Birthday Puja: Keep your heart clean

Mumbai (India)

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Birthday puja, Bombay, 21 March 1985.

[Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi]

Greetings to all Sahaja Yogis of Maharashtra.

Because of your goodwill, [friendly attitude towards other people or country], we have won the campaign at Australia. Sahaja Yoga has spread all over in Australia. Lots of people had come and they were of a great quality. In few days Maharashtra has to play a bet with Australia. Such a situation has arrived. The difference between them and us is that we are straight people, Sahaja Yoga sows quickly in us as we get it easily, we pick up Sahaja Yoga quickly, we acquire it easily and it sprouts in us easily.

However, we should have incomprehensive [in-depth] knowledge about Sahaja Yoga. People think that if we do meditation every day and keep silence than we have in depth knowledge about Sahaja Yoga. But we have to think that once we have in depth knowledge then what to do? Once you increase the light within yourself then what to do? Why, to enlighten others, to do well [good] to others. So, the Sahaja Yogis of Maharashtra have a challenge, the way Australians work hard, in the same way we have to work hard, then only you will win the bet. We have lot of blessings of past life, because of which we are born in such a great country, especially in Maharashtra, but we should still remember that this blessing will work out for how many days? We have to add to our blessings. For that meditation, cleanliness, we do all these and should be doing it every day, but what does Sahaja Yoga mean? If you want to speak with anyone about Sahaja Yoga then what does Sahaja Yoga mean? Some people still don’t know that we get vibrations in our feet too. So, which chakra has got caught, where, which toe represents which chakra, this also so many people are not aware. Then once Kundalini is awakened, though we understand where it has stopped, where it is waiting, because we have in depth knowledge about it, then how to raise it, which inner points [pockets] needs to be checked, what is the speciality, you have to be proficient in detecting all this, unless and until, this does not happen then getting enlightened is also going to go waste.

So, everybody needs to understand that we need to study Sahaja Yoga. Everybody should know what is Kundalini? what are its parts [involvement], what are different types, why it falls down after being raised or if it falls down how to raise it? The best thing to do this is everyone should write an article on Sahaja Yoga, everyone. It can be anybody gents, ladies. You write an article what is Sahaja Yoga? Like a composition. You can write it long, big, it does not matter and once you write it down the long and big article, try and check how much you have understood about Sahaja Yoga. We should study Sahaja Yoga. Without studying Sahaja Yoga though you have attained it, it will be difficult to give to others. Other people also think that these are Sahaja Yogis, but they don’t know anything. They should not say that “Everything is done by Shri Mataji” and Sahaja Yogis don’t know anything. It should not happen this way.

Kabir had not studied in a college; Nanak also didn’t study in a college. It is not necessary that you should be studying in a college to know Sahaja Yoga. There was a simple farmer who has written about Sahaja Yoga. Kabir was a weaver [koshti julaha], he has written so many things. In the same way you can all write about Sahaja Yoga, but this happened with me, I felt nice, instead of writing all this we should write what is Sahaja Yoga and how this is turning in to Maha Yoga. So, when we start writing a composition, we should ask questions, five questions. Now I will teach you how to write compositions [laughs]. First and foremost, what, where, how, where it is, for whom, what work it does, benefits, these are five topics which we have to understand first.

And we should understand the importance of Kundalini, because she is Gauri. Kundalini is Gauri. Today is Gauri Puja. Gauri Puja in the month of Chaitra is special. It means that before installation of Ganapati, we have installed Gauri in the month of Chaitra [March, April]. Gauri who created Ganapati is the Gauri from Chaitra and we all believe that. In the same way, our Shalivahan’s have given it so much importance that Gudi Padwa starts on the 1st day of the Chaitra month, because Gauri first is the Shakti, who started the work, to start any work first we worship Ganesha, this is also done by Gauri.

Gauri has put Ganesha in the temporal world or universe so that the innocence which Ganesha has should spread in the whole world. And before anyone else she established Chaitanya in the form of Ganesha [chaitanya – the Spirit, the consciousness that knows itself and also knows others] for the whole world and spread it everywhere. Then we will do whatever is required but first is the Spirit, the consciousness [Chaitanya]. The Kundalini of the world, Mother Gauri has done this work. The importance of this day is that it is the beginning. She created Shri Ganesha on her on own, no contribution from Sadashiva. She has not yet met Sadashiva. So, the virgin Gauri created Ganapati from her powers, because she is Shakti Swaroopa [the form of the Shakti], she can do anything, and that Ganapati is pure, holy, which is in the form of Chaitanya, was made.

So, she has done the work of Mother, where Father is not involved, on her own, and because of her courage and you all have also got Realization in the same way. A virgin who creates a child is not possible in our society, the one who is in pure form, it’s impossible. But the one who does the impossible is the Spirit. If it were doing the things which are possible, then it would be a human being, so that is why Gauri is the Parmeshwari Shakti – the divine power- as she has done the impossible thing, and this impossible thing has happened in you today. You have got rebirth and it is done by your Mother.

The Kundalini Shakti which is there with in you has done the miracle and has given you a rebirth and still she has not met Sadashiva, the time to meet Sadashiva has not come yet, because of that only you have become Realized souls.

Such is Gauri the “Mother”, a pure virgin, pure power, and when this power rises within you, she makes you pure. She brings purity in you. There are some people who don’t have a clean heart, they come to Sahaja Yoga, but they keep on doing wrong things. There are so many people. Sahaja Yoga is there, Shri Mataji has blessed us, we got a car, a house, our business is set up nicely, everything. But how do you behave? You act in falsehood, you are not sincere in Sahaja Yoga, you are deceptive towards your Mother, you lie to Her, you are deceptive towards yourself, with other Sahaja Yogis, then you will have to face consequences.

Today Sahaja Yoga has reached such a stage; that today’s day is special as we have started Vishwa Nirmala Dharma- first thing. It is such a huge thing that we have started Vishwa Dharma, which has people from all religions. People from all religions from the world are involved in this Vishwa Dharma.

Today when we stand in this Vishwa Dharma we have started a new history, of new people. So, today’s day is very auspicious day. Whatever is happening, being created, it is all happening by the grace of God. So, there should be no doubt, but if your mind [ghagari- clay pot represents our head] is full of stupid thoughts [stones] then how will knowledge retain in such minds [water retain in such pots]? So, you should have clean hearts, if you come in Sahaja Yoga with impurity in your hearts, then you are going to face problems in Sahaja Yoga, this is the second thing I am making it very clear this time.

Till now, whatever you did I was facing all your problems. You people behaved in any way you liked and I faced all your problems, your Mother faced all your problems, but now you have grown up. Now don’t behave like that, otherwise you will have to face the consequences. So, everyone with a clean heart and mind, without any doubts, you should come in Sahaja Yoga, work hard, understand what is Sahaja Yoga, understand yourself and understand others, give respect and treat everyone with dignity in Sahaja Yoga, value yourself and as per your reputation behave that way, then only this auspicious start will work out.

Forget whatever has happened, whatever wrong you must have done in Sahaja Yoga, from today decide that we will behave in the same way which suits to Sahaja Yoga as we are Sahaja yogis, we should say this in the beginning, in the middle and at the end, say it three times that “we are Sahaja Yogis”, we will not do this, we won’t do this as this is wrong. We should start today’s day with this resolution, means Gauri, how courageous she was, in the same way you should be courageous. She is there inside you, Gauri, she is sitting inside you, only you should give her a place to sit, and a place to sit in your heart, means you are so courageous, your heart should be so clean and pure to offer a place to Gauri, what all qualities you must have inside you, taking in to account all that give a place to Gauri in your heart and the fruits of Shakti will also begin from today. You will see all the fruits of Shakti. Lots of extraordinary work will be done by you people, all this will start. So, there is only one importance of today’s puja, correct your Ganpati and start the work with determination, and dedicate ourselves to Sahaja Yoga, with pure and clean heart surrender to Sahaja Yoga, and be good Sahaja Yogis, we should take this pledge today.

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

I talk to them in Marathi language, because here so many of them don´t understand any other language but Marathi. Today is the day of Gauri Puja. Gauri is the one who, as a Virgin, created Shri Ganesha. And in the same pattern you have got your realization. In the same pattern!

So you have to use the same power within you that is of Gauri, that you keep your heart clean. You must have a clean heart. You must have a clean thinking. There should be purity in your mind. Of course, the bhakti does give that purity, but if there is anything lingering in your mind I have to tell you there are three things that are going to happen from today.

First, we have started Vishwa Nirmala Dharma. You are under the vision of Shri Ganesh, under the guidance of your Spirit, and under the blessings of God Almighty. But be careful, because once you become that, you have to keep to that Dharma, you have to be honest about it. If you are dishonest from today onwards you be careful, anything can happen to you if you get out of the maryadas (boundaries).

Till you keep the maryadas of Sahaja Yoga, saying morning, evening, night that: “I am a Sahaja Yogi”, nobody can harm you, hurt you. Nobody can trouble you. On the contrary you will be enjoying life if you keep to the maryadas. But if you leave the maryadas of Sahaja Yoga, you will have big problems.

So this is the second thing I want to tell you that today we have started the great vision, which was promised long time back of realised souls. Now the third thing is that with all these things we are doing, we must promise to God also that we will know about Sahaja Yoga, through proper understanding, reading every word of it. We’ll master the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga. We’ll keep ourselves clean. And completely surrender our lives to Sahaja Yoga.

This is what you have to promise in your heart. Surrendering to Sahaja Yoga is actually surrendering to joy, bliss and peace. In that you are the gainer, nobody is a loser in it. This is how today we have to decide once for all. Today is the day as you know, my forefathers called it the first day of the year and they have the kalasha and the shawl of the Goddess as the emblem or you can call it as a flag of Shalivahan. In any way my delay is important because there was Amavasya (last lunar day of dark fortnight) earlier, and we had to get rid of that Amavasya for the first day to start.

That’s how the delay was there, there was jam, everything is arranged. We should not worry: “Why there is delay, why there is this?” Sometimes I may come earlier, I may come later, it’s all arranged. Because during Amavasya how can you have My puja? Simple thing like that. It is all arranged, it’s all worked out. Everything is fine, just be your Self. Do not get upset with anything, do not get worried or anything. Just try to keep absolutely peaceful. I´ll give you some tests by seeing how much you keep to that situation, of complete peace within yourself. 

If you have done no wrong, if you are a Sahaja yogi, there should be no disturbance. If others have done wrong, it’s alright, doesn’t matter, you have not done anything wrong. As long as you have done no wrong there is nothing to worry. And as it is, even if you have done some wrong, God is there to forgive you. So don’t have any worries, nothing.

Have all the strength, have all the courage and go ahead with this promise onwards. Because I think now Sahaja Yoga is going to take a new turn. Definitely it is going to take. We are going to come up to a stage where thousands and thousands will join Sahaja Yoga. But first of all those who are in the foundations, who are the first people must work very hard to keep themselves above all kinds of foolish temptations all kinds of foolish things you have been doing, which is asahaja (not Sahaja). Language should be sweet, your behavior should be good, it should be very gentle and soft. You should move like a yogi, live like a saint, and people should see through you the greatness of Sahaja Yoga.

May God bless you!