The reality has to work within ourselves

Auckland (New Zealand)


Public Programme Day 1, AUCKLAND (New Zealand) 5th March 1985

I bow to all the seekers of truth. This is for the first time I’ve come to New Zealand because there were some people who came down to India and got their self-realization, who said there are many seekers on this island and that I should visit this place.

I find there are many seekers, no doubt, but many are misguided, some are embedded in the conditioning of different religions, but some are still very much dissatisfied. I want to know what is the truth.

Now if you read any scripture, even Bible if you read, you will find out that Christ has said, “that you are to be born again’. So people give them a certificate, we are born again. You cannot be self-opinionated. You cannot certify yourself that we are born again. It cannot be. If you are born again, then you must have certain powers. Supposing I say, I am the Prime Minister, then I have some powers. In the same way, if you are born again, then there has to be a complete transformation. And this kind of blind understanding, that if you brand yourself as something, you become different, is very outward like changing the clothes. Like some people think, that if they dance, scream and jump they will become heavenly something. If they take out their clothes they will become heavenly. It’s Absurd. I cannot understand, what is happening to the brains of the modern people? That they should have sharp intelligence, pure intelligence to see, that outward change cannot bring in the inward change. We have to have a transformation of people. Unless n until we transform human beings, we are not going to survive. This is the condition today. We are living in the age of complete shock and we are precariously placed, very precariously placed, which we are not aware of, that if we do not take to this self-realization, there is all possibility, that we may not be able to exist longer.

Now the self-realization part is very simple to understand. If you know that we have evolved from amoeba to this stage as human beings. We do not know why? But we have evolved through some internal force within us, that has worked it out, that we have human beings and if we have to become something more, the same internal force is going to do the job. We did not do anything about it.

That’s why we say it is spontaneous, Sahaj. Sah means ‘with’, J means ‘born’. It is born with you, the right to be the spirit is born with you, which u must have because you are a human being and you have to rise higher, higher into the state of a spirit. This is said by everyone. As Christ has said to Nicodemus, that you have to become the spirit and you have to be born again. So he asked, ‘Does that mean I have to enter into the womb of my mother again’? He said No. whatever is born of the flesh is the flesh. So clearly, I mean he said it very clearly, you are to be born of the Holy Ghost. And the Holy Ghost is reflected in you as KUNDALINI. Of course in these four years of his time when he was with people, how much could he tell?

You’ll be amazed, I was in London, for first four years I was struggling with seven hippies and I just didn’t know whether I’ll be able to give them realization in these four years. They were so difficult, very difficult people. They had good brains but no wisdom at all. Somehow or other it worked out. Now they are very good Sahaj yogis. They are very good Sahaj yogis and they are the foundations, I should say, in England for Sahaj yoga. Whatever it is, so in four years what could Christ, whatever possible, he spoke, he said, he prepared the grounds but the way Christians have gone are absolutely wrong ways. They are following Paul and not Christ. Now the challenge has come before you whether you accept Christ as a divine personality or Paul because Paul never accepted him as a divine personality. He never wanted him to be a divine personality. Paul was not a Christian by any chance, because he never knew Christ. I don’t know how he was in the Bible. When I first saw the Bible, I was quite amazed why this Mr.Paul is there. But it’s not me only who is saying that Blake has said it and if you have read Khalil Jibran, he has written a complete chapter against him saying that,’I can’t understand this strange man Paul.’

Now the trouble is, now we are at a precipice of understanding, that Paul has put everything in jeopardy because he was born again as Augustin and he has solidified and frozen all that was Christianity. It’s not true Christianity, that way of following. If it was, we would have been transformed, people. But you see Christian nations, how they have dominated other countries, how they have killed so many people. In this country how many people were killed by Christians themselves? In my country itself, how many people were killed by people who called themselves Christians, came there and killed them one after another. How can they be Christians? If they call, even Hitler called himself a Christian, you’ll be surprised, how can they be Christians? The disciples of Christ, who gave his life, not only that, on his cross he forgave all those who crucified him. That emblem, that symbol of such forgiveness, how could be represented by this kind of Christians that we see around? And today what we find, there are thousand and one churches, they are all fighting among themselves. When I was born, I was born in a Christian family, as you know very well and I was amazed the way Christianity was pleased especially with the Protestants. I was even more amazed because it was so sophisticated, everything became so sophisticated, their fanaticism was so sophisticated, that I said they will never be able to break this web and it’s true in India still I would say because the Christians are so stupid in India, that they believe that Christ was born in England, even now. They were poor people, uneducated simple people from villages were collected and they put some sort of meat or beef in water and said ‘now you are all spoilt, you have all become Christians.’ So they are so simple they believe that he was an Englishman and he was a ‘saheb’ you see as we call an Englishman, and that is what is Christ, even now, even now they believe like that. Such simple people were befooled by conversion and all those things, but you don’t find anything good coming out of them except that we have a number of Christians here and a number of Christians there. Big big buildings what is the use? Where is Christianity? I don’t find Christianity anywhere as it is about the fake gurus, as you will listen to my conversation with the interviewers, who took me for about one and a half hours today and they will tell you what I have to say about these fake gurus.

You must know, that it should happen in your evolutionary process that you have evolved to be a human being and you have to be a superhuman being. Look at Christ. We called him as a superhuman being. He could not be tempted by anything. He could not do anything wrong. He was so powerful. He was so compassionate. He had powers to emit such compassion, that people got cured with him. Anywhere near him, people are not. They say that there is a Holy Ghost coming from somewhere. They behave as if they are possessed, people. They are absolutely possessed. There is no transformation. They do all kinds of wrong things. They commit suicides, run away from life. They are not to be called Christians by any chance. In the same way, I would say there are so many fake gurus in this country, so many of them. They have come here just to make money, nothing else. Some of them have come directly from jail. I think your government should find out their bonafide. They will be surprised, that there might be some of them, coming from jails, wearing some dresses and trying to preach to you. It is impossible to understand, how you people have taken to all these false things so easily. You are also very intelligent but is it mechanical intelligence, that you cannot see the reality? The reality has to work within ourselves. It has to transform ourselves. It has to give us special powers because we have those powers within us. We have those powers. They are within us. They are being told by everyone. All the scriptures are saying.

Moreover, somebody starts saying, that this is the way. You can fly in the air. Now you start flying in the air. Why do you want to fly in the air? It’s absurd. They pay six thousand pounds to fly in the air. This is absurd to pay, that much you can just do it without paying so much money, by aeroplanes. You can fly. But people are on the, what we call as the Rajsik people. Rajsik people are the people, who are right-sided. They are guided by their ego.’ I like it’. If you like it then it’s alright but the ‘I’ does not know, cannot discriminate and falls a trap to all such nonsensical ideas.

You must know, that whosoever talking to you, should traditionally talk about religion. He should integrate all religions. He should integrate all the incarnations, all the saints who have come on this Earth. All the truth of the world should be brought, likeTao should be there, Zen should be there, there should be Christ, there should be Mohammad and there should be Krishna and Rama. All of them are relations of each other. Christ has said clearly, ‘Those who are not against me are with me.’ Who are those? And what about what Christ had promised to John? John says, that you have to get a Comforter. What about that? Nobody is looking forward to that. All kinds of mythical organizations we have started in the name of God and why to blame God for anything when you believe in something that is so mythical. It must happen within yourself. The transformation must take within you not of the flesh, but of the Holy Ghost is being said and that’s what sometimes surprises me.

Throughout they ask me, ‘How is it you expanded your Christianity? I was shocked. I was shocked.. Not only but my father who was a very learned man and of Sanskrit and all other scriptures and also of Hebrew. He translated Kuran-e-Sharif into Hindi. He knew fourteen languages, a very learned man. He told me,’I don’t understand, how to make these Christians understand Christ. They will never understand him because if they want to learn through Paul,

they will never understand’ and that’s what today is the position, as you know that we are between two ends. Whether to go to Paul’s depiction or that of CHRIST.

Miracles of God are true. He is miraculous that’s why he is God. He creates miracles. If you want to deny because you are a human being, then you do not know what God can do. God is capable of doing any miracle, that he wants to do. It can create any miracle. It can do whatever it likes. It won’t, of course, create diamonds for you or bring some ashes from somewhere, but it will create a miracle, that will help you, support you, give you faith in the reality of God. But this kind of blind understanding of religion, of reading about it, understanding a science out of it, how will you know? God doesn’t know how to read. He never went into any universities. Christ never went to any University. The knowledge that is true knowledge is within yourself. Unless n until you get your enlightenment, you cannot understand what knowledge is.

Even in the Sanskrit language, we have a book called Vedas means Vid. Vid means the one that is known through your Central Nervous System on your nerves is the Vid. Then as Buddha has called it is Bodha. Bodha means the one that you know again on Central Nervous System. But what about the Buddhist? What about the Zen? Zen people also, I was surprised, I went and saw one Zen guru, who was now the Archbishop of Zen. He was very sick, so they called me to cure him. And he was not a realized soul. So I said how are you a Zen guru? You are not a realized soul and Zen realized soul is called as Kashyapas. So he said, we had only twenty-six Kashyapas so far up to the tenth century from six century and we don’t have any God. So I said, then what are you doing here? He said I’m doing my job. The same thing I have heard myself on television, a horrible thing said by Archbishop of Canterbury. They asked Archbishop, that was Robin Dey if you know him, he is quite a heavy person. Robin Dey asked him, Sir, what is Holy Ghost? He says I m agnostic. He says I m agnostic .. So he asked, then what are you doing here? He says I am doing my job. So Robin Dey says, I am also doing my job. That’s what exactly what happened. Many have seen this. So this is what it is. Not to know is alright but to believe into something that you do not.

We must expand ourselves to see, where is Christ in other scriptures. What is he doing there? When the missionaries came to India, they never knew what Christ was. You see the image of Christ was somebody, who was coming with a pistol. Indians did not understand who was Christ and Christ is very well described in Devi Mahatmyam as Maha Vishnu. He is described so clearly. Everything that he will be doing. That he is the ‘Adhara’, he is the support of the universe is all described there. But who will read that? We cannot read. We have blinkers here of Mr Paul. We cannot read it. But why read Paul also? Who was he? After all, why is he there? I would like to ask any Christian, who thinks the Bible is perfect. How was he there and why did he put his name and his own writings because he had never seen Christ? He had nothing to do with Christ. He was not a realized soul. You can see when you read him. You are amazed, he is going round and round the bush, and he is just trying to organize it.

So now we come down to reality, that before we fail Christ before we fail Christianity, let us understand that we have to get our self-realization, the self-actualization as Yoong has called it.

Yoong has called it and we have to see that it happens within ourselves. Now, because it happens, one should not doubt it. Its surprising people say then why are you doing Mother all this? Then why don’t you do this? It’s nice if you can do it. It’s a nice thing because I am a very happily married woman and I have got very sweet children and grandchildren. But the thing is the job is mine. I have to do it. What can I do about it? So why ask such a question why not have it? And once you’ll have it, you’ll be surprised what you are. You have no idea, you are not aware, as to how tremendous you are.

This instrument is within you already to be enlightened. It’s all there, but because of our ego, you don’t want to accept it. You just want to deny your self-realization. Just imagine, because you think, that why should I take it? It is your own right, you better take it. It’s your own property that you have. It’s within yourself, which you must get, you must get and this is what you cannot pay for. That’s one thing hits at every root. You cannot pay for God’s work. Anybody who takes money from you for God’s work, you must know is not true. It’s not a job. It’s not a job.. It is sprouting of the seed, a living process of the living God. That if you have to give some money to this Mother Earth will she understand, that you sprout the seeds? She does it, that’s her nature. What are you to give to that mother Earth, that she gives you all this? What can we give to her? Can we transform this one flower into fruit?

If some tree is dead, we make a platform, we think we have done a great job. It’s dead from the dead. What else have we done? And the dead sits on our head also. We are used to the dead. Like we are used to a chair, we cannot sit on the ground. The chair sits on our head. We have to carry a chair all along with us wherever we go, otherwise, we cannot sit on the ground. Because the dead are sitting on us. That’s what the matter is doing to us. But if you understand, that you have to become the spirit and the spirit is the living process. It has to work out in the same way as a seed sprout.

You cannot explain how a seed sprouts, but we can explain how the Kundalini rises. But how I work it out, is not possible to tell you. Neither you will be able to tell, though you will give realization to so many. For example, Dr.Warren Reeves was a very difficult case, to begin with, I must say. And, but he was alright and when he got his realization, he worked very hard. He has got thousands of people realized in Australia thousands, not only that, but they are very good Sahaj yogis. Because in Australia, I think has a special place. Especially your New Zealand has another very special place in the, in the Primordial Being.

Australia as I call it is the Mooladhara this one, and this side is New Zealand, which is auspiciousness. auspiciousness.. You stand for auspiciousness. Imagine. What a responsibility you have to be auspicious. Through you, auspiciousness is going to flow in the whole world. That’s why I am here in this country. How am I to tell? How am I to explain, why I am here? You have to rise a little bit to that level to understand, why I am with you. It is the need of the hour. The whole humanity is on the verge of sinking down, but Reality people don’t want. They want something unreal to stick on to that.

They told me there is an Anand Marg still here. The owner of that, the person who started this is dying in Calcutta. His wife and son came to me, got realization. They are my disciples and this fellow is still prospering teaching them violence. They killed twenty-eight people and the police were after him. They put him in jail. So there people started killing people all around. So they had to release him and he is out but under arrest. This is the situation. And thousands and thousands of Australians and New Zealanders were his disciples. Can you believe it. What charms you is something that is fake. Why? What is the reason? I cannot understand it. Only thing I can say, that they look more normal to you, perhaps because they know how to befool. They know how to tell things. But here you have to become. It’s the question of becoming. It is not just by saying, that you get your realization, it will stop.No. You have to become and becoming is actualizing on your Central Nervous System.

You are all capable of it. You are all wonderful people. You are all seekers of ages. You are not seeking God today, you have been seeking it for ages & ages & ages. And today the time has come because modern times are the times when this has to happen.

I hope today in this Introductory lecture, I have been able to put it forward before you, that it is important, that you must think, that you must get your realization. It’s your own. You cannot pay for it. There is no effort. Effortlessly you get it but then once it is sprouted out, you have to look after it. And you have to nurture it and know how to raise your Kundalini. How to keep it there, because there are problems on your chakras. There are obstructions, maybe with my force, it may just rise up, I know but then it may come down. So you have to look after this mother, who is your individual mother. Everyone has an individual mother and this mother is to be looked after because when she is up she has obstructions.

I have seen some people having a mother, who is just wounded. She is in a terrible mess. She doesn’t know how to rise. She comes up to a point, again limply she falls down. Doesn’t matter. You have to support and you have to look after her and I am sure all of you can become, every individual can become a great guru in New Zealand.

May God bless you all. It’s a short lecture today because I would like to have some questions from you, but the questions should be relevant and sensible. There is no need to be aggressive. If you don’t want your realization, you can go away. I cannot force on you. If you don’t want it, nobody can force you. It’s your freedom You have to get your ultimate freedom, for which I must respect your freedom, that you have to choose. If you want, you have your realization, well n good. If you don’t want to have your realization you need not have, but you can ask me questions relevant with the subject. I’ll be very happy to answer them.

The lady who came to interview me, she asked me, what is the response of the people? I said, depends on the person, not on me. It is a very good response in Australia. I don’t know about New Zealand, I have to see. But I think it’s a good response to have so many people here who are seekers, who are seeking truth and are willing to get to their realization into that state. Another thing she said was, that people are frightened of getting a transformation. I said they are not frightened of any kind of change. For example, these punks are painting their head. You know, by doing that what happens? You get blindness. I have got three cases in London, those who have become blind. Their eyes are blind. These dyes are very dangerous for the eyes. They spoil the optic lobe, I have seen. But they don’t mind doing all those things. They are doing all kinds of things. Going into drugs, going into alcoholism.Going into all kinds of gurus without finding out what’s the result. What are the disciples have got? What are the people who have gone to them, have got? But they just jump on to it and when they suffer, they come to me.

So I have to just tell you, that there is nothing to be frightened of. This is your mother. She takes all the burden. Your mother gave you birth, your physical mother. She took all the labour pains, she didn’t give you any trouble. In the same way, this mother looks after you and you better ascend. It takes hardly a second, hardly a second, split of a second really. One great saint in India was asked, how much time does it take to get self-realization? He used the word in Sanskrit ‘Tatshan’. That moment. That moment.. It’s true. But for whom? For simple, very simple people, who are not so complicated.

We have bad health, we have been to other people. We have spoilt our chakras, we have done some harm to ourselves, then it takes little time. But not much. May God bless you. Have complete confidence in yourselves, that you are that, that you are the spirit and you have to just become that. May God bless you.

Question: She is very much aware of the self-realization is being possible, but do you have to put your hands on top of the head?

Shri Mataji: No. No. Nothing. I won’t touch you. You see it’s a, it’s a headache to me, to touch somebody, I tell you. Sometimes such heat comes out of their head. No, not at all. I’ll not touch you at all. I don’t want to touch you. I don’t want to touch anybody. It’s the other way round. People want to touch me. I don’t want to touch you at all. No, no, no, no. The other day, you’ll be surprised, a lady came and touched my feet suddenly. In India, they try very hard and I just said, who was that suffering from cancer? And there was a lady, but she told me, that she got cured by touching me. I said, but still, you should have told me. Should have told me. Taken my permission. You shouldn’t do like that. Could be, you could have been hit by me, my walking or something, and she is cured. So it’s better that you don’t touch me. I’ll be very happy. Thankful to you. There is no need. Do we touch the sun?

Just a minute. There is a lady.

Question: What help can meditation be in the process? She has been participating in what is called a Self-transformation course in meditation.

Shri Mataji: I don’t want to frighten you much my lady, but we shouldn’t do all these things. You see it’s not proper, because supposing I don’t know anything, and I try to do something on my own. It’s not proper. I spoil it. You see the telephone if it is not connected and you are trying to telephone, then the telephone gets spoilt. It’s like that. But doesn’t matter. We’ll work it out, but sometimes I find, it becomes rather difficult if you have done anything like that because you do not know anything about the Chakras. And now please there is some gentleman asking. What that? What’s he saying?

Question: I was explaining how the Agnya chakra, the ego can constrict the rising of the Kundalini. He was asking what about the superego? It’s the same.

Shri Mataji: Yes both. But you see the ego and superego, some people who are left-sided, their superego actually invades the ego like this and they are the people, who are like people who take to extremes and are massive type. They are the ones, who take a lot of burden upon themselves and become very unhappy and miserable, all that kind, conditioned people and the ego sometimes can press it down. Now because of this kind of movement of ego also, the Kundalini cannot rise. If it is in the centres properly balanced, if you have a balanced temperament, then only Kundalini rises. That is why it is important to have the balance in this portion (showing the subtle system chart) this is shown as green. It’s the balance, that all the great Prophets told us, to have balance. The balance comes by ten valencies we have, which are actually expressed as Ten Commandments. And these are in every scripture are described as Ten and these ten must be balanced. If they are balanced, if you have not gone to extremes, then the ego and superego both of them are balanced. But if any one of them is in imbalance, we have to bring it to the balance and then raise the Kundalini.

Yogi: Then they both get sucked in, as a result of rising of Kundalini, passing that point they become progressively egoless.

Shri Mataji: It may become a vicious circle there sometimes because you see this Agnya is very constricted. This is the gate. It’s a very constricted place and to pass through that, it has to have a wider, wider area. But it can get by too much pressure of ego or superego maybe, but with one rising it may not be sucking in. But it’s all right. I’ll tell you how to do it.

Question: inaudible

Shri Mataji: Good. As soon as I came here, I enquired about them, you’ll be surprised. I said who were the originals, what did they call it and everything? I just wanted to know about all of them, because it’s very important. You see and also I think they were killed, the way they were killed, they are hovering around. They are to be released. You see they should forgive. They must forgive now. Whatever has happened has happened. They can take their birth and get their realization. Why bother about the past? Forgot it. We must forgive everyone. That’s important.

Yogi: He is now talking about peace and while talking about this he is supporting Yogananda and other masters on their path of self-realization.

Shri Mataji: Nothing. I don’t think much of Yogananda now, because reading his book, of course, you don’t know anything about self-realization, what he talks about. But when I went there, I found, I was surprised some people had their tongues wagging like that. I said,’ what’s the matter with you? Why your tongues are wagging?’ They said, he told us to do ‘Khechari’.I said, Khechari for what? He said this is raj yoga, kriya yoga. Sahaj Yoga is ‘akriya’ no Kriya. Now Khechari is a thing that happens to you when Kundalini rises. What happens when Kundalini comes up to Vishuddhi Chakra, the tongue is a little bit pulled at the back which you don’t feel anything. I mean it just happens automatically, because it’s such a split of a second, that you don’t feel anything. Like when your car starts, it starts moving the wheels and everything spontaneously automatically as a result of that happening. But if you start moving your wheel will you make the car start? It’s the other way around. You see it’s all absurd. Because to cut somebody’s tongue like that, they cannot talk. Like dogs, they are moving about. It’s so cruel I think. It’s very cruel. They don’t know anything about self-realization. You mean to say, people who will get realization, will be having their tongues like that? What are they going to tell people? What are they going to give others? All these people are really, I don’t understand.

And I met the grandson of this Baba Lahiri, who came to me. I must tell you about him. He is a very interesting person. He came to me and he said, Mother. I was first because I was the grandson of Baba Lahiri, I learnt kriya yoga. I did everything that was possible in kriya yoga. Then I met, who was the other fellow? ( Shri Mataji is asking the yogis) The one who talks to much. He is very old now. Bala’s guru? They are all in Switzerland or America, nicely settled down, What’s that? With all their money. What’s the name? Na na na na na. This is another one. Who talks too much. He says there is no real. Krishnamurti. Now this Krishnamurti. He joined this Krishnamurti. He went to Krishnamurti. It’s very interesting. And then he said I started talking like Krishnamurti and so Krishnamurti sent me round to talk like him. And then suddenly realized what’s happening to me? I have not got self-realization. Because he is an Indian he knows what self-realization is you see. So he came to me. He said, Mother. Now can you transform me? It really took one full year for me. My hands were broken you see to break his Krishnamurti and to break his Yogananda stuff. Thank God he had no wagging tongue. What will I do with people with wagging tongues? Tell me? It’s absurd. You see it’s nice to read these books but there is nothing in it.

Now there is another one that started, which is very very, be careful about it. That’s called as Shambala. That I met in Spain and these people are the Spanish people themselves, are organizing this Shambala business. Taking a lot of money and they were going to Shambala. I said, where is this? They said, Gobi Desert. I said, for what? For Nirvana. I said as it is, if you walk one mile in that Gobi Desert, you will be finished. But that’s the best way and I am sure they must have been finished there and these people must have pocketed all the money. And they were (not clear)doesn’t matter. We are going for our Nirvana. How can you go to any place and get Nirvana? It is within yourself. Everybody has said it is within yourself. It has to happen within.

Question: Inaudible

Shri Mataji: By what? What is he talking about? Seeker: Do you want me to speak louder? Shri Mataji: Yes I just, now tell me. You see because vibrations have to be alright for me to hear that’s why I am asking you? and what is he saying? Did you follow? No. No. Alright. Let us talk after realization.Sit down. Let’s see if it works out. Sit down. We’ll talk about it later on. You have been to so many people, did you talk to them? Then it’s alright. You better sit down. Sit down. It’s alright because what I am saying, we are going to waste our time in all these people. You see, those who have been to universities, to the libraries, to the gurus this that, just leave them behind there. You better get your self here. Everybody else is in the brain, where is yourself? Even I would say, keep all the scriptures out. Now you be as human beings here, get your realization. That’s the main point. As a mother I would say, get your realization. Nothing is more important to my children. That’s the most important thing you have to have is your self-realization. All these things are of no avail, of no use. I am telling you the Truth. It’s you who is important. It is yourself which is important. Your realization which is important. Nothing else. All this is blah. blah. blah. Believe me. Even whatever I have said and talked, forget it. Because then you will feel guilty. I don’t want you to feel guilty about it at all. Know that you are the temple of God. Know that there is light within you. I don’t want you to feel any way diffident, whatever I have said. Just don’t feel because you might have been to some of these, you must have gone to some of these. Forget it. You must know, that God is the ocean of forgiveness. Is the ocean of forgiveness.. So first you have your realization, then only you can do good to yourself and to your fellowmen. I assure you, that’s the only thing you should ask for. Alright. Let’s have it.

I would request one thing more if you don’t mind. We’ll have to use the Mother Earth, so we have to put our shoes out and put our feet on Mother Earth because we have to get elements alright. Just humble down yourself and get your realization. Just get your realization, then we’ll talk. If you get your realization well & good, otherwise we’ll have to work it out tomorrow. Just get your realization. That is the most important thing.

Someone in the crowd: Take out socks also?

Shri Mataji: No. No. It’s alright. Just put them. I mean if they are not absolutely rubber. Rubber socks may be difficult, but otherwise alright. Just put your feet on the Mother Earth. Just simple like this and you don’t have to touch me. You have to just put your hands towards me. Like this. Now the left side as you know is the power of desire. And the right side is the power of action. Normally there is no need to do anything like that. Normally. In the Indian villages, I don’t do all these things. But in the West, I think we better do it because you will raise your own Kundalini. I will not. You will raise your own Kundalini. That’s the point.

Now let us put the left hand towards me, like this. Just left hand throughout. Another thing is, better to have your spectacles out because it helps the eyesight. Many people have got better eyesight. So you don’t have to open your eyes at all. You have to close your eyes. You can take out your spectacles. That will help you. Definitely, it will help you. Now, not in the pocket because you’ll have to put your hand there. So you can put somewhere else if you can easily. Yes. In the shoe, you can put it. Now, be in a very pleasant mood because we have to enter into the kingdom of God. We have to be in a very pleasant mood. Not to be guilty at all. This is a very big fashion in the West, that everybody feels guilty. Indians will never feel guilty, whatever they may do. They are in that state. They never feel guilty. And why are you feeling guilty, I don’t understand, for anything at all? For little little things, you feel guilty all the time. And that’s how you get a catch on this Chakra, which is very important and which gives lots of problems for you. So please do not feel guilty at all. Tell yourself before starting, ‘Mother. I am not guilty. Positively you tell yourself, I am not guilty for anything whatsoever. Just tell yourself. That is very important.

Now when you close your eyes, you’ll have to put your hands in the different Chakras, which I’ll tell you. Very easy. I hope you can see me. This is the heart. On the heart first of all for the Spirit. Then on the abdomen, everything on the left-hand side. Abdomen on the left-hand side, the upper part is the Guru principle. Then the lower part is here in the abdomen. In the lower part is the principle, by which we work out the divine laws. It is called as Shuddh Vidya is a Pure Knowledge. Then again we go back to the same centres, come up here and then we put our hand on your forehead. This is as you, that this is the centre of Christ and I’ll tell you what is to be said. And then we put our hand at the back here in the optic lobe. As you can see it clearly optic lobe is here. Hold it there. And then this palm is to put on the fontanelle bone area, which is actually a soft bone in your childhood. Quite tight and you have to move it clockwise. It’s a very simple method. One by one I’ll tell you. We’ll follow it. (Alright. Thank you.)

Now please put your left hand towards me like this. Right hand on your heart. You have to close your eyes. Now please don’t open your eyes till I tell you, because the attention has to be inside. And if your attention is outside through your eyes the Kundalini may not rise. So please keep your eyes shut. That’s all. Don’t have to do anything else. Now on the heart when you put your hand, you have to ask me a question. Very fundamental question. You can call me Mother or you can call me Shri Mataji. Mother. Am I the Spirit? Please ask the question three times. Mother. Am I the Spirit? Put your right hand please on your heart, not left hand. Right hand on your heart which is on the left-hand side. Mother. Am I the Spirit?

Now don’t pay attention to others. You have to pay attention to yourself. Ask this fundamental question, because you are like a computer. And when you get connected, you’ll get the answers to it as vibrations. On your fingertips, you’ll feel the cool breeze. This question makes you ask another question. If you are your spirit, you become automatically your own guide your own guru. So you put your right hand on your stomach, in the upper part on the left-hand side. You put your right hand, without opening your eyes, on the upper part of your stomach on the left-hand side. Here you press a little bit. This is the centre of the master. All the great masters have created this centre within you and if this is awakened, you become your own master.

So the second question that follows is this. Put left-hand parallel to the ground palm upwards. Now just now you put it on the stomach, right hand on the stomach. Now ask the question here. Mother. Am I my own Master? Mother. Am I my own guru? Mother. Am I my own guide? Ask this question with full confidence in yourself. Now do not think of all the things you call sin and all that. Three times, please. Three times ask the question. (Shri Mataji to Sahaj yogi: the other gentleman is not doing alright, there in the corner). Please do it. Please do it.. Yes. Mother. Am I my own Master? Please close your eyes. It will do you a lot of good. Mother. Am I my own Master?

Now take this right hand down on the lower part of your abdomen, which is the centre of Swadishthan. Which is responsible for the true knowledge technique, for the pure knowledge technique called as Shuddh Vidya. Now here I cannot thrust. I cannot take away your freedom. In your own freedom, you have to say,’ Mother. Please may I know pure knowledge, the true knowledge. You have to say that six times because this centre has got six petals. At this time the Kundalini starts moving when you say that, Mother. May I have the true knowledge, pure knowledge. Shuddh Vidya. You won’t feel the movement. Some may some may not. If there is no obstruction, you may not feel it at all. Now, say it six times, raise your right hand higher again on the upper part of your stomach. This is again the centre of the master. Now you if the Kundalini is moving you assert. Assure her by saying, Mother. I am my own Master. Please say it ten times, as I told you there are ten balancing points of the Guru. So you have to say, Mother. I am my own Master. Believe in yourself. Have faith, faith in yourself. You are great because you are seekers. You are a special category of people. Have faith in yourself. Please say it ten times.

Now take your right hand on your heart. Here the petals are twelve. So you have to say twelve times with full assertion and understanding. Mother. I am the Spirit. Which you are. Mother. I am the Spirit. Which you are. Please say twelve times. Beautiful. Great people here. Beautiful people. Have faith in yourself. Wonderful people.

Now raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and the shoulders. Press it a little behind. Please don’t open your eyes. Please don’t. It should be a continuous process. Now pressing there you have to say, Mother. I am not guilty. From the front. Take it from the front. Not. It’s easier to take it from the front. Across. Front across. Take it from the front across. Now here you have to say, Mother. I am not guilty. Mother. I am not guilty.. Take it on the left-hand side please. Take it on the left-hand side.. From the front side is easier. Yes. Take it from the front side. That’s it. Mother. I am not guilty. You have to say it sixteen times. Please say it again and again. Mother. I am not guilty. Those who think they are guilty, are sadly mistaken. As I told you, that God is the ocean of love and compassion, but above all, he is the ocean of forgiveness. Believe me. And what mistakes can you commit, that he cannot forgive? So have trust in his powers of forgiveness. And just forgive yourself by saying, Mother. I am not guilty. (Shri Mataji speaks in

a whisper: Right Swadishthan). Now. Sixteen times. But those who still think they are guilty can say it 108 times, just to punish themselves. That’s why I said you should be pleasantly sitting here. Not to feel miserable in any way or to feel guilty, but know that you are the temple of God, that God has created especially. He wants you to enter into his kingdom.

Now raise your right hand on your forehead across and press it on both the sides. At this point, you have to say, Mother. I forgive everyone. That’s a very common complaint of people. They say, Mother. It’s very difficult. Actually, it’s a myth. Whether you forgive or you do not forgive, you don’t do anything. But the only question arises, when you do not forgive, you play into the hands of those, who want to harm you. So best is to say, Mother. I forgive everyone. (Shri Mataji speaks in a whisper: right Swadishthan..left hand…it’s too much). This is not how many times, but it is from the heart you just say. As soon as the Chakra opens, I’ll know.

Now take this hand back on the backside of your head, and hold your optic lobe in your hand. Tight. This is very important also for eyesight. So press it hard. Now here because you feel guilty all the time, it’s better to say once for all-The Divine. or The Lord. If I have done anything against your glory, please forgive me. You must say that so that you feel completely rid of your guilt and if there are any so-called sins, you better say that.

Now take your right hand on top of your head. Left hand towards me. Top of your head on the fontanelle bone area. Press the palm and move it clockwise seven times. Seven times. Press it hard. No. Put the palm. Put the palm.. On top of your fontanelle bone area. It’s rather hot but doesn’t matter. And move it clockwise seven times. (Shri Mataji blowing into the microphone seven times).

Now please take down your right hand slowly. Slowly and put it on your lap. Now open your eyes very slowly. Please open your eyes. Now watch me without thinking. Lift your left hand about four inches above your head and see. Right hand towards me. See if there is a cool breeze coming out. Left hand. Right hand towards me like this and left hand on top of your head. See if there is a cool breeze coming in. Is it? It’s very subtle. Little above. Move it there and see, if there is a cool breeze coming out. Alright, Madam. It’s there. Now move your right hand and see if there is a cool breeze coming out. Left hand towards me. You see. Got it? Feeling it? No? Should have. You? I think you should. It’s there. It’s there.. Now you got it without touching me. Little higher. You all should get it.

Don’t think about it. Don’t think. Thinking will bring it down. Just see. He had got it. Now just see this thing. On the other hand. Try with another hand. Put both the hands, feet like that. Now you see. Yes. Now it will work out. Put your right hand towards me. Right hand. Now? It’s there. The air conditioner has been turned out, so you don’t have false ideas. And if you see, there is no thought in your mind. You can watch me without thinking. Just test it. Can you do that? Put your both the hands towards me and see can you do it?

There is one more thing if you try, will help you a lot. You put both your hands towards the sky and push back your head. And ask a question. Mother. Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Mother, is this the Brahma? Is this the Rooh? Is this the all-pervading power of God? Ask the question. Now better. Now bring it down. See. See now. In the hands. Are you feeling it? Feeling in the hand? No. It will work out. Put your hand like this. Just it will work out. It has to work out.

I’ll tell you now, how to raise your own Kundalini. Is very simple. You have to put your hand before your Kundalini while seated. Just put like this and you have to move the right hand like this to go up. But first of all, we have to give protection to our auras which are around. Sometimes these auras can be disturbed. So first you give protection by closing your hand because the Kundalini is flowing through your hand. You may not be feeling it. You’ll feel it after you have raised the Kundalini more. Because it’s a very small v, just like a hair in the beginning. It rises and opens you out. But you’ll feel it. If you feel like this, you can feel in the hand a sort of a sensation. Alright? Now do one thing, that you, first of all, put your left hand towards me and give yourself, what you call a BANDHAN meaning protection of the power that is flowing through the right hand.

How you do it? You take your left hand, a right hand like this and put it on the sides. One. Again it’s two. Again is the three. Then again. Don’t think. The four. Then again. It’s five. You are feeling guilty. Six. Again, the seven. After doing this you can raise your Kundalini very easily. Now put the left hand like this before your Kundalini. This right hand you should move in this direction. Up, forward, downward, backward like that and let’s move it. And put the attention to left hand and raise the left hand and let it move. Let’s do it. Take it above on top of your head. Turn your hand, head like that, and twist it a little bit and give it a knot. One knot. Now some people are doing a wrongly little bit. Again. Try to see that you do it this way. Try. Now let us have it. Now push back your head, push back your shoulders. Now it is two. Third time three. That’s all. You will raise your Kundalini yourself. See the hand is moving much faster now. Now just higher. It’s one. It’s two. It’s three. Now see in the hands. You feel better. See now. like this. Better. I can see the smiles. Are u feeling? Who’s feeling there? You are feeling there? Those who are feeling the cool breeze in the head or in the hands, please raise your both the hands. I’d like to see now, how many are.

So many.. Now, those who are not feeling, should not feel there is anything wrong. We’ll work it out. And it can be worked out if you have time. Just see that those people who are not feeling. But those who are feeling it, can come and talk to me. But those who are not feeling these people, they are some Sahaja yogis, they will see them.