways. But of course, sometimes they try to be arrogant. That time you must know how to protect and you are always protected. Not only by your force but the love of God. Because you go beyond the cause and the effect, you go beyond cause and effect. But still, I would say that you must spend at least a month about understanding it. And then it works out better.

Dr Warren: There is another gentleman.
(Inaudible question)
Dr Warren: What to do to get your Realization? How long does it take to get Realization? Three months or five years.

Shri Mataji: One second. Tatkshan is the word used by a great saint in India when he was asked ‘how much does it take.’ He said tatkshan, that moment. Kundalini raises that moment. But the problem is that the chakras are not all right. There is a problem in chakras. If the chakras are all right, just you get it. Like in Indian villages, I find that thousands of them get it. Once they get it, they settle down.

But in the West, it is very difficult. Sometimes you really will raise it, raise it and go on raising it. But still, I would say never six months. At the most, at the most twice or thrice you have to try. At the most.
You have to have little patience with yourself because we have harmed ourselves by too much thinking. You don’t know, you will realize it very soon that you have really been thinking too much. It’s all wasteful thinking. Wasted our time in wasteful thinking.

So, should we have it now?

All right, that is good. That is like all seekers should be.

Now what we can do is to know one thing that we have to take help of from this Mother Earth. We have to take out our shoes and put our feet on Mother Earth so that she sucks out all our problems easily. Both the feet on Mother Earth just like this straight. Put both the feet straight on the Mother Earth balanced not touching each other, keep them separate, parallel just keeping them separate. It is a very simple method, it is an extremely simple method. Now put your left hand towards me and also right hand like this. And as I said left hand represents the power of desire. So we keep the left hand all the time like this. And only use the right hand for the action. And you raise your own Kundalini. How you do it I will tell you. Because it will help you do it again and again to raise it. Because the experience has to be repeated again and again, otherwise it does not settle in the brain. It has to be repeated again and again so that you become a convinced experiencer first of all. So what you have to do is to put your left hand towards me, just you put a left hand. At the very outset, I have to tell you one thing which is a very common disease in the west is to feel guilty, all the time. Whatever I have said in my lecture, or whatever Warren must have said in his lecture, one thing is that you are not to think about it and feel guilty. You are not to feel guilty at all at all about anything. Because as I said that you are to be enlightened and you are the temple of God. God is the ocean of forgiveness. Really he is the ocean of forgiveness and you can not commit any mistake that he can not forgive. So you have to understand that you do not have to feel guilty. Don’t debase yourself. Don’t make yourself feel depressed about it. Be confident that God is the ocean of forgiveness and I am the temple of God and I have to just have my lights on. That’s all.

So if you treat yourself with that respect and love, it will work out much faster. So just at the very outset, you tell yourself clearly three times closing your eyes that, ‘I am not guilty. Mother, I am not guilty.’ Three times, which
you will have to repeat again at a point. Now I will tell you also the chakras that you will be touching. First of all, you will be touching your heart where resides the spirit. Then you will be touching the upper part of your abdomen, which is the centre of the principle of the master, principle of your guru here, which is created by all the gurus. Then you will be touching the lower part of the abdomen, which is the centre of the technique of divine love. Or we call it pure technique, the pure technique of pure knowledge. So that is one. Then you have to rise again in the upper part, then on the heart, then in the corner here where the neck and the shoulder make an angle and push down.
Here is where you catch when you say you are guilty. When you think you are guilty then you catch here. And that’s very important for you people. And then we raise our hand here. This is the centre here of one side is Mahavira, Buddha and Christ in between. And here we say a mantra which I will tell you it is very simple.
Then back here and then on the top of your head, where fontanelle area is there which is a soft bone. You put your hand in such a way that the palm is on that area. You have to press it hard and move it clockwise yourself and then you have to take down the hand. And I will tell you what happens later. All right, this is very simple.
Now you have to close your eyes, take down your spectacles. If there is anything tight on your stomach or your neck you have to loosen it a little. Take out the spectacles. And because it helps the eyes also. So better try that. Whatever I say, just try to cooperate. Do not object it. Just try to cooperate to get your Realization. Just cooperate. Everybody must cooperate. Allow ask your mind to stop thinking for a while. Because this is the greatest thing you have to have. All right? You have come for this you better get it. Take out your spectacles, please. All of you and put it in you, not this pocket but somewhere else. Because we are going to use this part we are going to use this point as the heart. All right?

Now close your eyes. You are not to open your eyes. Because the things happen inside not outside. So please take your spectacles, glasses as they call them. I hope you followed what I said about the glasses. All right? Take them out.

Now put your right hand on your heart. And left hand toward me, all the time towards me, all the time. Right hand on your heart. And now close your eyes. Don’t open your eyes till I tell you.

Now here on the heart, you have to say or you have to ask a question to me. It is an absolute question which you are asking and as a computer, you have to get an answer. So you ask a question, ‘Mother or you can call me Shri Mataji, am I the spirit?’ Ask the question three times. ‘Am I the spirit?’ Three times. ‘Am I the spirit?’
Now as you have said, that are you the spirit or not, another question follows with this question. Is that if you are the Spirit, you must be your master also, your guru because you are your guide there.
So now put this right hand down on the upper part of the abdomen, upper part of the abdomen. The upper part of your stomach, here at this centre of the Guru. Now you have to ask a question, ‘Mother am I, my own master? Am I my own Guru? Am I my own guide?’ If you are the spirit you become, you become the ‘budh’. Buddha, You become the Buddha. Have full confidence. Don’t feel guilty. Please don’t feel guilty. Have full confidence in yourself. You are the spirit no doubt.
Now you please have your right hand on your left-hand side lower part of your stomach, the lower part of your abdomen and press it. This is the centre through which you work out the true knowledge, the real one. Please do it everyone. Why not do it? Why not try?
Please don’t look at others. You have to look at yourself. This is the time when you have to work it out. Now put the hand on the lower part of the abdomen. Press it. Now, this is the centre as I told you of the true knowledge, of the pure knowledge, of the technique of the divine love.
Here you have to say because I cannot cross your freedom you have to say yourself, ‘Mother I want to have the true knowledge’ or you have to say, ‘Mother please give me the true knowledge’. You have to say this six times because this centre has got six petals. Please say it. In your freedom, you can ask for it. I cannot force it on you. You say, ‘Mother please give me the pure knowledge’. Shudha Vidya, it is called in Sanskrit. Six times. This is the first initiation the kundalini receives from you.
Now without opening your eyes if you put your right hand again back on the upper part of your abdomen, in the upper part of your abdomen, in the upper part of your abdomen. Now the kundalini has started moving. The movement has started. You may not feel it. Some might feel it, some may not. Those, who have little obstruction may feel it. Those, who do not have may not feel it. Now put your right hand on your left-hand side of your upper part of the stomach. Now, this is again the principle of the master. So now as you have asked your kundalini to raise you to have to assert and create a place for her by telling her that, ‘Mother I am my own master’. Say it ten times, because this centre has got ten petals.
‘Mother I am my own master’. Just say that.

Press it hard, press it hard. And put your attention on the upper part of your fontanelle bone area on the top. Because some people are paying attention here and there. Better is to put your attention on the top of your head. And now say it ten times asserting fully with full confidence, ‘Mother I am my own master’.
Dr. Warren: Mother tells them to put their attention, not their hand.
Shri Mataji: No not hands, but your attention I am saying. Put your hand on the upper part of your abdomen. Just pay your attention in a very simple manner, not turning your eyes or anything onto the top of your head on to the fontanelle bone area, which was a soft bone as a child. And now ten times you have to say, ‘Mother I am my own guru’.

Now raise your right hand on your heart. Raise your right hand on your heart. At this point again with full confidence, now you have to say at this chakra, ‘Mother I am the spirit’. Just say with full confidence in you. You must have full confidence in you to say that. ‘Mother I am the spirit’.
Better. ‘I am the spirit. Mother, I am the spirit’. Please say it twelve times.

Aah better. As I told you that God is not only the ocean of love and compassion, but he is the ocean of forgiveness. So now you put your right hand on the shoulder, on the angle which is made by the neck and shoulder on the left-hand side. And press it hard. At this point, you have to say ‘Mother I am not guilty’. Please say it sixteen times. Please say it sixteen times.

All right. Now please say it sixteen times with full confidence in his forgiveness in his power of forgiveness. Please say it from your heart. Please believe that you are not guilty. Please believe me you are not guilty. You are not guilty.
It is better.

Now raise your right hand on your forehead across and press it on both the sides as you press it when you have a headache. At this point, you have to say ‘Mother I forgive everyone’. Here you have to say ‘Mother I forgive everyone’. Because some people think that forgiving is very difficult, I would like to say that whether you forgive or do not forgive it makes no difference. Because it is a myth. But if you do not forgive someone then you play into the hands of others. So you better say ‘Mother I forgive everyone’. Buddha’s thing is going. The right side is catching. Those who follow Buddha himself, he is angry with you. Because he is catching on the Buddha’s chakras on the people. Please forgive everyone. ‘Mother I forgive everyone’. Say it from the heart. How many times is not the point? Say it from your heart, is important.

Now take back your hand on the backside of your head where the optic lobe is. Hold it tight at the back. Tight and press it hard. Because you always feel guilty it is better to say to the Divine that ‘if I have done anything wrong against the Divine, please forgive me. If I have done anything against the Divine, please forgive me’. Ask the forgiveness from the Divine.

You can say ‘please forgive me oh! God almighty’. Whichever way you want to say. Because people they believe into something and then they think that is not good. So they believe into another thing. Then they say that is not good. So they believe into another thing. Everything is the same. There is no difference at all. It is our own mind that works it out. And then we think we are right. But we should see the people who are following any path, where have they reached? What have they achieved? Nothing. Everywhere there is same chaos. So they have not achieved anything. And we are following something again the same way. And we are going to achieve nothing ourselves which is our own property, which is our own wealth. We are denying ourselves. We are not kind to ourselves. Because if you have followed such a false path, or such a wrong path all the time without getting your self-realization, please ask for forgiveness. It is important. It is not only ignorance, but I think it is also stupidity. Not to take to reality is stupidity. Just stuck?
Aah! Better. Now put your right hand on top of your head, on top your head, where the fontanelle area is and push it little in and move it clockwise saying seven times something that is very important at this time, because again I cannot cross your freedom. So you have to say ‘Mother give me my Realization. I want my Self-realization. Mother give me my Realization. I want my Self-realization‘. Press it hard, press it hard, press it hard. Press the thing on the fontanelle bone area and move your scalp with your pressure seven times.
(Mother blowing seven times)
Now bring down your hand and slowly open your eyes. Don’t think. You can’t do that now. Just don’t think. Bring your right hand down and just don’t think. Just open your eyes without thinking. We have switched off the air conditioning for you to see. Now see on top of your head, if there is a cool breeze is coming out. Just see on top of your head if there is a cool breeze coming out. It is about 4-6 inches you move about. It is a subtle thing. Just see yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out. All right? Move it up and down. Yah? Little low. Are you feeling it? It is very subtle. You have to certify yourself. See with the left hand first of all. Now with the right hand. Some might feel a little heat coming out but later on, you will feel it. All right? Not sure?

Again, try with the left hand. Try with the left hand. You have to see for yourself. Nobody should give you a certificate. Now see with the right hand.

Mmm got it. It is there. You can raise your hands like this. Push back your head and ask a question ‘Is this the all-pervading power of God? Is this Brahma Shakti? Is this the Formless power?’ Put down your hands and see if you feel the cool breeze better. All right? All those who are feeling the cool breeze raise your hands so I know how many are feeling. Raise your hands, both the hands. Yes? The one who asked the question on the Zen. Did you feel the cool breeze, Mr Zen? No? Not for you. All right, we will get it done for you. Most of you have felt. Thank you very much. You see this is the conditioning of the mind. Just we have to get out of it.

Now today, there is no zen, there is no Buddha. When Buddha was here, people questioned him. When Zen came, they questioned him.

Now I am before you, they are questioning me. Why not have it? I am before you. They are born. You like to live with the dead. Why? They are no more here. Why follow something that is dead? See? That is the point. Now see. Are you feeling the cool breeze? You must. All of them have felt it. Why not you?

All right? You have to feel it. We will get it done for you.

All right. Now I also tell you the same thing as the gentleman has asked for negativity what is to be done. To begin with, you are just newly born. So you have to be careful. So, first of all, we must know how to protect ourselves. That is important. That is what I am going to tell you how to do it. How to raise your kundalini. It is very simple.

Put your left hand towards me like this again and to protect your 7 chakras which have the auras around you, you have to give a protection to your auras. So now what you do is raise your right hand like this. All of you do it. This will help. Even those who haven’t felt the cool breeze. One, again, two, try, all of you try, three, four, five, six and seven times. Because the power is flowing through your hands. And you are just giving protection to yourself.

Now how to raise kundalini is to be seen. You are sitting, the kundalini is here. I will show you standing up. Now the kundalini is here. You put your left hand like this sitting down and right hand in front like this on top like that move it like that. Let us move it. Watch the left hand, watch the left hand. Loosen your shoulder and now put it into a tie, one. Now the second one, now how do you do it? Same way. Start it from there. Now this hand will move much faster. Now put it back again and tie it like that, two. The third time you have to tie fast. Loosen your shoulders, now three times one, two and three. Now see, it will be better.

You didn’t do anything? You didn’t do? Why?
One of the audience: I am not well.
Shri Mataji: I know. Again the same ‘I’. You have to get your Realization. You are not well. Better get your realization. You are not well at all. You know that.

Ha! Now better? Good. Children feel it much faster than anybody else. They are so simple. This ‘I’ is not going to help you much. Better get your realization. You are a seeker out and out. All right? Respect your seeking. Don’t play with your ‘I’ and ego. It is not good. What are you going to give me? Nothing. Why don’t you get your Realization?

All right? Be sensible. Be sensible about it. Don’t waste your time.

That is the trouble, you people are so intelligent, educated and you don’t understand simple things. Done.
May God bless you.
So we have a very nice centre here. You are all welcome to that centre. And come along and see them. But you have to telephone first of all see them. And it has to work out. If it has not worked out, it is all right. Doesn’t matter. Must be something wrong with some centres, or something, which we have to correct and it will work out. But get it done. All right? You are all seekers. Respect yourselves. You don’t know what you are missing. Please get your Realization. Everybody has got it. Why not you?

May God bless you.