Bhajans after Hyatt Workshop

Sydney (Australia)

1985-03-13 Bhajans after Hyatt Workshop, 94' Add subtitles:
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Bhajans after Hyatt Workshop

(Shri Mataji is reading a translation, by a local yogini, of ‘Ami Bhigadalo’ )

She has made some little mistakes here. See: Raga – ‘Ra -Ga’ doesn’t mean anger. But it means the melody. You see it is a pun on the words throughout. ‘Bhi gadalo’ means: ‘the seed has sprouted.’ Also it means ‘I am ruined’ – a pun on the words, you see? He says even the Raga, the melody, is spoilt.
‘how I become … my religion (‘dharma)” is spoilt. She has put ‘enlightened’ but it is ‘spoilt’. I have become Vishwa Dharma.
A pun on the word Bhigadalo which means: my seed has sprouted. Also it means: I am spoilt. Bhi gadarmi – so he plays on that word. So my dharma is also spoilt – I become Vishva Dharma. That is the pun. That is the poetic style. Then he says “All the people are also spoilt.” What has happened – they became pure. They become Nirmal, see, this is it.
5:09 yogis sing bhajan
Have you been able to tape it? that’s beautiful, beautiful, because it is even more melodious, you see, than when we heard it in India, because you see, in India some people were going a little bit here and there from other countries. (loud yogi laughter).
It was not such a proper melody there but now it is absolutely melodious: beautiful, beautiful.
Shri Mataji comments that the musician plays well and asks where did she learn then comments on the harmonium “It is a very difficult one” and looks at the next translation
“you are the Spring in the Autumn season.”
Yogis sing “He Adi Ma’
This is the whole complete description of the kundalini rising.
“Ami Matajincha chari nasiyalo”
(Shri Mataji is bending over playing the harmonium while the yogis sing)
To sit down at a table or to sit in the ground is better, not bending – that is why my hands shake a little, now come … the notes you play are very simple (white notes) We normally play on this one (black note scale) but that is too high for you people, I think.
(Shri Mataji plays a few bars.)
I am quite out of practice.
Now which one are you going to play. ( a new sheet of music is given)
This is an Englishman’s style.
(Yogini comments: It is an Italian tune Shri Mataji.)
(people are trying to bring a table forward and are waved away by Shri Mataji who explains)
This music is where they have mixed it up – it’s more Italian
Oh, let her play. I can’t play Italian music. This is a musical tune – Italian, based on the way they have built it up.
(yogis sing the mantras in western harmonies)
May God bless you. Beautiful. all the mantras – they are tremendous, aren’t they? the words are nicely built into the tune. and you all sing so clearly. That’s the main thing. I hope these are sent abroad to all the other centres. They are mantras, absolutely. But the tune vibrates you know. Beautiful movement.
(Yogis sing “Shri Ganesha; Jai Jagdambe Mata Bhavani; The Lord’s my Shepherd; O Ma, I Bow to Thee. )
Divine waterfall. So spontaneous.
I must thank you all for doing such good work here. We are all working for God who has created us. Who has given us all the things that are necessary to a human being. Also now that you have your realisation you have to be thankful to Him. You have to be thankful to him for everything. But I must thank you all for really working so very hard, working it out, getting so many people who are seekers so enlightened now. I saw the joy bubbling over in the hall. It is great work you are doing. The greatest thing is to give realisation to one. Some-one! Here you have given realisation to so many.
So many people have got it because you are ardently working from your heart. As you are saved, so you want to save them. The great salvation you have given them. Tonight I was so overwhelmed by your great work. Thank you all. May God bless you. May God bless you. Nothing can exceed that. I thank you people in Sydney who have worked very hard.
(Yogi is presenting something ‘small’ – a vase – to remember us)
I am not going to forget it. (yogi laughter)
It is too much. This should not have been given to me. No! – Warren – it is too much!
(Warren says I am not guilty, Mother) (laughter)
Shri Mataji: I say you are responsible. (more laughter)
Did you see the lamps I gave to you? This is too much. But it is so beautiful. What is small? What is great? I know what it is. I know all about it. Too much. The English will have me arrested for this. (more laughter) Another gift?
(yogi says we can never repay you, Mother)
No question of ‘repay’ – what is ‘re-pay’? I’ve not paid anything. What are you going to repay?
(a purse is given)
It is beautiful. It is too good, though, too fashionable.(laughter)
Is it locked? (someone opens it) Oh, that’s it now. thank you. Good once it is closed it cannot open (laughter)I’ll have to learn how to handle it. I think only Australians can close it. One thing I must tell you – I would never have bought such an expensive purse for myself.
(Each ashram gives gifts- a jewel box with semi precious stones from Kashmir)
Pearls you should have kept for your wife.
(reading a card) You say: ‘only to thank you for what you have given us’ – then why should you do that, eh?
(some rare shells in a box from a Marathi- speaking yogini)
Warren, this is how my luggage is increasing.(general laughter)
(Chatswood ashram present is being opened)
I know what it is (laughter) and I know that you know that.(more laughter)
(Holding a hand-painted platter)
Now, Warren, don’t be jealous.
(a French crystal vase from Bondi ashram – Shri Mataji is pointing to the flowers on top)
This is the sahasrara (points to the bowl underneath) this is the balance. I wish the French had that brain, that balance.
(some Portuguese linen from Annandale ashram.
A gift of a red cardigan ‘from the all the ladies of Sydney)
The colour of Australia – Ganesha’s colour..
(coasters and mats from all the men. A landscape painting of Uluru by John Henshaw is presented by his children)
Ah! He (Ganesha) is coming out of the deep blue, or you can say the remote blue. He is coming out of the left side – you see?
(yogis say the three great mantras and all bow)
Perfect kundalini. All of you have. Keep it. Keep it up. and you have to balance other’s kundalini like that. I think Burwood ashram, all Sydney is like that. Very well equipped for Sahaja Yoga. Thank you very much. Enjoy yourselves. That’s all I want. I want you to enjoy.
(gesturing to the presents)because you enjoy giving me these, I don’t say anything. But don’t waste your money. You need it very much now, for so many things you have to do for Sahaja, right? May God bless you.
Shri Mataji leaves and then the yogis start singing ‘You have given us more than we could ask for’ for another few minutes – until the tape stops