Public Program

Jaipur (India)

1985-03-23 Public Program Hindi Jaipur India DP-RAW, 124'
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Public Program, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, 23rd March, 1985

I bow to the seekers of Jaipur. 

Shri Krishna has told about three types of people in this world, whom he used to call Tamsik, Rajsik and Satvik.

Tamsik people are the one, who do not recognize good or bad, auspicious or inauspicious, but mostly run after inauspicious, mostly run after wrong things. When they go to extremes, then by getting overwhelmed with Black Magic and occult practices (bhoot Vidya, pret Vidya, shamshan Vidya) their attraction remains towards them only.

And people who are Rajsik are like we have in western countries, and now we too are moving in the same direction and becoming like them. Due to being very intellectual, and by learning their ways, we have also acquired many of their habits, that those people are not able to differentiate between good and bad. For them everyone is good and everyone is bad. They are unable to understand the difference, and live only on the basis of their ego. If they like something then it is good for them, if they do not like then it is bad.

Third type of people are the ones I call Seekers. These are people of  virtuous (satvik) nature. Satvik does not mean that they go through great penance, or they abstain from particular food etc. but a Satvik person is the one who maintains a balance within. He does not go to any extremes. Does not take to any excessiveness. Without going to any extremes and by using discretion and wisdom, whatever he finds good, he accepts that. Such people are called seekers, because they finally reach a point- after all why are we on this Earth? This question bothers them again and again, that God has given us birth in this world, for what? It must have some meaning. There must be a reason. When they start wondering, if there is anything beyond the visible illusion of this world or not, then it is said that they are seeking like a seeker. 

And on this subject, traditionally, many narratives have been written in our country for thousands of years, and many truths are placed before us, because our country was created in a special way. This nation is the land of Yoga. In this nation many great saints, sages and incarnations came, because this nation is made for this purpose only.

In foreign countries, we find that people have progressed a lot and have grown a lot, and we think that they have achieved quite a lot. This is a huge misunderstanding we have. Man cannot achieve joy by acquiring worldly possessions. You can go and see for yourself, that we are much more happy and joyous than them. At least the feeling of love here is so tremendous, and due to this mutual feeling of love among ourselves, we are still living a very balanced life.

But if you go abroad and see, you will be surprised. Let me tell you that in England, parents kill two children every week, who are their legal children and not illegal. Parents kill their own children, two children per week. We (Indians) cannot even imagine such a thing, that children should be killed. Although here there are so many children in the family, there are only one or two children, but even then they kill their children because they cannot bear it. They say -‘We don’t like to be bothered by children.’  So they kill them.

So many similar things happen there,

about which we are not aware, we have no idea. The reason (of such incidents) is, that when you start moving with the help of the machines, your heart also becomes like a machine. Similarly, we can say that the personality within also becomes completely dry and lifeless. Like a machine, that can do every task without thinking and without any emotion, this is how one works. This is how a human being becomes.

Now if I say this, you will think that what is this old subject Mother is talking about? But I live there, and seeing it every day amazes me, that these people have achieved this state and have also assimilated it, and are living in it. But there is not even the slightest trace of happiness and peace in them.

You will be surprised that if you talk to any person there, you will find that  he is so disturbed inside, so troubled. Every person is searching, that there must be some way out of this. And that is why in a place, where we think that there is a lot of prosperity, lot of wealth, the situation is such, that people think day and night about ways to commit suicide. 

You are not aware that Sweden, Norway and Switzerland are three countries, very prosperous, and from there people, young boys, young girls, very young who have never enjoyed anything in their lives, come to see me. They never found any happiness. When they come, I see that their condition is like a dead body or a ghost. I ask, ‘What do you all do?’ Why is your condition like this?’ They say, ‘Mother, we always keep thinking how to commit suicide.’

So, those of us who are under the impression that these countries are very progressive, and we must also progress like them, kindly stop for a while. This (India) is such a country where everything can be fully rewarding and fruitful. But we always see the outside, and not the inner reality.

Same is the condition of spirituality. Spirituality is something to be achieved from within, not from outside. Many people think that if we  wear saffron clothes, we will find God. Some people think that by chanting the name of God from morning till evening, we will find God. Wherever you see, people have such ideas about God. Many feel that they will achieve him, if they stop eating certain food or they will find him by doing certain things. It has never been described that you can meet God outwardly. Meeting God outwardly is not described in any religion. It has been said that if you do any exercise to remove attention from outside, it can be fruitful. But it’s not written anywhere that you will attain the spirit through external efforts. So, you have to achieve within.

(Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi language- ‘Kahe Nanak bin aapa chinhe mite na bhram ki kaai’) Everyone has said that without knowing the self, you can not get rid of the illusions, means that whatever you know through your human awareness, there is something beyond it. To know that, first you should achieve your spirit.

Buddha went up to the extent of saying that one should not talk about God. That subject is still a long way off. First talk about the spirit itself, because unless and until you do not achieve the spirit, due to these useless ideas, people will continue with the same practices and will not stick to reality. Therefore people went upto the extent of saying that it was Atheism.

Similarly, Mahavir ji also made the same effort. Both (Lord Buddha & Mahavira) were contemporaries. Both of them tried the same thing. Leave everything for a while, and talk only about the spirit. When you attain the spirit, then we will talk about God. To talk about it before is useless, because if someone has no eyes, what can you talk to him about colour? But despite all this, despite this reality, we the people of India who have grown up on this land, the land of Yoga, we remained unfamiliar with the fact that it is such a great land, that its greatness cannot be described.

The reason is that British rule came upon us. The British left an imprint on us. We are ourselves trying to be like the British. Before getting independence, the situation was somewhat good. Ever since we got independence, we have started adopting strange ways, we want to get entrapped in the same web, in which these people are trapped. But just like a huge tree which grows upward, and does not know its roots, the condition of this creation is just the same now. This whole group of Western countries that are on the path of progress, is just like a huge tree which has not known its roots from within. It’s our duty to know the roots, because we have talked about the roots from the beginning, and we are the only ones who know about the roots.

Traditionally, if we see fourteen thousand years ago, Markandeya who gave a message of great penance and renunciation, he had talked about Kundalini fourteen thousand years ago. And it is said that Indra (King of Heaven) got his self-realization sixteen thousand years ago. This is the tradition of our country. We have always searched for the roots. Look at any saint or sage who has written about this. Those who have written, have said that you achieve your spirit.

But in that too, we do not understand one thing, that it is Sahaja. ‘Sahaj Samadhi Lago’. Kabirdas ji said ‘Sahaj Samadhi Lago’. ‘Sah’ means with, ‘J’ means born. Born with you only, this right of yoga is established within you. When this is told, who pays attention to such things? People are busy doing something else. Temples after temples are being built. All types of religions are being established. All types of things are happening, but what needs to be achieved from within, no one is paying attention to that.

That is why today what we see is distrust in religion, decline of religion, not only this, conflict between religions. This is a matter of untruth, because there is only one truth. There is only one religion in the world, that is to achieve the spirit. And in the religion where this does not happen, we are attached like flowers to this tree. These flowers from the tree of God, these incarnations, these saints and sages are plucked and by sticking these dead flowers to their hearts, and saying, This is my religion! This is my religion! people are quarreling among themselves. This can never be called Religion.

Once the Dharma is established in you, you achieve balance, due to which you grow, and when you grow, then you will be surprised, that the collective consciousness that is within you comes into your veins. In your central nervous system, you feel what collective consciousness is.

The evolution we had, we became human beings from amoeba. What hard work did you put in to become a human being, that you will have to do now? If all this is creative work of evolution, evolutionary process, then what hard work do you need to do now, to achieve it’s final state? There is no need for any such thing, because this is the most important thing, which is vital. If you have to work hard for this, then you will be finished! If tomorrow we have to go to a library to breathe and read and know about it, then how many people will survive?

The most important thing today is to find your spirit, not to waste your life on useless things, by which we become left sided (Tamasic), or we become right sided (Rajasic), but by standing in righteousness (Satvikta), we must achieve our spirit.

And now Nature has also got after us, what we call as the arrival of (ghor Kaliyuga) Kaliyuga that has reached its peak. Everyone only talks about it, but our attention is not  there. Today there is so much discord in the entire universe, people all over the world are going on a rampage, and today the atom bomb which is laden on your heads, is telling us that something has to be done. Unless and until man stands in the collective consciousness, the talk of peace will be mere talk, which Adi Shankaracharya has relegated as web of words (shabd jalam)

So, at this moment it is important to know, that we who are in human consciousness, we are not everything. Till now we have not found our final stage, that is why we are in confusion. The animosity that exists within us even today, and the feeling of malice, jealousy etc. that separates us from each other, the reason for these feelings is, that till now that consciousness has not awakened within us, which we call as Collective consciousness. And this consciousness must awaken within us.

A great psychologist like Yoong, who first followed Freud, later completely condemned him. He has clearly said that when men will rise, collective consciousness will awaken in them.

Vallabhacharya has said that, (Vishnav Jan to tene kahiye je peer parai jaane rey) ‘God’s people are the ones who understand the pain of others’. It is not at all a matter of understanding through intellect, because he himself talked only about attaining the spirit. He did not say that you can not know about health issues of people through your intellect. Doctors already know this. But it has to be known by your spirit, and to know through your spirit, these vibrations must start flowing within you. They start flowing in your hands, then by indication of your fingers you know, where the other person has a problem, and where you have a problem, and if you know how to fix it and you get that patience within, or what you call that you get expertize to do it, then sitting here you can easily cure them. 

Cancer and these diseases, due to which today the whole world is in the grip of fear, which are causing trouble in the whole world, all of them can be totally destroyed, and this day can come today. But we people are excessively clever, excessively intelligent. In my childhood I read Kabirdas. He said, (padhi padhi pandit murakh bhaye) ‘The pandits have become fools by reading more’. So I used to wonder, how can Pandits become fools? Now I get to see a lot like them these days. We enjoy falling into the trap of words. Traps of words, fights of words, fighting over words. And with this, you can even say about yourself, ‘I am this, I am that.’ You are nothing but a human being, and you must become a superhuman.

Now try to understand what you are, what you are not, what is inside you from the point of view of a scientist. Do not keep your mind closed and blunt. ‘Such and such is our Guru. He had said this.’ If you have not received anything from him till date, then at least open your mind and think that the system created within you is Sahaja, which means that it has come with you. Your Kundalini came with you, when you took birth.

Now people have also written such  words on Kundalini, that I myself get surprised after hearing them. I don’t know from where they have learnt, and due to this other people get really frightened. She is your only, your personal, your individual mother. Will she hurt you or bother you? The mother who gave birth to you, bore all the troubles herself to give birth to you, so this one who is your mother from many births, can she give you any trouble?

Such wrong information is given by the person, who is not entitled to do and still wants to do, which is called unauthorized effort. He will try awakening the Kundalini, then Lord Ganesha gets angry for definite and the trouble starts. But Kundalini does not harm you.

Ganesh ji who is living within us as  innocence, who is awakened within us, in the chakra which is at the lowest, (Shri Mataji pointing towards the chart) There is nothing clear in this. These people have got something printed. But you all can see when you get the book. The first one, which is called Mooladhar Chakra. He exists there.

But now such a time is coming, when people from abroad will come and explain about Ganesh ji, because where do we have spare time? Very busy people! What are you doing? Doing what? Except for adding up headaches, tensions, pressures, cancer, this disease, that disease, one after the other.

But why not attain the wealth that is within you, the special thing that is within you? Especially when it is Sahaja. It should also be known that this spontaneous event that happens within us is a living process. This is not a dead action. Like there is a seed and you want to sprout it. If you put it in the lap of Mother Earth, it automatically sprouts. For that, what salary do you give to this Mother, who works hard day and night? What money do you give to her, or do you stand on your head for that? This is Mother Earth’s own power, on the basis of which the seed germinates on its own.

Similarly, this (Sahaja Yoga) is also a natural thing which is a living process, and you should be careful of the person who collects money in the name of God. One should be very cautious, because they are always looking for people who are rich, and try to extract money from them. We must understand that the person who talks about God, his attention is not on money. Why should he care how much money you have and how much not? He only sees how much wealth of righteousness you have, and how much you can achieve God. But we are so much stuck in puzzlement, that we cannot even imagine that there can be something beyond this.

There is another misconception that is prevalent. If a person does social work like he opens a hospital for someone, cures someone’s disease, opens a school. Is this the work of God? These are the jobs of men. This is your social work, you do it. God has nothing to do with this. But when a man of God heals, it is not necessary for him to open a hospital.

He can heal you even with a glance. There is power in his eyes, that with one look, that with one (kataksh) glance. It is said for the Goddess – (kataksh kataksh nirikshan). That in one glance they can cure you. If they are really the men of God, they can cure you with a glance.

So to live in this misconception, 

that we have given money to religion here, we have given money to religion there, or we keep starving ourselves from morning till evening. There is so much misunderstanding.

This fasting is to be done, that  fasting is to be done. Whatever you like to do, actually that’s what is happening, starvation is happening in our country. 

If I say to someone, ‘Why do you fast in the name of God?’ (Shri Mataji is laughing) Why do you hurt him?’ Especially, a mother feels very sad, if you quarrel with her, then if you say I won’t eat today. What is more painful for a mother than the fact that her child has not eaten? You take away her life. But we are very fond  of fasting. Fasting is in any case happening in our country. Is God going to come to them because of that?

Those who practice religion without using wisdom, can sometimes get trapped in great unrighteousness.

Therefore wisdom should never be  given up. But devotion does not mean that one goes on chanting the name of God, using beads of a rosary, like a mad person. Even for using the rosary, you should know that till now you are not connected with God. If I have no relationship with you, and you keep taking my name, then will you achieve me?

If this machine in front of you is not connected to the mains, can you use it? Unless you are not connected with God, whom are you calling?

When your telephone is not connected, whom are you calling? So they say we have recited his hundred and eight names, and one lakh of the other one. Who told you to do so? This is all about money making. You keep chanting one lakh, and give one lakh to them. We should keep our mind alert. But at present the intelligent people here have turned like British. Either they are behaving like the British, or they are behaving like Americans, or I don’t know where else their mind is.

See, know by wisdom that within us  and in this country there is a storehouse of knowledge. And when you will be nourished, and created by that, then you can awaken the whole world with that. You can bring peace all over the world. It is such a great thing to be born in this country, that you people know very well, after doing many great deeds (punyas) only, a person takes birth in this country. The Kundalini of the world is seated here. This country is yours. The amount of punyas that have been done here, have not been done anywhere else.

You will be surprised, I was coming from London with my husband. And as soon as we arrived, I said to them, ‘We have reached Hindustan.’ He said, ‘How did you find out?’ I said, ‘The vibrations are flowing everywhere. What else! This is my country!’ So he said, ‘Okay?’ Went and asked the pilot. He said, ‘Just a minute ago we touched our shores!’ This is our great country.

Earlier Doctor Warren was arriving. We were returning from Hong Kong, Switzerland. So he immediately said, ‘Mother, we have reached India.’ I said, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘My Kundalini rose suddenly.’ I went and asked. They said, ‘Yes we have just arrived in Calcutta.’ This is our great country, where waves of vibrations are flowing. There is such an ocean of vibrations here, and we are still ignorant, unfamiliar with this greatness and becoming like Englishmen. This is not a wise thing to do.

I am telling you like a mother, that this power lies within you, and it is so tremendous, because you are an Indian. It doesn’t take any time to give realization to Indians. People get their realization in a moment. Especially in our villages, thousands of people are getting realization now. I work less in cities, because the city people neither belong here nor there. It’s a difficult job. But mostly I work in villages. There is still a lot of power, devotion, everything in the villagers, and you will be surprised to know that lakhs of people have got realization in Maharashtra. 

However, today I have done this first program in Rajasthan and I have great hopes that this work will be done in Rajasthan. Especially myself, my ancestors, we are Rajputs from ancient times. You must have heard the name of Shalivahana. We are from his clan. So we are Rajputs, and this land belongs to my ancestors, and I have a lot of work to do here.

I request you to first of all recognize your spirit and attain it. As soon as you achieve the spirit, many of your diseases will get cured. There is nothing special about it. This is just a by-product, and after that mental peace will be established within you. You will get joy. But when a man lights a lamp, it’s not for keeping it under the table, but for illuminating the lives of people by its light. Therefore once people get their self realization, they should learn more about it, and then give it to others. It is a very spontaneous thing, a simple thing. There is nothing difficult.

We can say that the word ‘Yoga’ has two meanings. One meaning of yoga is to stand on one’s head and do exercises etc. This is exactly what   Ashtanga Yoga is, which is one hundred and sixteenth part of Yoga, and for practicing that too, it should be found out, at which chakra Kundalini stops. If the Kundalini has not moved, (Shri Mataji smiling) then what are you curing? First see which chakra is affected, otherwise it is possible that you are treating your stomach and the disease may be somewhere in your head or in your throat.Therefore first let the Kundalini rise. When it rises, you will automatically know, where and what problem you have and you can correct it.

But we consider only a part of it as yoga. The reason is that some people had gone to the Himalayas. There were some useless people among them, so they were sent back. In the beginning, they learnt all the exercises etc. and after coming back taught the same to others. That was given the name ‘Yoga’.

Yoga has another meaning, which is the biggest and greatest meaning. It is to get united with the all-pervading power of God. This is one meaning, and the second meaning is the trick (yukti). It is said (in Hindi language- ‘Koi aisi yugati Karo Nandlal, koi aisi yugati Karo’) yugati means to fix together and yukti, see how beautiful words we have made. Yukti means trick, meaning expertise. To learn that, is the meaning of yoga. (Yoga  kaushalam) kaushalam is deftness. This is to be learnt. So nothing will work out just by achieving yoga. One must also learn the expertise of it.

But you cannot give money for this. You must understand this! The British are so intelligent, that they told me that the Anglo-Saxon brain just cannot understand that you do this work without money. I said, ‘If the Anglo-Saxon brain is so worthless, don’t bother! It’s a useless thing!’ But we can understand this, because many people in this country traditionally did this work. But at that time only one or two fruits grew. Only one or two people got their realization. Like King Janak gave realization to one Nachiketa. He was given (atma-darshan) awakening, but today the time for collective consciousness has come. This is a special time. I say that Spring has arrived, it is Blossom time. At this time many flowers have to become fruits, and if it does not happen, then this whole world is going to get destroyed.

I don’t think that we will be totally destroyed by the atom bomb. Our destruction will come by moving away from our inner self, by moving away from our own roots. Our destruction can be due to various reasons. Either we will suffer from physical losses, or there may be mental loss, or there may be loss of property. We may be destroyed by any of these reasons, if we do not reach our roots.

The secret of every common life is that, how long can anyone survive, if the source of life does not flow? That is why that source of life should be found. It should be known. When the desire and curiosity arise for this, then only a person is called a seeker.

I hope you all have come here with the same desire, and what I have to say is that time is short, and I cannot tell the whole thing in one lecture. At least, people say in London, that I have given three thousand lectures in London alone, and in Marathi language, which is my mother tongue, I have given at least five thousand lectures. And in Hindi also people say that around three to four thousand speeches have been said. So now, even after doing all this, whatever I am saying still (Shri Mataji is smiling) has no meaning.

My only request to you is, that by learning all this, first you should achieve the light that lies within you. This belongs to you. I don’t have anything special to do with it. Kundalini is your mother. The spirit resides in your heart. Only the awakening of Kundalini will take place first in my presence. After that it can happen in your presence too. Only one lamp that is lit can light another lamp. What does one need to give and take? And what can you give, and what can I take? When I am unable to take, you will also be unable to give, because when I cannot take, then what will you give? The only thing one can give is love. When God’s love comes within you, there is no pull left in it. We can say that there is no longer any kind of lust left. Extremely pure love, without lust, flows from within you as power. This is the power of love, which we have never known or used.

Till now we have been only using  the power of malice, violence and hatred. Till now we have not known the power of this all pervading power of love. When it starts flowing from within, only then we become accomplished, and as soon as we become accomplished, we give up all kinds of bad habits and all kinds of filth and become a saint. For which it has been said (‘paar utar Gaye sab Sant jananey’) All the saints have got realization. 

For that – Leave your home, leave your wife, leave your children! There is no need to do all this drama! There is no need to do anything outwardly. Whatever is dropped from within is real. Why should we announce that we are sannyasis (saints), that we are Babajis (gurus)? This is done by those people who want to make money through this.

And then one becomes a giving person in Sahaja. Gives in sahaja. Then there is no feeling left in him, that I did it. Then the man speaks in (akarm) non-action. All that has been described in ‘Gita’ that you should take to non-action. But there was some trick in that too, because Shri Krishna was a great diplomat. So he thought that if one doesn’t understand straightforward use circuitous methods. (Shri Mataji laughing). But I am a mother. I will tell you the truth. You have been told in a circuitous way. You have been going round and round, but now come to the straight path.

Like there is a child. He is driving a cart. And the horse is behind. So his father comes out. Father says, ‘Come on son, bring the horse forward. First you become a realized soul (sthitpragya), then we will talk.’ So the boy says, Arjuna says, ‘Well you are saying so, but how is this? You are saying here, that I should become a witness. There you are saying that I should go to war.’ So the father realizes that son is not capable of understanding. Let me tell him the opposite way. ‘That’s ok! You don’t put the horse in front. What you have to do is to keep your attention on the horse! The horse will definitely move.’  But it is not going to move! This is the speciality of diplomacy, because my husband is also a diplomat. I know that whatever condition one keeps, it should be absurd. Keep the absurd condition,  then the person will return after the failure, realizing that this is not going to work.Then he accepts the second situation. This is what Shri Krishna did, that Krishna put an absurd condition. But if the horse is behind, how will you go further?

So he has done a wonderful job on that. Like in (Bhakti) devotion he said, ‘Patram, Pushpam, Phalam, Toyam (leaf, flower, fruit and water) whatever you want to offer, you can offer to me.’ And while giving, he said, ‘Do ananya (bhakti) devotion!’ Played on the word ‘ananya’. Ananya means when there is not the other. That means when there is no one else! Only possible after your relationship is established with the divine! Don’t fall for his tricks. (Shri Mataji is laughing) because he knew that human beings are so messed up. That was six thousand years ago. But he did all this. He played these tricks because the human mind is upside down.

I myself come across such people. Everyday I see such people, that they do not understand anything straight. You have to make them go round! Then sahaja yogis say, ‘Mother, you have cast your (Maya) spell on them.’ I don’t cast any spell, but they don’t see the thing directly as it is. Will move in the opposite direction. And when they move opposite  (Shri Mataji laughs and looks at someone sitting below) Ask him and he will tell you the story. (Shri Mataji is laughing) he who is sitting here. So when they go the opposite way, one has to play some tricks to bring them round. (Shri Mataji laughs looking at the person sitting on the ground next to her) What story should I tell? Eh? Alright! So these tricks have to be played a little bit, without that nothing enters in the brain of human beings.

But there are many such people, who understand everything straight and simple, and Indians have one specialty, that they get realization very quickly, because their dharma is still intact. They still have respect for mother and sister, and are still standing on dharma. They do give a little jolt to the government. There is no harm in that. A lot of work can be done by keeping the government in order, which is God’s government. But after that man automatically becomes completely truthful, completely purified. He doesn’t need anything. Lakshmi is at his feet. What does he need to do? (Riddhi Siddhi) Powers and Prosperity serves him. Why should he run after things? Whatever you say can happen. But first enter into the Kingdom of God. God is eager for you to come, to be seated comfortably and achieve this. Whatever is your own power, you should achieve it.

And this is very easy, very simple. To attain this is your supreme duty, and all else is useless. Instead of wasting your time on all the useless things, the simple thing is to find God within, who exists within you.

That’s all I will say today, and if we want, we may even experience it right now. So we should move towards that state. And if you have any questions, ask them, because there will definitely be questions. But if there are questions, which are related to this topic, then it is fine. Otherwise, sometimes people also ask me, for how many years Rajiv Gandhi will remain in power here. (Shri Mataji is smiling)

(A yogi near Shri Mataji’s feet) – How to start Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji – Okay, we will just get it started. You went astray and came to our house. By mistake, he is very much my husband’s friend. (Shri Mataji laughing) And he is caught in my trap. (Shri Mataji is laughing)

So, now you people get it and after getting it, like I said, learn what it’s deftness is. We have time for everything, but no time for God. But when difficult times come, we think, what is the matter? Why did this happen? How we got into trouble. Now mother, please solve our problems. I say you heal yourself, and heal everyone else. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on this. You do not have to meditate for hours. You go into meditation on your own. Nothing has to be done.

I am a housewife myself, and my life is also very busy. My husband is also a very busy man, and I have got grandchildren. I have got everything. But I manage everything, because man becomes so powerful, so dynamic, that he does a number of things and does not get tired. He does not get old. He does not have any kind of problem. 

Calm (avyagra) He works in a calm state, and looks at the things without getting involved in them. When you look at them without getting involved, then the problems which are there, you can solve them very systematically. It is very easy to achieve this state, but to establish it- it’s easy for the seed to germinate, but to establish that tree and make it a huge one, one must have at least a little desire, otherwise it’s not possible.

So it’s my request that after getting self realization, there is a meeting tomorrow also, all of you must come in that too, and after that you must understand what it is and get into the process of implementing it. (Shri Mataji bows with folded hands)

May God bless you all.

Now if you have any questions, ask. (Shri Mataji, sitting on her throne, addresses someone who is sitting next to her) You are getting a lot of vibrations.

If you have any questions, ask.

(A gentleman sitting on the ground to the right of Shri Mataji) May I ask a question?

Shri Mataji: Yes, ask! Ask! (laughing)

Gentleman: If you wish then answer, otherwise don’t.

Shri Mataji: No, no! Why not? I will definitely reply.

(The gentleman starts asking questions and some other gentleman also, Shri Mataji says) He is asking this. (Shri Mataji knocks into the mike) This is not working.

Friend of Sir CP: I came inside your (unclear) I came and stayed in your house. In the morning, something very serious, which you can hear me say seriously (Shri Mataji laughs out loud) Mother, I stayed in your place as a guest for one day, not in relation as a mother, but as a housewife, as an elder sister-in-law, in your house at Oxford, which is abroad, which  perhaps you have left now. It’s been many years. Bhai saheb, i.e. your husband Shrivastava Saheb, who is the Secretary General of UN Valentine Consultation Agency for many years now, and is elected again and again unanimously, he is a very kind friend to me. After having breakfast in the morning, we decided to go to London.

Shri Mataji: You talked about it at night.

Friend: It was discussed at night, that we will go to London in the morning. He asked, ‘How do you go to London?’ I said, ‘I go by train. How else one goes, I don’t know.’ So he said, ‘I have bought a new Mercedes car. In the morning, we will go in it.’ It was after dinner, some music was playing, so she sat there and kept smiling.

Shri Mataji: (unclear)

Friend: So in the morning when we had breakfast at eight, we left. I gave this background purposely, because this is related to the question. I never asked her, today in front of everyone (unclear) I am asking. We left at 8:15 am, I don’t remember the exact time. He took out his very nice key chain. Opened a garage for the new Mercedes car. Put it in there.

Shri Mataji: They did not want to come with me.

Friend: (laughing) She said come with me. No. No! We are going in Mercedes. 

Shri Mataji: I used to go on foot. 

Friend: I said you will come with us only. No, no, we will go in our Mercedes. I said let’s go sir. Big brother! And the trouble started. When we arrived near the new Mercedes at 8.15 to 8.30, its key did not turn. And the car’s steering definitely got jammed. So its steering got jammed. I tried all methods. Bhai saheb also put in all efforts but in vain. We started perspiring in that cold country. We put in a lot of effort, but failed. The result was that we (inaudible) walked and reached the railway station. Unfortunately, the train also didn’t come on time that day.

Shri Mataji: They came with me.

Friend: Then we hurriedly went with her. Now you tell me why this  happened to us. What was the matter?

Shri Mataji: What should I tell?

Friend: Now you answer this. I have asked you a question.

Shri Mataji: What is the question?

Gentleman: The one I just asked why this happened.

Shri Mataji: Now, you people wanted to go by Mercedes (Shri Mataji is laughing)

Friend: (laughing) The result was that

she had refused, and we were going in a Mercedes, so the car did not move at all.

Shri Mataji: (laughing) Then you came with us.

Friend: (laughing) And then we went together.

Sahaja Yogi: (Asking one of the seekers present) Your question?

Seeker: I was asking how to start the practice of Kundalini awakening. Before that is it necessary to learn the yogic exercises? 

Shri Mataji: No! Nothing sir! Nothing. Yogic activities etc. are wrong. These yogic activities activities should not   be done. For example, let me tell you that like we just talked about Mercedes car (Shri Mataji laughs), you can understand that when the car starts, all its wheels start rotating automatically. Isn’t it? And within you everything is built in. Everything has been made. You are fully formed. There is no need to make anything. Only your car is ready. It has to be just started. It will go on its own. Those who try other methods, they spoil it. Suppose you take out the wheel of the car and spin it, or try to rotate the wheel of the car, put in a stepney, raise it and say, let’s rotate it. So will the car start moving? Doing these yogic (kriya) activities causes great harm.

The simple explanation is that it (self realization) is natural, it is a living process. We cannot do anything about this. Only human beings think like this. Does any dog ​​or cat think that we have to do something to become a human?

Seeker: You said very nice things in the lecture you just gave. Also told some things about (unclear) spiritualism and materialism of our country. Sometimes it happens that people who talk about spirituality cannot live without material things and are very much influenced by them. And the second thing I want to say is (unclear)

Shri Mataji: (Shri Mataji looking at a Sahaja Yogi) What is he saying, materialism?

Seeker: Not materialism, material wealth, material things! To you (unclear)

Shri Mataji: (smiling) What are you saying about the objects, possessions, tell me! There is attachment?

Seeker: If you see (unclear) I have indicated to you that you have an (unclear) about ego (unclear) and in that I think we are. Any special knowledge (unclear). The reason for that is that (unclear) should come back. Your consciousness should be awakened.

Shri Mataji:  That I am going to do! Going do it just now. I will awaken that. Okay, you sit down, I’ll tell you.

Seeker: (unclear)

Shri Mataji: No, what is it? You are not asking questions, just giving a lecture.

Seeker: You said, ask question!

Shri Mataji: No, no! So the question has not been asked yet. I understand what you are saying.( Shri Mataji addressing someone else) Alright, you are very tolerant sir? You too should be a little bit.

See, what you are saying is that whatever has been said is fine. These are young people, they think about it. It’s good. One should think about worldly matters. It’s very good! Oriented, Sahaja Yoga is society oriented. It is not for a single human being. Listen! Listen! Later you will again ask questions.

This is not for one person. It is society oriented. When you take to Sahaja Yoga, then as Shri Krishna said that ‘Yogakshem Vhamyaham’  when Yoga takes place then only you will get your wordly well being, and whatever is the materialism of the world, what we think that we will become prosperous through material things, it is because we only get money from it, but we do not get our  welfare (kshem) from it. To attain your well-being, you have to first get the union with the divine.

In our country people did not attain Yoga, hence we did not attain well being. I agree with you, that we did not get our well being. But by practicing Sahaja Yoga how you get your well being, that I will tell you.

Now when that waves of vibrations flow from your hands. We have already experimented with this a lot. Today I have come to your place for the first time, that is why you are unaware. But you should know that when vibrations start flowing from the hands, if you put them in water, then this has been observed in Rahuri University. I have many disciples who have passed their doctorate. They’ve experimented, and there’s a very big (inaudible) in Austria. He has experimented that the farming done with the help of vibrations can be sometimes five times more. Not only this, the hybrid that you are using these days is because the potency of the seed which is old has been destroyed. Now it does not have the strength, that is why we take hybrid and we will always have to take hybrid, because the seed does not have any strength to send out its sprouts. But with this (vibrations) the old seeds can get strengthened and five times more yield can be produced. Do you understand? Firstly, ours is an agricultural country. Agriculture is our main activity here.

Today as we are working in the villages, you will be surprised that they have become so prosperous. There is so much progress in Maharashtra today. And we have been working there for twelve years. And the prestigious people who are there, go and ask them, those who are engaged in agriculture, how much their lives have changed.

Firstly, many bad habits have developed in us, like drinking alcohol, and all sorts of things which are so much in rural areas, that the way the bedbugs are lying dead on the road, in the same manner people are seen lying on the streets at night. Those people who have come to Sahaja Yoga, they got rid of these bad habits. Due to this other people also gave up these habits. As a result of that they started saving money. Because of that their wisdom (unclear). Apart from that, like I told you, vibrations is such a thing, that it always tells you how to act.

A gentleman came to me. Now there are so many jobless people in our country, you know. Out of those, one gentleman came to see me in Mumbai. Very few people come. And when young people come, they quarrel more instead of listening. They listen less and quarrel more. So, like you, he also started talking like you and as soon as our lecture was over, he got up and left. He continued talking and then he left. He did not receive his realization. After that his condition deteriorated very much. When he came to our program for the second time, he got his realization.

After getting self realization he said, ‘Mother I am jobless.’ I said, ‘Okay, if you are jobless then create a job for yourself.’ He said, ‘But how to make it? So I said, ‘Okay, you become an Interior decorator.’ So he said, I can’t become that. I don’t know about wood.’ I said, ‘You can know from these vibrations, what is good and what is bad. You will be able to recognize the wood and only to that extent you can decorate.’ Today that man is well off, prosperous, he is well off. It is not that you get a lot of money. Having too much money is also a problem. Dispute among brothers, dispute between sisters, dispute between father and mother! You don’t know what a disaster it is, to have too much money. 

But a human being can achieve a complete balance and a complete solution. The whole environment of our country can change, if you listen this much, that you must take to Yoga. First achieve Yoga.

Now you know in England, the unemployment rate is higher than anywhere else. But in our Sahaja Yoga, approximately three thousand people came from London, out of which at least, it should be said, at least one thousand people were unemployed. One thousand! Everyone got jobs. Everyone is doing something or the other. Everyone is earning comfortably. How? ‘Yogakshema Vahamyaham’! When yoga happens, there is an principal of Lakshmi within you. When that principal of Lakshmi awakens, only then this works out in you. We believe in Goddess Lakshmi. We worship Lakshmi ji, but we do not know that this Lakshmi ji is within us. She should be awakened. As soon as the principal of Lakshmi ji awakens, we can achieve it.

What we are doing in our country outwardly to help people materially from materialism. There will be no benefit from this, son! Actually, only after achieving it from within, materialism really works.

My husband, as you know, was Chairman of a Shipping Corporation. He is very much a socialist. So he increased the salary of his drivers from Rupees Four Hundred to Two Thousand. After six months, all their wives came to me as an organization, asking why their

salary was increased. They (their husbands) have kept other women, have started drinking and do not even care for their children. So I said to my husband, ‘Why did you do this socialism? Their children are starving.’

Man does not even know how to handle money. He doesn’t know how to handle power. He doesn’t know how to bear anything. He goes crazy. Without achieving the spirit, you cannot feel the comfort of anything, can’t even enjoy anything. Therefore, even if a person has achieved a lot, he has no joy within, because as long as his attention remains filled with thoughts, he cannot achieve joy.

Supposing there is something beautiful, and you see it. While looking at it, if this thought comes to you, ‘Should I buy it or should I sell it, or who might have made it? What will be its price?’ If you start thinking like that, joy is over!

But if you’re looking at an object and if you become thoughtless, then the complete joy created by the maker, the complete joy will fully come within you. It is not necessary that you buy or accept it. So materialism is also a very gross thing. To understand it, first you must be subtle, and you can achieve subtleness through the spirit. And for the one who has achieved the spirit, there is nothing, nothing that can enslave him. 

Now you have seen only that house. The house we have taken recently, is five times bigger than the previous one and is like a palace. It is a very comfortable house. We have lots of servants in the house. But if you ask, I live in the rural areas. There is no bathroom or anything there, so we take a bath in the river. Everything happens on the river, and I move around comfortably in bullock carts. I don’t need anything. I can sleep on the ground. I don’t need anything at all. The reason for this is not that I did any great penance, or tortured my body. Because the one who finds joy of the spirit, is not so much involved in the pleasures of the body. The attention does not go there. One can stay comfortably anywhere, can sleep comfortably, wherever he is. What if one gets a stone to sleep, he doesn’t need any comfort.

So this is a little subtle subject to understand. When we look at it  outwardly, no solution emerges. Whatever solutions were found,  became useless. Now someone says become capitalist, someone says become communist. Let’s talk about one theory. It’s there inside you?

I say that I am the biggest capitalist. Because if I have got all the powers, then I am the biggest capitalists. And  I am the greatest communist. I go door to door, explaining to everyone. I awaken the Kundalini. I wander in foreign countries. I have got a nice house, my husband is so good, I have everything, still I keep traveling to give to all. Who is a greater communist than me? So I am communists and I am capitalists. 

So, whatever theories you have made, they also become true when you achieve the spirit. Otherwise the theory remains just a theory. They are communists for the namesake. Everyone is a capitalist at heart. And those who are capitalists, no matter what they say, the feeling inside them is communistic.

Therefore, first find the reality, which is your reality. When reality is found, then you know the essence of everything. You understand the research behind it. What is it’s essence? Everything becomes possible once you find the essence. Got it? Now you achieve it. (Shri Mataji is smiling)

Question: (Unclear) Attaining siddhis takes you away from salvation. What is your opinion about this?

Shri Mataji: I am talking about salvation. I am not talking at all about Siddhis. That is wrong. What they are saying is right. What Vedantis are saying is right, because those who awaken the Kundalini are themselves not self realized. Self-realization can be given only by the one, who has attained it himself. Those who have not achieved it themselves, whose whole attention is on your money, how can they raise your kundalini? 

Siddhi will definitely be achieved. How it happens, that Adidevik and Adhibhautik are two states which exist within us, on the left and on the right side, you go into that. As soon as one goes into that, one gets Siddhis. Like you take out some diamonds from the air, do this somewhere, do that somewhere. All these are very petty things. They are all very small things. It has nothing to do with God. These are all bhoots. It’s all knowledge of occult practices. And if you want to buy a diamond, there are many people here in Jaipur who can sell it to you. Why go to a Guru for that? Guru will give you a real diamond. (Shri Mataji laughing) He won’t give you something fake!

Question: (Unclear) What is the actual process of Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: That I will tell right now! You are a real seeker. Have a seat! That’s what I’m going to do. That’s what you are. Only you are the real one. This I am saying. One who has thought that he has to achieve this self realization. That’s the right thing.The simple thing is to get it. That’s the right thing. You have said something very important. I was very eager to hear, that someone would say give it now! (addressing someone else in the crowd) Yes? 

Sahaja Yogi: Workshop Tomorrow

Shri Mataji: Alright! But today let me give them Realization at least! Alright? (Shri Mataji laughing) I’m tired of it. (Shri Mataji laughs loudly) They are saying this. No. No! It is better to take it today only.

Yes! So this is everyone’s wish? (Shri Mataji laughing) Okay, so you all please be seated on the chairs in front! There are so many eminent people sitting here, I am getting nervous. You all please sit in front. Come! Come and sit on the chairs! 

All of you! I think you better! I Think you allow them to sit!

You come forward! You come forward. (Unclear) Oh sir! You are ..

Take out your shoes, because this Mother Earth, whose story I just narrated, is the bestower of all the powers.

It’s so that its knowledge is very vast. You get that first. Like when you came to this room, you ask how to light the lamp? Just press that button, everything happens. Light will come! Light will come! But how did it come, where did it come from, what happened, learn all this later! Why take a headache before?

(Shri Mataji addresses someone to her left) True Seekers! Tremendous!

Come! Come! Okay now sit comfortably. There is no need to worry about it. You also come forward, who asked the question! Get your self realization and then we will talk. Come! Yes, children should get realization first, young people. Come! Yes? Sit here, come in the front! Come, come! It’s a good thing. It is a matter of great pleasure.

(Shri Mataji again addressing someone on the left) He is nervous.  Hey, don’t panic! (Shri Mataji laughing) You are so concerned about the society, then why don’t you light the lamp within?

You come forward! Sardarji, please come forward! Come comfortably.

The one who was asking the question is going, just see. (Shri Mataji laughing) I told you, wasting everyone’s time. Hey! At least get your realization! What does it take to get it!

Seeker: Everyone has a question.

Shri Mataji: Yes? Whatever the question he asked, I told you that first you should attain Yoga. After that, ask me again. If we have not attained Yoga first, then what should we talk about! Get one small thing first. Like someone says, ‘I want money.’I said, ‘Get a job’. So why not find the source of that one thing, from where everything is obtained? This is  straight and simple. And if I say, do it. Everything is within you, so why not get it? When the thing to be achieved is within you, then why not get it?

Wow wow wow! I really feel overwhelmed. Ahh! Yes? Now to do this, like I said, nothing. It’s a simple thing. The only thing is to sit comfortably first. Sit straight. Neither bend too much nor bend backwards. There should not be too much direct pressure of any kind on yourself. There should not be anything tight on the stomach, or in the throat or anywhere else. And at this time, tell your questioning mind to be quiet for a while, and because this attainment comes easily. It happens automatically. You will be able to even see when Kundalini is awakening. These are clearly visible in those who have some blockages inside them. And when there are no obstructions, like if there is a very good runway, then just as the plane takes off quickly, in the same way the Kundalini rises very beautifully.

Ramdas Swami was asked, how much time does it take to do this? So he said the word (tatshan) instantaneously! It happens at that very moment. Happens at that very moment. And it happens, you will see now.

So first of all, sit comfortably with your hands like this, because I had said that these are the five chakras, this is the sixth and this is the seventh chakra. These are on the right and left. This is the hand of your emotions. This is the hand of your desire, this hand of your will power and this hand of your action power.

So now put both hands towards me. Mohammad Saheb has said that when you will get your awakening, your resurrection, then your hands will speak. And this is what happens.