Farewell Talk

Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

1985-03-18 Farewell Talk, Melbourne, 30'
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Farewell Talk. Melbourne (Australia), 18 March 1985.

This is a real church. Not the ones I have seen before. There are some children to be blessed ……So, here the parting time has come, and I have to leave Australia. Australia has a special place, the first puja is always done in Australia. But, it is so sad that all my children are so much distributed. I wish a day should come when all of us live together. I depend on you very much. As I told you, you are the essence, you are the key to the western life. So try to mould yourself in such a way that you become good Sahaja Yogis. You have to change many conditionings that you have from the West and become really people with proper understanding. I look forward of seeing greater number of people coming. It hurts me to see so many people had a bad time in Sydney because of someone, it hurts a Mother very much. Look after yourselves, be kind, generous, sympathetic. Before the others who are coming you have to be specially very careful, that you don’t show any anger among yourselves, you are all one. Always support each other even if there’s something wrong – in the presence of others don’t try to cut anybody short. Never argue among yourselves when there are others.
Words fail when you cannot express anymore. May God bless you all.

We have made some arrangements for some people to go out of ashram. They have to be out. We cannot have possessed people, half-baked people, people who have not recognized Me, even in the puja, let alone in the ashram. Only right type of people now henceforth live here. Nobody who is problematic can stay in the ashram. So we have to keep the ashram very pure by our own clean and pure life, so that those who come to the ashram immediately get vibrations. Also don’t ask everybody to come to the ashram, or you keep a separate place to meet the visitors. There was somebody horrible in the kitchen yesterday who was not good. I felt horrible vibrations. Shouldn’t allow everybody to enter into the ashram. Just keep them out till they are all right, don’t ask them to come for puja either. Be careful on that. That is very important, I think you people don’t realize that ashram is God’s own Temple, and you can’t have all kinds of people entering into it. So keep it clean, and nobody should be allowed to enter into your meditation room that is not a perfect Sahaja Yogi, who is accepted as a Sahaja Yogi.

There is a good news to give you before going, that our trust deed in England has now been passed. And is confirmed. You can now also have a trust deed here which will help us very much in everything. So after the pattern what England has done, I would request you to go through it and get it done.
May God bless you.