Norman Park, Brisbane (Australia)

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Workshop, 1985-0308, Norman Park, Brisbane, Australia

I’m very happy to see so many people coming down in Brisbane. Because that is the first time they have started a centre here and to start anything that is real is the most difficulty. All great saints, great incarnations whenever they tried to talk of real things have suffered a lot. Only the artificial ones are successful very fast. Because you can produce many artificial flowers very easily, plastic flowers, but to produce real flowers it takes time. Not only that but it takes real people also to become that. Now Dr.Varon has told you so many things, I don’t know what I’m supposed to tell you. But only thing is that you must remember that now you have become yogis. Yogi means you have united with the all-pervading power of God. That doesn’t mean that you have just united and there is no effect. The first effect comes that you go beyond the realm of cause and effect. I don’t know if he has told you anything about the effect and about the certain miracles that have taken place.
Varon: No, please you tell.
So how the miracles take place in your life is very interesting and that you will see everyone will notice now that without any understanding, without doing anything you will find suddenly you are helped out of situations. Suddenly you get things which you never expect them normally to get. I’ll give you an example which he has not told you. There are many examples, thousand and one. But I give you a very [?] one. Example of a girl who was travelling by car in an autobahn, as you know it’s a very big road in Germany and she was travelling with another Sahaja yogini and suddenly her brakes fail. If the brakes fail that’s the cause and the effect was that she had thought now she’s going to die because she could not control her brakes. So just she closes her eyes and she says now Mother you better look after. Meaning the Kundalini has to look after. When she opened her eyes to her amazement she found that her car had gone to one side of the corner of the road and she was very nicely planted there and her brakes were all right.
It is unbelievable for anyone but it will happen to you in a tremendous way like it’s happened to Dr Varon himself, which l don’t know if he’s told you. But he should tell you later on about it. But another one I’ll tell you we had a trustee with us, who died very recently at the age of 82 or 83. He was with us and once he told me that during the discussion that he has to go to attain some case in the court. And while talking, you see we had so many problems that he got lost and he forgot about the timing. So the next day his morning, his client rang him up to find what has happened. He said: “l don’t know what has happened, I’ll have to go and find out”. So when he went to the court he found that the people were all congratulating him. He said: “what has happened?”. He said he has wone the case yesterday. He said: “wone the case! I was not there. How is it?”. Then he went and saw there a course and it was written that Mr.Pradhan, his name was Pradhan, CJ Pradhan, has contested the case very brilliantly and he brought out such points that would not have been possible for anybody to do. He was amazed looking at it, the sign of the magistrate and it could not believe his eyes. He telephoned to me: Mother was I not sitting with you the whole the in situ where.
And that’s what it is. How you are helped, how in so many ways so many miraculous ways you are helped. There are people who are even just enter into Sahaja Yoga are given so many miracles that they have to understand that this is just the blessing of God. The other day there was a doctor in Rahat, he is a realised soul and he wanted to go to Abha, because he thought Abha would be a better place for Sahaj Yoga, and he was very desired, too. And he thought he should write to me about it. He tried and tried and he could not do it. So he telephoned to me but he couldn’t get me on the phone, so he wrote a letter. He says the next day when l wrote the letter, the next day! I did not even receive the letter, he got the job. Suddenly he got the job. So, so many things on material level or physical level or emotional level, so many people just get cured, just get cured. They don’t know how. They just give up their bad habits they don’t know how. They cannot, “somehow” it is that what they say “somehow”. What happens that you enter into the realm where there is no cause left. When there is no cause there is no effect. That is what God’s blessing is. So believe that now you have become yogis. You’ve got these vibrations. You have got a new dimension but know with this new dimension you must learn to use them. Like we have got eyes we use them. As we have got hearing power we use them. In the same way, you must learn how to use your powers. If you don’t use it then it’s a waste. So try to practice it more and more using it for anything. Like there was, in the beginning, an Englishman, who came to me and he was rather, as the same rather doubting about Sahaj Yog. So he said Mother how do you say we have Divine communication? I said we have, it’s a big huge organization of telecommunication everything there. He could not believe it how could that be. I mean people say God is great but they don’t know how great He is. So I said all right, what do you want to know? He said l want to know if my father is ill or what’s the matter because he has not talked to me since long, now I’m worried about him, he is in Scotland. I said all right, what you do is to put…
Varon: Mother l just told them this.
Shri Mataji: Is it?
Dr.Varon: Please tell it again Mother.
Shri Mataji: No, no. He has told. It’s all right. So this is what happens. So there is telecommunication that your attention becomes enlighten. So that first thing that happens your attention becomes enlighten. It is so enlightening that if you pay attention to someone you know about that person and if you know the technic, the expertize of it then you can help that person sitting down here. This is what happens to your attention. Immediately in the attention you know this is this, this is this.
Actually, we have attention which is guided either by our ego or superego, so we cannot make out what is right, what is wrong. But when it is guided by the Absolute, by the Absolute then only you know what exactly absolute is. Exactly what it is. Because we live in the relative world and that how in our attention we know exactly what is the truth, what is not the truth. That’s one thing happens to us immediately. But then we become very powerful within ourselves, we have compassion for ourselves, we don’t do anything that destroys us like any bad habits anything like that. Just finishes off. Of course, the diseases get cured, you(Varon) must have told them that the diseases get cured by your attention just reaching there. Just reaching the point where the problem is, the Kundalini goes there with your attention and you get cured. Now the thing is so far as we are concerned, whatever we know is relative truth. It may be true, it may not be true. But you actually know the truth. The truth about the small thing, the big thing and the subtle thing. like now some people might say there is no God! There are many who thinks there is no God. How to convince that there is God? So you have to ask a question “Is there God?”. Ask a question. If you ask a question you will find in your hands, will find tremendous vibrations flowing. Three times you ask a question “Is there God?” and you’ll have tremendous vibrations flowing in your hands.
But supposing now you ask about something else, somebody else, about whom, you are not sure. Is that a person good? Is that person hypocrite? If he is a liar immediately you get a catch on your fingers. You start feeling that catch of the person, not only that but immediately you know that he is not all right because sometimes you might get heat, sometimes you might not get any vibration and sometimes a little blister might come for a short time, just to indicate that, that person is not all right. So that you will know who is a real guru, who is not a real guru. Who is a real man, who is not a real man? Like that in every matter. Yes, my child?
Seeker: what do you feel when the person is all right?
Varon: Just let Mother finish speaking what she is saying then ask the question.
Shri Mataji: What is she saying?
Varon: “What do you feel when the person is all right?”
Shri Mataji: you feel the tremendous cool breeze in the hands. When you see that person like, you see, supposing I say that Christ was the son of God. He was the son of God, now these new theories have started against him you know very well that they are to [inflout?] him. Now was He the son of God? Get the vibrations. Now we can say Nanak Sahib, was he the primordial master? Ask a question and you will be surprised you get a lot of cool breeze. He was, He was the primordial master. Because of disciples or maybe people have ruined their names by following wrong meters, that doesn’t mean the incarnations were wrong. And that’s how you can find out about all of them. Because you get tremendous vibration when you ask the question as yes. But this diffidence has to grow within you. This what you call the true knowledge, the Shuddha Vidya. This purity of discrimination has to grow, for that you will take some time and then will be amazed at how you can find out about all these things. It is surprising how you become an expert with these things. Little children are very good, they are so quick. They can immediately tell you anybody who comes here. Like a little boy of three years, I think he was. He received the phone, he said: “Hello”. Then he said: ” No yogi”, puts it down! They are so good. Like l must tell you my four grandchildren are also realised, souls. Not my children were not, but my grandchildren are. So, the eldest one is very good, everyone is very good but the youngest one is very outspoken and she talks as if some great saint is talking. She doesn’t talk like a small little child, you see. So, one day she was telling her mother: you were born in [allopathy?], then you follow homoeopathy, then you do another pathy, then another pathy, go on like this”. So, she said: “why? What about you?”. She said: “I was born in God and I believe in God and God looks after me and I’ll always believe in God.” So she said: “but you may believe in something else”. She said: ” No”. “Why?”. “Because God never changes”. Little girl, very little girl. But another girl, another granddaughter she was hardly about five years of age and they had gone to Ladakh, where there was a fellow sitting with a big maxi and with big, what you call that, we call it Choga, is a big dress like that, you know that yellow dress that they wear, big thing. And she went and saw him and she was looking at him very perplexed, then all of them went and touched his feet and then when the parents also, you see they felt a little embarrassed, they also went and touched his feet, then she couldn’t bear it. She went and stood before him, put her hand back like this, looked at him she said: what do you mean?! You are wearing this Choga, means this big dress, and you shaved your hair, it doesn’t mean that you have become a saint, that doesn’t mean that you are a realised soul. You have no business to ask anyone to touch your feet. These parents were so embarrassed they didn’t know what to do. And the third one was, we had one program of Raman Maharshi who was a realised soul. They had invited me for the program as the chief guest and there were other, you see, Sanyasis and all of them sitting there. Big big people of Ram Krishna ashram, this ashram, that ashram. They were not realised soul at all. So, another granddaughter of mine, sitting in front she couldn’t bear it. She got up, she said: “Grandmother, this man with the maxi, you see, please ask him to get out. He is giving lot of heat to us.” immediately, you see, because they couldn’t bear it. So you see, children are so simple, so straightforward and they understand it so well and immediately say that this is what it is.
And we must understand that all the great saints have said that we have to become a realised soul. Every one of them. Buddha said it but he didn’t talk of God. Many talked only about this formless God. Because the reason was if you talk of anything else, people take to that first! So they thought that first let them get their realisation, first let them putting their attention only on the realisation and then we’ll tell them all about it. So this is how you will be surprised at what you are. Because you are fantastic people, really fantastic. Like a television set, you see, it is all built in. It is all built in within you, everything is there now you are put to the mains, it starts working. Same in the village if you take a television set and tell them that this is a fantastic thing, people may not believe. But once you put it to the mains they’ll be amazed how it works. In the same way, you are built in. Everything is there, everything is within you and you manifest it so beautifully. So l have to tell you one thing that I’m so very happy to see so many people have become yogis but now establish yourself. That’s the first thing you have to do to establish yourself and once you established yourself you’ll be amazed how you’ll be growing more and more in your thoughtless awareness and like that in the awareness of Divine understanding. Have you any question you ask me because we also have to caught the plane, so now ask the questions.
Seeker: [unclear]
Shri Mataji: Because of what?
Varon: Overactive, hyperactive child.
Seeker: He can’t sit in a place for one minute and if teachers teaching him something he won’t listen.
Shri Mataji: have you got realisation yesterday.
Seeker: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Alright. It’s very simple to put this child into a normal activity. What you have to do is to, did you go to any guru or anyone?
Seeker: No. [unclear]
Varon: Did you go to any guru in past time? During the earlier part of your life. Do you go to a guru yourself?
Seeker: I did. When I was in CJ.
Shri Mataji: That’s how he’s got it something in him. You see, if you go to the wrong type of gurus you get this problem. That’s why the child is suffering from this. He’s got it from you. Now for that, we have to take it out. What we have to do is to put him on proper treatment. How to get rid of it just now they will tell you. Do you understand the Hindi language?
Seeker: Yes.
Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi.
Varon: Nandi. Nandi is a city in CJ.
Shri Mataji: No, no. But before that from India? From where?
Seeker: Madras.
Shri Mataji: Madras! We have a very big centre in Madras also. But doesn’t matter you just try this, it will be all right. Which guru you were going to before?
Seeker: [unclear]
Shri Mataji: But you don’t know the name?
Seeker: No.
Shri Mataji: You find out the name of guru also, all right? It will help you a lot.
Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi.
Now, what else is? From where? You are from what country? From here only?
Seeker: Holland.
Shri Mataji: you come from Holland! Oh! I see. We have a centre in Holland also, but not so yet developed. I have to this time go there. I’ve not been to Holland for this work but I’ll be going very soon.
Seeker: I would like Mataji if you have some exercise for us?
Shri Mataji: No, no exercise. Actually, you see when the Kundalini moves, you see, it moves through various Chakras and you have seen, then if it is obstructed anywhere, anywhere if it is an obstruction on a particular Chakra then only that Chakra is to be cleared out through some exercise. But we do not believe in indiscriminate exercise. Because supposing there is a problem here(throat) then you do the stomach exercise! You will get more problem there(throat). There are gender rules about exercise also, like a person who is suffering from the right side should not bend back. The one who is suffering from the left side should not bend forward. There are certain general instructions that they will tell you. Everything they know very well, they’ll tell you what is to be done. But exercise is not very important in Sahaja Yoga. Automatically you keep your health perfectly all right.
Seeker: Are you in close contact with Saibaba? Do you love Saibaba?
Shri Mataji: Which one? Shirdi Sainath?
Seeker: From Bangalore.
Shri Mataji: No, no, no. Not that. We don’t do all that.
Seeker: But Puja pathy do you know?
Shri Mataji: Of course I know and l tell you it’s all wrong. I don’t think it’s good to do all these tricks of getting diamonds and all that. This is not done here. You see, Indians know this is not the truth. This is not the truth.
Seeker: I love to do that.
Shri Mataji: This is not we believe. We don’t believe in all these things. We have to get to God and not to these mundane things.
Seeker: No. Before l didn’t know Saibaba, he came in the meditation and l know…
Shei Mataji: But what’s the use? You never got realisation! What use of talking about him? What does it do to anybody? I’ve known many people who are downed with all kinds of diseases. There is no transformation, they are cheats, they are horrible people. They do all kinds of things and they are his disciples! That’s not the way. You must have a transformation, isn’t it? If you have a guru, if he is a good guru then you must become a good person. How can you be doing all kinds of black marketing and killing and everything and call him that you belong to a guru!
Seeker: He’s not doing that. I’m sorry.
Shri Mataji: What she said?
Varon: She said he’s not doing that. I’ve been to him and l know what he’s doing.
Shri Mataji: He’s doing nothing, you see, now just see. Just listen to me. You have been asking too many questions I’ll tell you one thing. What good has he done to anyone? I know of people who have been doing all kinds of wrong in this country call him a guru. What’s use such a guru?! Simple thing! There is no transformation, nothing! What’s he doing? Getting diamonds! You see, getting diamonds to the brother of mine say, who is a rich man. What’s the use of giving him diamonds? If you want him to solve our problems is it solved? And people get heart attacks! How can you get heart attacks if you are following a guru?! And they come to me for treatments. So I tell them now either you follow that fellow or follow your own spirit. There should be some evidence of something good being done to people. He’s only worried about rich people!
Seeker: Not every guru understand him.
Shri Mataji: I understand him much better than you understand. I can tell you and you will understand…
Seeker: [unclear]
Varon: Please don’t argue.
Shri Mataji: No, no. By understanding him what did you get?
Varon: Other people want to enjoy.
Shri Mataji: Varon just let me ask her. By understanding what did you get? Nothing?! What did you get? Ask. Look at Varon and look at yourself.
Seeker: Oh! I got so much.
Seeker2: So why did you come here?
Shri Mataji: That’s the question.
Seeker: You do! I love everyone.
Shri Mataji: No, no. You cannot love me. You cannot love something that is bad and something that is good.
Seeker: I love you! I love you very much!
Shri Mataji: No, no. You cannot love me.
Seeker: I do, l do.
Shri Mataji: You are on the hallucination.
Seeker: I do. I love everyone.
Shri Mataji: No, no. You cannot love the devil and you cannot love God.
Seeker: But you are a creation of God.
Shri Mataji: No, no. But if somebody is a devil how can you love a devil and love God?
Seeker2: Listen, Mataji got very little time, there are so many questions.
Shri Mataji: Yes, you should give some chance to others. You go to the same guru that would be better.
Seeker: I will shut up.
Shri Mataji: No, no. Will you please go?
Seeker: I will, but l cannot love you.
Varon: If not leave, just be quiet.
Shri Mataji: If you really love me then keep quiet.
Seeker: I will. I will.
This is, you see, the thing is we must understand if you have a guru, I mean I don’t believe in much of thing like that but supposing there is a guru, then he takes your attention to something higher, always he talks of higher things. He doesn’t talk of something of a lower value. Moreover, if you follow a guru, you are always looked after by God, if he is a Sadguru. They say what called Sadguru, means a guru who is a real guru. So be careful that there are people who get enamoured by some [?] like that and I’ll be surprised, Indians are sometimes enamoured, modern Indians not the traditional Indians. Traditional Indians don’t follow this man at all. Because they know traditionally no incarnation has done such nonsensical thing, no incarnation believe into these, on the contrary, Nanak Sahib and [Kabira?] have flouted all these siddhis. Absolutely flouted this nonsense. Just to impress other people to do all these things, absolutely. But what if you have to do is to see that you become the reality. Don’t run after something that is not real. Then what is the gain? What do you gain out of it? Be I would say selfish about it. Let see what do you gain out of anything whatever we do?! Do we get any transformation? Do you get any power of compassion and love? Do you get what is promised in all the traditional treatises, in all the scriptures that you become a saint? Do you become a saint with that? If not just discard it. That’s a simple thing. Straightforward thing thing to look at everything. I’m a mother and l must tell you whatever is the truth, is the truth. Whatever is not the truth, is not the truth. Whatever you may say I’m not going to accept it. I’m not going to support anything that is wrong and l know what harm people have done to others. I’m the only one from 1970 I’ve been talking about them, about every person, what they have been, what they have been doing in the previous lives, what they are up to. So many people after getting harm now coming to me! What’s the use? Why do you go to a thing which is so superficial? Can’t you think?! Use your brain! God has given you brains to understand whatever people have told you. You have an example of Christ. You have an example of Shri Rama. You have the example of Shri Krishna. Who did all these tricks and trickeries?! Nobody. It did last hundred years all these things have come to our country. It has no traditional support, nothing. Because everything has grown in an evolutionary process. Like first you have the tree, then you have the leaves, then you have the flowers and now the fruits. You cannot just hang from somewhere a fruit! That means it’s plastic stuff. It must evolve the way. Everything has evolved. like here you can see that these are the seven Chakras. They don’t know anything about anything! They have a guru that’s all. They are mad after the guru. They don’t know anything that is all these within us. They have no idea, no knowledge of any kind.
In this one, now the first Chakra is when you were a Carbon. Is within you when you are just a matter, the first Chakra. The second Chakra is when you are a part and parcel of the universe, the universe was created. And then the third Chakra is the one when you become evolved into the human level and then the seeking starts. Seeking starts at that third Chakra. Then you are protected by the Mother Goddess (fourth Chakra). Then you rise above here. Here (fifth Chakra) you are directed to learn your discrimination. And then you go to the Agnya Chakra. Here whereby which the Kundalini when riches, it sucks in both the things called the ego and superego. And that’s how you pierce through the fontanel bone area. It’s happening which is an actual happening, it’s an actual happening. It is not some sort of a lecture or some sort of a trickery! Or some sort of an action that you have to do. Reality is actualization which you have felt yesterday and you have felt in your hands and this, you should be a master of it. No use living in some world of imagination. You should know what you are. You should know what it is that flowing through you. Should know what you are doing, how to do it. I don’t know why people want to live like that, that they have no ideas of what is happening. Just say that I’m like this, I’m like that. Better get to know it what is it that is troublesome within you, that is not giving you the ascent. That is not giving the ascent to others. And then only you’ll be amazed that you, yourself you are the source of joy. [Shri Mataji says something in Sanskrit]
Is the Atma that gives you satisfaction. Your own Atma, your own spirit gives you satisfaction. You don’t have to go here and there. You don’t have to ask for joy. Joy is within yourself. Joy is in your own being which emits that sense of joy which is [above?] the two things called happiness and unhappiness. Beyond that, you rise, ascend into that.
Seeker: How l test myself to know l don’t delude myself?
Varon: How he can test himself to know that he is not deluding himself?
Shri Mataji: All right. See now, it’s a very simple thing is that you should… There are two complications always arrives. When you see the vibrations yourself, you see, then you might delude yourself by thinking these are mine or of the other person? Am l feeling the Chakras of the other person or my Chakras? Now supposing you want to know about another person. What you have to do give a Bandhan to that person and see the Chakras, what Chakras are catching? All right? Now supposing say this Chakra (right index finger) is catching. You ask that person: are you suffering from throat trouble? He’ll tell yes. So you will know this is what he’s suffering from. Now relatively you have to understand also whether your vibrations are correct or not. For example now you… A question “is there God?” which is a fundamental question. Supposing you ask a question: Is there a God? Then you get the vibrations, all right? But suppose you ask about somebody: Is this a good man? You don’t get a good vibration. Then you are not deluded because you see there is an absolute fact you have known. And that’s the relative is not so.
Like you go somewhere now somebody might say that this statue is made by the realised soul. Now how will you make it out? Whether it made by realised soul or not by a realised soul. You put your hands towards the photograph, all right? And ask the question is it made by a realised soul? Maybe without asking the question if you are sensitive enough the vibrations flow start flowing into you. Now the thing you must know that delusion and all these only come when we have some greed about it or some lust about it. If there is no lust and greed it is just pure feeling of cool breeze is coming from somewhere, then you cannot be deluded. But the feeling of these cool breeze to feel on your fingers you have to develop a little more sensitivity because it is a subtle feeling, while we are rising from the gross to the subtle. When that subtleness grows in us nicely then you’ll be sure that you have got it. So the first thing is you must grow into a state where there is no delusion left. That’s why the first one l said, in the state of Nirvichara. Where it is there is no thought and when you go beyond that is the state of Nirvikalpa, where there are no doubts. You are sure about it. There is no delusion any more. You know because so many times you have used it. You are so much perfect in experiencing it that you know. Experience has to be awakened within us in such a way that he always gives you the right answer. But in the beginning will be a problem, l agree with you. Because you will think these are my vibrations or her vibrations. But some people don’t even have that, I’ve seen it. Some people don’t have any delusions. Immediately, like little children immediately they will say this person has got this catching, that is catching, this is that. But with others, it has a little problem in the beginning. No doubt, isn’t it?
Varon: It is.
Shri Mataji: It has. So must accept that and in that case, you have to just be serious about it, respect your realisation, grow to it. Your delusion will go away and gradually you’ll become yourself a master.
Varon: Quite often your delusion is nothing more than your ego as it was with me anyway. I had lots of doubts.
Shri Mataji: Doubts!
Varon: And the same things. And the only thing that proved to me that it was absolutely true was two things. One, l become a different person myself and secondly, l started to see that joy expressed to other people face and started to enjoy that. It actually was two months l wasn’t fully feeling that cool breeze.
Shri Mataji: It was not so good than yesterday you all felt it. Because… Yes, yes! It’s a fact, l must say it. He was terrible and very hot-tempered. But you see, he’s so changed now. He’s so much changed now and how much he knows about everything. He’s a doctor, he has done PhDs, this, that. He was a diplomat but all that knowledge becomes Avidya, becomes nonknowledge. This knowledge is true knowledge. But one thing about him also l will say that he was a seeker out and out. He has been everything through. He has been to this and that as he said: I’ve been to him, I’ve been to him. He’d been to everyone and he discovered that all these things led him nowhere, no knowledge, nothing. Just pay so much money or do this Mantra or do this! That’s all! Finish! Nothing he does and then once he started knowing himself he was amazed that it’s his own knowledge. But you must have faith in yourself, first of all. If you don’t have faith in yourself then, there danger. But try to understand that Mother has said that we are the temple of God, so we better have faith in ourselves, to begin with. Yes? What is it you want?
Seeker: Mataji you say talking of realization in this word, but still remains the world of delusion, of Maya.
Shri Mataji: No, that’s Maya goes away. That’s the thing is. This is the breaking of Maya. Of course, the Maya remains at a point that you may not recognize me fully, l can say that. That Maya may remain. But doesn’t matter, there is no need to recognize me too much because can be quite frightening for you. So is better to recognize me as much as you can recognize. Don’t worry on that point.
Varon: You go beyond Maya, actually.
Shri Mataji: Quite a lot, but l would say still Maya remains. What she says is true, remains a little bit, doesn’t matter. It’s all right. Little: bit has to remain because it can be quite dangerous to know.
Seeker: To live comfortable in this world we have to live in a little Maya.
Shri Mataji: No, not that. You are very comfortable with Sahaja Yoga. Because what’s happening most of your problems get solved. You become so dynamic and, l mean you live in another world of a witness, of the Sakshi. You stay seeing the drama that is playing. But Maya is a very wide world and the deep world, you see. Now supposing if there is, supposing Shri Rama is before you. How far can you recognize him?! He’s Shri Rama, he’s this, his powers are this like. The more you go into it, you will see that Markandeya knows so much about the Goddess, you see. But how far he can go? He goes up to a point and then he says now l give up. All right? Even when they ask Brahmadeva he said l give up at this point. That’s a thing one should not bother about. Just now we should seek the first step, all right? We should not jump like Markandeya. Just now we do not become Markandeya, are we?
Seeker: Mother what does one do about sadness?
Shri Mataji: Sadness! You see sadness comes from the left side. Is come from the left side. So what you have to do is give a balance to the left side, from right to the left. The right side is the will power and the left side is the desired power. So when the desire is a little bit low down or the action that we take is wrong or something you get sad, or then what happens? You rise the right side and put it to the left. When these two things are balanced nicely then Kundalini moves very much better. It moves well up. And it’s something that you see clearly that you are in balance. You are watching, you are witnessing but we are neither sad nor happy, but you are in joy. It’s like, you see the thought rises and then falls off. We are on the cusp of the thoughts, sometimes in the past, sometimes in the future. Sometimes happy, sometimes unhappy. Now, what happens that when the Kundalini rises there is a gap between the two, and when the gap between the two increases we stand in the present. Where we see both the thing just like a witness and we are not at all disturbed by anything. Like a witness you see the drama or a play, you are not disturbed. But some people, you see, who are identifying themselves with a Napoleon become extremely aggressive. Those who become one with Romeo start [frying?] It happens like that but when it is over, you understand it’s a drama, all right?
Seeker: Why negative pain develope in my finger?
Shri Mataji: Left finger? Left Agnya? So have you been to any guru yourself?
Seeker: No.
Shri Mataji: Have you been reading some books like that? On seeking?
Seeker: Oh, yeah!
Shri Mataji: That’s it. You see this is the thing you are catching here on the left Agnya. They’ll tell you. That’s what. Now see, exactly it has happened to you. You are denoting this is a problem you have and it is to be attended to, and is very simple to attend to it, all right? See just now it has happened to you. It’s grown in you. It’s grown in you. You all can feel it. Just now put your hands, see yourself. You put your right hand on the Mother Earth it will take away. It depends on what sort. If your right hand is giving more vibrations and less on the left, then put your lefts towards me and right like that(on the Mother Erath). The one which does give less or no vibration put towards me.
Varon: It’s been gone.
Shri Mataji: It’s been gone. See! Gone. Finished. The Mother Erath has taken it. Are you feeling in both the hands? Good.
Are you all right now? Good.
She is the one who is sad l think, l know. Now put your left towards me and right like that(on the Mother Erath) it will go away.
Seeker: If any Chakra are [unclear]
Varon: If anyone Chakra is predominantly cutup is there any way you can moderate it?
Shri Mataji: Yes, yes. You see, we have Deities on every Chakra and whatever Chakra is cough up, they tell you about the Deities and a particular Mantra fixed in a form, you see, you have to say that Mantra three times and you are all right. They’ll tell you how to cure these particular Chakras. Everything they will tell you. It will take a little time but you have to come here. When you will have the program again?
Sahaja Yogi: Sunday afternoon at 4:30.
Shri Mataji: Is it all right for you Sunday afternoon at 4:30? For all of you? So you do come here, you become masters. Just masters. That’s what. It’s not very difficult. It’s very simple. It’s raining know, l think. You see, they told me that‏ Brisbane is very very warm. I said all right, let see. And the day l was coming it became cool and nature is such it helps you. It’s just so blissful, so blissful it is. I went to Perth it was very very hot. They said nobody came to the program Mother, they were 30 people only, it was very hot, this and that. I said all right, doesn’t matter. Don’t you worry, it will work out? And how it worked out? That l came and l was said I’m tired and l sleep off. But the time it about said 4 O’clock it was cool down by 20 degrees. Nobody knows how because there was no clouds, no rains, nothing. So now?
Seeker: I’ve been following a guru now l feel confused.
Varon: She’s been following a guru and now she feels confused.
Shri Mataji: Yes, yes. I know your guru. I know your guru who he is. I know that. That’s not the correct way. I’ve known him. It’s not good. That’s all l will say. I know that.
Seeker: [unclear]
Shri Mataji: No! He is not all right. The catch…
Seeker: [unclear]
Shri Mataji: No, no. I know it is somebody else who is in the stomach, you can feel it, you see, just know you can feel in the stomach something going on. You see the Void. It starts wobbling. When your guru is not all right there’s something wobbling inside, all right? If you have a guru then one thing is that you must know all these things! You should be a master. What’s the use of keeping a guru! Supposing you have a teacher, you have got some knowledge, isn’t it? At least something.
Seeker: We learned all about the Chakras.
Shri Mataji: Haa?
Varon: They learned about Chakras?
Shri Mataji: Chakras nothing. But how to manage Kundalini, that so many knows. Because when l went to America in 1973 they said you better get it sort of copyright. Did I say why? They said they will publish everything. In 70 l gave a lecture they started that. I said let them publish, what’s the use? I don’t mind. It’s a good thing that they should know. But what about raising the Kundalini? What’s the use about knowing the Chakras when you don’t know how to raise the Kundalini?! Simple thing. Nothing to be confused. Better get to your realisation, finish. That’s all. Forget it. Why are you blind to anything? Why are you obsessed by anything? Just get the reality, finished. That’s the trouble with gurus they make you confused. Yes. If you come from the real person you never be confused, you see. Because the reality is one. They speak the same language. We have some real people in India also but they’re hiding. They don’t want to come out. They say people don’t understand you, work for some 12 years. Now 12 years have passed, nobody is come down. They are all hiding in the Himalayas and this and that place.
VARON: [unclear]
Shri Mataji: Thay cannot. Poor things they are fed-up. Yes. I sent one fellow to America, he stayed there for 3 days and run back. He said nothing doing, l can’t manage these people.
He started marketing. Must know the first point. Hit on that point. Satyananda is your guru, is he? I know. See, how do l know?! He’s a typical man. I know him. I know him very well. That lady, Mrs says, what’s her name is? She calls herself Shaktima. She was supposed to be her disciple, then there was a fight, he had another some, lots of things about him! He came to my house actually, this fellow, in India. He’s not even a realised soul.
Seeker: Mataji there was the first world war, then the second world war. Do you think we’ll expect the third world war?
Shri Mataji: You should not. You should not expect. Because if you become Sahaja yogis there won’t be any war. But if there are people who are not going to follow, a particular number of people should be Sahaja yogis, then there won’t be any war. It depends on the human being. If you want war you have war or you can enter into the Kingdom of God.
Seeker: No, we don’t want.
Shri Mataji: You won’t be affected. Take it from me. None of you will be affected, you are the selected ones now.
Varon: […?] and give it to the others.
Shri Mataji: Yes, make that number [?] so we can save this world. We have to get to that number. That’s the point is, you see, if you really don’t want any war we must work it out.
(Shri Mataji speaks in the Hindi language)
Seeker: Mother it seems to me this Brisbane has an especial function, something that can do to the world.
Shri Mataji: Yes, of course. Auspiciousness as l said for Newzealand and innocence for Australia.
(Shri Mataji speaks in the Hindi language)
Better now? She’s better.
If you have got it I’ll vibrate it. Those who have got. Now the sugar and salt are to be vibrated and mix it up with your sugar and salt at home. And what you have to do not to use your fingers when you are taking it out. Use spoon. Just stir it and keep it and you go on adding to it when it is finishing. You will be amazed this will help you a lot. Whenever you are using the sugar and salt use this one. Can you open it for me, please?
Now mix it up with your sugar and salt at home and keep it in a separate container and when the thing is over then you put more. But not to allow it to finish and use a spoon to stir it. All right? It’s a good idea. Is also good if you find any patient, sick or anything you can give but first of all you learn everything about it when you start treating others. First, you must be perfect and then. And also we have got here in the ashram for you sugar and salt and water which you can take. Better mix it with white sugar, white sugar is better. This is more heat giving. Fore people who suffer from liver, they have to take sugar. But this is very heat giving, more heat giving than the white, all right? So mix it up.
Varon: The reason why She is giving you this as Mother has to go I’ll explain to you later. Sugar is for treating right side problems, the liver problem in particular. The salt is for treating left side problems. Vibrated salt and vibrated sugar in the household add improvements to vibrations.
Shri Mataji: So l take your leave. I hope to see you. You can also come to India, we have such tours, maybe next year. They will tell you all about it. You can come to India for a nice tour there. But first of all, you all become great yogis, experts. You must know this is a school of Divine understanding. So, you have to know. You have to understand. It’s you have to certify. It’s you have to do it, you see, it is your doing. It is not that what these people are going to say about you. They will not tell you what’s wrong with you. You have to say. Like he said I’m suffering from this, I’m suffering from that. Because it is better than you tell and they’ll tell you why it is, isn’t it? Instead of they tell you this is wrong with you. Then you may feel hurt, this is the point! It’s better you tell and get yourself corrected.
May God bless you all.