Kundalini is the pure form

Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

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1985-03-17 Kundalini is the pure form, Melbourne, Australia, NITL-RAW, 75' Chapters: Q&A, WorkshopDownload subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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Public Program Day 3 and Workshop 1985-03-17 Melbourne, Australia

Warren: [UNCLEAR] has really nothing to do with ultimately the process of Self-realization. It is a manifestation and it is that to tell our egos shut up. That’s the end of it. We needed some physical manifestation in our central nervous system consciously, to know that the process has started, so that, this rational thinking, mechanic, mechanistic brain would start to quieten down – start to quieten down. And then the process of continuing to quieten down, takes place. And when it continues to quieten down more and more of the vibrations can be taken in, more and more of these chakras can open, more and more of the Kundalini can rise and so the whole thing becomes a beautifully expanding process of awareness and so you start to feel more of the silence. Your thoughts don’t dominate you completely as much as they used to. You find that your awareness of yourself and of others changes. You find that the illnesses that you had often miraculously get better overnight. Others, which have been chronic in their onset, take time to be dissolved and to be neutralized. But, whatever it is, it works out.

So, tonight I want to start with the Mooladhara Chakra and work up and just show you a little bit of the practicality that is involved in Sahaja Yoga. We have seven centers. They are made of five elements so combinations of those elements and in Sahaja Yoga to deal with the blockages and to remove them so that more and more of this experience can be felt we have to use those elements. We have to move the energy, we have to raise the Kundalini, we have to allow the energy to work it out in such a way that the whole process is one, as I said, of expansion. Expansion of the space within our Spiritual being, for the first time, consciously felt in our Nervous system Now, we doctors don’t know very much at all about the whole process. We’re very limited in our understanding, in fact we absolutely blinking, quite often, to the whole process. We tend to think of health in terms of cause and effect – mostly effect. Sometimes we get to the causes. But we never even go, very often beyond the effect. And sometimes we can identify the cause.

Actually the real cause is the blockage in the chakra. If the Chakra is blocked, if there is some sort of obstacle in the nadis – these channels, if there is any obstruction there, that in a way is the cause. Because if the chakra or the channel is blocked that in turn transfers itself into the gross body, through the plexuses of nerves through the glands, through the circulatory system or through some combination of the neuro-physiological body We don’t understand the thing about the body beyond what we can see under a microscope or what we can or what we can open up in surgery or what we can analyze through rational processes. But that doesn’t mean that we’re blind completely. That doesn’t mean that modern science is useless. In fact, to me, in my Self-realization modern medicine is a very useful adjunct to Self-realization. So, I’m not here to absolutely decry modern medicine but I’m here to say we have to open the blinkers and see that there is something beyond the physical and the emotional and the mental. And when, we see that point then we can open ourselves to the room of the spirit and see that when we become the spirit it becomes the one that rules the show. It becomes the one that enlightens everything physical, mental and emotional. If everything is controlled from the highest automatically it bathes the lower with all its vibrations.

and when that happens emotional health, mental health and physical health takes place. But that’s an improvement of our recognizable parameters within our own physical being. But spiritually we become more integrated people – we become whole people. We become people who become mild-mannered. We start, as I told you, to become people who express the qualities – both men and women I’m talking about – of the mother. We become therefore very loving – but loving with a compassionate ring to it. But compassion doesn’t always mean goody goody business. It doesn’t mean social work. It doesn’t mean only concepts that a lot of us have about improving the lot of the world or doing thing for society. Compassion means something which acts.

Now, it can either act in a way which brings about your ascent and it improves and nourishes and you start to feel the blessings of God in your awareness or it can remove and throw out things which are useless. So compassion is something that acts either in allowing you to appreciate your ascent or in removing obstacles, removing blockages removing impediments which are in some way blocking you. Now, the all of this sounds like good theory. But in practice what happens. If, for example, in the Mooladhara chakra, in this red dot which is located very near to the anal area, very near to the Pelvic plexus, very near to the Prostrate gland, very near to our whole aggregation of physiological phenomena within the body, that chakra controls not just the physical manifestation but it controls the expression of Holiness and the expression of innocence within us because there is a God in potential there. And after realization that God doesn’t potential anymore – that God becomes manifest. Now, when those expressions of the Divine start taking place within you automatically the badha – the blockages – start standing out sharply – in sharp relief and you know exactly what’s happening within you. You feel it it on your hand – here, right here – this is the place – you can see on the hand on the chart. You feel it as a little pain just above the wrist of the base of the hand This is the place of the Mooladhara chakra, it’s the place on the heel. You feel a burning or a stinging or a pricking or a pain or some abnormal sensation and you know the reason obstruction in that center and you know without judging yourself or without feeling guilty that in someway you have offended the quality of innocence and purity and holiness within yourself.

And that means that we have to be honest, we have to be sincere and yet we don’t feel guilty about it we don’t judge. [Pardon me] we don’t judge ourselves, we just get on with the job of saying okay “I have been damaged, O mighty God has blessed me with the chance of Self-realization, I’m going to face it, I’m going to deal with it, I’m going to clear it out because I want, as a seeker, that holiness. I want to be rooted in holiness.” Rooted means Mooladhara. Mooladhara means the support of the root. So, if the foundations are not absolutely strong the whole tree will topple. Mother often says that we in the West have been so badly damaged in this chakra because of our attitudes towards this chakra, because of our freedom loving approach towards sex, because of the whole nature of the breakdown in righteousness in drama we have damaged this chakra most. So, what have we done. Actually we’ve done the worst thing of all in a way. We’ve committed a sin against the Mother.

In India they do another thing. They commit a sin against the Father because they don’t trust that Almighty God will look after them They don’t trust that God, the Father, is going to take care so they get problems in this chakra. But, we in the West get problems in the Mooladhara chakra, so the very root itself either has not penetrated deep or, the roots themselves have been badly damaged. Now, we have to get to the knowledge of the roots. and this is how in the West we have to go about repairing the damage. So, Mooladhara chakra is about our innocence, it’s about our holiness and we have to restore it because it’s on that basis that the whole tree will grow. It’s on that basis that the whole blossoming will take place. The Kundalini will not come up strongly anywhere above that chakra if the base is weak, if the base is not repaired, if the negativity is not neutralized. So, we have to face us all. We have to see honestly that there is a problem but without guilt.

In Australia, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, this problem of guilt is extraordinarily bad – it’s particularly bad in Melbourne because of what we’ve done in the past. Because we suddenly see in the light of day this is what it is all of a sudden we feel bad And yet, quite often guilt, specially in the Catholic church and areas where guilt is almost a mode of life we use it as a way of excusing ourselves. If we feel guilty we can keep on doing the same thing again and again – that’s the philosophy. And that has to stop. Neither it should be an escape, whereby, in a pouch we can tuck our, our guilt, so called, as a means of not facing up to the fact that okay, the time has come to face it – we don’t do this again. Or it’s a way of expressing our lack of self-esteem, it’s a way of expressing all sorts of funny feelings that go on within us which don’t allow us to ascend. So this Mooladhara chakra, therefore, will be associated with purity and holiness in it’s blossoming. But in it’s blocked condition it will be associated with all sorts of damage which relates to immoral acts, licentious attitudes towards sex, it relates to Tantric practices if you’ve been to a false guru such as Rajneesh or any of these people you will be very, very badly damaged in that chakra and it will take months, if not years to repair. I’m telling you this very frankly because we know from experience if this is happened. If you use the name of God to express sex, if you use the whole process of licentious attitudes as a means of ascend, so called, then you are going to be quite badly damaged in that chakra.

But it doesn’t matter. The Kundalini will rise and it can be repaired. So, if you apply Tantric practices, as I said, which come from Tibet, incidentally the Lamas have brought it – it’s nicely settled down in the foothills of the Himalayas and it’s coming to the West there are ashrams and it has many other ashrams all over Victoria. There are places where you can be very badly possessed by spirits of the dead which directly enter into the Mooladhara chakra. If anybody has ever seen an initiation by, for example the Rajneesh people, you will see precisely what I mean. It is directly an example of spirit possession. And the nonsense they get up to, in the name of God, is deplorable. Now I’m being extremely frank with you because I’ve seen dozens and dozens of my patients who talk like Bhagwan came into my aura and I love Bhagwan and how can I drop him and he’s the wonderful man and they’re still performing these dirty things. They’re doing their Kundalini meditation, getting their clothes off and dancing nude until they’re exhausted to rock and roll music – can you imagine? It is absurd, it’s [ABSANE OR OBSCENE?]

and it is anti- God. Now, we have to face these things. Mother apologizes for these horrible people that have come from India. But they’ve come to make money out of you, they’ve come to use us for their own pleasures, they’ve come to corrupt us because they’re anti- God in their activity and Mother is anti these fake gurus and She says it openly. She’s repaired thousands of people who’ve damaged this chakra whether through false gurus or through our attitudes towards sex and it’s been a remarkable process. It’s not only the example I gave you of one such false guru there are dozens of other false pathways of psycho-sexual analysts’ and so on. Doctors can quite often be false gurus. Psychiatrists are the worst false gurus, quite often. They go into your mind and they start playing with this left side, regressing you going back over your past, re-examining stuff, ideal conditions for spirit possession. Hypnosis is another one which is very damaging.

You down the psyche to a point where you can put a suggestion in – what you’re doing is you’re putting a spirit of the dead which is stronger than the one you’ve already got. So, if you want to stop smoking you can go to a somebody – I used to do it, I know – you can go to somebody who will help you to stop smoking and you probably will stop smoking but what you’re doing is you’re putting an anti smoking spirit of the dead into the psyche which is more powerful than the one that wants to drag on a smoke all the time. It is a very seditious process and be extremely careful of it, be careful of psychiatrists – I’m talking about your friends now because this is an area where you have to be very, very clear. Getting back to the Mooladhara chakra – it’s our innocence and it’s our holiness and it’s controlled by the Earth itself. You’re sitting on the Earth and we use the Earth as the means of sucking out this negativity. If there is any indication of pain here, if we’ve got any of the diseases relating to that area of our body, if we’ve got burning or heat in that area, if we have any indications of pain in the heel even spurs on the heel, calcifications of the heels – they’re all indications from the unconscious – that we have a problem in this chakra. Every part of our body now becomes enlightened. This is a representation of this chakra Here is equally represented by here. Here is represented by our right ankle. There are all sorts of co-relations within our body.

If we start feeling pains in our head all of the chakras have got their place in the head and so you start to know “I’m getting a pain on this part of my head” – this relates to an expression of the Swadishthan chakra – you’ve got to start to learn of all this and you start to know. When you’re meditating if there is any interruption to your meditation you will find, “Ah! That’s what it is.” You put your hand there, you take the vibrations in through the left hand and you clear it out until the heat goes or the expression of pain or wringing or burning or tingling or whatever it might be disappears. In a very dynamic way you sort it out for yourself. It becomes absolutely clear what to do but you have to learn a little bit of knowledge. A little bit you have to learn this is the Nabhi, this is the Vishudhdhi, this finger, this finger relates to that chakra – that’s all. You have to know left side relates to your past, the emotions; the right side relates to your future, it relates to your pre-conscious mind. That’s all, very simple stuff. You have to know which way to move your hands to give a balance.

If you are a very, very right-sided person, which means that you’re a person who lives principally in the future futuristic person who’s always thinking about or worrying about the future then you have to raise the left side because you’ll probably be emotionless, you’ll be dried out and you have to lower your right side to cool down and overheated condition in the body. You probably have a liver problem, you probably have a little bit of heat in your liver – that has to be cooled down. Therefore you have to know what type of food to eat if you’ve got a liver problem. But you raise the left side you lower the right – that means you awaken the left side and you cool down the right side. But if you’re a very, very depressive person – not an egoistical person but a person who’s very much very much reflective and thinking about the past – always living in a state of left side you raise the right side because you have to awaken the action part and you lower the left side. It all sounds so simple that you’re probably saying, “No, no, no, this is too much, what is he putting on me?” But it is simple. The quality of Almighty God’s expression in mankind has to be simple. If there was some highly complicated mechanism that we had to understand or we had to go on some course – I once read a book in my seeking called “A Course in Miracles.” I mean it was a volume and volumes of books – it’s useless, if you have to do a course in it, forget it.

Almighty God is going to take us to the next step in Evolution in a very, very simple way. Sahaja yoga is simple. You just have to learn how to maneuver the energy, how to clear your chakras, how to go into thoughtless awareness, how to express the collective consciousness in a such a way that you can give vibrations to yourself and awaken the vibrations in others, but not only that, but how you can let them become their own masters so that you don’t become a doctor and patient relationship – that’s what I do. I don’t treat seekers any more as patients I give them their realization and I say, ” Okay, it’s over to you,” and they become sahaja yogies and they become doctors themselves and they give others their Self-realization. But that’s only for seekers. It, in 90% of people at this stage people are not interested. They just want, “Fix my neck, fix my back, fix my heart, fix my headaches.” That’s basically what they want. So, still there’s room for the doctors. The doctors are not going to get broke.

But, there are seekers. There is a category of people who are looking for an answer beyond and they’re the people to whom you can give realization. They’re the people who you can share your blessing with. They’re the people who will become the doctors of the future because first they fix themselves then they start giving others the blessing whereby they can fix themselves. So, it is that we have to awaken the base chakra. We have to open that center of purity which becomes the root and in which the tree is embedded because if it’s embedded in strong deep penetrating roots which are rich in purity and holiness and innocence and wisdom – all of these things which are qualities there – then the whole tree will be strong. So, the first thing we’ve got to get right is the very thing which we, in Australia perhaps, have damaged most. And I say Australia because Australia is the Mooladhara chakra of this Earth. Each major country or major area of the countries has a place in this chart and Australia is at the root. Australia is this spot at the bottom.

India is the Kundalini itself – the 31/2 coils. So, you got the Mother India sitting on – in Her place of holiness – sitting there with that purity despite all the dirt outside, despite all the poverty, despite all the apparent unclean conditions which is where She’s located in our physical body and beneath Her is the most innocent of all Her son Shri Ganesha. And Australia is that place. Australia is the Shri Ganesha of this Earth and as the Shri Ganesha of this Earth we have to express that innocence that we are. And if there’s one thing that you will notice of a sahaja yogi, after he gets his Self-realization, he becomes a very innocent person. He starts to take on the quality of innocence. Now, I’m not going to explain what that means to each and everyone of you you will know. But, I believe, since realization that Australia is the most innocent place. We’ve got a crust of materialism, Americanism, we’ve got a crust of all sorts of social nonsense on top, we’ve been hurted quite often some of the worst aspects from Britain – whatever it might be, underneath there is the essential innocence of Australia which is there to maintain the strength of this great tree of humankind that has to grow. Now we have got our part to play in this great Universe in the next millennia that lies ahead.

So we’ve got to get our act together without guilt and the way to do it is by purifying this chakra, by awakening it, by letting the Mother Earth suck it out so we meditate on the earth, we use salt in the water in which we put our feet when we meditate. Salt representing the Earth – so simple. Whenever we can, if we’ve got damage to that chakra, we work it out. We observe the diseases disappearing. We observe them disap ….. Prostatitis, all the different diseases, the Venereal diseases and so on disappear. All the problems relating to that area – sciatica is one such – get better. All the problems relating to our excretion, at the anal area, get better. All of these things work out in a miraculous way once this chakra starts improving. And so, that is the first one to become enlightened because that’s where the Kundalini is – she unwinds herself and she rises to the second center which is the Swadishthana. Now Swadishthana is related to a plexus down in this area just above the Pelvic bone but towards the spinal column at the back.

That plexus relates to the organs such as the uterus, the kidneys, the various other organs in the lower part of the stomach and the other organs which are not part of the digestion system. So, it is that, if there is problems in these organs we have to look to the Swadishthana chakra for their correction. It’s that center that gives us in the subtle body our creativity. It gives us the creative power – I talked to you about that the last night I’m not going to go into it. What I do want to say that is how we correct it. We use the two elements which are light and water It is made on the left of – I beg your pardon – fire and water not light – there’s a subtle difference. On the left-hand side we use fire and on the right-hand side we use water. If it’s both catching – this is the finger that represents that chakra – the thumb, if you’ve got pain pricking, burning in this thumb you know you’ve got a problem in one or the other or both of these chakras. If it’s on the left we correct it with fire. We use a candle, usually, and we just do a little bandhan or a circle in that way which clears it out and you start to observe my goodness the pain is disappearing – the blockage is being removed, the whole thing is mellowing and after the treatment – it might be 10 or 15 minutes – if I’m, my goodness that chakra is getting better.

On the right-hand side we use water, we put our feet in the bowl of salty water – water element [UNCLEAR] things. [Come in] So, it is that we work it out with the elements. This Nabhi chakra we use the water element only. We use the water element because the process which is most responsive to the water element is the digestive center and the whole area within us which relates to the water element that lies within us. And yet this is not some nebulous theory relating to Astrology or something like this it’s downright practical stuff. If you’ve got a pain in the tummy, if you’ve got a gut ulcer, if you’ve got problems in this area, then, you will in fact immediately start benefiting from problems, from being treated by the water element. I’ll give you an example. I had in my practice in Sydney a nun, a Mother Superior in fact, of a [UNCLEAR – NOVITIATE?] college of young nuns. who used to come to me as a patient and she had a severe duodenal ulcer bleeding badly and a [UNCLEAR] in the stones and everything else.

and she was being treated and I was getting a little success with orthodox treatment but because I felt her vibrations that she’s a seeker I gave her Self-realization, I explained to her, I was very careful not to say very much about Shri Mataji, because this was the just kind of be too much but I very carefully said ‘The energy of the Holy Spirit’ or some such generalized term and talked about it in that way and I said if you just meditate, if you put your hand on the stomach each day and work on it for 20 minutes with your feet in a bowl of salt water or better still if you sit in a bath up to here using the water element I’m sure that this problem will disappear. She really was a seeker, she love, she had the love of God expressed in her heart, she was a beaming, radiant person but she had so many worries. She was in charge of a novitiate, she had money problems with running it, she had problems with the staff – she was a very sensitive person and so she was picking up on a lot of the rubbish of that place. And she got a gut ulcer because she’s a sensitive seeker. And so as a result of that sensitivity, she was in trouble. Now, the miraculous thing that happened was that in 10 days – she came to me 2 or 3 times over the 10 day period – I was able to observe – but more particularly she was able to observe – that the bleeding got less, the pain got less and she was taking less and less of the medication. By 10 days she was healed. Now that was incredible because there she was with living proof that she was healed. I talked to her about Shri Mataji after 10 days, I explained to her a little more about Her and now I’m sure, she’s a very well person and in her own quiet way, probably not professing it publicly, because let’s face it, she’s been an institutional framework of the church and it would be very difficult to go about talking about these things. But she is healed and she understands where the healing has come from.

These miracles happen every moment not just in the physical sense but in the most wide sense. Shri Mataji’s told you about a few of the miracles and possibly She’ll tell you of some of the others. Quite miraculous things happen in Sahaja yoga. So, this chakra is made of the water element and we use it. We give vibrations here. We work on this chakra We take out the negativity and at the same time as we’re taking out the negativity the vibrations of the Unconscious are flowing into that center to neutralize and therefore, take out and to allow to flow in the positive vibrations which are going to enhance that spiritual space which has to come and express it’s own divinity. Then at the heart chakra we’re made principally of the air element. I say principally of the air because there’s always the combination of one or others. Actually the combination here is as you might expect, air and water. Water for circulation, water for breathing as well as air.

So you’ve got principally air element at this point. Shri Mataji is here. Please be seated. So, when we have heart problems, when we have breathing problems, when we have problems relating to the lungs, to the heart, to the cardiac plexus area or even to the Thymus gland, which controls the production of white blood cells, when we’ve got any of these things troubling our physical body, or if we’ve got insecurities, if we’ve got problems relating to relationships between say mother and daughter, father and son, husband and wife, because this is the expression of security within us – if we treat this chakra with the vibrations that are flowing through us – things get better. The insecurity disappears – that irrational insecurity that sometimes we feel, which we can’t explain, is often a catch on the center heart chakra. If we’ve got a problem between ourselves and our brother or our father or our son – if in other words there’s a problem on the father side or the side of the male aspect – then, we will often feel it as pain in the right heart. We may feel it in the right little finger. But more than anything we’ll start to express disease processes which cause problems. You may start to feel some blood pressure although that’s not the prime cause. You may start to feel the onset of bronchial asthma.

You may start to feel all sorts of pulmonary problems relating to the whole structure of either the lungs or the heart on the right side. But there’re very different of problems on the left side. On the left side is the side of the mother. It’s the side in which the spirit, itself, resides in the core of the heart. So, if there’s a problem with, within us within our relationships with our mother – if our mother is not loving, if there is a breakdown in say us as a mother to our children – we may catch in this center. Either way there is going to be a disturbance, the chakra is going to squeezed or twisted or even somewhat detached from itself and there’s going to be a problem. We might even have had a heart attack, we might even be suffering angina. Whatever it might be things go wrong and we start to observe it. And in sahaja yoga, by giving vibrations to those chakras, we can neutralize, we can neutralize even the cause. Because we’re going beyond the cause as Shri Mataji has told you and will probably explain again.

Because we doctors at best are dealing with the cause – at best. But we go beyond the cause because the Kundalini itself, being the purest of energy, being the pure desire to be one with God, takes us beyond that. And if you use the highest energy then naturally it will neutralize the distortions and abnormalities in the lower. Then we have the Vishuddhi chakra. Vishuddhi is made of the Ether – that material of the matrix of the Universe – it’s like the architecture, it’s like the bones of the building upon which hang all the others. And through which passes, for example, radio waves, television pictures, newspaper, photographs that are transmitted through the airways – it’s that etheric material which is in every cell, every particle of our body and which is vital to the transmission of the prana-shakti, the Chi energy – the energy of the life force itself which helps with the sustenance of life it’s the vital force, if you like, which is not our spirit but which is the energy which gives us this physical body’s vital strength. So, this etheric material is important. But once that chakra becomes blocked, once we lose that power of being the witness of the drama of life, once we don’t see the point that, “My God there is an All- pervading power, there is a great God beyond which is controlling the whole show.” If we lose that vision then this chakra becomes ill. If you become angry, if we become guilty, if we start getting involved in the drama we lose the quality of this chakra and we have to restore it – we give vibrations, we awaken the positive qualities of that chakra, we allow it to be nurtured again.

As spondylitis disappears our thyroid gland gets better, our shoulder pain gets less, our facial tension disappears. All the problems of the face, the skin, the nose, the eyes, the hearing, get better. These are the blessings of the Kundalini reaching this center, awakening it, nourishing it and neutralizing and bringing us back into the space which is the center, which is the Vishuddhi. Then at the Agnya, as I said, that center is made of the light. It’s made of the light element itself and we use light to purify and to remove the blockages. Christ said, “I am the light.” Christ said that, “I have died for your sins,” so we don’t have to suffer. So that, at the time of Self-realization, when the Kundalini starts nourishing this chakra, you start to know what is an egoless person, you start to know, you start to watch your ego. You start to say, “Hello there, Mr. Warren, you’re standing up in front of the crowd, now, are you being a bit of an egoist standing up here talking to them like this or are you getting more to the center? Are you watching yourself or are you getting involved in some sort of drama which is there to blow up your own ego?”

And you start watching it as a third person. So you become a person who starts to take on an egoless condition. You don’t respond to all that is dead in you, you don’t respond to all that is past, you don’t live in a sub-conscious condition in which you are constantly dragged into the past where you’re reflective, where you’re constantly in a sort of semi-dream state about the past. So neither you suffer the pains of the past nor do you constantly get dragged into the future with the pre-conscious mind, the Pitutary gland opens, the two hemispheres of the brain start to become enlightened by the vibrations of the Unconscious, and those two hemispheres, themselves, take on a new dimension which is enlightened awareness. And when that happens the Kundalini can pass above that center into the next space which is the limbic area of the brain which is that part which starts to feel that oneness with Almighty God. It starts to feel and enjoy itself. So the real you, the Atma, the spirit which Christ talked about, starts to enjoy itself. You start to enter into the kingdom of God in a way in which you start to know the peace. You know the silence. The love of God is not a concept anymore because you start to become love and you start to share it with others.

Sometimes you become angry with negativity and that anger dissolves the negativity too. That’s the compassion which is acting sometimes. But the love that acts as compassion of the Mother starts to express itself at this center because the Kundalini comes to this center, it opens, it nourishes – this chakra starts to become like a catchment for the Unconscious. All knowledge, all power starts to flow in through this center because the Kundalini has risen it’s connected you and the Grace or the Brahma shakti starts flowing down doing the job. So you start to feel a peaceful person. You become a very knowledgeable person. Shri Mataji has told me much of this but I have never spoken in public before I came to sahaja yoga. I’d never as much as given a public lecture. And yet, I know with confidence that what I’m saying is correct and if I say something which is incorrect I get heat in my body or I get burning or I get some sort of prickling going inside my body, “No, no Warren, you’re off, you’re off center. Stop.”

Then you correct yourself and you can speak clearly again, in the center, in the center. It works out like that, it’s self corrective. There’s a homeostatic in built mechanism that brings you back to the center. That’s the parasympathetic which we doctors know nothing about. So, this last chakra opens, it gets nourished all the qualities within you start taking up their place in the head because they’re all resident there. This chakra is here – yes – then we have this the Vishudhhi takes it’s place here, then we have the others taking their place in the head. And you start to feel the awareness of Almighty God’s greatness within your own being. You start to feel a realized soul. You start to feel that confidence, you feel that love, you feel that desire to share it with others. And it works out in that way.

So we use the elements. We don’t put attention to the negativity, we put attention to opening the space of spiritual awareness. We give ourselves a balance. We work it out so that all the nadis get purified. And you start to allow the Brahmashakti, you allow the Grace to flow, flow. and so you become like an instrument, everyday a better instrument, so that everything around you gets purified. You get purified and everything around you gets purified. You transform your families, you work situations. And it really does work out that way and you become an extraordinarily beautiful personality in which you really feel the quality of sainthood. Yeah, that’s not an ego trip to say it.

You feel the quality of sainthood, you want to share that saintliness with others because saintliness is not something which is a mental concept. Saintliness is a state of being. Either you are a connected being to God or you’re not. Now, if you are connected to God jolly well you have to become a saint and you have to face that point without any false modesty. You have to give realization to others, you have to make them doctors. It’s a tremendous work and to the people of Melbourne all I want to say is that now that Mother has blessed you you have got this responsibility to take others into that state of awareness and to bring them in to this collective evolution that has to take place on this Universe, this great Universe, which Mother is not going to allow to be destroyed which is not going to suffer any more injury, which is going to bless each and everyone of the seekers and if they’re not seekers now, you are going to make them the seekers. I’m really happy, again, to introduce Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi to all of you. [CLAPS] –

Shri Mataji:

Somebody lady who is tired ask her to sit down on the chair. – Yes, who is that? – Somebody is tired, somebody who is tired – Somebody who is very tired can sit there – can come, sit down.

There’s a comfortable seat for – [UNCLEAR] No? That’s what I’m saying. Please come and sit comfortably on the seat. – There’s a comfortable seat for you here. Can you put it there? – Come and sit. – Be comfortable, all right. – Be comfortable in this seat. – Tired means you may be suffering pain. – What is it?

– She’s got pain. Pain in the body? Please help her, help her. Sahaja yogies, go and help her. Yes. You can only put up with pain for so long Yes, but it is cold from there, is it? Close the, close the thing so the breeze doesn’t come in. Are you comfortable now? All right. Please move forward, I think.

Just keep a circle around this electronic equipment I would say that sahaja yogies should go at the back and let the people who have come for the first time sit in front. Annh… [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] I know you. [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS]. All right, doesn’t matter. – What’s that? There’s a gunshot. [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] – You’re a films – You’re a T.V. personality now, Mother. – Is it? Eh..

It’s worse than that, I think, just now – It’s too much. All right, doesn’t matter. Please be seated. Please be seated. I’m very happy that so many people have been able to come down. It’s really a joyous moment to see so many people from Melbourne are here to establish their realization. There are three types of people who come to seeking. The lowest type are the ones who have some sort of physical ailments or some torture some diseases or who are on the verge of dying or something like that, an emergency in their mind so they come to sahaja yoga. All right, even if they come, they can be helped – that’s not our top priority. Then there are second type of sahaja yogies or we can say the people who come to sahaja yoga are the people who are seeking other things in life like jobs, money, this, that all nonsensical things.

But, among them there are some people who want to know the cause of the problem why they are like that. The third type are the people who can be divided into two one the type that seeks balance, dharma, righteousness because they find in the world people are so horrible, so mischievous, so dangerous, so restless – they get worried about all the worldly turmoils that are on, they get shocked and then they want to find a solution why have I come on this earth? This is one type as we call bahirmukhis – the ones, whose attention is outside but in a very subtler way, in a very Divine way. The second ones, in the same category, are the ones who are seekers who have been seeking in ages. They have been seeking in many lives they have been seekers of truth. They have been on hills and dales – Himalayas, everywhere – have done everything else and now born again here to be, to be able to find out the truth. These are called as Antarmukhis – these are the people who are inward. So the first priority we have to have of the third category, both the types are equally important. But after becoming realized, when you get your realization, then you achieve both the qualities simultaneously. You become a yogi inside and connected with the whole world.

Your attention starts going outward because first the light is to be enlightened and the when light is enlightened, it gives the light. Now this Kundalini, the force within you, as is said, is pure desire. It’s not only pure desire but it is a purification desire. It has a power to purify – tremendous power it is. And this Kundalini thinks, organizes, knows, co-ordinates, blesses and ultimately guides. So to go beyond the cause we must understand that this Kundalini is the pure form. That means it is detached. Anything that gets attached is not pure. Anything that gets spoilt is not pure. What we say gold is pure because it is untarnishable – untarnishable, that’s the quality of gold.

So it is immaculate. It cannot be ruined, spoiled by anything except that there could be khand, as they call it, could be broken in between and thus weak. So now, something that has a purifying quality like a purifying agent, say, take a simple thing like soap. So the soap, wherever you apply, will clean. Kundalini wherever it will go it will clean, it will nourish. This is one quality that we must understand that it is not tarnishable, it cannot be spoiled, it cannot be ruined, moreover it cleanses, it nourishes but because it thinks, it knows how to nourish you up to what point how to go, how far to go or it stops. But thinking is not vocal, it doesn’t say anything but when it goes round these chakras it makes a sound. And these sounds are made because the movement of Kundalini through these chakras creates a non- percussion sound pass through these creating sounds and these sounds are then jotted down or heard by great saints and used in the phonetic language of Sanskrit. That’s why Sanskrit is supposed to be the purest language. But you need not know Sanskrit now – there’s no need because the deities know that you don’t know the Sanskrit language.

Now, this purifying fire within you or the purifying force within you or the power within you goes and first of all enlightens our attention which is in this part as you see the green part – this is the attention is. But the movement of attention then starts moving in all directions. Now when your attention is enlightened what we call we become collectively conscious. But still how do you go beyond cause and effect is the point? Now, this Kundalini being pure no cause can be attached to it – no cause, whatsoever. So, if you can enter into the Kundalini on the principle of it no cause can get attached to it. That’s how you go beyond cause and effect. But how do you enter into the Kundalini, that’s the main point? Main problem is how do we enter into the Kundalini? Supposing you are paying attention to Me and I say pay attention to yourself, you cannot.

Even if Kundalini rises your attention is attracted inside still you cannot pay attention inside. So how do you pay attention inside is through this enlightened attention. This attention which is enlightened has a power to take your attention inside to the Kundalini and that’s how you enter into the realm which is detached – that [UNCLEAR -LIKE?] fortress. Nobody can enter in there. So, when you’re in thoughtless awareness, when you’re not thinking, you are in your fortress no body can jump at you, nobody can trouble you – all the causes drop off. That is why it is necessary first to practice to be in that thoughtless awareness through the practice of sahaja yoga to begin with so that you learn how to enter into that state – how to enter into that state. But first and foremost thing is that your Kundalini must be awakened, then it must be allowed to move properly – you must co-operate, you must know how to do it and raise it so that you keep it at least if not above, at least in the brain. But best thing is if it comes out then you have no tensions, no worries because everything that you have passes into your attention, attention touches the Kundalini because you are a realized soul and leaves it in the force of the Kundalini, in the current of Kundalini and this current takes away everything that is out and that’s how you are cleared away. This is a very, very simple way of explaining how you go beyond cause and effect.

And this is what happens but for that it is necessary that you must learn how to enter into your Kundalini, how to keep your attention enlightened. Now it’s very easy – your attention gets involved in to anything through your thoughts. Because when your consciousness entered into you – – being the prismatic brain – like a prism – your attention has gone out. Now, to keep this attention detached you have to make it a pure attention. to begin with you must try to put attention inside to be a witness, try to be a witness. But how, how will you know that you are a witness? You have to be in thoughtless awareness. When you are in thoughtless awareness then what happens that you’re detached, you’re seeing everything. There’re many people who talk about thoughtless awareness – you’ll be surprised – I’ve heard some gurus – they might have, I don’t know because I went to America long time back and they must have recorded it or whatever it is, they talk of it but there isn’t anything way of doing it. Kundalini is the only way you can go into thoughtless awareness your attention can go.

So, these people are also using words of sahaja yoga, I’ve seen that, has no meaning because they cannot reach the Kundalini but there makes no difference because now you have become your own guru and you find out for yourself. So, throw away all these fake gurus away from you. The problems, the barriers, the worst of all in sahaja yoga comes from people who have been to other gurus – it’s a headache, I tell you, for you and for us. First of all that you should realize that whatever you have been doing with other gurus has been all false and fake, is difficult because you’re so conditioned – I must tell you very frankly. So, the growth doesn’t take place because you have to become the guru. You cannot depend on anybody as guru but you have to become the guru. I can only guide you as a Mother, I can only tell you what it is, I can only take your Kundalini there but it is you who has to become. Like I would say, I can cook for you but you have to eat and you have to enjoy the taste of it – I can’t enjoy for you. So then, you have to give up those things which you have been following which are wrong. There may be some guru who might have been a good guru but I don’t think anybody has come on the Western side.

I haven’t known of anyone who has come on the Western side because I sent one fellow, he ran away in three days from New York. He wouldn’t settle down there, he ran up to the Himalayas and he said, ” I don’t want to come, Mother, don’t send me anywhere.” He couldn’t bear the people, he didn’t have the patience [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS]. So, though they did not crucify him [WISELY OR FIRSTLY?] he ran away, you see [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] He said, ” Whatever you may say, Mother I cannot face these people are terrible. They are just Dollars, nothing else but moving Dollars.” [ALL LAUGH] All right, so, with this kind of barrier it’s very difficult to convince people. Still they’ll go on fighting, “This my guru says so, my guru…” Then you go to your guru is the best way we take it because how can we go on convincing. You also get a headache, you see, if you take some horrible guru’s name you get a headache – really, you get a catch. You get a catch on this finger, you get a catch on this finger, you get catch everywhere, so you don’t want to hear about any guru.

Even discussing these gurus you feel terrible – so disgusting. Whether fake, horrible, money makers, you don’t know when you see them you don’t know whether to laugh or to cry – – this is the situation. So, best is to find out for yourself if you’re willing to give up the gurus then only trouble the sahaja yogies – you see, they get fed up with it. They don’t want to fight that. Now, even if you want to give up they won’t give you up because they have possessed you. They’re like leeches, you see, so, you still have catches of the guru. This is the worst catch that we have so far seen. Now in the beginning of course, they had patience but now, I think, they have exhausted the patience so, when yesterday I told them there were lots of people in Melbourne, I think, lot of people will come to sahaja yogies But they asked Me one question, “But how many from other gurus, God alone knows,” – because it’s a big headache. So, I would request you to put your guru on somewhere else and come here and see that you become the guru to understand that another fellow. And then when they discover about the guru they go on saying, “That chap, that guy” and all kinds of things they say about him but before that they’ll fight for that guru.

So, that is one thing you must understand that don’t play into the hands of these people because, ” I paid for it Mother, I paid six thousand pounds.” All right, so what, must you have more of that? Because they suffer, they have Epilepsies, they have all kinds of problems. We’ve had people of gurus who had Epilepsies. Horrible! This is TM people having Epilepsies – I’ve cured so many of them, I openly say that. Some doctor, is Dr. Frenic, he’s publishing article about it – nobody listens. There’s a competition going on like a horse racing, “Oh, have you been to TM?” “No, it’s expensive. All right I’ll try that.”

There’s a sale on – Guru shopping sale. So, there’s a competition [UNCLEAR – SETTING OR SET IN?]. “Have you been to that sale, have you been to that sale?” It’s like that. So, you must know it’s frivolous, it’s cheapish, it’s useless. Come to the, “Brass Tacks’,” the Americans say. Come to reality and see for yourself that these are all fake things, this is not the way you can raise the Kundalini. The greatest criteria, of course, is money but another one is that that whatever they tell you you can do it yourself. Why do you need a guru for that? Like somebody said, ” My guru gave me a name.”

I mean anybody can give you a name,. you can give yourself a name, whatever you want. Why do you need a guru for that? Or, “He gave me these clothes or he gave me this mala or he made me jump or he made me take out the clothes or somebody, you see, another fellow is eh… giving me drugs, third person allows me to do that.” I mean, as if these gurus allow you, you think that God will allow you also? “He allows us to have mass sex, so he’s a very good guru because he allows us.” Why don’t you go to some other places where you can do it without taking an allowance and payment to the guru? But the guru is waiting in the Hell and you will be there soon. This is fact. So, don’t go after such horrible gurus who teach you all wrong things.

Now, what is it, is that we, as soon as we get our realization we also realize about ourselves that, “This part of ours is lost, that part of ours is lost, this is not there,” we realize and when we realize that we don’t mind correcting it because we see ourselves. We don’t have to ask anybody we just see this thing within us happening. We see this part is not there, our attention is not all right, we cannot concentrate on anything. We understand so many things about ourselves after realization. Now, for that, supposing Mr. X has some problem – he tries to solve his problem, he cannot because he has his own problem so he comes to the collective, he comes to the whole then what happens somebody else has got that point stronger and some other point weaker as a result the strength of one person helps another person’s weakness to be cured. And that’s how there is a mutual curing system process which builds in and that’s how people get themselves all right perfected. And that is why it’s a collective happening. And when you become collective, you’ll be surprised your heart opens out and you’re amazed that human beings are so good, so beautiful, they’re all such beautiful creation of God. You start enjoying each other really feeling the expansion of your being – that you are the other, that they are you. Such a great feeling!

I don’t know if you can feel it at this stage or not but just to think they are all yours and you are theirs – no problem remains between relationships, nothing. No, no problems of any kind. But also no problems that would affect you remains because everybody’s there to fight for you, to work for you, to help you out. It’s very surprising how it works out. Even relations of sahaja yogies are helped so much that they’re amazed how so many come forward to help. Normally people gather only for festivals or good things but when there is difficulty nobody gathers. And this is something great about sahaja yogies that when there is a difficulty in a sahaja yogi – supposing, a sahaja yogi has a mother who’s sick and she’s not a sahaja yogini, they’ll go and help her. But she has to be a relation, somebody close to the sahaja yogi. The attention has to be there that a sahaja yogi is there in trouble we must help our brother. You really become pure brothers and sisters after coming to sahaja yoga.

This is what happens very easily to you so you must be collective being. That’s how you start correcting each other. Also you develop all the knowledge, everything about sahaja yoga you understand – it’s very knowledgeable. Because once you know all about it you’re amazed. There are people who have never spoken in the public I find, after realization, after a month they’re great speakers – suddenly you see them – can’t believe it. The other day, I was in a village travelling by a bullock-cart and the bullock-cart driver – I talked to him and I said, ‘What this is Nanaka or is it Kabira speaking!’ Such a great saintly sayings – I was amazed. I said, ‘From where did you get it?’ He said, “Mother, from you.” I said, ‘From Me?

I’m quite amazed, it’s coming from where?’ He said, “It’s all coming from my brain only.” So, your brain gets that kind of an enlightenment – not that you become a saint you talk like a saint, you walk like a saint, all your behavior is saintly. Nobody has to tell you – just become. The whole countenance, temperament, the stateliness all comes to you once for all. It’s beautiful! Sacrifice doesn’t become a sacrifice anymore, it’s joy. Sacrifice means a joyous thing that you should be able to sacrifice. But that doesn’t mean you give all your money to your guru or something like that – never. Sacrifice doesn’t mean that nonsense.

So, you don’t give. What you give is the sacrifice of the time. You have to sacrifice so-called time that is so important to you. Like these days people have watches. In modern times people have watches – they must see watch, they must know about time – saving time, saving time, saving time for what? For spending in your meditation, spending in doing God’s work – it is for that. People are unemployed for doing God’s work – simple as that. . If you get unemployed, you do God’s work and you get employment as well as do God’s work. In London which is, I mean England is you know, full of unemployment but not a single sahaja yogi is unemployed and he’s also doing God’s work.

And God’s work is nothing to be done much, nothing to be done much but to be one with God is the point. If you’re one with God – [UNCLEAR – BUT?] then the work is done by God. Now what is it doing? This is doing nothing. It’s just in between but it is doing a work. If it is not there, you may not hear Me. So, in a way it is doing the work but it is not doing – it is a hollow thing. That’s how you become hollow personality and you start working for God – it’s so enjoyable, life is so enjoyable. Life is for you for enjoyment and not for becoming miserable or unhappy.

But you become, first of all you have to become that. Unless and until you become that all My promises are false. To become is a desire must come from you – we cannot force you – I’ve told you many a times. And again I request you, the desire has to pulled up. Because of your conditionings, because of other lethargies that you have, because of many other books you have read or maybe I don’t know what you have done but some people are really lethargic towards their ascent, they’re really very sluggish. That’s how they do not rise while some people rise very fast and they come up very fast and they do very well. So, one has to take advantage of the time. so that you are used for the rest of the world and that you’re helpful to everyone. Sahaja yoga is not for one person. It is for the whole society, for the whole world and for the emancipation of humanity.

This is what is already described in so many books, in scriptures but for that you are chosen, you are the one who’s doing it. So, understand your own responsibility, understand your own powers and don’t come now for, “Treat me this and Mother treat me for that. My mother’s, mother’s father’s uncle’s this thing is sick there.” Don’t worry on this point. First you get all right – get all right means you meditate. Now those who are sick here need not come out with their sickness at all. They will be told how to get their sickness all right. They themselves can treat it – I don’t have to treat you. But once you are treated keep to certain limits. If you go beyond limits then you’re caught up.

Say you are in the limit of this hall, you’re sitting here and there are all negativities all around, all right. Now, if you leave this, you catch it. So, keep your limits. not that you become a sort of a rabid sahaja yogi – not, doesn’t mean that, but keep your limits, [UNCLEAR] don’t do wrong things. As I told you, there was a fellow, who was suffering from AIDS, was cured by sahaja yoga – actually I never touched him. But he did come to see Me, that’s all – was sitting with a hands towards Me, My photograph and all that. He was completely cured but again he did the same thing. He didn’t do any work for sahaja yoga, in the sense he never came to see people, nothing of the kind – again he got it. There are many people who got realization and then they get cancer. So they said, “Mother, how did we get cancer?”

Because you never tried to look after your self. So, you’re just the same and you’re not helped nor – sometimes you can be even worse, you see, because the Divine doesn’t like this. It has spent some time on you, it has worked on you – it’s not easy to raise the Kundalini of so many people with such complications. It’s like a mountain you have to raise – you get so tired sometimes. So, one has to understand that somebody who respects our personality, respects our ascent, loves us so much we should also show some interest in ourselves. So, that is the wisdom one has to have and one has to work hard because you are all sages of the ancient times you’re not sages today. Only thing God of men have to become prophets and have to give realizations to others so that they become prophets as said by William Blake*. Now, I think, today I’ve spoken quite a lot. I would like to have some questions from the new people but sensible questions not aggressive questions because this place is not for aggression – is for love. May God bless you!

Any questions? [INAUDIBLE] – Yes, yes I’ll pass it on to Her. – Can any mentally ill person be helped? – Can a mentally ill person be helped? Again, you will start making list of all kinds of patients of the world. It’s typical. When you come to sahaja yoga think of yourself. Do you think are you all right – you’re not. See, we’re not to open a hospital – that’s one thing. Of course mentally, can be all right – retarded.

But first you be all right. First you pay attention to yourself – that’s the point I’m trying to make. Do you see? Don’t miss the point. First you get well yourself, you become equipped then you can cure a mental equipped person, mentally retarded person – now how? Our attitude is like this, you see, that we have somebody in mind say, somebody very close my child or someone – [UNCLEAR] so we come to sahaja yoga So we think that, “Will the mentally be this thing, then I will get my ascent – if the child could be cured.” Now, the child is sick all right but you are all right. It’s your life that’s important. First see that you get to it and then you cure your child. But if you come in a circuitous way, Divine also finds devious ways of running away from you.

Take a straightforward thing – I want realization for myself. How many children we have had in previous lives, how many husbands, how many wives? Why worry about these? First of all worry about yourself, “What am I?” But when, you’ll be surprised, when you become established yourself, you become the citizen and your dependents are looked after by Divine, no doubt, they are looked after, they’re blessed by the Divine. Is a fact you will see yourself but first of all you enter into it. So, don’t worry about all kinds of problems and things I tell you 99% diseases can be cured, 99% But that’s not important – just now, you should be all right, you should be the light, all right. -Yes. – Can I ask a personal question about myself [UNCLEAR] and I have a nerve pinched on the [UNCLEAR] of the skull [UNCLEAR] going down the neck one to the arm and [UNCLEAR] to the hand therefore is making the hand tremor. Tremors can be cured?

Yes, it can be. All right, done. [LAUGHTER] It can be but you have to come here to know how to get yourself cured. As you go to a doctor you come here and whatever they say you do it – it can be cured. It has been cured, it will be cured so you just don’t have to worry, it can be done but it does not mean that you come for that. Your Kundalini has to be raised and then the Kundalini will do it. So you come here as you go to any doctor. Now the trouble is when they go to a doctor they pay so much money – I’m just telling a general, not for you but general – they’ll have to wait outside, for three hours they’ll wait there, pay the doctor but here, if they have to wait even for five minutes, they start shouting. See you have no right that you should ask for the blessings but it is the Grace of God that it is going to bless you, all right. So, come with a humble mind that you should be cured and it can be easily cured.

What else? Can anyone [UNCLEAR] ? Can anyone be realized without knowing about Kundalini? About mentally need not know much, it can be realized, of course you can be. But, then you have to tell them what it is, this thing is better to do that way. But there will be very few who will accept such a situation because they want to know about everything. But they need not know all that, you can little bit say, tell them that there is a way of getting realization and then it’s like this that when you come to Me, you want to have the lights, I’ll say all right, go there’s a switch you put on and you put on the switch, you get the lights without telling about it. But you would like to know how this light is done and then that helps you to create other lights. That’s why, it is important to know about Kundalini. I would, I can do it without telling you anything about Kundalini, I can raise your Kundalini but you would not know anything about and you would not know what it is It has happened with many who were born realized – they did not know they were realized souls and they got lost.

Like I would say, greatest example, Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci was a realized soul and he got lost because he didn’t know he was a realized soul, he was a higher personality than others, he got lost. So many got lost like that. Excuse me, if your Kundalini was arisen and that happened to be lost, I mean, you have it and it happened to be lost How can you get lost if the Kundalini has been awakened? It is, because, you see, it is, you’re not yet fully developed matured person. When you are in an immature state it does happen. Kundalini is, when it rises, you’ll be surprised, in some people it is just a wee bit, just like a hair, just comes up a little bit because it’s so difficult, you see, the passage is so blocked so a little bit comes up. This is what it is. It is, a complete realization takes place only when you are Nirvikalpa samadhi – – that’s a higher state. So in the beginning it’s just a little wee bit opens up and one percent people do get lost, they do, because they have egos, they have superegos or all kinds of things – they do get lost – so be careful.

– Whatever is the fact. – Can we all become fully realized in this life? I wish everybody could but how many would be there – see in Melbourne how many people there are but how many come to the program and how many come here. – In this lifetime – Can it be done in this life? – Of course can be done but without their knowledge to give them realization is not possible. They have to know it that they are in for realization, they have to ask for it – you cannot mesmerize. You have to tell them this is , I’m going to give you realization – this you have to tell them – you have to take their permission, cannot just do without their permission – But he’s saying can we achieve it. Once we get the hair’s breadth can it be something that we could …[INAUDIBLE] Oh I see, you’re saying, yes of course, of course that’s what I’m saying, doesn’t matter hair’s breadth. In some people it is hair breadth in some people it’s quite a lot. It can, everybody can achieve it, no doubt that’s what I’m saying but in the beginning sometimes it can be very small and then people lose it.

See now, yesterday at least I think, at least two hundred people got realization, at least two hundred, out of which about hundred are here. So you can imagine how they get lost, you see. You see they, they want some sort of a circus some sort of a nonsense before them – they’re used to that na. They got realization – no doubt they got it – but no they didn’t come. Hmm.. – Now, what is it? – I was at your tonight when I got realization but when I was born on the family of my mother, I was born a clairvoyant – Boy, what? – He was born a clairvoyant. He said he felt his realization the other night – I [UNCLEAR] want to be a clairvoyant – He doesn’t want to be a clairvoyant [LAUGHTER N CLAPS] You see, clairvoyant is also two types of things – you see, there’s one who could be a realized soul, born realized soul. He’s not clairvoyant but such a person can heal, such a person knows more than other’s know, can be more creative, may be more successful. So many things are there with a person who is a born realized as I told you – many were like that.

But, or could be the other way, that those who are born and trying to be something artificially then these spirits come in and they make them clairvoyant. So forget it whatever has happened. There’s no need to have any clairvoyance any more. You become the owner of that power which you know how to maneuver, what it is, how it comes, how it works, everything, so you become a knowledgeable person – an expert. Actually I was the same, I had the same ability. As soon as Mother worked on this chakra I lost that thing – It happened within days of [UNCLEAR] – It’s a very Ah.. stro.. Hmm, If a person gets realization does he [UNCLEAR – DEPICT?] his karma and the [UNCLEAR – INCARNATION?] Oh! Now the, when the Kundalini rises above the Agnya chakra, as I told you, it sucks your ego and superego so by, by this it sucks in your karmas, it sucks in your kusanskaras, it sucks in your so called sins. So there is no one.

You see, for an animal there is nothing like karma. Say a lion has to eat a cow, it eats – it has to eat. It doesn’t feel it has done some, committed some sin. Have you seen any dog feeling that he’s committed some sins or sulking? Maybe a dog because he lives with human beings so might [LAUGHTER] But animals do what they have to do, they don’t carry on with it, they don’t commit any sins – nothing. The idea of sin has come to us, is because of our ignorance and because people have said that if you do like this then you are crossing your limits, you’re going to adharma. That why this idea has come to us. But that’s what Kundalini is. When she touches this chakra of Mahavishnu, she sucks in all that is there – that’s the beauty of Kundalini is and you’re no more, no more, with your ego or superego – so how can you be any more sinful or the karmas are finished. On the contrary if you try to cleanse your karmas – you see, I’ve done bad karmas so I should do this and do that – you build up your ego because ego is there.

Whatever you do in the name of God, in the name of anything, what you do is to just pamper your ego. Even if you’re not aware of it, it is there. Those people who do missionary work, you must go and see them how they live. They’re extremely hot tempered ladies, hot tempered men – I know of somebody who has got a peace prize but if you see the person heat, terrible heat – all the wrinkles you can count one by one on the face. Because you think, you see, you’re conscious that it is done by me. All right! Any other question? [UNCLEAR – WHAT?] I also [UNCLEAR] your lecture on Friday night [UNCLEAR] sometime – All right [UNCLEAR] – since Friday [UNCLEAR] question to my family [UNCLEAR] I had heard a lot but it’s also [UNCLEAR] and I’m worried about this [UNCLEAR] Good, I’m glad you raised that question. She came to your program, she felt tremendous [UNCLEAR] awareness and growth and she felt a great deal of love for her family but she’s also aware that maybe she’s going to feel apart from them – or they perhaps apart from her.

– No, you don’t get involved into them, that’s the point. You’re not apart, you’re part and parcel but you’re not involved. Say, supposing your child is sick, take it like this, and if you’re involved with the child then you cannot treat the child. You get so upset, you see, if you have to go to the hospital that side you’ll take your car the other side because you’re so upset. But when you’re detached you see the whole thing very well and you enjoy their love much more because you are in a position to see that love otherwise you don’t see love. When you’re involved you don’t see anything. – Maybe we feel as though we may drift away from… – No, no, not at all, not at all, not at all. on the contrary so many families have come round, so many. You see, we had some people in England they were mostly hippies and had left their parents, this, that – they all went back to their parents – they brought their parents to sahaja yoga also. Yes, it’s not like that but you do not take unnecessary burdens.

Now supposing, somebody’s father is a drunkard – we had one hippy who got alright and then he became very good. Now he’s doing very well in life, he’s very good fellow – so he went home and his father used to drink, drink, drink and he was worried this fellow is going to die after about alcoholism – so he didn’t know what to do. So he told him, “Don’t drink better take to sahaja yoga, if your Kundalini is raised you will not drink.” “But I like it,” he said. “All right.” So next he went he broke all his glasses and bottles. So when he came home he got very angry. He just kept quiet,this… just laughed. He said, ” You go and get some bottle from outside.” Then, he was already so drunk he couldn’t go out anywhere, you see, and gradually he found that there’s a kind of a protest from the family, they don’t like it.

the way he’s drinking – he gave up and he himself is a sahaja yogi today. So you correct. When we’re involved we don’t even want to correct because we’re frightened we’ll lose our children, lose our love and all that. This is no love. Love must prune a person, love must correct a person but in a way that is not so aggressive – in a simple way. And the fellow is saved, he would have been dead with alcoholism, he was about to die. So the real love comes, is not indulgences by seeing the person as he is. Then you enjoy all the beauties, little, little things that are done how it’s bubbling with joy and happiness – you see the other person better. But if you’re involved then you can be also selfish, it could be some sort of a possessiveness, can be anything but if you’re not, you see yourself and you see them – the love is much more. There should be some distance for the love to work out, isn’t it.

If you’re involved, they are doomed and you are doomed – sort of a position is there. So, it’s very good that has happened to you – now you can love them better, much better, in a much more sensible way. Love has to be nourishing not destroying. Mostly you find when you love your children, so called those who love, spoil them. If you love your wife beyond certain limits she becomes a shrew, if you love your husband he becomes alcoholic – like that. Love always, in the right sense, means correction. But if not, some people say, “All right my husband likes this, doesn’t matter.” Even in England some women say, “All right if he wants to have a keep let him have, I love him.” Can you imagine? “Because I love him let him do what he likes.”

Losing all your self respect, everything, in the name of love, is nonsense. Any other question? Annh.. [UNCLEAR AND INAUDIBLE] one should eat to help realization Other certain foods you should eat to help the self- realization – other certain foods. No, no, certain foods hain ? Hun.. [LAUGHTER] I heard [LAUGHTER] I’m sorry, I misheard – the foods. Ah..no, you see it is like this, I’ll tell you. It’s very simple to understand that food is for our body we are not for the food. Now some people require some type of food, some people require some type of food. For example, a person, who requires more proteins, must eat meat, no doubt, must eat fish. What’s the use of saving all the chickens, am I going to give them realization?

[LAUGHTER] But do you know, that in evolution when you eat the chicken, the chicken has a higher possibility. [LAUGHTER] So, not such facts but for some people it suits them vegetarian food because they have eaten too much of protein, just too much of it, they have certain problems so they should take to vegetarian for the time being till they correct – there is no fixed food for anyone. But for liver patients, now example, here now another fad is nobody should take sugar now for liver patients that’s the only solution – if you don’t take sugar you’re going to go out absolutely very soon, so then you have to take sugar for liver who are active – those who are, whose liver is active. It is depend on what sort of a personality you are, what sort of a food will correct. Till you get a balanced personality you have to balance yourself out. But there’s no hard and fast rule about it. You can eat everything but you don’t eat the meat of a bigger animal because the muscles of a bigger animal are bigger than our muscular system our, annh we can say the microscopically if you see your muscle system, your muscles are much smaller than that of, say for, a horse but people like to eat horse, elephants, all those things – there is no need to eat all that because it is Then, then you will have, there will be no evolution for you neither for them. So is not to eat because that makes your muscles odd, funny so, that’s why you have to eat something that is smaller than you, is all right, no difference but that doesn’t also mean that I’m saying you must eat – may have to eat, may not have to eat. We have a community in India which is called Jains, they, some of them have gone to such absurd limit that in vegetarianism, if I tell you you will be shocked, that in a village they collect all the bugs, all the bugs of the village and get a Brahmin because Brahmin is never a Jain, he’s a Hindu, so they put him in a hut, put all the bugs there – the bugs have to suck in the blood of that Brahmin and they’re rich people, Jains are, so when the bugs are all dropped out of the body then they give money to the Brahmin so they have saved so many bugs – that’s what it is, so this is absurd. We don’t go to any absurdities in sahaja yoga.

We have to be extremely normal, simple, pleasant, loving people. Now, yes. Mother, you mentioned before people going to hell. I’m sorry I asked this question, it’s negative, quite don’t understand the concept of Hell. Can somebody be..? – Umm, health, Hell? – You mentioned in your lecture about people going to Hell He doesn’t understand this concept – how can people go to Hell – he just doesn’t understand. Oh, it is something in the house you have something for like a bathroom, isn’t it? In the same way people have to go to Hell – you must read books to understand – all the great scriptures have described it. Mahavira has described it at length what Hell is.

People have to go to Hell, they have to , they’re so troublesome. Do you think Hitler has to enter into the Kingdom of God, should he? There’s no sympathy for such people – God is wrathful. He sends such people to Hell, no doubt, He there is a Hell. If you think there is no Hell then you’re living in a Paradise which doesn’t exist, believe Me. There is a Hell. If you do wrong things, if you try to torture others, if you try to extract all that what God has given to this world, then, you’re to be punished and God punishes. Or anybody who says there is no Hell, know that that person Himself is from Hell. Believe Me, it is not so, I must warn you – there is Hell. there are people who say nobody is bad, everybody is good, everybody could be good – it’s not true, is not true.

There are so many devils already existing – what do you think of so many these fake gurus what are they? They’re all devils, they’re all punished in their own ways and devils are devils, no doubt about it. [UNCLEAR] eternal Hell? Well is a concept, I mean, do you believe in eternal Hell? I wish there was one. [LAUGHTER] There should be one for such people they again and again come back. [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHTER] One gets fed up with them [LAUGHTER] – [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] Yes? – Does Arthritis in the Sacrum hinder the rising of the[UNCLEAR] Kundalini? – Sorry, does.. – Arthritis on the.. – Sacrum – [UNCLEAR] Yeah – Does arthritis in the Sacrum hinder the rising of the Kundalini? Should not.

Arthritis is absolutely curable. Anybody who has arthritis we can cure. The other day I saw one sahaja yogi with arthritis, why don’t you cure him, it’s very simple? You know how to cure arthritis, it’s very simple. It’s very, very simple. Actually a person who has arthritis is a good person, normally, is a good person has vibrations but is triggered by some sort of a possession or something or kill, chill or some neglect of the body can be easily cured – arthritis is absolutely curable. Arthritis doesn’t stop the Kundalini rising but supposing if you had a bad accident, you are just laid down in bed, I mean you are absolutely a gone case and all that then naturally, it is better to take another life, you see, than to make My hands pain, everybody’s hands pain working on a case like that. You must know that God has got common sense, has lots of common sense. I mean, get common sense from Him. Like the light which is not going to give any light, any lamp that is not going to be of any use we just don’t – we put it in the junk.

So is better for such a person to take birth again but arthritis is not a disease, it’s not a disease at all. It can be cured – have you got arthritis? It can be cured, absolutely curable. You take out your shoes, put your hands towards Me, just now, take out your shoes. Put something for her, some sort of a warm thing. Can you put this, can you put this under her feet? The one, no, on which you are sitting. Hmm. It is curable. It’s all right – need not take out that.

Let it be, let her not take out socks. Put your left hand towards Me and right hand out and don’t write anything anymore now, just just – the arthritis is here, where do you have arthritis? – [INAUDIBLE] – In the Sacrum – All right, now put your left hand towards Me – Lumbar, Lumbar All right, now you just sit down right hand like this towards the Mother Earth, no, left. Just tell her how to do it. – Left hand towards Mother and right hand on Mother Earth. – Yes. And one sahaja yogi should put your hand on her Sacrum and put the other on the Mother Earth – finished. You can take it out, anybody. Haan. That’s better Simple as that.

Any other question? [UNCLEAR] I cannot [UNCLEAR] He finds he can’t sleep very well, he lies there, he can’t turn his brain off, he tosses and turns. All right, there’s a screw here [LAUGHTER] Just come I’ll put it right. Come along [UNCLEAR] here now. [LAUGHTER] Actually there is – Just sit down in front of Her. – What do you do? You are a.. physical work – Yeah, I’m a shift worker. – Annh? – shift worker, used to be a weight lifter – He used to be a weight lifter now he’s a shift worker. – Weight lifting [LAUGHTER] So very right sided person, all right come forward.

– [UNCLEAR] so She can touch [UNCLEAR] – Put your right hand towards Me and left hand on the Mother Earth, as it is it will work out then maybe, I’ll see the screw, all right. Now, what else? Main bahut saal se [UNCLEAR] Ma ki sirf prarthana karta rehta huun but ekagrata se nahin hoti. Achcha ab poocho tum, Ma ko kaunsi, Durga ko maante ho? – Nahin, main Gayatri Ma ki puja karta huun – Achcha to Gayatri sirf ek side hai na, saari Ma ko maana chahiye Ma aisi baat hai aise main kisi Ma ko neglect nahin karta par ek baat hai ki hamesha do ghanta karta rehta huun – par jitni lagan se aur jitni ekagrata se – Gayatri bahut zyada bhi karna theek nahin hai na Achcha aap right hand Meri ore karo aur left hand zameen pe karke. Right hand Meri taraf karo, aise haath rakho zameen par rakho, aise nahin aise rakho apni god mein. Aaram se god mein rakho, aaram se jisse aaaram se baith sako, aaram se. Aur poora haath aap zameen par rakho, left hand. Achcha ab tum sawaal poocho, “Ma aap swayam sakshat Gayatri ho kya?” Aisa sawaal poocho Mujhse.

Ma Aap saakshat Gayatri, Aap sakshat swayam Gayatri ho kya? – Again, poocho teen baar – Aap saakshat swayam Gayatri ho kya? – Hmm. – Aap saakshat swayam Gayatri ho kya? – Aaya? -Nahin Ma Dekho bahut zyada tumne istemaal kiya right side. Yahi tumhare liye mantra hai ki, “Ma Aap swayam saakshat Gayatri hain?” Woh kada zara nikaal lo ek minute haath se aur kaho “Ma Aap swayam saakshat Gayatri,” mann mein kaho, abhi shuru ho jayega. Mann mein kehte raho. – Can anything be done for right hand [UNCLEAR] – What’s it?

[LAUGHTER] It’s the same one that asked the question before. – Can anything be done to the numbness in his right hand? – Yes, yes right hand or left hand? All right, come along [LAUGHTER] Yes, sit down, sit down anywhere – anywhere you can sit down. Now, where have you been, to which guru? – Not a guru uhh… – Someone like that [UNCLEAR] the doctors [UNCLEAR] [LAUGHTER] That’s how you got it. All right, so put left hand towards Me right hand on the Mother Earth. Left hand towards Me right hand.. Can you put a light for him? Just arrange You can, you can go at the back and they’ll arrange it for you. All right how to sit down.

Give him, give him something like that to sit down – same style. Hmm.. All right, anybody else? Better is now. All right, better – see, no more weight lifting. [LAUGHTER] – Hann, aa raha hai? Aise haath rakho. – Ma aaya, aaya ka matlab main nahin samjha. – Haath mein thandak si aayegi – Haan. – Aa rahi hai? Bas theek hai.

Kaam ban raha hai. Everybody should put their hands out towards Mother. Now, you do one thing. First of all you put your left hand towards Me and right hand on the Mother Earth. Like this, flat on the earth put your right hand left hand towards Mother. Those who are sitting at a higher level can do this way, is to put left hand towards Me and like that towards the Mother Earth. If you’re on a chair just put your right hand towards the earth. Are you getting a cool breeze in the hand? Not yet. – [UNCLEAR] – Little bit – Light, very vague, I’m not sure if it’s cool – Now, are you getting cool breeze?

– [INAUDIBLE] – That’s it, let it work out – On this finger – Yeah, [UNCLEAR] – All right. – Mataji mere haath bahut bhaari lagte hain. – Hot aa raha hai? – Hot nahin, bahut bhaari hai – Left hand? – Left hand – Kisi guru uru ke pass gaye the kya? – Nahi ji Kya karte hain ghar mein? Aap joote Meri taraf karke baithe hain, aap Hindustani hain, samajh lijiye to aur kya hoga.Haan aise nahi baith sakte Ma ki taraf. Haan seedhe se baithiye Can’t sit like that, you see, haan. Ab nahi lag raha bhaari? Dekha?

Gaya bhaaripan – Ma ki taraf pair nahi karke baith sakte. You can’t sit with the feet towards Me. You see, it really showed to the Indian girls because Indians know this but you don’t know so it didn’t show but you’re not supposed to do that. But I don’t tell anybody if I tell anybody they’ll say, ” Oh, this lady thinks no end of Herself.” Typical, that’s a fact – theek hai na ab? Gaya bhaaripan – dekho. When You mentioned [UNCLEAR N INAUDIBLE] my mother thinks that she suffers very badly, I’m trying to – In fact I write her to come here tonight. She said [UNCLEAR] – All right All right you get her here, you get her cured, arthritis is curable but first you should be all right yourself. You see because you take over. You see, you become a doctor and you treat your mother you can be 24 hours available to her, isn’t it?

It’s better that you do it than anybody else does that. – If we go to this organization last week, is it all right? I mean is it – Which organization? – the spiritualist [UNCLEAR] – Oh, is it all right if they continue to go to the spiritualist union? Of course not [LAUGHTER]. That’s how she got it – your mother used to go there? Ah, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it. I mean if you go to spirits, who are dead spirits, who enter into us through the collective sub-conscious I mean one can end up with cancer minimum – horrible! It’s like, sitting in a boat trying to save yourself and putting your foot in the mouth of a crocodile. [LAUGHTER] – What if she [UNCLEAR] sake of learning?

– Unnh? – What if she got of the Victorians [UNCLEAR] union to the sake of learning? – I didn’t follow. – What if you to these spiritualists people for the sake of learning? What do you learn, all their vidyas, bhoot vidya – What they know is – [ ASIDE – JUST PUT THAT THING THERE] What do you learn – nothing. You learn nothing but you get all the bhoots in yourself like this. – Umm, you learn, ah.. – No, no, no don’t talk. [LAUGHTER] You don’t learn anything, you get into troubles like this and then it becomes a trouble for others. – I got, I got this love in music. I got it [UNCLEAR] Victorian spiritualist – But, but all right you didn’t get because of that but you can get.

What I said was the words you must understand that if you go to such things you get into trouble like this. And now, it is going to be not very easy for us to cure, for the same reason because if you go to spirits it’s like the one, your foot is in the crocodile’s mouth, you see, and then how are we to cure you? You want you to be completely in the boat. All right, that’s the point. I didn’t say, it could be earlier you might have got it, I’m not saying because you got possessed somebody must have done it – there’re so many things by which you get this. But, then, if you have been to these people, it is difficult, we can’t work, our hands don’t work – see the vibrations return back, they don’t act. See the point is like that – it takes more time. Better now? Theek hai chalne do. What else?

[INAUDIBLE] the whole body is very [INAUDIBLE] – She’s got a , she’s got a problem of not been able to raise her arms. – Diabetic – and she’s diabetic. But this is small healing, you , you have, you All right, now all of you who have been here for healing, that’s not good. I must have somebody sensible also here, isn’t it? Someone, – To now ask some sensible questions – No, no, that is all right, that is curable, Diabetes is curable, you come to the center they will tell you. Now, who else? If you achieve Self-realization in the life what becomes of you when you die? If you achieve Self-realization in your life what happens when you die? Actually, we shouldn’t think of the future we should be in the present but even if you ask the question the thing is then you become empowered to decide if you want to be born again you can be born again, if you don’t want you need not be. you can take your Nirvana but mostly all those who are great people want to take birth to save the world.

So, you become empowered, you can decide for yourself. – Mother, – Yes – what is the easiest way to counteract negativity of other people around you. What’s the easiest way to counteract negativity of other people around you? You see there are many ways by which – first of all you get your realization, all right? Once you’re realized try to keep in thoughtless awareness. When you think of those people, if the thought comes to you, you should say, “I forgive, I forgive,” that’s the mantra for that – one of them in the thought process. But otherwise it can harmful to you – you write down their names in your hands and just move your hand like this – once, twice and thrice – it works. They don’t trouble you any more. So many things will work out with this – you try this principle, it’s very good. Uh..

I mean anything – this is we call as bandhan, we call it as the protection. So you write anything that you want to do, just put your hands like this – it works out, it’s wonderful because the power is flowing through your finger -tips and you can manage it, anything, like that or so there are other ways by you can avoid but when you’ll come next they will tell you how to do it. Now is better now? – I’m getting uncomfortable. – Uncomfortable, give him a this thing – Now, much better now. – That’s what it is – the Victoria has done [LAUGHTER] The Victoria Institute of Spirits – Poor Victoria queen, why to call her name, I don’t know. – Any other question? – [INAUDIBLE] – They are all right, not you – Are you better, madam? Have you been to anybody like that – clairvoyant or someone, annh? – Take a candle for her – [INAUDIBLE] – Mother, – Hmm – one question is said how do you get this Self- realization?

– I don’t think he came to the program – You didn’t come to the program – – Put your hand up. – through Kundalini awakening. – [INAUDIBLE] – What process is it? The process is living process, spontaneous process of sprouting – just like a seed sprouts, the Kundalini sprouts out. – [INAUDIBLE] – How do you sprout a seed? It just works out. Haan better, see? Better. Thank God you did only weight lifting, but you had gone to an Institute like that, I would never have helped you so fast. [LAUGHTER] All right, now put your right hand towards Me all of you.

and left hand like this, like this at the back – put it at the back. – Hmm, – It’s flowing. – see the cool breeze coming in! It’s there. See now! That’s shaking before Me – that’s Victoria Institution. – [LAUGHTER] – I may try – Haan all right, put your left hand – It’s a possession – It’s a possession – Just place it That has to go first and then you will be all right. Hmm, all right? It’ll clear out, it’ll clear out, just do that way. It’s like just the connection Now, if you are a right sided person, you’re just putting like this – now you’re connected.

So what happens the vibrations start flowing through here clear your right side completely and it goes into the atmosphere, into the Ether – we use the Ether, the Akaasha. And if you want to have better results, better use also the water. Such people who have right sided problems should sit in the water with a little salt. Those who have left sided problems should use the light. They’ll tell you all about it you have to come back again. All right! if you don’t mind! Good! Now you’ll sleep like a log of wood, come along, now let Me [LAUGHTER]. Come forward.

Put your right hand towards Me, right hand towards Me. Close your eyes Forgive everyone. Theek hai aap. Ab Gayatri bund kariye – abhi yahan aake sahaja yoga seekho pehle phir samajh lo Gayatri kya cheez hai. Samyak gyan hona chahiye – must know integrated knowledge not just Gayatri somewhere something, all right! You come and know about it what is Gayatri what is what, everything must be known – and you just start doing something with your own ideas, is not proper – you have to know. – Ma [INAUDIBLE] – Haan, wohi to, Brahmano ka dimaag issi se kharaab ho gaya hai. Pehle Brahman ho jaao, pehle Brahm ko jaano – bada one sided mamla hai [UNCLEAR – SAAB? ], hai na? – [INAUDIBLE] Ma samajh ke maine shuru kiya – Theek hai bete, bas Ma samajh ke hi ho jayega – thoda sa imbalance aa gaya na.

Samajh lena chahiye, kuch to dosh aa hi gaya hai. Uss dosh ko theek nahi karne ka kya – apne ko kya karne ka hai? Bhai Gayatri bhi to hamare liye hai na? Sab cheez hamare liye hai, agar humme usse labh hota hai to lena hai, nahi hota to nahi. Hmm, better now – relaxed? Hmm [LAUGHTER] Now how are you? Better, you see! – Sort of it – Yes, you are better. How are you? Is there a light on her Sacrum?

Are you better now? Just see, stand up – All right! Aap bhi aayiye – Diabetes hai aapko? Yahan aayiye – ab put both the hands towards Me. – Aap kyaa karte hain – you know Hindi? – Tamil – Annh, Tamil – all right, sit down. You don’t know Hindi at all? All right, sit down. So what do you do, what work do you do? – Now, I’m a housewife, now.

– Only housewife? – [INAUDIBLE] teacher – Annh, that’s why – Teacher Only a teacher can get diabetes not a housewife. [LAUGHTER] because you think too much. You think too much, isn’t it? Think too much, all right. Now put your right hand towards Me and left hand like this. Sindur nahi lagate hain – aao, kumkum lagao. Haan now, you’re all right? Fine – ab theek ho tum? Aao tumhara bhi screw zara dheela ho gaya usse – Ma aapke saamne [UNCLEAR] – Bete ab uspe zyada soch vichar nahi karo, soch vichar se aur badh jaata hai yeh problem.

Tumhara aur right sided hai. Tum ab aake yahan seekho dhyan kaise karne ka – apne ko shaant kar lo pehle. Baat ye Hindustani log padhte zaroorat se zyada hain aur asliyat pe nahi utarte. Yeh log badi jaldi utar jaate hain. Tum log jaante zyada ho maante kam. – Ma kuch anubhav nahi hota na – Abhi dekho, haath mein aa raha hai thanda? Ab aa raha hai na, ab to anubhav aa raha hai. Anubhav nahi bhi ho to bhi padhne ki ek hadh hoti hai. Kabirdasji ne kaha hai, “Padhi, padhi pandit moorakh bhaye.” Hamare Marathi mein kehte hain ‘Padhat moorkh’ You see, we Indians know a lot – have no experience.

So first of all we have to neutralize all that is known. Surdasji, Surdas who was a great poet, he wrote the whole of Sursagar – means the ocean of sur. And there afterwards he says, “O Lord, take away my avidya ,” – nonknowledge. “Surdas ki sabhi avidya door karo Nandlal.” – Haan, ab dekho, aaya kehte hi saath. Kabir ne diya – leo, haan dekho, hai na? Abhi aap. May God bless you! Theek hai. Aap kisko, Raj Rajeswari ko maante hain?

– Annh? – I don’t understand Hindi. – Whom, whom do you uh.. Krishna, all right? – Now, put your hand – [INAUDIBLE] – Haan, just let her ask the question – Ask the question, – See your fingers – “Shri Mataji, are You the avtaar of Adishakti,” – look at Her and say, “Shri Mataji, are You the avtaar of Adishakti?” – Radha Krishna, haan – Radha Krishna – ask. – Shri Mataji, yes – Getting the cool? – Yes, it’s coming – Ask the question, “Shri Mataji, are You Shri Krishna?” – Look at – Shri Mataji, are You Shri Krishna? – Ask – Ask again – Shri Mataji, are You Shri Krishna, Shri Mataji, are You Shri Krishna? Ab pehchano – itne din jiski seva ki woh agar saamne khada jo jaaye to bhi use pehchan nahi sakte – Hindi, Hindi nahi – The One who is standing before, you must recognize – [INAUDIBLE] – Haan – [INAUDIBLE] – Now, are you all right?

– I’m feeling very much better now – Hmm – But did you hear what She said? The One who is standing before you, you must recognize. Indians have a greater capacity because they know what it is – you must understand that. You see I – but they understand more than you do – that’s surprising. Not in India – India is different, of course. We have a tradition, we have a tradition of seeking in India. It’s written down from childhood – everything is worked out for your seeking – you have to get your Self-realization. – South Africa – We have – South, South Africa – South Africa Oh, to South Africa has lost all the vibrations, or everything of Indian – uprooted – [INAUDIBLE] – Uh, so what, even in South Africa, if you are an Indian, you must carry your traditions there, you see. But it happens, like a mango tree if you bring it, bring it to England it will never prosper, it’s like that – they get uprooted, I think. – Haan better, see, better?

– Thank You. – Are you all right? Shakal badal gayi aapki. You’re all right, now sleep like a log of wood. How is this gentleman? Put your hand – Better, not shaking so much – Not – Not – not so much but – Yes, just put your – sometimes it comes and goes – Yes, that’s the spirit [LAUGHTER][ Send it back to that Victoria [LAUGHTER] Institute. Now, on the left Swadishthana, work it on the left. All right, so now, I’ll take your leave. May God bless you all! Please come, you have got a beautiful center here, we have got a beautiful school though it’s only meant for 20 children, we already have got 20 children – so we can’t admit your children here, agreed, but we can start another school if you all people help us we can start another place, you can have an ashram nearby your place, somewhere you’re living we can manage all that but it’s to be done by you and is to be arranged and organized.

You, whatever it is now here, all of them live, they earn, they have this ashram, they run the ashram – I don’t know what they do with their money – I’ve nothing to do with it. They know all the accounts, they know among themselves, they live well, they live happily, they help each other, they help others. In the same way you all are new people, you can come here and then we are going to start ashrams all over Melbourne as we have got in Sydney five ashrams and they’re doing very well. So, we have to have some places but in the beginning you will have to come here, establish yourself and if you say you want to establish some ashram they will look into it and they’ll manage. But those who have been in sahaja yoga for so many days they know about it – don’t try to challenge them, don’t try to be aggressive, try to listen to them. Understand that I know them and through them I’ll know you. So, please don’t try to be aggressive. There is nothing like uh.. what you call a one sided life in sahaja yoga. So nobody is going uh.. to be one sided for you or partial to you or nothing. If they say this is wrong with you please believe them and just do what they’re telling you because they know what is to be done in what case, how to uh.. refrain from, how to indulge, how to work it out – they know, they have gone through it now, they have been here for four years so they know about it.

But that doesn’t mean in any way you’re less, you’re in no way less – some of them have just come about a month back, I find them very good So, it is for you to learn, to have that humility, to learn more and more and know about it not mentally but through your experiences, different experiences how it works out. – Now – Mother, on Friday you asked us to bring sugar and salt – Yes, that I’m going to say – yes, that’s a good idea. So now for that sugar and salt we’ll be sending you some sugar and salt which is vibrated and you, they’ll put it in that. Now don’t use your hands you use a spoon to stir it and use that – it is vibrated. But those people who have active life should take to sugar more and those who have, say this lady has Diabetes or anything – for her sugar is not good but salt – so she has to take salt. So that is how it is. So, I’ll come inside and vibrate it and then you can bring it here. All right! So abhi theek hain aap? Kaise lag raha, dard kam hai?

Are you better madam, are you feeling better now? Good, all right, so done! Don’t get all the sick people. [CLAPPING] – [CLAPPING] – [INAUDIBLE] Good-bye, good-bye. I’ll be back again and you all can come to India also No, no you do it, you just see that and they will tell you what is to happen – Get somebody to explain to her [UNCLEAR] left hand – and also tell her husband not to bother her. – Tell – Thank you! – her husband [UNCLEAR] Shri Mataji Thank you, thank you all! Excuse me, if you all could sit down for a minute Come everyone and try, at the center here every Tuesday, Thursday nights at 7o’clock On Sundays at 2P.M. we have an evening here, meditation evening where the committed sahaja yogies [UNCLEAR] about sahaja yoga, you start establishing yourself. That’s really important to come along.

We’ve had very good response over this last three days with people. There must be over thousand people come to the programs. That’s really [UNCLEAR] people come to-night That’s really important that you all come and on this Tuesday normally have a special workshop evening [UNCLEAR] can ask you questions, we’ll be talking about one of the chakras, first chakra Mooladhara chakra So, thanks for all coming. We have a cup of tea while at the back if you wish to stay. [UNCLEAR] May I suggest that when you are here in Victoria, to all the sahaja yogies who are here, that when you discuss the base chakra, you also explain in general the practices of sahaja yoga. We don’t limit ourselves just to the one chakra each week. We learn more about the chakra but in general we’ll explain to you the sorts of things that were happening here – how to clear out the chakras, how to work it out so that you can get on with it but a concentration will be made on one particular aspect each week. But you learn all about the various methods of balancing, clearing out the blockages, removing possessions that have crept in over our life time, love, diminishing the ego whatever it is. That can be worked out in a very practical way and that’s what they want to show you. Center will be every Tuesday and Thursday night at 70’clock and 2 P.M. on Sundays At the back we have some [UNCLEAR] which is a photograph of Shri Mataji It will explain how to meditate at home, how to clear yourself out at bedtime and also has a program [UNCLEAR] Could the, the sahaja yoginies please just partly [UNCLEAR] inside quickly please.

Just the ladies, just move inside quickly.

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