Talk to Sahaja Yogis Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Talk to Yogis, Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia), 14 March 1985. Late night, after public program.

This is the best you can give to your friends, instead of giving them parties, dinners. That’s how you become permanent friends.

So the children are enjoying themselves preparing the next occasion. Going to sit down with Modi today, and finalize the marriage program. All right? So I would like to have the names of the people who are getting married. […]

We are living in a relative world Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne (Australia)

First Public Program, Melbourne (Australia), 14 March 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.I bow to them because they are a special category of human beings which is described by William Blake as the men of God who will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets. This is what is described by many other seers in India also.

All over the world people have talked about the resurrection time. Mohammed Sahib in His Koran has described that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak. […]

Radio Interview Melbourne (Australia)


Interviewer: Right we’re going to talk about a kind of yoga, Sahaja Yoga if I’ve pronounced it correctly. And we’re going to talk to a lady called Shri Mataji. Hope I’ve got that right too. Sahaja Yoga is now a recognised religion and it’s catching on at a great rate here in Australia. In fact, the religion has just been granted permission to open a school here in Victoria and that school is situated at Kew. […]