You have risen above the rest of the creation of God to seek something beyond

Sydney Masonic Center, Sydney (Australia)

1985-03-10 You have risen above the rest of the creation of God to seek something beyond, Sydney, DP, 101' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Self-Realization
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1985-0310: Public Program Day 1, Sydney, Australia

I bow to all the seekers of truth. I bow to you because you are the epitome of the evolution, because you have risen above the rest of the creation of God to seek something beyond. Maybe there have been mistakes. Makes no difference. But you are the people who are the special categories described by William Blake * as “men of God” who will become prophets and will have powers to make other prophets. That’s your capacity. That’s what you are. But unfortunately we have no faith in our seeking. So many who have committed mistakes have been misguided, taking to wrong paths. By their naive ness have really frustrated so much that sometimes I weep with the idea that these great souls who became human beings they became seekers, for ages they have been seeking, many lives they have been seeking and now they are lost to themselves.

It is My ardent desire that all of them should be saved. But we have to understand what is against us, why there is a barrier within us. I took so many years to start My work because I studied human beings with closed quarters, I studied them in a very subtle way, a method that I have, and I found out through their permutations and combinations of problems that there are human beings, as Shri Krishna has said, of three varieties. One variety is a person who is a left sided person. People who are left sided stick on to something that is wrong, destructive. They believe in their self-destruction and following them till they destroy themselves completely. One of the examples we can say of Jews. Jews did not believe in Christ because Christ said that: “I’ve died for your sins. You don’t have to suffer anymore.” But they wanted to suffer. They would not accept that. They did not accept Christ because He said: “You don’t have to suffer anymore. I have suffered for you.” As a result they got Hitler and they are destroyed to such an extent. You asked for it, that you did not want to suffer. That is the reason you denied Christ.

We do not want to accept something that is beneficial, help us, which is benevolent, which will give us something that is so great. That’s one of the barriers we have if we are left sided people. We like things, which are destructive. The other day doctor Warren was telling Me that: “If any guru comes to this place, Mother, people have to mortgage their houses, they have to mortgage their cars, they have to remove their children from school, they have to pay such a lot of money and thousands follow them. What is the reason?” When I say you don’t have to pay anything, you can’t pay for God, you can’t pay for your Self Realization, what can you pay? It’s a living process. Then there are not so many people. But there are many people who would like to go to a guru who will completely destroy them. Because innately they are left sided people who want that they should be somehow rather destroyed. It’s a common trend of mind when you develop yourself; you become affluent, like the three countries I’ve seen, specially Sweden, Norway and Switzerland which are the most affluent countries. There is a competition going on among young people how to commit suicide. So you can imagine in such affluent countries where one person has sometimes three cars, five houses, no restrictions, no income tax, there, people are trying to commit suicide. For what? They are planning to commit suicide all the time to find out ways and methods how they can commit suicide. This shows that there are people who want their destruction because they are so frustrated, they are so unhappy. They think life is not worth living. And they can go to any extend to achieve that destruction and if anybody suggests or thinks of that destruction, condemns them, says that: “You are good for nothing. You have to do this, you have to pay this much, you have to destroy yourself”, they accept it. It’s a very serious thing, and this is one of the reasons so many of them are destroyed.

Then we have another type of people, which are the people who are very right sided, meaning the people who are futuristic, who plan too much, who are aggressive people. These are the people who do not know what is right and wrong. I would say in the East we have more people who are left sided but in the West, in the Western culture we have people who are more right sided. Right-sided people are the people who have no sense of right and wrong. They have no discrimination of right and wrong. They do not understand what is right and what is wrong. For example, in England now, I had some young people coming to Me. They had colored, their hair red, they had put some sort of funny pins and things in the cheeks. I was quite amazed at them why did they do it. I asked them: “Why do you do like this?” So they said: “What’s wrong?” They don’t think it is wrong. But you don’t know if you put these dyes and go against the nature and do all these unnatural things then you get blind. Your eye side becomes weak. The nature takes its respite through our physical, emotional, and mental being. We have seen people who are fighting for their freedom from men and women like that. They don’t know what is right and wrong in relationships between husband and wife, between woman and man. As a result of that we have disturbed families. Children get disturbed, upset. We think: “What’s wrong?” You don’t know. It has a tremendous effect on the children. Children get so disturbed. There is no peace in their hearts and I have seen in the West, whenever we have program, you can’t have ten children sitting quietly. They’ll all run about, they’ll do all kinds of noises, they won’t be able to sit comfortably, they will looking here and there. They’ll never be peaceful. The reason is that they are so disturbed and so upset in that childhood, which is the most important part of her life, we disturb them. We have no right. You are their parents. You have no right to disturb them, to upset them for our lust and our greed.

But now you know that Christ was crucified only for a little greed of one of His disciples. How far we can go with our greed, we have no idea. We have killed so many people in the name of greed. We have dominated so many people in the name of greed. In the name of lust so called love, we have hurt so many people emotionally. We have played such emotional as they call emotional blackmail on people, just to enjoy a fleeting moments of so-called fleeting pleasures. This happens when you become right sided, because you play under the guidance of ego, which doesn’t understand another person’s feelings, emotions or the touching points where you hurt another human being. It is we talk of love, we talk of something very beautiful but we do cruel things in the name of love. Because we have no sense of right and wrong. Ego never gives that.

The extreme case of the ego was Hitler. He thought whatever he did was absolutely correct, whatever he preached was absolutely correct and whatever he did was absolutely correct. And still I find some of them believe that it was just a mistake otherwise he would have been successful as if he’s being successful was something very noble, very great, that is what we should ask for.

This is the problem, is with the left and right-sided people. But the seekers are the central type, called satwikas, the people who keep to the central path of balance. They immediately realize that they are going to extremes, turn their mind from the extreme to the center and keep the balance and once this balance is established in a seeker he starts seeking beyond. So we say that from Lakshmi to Mahalakshmi he goes. He starts thinking that there must be something beyond, there must be something higher, and this is the beginning of the seeking that starts within us. Then we start seeking in religions. When we go to religions, there also we find very disappointing picture. I know, I Myself was born in a Christian family and I was shocked to see what Christianity was and what Christ was.

I felt they have failed Christ completely by following Paul. Paul, I said, was no where there near Christ. He was an epileptic fellow, what we call the supraconscious. He saw some cross and he became a big leader. He took full advantage of that and just to show off he become the leader. He had nothing to do with Christ. And today you know we have a challenge between Christ and Paul. Paul never said in a proper way that Christ was really an Incarnation of the Son of God, that He was a divine personality, that He was miraculous and all His miracles were correct. Because he himself was just an intellectual, he was not a realized soul. While Christ disciples did say but Paul must have changed some parts of it, I don’t know, but when I saw Paul I said : “Who is this gentleman, strange fellow sitting in the Bible?” And that is what one should ask a question that: “Why has he not talked about Christ?” It shocks many people.

I met some people from Argentina who believed in Christ to be so great. They can’t bear it, they just can’t bear it to hear the way Christ is discussed on intellectual level. You cannot discuss Him on intellectual level. You cannot understand Him. He is beyond your intellect. He has made your intellect. How can you discuss Him? Like this instrument, which you have made, cannot discuss you, in the same way you cannot discuss Him. But the arrogance, the ego of man has made it so that he not only discusses but he organizes. He organizes God, he thinks he can call God whatever he likes, he can order God whatever he likes, he can just command Him, he can ask Him to do whatever he wants to do. These are the effects of our ego.

God is what He is. We cannot make Him. He is that He has to be and we have to see Him as He is. The beauty lies in seeing Him in his own beautiful ways, not by putting ideas onto Him, by discussing Him, arguing Him and finding faults with Him. In ego also we found that we might be the topmost people and there is no God. There are people who just don’t believe in God. They think there is no God. I can understand that if you do not know anything about anything is better not to believe in it blindly. But to deny it shows dishonesty. How can you deny something when you have not seen something? Just deny it for denial sake is a sign of again ego. That’s how we have the another big barrier within us which is ego, which is very subtle. We do not see it but it creates problem through giving funny ideas into our head. Beyond that is the realm of super consciousness. The super consciousness is beyond and there [WHEN, WHERE] you reach you will find that God is not only great but in every way He is love, He’s compassion, He’s forgiveness. He is so great. To understand Him we don’t have our brains so developed, so better develop our heart, enlarge our heart to feel Him how He looks after us. See how beautifully He has made us. He has made us from a little ameba to this stage and now why has He made us like this? We should ask a question. We take it for granted ourselves as human beings. But why? Why did He make us human beings? What was His purpose to make us human beings? Why did He want us to be with these eyes, nose, this hands and feet? Mohammad Saab has said that: “At the time of Resurrection your hands will speak.” What does that mean? No Muslim wants to think about it. He doesn’t want to understand what namas means. Namas is nothing but raising of the Kundalini. We don’t want to understand when Christ said that: “You should pray to God in the Lord’s Prayer”. Even I’ve seen people discussing that. Everything they want to discuss with this limited brain. Why not get your Realization? As Christ has said that: “I say onto you that you are to be born again”.

Now, I’ve known people who can certify themselves: “All right. Now we are Christians, we are born again”. This is all self-opinioned behavior. If you are born again, then as you have seen doctor Warren was telling you, you see his knowledge. From where did he get it? He got it from himself only. It’s all within himself. Most of it, of course, I have told him, but he had tallied it and tried to find out whatever I said is true or not. And he has found out that this is the fact. This is what it is within us. We can find out if there’s God or not, if there is Christ or not. Whether Christ is on the Agnya chakra or not, how will you know? How will you believe it? When the Kundalini rises, She comes up to this point, up to the point where there is optical chiasm. That’s the cross. At that point, when it stops you have to take the name of Christ. But not the person who is not realized. If he takes the name has no meaning because he has no connection with God. You are to be connected with God. Is a simple thing Christ has said that: “You are to be connected with God”, which people misunderstand. They think artificially we can do something like that baptism. It is not only among Christians, it is very much more among Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, everyone that they believe into something that is not really actual. Nanak Saab himself has said that unless and until you know yourself, you will not get rid of your delusion and illusions about life. Everyone has said the same thing. In essence everyone has been the same. Maybe the shapes are different. Like Buddha has said that: “First of all you get your Realization, Self, before everything.” Because if you start talking about God then it becomes a talk. Then some people say: “I’m God, I’m this, I’m that.” Or: “I know the God” or some takes the statues and worship them. So he said: “Better talk to them first about Self Realization. Let them have.” So much so that people say that He was [ANISHWARAWADI], means atheist, He did not believe in God. It’s not so. But He thought that was not the time to talk about this thing, because in India in those days people had become idol worshipers and used to worship all kinds of idols and do all kinds of tantric work and would play into the hand of satanic forces. So he thought: “Best is to tell them ‘First get your Self Realization’. And that is most important.

In modern times I find the world is full of tribulations, problems, tensions and a shock that any day we all may be finished. This of course is very dangerous, no doubt, but also it creates an emergency within us and at the time of emergency person starts thinking about deep, about his life, much more deeply. And in depth he finds that there must be some solution. After all God has not created us to be destroyed by some person just pushing a button in America or in Russia to finish us off. There must be some solution. And the solution is that you have to achieve your eternal life. The time is such. Today the time is such. The time as I call is the blossom time. On the tree of life there were three, four flowers in the beginning. Today there are thousands of flowers who are to be transformed into fruit. They are to be done because the time has come, they are ripped enough, they have got everything. Just it is to be triggered. Once it happens to you, you can do this to other. For example, in Australia, I came much later. Before Me came doctor Warren. And he gave Realization to so many people, so many people, that I was amazed how he could manage. Because in the country like India, where traditionally we understand what is Self Realization, we understand what is Kundalini, where we understand that Self Realization it can be only achieved through Kundalini awakening, all these things, it is very easy to achieve such results. But he did it. He achieved these result without any difficulty because people were just ready to get it.

So it is your own. The whole thing belongs to you. You have to get your own, your own property, your own wealth. Whatever you know about you is a wee bit. Now you have to know the whole and is very simple, you are all ready for it. You don’t have to doubt yourself, that’s all. You’ll all get it. I’m sure you are all looking as if you are all great seekers and you are all going to get that eternal life which is within you. Believe Me, it is within you. In these modern times to talk about God also is forbidden. People don’t like that you talk about God. But He is there, He exists, not only that exists but He permeates into every atom, into every molecule, into every being and He works out. To see His wonderful working, to see His wonderful understanding of us is so remarkable and so fantastic that is no use describing it. You better open your eyes to that wider horizon where is the domain of God. I would request you to take your Realization first.

In the modern times I thought of one thing and I knew that was My job, is to give en masse Realization. If you give Realization to one person then it is of no use because you can be crucified, that person can be crucified, nobody would understand. Moreover the time has come that it should be en masse. Anything that is discovered, for example, electricity was discovered by say one person, he had to give it to the society, to the public. It cannot be his private own enterprise. He had to give it to others. In the same way, though Realization, was once upon a time, was a very secret process done by very evolved people for very few of them, which was the living process of the living God, but was limited to very few people. Today had to be for thousands and thousands and millions and millions and billions and billions of people. So this is a special time, the time of Last Judgment. This is the time of Last Judgment. You are going to be judged by your Self. Nobody is going to judge you. Your own Kundalini going to rise and you are going to know about your Self. I’m not going to say anything. Your Self is going to be your Guru, is going to be your guide. He is going to lead you to that wonderful path of eternity. All that was promised by all the prophets and Incarnation has to be fulfilled. They are all to be proved and all the scriptures are to be explained but you have to have that state of mind.

Now, what I have done is to think of a method by which I don’t have to first cleanse you, cleanse your chakras, do this, do that. Just first enlighten. Best is to enlighten everyone. Put even a little light in a person. He starts seeing the lamp where is the dirt, where is the filth. Let him see his own problems, let him find out what’s wrong with him. When he finds out that this is the problem, this is what I’ve got. Say for example, on My sari there’s a spot. If I can see it and if I know how to clean it, I will do it. In the same way, when this light comes into you, this light of God’s love, then you develop that love for your Self and you don’t want to have any kind of tags, any kind of problems adhering to you. Just you get rid of it in no time. The love is so powerful, the love is so great that you just give up may things for which you have been trying to give up, to get rid of you could not; diseases, habits, bad tempers. So many things you just drop out and you come out as beautiful lotuses come out of the mud and fill the whole pond with such beautiful fragrance. That’s what is your destine for.

But we have to see how many will stick on. And that is the difficult part about which I’ll tell you tomorrow. I hope today you all get your first inkling of Self Realization and then we have to establish it properly. May God bless you.

There is always a little problem about people who are in the West that they always want to ask questions about things, which is a good thing. But I would say because we get into a mood of Realization will not disturb others. What you can do is to write your questions and give it to Me. I’ll answer them tomorrow in My lectures. We’ll always answer, there’s nothing to be kept secret. Everything is to be known by everyone. So you should not think that I’m keeping back anything from you. Everything that you want to know I will tell you. So please write your questions and I will answer them. But there’s no need to be aggressive, because I’ve not come here to take anything from you. I have come here to give what is yours, not even to give something of My own, but whatever is yours. So you should verily accept it and enjoy it.

This sets Me a little, if you don’t mind, to see you all who are sitting here. You all see Me but I should also see you, isn’t it? Is important. All right.

Now, very simple things are to be done. As I said it is effortless. You cannot pay for it, is effortless, is a living process. Just like a seed being sprouted by the Mother Earth your Kundalini gets sprouted. You don’t have to do anything about it, but a little help is to be rendered because as I said, there are certain problems in people. Now for that one thing we have to take help as far as possible from the different elements. One of them the most important is the Mother element, Mother that is this Mother Earth, and we have to take help from Her. You’ll be surprised that the sacrum bone which is the abode of the Kundalini is made from the essences of the Mother Earth. So that is of great help to us that we should take the full help of those essences. For that we have to take out our shoes, we need not to take out our socks, but shoes, and put your feet on the Mother Earth. Just to take out your shoes. All of you should do it. Please, it’s very simple, and put your feet on the Mother Earth. All these will take hardly ten to fifteen minutes. But please don’t move away at that time because everybody will be disturbed. Nothing is going to go wrong, nobody is going to be harmed, there is going to be no trouble for you at all. You have to be little patient with yourself and also have respect for yourself. It will just work out without any difficulty, I assure you. Only thing is that little bit cooperate and don’t get up in the middle with your ego suddenly standing up or something because you’ll disturb others. It’s not civil. It is uncivil to disturb people who are meditating. You are now in the mood of entering into the Kingdom of God. So keep that respect and that protocol that we have to do as we are entering in the Kingdom of God. Another request is that if you have anything tied, here or here, just loosen it because it does make a little discomfort to you. If there is any discomfort felt, then, otherwise it’s all right. If you are comfortable, I’ve nothing to say. Because if… you should be comfortable your attention should not be drawn to any discomfort. You can take out your coats if you find it hot or in any way uncomfortable. You better be prepared for that. That there should be nothing that should distract your mind outside.

Thirdly, to keep your attention not so much outside you have to keep your eyes shut. Because whatever happens is within. So you have to keep your eyes completely shut. You know in mesmerism they make you see the person. But in Sahaja Yoga you have to close your eyes because your attention is drawn inside and for that you must give full support to the attention that it is not outside. So if you can close your eyes it will help a lot. Close your eyes for the whole time till I tell you to open the eyes. Moreover, one more request is if you are wearing glasses you can take them out because you are not going to see anything. So please close your eyes without the glasses because eyesight is also helped through Kundalini rising. Will help your eyesight very much. Many people have got better eyesight after Realization.

Now we have to know this is for our own benefit. We have to benefit out of it. Nobody else is going to be benefited. So our attention should be towards ourselves and not on others. We should not worry about others what they are doing, what they are looking at, but we should worry about ourselves and get the full advantage of ourselves.

Now as I told you that you will raise your own Kundalini. I will tell you how to do it. Is very simple that you have to put the left hand towards Me because left hand is symbolic of your desire to get Realization. Is the power of desire. So put your left hand towards Me throughout, like this, like this the hand is all the time on your lap. You have to be comfortable, so on your lap. And the right hand has to be moved up and down first on the heart. I’ll tell you one by one, but just now you see where it is to be, heart, then on the upper part of your abdomen, then in the lower part of the abdomen, then in the upper part of the abdomen, then on the heart again, then here. This is the place where is the left Vishuddhi, as we call it, where the shoulder and the neck make an angle. On that angle, you have to put this hand little bit behind, pressing it, and then you have to put your hand here and at the back here, and then on top of your head with your palm on top of your fontanel bone area, where you had a soft bone in your childhood. You put your hand there and you have to press it hard and move it clockwise like this. Is a very simple thing you have to do which I’ll tell you one by one. I also tell you what are these chakras are and what you have to say on all these chakras to initiate your own Kundalini. You do, you are doing yourself, you can do it at home and again raise your Kundalini.

Now, please take out your spectacles. Please do what I tell you otherwise your Kundalini won’t rise and then you will say: “Mother, why [IT] did not try?” Moreover, if you are wearing any mala or anything from any guru or anything, please take it out. Anything like that, ordinary things are all right, light things. But if there’s anything heavy also you take it out. Please. There should be no identification with anything like that. These are all tags, which we have to give up if we really want our Realization.

Now put your left hand towards Me. I find left Vishuddhi catching very much. That means that people feel guilty. On the very outset I have to request you not to feel guilty. Not to feel guilty at all. You are not guilty at all. So don’t feel guilty. Even in My lecture or in the lecture of doctor Warren you might have heard something, which might have given you a hint that you have done something wrong. Forget the lecture. But don’t feel guilty. That is one of the things is very obstructing. So just say that: ” I am not guilty” within yourself. Not only that, but you are the Temple of God. Only the light has to be put there. What guilt can you have that cannot be engulfed by His love? So just do not have any guilt within yourself. Please do not have any guilt. So now we start off.

Please put your right hand on your heart, close your eyes. Left hand towards Me. Left hand like this. Now keep your eyes shut. Please keep your eyes shut. Put your hand on your heart. In the heart is reflected, is the Spirit, is the Spirit. So here you have to say or I would say it’s a question to Me. You may call Me Shri Mataji or Mother, whatever suits you. To ask a question, a very fundamental question you have to ask, because you are like a computer and the computer must get the answer to a fundamental question. The question is: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times. “Mother, am I the Spirit?” “Mother, am I the Spirit?” With full confidence, within yourself. With full confidence, within yourself, ask a question: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Put the hand on the left hand side, the heart is on the left hand side.

Now, with this question another question follows after that. If you are the Spirit, you are your master, you are your guru, you are your guide. Now you put the second question when you put your hand on the upper part of your abdomen, on the left hand side. You are working on the left hand side. The upper part of your stomach, on the left hand side. Please press it hard. Keep the left hand all the time towards Me. At this time you ask another question: “Mother, am I my own guru?” “Mother, am I my own master?” “Mother, am I my own guide?” Now this center is the center of the principle of a guru, which is built by many great saints, of very higher systems and that is within us to be enlightened. So you ask this fundamental question: “Mother, am I my own guru? Am I my own master? Am I my own guide?” Three times.

Now please take this right hand, down on the lower part of your abdomen, on the left hand side. This is the most important center because it works the technique of the divine, of the divine love. It works the mechanism of Kundalini. So you have to have the pure knowledge, the true knowledge. So you have to ask: “Mother, please, give me true knowledge” [HINDI TALK] Please keep your eyes shut. “Mother, please, give me true knowledge”. You have to ask Me. I cannot force it on you. You are free to have it or you are free to deny it. It’s your freedom. I have to respect. So please say: : “Mother, I want true knowledge, I want pure knowledge”. “Mother, please, give me pure knowledge”. Say this six times. “Mother, please, give me pure knowledge”. Please, say this six times because this center has got six petals. With your heart in it, believing in yourself. With full confidence. (This side).

Left hand towards Me and right hand on the left hand side of your stomach. This is the first information going to the Kundalini. Now She is moving within you but you have to give her assurance. So you lift your hand, lift your hand and put it in the upper part of the left side of your stomach, of your stomach, to the same point which is the principle of your Master, your mastery. So put your hand there. Now here with full confidence you have to say: “Mother, I am my own master”. You have to say this ten times to assure Kundalini that she can rise now. “Mother, I am my own master”. Put your right hand on the upper part of the stomach and left hand towards Me. “Mother, I am my own master”. Please say it with full confidence. [YOU] Should not have any diffidence about yourself. Please say it with full confidence. (It’s Left Vishuddhi, it’s too much. Left Agnya, left Vishuddhi. A, better.) One should not think that: “I’ve done this wrong or that wrong, how can I say?” And should not think that: “I’m this age, that age”. Nothing matters as long as you are a seeker. On a seeker Kundalini will rise. So just say: “Mother, I am my own master”, “Mother, I am my own guru”, “Mother, I am my own guide”. Ten times. (Aaa… Better?)

Don’t feel guilty. This is the trouble with all of you that you are feeling guilty for nothing at all. Why are you feeling guilty? Please keep your eyes shut and don’t feel guilty. You have to face yourself. There’s nothing wrong with you, I’m telling you, believe Me. (Oh, better.)

Now, please raise this hand, right hand, on your heart again, on your heart. And put your left hand towards Me. Keep your eyes shut. Here, with full faith in yourself, with full confidence in yourself, now you have to say twelve times: “Mother, I am the Spirit”. “Mother, I am the Spirit”. “Mother, I am the Spirit”. Say it twelve times with full confidence. Don’t hesitate. You are not to hesitate there, please, please. Good. Twelve times.

Now, as I’ve told you that God is the ocean of love, ocean of compassion, but above all, He is the ocean of forgiveness. Trust in His powers of forgiveness. Don’t feel guilty and please lift your hand, right hand and put it in the corner of the shoulder and your neck, on the left hand side. Press it hard. Press it hard. This is a very, very precarious chakra I find in the West, because we have a funny habit of all the time feeling guilty for nonsensical things. Now, here you have to say: “Mother, I’m not guilty”. You have to say it sixteen times, believing in yourself, fully, with full confidence. Please say: “Mother, I’m not guilty”. Please say it from your heart. Please say it from your heart. I tell you, you are not at all guilty in the eyes of God. How can a guilty person enter into the holy land of God’s domain? Please tell yourself: “Mother, I’m not guilty”.

Now those who still want to feel that they are guilty must know that it is the most pleasant thing to enter into the Kingdom of God. Is the most pleasant thing. There cannot be greater joy than that. So, now, if you still want to be miserable and guilty, I think better punish yourself by saying it hundred and eight times: “Mother, I’m not guilty”. That will relax your tension a little bit. Please say it hundred and eight times if you think you are still guilty. I can’t understand what’s this madness is going on. Why should you feel guilty? For what are you feeling guilty so much? Just absolutely waste of time, joyless pursuit, destroying ourselves for nothing at all. You get spondilytis with it and you get angina, all kinds of diseases with this kind of a nonsensical mythical guilt. What do you gain out of it? Nothing. All right. Better.

Now another thing which is mythical for which you have to put your hand on top of your head where the Christ chakra is on your forehead. I mean not on top but on the forehead across. On the forehead, across please put your hand and press on both the sides. As you press when we have headaches. Now, at this point we have to say that: “Mother, I forgive everyone”. Now this is another myth. Some people tell Me: “Mother, very difficult. I’m trying to forgive”. But it is mythical that you don’t forgive anything. You don’t do anything when you don’t forgive anything also. So both ways is mythical, but when the first myth is there that you cannot forgive others, you play into the hands of another person. So, why mythically you should play into the hands of another person? Please say that you forgive. It’s the easiest thing to say. “I forgive everyone.” I think that’s the most difficult people, things for people and I really feel like laughing, it’s childish, really childish to say: “I cannot forgive”.

Sitting down here what are you doing by not forgiving? You are punishing yourself. You just say: “I forgive everyone. Everyone I forgive”. Just say that. Is such a myth, you’ll see, it will drop down from your head, you’ll feel very much better, all your tensions will drop now. Just say: “I forgive”. This is the mantra for this chakra. This is the chanting you have to use, ha. Better.

In any case, if you cannot reconcile to this or to your being not guilty is better once for all, you put your hand on the back side of your head. Now, from your heart, back side of your head, where’s the optic lope. Just catch hold of it. From your heart you have to say: “O Lord or O Divine Power, if I’ve done anything wrong in your glory, please forgive me”. Just once for all, but say it from your heart so that you do not have anymore guilt left in your head. (So much, so serious, it’s just here. What a catch!) Hm, better.

Hm, now put your hand on top of your head, where I told you it was a soft bone in your childhood, is called as the fontanel bone area. Press the palm on that area and move it clockwise, seven times, seven times, move it, seven times. It will help you a lot and the Kundalini will breakthrough here. Seven times. At this point I cannot cross again your freedom. So you have to ask for Self Realization. I cannot force on anyone who doesn’t want it. So you have to say: “Mother, please, give me my Self Realization. Mother, give me my second birth. Mother, give me my actual baptism”. Just press your own hand there.

Now please take down your hand, slowly. Open your eyes very slowly and watch Me without thinking. Watch Me without thinking. It’s very hot. The whole heat has come out. Now, watch Me without thinking. Watch Me without thinking. Now you just raise your left hand about four inches or six inches above and see for yourself if there’s a cool breeze coming or not. Go with this peace in your heart, sleep tonight, tomorrow you come back, I’ll try to reestablish it again. But the main problem is that sprouting is easy but to maintain it and to make it into a tree you have to work it out. And for that you should be dedicated. It takes hardly a month to do that. Hardly a month. But you must come. We have very beautiful centers, five centers in Sydney. So you are very lucky people. They must be somewhere near your place, where you can come. They have got workshops for you. Do come, all of you and become that. Those who haven’t got yet today, doesn’t matter. They’ll get it tomorrow. Sometimes it takes some time. Maybe some problems, maybe something there. So doesn’t matter. Forgive yourself, come again and get it. Thank you very much. May God bless you.

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