Kundalini is your mother anxiously waiting to give you your second birth

Park Hyatt Sydney Hotel, Sydney (Australia)

1985-03-13 Kundalini is your mother anxiously waiting to give you your second birth, Sydney, 77' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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1985-03-13 Kundalini Is Your Mother Anxiously Waiting To Give You Your Second Birth, Sydney NITL-RAW, 77'
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Public Program and Workshop

So today i bow to all those who are seekers of truth and those who have found it… may god bless you.

It is such a great pleasure to see so many people coming back to know about themselves. All that [UNCLEAR warren] has been telling you as i told you is what you are within yourself, and what happens to you is the awakening of the kundalini which is three and a half coiled energy with in our sacrum bone. Now just imagine sacrum word was given to it by the Greeks that means Greeks knew that there is something sacred about it. That’s how they called it a sacrum bone, now this kundalini is the one is the pure desire within ourselves… Is the pure desire within ourselves. All other desires that we have… all other desires are not pure, if they were pure we would have been satisfied by them. But as you know the law of economics is such that in general ones are not [UNCLEAR sacure] that means what wants we have can never be satisfied. So what is the want really we have we should know, the real true desire with in us is one that we should be one with the divine power. This is the true desire we may play it with we may came of [UNCLEAR] we may go in other directions, make so difference, but ultimately you all come to this conclusion that unless and until you become the truth, the joy, the bliss and the peace, the spirit you do not feel satisfied and none of the worldly thing or emotional things can give you that. So what is that which gives you is the spirit with in your heart. Now this spirit is the reflection of god almighty with in and the holy ghost is the power of god almighty which we call as the mother’s energy. She exists with in all of you as kundalini, she is your individual mother, everybody has their individual mother and she is like, I should say, a tape recorder which tapes all that you have gone through in your past. She knows you very well and she is anxiously waiting for the moment when she could raise, and this is what within ourselves.

Now to you it is a new knowledge maybe to some of you maybe you might have read some books and to my amazement some books I have read in English so thick as that were all nonsensical because they did not know also where the kundalini was. Secondly the point was that they gave such horrible report about the kundalini that one should understand the kundalini which is your mother anxiously waiting to give you your second birth how can she be injurious or troublesome to you? So something wrong there those people who have had funny experiences or have had some sort of a funny thing happening out of it… there must have been something wrong definitely there. Now you have seen that it just happens spontaneously… it just happens spontaneously as happened to you. Now you are empowered, you are empowered when you have got the cool breeze in your hand, you are empowered to raise the kundalini, you can do it.

But say for example I don’t know what Australian money is, I get the money and i don’t know what it is… I better spend it, so I will know what it is. In the same way when you got that in your hands try to give it to others, learn how to do it, that’s what it is the second meaning of yoga meaning the expertise. It’s very simple to do it. You just try to raise the kundalini of other people and you will immediately know where the problem is, where the kundalini is stopping, what you should do all these things you will know very easily. It’s the easiest way to know and you can help everyone. Now we must understand we are living under shocking conditions in this world today… shocking conditions. Any day we all can be destroyed any day the destruction may come from within and take us over like horrible diseases that are showing. Recently I heard that in America there is another disease that has started that people become insane at a very early age about say 40 years or so… they become insane. So all such things are just awaiting us because of the ignorance we have about ourselves.

What is good for us, what is benevolent for us, what is going to give our evolution we are ignorant about. And that’s why the problems are there but whatever are the problems doesn’t matter we must know how to go above the problems and that simple thing is the kundalini, to go beyond the cause and the effect. It’s very simple it works out because that realm that subtle realm exists everywhere, this universe is filled with that it is in every atom it pulsates, in every molecule it exists but it is only intelligible to you the ones who are the realized souls, its not intelligible to them that’s the only difference is. Now this power has to be harnessed to be understood to be practical… to be practical about it and that is the only thing you have to do in the next one month is to be an expert a real yogi. You become the real yogi the real guru of yourself. You don’t need any other guru any more. You are the guru you have to look after yourself. You will know how to guide yourself and the whole life transforms why because you raise above… above the water level of your thoughts and you can see everything clearly you become a witness as I told you before.

Now between the effect and the cause we are struggling, we see something happening we try to cure the cause when we cannot cure the cause so we go to the effect that is typically our style. But kundalini what she does she takes you into a realm where there is no cause at all. I will give you a simple example which will look miraculous but it is not, to my mind it is not, now this is all reported in the newspapers whatever I am telling you. There was a lady she was suffering from a disease in which she would not go out of the house she had such fears that she had not gone out of her house for eight years and I went to a place called Middlesboro in England where the newspaper people came and said if there is somebody who cannot come to you how will you cure? I said have you got a photograph of the person or the name of the person they gave me the name, address, the photograph. I said all right forget about it I know her problem, then I just closed my eyes. They said how long will it take to be alright, I said for one week you don’t disturb her. But they could not resist, next day they went to see the lady and she was out in the [UNCLEAR] with her husband for a walk. They were all amazed to see, they published it in the newspaper about it.

Another one I will tell you how it works out, because I am telling you about the power which has all telecommunications, all that you have in such a subtle and extremely efficient way that it does not miss the point at all. Just works out where we say the angels are helping, god is helping. It is actually everything works out because we enter into the kingdom of god now you are in the… you are Australian’s all right, so Australian government looks after you but if you become the citizen of god’s kingdom then god looks after you and look at his powers the way he looks after believe me he looks after you everywhere.

There was one girl who was a Sahaja yogini and she was going by a car, and the car failed on the way which was a Autobahn means a huge big road with so many cars and buses and big trolleys everything going along. She thought now she is going to die she has another Sahaja yogini with her so she just closed her eyes she says mother now I am going to die better look after me that’s all she said. Now this is addressed to her kundalini she closed her eyes and when she opened her eyes she found her car was on one side nicely coming down but to her amazement even her brake was all right which was broken. Now who did this? See after all this is the source of all the medicines of all the mechanism everything and it just worked, believe me it works.

But there was another thing reported in the newspapers in England, you know English journalist have a difficult people so one day one fellow was a young boy about say may be 16 he was going by a bike, I was that time addressing a huge big audience very big in the town hall. I started what 7 o clock and this happened about say 8 o clock, this boy fell down from a bridge about 16 to 18 feet down. While falling down see people thought now the way he has fallen he is finished so they telephoned to the ambulance and hospital, the ambulance came in. By the time the ambulance came in this boy nicely walked up so they were surprised to look at him and say what has happened he is like a balloon went down and coming back nicely walking up we though he must be finished. So when he came up they asked what happened, he said no I will go to the… I am all right but I will go to the police station and I will tell them. So they took him to the police station and then they took him to the hospital and he told them believe me there was a lady wearing a white saree, an Indian lady, she came and cure me. She touched me and she cured me she came in a white Mercedes car, which I have. Now my car was standing in the place where I was giving a lecture and nobody saw the car coming they said how can it be we never saw any car coming nothing of the kind how do you say that. So he said I did believe me I did see her coming she did touch me and she is the one who cured me and she said now there is a little tip that’s not alright she [UNCLEAR] see mother about it. So he said now who is this mother, it’s the same lady, next day he saw my photograph in the newspaper so he went and told the police this is the lady who came. They were surprised they wrote to some of the people in London they said this is happening of course in India many a times but I am surprised it is happening here we cannot believe it.

So this is exactly what happens you can’t see many things that are happening like one day I was giving a lecture in a very remote village there is no possibility having any equipments any cameras nothing. And just at that time I knew there was some light falling on my head just coming on my head so I was playing with it and then I laughed and I stopped it. I knew but the camera caught it clearly so many times it has caught so many lights how? How is that the camera is catching? It was an ordinary camera by a person who doesn’t know how to handle the camera. So this is what it is, one has to understand that you have to go beyond the realm of the cause and the effect. Now you have go when I say then we will think that how are we to go. You have to just raise your kundalini, if you raise your kundalini you enter into the kingdom of god and then you go beyond that when you pierce through this (Sahasrara). If you attention is here (Sahasrara) your attention becomes collectively conscious I told you become collectively conscious.

And so many examples we have you will be surprised like one day somebody said mother what is going to happen to America? I said Nixon is in trouble he said how… how do you know mother. I said you put your hands and ask the question how is Nixon and all the hands will [UNCLEAR] and he was in trouble. Of course it came out much later but I told them he was in trouble.

So the all the telecommunications that you see in this world all kinds of cameras you see all these things all these machineries and all that have come out of from the unconscious dictation  but they are living already in that atmosphere and they all work out they help you. You don’t have to think you don’t have to adjust… it is all adjusted for you… you don’t have to worry it just works out believe me… believe me that you are fantastic people, human beings are the epitome of evolution they have to just get to their realization and specially for Australians have told you what special things you have in you is the innocence that there is innocence lurking all the time in an Australian and that is going to work out great in this country. And may be one day in the whole western world, may be it will start from Australia this movement of real spirituality. I am sure about it now, the way I have seen the way Americans are their quality is in their seeking the way they are beautifully made for this special thing I am sure that this movement will start moving faster from this country also the reason is it is the first center and the most important first center of innocence in this being as shown and god made us in his image and if it is the image of god then we are [UNCLEAR] in Australia. So it is a very important place where you are born I am very thankful that you have kept to the grounds you have kept to the mother earth that you have got this beautiful vibrations and beautiful ascent. I have given at least three thousand lectures I told you in English language and I don’t know how many thousand in Marathi and Hindi and despite that every time I say something people feel that I am saying something new I don’t know I would say that Sahaja Yoga has to relate to you first of all then it has to relate to others then it has to relate to the whole society then to your country then to other countries. It must relate to all these things otherwise it has no meaning like the light has to give light otherwise there is no question of enlightenment.

So it is not for you in the room to sit down and meditate nothing of the kind, you must come to the centers you must meet every one very fine people they are very happy people, blissful people, they will tell you what’s wrong with you… what’s good with you… how you can work it out. Just be little social and humble that’s all there is nothing more joyful to know that you are part and parcel of the whole that this whole has got [UNCLEAR] and we are there and that we are now aware that we are part and parcel of the whole. So actually you will feel that you do anything because who is the other? If you are helping someone you are really not helping… it is just flows and it just works out because you are doing nothing about it… it just flows because you are the awakened soul and you have become the part and parcel of the whole so the… if this finger (Little finger) is held by this hand of mine it is not obliged to this hand because [UNCLEAR] it has to help because it pains if you do not help. So this is how it is but of course you just record what happens to others immediately you know what happens on your finger tips as I told you and then you can help others. Unless and until you help others your light will not grow that’s one thing for sure, it never grows individually I have seen people whom i have cured now for example they came they were cured with this Sahaja Yoga… many were cured and when they were cured they just said thought o now it’s alright we will sit at home meditate [UNCLEAR]. Again they got some other sickness they got some other problems, so it’s a collective happening today, we have to be collective and collectivity is not just a talking… talking… talking… but actuality that you feel the collectivity within yourself and this is what we have to realize that we are all collective being. So we talk we are brother sisters that becomes just a talk but it becomes actuality and you really enjoy it… you really enjoy, you forget your past forget all you nonsensical ideas about the future and you just enjoy every moment of your life because present is so dynamic it’s so dynamic to remain in present is very difficult but with realization you are in present you are just watching, there is no worry nothing… no tension because you are in the present… present. If you are upset about the past, if you are worried about the future then the tension raises but if you are in the center you have seen here… if you are in the left you go that side and put a pressure on your brain… if are on the right side you go that way and put a pressure on the brain but if you are in the center there is no pressure its opened out like that and you feel absolutely relaxed you at least come down 20 years in your age you feel extremely active nobody has died in Sahaja Yoga before 70 years.

Some people were told by astrologers they will die at 35 they are still going strong all right all these 12 years nothing goes wrong with them. So your life everything changes your horoscope has no meaning the stars have no effect on you, you go beyond time and space. You just remain in a place where you are just helped, looked after and given joy happiness and bliss. The whole world has to get this i want the whole world to get it but you know how difficult it is, it’s only you people who have got it have to give it to others.

So at the very outset i have to tell you you have got realization you feel very happy on top of the world [UNCLEAR] very nice. But please do not give up coming to the centers, they don’t charge you any money on the contrary they might give you a cup of tea they might give you something to eat free, they won’t ask you. Later on you can contribute some money to have a bigger hall that’s your [UNCLEAR call] better i don’t want any money and the hall has to be paid not for spiritual work, it is if the hall is hired all right you collect some money and hire the hall. In the begging i used to hire the hall i used to pay for everything now of course there are more people so don’t like it that i should pay for their salvation so they pay for the hall little bit that’s all. So you don’t have to worry about payment and things, it is such a joyous thing to enjoy each other that’s what you have come to… may god bless you…

I am so very happy i hope you will keep my word that next time when i come every one of you can give realization to thousands but everybody must try some few and have confidence in yourself, know that you are Yogis greater than all these fake gurus, much much greater than them, they are nothing they are minus people so remember that and please i hope you will do the needful that is needed for the expansion of your own growth. May god bless you…

Now if there are any sensible questions if they have asked i would like to answer, sensible, not like the other day that fellow got just i don’t know what happened to him.

Question: There is a very good question Shri Mataji, on realization you claim that the spirits sees what you are doing what does this mean? Does it mean that you can do no wrong? What you decide is correct, what i mean is does the spirit take control of you total life?

Shri Mataji: Ya, of course, it does. See the light of the spirit is such as i told you before that if you have a snake in your hand and if you see the light in the snake you just throw away. In the same way the right and the wrong which is a confusion for us just vanishes in the thin air because you know what is right, how, through vibrations. See you meet somebody immediately you will know that what sort of a person it is. If he is a tangible, sensible or could be managed you can just look at him the eyes have that laugh that compassion that will melt him down he will be all right, he will be very kind, he will be nice. Supposing he is a horrid person you will immediately know you will say all right we will meet tomorrow. That’s how you will behave like the tip of the root, how it moves, it avoids all the hard things goes to the soft things and manages to use that hard thing to hold the tree. All discretion and all sensible things you know but what happens is that when you are enlightened first of all we do wrong things because the brain does not know what is right and wrong. But as i don’t know if i have told you but in the Swadishthana chakra is the second chakra transforms the fact of the stomach to ascent for the use of the brain because we are using brain cells every time and they are thrown out dead cells… now they are replaced by the fat cells which comes from the stomach go there and replace them. Now what happens that when the dharma what you call the righteousness the goodness all that is stored in the scriptures the ten commandments the centers are in the stomach now when you are realized means the kundalini awakens you, when the kundalini awakens you in the stomach then what happens that these cells get the experiencer of the joy of virtue, experiencer awakens in them. So they become virtuous  because those same cells go in your brain and they displace all the horrible cells that are there which has no experiences… you see to enjoy the virtue that you have to enjoy the righteousness is not there that’s why we do wrong things, actually we think we enjoy something that is wrong… it’s not so… what we enjoy that is right and that’s how the whole brain system changes into an enlightened brain which always does good like Christ you don’t have to tell him not to do this… in the same way you become a holy person… you become holy… you become auspicious… you become really a pious person… you become a person whose even to look at such a person one feels peaceful and nice. You become that kind of a personality which is described wonderful people… compassionate because the cells that are your brain are now enlightened by kundalini and have taken a new form, so you just get transformed. So kundalini works its way and then the light of the spirit falls on those cells because what is in these seven chakras are there as you see all these represented in the brain, they are called the pethas, the, you can say the seeds of the seven chakras are in the brain. Now this seeds of the seven chakras get the light from the heart because there are seven auras of these chakras on the heart, as soon as your brain changes the auras change and on top of that you get the light… beautiful light… of the spirit which makes the whole thing so beautiful. See virtue no more becomes the horrible stuff… like a person may be virtuous probably he is virtuous but people don’t like him because he is so virtuous they say goody goody fellow something like that. But this goody goody fellow also becomes a beautiful person very attractive very nice very gentle very kind very compassionate  very discrete very wise, so all these combination start working in a person, naturally a person sees he was here he has gone there how? How has he changed? The very character of that person which has changed catches the eye of others and they start transforming. That’s what you are… the lights of today will become tomorrow the beacons of the world i know that, I waiting for that day to happen. May god bless you…

Now what is the second question?

Question: Another question was that after Monday night’s meditation i experienced muscular spasm in my left forehand… forearm… is this related to the raising of the kundalini?

Shri Mataji: Very much, you see it is in this area or in this area… you see here is the left vishuddhi… if you are a person who always try to be guilty you will get pain here… a little bit… but if you get it here then left Swadishthana is there… if you get it here then left Swadishthana that means you have been to a person who is not authorized by god… you have bowed before a person who has not by authorized or you have been to other [UNCLEAR] what are they called that [UNCLEAR] and this and that all those things… see you have been to this black magic business… so that’s how you get this portion… so it’s all right doesn’t matter… it comes and goes away… it will all clear out… so doesn’t matter

Now questions are not [UNCLEAR] now i will ask him

Question: Is it acceptable and beneficial to give realization to people and leave it to their own kundalinis to work it out to their own rate?

Shri Mataji: Yes it is beneficial, you are not to force anybody to do this or that but in the collective way when you meet you will know yourself where is wrong because you do not know everything just now… you do not know what chakras are catching, how to correct it… you do not know… just now I would say the like the new babies you are and you have to look after this realization. So you have to know about it you just can’t leave them alone, supposing your sprout a seed and you leave it alone then what will happen…no… on the contrary it will be waste.

Question: But I think implied in that is also the question that whether they can do it on their own… Perhaps in that question

Shri Mataji: No, they can do it on their own but they have to learn about it first of all you see just don’t do something without knowing all right… otherwise you will say Mother this happened… that happened… Nothing will go wrong but you will lose you vibration that’s all… You will lose your realization

Question: That’s the point may be you have to explain… I didn’t explain it though…

Shri Mataji: You see the realization that you have got is a [UNCLEAR weed] it’s just like a hair you see the kundalini has [UNCLEAR] and there just like a rope with so many threads so it’s a very little bit opens out and just relaxes and then again many raise… you have to establish it… as long as you have not established it the kundalini will be always drawn down back below to correct other things. So its best is to establish yourself properly and then you will know how to do it… there’s nothing to worry about it… but first you must establish.

Question: In which part of the body does one cure a nervous disorder?

Shri Mataji: It is on the, nervous system is always affected in brain or on the what you call the back bone in these things… so now what you have to do when you raise the kundalini the nervous disorders could be… this is a symptom it’s not a diseases it’s a symptom… so we have to see from what disease it is coming. But actually Sahaja yogis we do not… we do not see the disease as such we see the chakras which chakra is out… is it the left or the right… whatever chakras are out that to be cured that’s all… we are not to worry even about the diseases we have to see what chakras are catching. We don’t even worry to see to derive from the chakras what is catching what’s the disease, we don’t ask them what diseases you have… he need not tell us any diseases. Immediately you will know where it is catching what chakras are catching… as soon as you correct the chakras you are all fine. So we don’t have to worry about the diseases about the symptoms of it… there is no need to but sometimes they might ask like one fellow he came to me why is it everybody is asking me what is your relationship with your father… I said do you suffer from asthma… he said yes… that’s why… I said asthma is caused by people whose center of the father, right heart we call it, either as a father or his father is dead or that there is something you see missing on the father side you develop asthma… it’s curable absolutely 100% curable, but we have to ask the question… what is the relationship with your child, what is the relationship with your father… it’s the fatherhood there is something wrong.

Question: I can feel the cool breeze but do not experience the joy you described… although twice I have dreamed of you and experienced the joy at that time

Shri Mataji: ya correct, that the correct way  because when you are conscious you see in the western mind thinks all the time… it is true or not. When you dream you are in the susubdi state, you are in a state where you are tranquil you are not thinking about anything. But now always I have seen is the other way round in India… they feel the joy first and then they start thinking… so many of them say we don’t want to think about anything we are in joy. So because here everybody thinks… thinks… thinks… the brain is so much used to think… to want to analyze… find out every one… they go to the tree they find the vibrations they will look at a doggy and find out the vibrations… what’s the matter these that analyze it… so the joy is no more there… but you leave it alone it will work out… alright that’s the reason because the brains are more open not the heart… but there the heart is more open and the brain is less but you become very sensitive… those who have brain opened out have more sensitive and those who have got their heart open out are more joy… so one of the two you get it first.

Question: Again implied in that perhaps mother does it take some time before you feel the joy?

Shri Mataji: For some of you do… him too…[that’s true the rational mind stops it]. Yes, the rational mind see rationality, analysis everything you analyze like what i was saying that he wants to buy something… i said buy… finished… no he said, then but by this it will be cheaper… i said forget it now if you like it buy it… finished. Why do you want to analyze… i will go mad analyzing everything.

Question: When you were blowing into the mike this is when he had his palm on the top of his head and it felt as if it was going to explode. How do you explain this feeling?

Shri Mataji: Now this you should find out about me later on… see what i am…what why it happens when i do something you feel it… if i blow in my hands you will feel it… anything you will feel it in your hands too… why it happens because i have been very very this time careful. Christ said that i am the path i am the light … he was no doubt but they crucified him… I don’t want to get crucified. I have to get the what job done. so i won’t tell you what i am, what i am doing… you better find out about me and then it’s easy to talk because it is very difficult, you see, to say something and look at this gentlemen yesterday how he started shouting at me… and that newspaper gave half of it’s verdict as if he was a Oracle of Delphi or something… right to him he was really i was surprised… i have never had such an experience like some possessed man coming up and saying something. So and just imagine paying so much attention to a man who has no bona fide nothing… he has achieved nothing… you better write to them that what are they doing… why did you some so much  importance to such a person… very bad journalism i think… i mean somebody stands up and start shouting and this fundamentalist that they are saying i have to say one thing… who crucified Christ… the fundamentalist jews… who tortured Muhammad saw… it was the fundamentalist… who tortured all the saints in India… fundamentalist… all these fundamentalist because they have no fundamentals… they are sticky people they stick to something and they want to hit everybody else… so it’s nothing surprising they cannot crucify me of course… but still you see that is what they are … they are fundamentalist now see fundamentalist is [UNCLEAR] he thinks he is very great [UNCLEAR]used to think he is great because fundamentalist then we have another one there… you know so many Gaddafi and these… their fundamentalist like all other fundamentalist in every religion… there is no difference what so ever because they are Muslim that why they are bad or Christians they are good… i tell you at least Muslims are grossly fanatic… you can make them out as fanatics… but Christians are very sophisticatedly fanatics… you see they talk big big things… they make [UNCLEAR signs] out of it… they will never accept and Hindus are no less… everyone who becomes fanatic is mad  i will tell you… real mad… so just forget about them.

Question: Do you need a mantra to meditate properly?

Shri Mataji: You may, if there is a center something wrong with you but you will know all about, see when you have some center say the center of Christ is not working well there is something wrong then you have to say lords pray. They will tell you about it, it’s very simple it’s not difficult so they will tell you what is the mantra to set for, if you have a problem on your center then.

Question: And how do you cure your eyesight problems?

Shri Mataji: See this is again eyesight is again a symptom, depends on how you got your eyesight bad mostly the eyesight is because of the heaviness on the [UNCLEAR opticflow] mostly not always because supposing you have diabetes also you might get very weak eyesight because the diabetes is caused by the same Swadishthana which actually has got its seat here and that oppresses on the [UNCLEAR opticflow]  that’s how also you will get a your bad eyesight, may be with age also you get a little eyesight weak, it’s alright. So what I am saying that we have to know the chakras not the symptoms it can be with many dimensions you get it, I have seen people who paint their hair color their hair, these days what you call punks you see they always have very bad eyesight they come to me, they have you see imagine they don’t know what they are in for or the ladies who put these glues in their head.  I have seen you see like there was one gentlemen who was a hair dresser one day he said mother I want to do your hair dressing, I said what this madness you are doing I don’t want to have your hair dressing I don’t do any dressing at all. He said no no this is for mad people, you don’t know these are mad people [UNCLEAR] why are they mad because this is glue and we glue they will lose all their hair, their eyesight will go bad and they will come and wear wigs, this is a enterprise going on to create wigs for people. Just imagine this hair dresser was so he was [UNCLEAR]

Question: This is a question the lady says that she is sorry if this question is out of order but I met [UNCLEAR] Buddhist and our method of going outside time and space is to chant a certain mantra much you what you said is identical to us.

Shir Mataji: No No No No, not yet all, not yet all it’s very different I will tell you what happens. When you say a mantra like that without the connection, any mantra, without the connection with the god see we have two sides as I told you the subconscious and the supra conscious side we have the collective subconscious beyond that and a collective supra conscious beyond this. So when you start chanting a mantra without having any connection, supposing you say the name of Rama Rama Rama, what will happen you will move to the left side or to the right side if there is any spirit who is dead with the name Rama will just catch hold of you. It’s just possession, now the supra conscious side you see you start feeling you are going in the space moving like this doing like this, I had a very very funny experience long time back when some American scientist came to see me and they said that we want to fly in the air, I said for what you are already flying now why do you want to fly, no no we want to go through our minds. So I said why, why do you want to do it, that time they were doing a para phycology business you see. They said because the Russians are doing, I think Russians I told them Russians are doing it to destroy themselves, you will also destroy yourself and they will get possessed and you will also get possessed because these are the spirits that do it. They won’t listen to me, they said no no still we want to do it but I said you will be dominated by them, you want the spirits to carry your spirit like that. But they won’t listen to me and they said yes yes we don’t mind but we want that. I said I am not for it, but who told you, they said one fellow called patanjali, his name was patanjali, he was a journalist. I said this is the fellow who is suffering from this disease I cured him, he is telling that I am going to put the disease in you. Like that it is, but you know these things, doing all these things has created big problems. I must tell you a very big problem now because if you start doing all these you call the spirits, the spirits get quite busy then, they are busy bodies and I have seen people calling the spirit of the mother and this and that and children die in their bed, they cannot return back. Don’t try all these tricks which you do not know, you are not master of it, you must know what you are doing you must know exactly what you are doing how you are working it out. You must know mentally you should not just go like a mad saying mantras mantras mantras,  that will spoil your chakras and the first thing you will get, first thing you are vulnerable to diseases like cancer, myelitis all kind of incurable diseases. I am telling you today tomorrow it happens to you don’t come to me.

Question: This is a topical question perhaps you would like to deal with this after the program mother privately. I have cancer in the throat, on Sunday and Monday I experience to unusual excreating pain in the area was this caused by the movement of the kundalini. I certainly felt the cool breeze.

Shri Mataji: Alright, you will be alright now no problem you come and see us we will tell you what is to be done how to create a balance that means you are cured already if you have felt the cool breeze because in the throat in the hands you will never feel the cool breeze. Did you feel in the hands is the point, if you feel in the hands that means your cervical plexus are all right, you are cured. That’s it congratulation.

Another thing I must tell you about these Lamas, you see these Lamas are another horrible thing I was talking to gentlemen who was interviewing me about Lamas. These Lamas are terrible personalities, you see they are all supra conscious things they give you all these ideas about this they have lynched actually lynched all the Tibetans. I went to China I was surprised you see they had shown their all the things they got from Tibet they could not read [UNCLEAR Nepali] but I could it and I saw these were golden big big jars and golden plates and golden bear mugs and golden wine mugs and all that. All that was used by these Lamas from these poor Tibetans, can you imagine such people how they call themselves godly and they have wrinkles which you can count one by one. Such people call themselves godly, now they have started another thing I must warn you about it, it is Shambhala, see their in Spain they have started this nonsense of Buddhist called Shambhala, in that they say that you will get your Nirvana if you go to Gobi desert and parties after parties are going from Spain, and the queen of Spain told me about this… this horrible… I said in any way if you go to Gobi desert you will get Nirvana forever, you walk even one mile it’s sufficient. So this is what they are doing, just imagine what a dangerous thing to do, so don’t go near them all these things are nonsensical absolutely these are all facts they call them as people of god of Buddha and take money live on that drink do all kinds of things, how can it be, taking gold from these poor people, i mean your heart bleeds to see that.

Question: Perhaps we will have these will be the two questions. This one is you say that you are born with the power of realization and that your illnesses will be cured with the power of realization. Does that include birth defects, spasticity, loneliness and starvation?

Shri Mataji: It has helped everyone, all these characters, but specially loneliness and all these and starvation also has helped. You will be surprised in London we have so many unemployed but not a single Sahaja Yogi is unemployed, you see because the Lakshmi Tatva the principle of Lakshmi the wellbeing is awaken. But you do not become greedy, you become satisfied to have sufficient it’s such a sense of satisfaction you live with, you do not ask for more all the time but you get sufficient it’s a blessing of god so all that is solved yes, no doubt, I have not come across any Sahaja Yogi who starves even in India or any place they are all well placed happily living but they are not very rich because they become mad then. Neither they are very poor, they are in the center enjoying life, everybody is very happy.

Question: The last question mother is the subject to many of your lectures but may be you would like to say one sentence about it, will you please explain the unconscious?

Shri Mataji: It’s a, unconscious is a vague terminology given to us by [UNCLEAR] though he has got his realization late in life and his idea of unconscious was very different from the reality, I think because I don’t blame him because he just got realization there was no one to explain to him. The first mistake he has committed that according to him we lie in layers like the unconscious which can little bit can express itself, so he must be meaning unconscious means the kundalini, the physic is the left side I think from I mean they are so half baked remarks [UNCLEAR] that really I just don’t know what they mean.  But actually unconscious according to [UNCLEAR] is the unconscious which is the kundalini perhaps and that part of it opens out comes into thing, then he says on top of it is the collective subconscious then he says is the subconscious then is the conscious mind so he puts you in layers like this. Now see now, when I have to come you have kept a place for me to come, I mean, in the same way if the kundalini has to move god is not going to put you on layers I mean supposing you have to go to the airport and if you have to climb up over some cargos and then on some people and then go there you cannot reach and god is the most sensible organizer, he is not stupid to do that way isn’t it.  So what he has done he has placed them in a parallel way, your central path is left open this was a big mistake [UNCLEAR] has done, I addressed the meeting of the [UNCLEAR] in America, the chairman of the [UNCLEAR] society was surprised at it, I said only I saw I have not read [UNCLEAR] much but only I saw one diagram and I knew what mistake he had committed. So doesn’t matter but he was a realized soul he talked of so many things so unconscious according to him is kundalini, according to him is kundalini but unconscious is not whatever is not conscious in mind is unconscious, you are not conscious of the all pervading power so it is unconscious but if you become conscious of it… it is no more, so it changes the form alright. May god bless you… But the unconscious is the one is the all pervading power of god which like he saw me in dreams many things happen like that. So that is all done by that all pervading power which resides in every atom, every molecule, every element, every place. So that is the one which works out all these things, so to be conscious of that is only possible after self realization and then the unconscious  become a conscious thing like for a blind person colors are in the unconscious he is not conscious but his eyes are open they become in the conscious mind alright.

I think the time has come for you to experience the realization again… suggest you slip you shoes off and be comfortable loosen any belts and take you specs off

Now as I told you it’s all pervading… all pervading… you have to put your left hand towards me on your lap. One thing in Sahaja yoga, when you meet these people who are little bit more knowledgeable about Sahaja Yog don’t ask too many questions, try to see what they are saying and then you see if it works  because if you say, no I will not, some people don’t even want to take shoes you see it’s so difficult, such [UNCLEAR] people [UNCLEAR] so just know that they know little more than you if they tell you anything just try it, if it does not work you can tell them this does not work alright but try, trying is important otherwise you see there will be just an argument and argument and it will… they will give up. So best is to say whatever they are saying you just listen to them everything has an explanation, everything is intelligible, everything you are going to know, everything. But little bit whatever they say just like a teacher if tells you you must listen do it and then you get the experience alright. But nothing blindly following, you will see yourself the results, results will show you immediately. Now you put your left hand towards me like this on the lap don’t have to raise it… just keep it comfortably  because you have to be comfortable that’s one thing is very important and the right had you put it towards to mother earth let’s see towards the mother earth first of all towards the mother earth. As I said this Australian mother earth Australia is a great country of innocence so let’s take the help. Now close your eyes… close your eyes please and don’t open them till I tell you… now see if you are getting cool breeze in the left hand… see if you are getting cool breeze on the left hand… better, it’s working here also. Now please put the right hand towards me on your lap and left hand towards the sky… not very high… not very high… just very comfortably bending your shoulder and elbow just to put their with the palm  back side… now see on the right hand side if you get now this way, bend your elbow towards the shoulder bend your elbow like this… show them… yes simple not exerting anything it’s very simple I am trying this because this works in India… it should work here also, keep your eyes shut don’t open your eyes… don’t open your eyes just see right side… while doing this forgive… say I forgive every one… say that I forgive everyone in your heart by doing this. Now do you feel in the right hand cool breeze… are you feeling… now let us put right hand on our heart and left hand towards me throughout. Now here you ask me a question… mother am I the spirit ask the question three times please, mother am I the spirit, don’t feel guilty please you are again feeling guilty that’s the problem with you [UNCLEAR] all the time you feel guilty, why are you feeling guilty, please don’t feel guilty. You should be in a pleasant mood, you are entering into the kingdom of god. Now that’s the first question, mother am I the spirit let the second question comes in now. Don’t feel for heaven sake don’t feel guilty it’s terrible it’s painful, just don’t feel guilty. The second question is simple as such is that you put your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen on the left hand side, we are working on the left hand side. Right hand, move it down and now here you say, ask another question, mother am I my own master, am I my own guru. Three times please, don’t feel guilty, please forgive yourself first of all and then ask a question. Now, please take this hand now on the left hand side of your stomach, in the lower region left hand towards me take the right hand on the lower region of your stomach and press it, here is the center as I told you of the divine technique. So now you have to say again as I told you yesterday I cannot do it without your permission, mother please give me pure knowledge of this divine technique, six times please. Now raise the right hand up to your upper part of the stomach, please have confidence in yourself, please have confidence, now upper part of the stomach you press your hand there and say ten times with full confidence assert yourself because kundalini has started moving, mother I am my own master I am my own guru, please say it. Now please raise this right hand on your heart again, here again with full confidence in yourself with all the love and forgiveness towards yourself please say with full assertion, mother I am the spirit, say it twelve times, mother I am the spirit believe me you are, please say that. Spirit which is the source of bliss, joy, collective consciousness, is the truth itself. Now, it’s so joyous that you can’t help even laughing it’s so much but  control it a little bit because some people are still not there, so just control, it’s too much. Now raise your right hand on to the corner of your neck and the shoulder on the left hand side please, now this is the center is catching very much in all of you because you are all feeling so much guilty and I am getting the pain here for you. Please please forgive yourself… please forgive yourself… please forgive yourself, now as I told you before that god is not only the ocean of compassion, love and joy but he is the ocean of forgiveness, so please forgive, please forgive yourself that’s very important. Now, please say I am not guilty, please say this sixteen times please say I am not guilty because you are in a very bad shape there, you see it’s a very very interesting thing that in the best people become so guilty I can’t understand why they become so guilty. For little little things we learn to become guilty and that’s how we develop this problem and as I told you yesterday the center causes all kinds of problems, physical mental emotional every sort and the spiritual because the kundalini doesn’t raise please say it sixteen times have faith in yourself… have faith in yourself… you are human beings created after amoeba not to feel guilty at the last minute when you are to enter into the kingdom of god be pleasant be happy be joyous alright. Now raise your hand to your forehead and press it on both the sides please press it on both the sides, at this point now you have to forgive others… forgive others and don’t feel guilty about it again please forgive others, please forgive others, mother I forgive everyone, from your heart, you see not how many times but from your heart, just say mother I forgive everyone you will feel so relaxed you don’t know… just say that. What is there not to forgive, what do we do when we don’t forgive, alright, now take this hand on the back side of your head. Now, here you have to say once for all because you all feel guilty and this and that, that O lord if I have done anything wrong in your glory please forgive me… just say it from your heart that’s all… once for all so don’t feel guilty now anymore. God is not angry with you in anyway, why are you all the time feeling that way… so just tell him that please don’t be angry with us and forgive us if you have done any mistakes…alright. Now, raise your right hand on top of your head where the fontanel bone area is, press it with your palm, move it seven times… move it seven times please, on the clock wise way press it hard and clock wise… clock wise

At this point you just say mother, please give me the experience of the spirit, you have to ask for it, I cannot force on you, give me self realization… mother please give me self realization, say it seven times.

Now take the hand down please, open the eyes slowly… now see if there is a cool breeze on top of your head with the right hand towards me or the left hand towards me whichever way you like [UNCLEAR] try… alright… I see lots of smiles.

Pay attention here, here, here about four inches or six inches you have to certify yourself… little high… like this move it… ohh it’s coming up that big… it comes very high sometimes also. Some of you who got realization might be feeling it much higher. Good… now put the right hand towards me see with the left hand let’s see… if you don’t get it or you are feeling hot then say I forgive… say that I forgive… that’s it… better… alright. Now raise your hands let’s see… mother is this the power of Brahma, is this the power of the holy ghost, is this the all pervading power of god’s love, put back your head… ask the question three times please… is this the power of the holy ghost… now put down your hands… now see if [UNCLEAR]… raise your hands a little bit… see are you feeling it. Watch me without thinking… watch me without thinking…It’s a very subtle thing as they call it sukshma and for some times you feel very little when the nerves open out you feel more… that’s the fact.

Now, I am sorry, I will be leaving you I am going to Melbourne then I will be going back go London. I hope to see you again very soon, you all can come to India if you want, I will be missing you all a lot.

One thing after realization I hope they have arranged another program for you to meet them there are we have centers everywhere you please make it a point to go and see them at least for four weeks. Take your photographs, one photograph they will send it over to me with your name address so that I will know who are the people, please take your photograph to them they will give you other books other things to know.

But in Sahaja Yoga the truth is revealed slowly, first you have to be able to bear the truth also, so first of all you have to become something then the greater truths are revealed to you that you verify it. So it is for you to grow gradually and then see for yourself, don’t deny just see [UNCLEAR] there is a proof of everything… authentic… it’s all authentic. I am leaving you and you know how a mother feels [UNCLEAR] and every time I leave a place my heart is filled with such pain and such concerned… tremendous concern I hope you will not lose your vibrations… look after yourselves… look after your body, mind everything… you are now empowered to do that… May god bless you…

You can also get my tapes and things from them everything is available, Sydney is a very well organized Sahaja Yoga center here, so I don’t have worry but still I am worried about you because you start thinking about putting some [UNCLEAR] about it, you cannot think that’s one you have to just develop in thoughtless awareness… if you become thoughtful it will come down so in thoughtless awareness it will grow and you will see the result of it. May god bless you…

(Talk ends here)

Sahaja Yogi:

I will just announce about the program Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji will be going but we really want you to come back and to develop this, for this week the programs announced on the sheet will not be taking place Thursday and Friday, they will be delayed until Monday, so we want you to come to all our centers and [UNCLEAR] on any night you choose feel free to come any time but for Thursday and Friday of this week there will be no programs, we all be in Melbourne actually with Shri Mataji. Then every Sunday in other words on Sunday week commencing we will have program during the afternoon, so in the evenings of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from next week and then on Sunday week we will be having a program and those Sunday programs the venue will be announced at the public program. At the programs [UNCLEAR] will tell you where the Sunday programs is to be, we will have to hire a big hall like this. It’s going to be impossible to handle it in our centers and that’s a good problem. Thank you very much, look forward to seeing you so many so many of you, please leave your name and address of the back on little cards they have got they want to be able to inform you where the meetings are any changes, leave your address and telephone, there are hundreds of little cards back there, please leave your name and address and telephone number.

We all have an expression which we utter which the Sahaja Yogis will hear and then you can all do it together.

Bolo Shri Bhagwathi Mataji Shri Niramala Devi Ki Jai

Now everybody can join in…

Bolo Shri Bhagwathi Mataji Shri Niramala Devi Ki Jai